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HDCN News Archive -- Clinical Pharmacology
Oct23 Akebia sues CMS for denying coverage for Auryxia under Medicare Part D
Oct23 Taking antihypertensives at bedtimes lowers cardiovascular risk.
Aug14 Pretomanid, bedaquiline and linezolid combo FDA approved for resistant TB.
Aug13 SPRINT substudy shows that intensive BP control lowers rate of white matter brain lesions.
Jul02 HIV infection cured in mice using CRISPR technology.
Jul01 Low grade E. Coli urinary tract infections picked up by DNA testing of urine.
May09 Fournier gangrene of the genitals linked to SGLT2 inhibitor drugs
Apr29 Immune cell test identifies patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.
Apr06 Candida auris infections spreading rapidly across the globe.
Apr03 Rehydrating with soft drinks after exercise increases AKI injury markers
Jan24 Alzheimer disease linked to brain infection by gingivitis bacteria.
Dec11 Randomized PIVOT trial published in NEJM suggests more IV iron is better.
Dec05 Test detects presence of cancer in blood samples based on DNA methylation.
Aug02 Bacteria becoming tolerant to high concentrations of alcohol in hand sanitizers.
Apr28 CDC issues alert re warfarin coagulopathy and synthetic cannabinoids
Feb28 In ICU, Ringer's lactate also better than saline.
Feb28 Ringer's lactate causes less kidney injury than saline.
Jan11 Lp(a) in the news in the New York Times
Jan09 Inhibitors of NMMT reduce obesity by increasing fat cell metabolism.
Sep05 Hypervirulent, carbipenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumonia outbreak in China.
Aug11 NEJM: Idarucizumab effective for reversal of dabigatran effects.
Aug10 Immunotherapy may arrest damage of beta cells in type 1 diabetes.
Jun13 Can LIF be used to cure autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis? and more?
Jun06 Dr. Fred Coe's Kidney Stone Guide Book - a work in progress.
Dec28 Pharmacies miss some drug interactions that are known to cause serious issues.
Oct05 FDA warns about hepatitis B reactivation with direct acting hepatitis C antivirals.
Jul28 Good Staph. in the nose makes novel peptide antibiotic that kills bad Staph.
May29 Three days of fasting every 10 days improve autoimmune diseases (in mice).
May29 Nicotinamide riboside protects mice from effects of diabetes.
May24 CRIC study shows a high urinary sodium excretion in CKD linked to higher CV risk.
May20 SPRINT shows lower than 120 BP systolic target in elderly results in improved outcomes
Apr27 Tetraspanin-7 as an antibody target for type 1 diabete
Apr13 New bacteria called Elizabethkingia affecting Midwest patients.
Mar30 AC6 gene therapy improves cardiac function in patients with heart failure.
Mar09 Desensitization procedure allows kidney transplants from any (living) donor.
Mar09 Is the FDA allowing promotion of off-label uses of drugs as free speech?
Feb29 Phage Therapy 2016 World Congress meets this June in Paris.
Feb29 When will be see phage therapy for exit site and access infections?
Feb27 Treatment of BP below 140 systolic in persons with diabetes may be counterproductive.
Feb20 New blood-based tuberculosis test shows promising results.
Feb14 Beetroot juice lowers blood pressure.
Feb14 Second salty taste receptor more fully characterized in humans.
Dec29 Myostatin antibody may prevent age-related decline in muscle mass.
Dec29 Interleukin-17A may prevent and even reverse diabetic kidney injury.
Dec26 Antibiotic-resistant bacteria frequency increases in U.S. streams and rivers
Dec26 FGF21 suppresses cravings for sweets.
Dec21 Ergocalciferol supplementation does not affect ESA dose in dialysis patients.
Dec14 Even more news on the new HDCN Facebook page!
Dec14 A bright future is predicted for renal denervation devices.
Dec14 Primary aldo screening for resistant hypertension cost effective?
Dec14 Some drugs cause weight gain by alterations in the gut microbiome.
Dec12 Suicide gene therapy for prostate cancer
Dec01 SecA inhibitors particularly effective against MRSA and other bacteria.
Nov30 Multinucleated giant cells and amyloidosis
Nov21 Orphan drug designation may lead to high drug prices, like for rituximab.
Nov10 STHLM3 test for prostate cancer will be in Sweden by March of 2016.
Nov10 L-DOPA may delay onset of age-related macular degeneration by 8 years.
Nov10 Sprint Blood Pressure Trial article link at NEJM
Nov10 Sprint study presented at the AHA Scientific Sessions and published in NEJM.
Sep25 Giving BP meds at bedtime particularly effective in lowering diabetes risk
Sep17 Empagliflozin use in diabetes associated with large reduction in CV risk.
Sep11 SPRINT RCT data support an even lower BP target (120 systolic) for the elderly.
Sep04 Hedge fund quant proposes a disease-specific false-positive rate to FDA for drug approval.
Aug31 Spanish style mid-day "siestas" linked to lower blood pressure and better heart structure.
Aug31 Fimrenone, a selective MRA antagonist from Bayer shows promising heart failure effects.
Aug27 FDA approves 2nd PCSK9 inhibitor, Repatha, to lower LDL cholesterol
Aug22 Packaging medications together by date to be taken and time of day.
Aug03 New artificial blood vessel coating makes them resistant to thrombosis.
Jul08 Valsartan combined with sacubitril (neprilysin inhibitor) improves heart failure patient survival.
Jul08 153 lab tests for under $10 from a finger prick test done at a local drugstore.
May23 Leptin sensitizer extracted from Chinese Thunder God vine effective in obese mice.
May20 Paired bacteriophage therapy holds promise against superbugs
May08 Putting the brakes on bacterial resistance to antibiotics with targeted antibiotic scheduling.
May07 Pioglitazone to massage mitochondria may help delay Alzheimer's disease
Apr23 Long coding RNA found that regulates brown fat production
Apr23 Currently approved antihelminthic drug effective against MRSA
Apr21 Subcutaneous islet cell transplantation holds promise
Mar31 Medieval garlic and bile potion disrupts MRSA biofilms
Feb26 Dabigatran has higher bleeding risk than warfarin in dialysis patients
Feb25 The concept of minimizing regret in poker: an application for medical treatment?
Feb20 Bourbon virus - a previously unknown Thogotovirus, associated with AKI after tick bite.
Feb12 Rapamycin in as an anti-ageing drug.
Feb05 BMJ study: Intensify BP treament when SBP > 150, but do it promptly.
Jan24 FDA committee recommends approval of drug to treat invasive aspergillosis.
Jan09 New variant of aminoglycosides does not impair hearing.
Jan09 Monthly dose of PCSK9 inhibitor lowers serum cholesterol
Dec19 Ibuprofen extends lifespan in yeast., worms, and fruit flies.
Nov17 JAMA: New hyperkalemia sorbent effective in reducing hyperkalemia
Oct12 Harvard scientists produce insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells on a large scale.
Sep01 PCSK9 inhibitor arilocumab lowers cholesterol and cardiovascular events
Aug30 Novel heart failure drug shows great promise.
Aug01 Carbapenem-resistant enterobacter becoming more prevalent.
Jul16 New concerns about the safety of niacin.
Jul14 Bacteria found in healthy bladders differ from those in women with incontinence.
Jul14 Hydrogen sulfide generating compound protects stressed mitochondria.
Jul14 Phase 1 trial launched of antibiotic that targets C. difficile.
May21 ZS Pharma presenting data on it's GI potassium sorbent in patients taking RAAS inhibitors at ASH
May18 Urine fibrinopeptide B can be used to detect venous thromboembolism.
May18 Difficult-to-detect bacteria in urine associated with overactive bladder symptoms.
May18 Kallikrein inhibitor ecallantide shows some benefit in ACEI-associated angioedema.
May18 T cells targeting CS1 kill myeloma cells in animals.
May18 Aspirin retards wound healing
May13 Health benefits of resveratrol via red wine called into question by study from Italy
May07 FDA and the Heart Association and other agencies fight over aspirin
Apr22 Have we found the cure for atherosclerosis? D-PDMP a potential candidate.
Apr22 Vancomycin-resistant MRSA identified in a patient in Brazil.
Apr15 NEJM - New drug regimen cures 90% of patients with hepatitis C and cirrhosis.
Mar29 Negative SYMPLICITY HTN-3 trial results published in NEJM
Mar29 SYMPLICITY HTN - 3: Renal artery fails for resistant hypertension
Mar29 Prophylactic rosuvastatin lowers risk of contrast kidney injury.
Mar29 New class of anticholesterol drugs lowers LDL by 50%
Mar17 Large meta-analysis exonerates saturated fat in terms of elevated CV risk.
Mar13 Oxadiazoles make up a new class of antibiotics effective against MRSA.
Mar13 ITPA gene variants markedly affect risk of recurrence of hepatitis C after treatment.
Mar13 Some NSAIDs found to have weak antibacterial activity.
Mar02 Rare gene deletion that protects the obses against type 2 diabetes identified.
Feb28 Beta-blockade found to benefit ESRD patient survival and CV risk
Feb24 New form of pneumococcal vaccine (Prevnar 13) protects elderly adults.
Jan17 Google's smart contact lens project to be piloted to monitor blood sugar levels.
Jan14 New device informs treatment of sleep apnea.
Jan14 Potential rewrite of human research guidelines will facilitate database studies.
Jan14 ZS Pharma announces positive results from extended treatment results of hyperkalemia drug.
Dec23 Staph stopper vaccine developed at U. Iowa
Dec14 Long-term use of proton-pump inhibitors linked to vitamin B12 deficiency.
Nov25 FDA removes certain restrictions from Avandia.
Nov19 Gene therapy shows long-lasting benefits in patients with heart failure.
Nov19 Aldehyde compound stimulates UC-1 to burn body fat.
Nov19 Low-dose dopamine or nesiritide of no help in acute heart failure.
Nov19 Eveolocumab lowers LDL cholesterol in patients with marked hypercholesterolemia.
Nov18 Abatacept slows or halts proteinuria in FSGS.
Nov18 VA NEPHRON D Sttudy in NEJM: Combination ACE-I and ARB treatment for diabetic nephropathy with proteinuria found to be harmful.
Nov05 Sofosbuvir, simeprevir, and ledipasvir combos may cure hepatitis C infection.
Nov04 Many herbal supplements do not contain what's on the label.
Nov01 New oral sorbent targeting hyperkalemia; trial results to be presented at ASN.
Oct27 New K-absorbing compound prevents hyperkalemia with spironolactone.
Oct20 207 nm UV light may be useful to prevent surgical wound infections.
Oct20 Bacteriophages targeting C. difficile: magic bullets against superbugs?
Oct13 Master regulators control gene expression and may affect disease susceptibility.
Oct13 Body uses RNA interference to combat viral infections.
Oct13 Recombinant Human Prion Protein Inhibits Prion Propagation
Sep25 Melatonin stimulates brown fat formation.
Sep18 A mechanism to kill tuberculosis bacteria has been discovered.
Sep18 Arginine therapy may be useful to treat sickle cell disease related pain.
Sep02 Study of saxagliptin for diabetes shows no increase in heart attack risk.
Aug07 Long-term use of calcium channel blockers linked to increased breast cancer risk.
Aug07 New approach to treat diseases with inherited mutations of mitochondrial DNA.
Aug07 Are we smarter than a 10-year old? Quantitative biology yields new insights into bacterial metabolism.
Jul13 Modified HIV vector used to cure 2 genetic disease in children.
Jul11 Rare mutation triggers race to develop new cholesterol drugs.
Jul05 Salsalate lowers blood glucose in type 2 diabetes.
Jul05 Brown fat activation may be responsible for accelerated atherosclerosis in winter.
Jul05 DHA (in fish oil) reduces inflammation via maresin in macrophages.
Jul05 Blocking CD36 might affect inflammation-induced atherosclerosis
Jun21 Silver found to have marked antibacterial properties when added in small amounts to antibiotics.
Apr07 Vitamin D deficiency impedes mitochondrial energy metabolism in muscle.
Apr05 Hepatitis A virus has a cloaking device made from the infected host cell membrane.
Apr05 Malic acid mouth spay for xerostomia.
Mar20 High potency statins increase risk of acute kidney injury (slightly).
Mar17 Macrophages found to play key role in regulating red blood cell levels.
Mar17 Cholecalciferol treatmen of African Americans with hypertension good.
Mar17 Hospital epidemiology study suggests that 1/3 of antimicrobial drug prescriptions in dialysis patients are inappropriate.
Mar17 Fluoroquinolone-resistant E. Coli strains becoming more common in elderly adults.
Mar17 Darbepoietin treatment does not improve survival in anemic heart failure patients.
Mar09 Niacin drug plus antiflushing compound had substantial side effects.
Mar08 New study validates anti-aging effects of resveratrol.
Mar07 High salt diet linked to activation of Th-17 helper cells and multiple sclerosis in mice.
Feb16 Synthetic marijuana linked to acute interstitial nephritis.
Feb16 Dogs cured of type 1 diabetes by gene therapy.
Feb16 Cure for Chagas disease found?
Feb16 Are mycotoxin progenitor molecules found in grains responsible for kidney toxicity?
Feb16 Another study shows increased cardiovascular risk in women with high calcium intake.
Feb16 ADAMTS7, thrombospondin, genetics, and arterial plaque.
Feb16 Off-patent generic drug amlexanox may beneficially affect diabetes.
Feb16 New metabolic pathway identified in Staph bacteria as a target for novel antibiotics.
Feb16 Vitamin D potency varies widely in nonprescription supplements.
Jan21 Regular aspirin use associated with risk of age-related neovascular macular degeneration.
Jan10 DaVita announces drug supply agreement with Fresenius Medical Care.
Jan10 Gene therapy reprograms scar tissue in damaged hearts.
Dec16 Anti-HIV drug protects leukoctyes against Staph. aureus infection.
Dec13 Endothelin antagonist sitaxentan good for CKD with heart disease.
Dec07 FDA issues new labeling requirements for heparin vials.
Dec06 Microbial stowaways in antiseptic products
Dec06 Beta-hydroxybutyrate, histone deacetylase, calorie restriction, and slower aging.
Dec06 Aspirin tablet coatings may give rise to aspirin pseudoresistance.
Dec01 Single-treatment gene therapy targeting telomerase extends lifespan of mouse by 24%.
Nov26 Genes controlling cortisol and aldosterone found to be implicated in human hypertension.
Nov19 Nanotechnology cures multiple sclerosis in mice; are other autoimmune diseases next?
Nov10 Loss of essential blood gene (Atpif1) leads to anemia.
Nov10 Trio of new drugs from Abbott shows high cure rate for hepatitis C.
Nov05 Cinacalcet for hyperparathyroidism trial results published in NEJM.
Nov05 Nabilone shows benefits in managing pain of diabetic neuropathy.
Nov05 Eculizumab for atypical HUS shows promise on longer term treatment.
Nov05 Tolvaptan study shows promising results in polycystic kidney disease.
Oct25 Using human stool to treat C. difficile colon infestations is safe and effective.
Oct19 Bardoxolone study terminated by safety monitoring committee.
Oct17 Cranberry juice unlikely to help in cystitis.
Oct10 Drs. Lefkowitz and Kobilka share chemistry Nobel prize for discovery of G-protein coupled receptors.
Oct09 Neuroprotectant drug effective in maintaining brain function after aneurysm surgery.
Oct09 New class of antimicrobial drugs active against Staph aureus discovered.
Oct02 Increasing levels of FGF2 tied to age-related muscle wasting; reversed with an inhibitory drug.
Oct02 100K units of vitamin D per month does not reduce incidence of colds.
Sep25 Lithium may not work in some patients; and these failures can be detect by lack of gene induction.
Sep25 Bacteriophages targeting Pseudomonas may be used to destroy biofilm.
Sep19 Cost-effectivenes study of renal sympathetic denervation published.
Sep19 Compound found in purple corn reduces macrophage activation in diabetic nephropathy in mice.
Sep12 Fish oil supplement meta-analysis in the news (found no benefit)
Sep12 Serious adverse effects of fluoroquinolones in the news.
Sep07 Nonalcoholic red wine reduced blood pressure better than regular red wine.
Sep07 CKD patients have reduced ability to prevent vascular calcification.
Sep07 Researchers decipher manic gene.
Sep05 Junk DNA turns out to play a major role in cell regulation.
Aug27 Niacin may help the body fight against Staph. aureus infection. via CEBPE gene.
Aug16 CD4 T cells linked to immunologically-mediated atherosclerosis; vaccine may be possible.
Aug16 (+)-naloxone blocks opioid addiction by an immunologic mechanism.
Aug16 Obatoclax and flavopiridol for multiple myeloma.
Aug09 CDC online course in infection prevention in dialysis units.
Aug09 Do neutrophils mediate insulin resistance in obesity?
Aug03 Diacetyl, an artificial butter flavor used in popcorn, linked to Alzheimer's disease worsening.
Aug02 KDIGO releases new, 2012 version of anemia guidelines; 9.0 g/dL Hb is the new lower bound.
Jul21 FDA: Seizure risk from cefepime in patients with renal impairment.
Jul18 FDA approves second diet drug within a month.
Jul12 Circadian clock cryptochromes tied to development of type 2 diabetes.
Jul12 Cucurmin reduces incidence of type 2 diabetes in randomized control trial.
Jul10 FDA approves viral load test for patients with CMV infection.
Jul05 Metformin may boost brain function via stimulation of new neuron formation.
Jul05 Fracture benefits of vitamin D in the elderly appear only at doses greater than 800 IU / day.
Jun28 Favorable early results after renal denervation in CKD.
Jun28 FDA approves new weight loss drug lorcaserin (Belviq)
Jun27 Considerable variability found between 25-D assays.
Jun23 Olmesartan side effects mimic celiac disease.
Jun20 Anti-adhesion molecule therapy for urinary tract infection.
Jun20 Higher urinary sodium output in the PREVEND trial linked to higher BP, uric acid, and albuminuria.
Jun20 Intestinal bacteria secrete neurotransmitters (GABA) that may play a role in inflammation.
Jun13 Healthy human microbiome characterized.
Jun13 Thiazolidinedione use may increase risk of macular edema.
Jun13 Apramycin may be a useful antibiotic that causes little damage to hearing.
Jun07 Abiraterone shows good results in advanced prostate cancer.
Jun07 High caffeine levels protective against Alzheimer disease.
May29 FDA issues warning about use of high total base content hemodialysis solutions.
May29 AUF1 gene plays central role in aging, inflammation, and cancer.
May19 Short-term azithromycin treatment associated with increased cardiovascular death risk.
May19 Study of HDL genetic variants casts doubt on the beneficial impact of higher HDL levels.
May19 New MRI technique can follow changes in brain pH.
May19 Renal denervation shows encouraging results for resistant hypertension.
May04 Mechanism of increased CV risk with NSAIDs explained.
May04 Cardiovascular risks of varenicline not confirmed.
May01 FDA approves everolimus for treatment of kidney angiomyolipomas associated with tuberous sclerosis.
May01 Avastin and Lucentis similarly effective in treating wet age-related macular degeneration.
May01 Interferon treatment can cause depression.
Apr26 FDA issues safety warning about using aliskiren plus an ACEI or ARB in diabetes or CKD.
Apr26 Want more bone cells and less fat cells? Endoglin may be the answer.
Apr17 Proteins can fold in a water-free environment and develop thermal resistance
Apr05 As yet unidentified factor from fat stem cells can markedly increase glucose uptake in muscle.
Mar27 FDA approves peginesatide to treat anemia in adult dialysis patients.
Mar27 LDL antibodies reduce LDL cholesterol by 70% in patients already taking statins.
Mar20 Antiplatelet therapy in CKD patients with heart disease called into question.
Mar13 FDA nd Congress launches initiatives to deal with drug shortages.
Mar08 FDA considering making many drugs over the counter.
Mar08 Silver mouthwash to treat oral Candidiasis.
Mar08 Animal studies suggest that nitric oxide gas inhalation after stroke improves brain perfusion.
Mar08 New class of drugs can reverse fibrosis in injured and diabetes-afflicted kidneys.
Mar02 FDA: Statins and protease inhibitors taken together can increase risk of muscle injury.
Feb28 FDA adds diabetes, memory loss warning to statins.
Feb26 Takeda's GP40 agonist drug lowers blood sugar in type 2 diabetes without hypoglycemia risk.
Feb22 FDA advisory panel votes to approve weight loss drug Qnexa (phentermine/topiramate)
Feb18 Four new drugs will change prostate cancer care.
Feb18 Hypervirulent resistant Klebsiella bacterium is next superbug in waiting.
Feb18 New link identified between insulin resistance ant gut inflammation via fatty acid synthase.
Feb18 Polystyrene nanoparticle block gut iron absorption.
Feb14 Amino acid response pathway, autoimmune disease, tolerance, and a Chinese herb.
Feb14 Paricalcitol fails to improve LVH in CKD patients in randomized PRIMO trial.
Feb09 CDC issues safety alert regarding proton pump inhibitors and risk fo C difficile diarrhea.
Feb09 Bexarotene rapidly clears Alzheimer type plaque from brains of mice.
Feb09 FGF21 (this is NOT FGF23) good for reducing fat mass, but bad for bone density.
Feb09 Coronary artery disease in British males linked to common Y-chromosome haplogroup.
Jan26 Chemists synthesize artificial cell membrane.
Jan12 Routine aspirin may cause harm
Jan10 Dabigatran linked to risk of acute coronary events.
Dec13 CKD may cause breakdown of tight junctions between intestinal epithelial cells.
Dec13 Statins reduce plaque by affecting the CCR7 chemokine receptor on macrophages.
Dec11 One session of gene therapy for hemophilia B leads to prolonged increase in clotting factor.
Dec08 New purine synthesis blocking drug kills malaria parasites.
Dec06 U.S. FDA considering the relative efficacy and safety of Affymax to treat CKD anemia.
Dec06 EPO involved in the spread of cancer.
Nov28 Amgen negotiates 2 large anemia drug contracts with DaVita and Fresenius.
Nov16 ASN; PRIMO study shows no benefits of paricalcitol on LVH in patients.
Nov16 Higher dose statins reduce coronary artery plaque.
Nov16 Niacin may not improve hard outcomes.
Nov09 Potassium channels in the hypothalamus linked to blood glucose control.
Nov01 Am Heart Assoc High BP Research Council Fall 2011 Meeting abstracts
Oct28 Sulodexide fails to show benefit in diabetic kidney disease in large trial.
Oct26 Furanocoumarin-free grapefruit may have less interference with prescription drugs.
Oct26 FDA panel to review anemia drug peginesatide (from Affymax) on Dec. 7, 2011.
Oct26 Apixaban better than warfarin for atrial fibritllation.
Oct26 Taking at least one BP med at bedtime lowers cardiovascular risk.
Oct20 Elderly (over 75 years) die not infrequently due to aggressive prostate cancer spread.
Oct20 Abbott labs to spin off drug division as a separate company.
Oct14 Higher serum 25-D levels of great importance in fighting off tuberculosis infection.
Oct14 Do variants of macrophage inhibitory factor gene account for access infections?
Oct14 Activating fetal hemoglobin production in mice reverses sickle cell disease.
Oct14 Bacteria-derived bile acids linked to efficacy of statins.
Oct14 JASN publishes a series of papers regarding genetic basis of kidney disease risk in Blacks.
Oct14 mRNA-mediated gene regulation shown to be of increasing importance.
Oct11 Thiazides may be especially useful to treat hypertension from calcineurin-inhibitor drugs.
Oct11 Link between FGF23 and LVH strengthened by studies in mice, rats, and patients.
Sep28 Hb target of 11-13 better than 9-11 in predialysis CKD patients accoding to a Japanese randomized trial
Sep27 Eculizumab approved by FDA to treat atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome.
Sep18 Risk of pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer with sitagliptin and exenatide highlighted.
Sep15 Like yourself and other people? It could be due to your oxytocin receptor genotype.
Sep15 DaVita Clinical Research announces biorepository services to facilitate research.
Sep15 MRSA in the United States becoming resistant to combination antibacterial ointments.
Sep15 NEJM: Apixaban better than warfarin to treat atrial fibrillation.
Sep13 Sensipar gets FDA label change focusing on hypocalcemia monitoring and seizure risk.
Sep03 FDA updates kidney failure warning for zoledronic acid (Reclast) osteoporosis drug.
Aug10 Soy tablets of no benefit in preventing bone loss in postmenopausal women.
Aug10 Panfungal vaccine based on injection of killed Baker's yeast?
Aug03 4-D Substudy suggests that low homoarginine levels associate with sudden death.
Jul21 FDA approves ticagrelor (Brilinta) to treat acute coronary syndrome.
Jul21 FDA panel votes against dapagliflozin, casting doubt over the drug class of SGLT2 inhibitors.
Jul21 Knockout model shows that kidney dopamine is an important modulator of blood pressure.
Jul12 Kv7.4 potassium channel in blood vessels linked to control of blood pressure.
Jul05 NSAIDs associated with increased risk of atrial fibrillation.
Jul01 E. coli can survive in streambeds for months.
Jul01 New class of antiangiogenesis drugs discovered from South American tree.
Jun28 Collagen-binding protein allows dental S. mutans bacteria to attach to heart valves.
Jun28 Anticholinergic dugs, including diphenhydramine linked to cognitive impairment and mortality risk in the elderly.
Jun28 NEJM: Bardoxolone methyl improves kidney function in type 2 diabetic patients.
Jun23 NEJM: Telaprevir provides dramatic improvement in hepatitis C patients.
Jun19 E.Coli O104 that causes HUS sequenced and complete genome released.
Jun16 FDA Medwatch: Ongoing safety review in progress re pioglitazone and possible bladder cancer risk.
Jun16 FDA approves Nujolix (belatacept) for organ transplantation.
Jun13 FDA Medwatch: Risk of thyroid calcitonin tumors (in rodents) and pancreatitis with liraglutide.
Jun10 France and Germany suspend approval for pioglitazone due to bladder cancer risk question; other countries not yet.
Jun10 FDA: Finasteride or dutasteride may increase risk of high-grade prostate cancer.
Jun10 Inhibition of insulin degrading enzyme may help control type 2 diabetes.
Jun09 FDA-mandated labeling change for simvastatin regarding risk of higher dosages.
Jun09 SHARP trial (simvastatin plus ezetimibe in CKD) results published in the Lancet.
Jun09 FDA: Myopathy risk of high-dose (80 mg) simvastatin close to 50%; limitations to use recommended.
Jun09 Growing role of antibiotic peptides.
Jun07 Medicare to offer more waivers pertaining to e-prescribing noncompliance penalty.
Jun07 Gene therapy reverses type 1 diabetes in mice.
Jun02 New variety of MRSA originating in animals identified in Europe.
May31 Affymax/Takeda files new drug application (NDA) for peginesatide to treat anemia.
May28 Lactate shuttle in human tumors. Is chronic use of lactate-based PD fluid a risk?
May28 Chronic estrogen exposure may increase blood pressure via superoxide; reversed by resveratrol.
May26 Addition of niacin to simvastatin fails to protect the heart and may increase stroke risk
May24 Turkey tail mushroom found to be very effective in suppressing prostate tumors in mice.
May19 Avandia (rosiglitazone) REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy) document.
May19 Modifying Treg cells allows transplantation of human skin onto mice.
May19 Deuterium-enriched vitamin A slows rate of age-related macular degeneration in a mouse model.
May19 Study compares three induction immunosuppressants, finds the cheapest one, alemtuzumab, to be noninferior.
May17 FDA advisory panel will convene to reconsider approval of fenofibrate
May16 IDOL, inducible LKL receptor degrading molecule, may be target for cholesterol lowering.
May13 FDA approves boceprevir to treat hepatitis C.
May12 Losartan might protect against disuse muscle atrophy (in mice).
May03 Sodium retention action of thiazolidinediones linked to increased proximal tubular absorption.
May03 Link to EPOGH study in JAMA on urinary sodium and CV death risk.
Apr29 Avastatin equivalent to Lucentis for treating wet macular degeneration, but much cheaper.
Apr29 FDA panel recommends approval of telaprevir for hepatitis C.
Apr28 Viral breakthrough in HBV treatment with nucleoside analogs may be due to noncompliance.
Apr28 Case report of a possible link between kava tea ingestion and rhabdomyolysis in a bicyclist.
Apr28 Vitamin E helps reduce nonalcoholic fatty liver more than metformin in diabetic kids.
Apr26 Boceprevir and telaprevir each show promising results in patients with hepatitis C.
Apr26 25D blood level differences explain 40% of difference in blood pressure between blacks and whites.
Apr22 Pirfenidone gives promising results in treating diabetic nephropathy.
Apr12 Am Acad Neurol issues guidelines regarding treatment of diabetic nerve pain.
Mar30 Antibiotics wrapped in nanofibers show dramatically increased efficacy.
Mar29 Phase 1 safety trials for begin for deuterium-based drug targeting diabetic kidney disease.
Mar29 Nicotine found to increase blood levels of HbA1c in diabetic patients.
Mar25 GAO issues reports on monitoring of oral drugs for ESRD patients
Mar24 Rockwell proceeding with Phase III trial of dialysate-added iron.
Mar24 Ok, you know about FGF23. But FGF19 may be even more important in glucose metabolism.
Mar24 Do you still ask about green or yellow phlegm in your patients who are coughing?
Mar24 Multidrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumonia found in Los Angeles County area acute care hospitals.
Mar21 Canadian observational data suggests that dual ACEI/ARB treatment is risky in the elderly.
Mar17 Cardiac injection of autologous stem cells markedly improves heart failure.
Mar15 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 linked to apple vs. pear-shaped phenotype.
Mar15 Wnt receptor Frizzled-9 involved in bone mineralization.
Mar15 Snapin protein found to control insulin release from pancreatic beta cells.
Mar12 Endothelin-A antagonist atrasentan reduces UACR in diabetics in small phase 2 study.
Mar12 Wnt1 can stimulate new blood vessel formation and also improve blood flow.
Mar05 NEJM paper compares loop diuretic strategies for acute heart failure.
Mar02 Glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta (GSK3B) antibody lowers blood pressure in animals.
Mar02 Self-treatment of drug allergy rash with a tanning be can lead to toxic epidermal necrolysis.
Feb28 Older patients confused about how to time taking of multiple drugs.
Feb28 Gut bacteria can affect hepatic lipid metabolism
Feb24 FDA approves saxagliptin (Onglyza) labeling to include patients with CKD
Feb24 Missing sugar molecule raises diabetes risk in humans
Feb16 Sanofi finally seals the deal to buy Genzyme.
Feb16 Rockwell commences PRIME study of dialysate-added iron.
Feb11 New genetic cause of primary hyperaldosteronism identified, and it's not rare.
Feb07 Pivotal discoveries in age-related macular degeneration.
Feb04 Mutation points to adenosine as playig a role in arterial calcification.
Feb02 NEJM: Fidaxomicin a new, more effective treatment for Clostridium difficile.
Feb01 Sanofi still pursuing offer to acquire Genzyme.
Feb01 FDA adverse event drug reporting system flags several drugs used in CKD.
Feb01 FDA decides to not approve diet drug Orexigen's Contrave at the present time.
Jan27 Who needs insulin? UT Southwestern study shows that without glucagon, insulin may not be that important.
Jan27 Rockwell to launch phase 3 studies of iron-fortified dialysate.
Jan27 Circadian rhythms demonstrable even in red blood cells.
Jan21 Inhaled insulin fails to get FDA approval; 2 additional studies were requested.
Jan15 National Library of Medicine's Daily Med website for quick access to drug package inserts.
Jan14 Coffee, sex (hormones), and diabetes...
Jan12 JAMA: Candesartan linked to better survival in heart failure than losartan.
Jan12 Common painkillers linked to increased risk of vascular complications.
Jan10 Statins may be harmful after hemorrhagic stroke.
Dec28 FDA clears Novartis' triple antihypertensive drug for marketing.
Dec22 Metreleptin a promising new treatment for type 1 diabetes.
Dec03 Fresenius enters into agreement with Galenica pharma to develop new IV iron products.
Nov30 AMAG's Feraheme modifies its labeling, but FDA does not require a black box warning.
Nov30 Prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor FG-2216 results in increased EPO production by ESRD kidneys and liver.
Nov30 Keryx announces positive results for Zernez, an iron-based phosphate binder
Nov30 M3 muscarinic receptor on pancreatic beta cells key to insulin release.
Nov30 Institute of Medicine releases new guidelines for vitamin D intake (600-800 IU)
Nov30 Source of protection against saturated fat (Angptl4) found, and 3% of people don't have it.
Nov23 Propoxyphene withdrawn from the U.S. market due to risk of cardiotoxicity.
Nov21 Bardoxolone INCREASES GFR by a substantial amount in type 2 diabetic CKD patients
Nov18 Statins boost bacterial killing by phagocytes.
Nov17 Radiofrequency zapping of renal nerves in CKD lowers blood pressure substantially.
Nov17 NEJM: New CETP inhibitor anacetrapib shows promise in affecting LDL and HDL levels
Nov16 FDA panel recommends approval of Benlysta to treat lupus flares.
Nov16 Xarelto and other warfarin alternatives about to hit the U.S. market.
Nov14 Large RCT has good news and bad news for nesiritide (Natrecor).
Nov11 Pioglitazone slows down cyst growth in a rat model of PKD.
Nov08 Rush to judgement? Rosiglitazone not linked to heart events in BARI 2D
Nov08 Genistein (from soy) may help prevent spread of prostate cancer cells.
Nov08 Pentazocine stabilizes retina in a mouse model of diabetes.
Nov04 Addition of telaprevir increases hepatitis C cure rates.
Nov02 New liver hormone linked to selenoprotein P associated with insulin resistance.
Oct29 Deuterated fatty acids resistant to oxidative damage.
Oct29 AMAG Q3 report discusses potential black box warning
Oct22 Salt sensitivity linked to vasopressin via induction of brain protein synthesis.
Oct15 NEJM: Regulatory action on rosiglitazone by the FDA.
Oct14 FDA CV and Renal Drugs Advisory Committee meets Oct 18th to consider TREAT study results.
Oct12 Pharmacy benefits group attempts to predict drug non-compliance at an early stage.
Oct09 More on FDA-mandated withdrawal of Meridia (sibutramine) from the U.S. market.
Oct09 Androgen deprivation therapy causes structural bone decay.
Oct09 Abbott removes weight loss drug Meridia (sibutramine) due to stroke and heart disease risk.
Sep25 Octagam IVIG withdrawn from sale due to thromboembolic event risk.
Sep23 FDA to limit patient access to rosiglitazone (Avandia)
Sep23 Abbott Labs buys international rights to CKD prevention drug bardoxolone
Sep23 Three proteins reliably increase in the blood during transplant rejection.
Sep23 European Medicines Agency recommends that Avandia (rosiglitazone) be banned from the European market.
Sep22 Weight-based dosing of taribavirin causes less anemia than ribavirin in hepatitis C treatment.
Sep15 Defective ABCB4 gene impedes cholesterol excretion into the bile.
Sep10 NIH launches beta version of new tool to identify unknown pills.
Sep10 University of Kansas researchers develop compound that reverses diabetic neuropathy in mice.
Sep10 Alzheimer amyloid precursor protein function discovered to be involved with iron storage
Sep09 FDA issues new safety alert re gadolinium-containing contrast agents and NSF.
Sep08 Quercetin (found in onions and black tea) aggravates kidney cancer in rats
Sep03 Cranberry juics blocks ability of Staph aureus bacteria to form biofilm in the urinary bladder.
Sep03 Fish oils inactivate inflammatory effects of macrophages present around fat cells
Sep03 Novel antimalarial drug candidate shows promise.
Sep03 First clinical trials completed on potent new drug against hepatitis C.
Aug31 Could a vaccine against Staph aureus toxin alpha hemolysin (Hla) help in exit-site infection?
Aug31 Large study debunks notion that statins may be associated with cancer.
Aug29 Molecule found that deactivates selective components of the complement system.
Aug26 Genetic variants in protein kinase C affect CKD progression in type 2 diabetics of Chinese descent.
Aug26 Novartis options siRNA drug from Quark Pharma to reduce AKI and delayed allograft function.
Aug26 Back to the future: Renin profiling claimed to be useful in predicting response to RAAS inhibitors or beta-blockers.
Aug26 Naringenin from grapefruits shows promise as a treament for type 2 diabetes
Aug21 KDIGO initiative for improved drug dosing in patients with kidney disease
Aug20 Two FDA approved drugs cause HIV to mutate itself to death in mice.
Aug19 Vitamin D may improve allergic aspergillosis related diseases.
Aug17 FDA approves longer use of (200 days) of valganciclovir for CMV prophylaxis post transplant.
Aug04 CMS implements steps to close donut hole for pharmaceutical funding
Aug02 New drug resistant strain of E. Coli spreading in the U.S. as well as abroad.
Jul30 Calcium supplements increase the risk of heart attack in postmenopausal women.
Jul28 Biotrends data suggests that use of ESAs for stage 4 CKD is falling.
Jul28 Presence of nonhuman sialic acid in biotech drugs can provoke an immune response.
Jul24 Marcrophage fatty acid synthase a new target to prevent atherosclerosis.
Jul21 Glitazones act NOT as PPAR-gamma agonists, but by blocking PPAR phosphorylation by ckd5.
Jul20 Inhaled insulin comes one step closer to FDA approval.
Jul20 FDA approves generic version of transdermal clonidine.
Jul15 FDA review panel shows mixed opinions about whether Avandia should be withdrawn from sale.
Jul09 More on the FDA and Avandia (rosiglitazone) safety issues.
Jul08 Getting forgetful? P7C3 seems to help aging rats.
Jul08 Rosiglitazone safety issues continue to be unresolved. FDA to reveal new data tomorrow.
Jul06 Robert Brenner named CEO of start-up company focusing on use of stem cells to treat kidney disease.
Jul02 Why 25 vitamin D levels may be low in uremia.
Jul02 Honey as a topical antibiotic explained.
Jun24 Selective estrogen compound activates cell-surface receptors only, may confer vascular protection.
Jun22 Wall Street Journal article highlights food - drug interactions.
Jun22 Affymax shares fall after cardiovascular risk concerns raised about hematide.
Jun17 Once-weekly exenatide controls weight and HbA1c in DURATION-4 study.
Jun10 Allopurinol markedly slows progression of CKD in small randomized trial.
Jun10 The secret of why red wine and green tea block some cancers may be revealed.
Jun02 Amgen drug denosumab (Prolia) approved by the FDA to fight osteoporosis.
May26 FDA mandates labels change for proton pump inhibitors warning of fracture risk.
May26 Watson files abbreviated new drug application for sevelamer carbonate.
May18 Teva Pharmaceutical announces tentative FDA approval of generic cinacalcet (Sensipar)
May18 Pregnenolone sulfate may reduce inflammatatory mediator production by blood vessels.
May12 Why multiple drug treatment may be required to treat hepatitis C virus infection.
May11 Proton pump inhibitors increase risk of fractures and of nosocomial C. difficile
Apr28 Eating hot peppers significantly increases (doubles) post-prandial energy expenditure as well as fat oxidation.
Apr28 Anabolic steroid use in healthies impairs left ventricular relaxation by 50% and also ejection fraction.
Apr28 RCT shows that high-dose B vitamins associated with increased risk of progression and CV events in diabetics.
Apr28 Depomedrol and ACTH have different effects on osteonecrosis of the hip, VEGF.
Apr24 FDA approves Zortress(R) - everolimus - for organ transplant use.
Apr11 Nanovaccine stops type 1 diabetes from developing in mice.
Apr07 Heparin tested under the new standard may be 10% less potent than previously.
Mar29 U.S. judge invalidates gene patent
Mar29 Novel antivirus compounds target the viral envelope, and are broadly effective.
Mar28 Toronto conference on Nephroprevention to be held October 1-2, 2010.
Mar23 Novel compound targetting DC-SIGN receptor developed against HIV
Mar22 Effect of UV sunlight rays on multiple sclerosis -- something other than vitamin D at work?
Mar08 Good Vitamin D levels needed for adequate killer T cell function.
Mar04 Pycnogenol (pine bark extract) reduces kidney damage in hypertension.
Mar04 Prostate cancer vaccine (Dendreon) improves survival by 40% in patients with advanced disease.
Mar02 FDA advisory panel recommends approval of belatacept for kidney transplants.
Feb28 Rising threat of infections due to drug-resistant Gram-negative infections
Feb23 AHA/ACC issue Science Advisory re heart risk and thiazolidinedione drugs.
Feb22 Mutations in gene encoding K channel KCNN3 associated with atrial fibrillation.
Feb16 Affymax readies blockbuster alternative to Epogen.
Feb12 NKDEP offers a suggested approach to drug dosing in CKD
Feb12 Tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) a drug already used in humans, prevents diastolic heart failure in mice.
Feb11 GLP-1 analogue designed to be taken weekly shows promising results in diabetics.
Feb10 3SBio licenses China rights to ferric citrate as a phosphate binder.
Feb01 Serious liver disorder associated with didanosine (drug used to treat HIV) use
Jan27 Think you know how platelets are made? Guess again.
Jan27 Longevity effects of human growth hormone debunked by long-lived deficients.
Jan12 Intranasal and intracranial TGF-alpha restores motor function after stroke in rats.
Jan06 NEJM FDA op ed piece: Time for reevaluation of anemia drugs.
Jan06 FDA plans safety panel on 3 drugs for anemia.
Jan06 Study examines the mathematical benefits of drawing multiple patient lab samples.
Jan06 Genetic survey of clear cell renal cancer samples identifies new gene abnormalities.
Jan05 Vitamin C arrests senescence in mice mutated to mimic Werner syndrome.
Jan05 Glycyrrhizin increases ability of skin to ward off infection.
Dec29 High price of FDA approval - the case of colchicine.
Dec23 Caloric restriction longevity effects linked to telomerase activity.
Dec22 Deoxycytidine kinase enzyme shown to profoundly affect adaptive immune system.
Dec12 Star fruit intoxication in patients with moderate CKD not yet on dialysis
Dec08 FDA panel recommends approval of everolimus for transplant rejection with a risk mitigation plan.
Dec08 Drug reimportation re-emerges in health care debate.
Dec04 Observational study suggests remarkable protection against graft-versus-host disease by statins.
Dec03 Finasteride linked to increase risk of breast cancer in men.
Dec03 What is "pay for delay" and how does it affect availability of generic drugs?
Dec02 Urea concentrations between 10 and 40 mM induce reactive oxygen species in cell culture.
Dec01 TLR2 (toll-like receptors) linked to inflammatory damage in atherosclerotic plaque.
Dec01 Are peptoids that disable autoreactive T cells the next step in treatment of autoimmune disease?
Dec01 Protein Kinase G (PKG) controls brown fat abundance; may be manipulated in treatment of obesity.
Nov27 Stress-related blood pressure linked to phosducin.
Nov26 Rituximab helps preserve beta cell function in patients with early type 1 diabetes.
Nov19 FDA issues warning letters to 22 websites marketing health products with unapproved claims.
Nov18 Niacin plus statin no better than niacin alone in elderly patients with CAD.
Nov18 Genzyme cancels development of Renvela successor.
Nov17 FDA: Omeprazole and clopidogrel drug:drug interaction reducing efficacy of clopidogrel
Nov15 NEJM: Extended-release niacin better than ezetimibe (Vytorin) for atherosclerosis reduction
Nov14 Myostatin inhibitors increase muscle mass and strength in monkeys via gene therapy.
Nov14 Why certain antibiotics like cipro and tetracycline counteract each other
Nov10 Insurers, drugmakers turn to Senate for changes to health care reform bills.
Nov06 1930s gonorrhea drug acriflavine blocks HIF-1 induced new blood vessel proliferation.
Nov05 Benlysta (belimumab) phase III trial for lupus gives positive results.
Nov05 NEJM: Hematide corrects anemia due to ESA-induced pure red cell aplasia.
Nov04 FDA unveils "Safe Use Initiative" to reduce medication-related side-effects.
Nov04 TLR4 on macrophages may mediate the immune system response to excess fat.
Nov04 ROMK downstream pathway clarified; may lead to new drugs to combat hyperkalemia in CKD
Nov03 FDA warns about adverse renal effects of Byetta (exenatide)
Nov03 One particular MRSA strain associated with high mortality rates.
Nov03 Proton-pump inhibitors associated with multiple side effects.
Oct30 TREAT trial of darbepoetin in diabetics with preESRD shows no benefit and increased stroke risk.
Oct29 Rockwell announces completion of Phase IIB study of dialysate-supplemented iron therapy.
Oct28 50K or ergocalciferol every 2 weeks as maintentance treatment for vitamin D deficiency.
Oct28 Shire's Fosrenol approved in Europe for preESRD patients
Oct28 Fish oil (DHA) metabolite resolvin 2 found to have marked anti-inflammatory activity
Oct28 Gut bacteria linked to diet, immune system functioning via short chain fatty acid receptor
Oct26 Histone released from damaged cells during trauma or sepsis damages blood vessels.
Oct23 FDA authorizes use of IV peramivir for hospitalized patients with H1N1 infection.
Oct23 FDA Medwatch reports another case of PML after rituximab in a rheumatoid arthritis patient.
Oct19 Black box warning for Dexferrum (iron dextran) modified after anaphylactic reactions.
Oct19 FDA delays approval of Amgen's denosumab to treat osteoporosis.
Oct19 Uloric shown particularly effective in lowering hyperuricemia in patients with mild-moderate CKD.
Oct15 The gadolinium NSF story from the product liability perspective, focus on G.E.
Oct01 FDA announces new manufacturing standards for heparin that may change its potency.
Sep25 Januvia (sitagliptin) linked to increased pancreatitis risk
Sep24 200g/day fructose supplement increases systolic BP by 6 mm Hg, prevented by allopurinol.
Sep24 AJKD issues containing KDOQI guidelines now freely available as .pdf files
Sep18 Metformin or insulin do not lower levels of inflammatory markers in diabetics.
Sep13 Multidrug resistant Staph aureus recovered from 7 public beaches around Puget Sound.
Sep11 Fresenius launches telemonitoring system for dialysis patients.
Aug30 NEJM: Ticagrelor better than clopidogrel as an anti-platelet agent post acute coronary syndrome.
Aug30 NEJM: Free full text paper on dabigatran vs. warfarin for stroke prevention in atrial fib.
Aug30 Pradaxa (dabigatran) outperforms warfarin by a mile for stroke prevention with a. fib.
Aug28 About 1/3 of people don't activate clopidogrel very well due to gene variants.
Aug28 High LDL cholesterol may thin bone by stimulating RANKL.
Aug28 New gene controlling formation of adipocytes identified.
Aug24 Mice eating a low-carb diet show increased atherosclerosis and decreases in vascular progenitor cells.
Aug24 FDA announces ongoing monitoring of liver injury associated with Orlistat.
Aug21 Oxidative stress in CKD patients linked to malfunctioning mitochondria.
Aug21 Excess cholesterol can affect heart rhythm via potassium channels
Aug21 When vitamin D levels low, macrophages get overloaded with cholesterol.
Aug19 Vitamin D regulation of immune function via cathelicidin conserved in all primates.
Aug19 Heart failure risk with rosiglitazone double that with pioglitazone.
Aug19 Pot for prostate cancer.
Aug19 Klotho gene reduces blood pressure and extends lifespan.
Aug18 Pharmacologic development of sirtuin activators - reviewed in NY Times
Aug13 Toray develops insulin nasal spray.
Aug11 GIFT15 treatment modified B lymphocytes and reverses multiple sclerosis in the lab; may have potential in lupus as well.
Aug11 Gene therapy restores alpha-1-antitrypsin activity in lungs of patients with hereditary deficiency.
Aug11 Anti-RAS drug restores insulin production in animal model of diabetes.
Aug11 Release of fat-stored substances during dieting or other weight loss: Example of cannabis.
Aug06 Itch-specific neurons identified in mice.
Aug06 Hypertension associated with VEGF-inhibitors linked to nitric oxide.
Jul31 FDA approves saxagliptin for use in type 2 diabetes.
Jul31 FDA warns of colchicine side effects when co-prescribed with clarithromycin and other drugs.
Jul31 Resveratrol found to have potent anti-infammatory effects.
Jul31 Lecithin found to have beneficial effects on fat metabolism via PPAR-alpha
Jul31 Avasting (bevacizumab) may be potent treatment for diabetic macular edema.
Jul30 Cell biology mechanisms of genistein (present in soybeans) inhibition of prostate cancer clarified.
Jul28 NIH halts trial of sildenafit in patients with sickle-cell disease and pulmonary hypertension.
Jul28 How do drugs like cromolyn that affect mast cells affect adipocytes and metabolic syndrome?
Jul28 Defer0xamine to treat diabetic foot ulcers? In mice, yes.
Jul23 Clinical trial of injecting pig insulin-producing cells into humans begins.
Jul19 HGS/Glaxo drug Benlysta shows some effectiveness against lupus in phase 3 clinical trial.
Jul14 Senate backs 12 year non-compete shelter for biotech drugs
Jul13 DaVita Clinical Research appoints Dr. Mahesh Krishnan as Vice President
Jul08 Costimulation blocker plus alefacept allow monkeys to tolerate transplanted kidneys.
Jul08 Is PEDF "the" link between obesity and type 2 diabetes?
Jul08 Anti-ageing effects of rapamycin in mice in the news.
Jul05 Aldosterone regulates ENac levels via Per1 - a protein mediating circadian rhythms.
Jul02 Fresenius opens specialty pharmacy for renal patients in Nashville.
Jul02 NEJM: Phospholipase A2 receptor is a target antigen in 70% of patients with idiopathic membranous nephropathy.
Jul02 Rebound hyperacidity, reflux symptoms in normals after stopping proton pump inhibitors
Jul02 Enalapril or losartan markedly slow progression of eye damage in type 1 diabetics.
Jul01 FDA advisory panel recommends banning Vicodin and Percocet and limiting maximum acetaminophen doses
Jun30 Common gene polymorphism affecting calcium excretion (claudin 14) linked to both kidney stones and osteoporosis.
Jun26 Mechanism of BPA (bisphenol A) related infertility defined in mice.
Jun20 New prostate cancer drug ipilimumab shows dramatic results in 2 patients.
Jun13 FDA issues alert on increased death risk in liver transplant patients taking Rapamune.
Jun13 Sevelamer carbonate (Renvela) approved for sale in the European Union
Jun10 Ferric citrate found to bind phosphate in phase II study with no marked adverse effects.
Jun05 Aldosterone levels found to be increased in chubby teenage boys.
Jun05 Telaprevir substantially increases hepatitis C cure rates (NEJM)
Jun04 Halofuginone, Th17 cells, and autoimmunity.
Jun03 FDA reports on serious liver failure risk in patients taking propylthiouracil.
May29 FDA: Serious fungal infections associated with TNF-alpha blockers.
May29 Risks of aspirin outweight benefits for primary prevention of stroke, MI in those with normal kidney function.
May26 FDA approves Samsca (tolvaptan) to treat hyponatremia.
May25 Search all abstracts from the World Congress of Nephrology 2009
May22 New anti-inflammatory drug candidate works by releasing hydrogen sulfide gas.
May22 Drinking from polycarbonate bottles for a week increases urinary bisphenol levels.
May19 NF-kappaB inhibitor might be ideal drug to combat osteoporosis and periodontitis.
May18 Edible vaccine against p24 protein of HIV elicits an antibody response in mice.
May15 Interventional study in mice links cytomegalovirus infection to high blood pressure.
May15 Metformin shown to act directly via CBP glucose-regulating protein in the liver.
May14 Monotherapy with DARA, an endothelin and angiotensin I receptor antagonist, lowers BP a lot.
May11 UMOD gene, associated with Tamm-Horsfall protein production, linked to kidney disease.
May11 Cyclophilin may play a key role in arterial damage associated with atherosclerosis.
May08 FDA approves generic version of mycophenolate mofetil
May07 Calcimimetics inhibits late-stage cyst growth in an animal model of ADPKD.
May05 Fresenius launches national retail pharmacy for dialysis patients.
May01 Survey company releases report on usage trends for vitamin D, phosphate binders, and calcimimetics.
Apr30 Januvia (sitagliptin) pancreatitis risk suggests potential drug class effect on the pancreas for GLP-1 enhancers.
Apr27 Potential importance of vitamin D receptor, commensal bacteria, and olmesartan in autoimmune disease.
Apr27 Biotech companies, including Baxter, scramble to respond to flu epidemic with vaccines.
Apr26 Prostaglandin 2-alpha may be new target for control of blood pressure and atherosclerosis.
Apr23 Bacteriophage used to successfully treat chronic Pseudomas ear infection
Apr22 Alzheimer beta-amyloid can be degraded, and some drugs can increase breakdown rate 7-fold.
Apr18 Ultrashort-acting prednisolone derivatives (antedrugs) stop inflammation and then are metabolized to avoid side effects.
Apr17 New discoveries on how collagen activates platelets may lead to new treatments to prevent clotting.
Apr16 Endothelin A receptor antagonist darusentan shows promising results in resistant hypertension.
Apr16 Provenge prostate cancer vaccine significantly prolongs survival.
Apr12 CXCL5, secreted by white adipose tissue, may be the link between obesity and inflammation and insulin resistance.
Apr11 One thousand 2007-2009 audiofiles and slide/audio talks added to HDCN's 20 topic-related channels.
A06 Impax, a generic drug manufacturer, challenged by Genzyme with Renvela patent.
M30 Variants of nisin, an FDA-approved antibiotic used in food preservation, show effectiveness against MRSA.
M30 FDA approves mTOR inhibitor everolimus for treatment of advanced kidney cancer.
M29 Link to slide/audio and audio symposia on HDCN
M25 Thymoquinone protects pancreatic beta cells from oxidative effects of protease inhibitors; a renoprotective role as well, maybe?
M22 Protein in yellow peas lowers BP by 20% in animal model of PKD.
M20 FDA panel gives nod to alternative to warfarin
M18 Another statin (Crestor, rosuvastatin) fails to show a benefit (rumor has it) in dialysis patients.
M17 Endothelial lipase linked to levels of good cholesterol
M10 Bacteriophage-derived enzyme Cpl-1 better than amoxicillin in treating pneumococcal pneumonia.
M09 Cranberry juice proanthocyanidins, and not low pH, impair E. Coli attachment to urinary bladder endothelium
M04 FDA December, 2008 drug labeling changes (including Sensipar, CellCept, Actos)
M04 Pharma consultancy of medical school faculty members in the news.
M03 AMAG hopeful that the FDA will approve its injectable iron supplement.
F27 FDA warns of tardive dyskinesia risk with Reglan (metoclopramide)
F26 Clavulanate plus meropenem found to be surprisingy effective in vitro against multidrug-resistant TB
F18 NEJM: Genetic testing helps predict warfarin dose.
F18 Study suggests that warfarin dose needs to be lower in patients with CKD.
F16 FDA approves Uloric (febuxostat) for treatment of gout.
F12 FDA and consortium release first data on genetic associations with serious drug adverse events.
F06 FDA approves antithrombin derived from the milk of genetically-modified goats.
F05 Sensory nerves in fat cells help regulate lipolysis, according to animal study.
F02 Leprosy drug clofazimine holds promise as an immunomodulatory agent.
J31 FDA advisory panel recommends that Darvon (propoxyphene) be pulled from the marked due to suicide risk, low efficacy.
J30 Epoxide hydrolase inhibitor reduces heart failure in animal model
J28 Genzyme shares climb after Amgen abandons development of phosphate drug.
J17 Kidney injury biomarker panel now commercially available for animal testing of new drugs
J16 Mutations in gene regulating melatonin-mediated insulin secretion increases type 2 diabetes risk
J15 New family of antibiotics isolated from hydras and leeches.
J15 HipA, a protein kinase, involved in bacterial dormancy, allowing survival during antibiotic therapy.
J10 FDA expert panel recommends approval of drug (antithrombin alfa) extracted from the milk of genetically-engineered goats.
J09 New anti-anginal drug acts by working on sodium channels.
J09 Human insulin produced by genetically modified safflower plants ready for testing.
J08 Quest Diagnostics acknowledges errors (mostly overestimation) in vitamin D tests.
D18 FDA raises the bar for new diabetes drugs
N19 Did you know that your prescribing history is for sale? Fed appeals court supports NH law banning the practice.
N19 FDA advisory panel greenlights anti-MRSA antibiotic telavancin, but not approved by the FDA yet.
N18 New microRNA compound protects mice against heart failure.
N18 Five days of cipro cause pervasive and persistent changes in gut microflora abundance.
N14 Renal Week: Relative vitamin K2 deficiency linked to vascular calcification in ESRD
N09 Rosuvastatin given to patients with normal cholesterol levels but high CRPs markedly lowers CV risk.
N06 Ghrelin-like drug increases muscle mass by 20% in the elderly.
N04 Strange, complex pharmacokinetics of methotrexate in RBCs have implications for clinical treatment.
O29 Animal studies suggest potential benefits of drug holiday for patients taking sulfonylureas.
O28 Topical treament for HSV cold sores achieves same results as oral systemic therapy.
O28 Plavix (clopidogrel) may be inactivated by some calcium channel blockers.
O27 Risks of irregular heartbeat and atrial fibrillation increased with fosamax and other bisphosphonates.
O27 Pentoxifylline lowers proteinuria alone or in addition to an ACE inhibitor.
O23 Hydrogen sulfide may be a key regulator of blood pressure.
O23 European watchdog agency suggests not using diet drug rimonabant due to depression side effects.
O17 FDA creates drug safety information webpages for patients and health professionals.
O14 Resveratrol found in dark chocolate and cocoa.
O14 Alpha-1-antitrypsin therapy expands beta-cell populations in the pancreas of mice with a model of type 1 diabetes.
O13 A series of abstracts presented at CRF meeting suggesting that triple anti-platelet therapy (adding cilostatzol) improved outcomes.
O07 Study illustrates importance of inflammatory macrophages in obesity; insulin resistance reversed by killing these cells.
O07 One mechanism whereby ingestion of fatty foods (but not carbs or protein) can suppress hunger identified : OEA.
O06 One-dollar-a-month polypill containing ASA, thiazide, ACEI, and statin to undergo clinical testing.
O03 On Nov 3, U.S. Supreme Court to hear key product liability court regarding use of FDA-recommended drug labels.
S26 Aptly named horny goat weed found to be a source of specific phosphodiesterase inhibitors.
S25 Diabetic gastroparesis in mice reversed by restoring defective hemo oxygenase production.
S22 Darapladib slows atherosclerosis in a pig model.
S18 Are statins ineffective for protection against cardiovascular risks in women?
S16 How should one properly dispose of unused drugs? No one seems to know.
S16 Chamomile tea cuts diabetes complications (in rats)
S16 Conbining thiazides with potassium-sparing diuretics markedly lowers cardiovascular mortality.
S15 Carvedilol and alprenolol, but not other beta-blockers, stimulate cellular protective pathway in the heart.
S14 Hospitals and nursing homes contribute to water contamination with pharmaceuticals through their disposal methods.
S11 Rituximab prescribing info revised to reflect risk of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy.
S10 Molecular mechanism of steroid-induced fatty liver determined.
S10 Pentazocine shows encouraging results in a mouse model of diabetic retinopathy.
S09 Serotonin transport receptor levels in the brain change with the seasons; may reflect seasonal affective disorder.
S08 Once-a-week sustained release exenatide lowers HbA1c better than twice daily shots.
S08 Genetic variants associated with markedly different vitamin B12 handling.
S05 Bisphenol (present in polycarbonate plastics) linked to metabolic syndrome.
S02 In vitro studies suggest role for antihistamine clemizole in treating hepatitis C
S02 AJKD: Temporary iron depletion and relative thrombocytosis may underline increased mortality with high doses of EPO.
A29 Singh and Furberg editorialize against use of thiazolidinediones due to CV risk and lack of CV benefit.
A26 Allopurinol lowers blood pressure in hypertensive adolescents
A26 Leptin injections keep rats with type 1 diabetes alive without insulin.
A26 Twenty percent of Ayurvedic medicines found to be contaminated with lead, arsenic, or mercury.
A22 Some evidence that Vytorin is, or maybe is not, associated with an increased cancer risk; FDA gets involved.
A22 New antimicrobial approach tames, rather than kills, pathogenic bacteria, lowering risk of emerging resistant strains.
A21 AMAG receives fast track designation from FDA for ferumoxytol as an MRI contrast agent.
A20 Individual genome analysis shows that drug sensitivity may be poorly predicted by skin color (presumed race)
A19 Effect of grapefruit juice on drug absorption and metabolism: new complexities
A18 Researchers create milligram quantities of completely synthetic heparin
A14 SpyCEP identified as key element to infectivity of group A strep associated with necrotizing fasciitis.
A07 Bile acids play a role in glucose metabolism and insulin signaling.
A01 FDA forces new labeling changes for ESAs under new law.
J31 Two new drugs have profound effects on exercise conditioning in mice.
J23 NEJM: Genetic mutation associated with most patients who develop myopathy on high-dose statins.
J22 House Appropriations Subcommittee increases proposed FDA budget by more than 20% to over 2 billion dollars per year.
J21 Anti-bacterial actions of cranberry juice explained by its action on fimbriae.
J16 Doctors hopeful that improved blood thinners are on the horizon: Three new candidates.
J13 Histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor SAHA found to have anti-immune effects in graft vs. host disease.
J11 FDA lists May 2008 labeling changes: Aranesp (tumor progression) and CellCept (lymphoma and PML risk)
J10 Aspirin may benefit patients with osteoporosis: a possible mechanism identified.
J10 Histone deactylase (HDAC) inhibitors protect ischemic tissue from injury.
J09 Fresenius signs sublicensing agreement with Luitpold to use Venofer in United States patients.
J08 Stanford researchers find molecule that kills kidney cancer cells, STF-62247.
J08 FDA adds boxed warning on risk of tendon rupture associated with fluoroquinolone antibiotics.
J07 Fresenius Medical buys heparin-maker APP pharmaceuticals.
J03 Statins spur glial progenitor cells to develop into oligodendrocytes.
J03 Pfizer will no longer work directly with for-profit CME companies.
J03 FDA panel recommends that all new diabetes drugs be screened for cardiovascular risk.
J02 New orally active, broad-spectrum angiogenesis inhibitor may be useful against many cancers.
J28 Bill to approve pathway for FDA approvals of biosimilars advocated as saving billions of dollars.
J26 Two siRNA in the Phase I/II pipeline for kidney disease, one for delayed graft function, the other for AKI
J24 Take your meds and have a chance at winning the lottery.
J23 Rapamycin may impact retardation in tuberous sclerosis and might be useful in treating autism.
J19 FDA cautions about increased mortality in elderly patients with dementia who had been treated with antipsychotic drugs
J18 Computer generated warfarin dosing as effective as dosing by expert prescribers.
J13 FDA and EMEA to consider biomarkers of renal injury in animal studies evaluating renal safety of new drugs.
J12 XBP1, stimulated by a high-carb diet, may be a new target for treatment of dyslipidemias.
J12 FDA approves generic form of ramipril made by Lupin pharmaceuticals.
J11 CMS gives researchers access to parts of the Medicare prescription drug benefit database.
J05 FDA: More on the ongoing review of TNF-blockers and cancer risk.
J05 Study in mice suggests resveratrol has marked cardioprotective effects.
M23 FDA to use Medicare claims data to monitor drug side effects once drugs have been marketed.
M19 Protein the mimics phagocyte defensins effective against resistant bacteria on in vitro testing.
M18 New superdrug may be useful against MRSA superbugs.
M17 FDA convenes to examine impact of direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical, and now, medical device, advertising.
M13 Texting kids to take their medicine may increase compliance.
M09 Darapladib lowers the activity of inflammatory enzyme associated with vascular plaque.
M05 ASN Renal Week abstract archives 2003-2006 now available on-line in .pdf format.
M02 New ACE 2 activator compounds lower blood pressure in rats and also reduce cardiac and renal fibrosis.
A28 FDA approves Relistor (methylnaltrexone) for opioid-induced constipation.
A25 First ever activator of ENAC sodium channel developed.
A24 GAO says that FDA lacks resources to inspect non-US drug suppliers; only 8% are being inspected now.
A23 Genzyme to build new research and development center in Beijing.
A23 Some compounds in Chinese bitter melon identified with activity against diabetes.
A22 CMS releases standards for e-prescribing of drugs.
A21 Massachusetts Senate unanimously passes a law banning all pharma gifts to doctors.
A19 Democrats propose labeling requirements for food and drugs which would list country of origin.
A10 FDA notice regarding investigation of mycophenolate mofetil regarding progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy.
A07 New antimicrobial proteins identified in alligator blood
A04 AMAG Pharma presents data on new iron supplement at NKF Spring Clinical Meeting.
A03 New Merck heart failure drug rolofylline gives encouraging results in Phase III trial.
M27 Keryx ends development of sulodexide after negative trial results.
M19 Roche agrees to pay Amgen 22.5 percent royaty on Mircera sales in the U.S.
M13 FDA Oncologic Drug Advisory Panel recommends continued indication of ESAs for cancer patients excluding breast and head and neck.
M12 Keryx diabetes drug sulodexide fails to achieve primary endpoint in phase III clinical trial.
M11 Eli Lilly follows Pfizer and NovoNordisk in discontinuing inhalable insulin.
M10 FDA plans to ease restrictions on dissemination of reprints by pharma involving off-label usage of drugs.
M07 Bill to encourage e-prescribing for Medicare-reimbursed encounters likely to pass this year.
M06 More on the heparin contaminant in Baxter's product line - still unidentified.
M05 Massachusetts may ban drug industry freebies for docs.
M05 Supreme court votes 4 vs. 4 regarding pharma immunity from product liability for FDA-approved prescription drugs.
M05 FDA finds possible contaminant in Baxter heparin.
M05 Sensor necklace and magnetic trace additive to pills might be used to track medication compliance in clinical trials.
F27 Supreme Court hears arguments as to whether pharma companies should be protected from torts when a drug has been approved by the FDA.
F26 FDA: Medication guide must be given to patients with each rosiglitazone (Avandia) prescription.
F20 AMAG submits NDA to FDA for ferumoxytol.
F16 FDA issues draft guidelines for comment to Pharma about distributing reprints describing off-label usage of drugs.
F16 Baxter heparin case calls attention to Chinese chemical companies supplying drug raw materials with minimal regulation.
F16 Promising early data from another prostate cancer vaccine trial.
F15 Some cholesterol synthesis inhibitors also block Staph. aureus pigment synthesis, rendering the germ less pathogenic.
F07 FDA warns on adverse effects due to intravenous colchicine.
F01 Anti-leishmaniasis drug miltefosine kills HIV-infected macrophages, eliminating one protected site of HIV persistence.
J28 Vytorin lowers cholesterol, but does not impact on endpoints; House asks FDA to reconsidering hard vs. soft endpoints in proving drug value.
J25 Cox-2 inhibitors can cause arrhythmias by affecting potassium channels in the heart.
J16 FDA warns of name confusion between two edetate compounds used for chelation.
J11 Gas6 protein may augment the action of erythropoietin
J09 Cannabinoid receptor blocking drug effective in causing weight loss.
J02 Labeling on adrenaline vials in terms of concentration are confusing, lead to errors.
J02 European study could find no link between non-phenacetin pain killers and ESRD
D27 FDA approves synthetic starch-based volume expander fluid.
D27 New orally active cyanide antidotes discovered.
D21 Animal study suggests that EPO may protect hearts against toxicity of anticancer drugs
D20 FDA issues draft guidelines to industry for reporting adverse events linked to OTC drugs and dietary supplements.
D19 Northwestern University gets 700 M royalties for diabetes pain drug patent.
D19 AMAG pharma submits new drug application to FDA for ferumoxytol.
D17 US House Rep Waxman leaks FDA planned guidance to OK drug company promotion of off-label uses of drugs.
D17 Drug that stimulates thyroid hormone beta receptors effective in lowering LDL cholesterol
D15 U.S. FDA considers allowing a new group of -behind the counter- drugs to be dispensed with pharmacist approval only.
D14 FDA warns of serious adverse reactions with iron chelator Exjade.
D08 FDA launches new drug safety newsletter. Here is the first issue (rituximab)
D05 Dennis Quaid sues Baxter over label similarities between low- and high-dose heparin vials.
D04 FDA approves study of iron-containing dialysate additive for hemodialysis patients.
D03 Pharma companies to develop IgA proteases as a potential treatment for IgA nephropathy.
D03 Topical cleaners containing benzethonium chloride bactericidal against MRSA.
N27 FDA: Use of mycophenolate mofetil during pregnancy associated with increased risk of pregnancy loss and congenital malformations.
N26 Nitrosyl cobamide shows promise as an NO-donor type of drug for hypertension or heart disease.
N25 Executives from Genzyme and Johnson and Johnson to sit on FDA foundation board.
N16 CMS pushing e-prescribing for Medicare beneficiaries.
N16 Pramlintide-leptin combination drug induces 13% weight loss in obese patients.
N15 FDA approves Roche ESA anemia drug Mircera
N14 Cattle vaccine shown to be effective in lowering rate of toxigenic E. Coli carriage.
N14 FDA adds black box warning of heart attacks for Avandia (rosiglitazone)
N09 Placenta cloaks its proteins with phosphocholine (as do parasitic worms) to evade immune detection.
N08 FDA modified boxed warnings, indications, for ESA drugs.
N08 Skeletal muscle damage due to statins may operate through atrogin-1 and thus may be preventable.
N06 Shire announces results of Fosrenol trial in stage 3-4 CKD patients.
N05 New vascular function of hemoglobin, as a promoter of nitric oxide synthesis, identified.
N01 Legislation introduced in the House to fight spread of drug-resistant bacteria.
O29 Bacterial use peptides to communicate with each other: extracellular death factor identified.
O25 Bayer issues additional guidance to physicians about Trasylol (aprotinin).
O25 Genzyme launches cholesterol-binding drug (Cholestagel) in Europe for patients with primary hypercholesterolemia.
O25 SQ109, promising anti-tuberculosis drug, given special status by European and U.S. regulators.
O25 Genzyme profits increase tenfold on sales of drugs to treat rare diseases.
O23 Acute pancreatitis associated with exenatide (Byetta) - FDA requires labeling change
O19 Sudden hearing loss associated with erectile dysfunction drugs.
O17 Vaprisol (conivaptan) study shows increase in serum sodium in euvolemic hyponatremia.
O17 FDA advisory committee votes in favor of phosphate binder use for stage 4 CKD.
O16 FDA approves Doribax(tm) - doripenem - for complicated urinary tract infections, including pyelonephritis
O16 Velcade (bortezomib) for multiple myeloma now approved for use in patients with impaired renal function.
O12 FDA advisory meeting next Tuesday to study use of phosphate binders in pre-ESRD - Genzyme, Shire, Fresenius will all be present.
O12 Statins help preserve lung function during aging.
O08 New antibiotic ceftobiprole very effective in curing diabetic foot infections.
O03 Rockwell begins dosing patients with iron (soluble ferric pyrophosphate) - containing dialysate.
S25 New, synthetic version of heparin is patented.
S25 FDA to screen all direct-to-consumer (DTC) television ads if pending law is passed.
S20 Rockwell begins enrollment into Phase IIIb trial of dialysate sodium ferric pyrophosphate for iron therapy.
S11 Nabi to sell its Biologics division, and plans to move its headquarters.
S06 FDA approves first generic versions of carvedilol (Coreg).
A30 New mechanism of action of thiazolidinediones discovered.
A21 Unlike grapefruit juice, pomegranate juice does not appear to affect cytochrome P450-3A activity
A19 Bacteriophage treatments coming back into favor to combat superbugs such as MRSA.
A17 Patients who develop kidney failure after use of phosphate-based laxatives initiate lawsuits.
A17 FDA warning letter issued emphasizing pharmacogenomic variability in warfarin metabolism among patients.
A08 Annals: New study questions the increased heart attack risk with Avandia; original NEJM meta-analysis claimed to have been flawed.
A07 Publix supermarkets to offer up to 14-days of free antibiotics.
J30 FDA Advisory Panel to explore safety and risks of Avandia.
J24 Ferumoxytol Phase III clinical trial results achieve desired endpoints.
J21 New Cochrane analysis focuses on increased side effects in patients taking rosiglitazone (Avandia)
J19 Weight loss pill rimonabant associated with increased suicide risk.
J16 Older, cheaper pills just fine to treat diabetes.
J16 Affymax announces phase 3 development program for Hematide.
J12 Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) may be protective against developing type 2 diabetes.
J09 FDA warning: precipitation when infusing ceftriaxone with calcium-containing solutions.
J27 Amgen makes labeling changes for Sensipar - no longer labeled for use in pre-ESRD patients.
J22 FDA approves pregabalin (Lyrica) for treatment of fibromyalgia.
J22 FDA clears "computerized medication box" (EMMA) for U.S. market.
J19 Randomization complete for phase III trial of sulodexide for diabetic nephropathy.
M23 Diethylene glycol - contaminated toothpaste linked to source in China
M23 Iron-chelating agent defasirox (Exjade) associated with acute renal failure.
M03 NEJM: Drug risks and free speech - can Congress ban direct-to-consumer ads?
A30 Compound from bullfrogs has marked anti-MRSA activity.
A07 Arthritis patients with CVD who take ibuprofen plus aspirin may greatly increase their cardiac risk.
M26 Tolvatptan improves signs and symptoms in patients with CHF.
M26 Nesiritide safety trial shows neutral effect on mortality in CHF patients
M22 FDA moves to limit participation of MDs with ties to pharma companies on its advisory boards.
M12 Azole antifungal drugs found to be active against tuberculosis.
M08 Indian pharma firm Biocon unveils suite of immunosuppressive drugs aimed at the transplant market.
M06 FDA approves aliskiren for treatment of hypertension.
M05 Taking amphotericin B in oil by mouth may result in good efficacy, less renal toxicity.
M02 NEJM: Vancomycin-induced thrombocytopenia: the article link
F28 NEJM: Immune-mediated thrombocytopenia linked to vancomycin use.
F23 MMWR: Nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy.
F05 FDA approves new dosing recommendations for Rapamune (sirolimus) in high immunologic risk transplant patients.
F01 Biotrends report of Dec 2006 survey on use of ESAs and phosphate binders.
J16 DNA test to be used to determine warfarin dose.
J15 House passes Medicare drug bill.
J09 Two Wisconsin companies get together to develop ingested products for hyperphosphatemia control.
J09 Potential bias in studies funded by the food industry or by pharma in the news.
J04 Genzyme files new drug application with the FDA for sevelamer carbonate.
J03 Renal Advantage completes acquisition of Renalab.
D31 Gene knockout technology creates healthy, prion-protein-free cows
D29 FDA evaluating safety of products from cloned animals; seeks outside comments.
D28 Advanced Magnetics stock surges on hopes for ferumoxytol.
D22 FDA announces that it is still evaluating a possible link between MRA with gadolinium and nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy.
D22 Multidrug resistant E. coli linked to antibiotic use on farms in the U.K.
D21 Genzyme files for FDA approval of sevelamer carbonbate - Renvela.
D20 FDA to require labeling changes for acetaminophen and for NSAIDs to highlight potential risks.
D16 FDA updates labeling for Trasylol (aprotinin) regarding risk of renal dysfunction, anaphylaxis, and re-exposure.
D12 Phase 3 trial shows Avastin (bevacizumab) improves progression-free survival in renal cancer patients.
D12 FDA campaigns against use of quinine for conditions other than malaria; cautions against use of quinine for leg cramps.
D11 FDA proposes rules overhaul to expand access to experimental drugs.
N30 Dynavax stock rises on news of positive results for Hepatis B vaccine in difficult to immunize patients.
N28 Genzyme researchers show promising results with drug against polycystic kidney disease.
N26 HDCN: Search index updated for audiofiles, slide/audio talks, articles, and abstracts
N18 CMS plans to open up physician-prescribing drug database to researchers
N14 Nabi reaches deal with hedge fund on directors, chairman.
N10 FDA approves pramipexole (Mirapex) for treatment of restless legs syndrome in nonuremics
N10 FDA considers expanding patient access to experimental medications
O30 Pharma supported patient education sites under the microscope.
O26 Phase 3 trial design for belimumab to treat SLE approved by FDA
O23 FDA approves once-a-day Coreg (carvedilol) CR for 3 cardiovascular indications
O18 Cockcroft Gault equation (modified) better than MDRD for adjusting vancomycin dose in the elderly.
O18 Rockwell submits dose ranging study for dialysis solution iron supplement to FDA
O17 FDA approves new treatment for diabetets - Januvia (sitagliptin)
O10 Biodegradable gel stops bleeding promptly
S28 Amgen colon cancer drug gets FDA approval
S28 Meditor working on development of intradialytic hypotension drug.
S27 U.S. House and Senate pass bill allowing purchase of drugs from Canada
S27 La Jolla Pharm announces addition of new sites, reactivation of Riquent (abetimus) study to treat lupus.
S26 Generex develops metformin-containing chewing gum, oral insulin spray, as novel drug-release products.
S19 FDA approves posoconazole to treat Aspergillus and Candida fungal infections.
S18 Food and drugs pass through the stomach very quickly or quite slowly.
S13 More bad news in JAMA paper about CV and kidney risks of COX-2 inhibitors and NSAIDS
S12 New class of pain relievers may help, not hurt, the heart
S11 Advanced Magnetic (ferumoxytol) hires Brenner, Salem, in top positions
S11 Bacterial conversation stoppers may block formation of biofilm
S11 Chitosan (from crabs and shrimp) found to block formation of biofilm.
S11 Want to fight fat? Eat brown seaweed!
S06 Advanced Magnetics completes enrollment for phase 3 trial of ferumoxytol IV iron.
S06 Virtually untreatable type of tuberculosis being identified worldwide
A24 FDA proposes system to systematically register and uniquely identify all drugs sold in the U.S.
A19 Spray on bacteriophages approved to control Listeria on meat; toxigenic E. Coli next on the list.
J31 Survey of FDA scientists documents political interference in drug approval process
J24 Rockwell gearing up to study efficacy of dialysis solution-based iron therapy.
J21 Fresenius to debut calcium-acetate / magnesium-carbonate phosphorus binder in Germany.
J20 New antibiotic tygecycline available in the UK to treat MRSA.
J10 Some drug metabolism / detoxification has a pronounced circadian rhythm.
J02 Cytochroma acquires Proventiv Therapeutics to commercialize new Vitamin D products for CKD market
J28 How to restrict access to your medication prescribing data
J28 Did you know that drug companies have full access to your medication prescribing data?
J20 ISMP and FDA issue medical abbreviation blacklist - QOD, IU, ug, qHS, all likely to cause errors (pdf)
J07 Congenital malformations with first-trimester ACE-inhibitor therapy.
J05 Isis Pharma gets orphan drug status for familial hypercholesterolemia drug.
J02 Heart attack risk with COX-2 broadened to include most NSAIDs
M17 Superbug slain by soil antibiotic
M15 Aspirin may protect against gentamicin-induced hearing loss.
M09 Getting rid of the furanocoumarins in grapefruit juice abolishes the juice's effects on CYP3A drug metabolism
M01 Astellas acquires rights to two new orally-active prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor drugs to treat anemia.
A26 GI hormone oxyntomodulin lowers appetite, increases activity level
A26 FDA approves first generic pravastatin.
A25 University of Michigan to pay for preventive diabetes meds for its employees.
A21 Orally available iron chelating agent desafirox shows promising results.
A20 Roche files with FDA for approval of its anemia drug CERA (continuous erythropoetin receptor activator)
A19 FDA grants priority review to Neurochem for Fibrillex - AA amyloidosis drug.
A13 FDA announces public meeting focusing on regulation of nanotechnology
M21 Nabi to resume development of Staph. vaccine.
M17 New vitamin D anticancer effects may be separable from its bone effects.
M15 Six men in monoclonal antibody drug trial critically ill.
M12 Losartan metabolite activates PPAR-gamma
M09 Nabi's NicVax (smoking cessation vaccine) given fast-track status by US FDA.
M06 Annals: Dramatic recent rise in community-acquired MRSA infections.
M03 Serotonin may play a role in hardening of the arteries.
M02 Hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia associated with use of gatifloxacin.
F24 FDA approves new antifungal drug (Eraxis) effective against serious Candida infections.
F24 Tolvaptan receives FDA fast-track approval status to treat polycystic kidney disease.
F21 Is there a way to avoid the bladder toxicity of cyclophosphamide?
F21 Alginate-encapsulated pancreatic islet cell transplants for diabetes.
F13 Neurochem submits Fibrillex to the FDA for control of AA amyloidosis
F06 Synthetic heparin could replace animal-derived drug.
F01 Nabi announces fast tracking of hepatitis C immune globulin by the FDA to prevent HCV reinfection.
J28 Baxter mourns death of William Graham, pioneer and leader in healthcare.
J28 FDA approves first ever inhaled insulin for the treatment of diabetes.
J26 FDA approves Sutent - new angiostatin treatment for metastatic kidney or stomach cancer.
J26 Aprotinin (Trasylol) linked to increased risk of kidney failure, heart attack and stroke.
J24 Alagebrium (a collagen cross-link breaker) softens arteries - and that's good for you.
J24 Archives: Chronic warfarin use increases risk of bone fracture.
J23 Annals: Liver failure and hepatitis from telithromycin.
J22 AHA review casts doubt on cardiovascular health benefits of soy-based foods.
J21 British study shows that work stress linked to both heart disease and metabolic syndrome.
J21 Medicare Part D changeover leaves some Florida patients without payments for transport to dialysis.
J19 New drug label rule intended to reduce medical errors.
J19 Study of drug resistance among bacteria found in soil can potentially guide new drug development.
J19 Commonly used antidepressants may also affect the immune system.
J19 MMWR: Type A influenza highly resistant to amantadine derivatives
J18 Rockwell Medical Technologies gets rights to market vitamin- and carnitine-supplemented dialysate.
J17 Anti-obesity drug from cannabis really works?
J16 Canadian study suggests higher mortality among diabetics treated with sulfonylurea drugs vs. metformin.
J15 Acetazolamide reduces sleep apnea severity in heart failure patients.
J15 Hypothalamus has a fatty acid sensor that may regulate food intake
J07 CJASN: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Corner: HAART and the Kidney
J07 Brain protein (p11) may play a critical role in depression.
J06 Post-marketing data detects new onset / worsening of macular edema in patients taking Avandia (rosiglitazone).
J05 MRSA patterns in ICUs changing: 64% prevalence rate, hardier, bugs, but less multi-drug resistance.
J04 FDA approves conivaptan (Varprisol) for treatment of euvolemic hyponatremia in hospitalized patients.
J04 Adenosine receptor antagonist completes phase 2 trials for congestive heart failure.
D27 Acetaminophen can cause acute liver failure when usual dose is even slightly exceeded.
D26 Dalbavancin (a vancomycin-like drug) effective in mice against anthrax.
D17 Heteropolymer antibodies - a new approach to treat and prevent? MRSA infections.
D17 CDC recommends new blood test to diagnose TB infection.
D14 Amgen buys Abgenix, maker of panitumumab (colon cancer drug).
D12 Oral endothelial receptor antagonist ambrisentan effective in pulmonary HTN.
D11 Pramexipole for restless legs syndrome in nonuremics.
D10 Encyclopedia of traditional Indian medical knowledge to be on the internet.
D03 Random testing shows high lead levels in some imported Chinese plums.
N28 Higher dose of Fosrenol (lanthanum carbonate) approved by FDA for ESRD patients.
N17 Oralyn, an oral insulin-like drug, to be launched this month in Ecuador.
N17 Tea, cinnamon, buckwheat, and cherries for diabetics.
N17 AHA: CV mortality benefits of diuretics linked to alpha-adducin genotype.
N16 AHA: Aliskiren (renin inhibitor) adds to anti-HTN effects of irbesartan.
N12 Risk-stratified analysis proposed to analyze RCTs to detect harm.
N07 AAKP info sheets on Medicare Part D drug benefit for kidney patients.
N06 More on the new FDA digital drug label submission requirement.
N06 New FDA-supported website lists latest approved drug labels for all meds.
O30 Making sense of the new Medicare Part D drug plan.
O28 FDA delays decision on approving inhalable insulin
O27 New endogenous carbohydrate (INS2) discovered that lowers blood glucose.
O26 ASN Renal Week 2005 abstracts now available on-line.
O24 Shire highlights publication of 1 and 3-year Fosrenol extension study.
O20 Tigecycline may offer promise to treat MRSA and vancomycin-resistant bacteria.
O18 RPA compiles info on Medicare D drug benefit plan on its website.
O12 New defensin-class antibiotic isolated from pine forest fungus.
O05 Generic form of amlodipine approved by the FDA
S29 JASN: Acute phosphate nephropathy following certain bowel preps.
S28 Toprol (metoprolol)/Topamax/Tegretrol look-alike names prompt FDA alert letter.
S28 Nabi sues Ohio company for patent infringement over generic calcium acetate.
S26 Genzyme could see upside if Renagel included in Medicare Part D.
S25 Genes on chromosome 2 linked to resistant hypertension.
S22 Affymax launches phase 2 study of NESA to treat anemia in European CKD patients.
S22 Pharma organization launches global clinical trials database.
S21 Nabi launches study to see if StaphVax will protect dialysis patients long-term.
S20 Novartis oral renin inhibitor aliskiren shows good results in phase III trial.
S13 Pioglitzaone improves cardiovascular outcomes in diabetics.
S11 FDA approves first glitizar-class drug for treatment of type 2 diabetes.
S09 FDA advisory panel recommends approval of inhaled insulin.
A28 Medicate part D to help cover costs for kidney patient drugs.
A25 Ten Canadian pharmacies apply for license to sell Rx drugs in Nevada.
A22 Scios announces recommended use initiative for Natrecor.
A22 Long-acting form of exenatide works in type 2 DM; Amylin shares soar.
A19 Jury awards widow 253 million in Vioxx suit against Merck.
A19 Magnetic nanoparticle MRI used to visualize inflammed pancreas in type 1 DM.
A19 Myogen announces phase 2 trial results of darusentan in resistant hypertension.
A19 Novartis trying to develop alternative phosphate binding drug.
A18 Will FDA approve diabetes-related health claims for chromium picolinate?
A16 Do clinical trial docs leak info about new drugs to stock brokers?
A16 Analgesic drug use linked to high blood pressure in women.
A16 Kidney Drug Coverage website: Teleconference schedule
A11 Following clinical guidelines in elderly can lead to polypharmacy.
A11 Pfizer files for FDA approval of new renal cancer drug Sutent.
A02 Op-Ed piece suggests the FDA should loosen up; allow patient to choose some risk
J28 Drug dose adjustment in CKD: Guru texts may not agree.
J28 FDA bans use of Bayer fluoroquinolone in poultry to fight rise in superbugs.
J23 Is your clinical trial registered? If not, you may not get it published!
J22 Nabi initiates phase 1 trial of vaccine against another strain of S. aureus.
J22 Retinol-binding protein implicated in obesity, insulin resistance.
J19 Reductions in Medicare payments for IVIG lead to problems: Portent for EPO?
J19 Annals: If Medicare were to provide ACE-I for free, it would be cost effective.
J19 Natrecor (nesiritide) safety summary (Scios)
J14 NIH finds ethics violations by its employees in 44 cases.
J14 NEJM op-ed piece attacks continued use of nesiritide.
J14 New super-EPO (PT-401) drug under development.
J14 Genzyme on a roll - good financial results, drugs in the pipeline.
J13 Nabi says Staph vaccine ups immunity.
J11 Q-med gets funding to further develop Ixion's oxalate technology.
J11 Carotenoids give gold color to S. aureus, and protect it from oxidation by WBCs.
J08 Genomic mechanism of increased azathioprine toxicity identified.
J07 Phase 3 trial begins of endothelin A receptor antagonist in diabetic nephropathy
J06 House bill to mandate reporting of all pharma clinical trials in registry.
J06 Law introduced to help prevent counterfeit drugs, especially EPO.
J06 Growth hormone releasing factor may prevent malnutrition in stage IV CKD.
J04 Medlearn matters (SE0541) Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage
J30 Canadian Health Minister to restrict U.S. access to Canadian meds.
J29 Consumer reports announces "best buy" calciuim channel blockers.
J29 Keryx initiates phase 4 study of sulodexide to treat diabetic nephropathy.
J28 Pfizer review claims no link between Viagra use and blindness.
J27 Will a next-generation HBV vaccine be more effective? Trial in progress.
J27 Omiganan topical antibiotic designed to prevent central venous catheter infxns.
J24 Canada aims to curb internet drug trade.
J18 Acologix and Toray team up to commercialize uremic itching drug.
J14 Large multinational study shows restless legs syndrome common in nonuremics.
J04 Editorials, opinions (via Kaiser) on disclosing results of clinical trials.
J03 Kaiser electronic med system reduces medication errors in CKD patients.
M27 FDA investigating causes of blindness in users of Viagra/Cialis.
M26 Deep sea bacteria may provide new tools to kill MRSA.
M24 Crestor (rosuvastatin) associated with higher adverse event risk.
M20 Nabi ramping up large scale production of its Staph vaccine.
M19 New way of fighting antibiotic resistance - by blocking evolution in E. Coli.
M13 Naturally occurring nanovaults eyed as vehicles to deliver gene/tumor therapy.
M12 Neurochem to plead its case before the FDA for Fibrillex approval.
M09 Two studies document the rise of superbugs in the environment.
M05 Pollen, leaves from lilies cause acute renal and liver failure in cats.
M03 Consumer Reports website suggest Best Buys for ACE inhibitors.
M01 Sen. Frist explores idea of a ban on direct to consumer pharma advertising.
A27 Combo Vytorin (ezetimibe + simvastatin) lower CHO better than atorvastatin alone
A27 Indirect evidence that NSAIDS may prevent age-related macular degeneration.
A21 Shire to acquire Transkaryotic - gets into anemia market with DYNEPO.
A20 Nesiritide associated with an increased death rate in CHF patients.
A19 Neurochem announces preliminary results on Fibrillex for AA amyloidosis.
A18 Tougher CME conflict of interest rules take effect.
A18 Melbourne researchers develop safer and more effective "aspirin".
A13 Bugs in the gut could help doctors develop individualised healthcare
A07 Pfizer suspends sales of COX-2 inhibitor Bextra at the request of the FDA.
A07 FDA issues new rulings on NSAIDs - remove some, black box warnings for others.
A05 Genzyme launches phase 3 study of tolevamer to treat C. difficile
A01 Best buy recommends best value beta-blockers.
M21 Nesiritide associated with risk of reduced kidney function in CHF patients.
M18 Potential anti-prostate cancer effects of celecoxib.
M17 FDA approves Symlin to help manage diabetes.
M05 Pfizer working on new drug that raises HDL cholesterol.
M04 Curis issued patent for use of BMP-7 to treat CKD.
M02 FDA posts warning: Reduce starting dose of Crestor in Asians.
F21 Big three automakers launch e-prescribing initiative.
F17 Vitamin D may ward off prostate cancer.
F15 Teva announces US launch of recombinant growth hormone for short-stature kids.
F15 Hepatitis B vaccine administered orally via potatoes.
F15 US FDA to create an independent drug safety monitoring board.
F11 Meta chip provides quick, effective toxicity screen for new drugs
F11 Progress toward new remedy for chronic urinary tract infections.
F03 Another lanthanum-based phosphate binder in development.
F03 Microdosing used to study pharmacokinetics of new renin inhibitors.
J25 In retrospect, Vioxx may have caused many heart disease deaths.
J24 Amgen involved with new stem cell company, ViaCell, with IPO today.
J20 Merck threatens to cut off supply to Canadian pharmacies that sell to U.S.
J20 NEJM: Aspirin/esomeprazole better than clopidogrel for CV risk prevention.
J19 Amgen's next blockbuster drug - for osteoporosis.
J17 Data entry is top cause of medication errors.
J17 FDA requires handout be given to patients receiving amiodarone.
J17 Drfug reimportation faces new hurdles.
J15 FDA public meeting on COX-2 safety set for Feb 16-18
J15 FDA panel rejects OTC sale of statin drug made by Merck
J13 Advanced Magnetics initiates large-scale trial of ferumoxytol IV iron.
J11 Death in patient taking Crestor who had rhabdomyolysis.
J11 NIH implements royalty disclosure policy among its staff.
J10 NABI: Staph. aureus immune globulin treated patients leave hospital sooner.
J06 Pharmacy prescription errors increase at the start of each month.
J06 Canada considers shutting down internet drug trade.
J06 Publication bias in the news - leads to incorrect regulatory decisions.
J04 Long-term NSAID use linked to small intestinal damage, bleeding.
D28 Voriconazole gets FDA approval for treatment of Candidemia.
D23 FDA clears genetic test for cytochrome P450 variants involved in drug metabolism
D23 Teva pharma reacquires marketing rights to IV calcitriol in the U.S.
D22 Aspirin underused by people with diabetes.
D22 Pharma industry awaiting Michael Moore's new documentary film with trepidation.
D21 Nabi Pharma requests European regulatory approval for its StaphVAX product.
D21 Naproxen linked to increased risk of heart attack,stroke
D19 Consumer Reports: How to save money on buying statins.
D19 Consumer reports BEST BUY website now operational
D04 Gene identified that makes biofilm bacteria hibernate and evade antibiotics.
D02 Consumer Reports to launch BEST BUY prescription drug price comparison website.
N26 WHO warns of bird flu and possible upcoming flu pandemic.
N24 Carbonic anhydrase inhibition linked to retinitis pigmentosa
N10 Pfizer COX-2 inhibitor also doubles risk of heart complications
N07 U.S. FDA to focus more on safety of marketed drugs
N05 Mutant mushrooms trigger brain disease in Japanese dialysis patients
O24 New TB vaccine shown to be safe
O24 More on the Japanese dialysis patients with mushroom-associated illness
O22 Japanese CKD patients become ill after eating apparently non-poisonous mushrooms
O14 Nightline on ABC covers drug reimportation: video of Frist vs. Stabenow
O14 AAKP requests open formulary for kidney patients without restrictions
O10 Massachusetts e-health network to go live in 2005
O06 Bugs in the gut can influence the body's response to disease
O06 One in six chronically ill adults skips Rx due to cost
O05 Pyridostigmine effective in combatting orthostatic hypotension
O02 Miniature swimming robot might be used for drug delivery
S30 FDA comments on voluntary Vioxx withdrawal
S30 Merck recalls Vioxx (rofecoxib) worldwide over concerns of increased CV risk
S20 Progress made on drug trial registry
S20 New British Approved Names (BANs) for generic drugs
S12 Company making fake urine for research
A21 Vermont sues FDA over block of Canadian drug imports
A18 Illinois governor announces extensive prescription drug reimportation program
A17 Newspaper examines industry bias in reporting sponsored trial results
J26 Pharmacy benefit managers a growing force in Medicare
J13 New and old ways to get lead poisoning: dinner plates and Ayurvedic medicine
J07 Methotrexate use in dialysis patient may have led to patient's death
J28 NY Times investigates drug company payments for prescribing interferon for HCV
J25 U.S. consumer group argues that Crestor (rosuvastatin) is unsafe
M01 Medicare Prescription Drug Assistance Program website
M26 Packaging for Na/K too similar; needs to be differentiated
M20 Labeling similarity of Baxter sodium, potassium products questioned in Calgary
M20 Calgary pharmacy potassium-sodium mixup happened before
J09 Story on Genzyme and its plans for future products
N26 FDA labeling change for lovastatin re myopathy / liver function
N26 FDA labeling change for simvastatin re myopathy / rhabdomyolysis
O21 FDA medwatch safety labeling changes (incl. lisinopril, enoxaparin)
O19 US prescription drug system under attack
O17 AJM: Drug promotion, rather than study publication, influences usage patterns
J06 Astoundingly high levels of mercury found in whale organs
D04 Red wine consumption interferes with cyclosporin availability
O29 Corey Nahman Pharmacy News