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HDCN News Archive -- CRRT / Acute Renal Failure
Nov07 AKI and CRRT 2019 Conference, Feb 26 -- March 1, 2019, San Diego, CA
Apr28 CDC issues alert re warfarin coagulopathy and synthetic cannabinoids
Feb28 In ICU, Ringer's lactate also better than saline.
Feb28 Ringer's lactate causes less kidney injury than saline.
Sep05 Hypervirulent, carbipenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumonia outbreak in China.
Jun30 FDA issues warning about Shiga-toxin producing E. Coli found in flour
Apr13 New bacteria called Elizabethkingia affecting Midwest patients.
Feb29 Phage Therapy 2016 World Congress meets this June in Paris.
Dec14 Even more news on the new HDCN Facebook page!
Dec01 SecA inhibitors particularly effective against MRSA and other bacteria.
Nov24 Histone deacytelase (HDAC) inhibitors prevent muscle wasting.
Sep05 Multistate outbreak of salmonella linked to cucumbers.
Jun29 Drink when thirsty advice for athletes from Sports Medicine group
May12 Sedasys automated anesthesia delivery system replacing anesthesiologists for minor procedures.
May08 Putting the brakes on bacterial resistance to antibiotics with targeted antibiotic scheduling.
Apr23 Currently approved antihelminthic drug effective against MRSA
Feb26 AKI electronic alert system backfires and increases interventions without improving outcomes.
Feb20 Bourbon virus - a previously unknown Thogotovirus, associated with AKI after tick bite.
Jan24 FDA committee recommends approval of drug to treat invasive aspergillosis.
Jan09 New variant of aminoglycosides does not impair hearing.
Oct23 ASN FAQ re Ebola and dialysis
Oct23 CDC guidlines for dialyzing patients with Ebola virus infection
Oct23 CDC guidlines for dialyzing patients with Ebola virus infection
Aug01 Carbapenem-resistant enterobacter becoming more prevalent.
May29 Samsung plans to open source digital health gadgets.
May26 Nitrosomonas - an alternative approach to S. aureus decolonization?
May18 Urine fibrinopeptide B can be used to detect venous thromboembolism.
May18 Auto and bus windshield washer fluid found to be a source of Legionnaire's disease.
May18 Benzodiazepine use for sleep markedly increase adverse events n heart failure patients.
May18 Kallikrein inhibitor ecallantide shows some benefit in ACEI-associated angioedema.
May10 Leadless pacing shows promise.
Apr22 Vancomycin-resistant MRSA identified in a patient in Brazil.
Apr15 NEJM - New drug regimen cures 90% of patients with hepatitis C and cirrhosis.
Mar30 No ischemic EKG changes plus very low cardiac high-sensitivity troponin T levels rule out MI.
Mar29 Prophylactic rosuvastatin lowers risk of contrast kidney injury.
Mar13 ITPA gene variants markedly affect risk of recurrence of hepatitis C after treatment.
Feb22 Open Biome (fecal material transplant company) FAQs
Feb22 Fecal transplantation becoming more popular; a company offers collection service.
Jan14 ZS Pharma announces positive results from extended treatment results of hyperkalemia drug.
Dec23 Staph stopper vaccine developed at U. Iowa
Dec21 Ultrasonography for nephrologists course in Atlanta, GA, Feb 1-4, 2014
Dec14 Magnetic resonance spectroscopy measures heart energy levels; predicts prognosis.
Dec14 Staph. aureus can lurk deep within the nose.
Nov19 Low-dose dopamine or nesiritide of no help in acute heart failure.
Oct20 207 nm UV light may be useful to prevent surgical wound infections.
Oct20 Bacteriophages targeting C. difficile: magic bullets against superbugs?
Sep25 Rhabdomyolysis in cross fit training participants.
Sep21 Remote ischemic conditioning using blood pressure cuff in acute heart attack
Sep18 Vaccinating cattle against toxigenic E. Coli could cut risk of infection in humans.
Jul15 Lengthy diarrheal illness associated with ingestion of cyclospora-contaminated fruits and vegetables.
Apr23 Sofosbuvir treatment for hepatitis C gives results comparable to interferon.
Mar20 Vel-negative blood type and transfusion risk now better understood.
Mar17 Aggressive fluid resuscitation in shock worsens risk of cardiovascular collapse in children in study from Africa.
Mar17 Semaphorin A rises acutely, then falls back to baseline after acute kidney injury.
Mar17 Hospital epidemiology study suggests that 1/3 of antimicrobial drug prescriptions in dialysis patients are inappropriate.
Mar17 Fluoroquinolone-resistant E. Coli strains becoming more common in elderly adults.
Mar17 Contact sports change skin bacteria populations.
Feb28 Eulerian video magnification to monitor dialysis patients.
Feb19 New SARS coronavirus can spread like the common cold.
Feb16 MMWR: Synthetic cannabinoid use and acute kidney injury.
Feb16 Synthetic marijuana linked to acute interstitial nephritis.
Feb16 Are mycotoxin progenitor molecules found in grains responsible for kidney toxicity?
Feb16 Synthetic marijuana may damage the kidneys.
Jan10 AWAK inks agreement with Baxter for wearable dialysis technology.
Jan10 Data mining approach shows that a diuretic + ACEI or ARB + NSAID is bad for the kidney
Dec06 Microbial stowaways in antiseptic products
Dec06 Protein that builds muscle after exercise identified.
Nov30 Mystery coronavirus circulating in Middle East causes acute kidney failure.
Nov26 Heartbeat gives off more than 10 times the energy needed to power pacemakers.
Nov18 DNA sequencing helps tracks the course of an MRSA outbreak in real time.
Nov05 Pacemakers can self-recharge using the energy from a beating heart.
Nov05 Eculizumab for atypical HUS shows promise on longer term treatment.
Nov01 Prolonged QRS and PR intervals in atrial fibrillation predict poor outcome.
Oct25 New treatment of malaria shows promise.
Oct25 Using human stool to treat C. difficile colon infestations is safe and effective.
Oct17 Lower chloride use in intravenous fluids may reduce risk of acute kidney injury.
Oct04 Subcutaneous implantable defibrillator avoids the need for intravenous leads.
Sep25 Intravenous hypertonic saline solution reduces inflammation by shrinking cells.
Sep25 Lithium may not work in some patients; and these failures can be detect by lack of gene induction.
Aug27 Niacin may help the body fight against Staph. aureus infection. via CEBPE gene.
Aug22 Just in time sequence analysis help solve how a multidrug resistant Klebsiella spread.
Aug03 Apoptosis inhibitor fusion protein ensures recovery from acute liver failure in mice.
Aug02 SPECT/CT helps to diagnose difficult cases of infectious endocarditis.
Jul21 FDA: Seizure risk from cefepime in patients with renal impairment.
Jun20 Anti-adhesion molecule therapy for urinary tract infection.
Jun20 Tick bites associated with alpha-gal allergy.
Jun13 CDC launches Web course on Infection Prevention in a Dialysis Setting
Jun13 Apramycin may be a useful antibiotic that causes little damage to hearing.
Jun01 Alcohol may trigger serious palpitations in heart patients with atrial fibrillation.
May29 FDA issues warning about use of high total base content hemodialysis solutions.
May04 Use of earplugs in the intensive care unit reduces patient cognitive disturbance by 50%.
May01 Synthetic stool a potential treatment for chronic C. dificile infection.
May01 Diabetes per se may not be a risk factor for contrast nephropathy.
Mar20 With climate warming, U.S. residents face risk of contracting Chagas disease.
Mar13 Shiga-toxin E. Coli carrier state markedly reduced by azithromycin treatment.
Mar13 Shiga-toxin producing E. Coli associated with correctional facility-run dairy.
Mar08 FDA: Mercury poisoning linked to some creams designed to lighten or rejuvenate skin.
Mar02 FDA: Statins and protease inhibitors taken together can increase risk of muscle injury.
Feb18 Hypervirulent resistant Klebsiella bacterium is next superbug in waiting.
Feb18 University of Alberta makes progress in developing hepatitis C vaccine.
Feb14 Recurrent dehydration may the cause of mystery Central American kidney disease.
Feb14 CYBORD multiple chemotherapy regimen (using bortezomib) good for AL amyoidosis.
Feb09 CDC issues safety alert regarding proton pump inhibitors and risk fo C difficile diarrhea.
Jan25 Seven percent of raw meat products sampled contained MRSA.
Jan17 Electrocuting toxigenic E. Coli
Jan13 New mass spectrometry method can characterize Staph infection within hours.
Dec20 "Bath salt" intoxication leads to recurrent acute kidney injury.
Dec20 Eculizumab for toxigenic E. Coli- related illness.
Oct26 Body colonization with sticky Staph may account for device-related infections.
Oct18 Link to JAMA paper describing e-beam sterilized dialyzers and thrombocytopenia.
Oct18 Electron-beam sterilization of certain polysulfone dialyzer membranes linked to thrombocytopenia.
Oct14 ASN Renal Week 2011 abstracts now available.
Oct14 Higher serum 25-D levels of great importance in fighting off tuberculosis infection.
Oct04 Scrub your potatoes and leeks to reduce the risk of toxigenic E. Coli.
Sep15 NEJM: Apixaban better than warfarin to treat atrial fibrillation.
Sep13 Body clock found to regulate platelet function
Aug30 European registry tracks outcomes with ablation therapy for atrial fibrillation.
Aug03 4-D Substudy suggests that low homoarginine levels associate with sudden death.
Aug02 Extracorporeal removal of Flt-1 in preeclampsia may have clinical benefits
Jul23 Early intravenous fluid therapy may reduce risk of kidney damage after toxigenic E. coli infection.
Jul19 Intravenous ribose helps recovery from heart attack. A potential dialysate additive to prevent stunning?
Jul19 More on deadly webcap and fool's webcap (Cortinarius) mushrooms that cause renal failure.
Jul19 Kidney failure from eating poisonous mushrooms (probably Cortinarius orellanus?) in the news
Jul07 Time Magazine covers the European E. coli - HUS epidemic.
Jul01 New hidden incision technique reduces scarring in kidney laparoscopic surgery.
Jun23 NEJM: Telaprevir provides dramatic improvement in hepatitis C patients.
Jun21 Shorter pause between stopping CPR and administering electroshock linked to higher survival.
Jun19 E.Coli O104 that causes HUS sequenced and complete genome released.
Jun10 More evidence that sprouts were the cause of the German E. Coli HUS outbreak
Jun02 Toxigenic E. Coli causing HUS in Europe have been sequenced.
Jun02 More on the E. Coli outbreak. New strain. Spanish cucumbers apparently NOT the culprit.
Jun02 European E. Coli outbreak caused by toxic new strain.
May31 Cause of toxigenic E. Coli outbreak in Germany still undetermined
May31 Swedish gene analysis shows that venous thromboembolism has a hereditary component.
May31 NEJM: Eculizumab of benefit in children suffering from hemolytic uremic syndrome due to toxigenic E. Coli.
May10 Women may be at higher risk of RCIN after coronary angiography than men.
May10 FDA clears test that distinguishes MRSA from MSSA (Staph aureus).
Apr28 Viral breakthrough in HBV treatment with nucleoside analogs may be due to noncompliance.
Apr28 Case report of a possible link between kava tea ingestion and rhabdomyolysis in a bicyclist.
Apr28 Artificial nose show promising results in detecting bacterial growth.
Apr26 Boceprevir and telaprevir each show promising results in patients with hepatitis C.
Apr22 Prolongation of the QT interval on sudden standing a marker for sudden death risk.
Apr22 Common mucin production gene strongly linked to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
Apr22 Granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor improves flu survival in mice.
Apr15 Meat found to be commonly contaminated with drug-resistant Staph. aureus.
Apr12 On-sitne heart attack response team provides median door to angioplasty balloon time of 47 minutes
Apr08 Renalguard peri-operative fluid replacement system reduces incidence of contrast nephropathy
Apr06 Vaccine against hepatitis C may soon become a reality.
Apr06 Quadruple therapy gives promising results for hepatitis C
Mar24 Do you still ask about green or yellow phlegm in your patients who are coughing?
Mar24 Multidrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumonia found in Los Angeles County area acute care hospitals.
Mar23 Newly identified virus in China has high mortality rate, causes fever and thrombocytopenia.
Mar14 Anaplasmosis, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, oh my!
Mar09 E. Coli O157:H7 linked to hazelnuts.
Mar05 NEJM paper compares loop diuretic strategies for acute heart failure.
Mar02 New CPR method increases survival by 50 percent.
Feb28 Lead contamination found in cooking vessels sold in Philadelphia's Chinatown
Feb02 NEJM: Fidaxomicin a new, more effective treatment for Clostridium difficile.
Jan31 Rhabdomyolysis in student athletes who train too hard after extended layoff.
Jan27 NEJM: rTPA use lowers risk on infection and sepsis in dialysis patients with CVCs.
Jan27 Certain subtypes of Listeria are especially prone to infect the heart.
Nov18 Statins boost bacterial killing by phagocytes.
Nov07 McMaster U. scientists turn skin stem cells into various types of blood cells.
Nov04 Addition of telaprevir increases hepatitis C cure rates.
Oct30 Miniature livers grown from stem cells in the lab.
Oct28 BBraun recalls tainted heparin due to oversulfated chondroitin sulfate contamination.
Oct28 Minocycline prevents osmotic demyelination due to hyponatremia in rats.
Oct18 Intestinal alkaline phosphatase (IAP) enzyme needed to maintain healthy bacteria in the gut.
Oct18 ABC - airway, breathing, chest compression of CPR changed to just "C" for chest compressions.
Sep22 FDA warns of kidney failure and other side effects from aromatase inhibitors in dietary supplements.
Sep22 Weight-based dosing of taribavirin causes less anemia than ribavirin in hepatitis C treatment.
Sep22 Terlipressin treatment for GI bleeding reduces serum sodium levels.
Sep10 NIH launches beta version of new tool to identify unknown pills.
Sep10 FDA approves 510k for sorbent dialysis system.
Sep10 No need to change site of peripheral intravenous drips every 3 days.
Sep09 FDA issues new safety alert re gadolinium-containing contrast agents and NSF.
Sep07 New gene makes bacteria resistant to almost all known antibiotics.
Sep03 Novel antimalarial drug candidate shows promise.
Aug26 Novartis options siRNA drug from Quark Pharma to reduce AKI and delayed allograft function.
Aug21 KDIGO initiative for improved drug dosing in patients with kidney disease
Aug10 Niacin may be useful treatment against Candida albicans and Aspergillus
Jul12 Current breathing system filters used in anesthesia no good when wet.
Jul08 After 15 months, FDA decides that Nephros HDF system does not meet substantial equivalency test.
Jul08 Nicotinamide inhibits Candidal infection
Jul02 Honey as a topical antibiotic explained.
Jun17 FDA increasing it's interest in mercury exposure via dental amalgam.
Jun17 Tranexamic acid, a procoagulant, reduces serious bleeding in trauma patients.
Jun17 Inhibition of complement may be new strategy of anticoagulation for dialysis.
Jun17 Daily use of probiotics reduces risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia by half.
May18 E. coli resistant to gentamicin more common, due to gene transfer of resistance element.
May12 Treating toxigenic E. coli at the source: Cattle recto-anal junction.
May12 Why multiple drug treatment may be required to treat hepatitis C virus infection.
May11 Proton pump inhibitors increase risk of fractures and of nosocomial C. difficile
May04 FDA orders recall of all Baxter Colleague infusion pumps
Apr28 Lead poisoning risk in wild-shot game birds due to small, undetected lead shot fragments.
Apr24 FDA to increase focus on safety of infusion pumps.
Apr24 Group B strep an underrecognized cause of urinary tract infections.
Apr23 Cryptococcus gatti infections emerge in the northwestern part of the United States
Apr22 Incidence of calcium-alkali syndrome increases with calcium/vitamin D supplementation in the elderly.
Apr07 Heparin tested under the new standard may be 10% less potent than previously.
Apr07 NEJM: Telaprevir markedly boosts hepatitis C cure rate.
Apr07 Multicellular organisms that can live in the complete absence of oxygen discovered.
Mar10 Hemolysis with intravenous immunoglobulin solutions
Mar08 Good Vitamin D levels needed for adequate killer T cell function.
Mar04 JASN study evaluates longer-term treatment of chronic hyponatremia with tolvaptan.
Mar01 Leukocyte biology suggests that simvastatin may increase infection risk.
Feb28 Rising threat of infections due to drug-resistant Gram-negative infections
Feb18 Anesthesiologists may be the first specialists to be replaced by computers.
Feb12 Mercury, arsenic and lead commonly found in herbal medicines.
Feb10 FDA grants humanitarian use device designation for high MW cutoff membrane in treating multiple myeloma.
Feb03 NEJM: Many people in a coma are not really in a coma - willful modulation of brain activity.
Feb01 Serious liver disorder associated with didanosine (drug used to treat HIV) use
Jan27 Think you know how platelets are made? Guess again.
Jan27 New software allows 3D imaging during coronary angiography.
Jan27 Doctors without borders dialyzes patients in Haiti with AKI due to crush syndrome.
Jan20 Gambro announces agreement to acquire CHF solutions.
Jan05 Glycyrrhizin increases ability of skin to ward off infection.
Jan05 Sharing a hospital room increases the risk of C. difficile infection
Dec29 Disinfectants may promote emergence of superbugs.
Dec12 Star fruit intoxication in patients with moderate CKD not yet on dialysis
Dec07 NEJM: Dabigatran as good as warfarin for venous thromboembolism prevention.
Dec04 Blood clot risk increased up to 70 times as long as 6 weeks after surgery.
Dec04 Observational study suggests remarkable protection against graft-versus-host disease by statins.
Dec02 Heparin potency to change by 10% with new labeling requirements.
Dec01 Copper surfaces harbor remarkably few bacteria.
Nov27 Zap your hands with ionized plasma to rid them of superbugs.
Nov20 CDC: Recs for clinical laboratories on how best to diagnose Shiga toxin-producing E.Coli.
Nov18 N95 high filtration masks for staff to prevent influenza? Maybe not worth the money.
Nov17 FDA: Omeprazole and clopidogrel drug:drug interaction reducing efficacy of clopidogrel
Nov17 In LaCrosse, WI, "everyone" has filled out an advance directives form
Nov17 NEJM: Continuous flow LV assist devices markedly improve survival in severe heart failure.
Nov14 ASTRAL study published in NEJM: No benefit of revascularization in renovascular hypertension.
Nov14 Why certain antibiotics like cipro and tetracycline counteract each other
Nov09 Cleveland Clinic post-op ARF risk calculator
Nov06 Experts map the body's bacteria
Nov05 French study suggests daily online HDF promotes catchup growth in kids.
Nov05 NEJM: Hematide corrects anemia due to ESA-induced pure red cell aplasia.
Nov04 ROMK downstream pathway clarified; may lead to new drugs to combat hyperkalemia in CKD
Nov03 Proton-pump inhibitors associated with multiple side effects.
Nov03 Statins may protect against deep venous thrombosis
Oct26 New LOAD combination treatment for Helicobacter better than the usual regimen.
Oct23 FDA authorizes use of IV peramivir for hospitalized patients with H1N1 infection.
Oct22 First results of influenza A H1N1 pandemic in dialysis units - an international survey
Oct22 NEJM: 40 ml/kg/hr no better than 25 ml/kg/hr fluid replacement rate in CHDF to treat ICU patients with renal failure
Oct15 What can Danish hogs teach us about antibiotics?
Oct13 Potassium additives to foods: marked variability in potassium content among similar foods.
Oct07 Hetastarch research protocol at Columbia causes a furor due to bleeding complications and consent issues.
Sep28 Incidence and causes of heparin-induced skin lesions.
Sep28 Clostridium difficile spreading due to genetic changes, making it more virulent.
Sep24 AJKD issues containing KDOQI guidelines now freely available as .pdf files
Sep14 Implantable defibrillators may not benefit women.
Sep14 ISBP 2009 meeting abstracts
Sep14 Take a shower and get a faceful of Mycobacterium avium.
Sep01 Addition of valsartan lowers CV mortality in Japanese patients in the Kyoto heart study.
Sep01 Early stage CHF patients benefit from cardiac resynchronization therapy.
Aug30 NEJM: Ticagrelor better than clopidogrel as an anti-platelet agent post acute coronary syndrome.
Aug30 NEJM: Free full text paper on dabigatran vs. warfarin for stroke prevention in atrial fib.
Aug30 Pradaxa (dabigatran) outperforms warfarin by a mile for stroke prevention with a. fib.
Aug21 Observational study suggests home nocturnal dialysis mortality similar to that with kidney transplantation.
Aug13 FDA warns on certain glucose test strips due to interfering sugars.
Aug12 Will Nephros be the first company to bring on-line HDF to the United States?
Aug12 Like giving or getting supplemental oxygen? Think again.
Aug06 Blood transfusions in cardiac patients associated with markedly increased mortality.
Jul31 FDA warns of colchicine side effects when co-prescribed with clarithromycin and other drugs.
Jul28 NIH halts trial of sildenafit in patients with sickle-cell disease and pulmonary hypertension.
Jul28 Defer0xamine to treat diabetic foot ulcers? In mice, yes.
Jul23 Colonic infusion of feces from healthy people used to eradicate Clostridium dificile carriage state.
Jul22 FDA warns of diethylene glycol in cigarette alternatives (electronic cigarettes)
Jul09 Unsung heroes work hard to cut hospital-acquired infection rates.
Jul02 JBS Swift Co. beef associated with hospitalization of 12 persons in Washington D.C.
Jul02 Rebound hyperacidity, reflux symptoms in normals after stopping proton pump inhibitors
Jul02 JBS Swift beef products recalled in Western states due to toxigenic E. coli.
Jul01 FDA advisory panel recommends banning Vicodin and Percocet and limiting maximum acetaminophen doses
Jun30 Six ways in which microbes are smarter than you think.
Jun26 AJKD: Treatment guidelines for treatment of dialysis catheter-related bacteremia, and update.
Jun26 Method of killing bacteria contained in biofilms on implants developed.
Jun26 CJASN: Study highlights long term kidney impairment associated with contrast nephropathy.
Jun23 Household pets can spread superbug infections such as MRSA.
Jun23 Edwards Life Sciences to sell its CRRT product line to Baxter for 56 M.
Jun19 Nestle's Toll House cookie dough found to be contaminated with E. Coli O157:H7
Jun09 High-MW-cutoff hemodialysis for multiple myeloma
Jun05 Telaprevir substantially increases hepatitis C cure rates (NEJM)
Jun04 One in four nursing home residents in the UK carries MRSA.
Jun03 FDA reports on serious liver failure risk in patients taking propylthiouracil.
May25 Search all abstracts from the World Congress of Nephrology 2009
May15 Use of CT angiography in the emergency room to help diagnose chest pain found to be cost-effective.
May13 New meta-analysis suggests that bicarbonate better than saline to prevent contrast nephropathy.
May05 New monoclonal antibody prevents hepatitis C infection in preclinical studies.
May05 Addition of telaprevir to ribavirin/peg interferon to hepatitis C treatment improves response rate.
May01 Cyclohexanone, found in plastic IV tubing (dialysis tubing?) and bags, causes taste alterations, myocardial stunning.
May01 FDA warns that Hydroxycut diet products associated with serious liver injury as well as rhabdomyolysis.
Apr26 CDC: Update on swine flu infections in Texas and California.
Apr23 Bacteriophage used to successfully treat chronic Pseudomonas ear infection
Apr23 JASN early release: Low creatinine production in sepsis may mask AKI.
Apr11 One thousand 2007-2009 audiofiles and slide/audio talks added to HDCN's 20 topic-related channels.
A09 FDA to review efficacy of some medical devices in use prior to 1976, including sorbent cartridges for hemoperfusion.
A09 Why premature application of guidelines may be dangerous
M30 Variants of nisin, an FDA-approved antibiotic used in food preservation, show effectiveness against MRSA.
M29 Link to slide/audio and audio symposia on HDCN
M28 2009 San Diego CRRT Conference abstracts on-line
M25 Thymoquinone protects pancreatic beta cells from oxidative effects of protease inhibitors; a renoprotective role as well, maybe?
M24 Cathelicidin antimicrobial protein levels, regulated by vitamin D, linked to infection risk in dialysis patients.
M22 Correct warfarin dose determined by 3 genes only.
M11 FDA issues class I recall of Baxter Colleague volumetric infusion pumps
M10 Bacteriophage-derived enzyme Cpl-1 better than amoxicillin in treating pneumococcal pneumonia.
F26 Clavulanate plus meropenem found to be surprisingy effective in vitro against multidrug-resistant TB
F25 Nephros 510k application of on-line hemodiafiltration module receives initial FDA response.
F18 NEJM: Genetic testing helps predict warfarin dose.
F18 Study suggests that warfarin dose needs to be lower in patients with CKD.
F12 MMWR: Coccidiomycosis incidence rate in California has tripled recently.
F12 FDA and consortium release first data on genetic associations with serious drug adverse events.
F03 Vaccines based against adenovirus under development
J20 FDA update on Salmonella investigation - focus on crackers and processed foods containing peanut butter.
J17 Kidney injury biomarker panel now commercially available for animal testing of new drugs
J15 New family of antibiotics isolated from hydras and leeches.
J15 HipA, a protein kinase, involved in bacterial dormancy, allowing survival during antibiotic therapy.
J15 JASN early: Preconditioning animals with xenon gas lowers risk of ischemic injury.
J01 FDA and manufacturer warn or increased mortality risk in elderly patients with CKD treated with tinzaparin
D30 Scientists isolate genes that made 1918 flu lethal.
D26 New insights into how bacteria biofilm formation is triggered.
D18 Evidence mounts that probiotics may be useful to treat post-antibiotic diarrhea.
D13 Another FDA link regarding oral bowel preps.
D13 FDA alert regarding phosphate-containing oral bowel preps and new black box warning.
D11 FDA puts black box warning on phosphate-containing oral bowel prep drugs
D09 Fresenius' APP reassures about the safety of its heparin supply; launches heparin safety website.
D04 HALT-C trial shows absolutely no impact of interferon on progression of hepatitis C
D03 NEJM publishes case control study of allergic reactions due to OSCS-contaminated heparin.
N19 FDA advisory panel greenlights anti-MRSA antibiotic telavancin, but not approved by the FDA yet.
N18 CDC updates guidelines for disinfection and sterilization in health care facilities.
N18 Five days of cipro cause pervasive and persistent changes in gut microflora abundance.
N13 Catheter thermoablation of atrial fibrillation far superior to drug treatment.
N09 MP3 player earbuds should not be kept in shirt pockets in patients with pacemakers due to electrical interference.
N06 Swabbing the mouth with probiotics as good as chlorhexidine in reducine ventilator-associated pneumonia risk.
N04 Magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) good for diagnosing certain liver conditions.
N04 1-alpha-25OH-D hydroxylase active in the lung; may be involved in immune defense.
O30 Do vegetarians get hemolytic uremic syndrome? Meat and dairy food ingestion implicated in new theory.
O29 Transfusion with older blood increases risk of infection.
O28 Another twist on the melamine tale: Now chickens who ate tainted feed lay melamine-contaminated eggs.
O27 Catlle vaccine that lowers their carriage rate of E.Coli O157:H7 approved for use in Canada.
O17 New Mycobacterium species identified that can cause bone infections in the immunocompromised.
O10 CDC reports on Listeria monocytogenes contamination of milk products after pasteurization.
O06 Disinfectant use can increase level of bacterial resistance.
O03 FDA weighs in on melanine-contaminated food with interim risk assessment document.
S29 Baxter gets 510K approval for in-line IV device designed to reduce bacterial contamination.
S18 New mechanism for cardiac arrhythmia discovered.
S15 Melamine-contamined baby formula poisons a large number of infants in China.
S15 MYH9 gene variants linked to FSGS and diabetic kidney disease in African Americans.
S13 Investigational drug effective against dormant tuberculosis bacteria.
S12 FDA issues warning about melamine in one brand of baby formula manufactured in China.
S05 Alternating linezolid and vancomycin usage periods in the ICU lowers MRSA prevalence.
S05 FDA warns about invasive fungal lung infections in patients taking TNF-alpha blockers.
S03 Cortinarius mushroom induced kidney failure in the news - Horse Whisperer author Nicholas Evans being the latest victim
S02 In vitro studies suggest role for antihistamine clemizole in treating hepatitis C
S02 AJKD: Temporary iron depletion and relative thrombocytosis may underline increased mortality with high doses of EPO.
A26 More cases of fatal pancreatitis after Byetta reported.
A26 Twenty percent of Ayurvedic medicines found to be contaminated with lead, arsenic, or mercury.
A25 Some rice bran products found to contain high levels of arsenic.
A25 FDA approves Nplate (romiplostim) to stimulate bone marrow in thrombocytopenia.
A22 New antimicrobial approach tames, rather than kills, pathogenic bacteria, lowering risk of emerging resistant strains.
A22 NEJM: Preeclampsia raises risk of subsequent CKD
A21 NKF launches education toolkit targeting treatment of patients with HIV and CKD.
A21 AMAG receives fast track designation from FDA for ferumoxytol as an MRI contrast agent.
A20 First red blood cells grown in the lab.
A19 Chronic lead poisoning from contaminated urban soils.
A15 When is a potential heart donor really dead? NEJM report raises some ethical questions.
A15 Infection control requirements from CDC incorporated into CMS conditions for coverage for dialysis units. MMWR, see p. 875.
A14 SpyCEP identified as key element to infectivity of group A strep associated with necrotizing fasciitis.
A08 FDA issues warning about risk of rhabdomyolysis when simvastatin is used with amiodarone.
A08 Immune response to early treatment of hepatitis C suggests that cure rate may be enhanced.
A07 Occult hepatitis C viral infection present in 45% of hemodialysis patients with abnormal liver enzymes.
A05 IV calcium channel blocker wins FDA approval to treat acute hypertension.
A04 Patients with myeloma treated with ESAs may have poorer survival.
A01 R1626 shows promising effects against HCV viremia when combined with pegylated inferferon and ribavirin.
A01 Mouse data suggests that warfarin may inhibit fibrosis due to hepatitis C.
J29 Manganese-containing nanobialys may be a useful alternative to gadolinium for MRI imaging, among other uses.
J29 FDA advised against eating green gook (tomalley) from American lobsters.
J26 Fist-clenching prior to phlebotomy can raise sample potassium levels.
J23 How bacterial biofilms use chemical weapons against amoebas
J23 Scientists isolate compound in saliva that speeds wound healing.
J22 Vagal nerve stimulation enhances spleen production of TNF: A brain to immune system connection?
J22 Woman who claimed water-loading diet caused brain damage due to seizures wins lawsuit.
J21 Anti-bacterial actions of cranberry juice explained by its action on fimbriae.
J21 FDA finds incriminated Salmonella strain on jalapeno peppers
J17 Peptidoglycans from gut bacteria may induce C. albicans to transform into infectious variant.
J17 Radiocontrast nephropathy studies may overestimate risk of AKI, since creatinine often increases in controls patients, also.
J14 FDA warning: Microangiopathic hemolytic anemia with avastin plus sunitinib.
J12 Pioneering heart surgeon Michael DeBakey dies at age 99.
J10 Histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors protect ischemic tissue from injury.
J09 Salmonella outbreak continues: jalapeno peppers now thought to be a cause.
J03 NEJM: Scanning the blood for circulating tumor cells using DNA technology helps guide treatment of metastatic disease.
J03 VA/NIH study of dialysis dose in acute kidney failure published in NEJM
J03 Novel antibiotic ceftobirole kills even the most resistant Staph. aureus.
J01 Indocyanine green plus laser light kills even resistant bacteria; application to wound infections.
J26 Two siRNA in the Phase I/II pipeline for kidney disease, one for delayed graft function, the other for AKI
J26 Cethromycin for community-acquited MRSA.
J25 MRSA skin infections becoming commonplace in healthy athletes.
J25 Radiofrequency equipment ID tags can halt dialysis machines, change ventilator settings, alter syringe pump performance in the ICU.
J19 Some pathogenic bacteria use nanosyringe to inject host cells with toxins.
J18 Computer generated warfarin dosing as effective as dosing by expert prescribers.
J18 HHV-8 herpes virus linked to ketosis-prone type 2 diabetes in Africa.
J16 Do patients with combined liver/kidney transplants really need the kidney portion?
J13 FDA and EMEA to consider biomarkers of renal injury in animal studies evaluating renal safety of new drugs.
J06 Nephros completes trial of clip-on hemodiafiltration module and high-efficiency b2-M hemodiafilter.
J05 NEJM: Heparin contaminated with oversulfated chondroitin sulfate causes anaphylaxis via kallikrein activation.
J03 Antibacterial wipes can actually spread drug-resistant bacteria if used on more than one surface.
J03 Salmonella outbreak in 9 states linked to raw tomatoes.
J03 Nova (R) renal - a contrast-free method for visualization of renal perfusion on MR scans.
J03 Magnetic control mechanism developed to steer swallowed mini-cameras for better GI tract images.
J03 Artificial blood vessel creation from smooth muscle cells makes major advances.
M30 Cause of clubbing of the fingers in lung disease found - 15-HPGD.
M28 RIP140 molecule involved in tumor cachexia, fatty liver, and associated inflammation.
M27 New scoring method for coronary artery calcification that takes into account extent of calcium coverage.
M23 Automated CPR machine helps save lives.
M22 FDA approves gut opioid antagonist Entereg, for use to prevent postoperative ileus.
M20 NEJM: Palevsky-VA/NIH study shows that daily HD or more intense CRRT of no benefit in acute kidney injury
M19 Results of VA/NIH study on dialysis dose in acute kidney injury to be presented tomorrow, May 20th, in Toronto at ATS2008.
M19 Silver-coated endotracheal tube use dramatically reduces resistant infections in ICU patients.
M19 Capsaicin plus a derivative of lidocaine cause pain relief without numbness. Will it work for cannulation pain?
M16 Salmlonella infection in people linked to exposure to dry dog food.
M16 MMWR: CDC recommends herpes zoster vaccine for all persons over age 60.
M15 Lower-dose tissue plasminogen activator treatment improves survival in patients with hemorrhagic stroke.
M15 Canadian scientists discover how tuberculosis bacteria evade destruction by macrophages.
M15 Fluvastatin found to markedly lower viral load in hepatitis C.
M13 Preop beta blockers reduce heart attack risk but markedly increase total mortality.
M12 CPR rescuers do not need to stop compression while administering defibrillator shocks.
M12 U.S. Health Secretary: Chinese heparin now should be safe.
M09 FDA reissues heparin alert, since contaminated heparin still stocked in a number of hospitals.
M07 New hospital superbug to worry about: Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
M05 ASN Renal Week abstract archives 2003-2006 now available on-line in .pdf format.
M02 Protozoans may ingest E. Coli, and carry them on the surface of vegetables like spinach and lettuce.
M01 MMWR: Acute renal failure associated with cosmetic soft tissue filler injections.
A28 New JAMA study to highlight CV risk of blood substitutes; FDA under renewed pressure.
A28 Hypertension seen in the emergency department frequently misattributed to trauma, stress, and not followed up.
A28 FDA approves Relistor (methylnaltrexone) for opioid-induced constipation.
A23 MIT led teams unravel heparin deaths mystery
A23 NEJM paper (full text) describes mechanism of how oversulfated chondroitin sulfate can cause anaphylaxis.
A23 FDA: Fatal hypoglycemia due to maltose-containing immune globulin causing erroneous blood glucose readings.
A22 FDA approves compact heart assist device from Thoratec.
A17 FDA critical path in process for evaluating biomarkers to detect kidney injury.
A15 FDA warns of selenium, chromium poisoning associated with health supplements.
A15 Archives Int Med: Loop diuretics associated with lower bone density in men.
A15 Salmonellosis associated with Malt-O-Meal cereal ingestion.
A15 FDA announces recall of two dietary supplements found to contain aristolochic acid.
A07 New antimicrobial proteins identified in alligator blood
A07 Mud bath clays may be useful to treat MRSA skin infections.
A03 New Merck heart failure drug rolofylline gives encouraging results in Phase III trial.
A02 Adenosine receptor antagonist shows promise in heart failure.
A02 ExoSeal vascular plug reduces bleeding after arterial catheterization.
A02 Iodixanol (Visipaque) no better in terms of contrast nephropathy for PCI.
A01 Should black box warnings on ultrasound contrast agents be reconsidered?
A01 Bacteriophage-bonded surfaces used in wound dressings to decontaminate MRSA.
M28 MMWR: Discharge diagnosis of kidney disease for hospitalizations increased fourfold between 1980 and 2005.
M27 NEJM: Diaphragm atrophy begins within 18 hours of mechanical ventilation.
M25 European nations recall heparin; safety of alternative heparin supply called into question.
M25 Archives paper highlights renal failure risk of oral phosphate colonoscopy preps.
M25 Inhaled hydrogen sulfide gas induces hypometabolic state in animal model.
M22 Heparin supplied by B. Braun also affected by allergic contaminant problem.
M20 Two week old blood associated with adverse outcomes when transfused.
M13 JASN early release: High dose continuous HDF at 35 ml/kg/hr no better than 20 ml/kg/hr.
M12 Uninterrupted chest compressions during CPR by paramedics lead to increased survival.
M11 Creatine found to be neuroprotective in mouse model of perinatal hypoxia.
M11 Doubts raised over benefits of MRSA screening of hospitalized patients.
M10 With increase in availability from alternative sources, Baxter recalls all heparin products.
M06 Cannabinoid receptor blocker rimonabant prevents ethanol-induced fatty liver in mice.
M05 FDA finds possible contaminant in Baxter heparin.
M04 JASN: Humes' tubular assist device lowers mortality in AKI.
M04 CAPON gene linked to QT interval and heart rhythm abnormalities.
F27 Chewing gum after bowel surgery shortens duration of post-operative ileus.
F27 Up to 20% of persons taking aspirin show no effect on their platelet function.
F26 WHO survey reveals that prevalence of multidrug resistant tuberculosis cases at new high.
F23 Arbios gets conditional approval from FDA to test artificial liver device
F20 JAMA: Metaanalysis shows that intermittent dialysis and CRRT for ARF lead to similar outcomes
F20 New study confirms increased risk of kidney failure and mortality with aprotinin.
F19 Annals: Meta-analysis supports use of acetylcysteine prophylaxis prior to giving radiocontrast.
F15 Some cholesterol synthesis inhibitors also block Staph. aureus pigment synthesis, rendering the germ less pathogenic.
F11 Integrin receptor linked to HIV infection and replication in the gut. Is a treatment already available?
F07 NEJM full text of paper describing new arenavirus in patients dying after kidney or liver transplants.
F05 FDA cautions about severe tissue injury after intravenous administration of promethazine (Phenergan).
F04 CDC ongoing investigation into heparin anaphylactoid reactions summarized in MMWR
F01 Anti-leishmaniasis drug miltefosine kills HIV-infected macrophages, eliminating one protected site of HIV persistence.
J29 Intravascular thrombolytic therapy effective against deep vein thrombosis.
J28 More info about the Baxter recall of 1,000 IU/ml heparin vials due to anaphylactoid reactions.
J25 Update on Baxter heparin recall - one death may have resulted from first-use type anaphylactic symptoms.
J25 Cox-2 inhibitors can cause arrhythmias by affecting potassium channels in the heart.
J24 NEJM: Renal failure due to oxalosis after 2g/day vitamin C for 3 years in a renal transplant patient.
J22 Feeding cattle with ethanol distillation by products (distillers grains) increases risk of toxigenic E.Coli colonization.
J22 Aspirin resistance increases risk of heart attack or stroke.
J22 FDA approves new bioimpedance-based non-invasive cardiac output monitor.
J18 Canadian study suggests drinking 4 liters of water per day can cause proteinuria; reversible when water ingestion reduced.
J16 FDA warns of name confusion between two edetate compounds used for chelation.
J15 Monkey malaria widespread in humans in Southeast Asia - potentially fatal.
J02 FDA clears quick molecular-biology-based blood test for MRSA.
J02 European study could find no link between non-phenacetin pain killers and ESRD
D27 Researchers block liver cirrhosis in a mouse model by use of RSK inhibitory peptide which blocks collagen synthesis.
D27 FDA approves synthetic starch-based volume expander fluid.
D27 Weight-based dosing for ribavirin increases efficacy against hepatitis C.
D27 New orally active cyanide antidotes discovered.
D19 Controlled trial of controlled fluid challenge device (RenalGuard) during contrast infusion to begin.
D15 Sutent (sunitinib), a cancer-fighting tyrosine kinase inhibitor, associated with cardiac toxicity
N28 Eltrombopag increases platelet count in hepatitis C infected patients being treated with antiviral drugs.
N28 Crystal nephropathy due to combination of melamine and cyanuric acid responsible for renal failure in pets eating contamined food.
N27 Glucose-insulin-potassium infusion after ST-elevated MI increases risk of heart failure.
N26 Risk of acute renal failure after non-cardiac surgery in patients with prior normal function is about 1%.
N20 Nephros gets approval to market high-efficiency hemodiafiltration device in Canada.
N19 First-ever trial of RNA interference drug in humans targets acute kidney failure.
N16 MMWR: Severe acute respiratory disease, including death in healthy persons, due to adenovirus 14.
N14 Cattle vaccine shown to be effective in lowering rate of toxigenic E. Coli carriage.
N14 Nephros reports Q3 results
N12 Baxter receives 510k clearance for FDA to test a silver-coated IV line luer-lock connector.
N12 Patent extends principle of self-winding watches to heartbeat powered pacemakers.
N09 Lower abdominal pain in women after binge drinking may be due to bladder rupture.
N08 FDA clears silver-coated endotracheal tube for marketing.
N07 Survival doubles with adoption of new AHA resuscitation guidelines.
N07 New diagnostic test for TTP (thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura) to be available via Ohio State University.
N07 Perioperative beta-blocker therapy shows mixed results in large RCT.
N07 News is not so good relating to hard outcomes with longer-term treatment of hepatitis C with pegylated inferferon.
N03 General Mills recalls frozen pizzas sold under Totino's or Jeno's name, because of possible E. coli contamination in the pepperoni.
N02 Entecavir highly effective in reducing hepatitis B viremia to undetectable levels.
N02 NephroCor introduces enhanced urine analysis test (RenalVysion) for kidney disease
N02 Cell-to-cell transmission of hepatitis C virus helps it evade some of body's most potent defenses.
N01 New therapies for multiple myeloma result in increased survival.
O29 Maggots to treat diabetic foot ulcers infected with MRSA.
O29 Bacterial use peptides to communicate with each other: extracellular death factor identified.
O25 Bayer issues additional guidance to physicians about Trasylol (aprotinin).
O25 SQ109, promising anti-tuberculosis drug, given special status by European and U.S. regulators.
O23 Renal Solutions gets FDA 510k clearance for advanced sorbent dialysis machine enabling higher dialysate flow rates.
O23 How dangerous is plasma transfusion from women donors?
O19 ARDS of unknown etiology? Look for spirochetes in the peripheral blood smear.
O16 Velcade (bortezomib) for multiple myeloma now approved for use in patients with impaired renal function.
O08 Two studies emphasize importance of nitric oxide in red blood cells, and absence of NO in banked blood.
O08 Appendix may be a safe house for good bacteria.
O08 Cleveland Clinic scores 3.2 million dollar NIH grant to develop implantable bioartificial kidney
O03 Seven Indiana schoolchildren suffered kidney failure requiring dialysis due to toxigenic E. Coli
S27 Caffeine plus acetaminophen linked to liver damage.
S25 Toxin-producing E. Coli outbreak among schoolchildren in Galena, IN.
S25 New, synthetic version of heparin is patented.
S24 C. difficile prevalent in asymptomatic carriers - may account for difficulty in eradication.
S20 FDA Recall: B. Brraun normal saline flush syringes.
S20 Post-reperfusion heart damage largely prevented by hydrogen sulfide.
S18 Dole recalls packaged salad mixes because of E. Coli risk.
S06 New CPR method relies on compression of abdomen, increases CO by 25%.
A19 Bacteriophage treatments coming back into favor to combat superbugs such as MRSA.
A17 Patients who develop kidney failure after use of phosphate-based laxatives initiate lawsuits.
A02 unGAL shown to predict development of acute kidney injury in children
J20 FDA warns about botulism from hot dog chili sauce.
J19 Baxter issues Class I recall of its replacement IV infusion pumps.
J11 Shredded lettuce may be source of toxigenic E. Coli outbreak in Huntsville, AL.
J10 More than 1100 toothpaste tubes from China suspected to contain DEG confiscated in Connecticut.
J09 PNAS: Aristolochic acid in the pathogenesis of endemic Balkan nephropathy.
J09 Cause of Balkan nephropathy found - contamination of grain by Aristolochia clematis.
J09 FDA warning: precipitation when infusing ceftriaxone with calcium-containing solutions.
J09 Slime busting bacteriophage virus could clean up biofilm.
J07 Waging war on C. difficile - the deadliest superbug.
J02 Probiotics good for antibiotic-induced diarrhea
J29 Particulates released during renal artery angioplasty can impair kidney function.
J28 Distribution of made in China, DEG-contaminated, toothpaste, in the United States includes prisons and hospitals.
J28 Velcade (bortezomib) in combination with cyclophosphamide and prednisone for multiple myeloma.
J26 Ketamine abuse linked to bladder dysfunction.
J22 Dangers of children ingesting hand sanitizers with high alcohol content
J19 FDA approves ambrisentan for treatment of pulmonary artery hypertension.
J15 Ethylene-glycol contaminated toothpaste found in Baltimore, MD store.
J15 Family sues Con Agra over salmonella contamination of peanut butter that allegedly led to kidney failure.
J09 Methylsalicylate absorption from sports cream results in teenager's death
J02 FDA warns on toothpaste marketed in the U.S. that was made in China over DEG contamination fears.
M23 More on the FDA gadolinium-contrast agent warning
M23 FDA orders black box warnings for gadolinium-based MRI contrast agents regarding NSF.
M17 Lawmakers push for changes in food safety oversight.
M09 FDA issues warning about potential diethylene glycol contamination of glycerin.
A30 Guelph scientists explain how pet food tainted with melamine and cyanuric acid can cause kidney failure.
A30 Compound from bullfrogs has marked anti-MRSA activity.
A21 Abstracts from March, 2007 CRRT meeting in San Diego.
A18 MMWR: Severe community-acquired MRSA pneumonia in association with influenza.
A17 New hope for malaria treatment with synthesis of long-acting artemisinin-like trioxane drugs.
A05 Reperfusion with glucose responsible for brain damage after hypoglycemic coma.
M30 Function of Rh blood proteins discovered: link to ammonia excretion.
M29 Aspirin may cut Staph risk in dialysis patients with venous catheters.
M23 Aminopterin found in tainted pet food.
M21 FDA approves hydroxocobalamin to treat cyanide poisoning.
M21 Spraying "essential oils" into the air reduces prevalence of MRSA in a hospital setting.
M16 FDA issues Medwatch SafetyAlert on linezolid (Zyvox) due to increased mortality rate
M16 Substituting gallium for iron impedes growth of slime-forming bacteria.
M13 Copper in doorhandles and hospital fixtures may fight MRSA
M12 Azole antifungal drugs found to be active against tuberculosis.
M09 MMWR reports on invasive MRSA infections in dialysis patients.
M08 UK National Health Service launches tool to help prevent infections in dialysis units.
M05 Taking amphotericin B in oil by mouth may result in good efficacy, less renal toxicity.
M03 Search Society for Interventional Radiology abstracts (2002-2006) (use keyword -dialysis-)
M02 NEJM: Vancomycin-induced thrombocytopenia: the article link
F28 Abstracts from 2007 CRRT meeting, March 7-10 in San Diego, CA
F28 NEJM: Immune-mediated thrombocytopenia linked to vancomycin use.
F26 Distinctive odor of diarrhea may lead to rapid diagnostic test for Clostridium and Campylobacter infection.
F04 Annual Dialysis Conference 2007 abstracts (Denver, Feb 18-20, 2007)
F04 International Center / Website for nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy.
J29 Nephros gets conditional FDA approval to test hemodiafiltration module in the US
J29 Bacteriophages and antibiotics exhibit synergistic effect; may lower needed dose by a factor of 50.
J28 New necrotizing toxin identified in dangerous, community acquired strain of multidrug-resistant Staph. aureus
J26 Radiology journal to recommend avoiding gadodiamide in patients with kidney disease because of nephrogenic systemic fibrosis
J19 Potentially lethal strains of MRSA spreading to the community in the UK
J17 Hyperimmune response to 1918 flu virus is what made it so deadly.
D27 Cattle vaccine against E. Coli O157:H7 approved for use in Canada.
D22 FDA announces that it is still evaluating a possible link between MRA with gadolinium and nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy.
D22 Prion-binding protein successfully removed variant CJD prions from banked animal blood.
D22 Multidrug resistant E. coli linked to antibiotic use on farms in the U.K.
D20 FDA to require labeling changes for acetaminophen and for NSAIDs to highlight potential risks.
D16 FDA updates labeling for Trasylol (aprotinin) regarding risk of renal dysfunction, anaphylaxis, and re-exposure.
D15 Common cold rhinovirus leads to death in two lung transplant recipients
D14 Role of heat shock proteins and fever in fighting infections clarified.
D04 New diagnostic recommendations published for diagnosis of pulmonary embolism.
D04 Toxigenic E. Coli outbreakds in New Jersey and Long Island linked to fast food outlets.
N26 HDCN: Search index updated for audiofiles, slide/audio talks, articles, and abstracts
N15 Tolvaptan paper published in NEJM - novel treatment for hyponatremia.
N07 Endotoxin core in bacteria linked to plant chloroplasts
O30 Vaccine protects mice against multidrug resistant Staph aureus.
O24 RCT initiated to study benefits of endovascular cooling during catheterization to prevent RC nephropathy
O13 Diethylene glycol-tainted cough syrup cause of multiple deaths, renal failure, in Panama.
O12 Human carriage of drug-resistant microbes linked to consumption of poultry
S28 Invasive streptococci produce a protein that destroys interleukin-8 and impedes WBC recruitment.
S27 CDC-MMWR: O157:H7 infections associated with consumption of fresh spinach.
S16 Spinach E. Coli scare grows
S15 Toxigenic E. Coli outbreak tied to bagged spinach - people affected in 8 states.
S13 More bad news in JAMA paper about CV and kidney risks of COX-2 inhibitors and NSAIDS
S11 New genetic method to detect early multiple myeloma
S08 MMWR: Locally acquired, mosquito-transmitted malaria in California and other states.
S05 U.S approves humanitarian use of Abiocor permanently implanted total artificial heart.
A19 Spray on bacteriophages approved to control Listeria on meat; toxigenic E. Coli next on the list.
A18 Genetic clues to cardiomyopathy and sudden death found in mice - emphasis on the right ventricle
A18 NEJM: Daptomycin as good as gent + vanc for Staph. aureus endocarditis
A16 Antibiotic skin infections becoming commonplace
A10 Mayo Clinic researchers come up with consensus for use of bisphosphonates in multiple myeloma.
J31 MMWR: New multidrug-resistant strain of HIV identified in New York
J06 Statins inhibit replication of hepatitis C virus
J05 Liver damage due to moderate doses of acetaminophen highlighted in JAMA paper
J03 Fish oil emulsion instead of Intralipid (soybean oil) for parenteral nutrition prevents/reverses liver damage.
J28 NEJM: Acetylcysteine protects against contrast nephropathy in angioplasty patients
J24 Does coffee protect against alcoholic cirrhosis?
J16 CARI (Australasian) Clinical Practice Guidelines published (53 free full text review papers!)
J14 Hyperglycemia in non-diabetic ICU patients predictive of mortality, esp. in cardiovascular disease
J08 Renal Solutions reincarnates a newer, better Redy cartridge system for home and ICU dialysis.
J06 Mayo clinic shows that thalidomide plus dexamethasone for multiple myeloma gives better results.
J06 FDG PET useful in detecting hard-to-detect chronic osteomyelitis
M30 It's the cooling of the blood in the extracorporeal circuit, stupid!
M17 Superbug slain by soil antibiotic
M13 E. Coli O157 recovered from bagged salad: cause diarrhea with ARF
A28 Does chamomile tea interact with warfarin?
M30 Strangers' prayers found to offer no benefit for recovery of heart bypass patients from surgery.
M24 MMWR: Fatal lead poisoning in a child from ingestion of a lead charm from a bracelet.
M08 NEJM: In multiple myeloma, thalidomide is of marginal additional benefit to melphalan/autologous stem cell transplant.
M06 Annals: Dramatic recent rise in community-acquired MRSA infections.
M03 FDA issues additional warning on Prisma system and problem of excessive fluid removal.
F24 FDA approves new antifungal drug (Eraxis) effective against serious Candida infections.
F06 Rapid new test could cut MRSA risk.
F06 Synthetic heparin could replace animal-derived drug.
J26 Aprotinin (Trasylol) linked to increased risk of kidney failure, heart attack and stroke.
J25 32% of Americans carry S. aureus in their noses, and 1% (2 million) carry MRSA.
J23 Annals: Liver failure and hepatitis from telithromycin.
J21 FDA announces new program to monitor safety of medical devices.
J19 Study of drug resistance among bacteria found in soil can potentially guide new drug development.
J18 Helicobacter pylori becoming drug resistant - sequential therapy may do a better job.
J15 Acetazolamide reduces sleep apnea severity in heart failure patients.
J15 Thiamin deficiency common in hospitalized heart failure patients
J09 U.S. FDA sends Gambro a warning over Prisma machines manufactured in Italy.
J07 CJASN: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Corner: HAART and the Kidney
J07 CJASN CPC (full text): A 42 year old man with oliguric renal failure.
J05 MRSA patterns in ICUs changing: 64% prevalence rate, hardier, bugs, but less multi-drug resistance.
D28 Saliva test for hepatitis C developed by Israeli scientists.
D27 Acute renal failure due to phosphate-based colonoscopy preps.
D27 Acetaminophen can cause acute liver failure when usual dose is even slightly exceeded.
D26 Need a used medical device? Try Ebay.
D26 MMWR: Outbreaks of E. coli O157:H7 associated with petting zoos.
D26 Dalbavancin (a vancomycin-like drug) effective in mice against anthrax.
D23 Aspergillus fumigatus genome sequenced.
D21 New study says that two million Americans are nasal carriers of MRSA.
D17 Heteropolymer antibodies - a new approach to treat and prevent? MRSA infections.
D16 Mitochondrial gene haplotype has marked effect on survival after infection.
D12 Oral endothelial receptor antagonist ambrisentan effective in pulmonary HTN.
D12 AMG531 (Amgen drug) increases platelet count in patients with ITP.
D06 Annals paper shows that plasma exchange does not help in ARF due to MM.
D05 Coffee intake may reduce risk of liver damage.
D03 New CPR device improves blood return to the heart.
D03 Random testing shows high lead levels in some imported Chinese plums.
D01 Coffee and tea associated with lower risk of chronic liver disease.
N30 Study of ICU ultrafiltration with CHF solutions device published in the JACC.
N29 New AHA CPR guidelines: 30:2 compressions, cooling to 90 degrees.
N23 Baxter recalls Accura CRRT machines due to software glitch (Search for "Accura")
N18 Thrombospondin linked to development of ARF when renal perfusion is decreased.
N14 A mild chill can increase colds: A lesson for fluid warming in CRRT?
N13 ASN: Citrasate may permit SLED without heparin.
N12 Toxigenic E. coli in bagged, prewashed lettuce.
N08 Protein discovered that is key to survival of E. coli O157:H7
N01 Nabi StaphVax vaccine fails in clinical trial ; development cancelled.
O26 ASN Renal Week 2005 abstracts now available on-line.
O20 Tigecycline may offer promise to treat MRSA and vancomycin-resistant bacteria.
O16 NDT: Expect more thiazide-induced hyponatremia after ALLHAT
O15 MMWR: Pittsburgh QA/QC program targeting central venous line infections works..
O15 MMWR: Pittsburgh QA/QC program targeting central venous line infections works..
O14 Pillows and bedding are loaded with fungal spores.
O12 Staph. aureus immune globulin (Nabi) shortens hospital stay of infected patients
O12 New defensin-class antibiotic isolated from pine forest fungus.
S29 Genzyme getting into device biz to treat acute renal failure.
S29 JASN: Acute phosphate nephropathy following certain bowel preps.
S09 Community-acquired MRSA strains now more common and more deadly.
S06 Scientists develop fungus-fighting vaccine.
A31 Glucose in bronchial secretions increases risk of acquiring MRSA infection.
A16 Gambro issues safety alert: Overriding Prisma excessive UF alarm is dangerous.
A15 Superbugs found in UK chicken survey, including VRE.
J29 Benefits of a reminder system to remove unneeded urinary catheters.
J28 Swiss study shows no benefit of CVVHDF over intermittent HD in the ICU.
J28 Drug dose adjustment in CKD: Guru texts may not agree.
J28 FDA bans use of Bayer fluoroquinolone in poultry to fight rise in superbugs.
J25 New siRNA approach to treating hepatitis B.
J23 FDA orders recall of Baxter Colleague Volumetric Infusion pumps
J22 Nabi initiates phase 1 trial of vaccine against another strain of S. aureus.
J18 New DNA dipstick test to detect pathogens in blood sample in minutes.
J13 Nabi says Staph vaccine ups immunity.
J11 Giving oxygen without CO2 may do more harm than good.
J11 Analyzing patients' breath to diagnose acute renal failure and cancer.
J11 Carotenoids give gold color to S. aureus, and protect it from oxidation by WBCs.
J06 Antibiotic use in farm animals contributes to rise of superbugs.
J06 Renal Care Group acquires mobile apheresis provider in San Francisco.
J29 Urinary biomarkers predict ARF after bypass surgery.
J28 FlowMedica device permits infusion of fenoldopam directly into renal arteries.
J22 Japanese scientists cure ARF in mice with adult stem cells.
J22 Renal Solutions' sorbent dialysis system gets FDA clearance.
J22 Bacterial infection linked to Guillain-Barre via autoimmunity changes.
J16 Lead exposure from using indoor firing ranges by shooting teams.
J06 SHARF trial fails to identify a benefit of CRRT over daily IHD in ARF.
M28 Long-term effects of Canadian toxigenic E. Coli outbreak in the news.
M26 Deep sea bacteria may provide new tools to kill MRSA.
M07 Milkshakes prepared by infected employee linked to toxigenic E. Coli illness.
M05 Pollen, leaves from lilies cause acute renal and liver failure in cats.
M05 MMWR: Multidrug resistant Salmonella infections contracted from pet hamsters.
A26 ISN Satellite Symposium: ARF Bench to Bedside. July 1-3, Malaysia
A25 Nabi Pharma opens European office in Ireland to market StaphVax.
A16 How do you kill TB bacteria? First, wake them up.
A13 Outbreaks of Salmonella infections associated with Roma tomatoes.
A13 Bugs in the gut could help doctors develop individualised healthcare
A05 Genzyme launches phase 3 study of tolevamer to treat C. difficile
A04 Source of Shiga-toxin in E.Coli O157 may have been a bacteriophage.
A01 Lancet: Urine or blood NGAL levels help to diagnose acute renal failure.
A01 Community MRSA is re-emergence of 1950's pandemic
M30 Leptospirosis can spread from raccoons to dogs to people.
M30 New patients with HUS who visited central Florida petting zoos.
M23 HUS in 5 kids linked to visits to petting zoos in Florida.
M15 CMS decides to pay for melphalan with autologous stem cell tx for amyloidosis.
M14 San Diego CRRT meeting abstracts (.pdf)
M07 Renal Solutions raises 16.5 M from venture capitalists.
F22 Probably trigger of diabetic kidney disease uncovered (CD36)
F17 Columbia scientists identify potential therapy for kidney failure.
F15 Protective effects of uric acid in spinal cord injury.
F10 Serious MRSA infections linked to two strains.
F06 New DNA vaccine completely blocks TB reactivation in mice.
F03 Delphi Medical signs distribution agreement with Fresenius Kabi.
J24 Steroids increase risk of death from traumatic head injury.
J22 O157-H7-E. Coli-contaminated US beef causes illness in Okinawa.
J16 Could silver dressings contain the spread of MRSA?
J10 NABI: Staph. aureus immune globulin treated patients leave hospital sooner.
J07 MMWR: Multiorgan failure after rat exposure in previously healthy adults.
J07 MMWR: ARF due to malaria after travel to resort areas of Dominican Republic.
J05 BMC Nephrology: Brain death after aggressive dialysis of ARF with high BUN.
D28 ISBP abstracts from 2004 London meeting (pdf).
D28 Voriconazole gets FDA approval for treatment of Candidemia.
D22 Mayo clinic researchers find that PDAs do not interfere with pacemakers.
D21 Nabi Pharma requests European regulatory approval for its StaphVAX product.
D21 Undercooked turkeys harbor drug-resistant Salmonella and Campylobacter.
D21 Do aromatherapy oils kill MRSA and other superbugs?
D09 Slowly growing nests of bacteria may be key to infection relapse.
N29 Blood product study sparks informed consent debate
N14 Community-associated MRSA becoming more prevalent
N10 FDA recalling herbal supplements sold in NY because of kidney toxicity
N09 No increase in death rate in heart failure patients with Swan-Ganz catheters
O22 Japanese CKD patients become ill after eating apparently non-poisonous mushrooms
S24 Legionnaires' disease bacillus genome sequenced
S12 EAA/carb supplement prevents muscle protein loss: Abstract from JCEM
A22 E. Coli threat prompts major beef recall by Illinois supplier
A21 E. Coli outbreak prompts warning about petting zoos.
J23 Beneficial bacteria in the gut maintain health of intestinal epithelial cells
J21 Unexplained rise in toxigenic E. Coli cases in Iowa this summer
J18 ASM conference on the New Phage Biology, August 1-5, Key Biscayne, FL
J13 Nabi ramping up manufacturing capacity of its Staph vaccine
J30 Urinary test for ADA binding protein to predict ARF now available
J21 Vancomycin susceptibility in MRSA lineages (Emerging Infect Dis paper)
J21 MRSA (superbug) death rates set to double as vanco resistance grows
M19 Sodium bicarbonate lowers incidence of contrast dye nephropathy
A28 U Penn's electronic nose shown to be useful in diagnosing pneumonia
A28 Pyridostigmine new treatment for intractable low blood pressure
A09 Saline has similar effect to albumin in critically ill patients
M14 Bacteriophage therapy home page
M11 PEG-coated Hgb may result in an artificial blood that actually works
F14 Targeting hard-to-kill fungal infections
F02 Benefits of GI tract probiotics being increasingly recognized
F01 Intestinal bioshield protects against Pseudomonas gastroenteritis
J31 Attack dog bacterium may take the place of antibiotics
J11 Bacteriophage genomics being used to develop new drug targets
J08 Glucosamine may boos pain-relieving power of ibuprofen
J07 NEJM: Vasopressin better than epinephrine for asystolic cardiac arrest
D22 New IDSA guidelines for pneumonia treatment to focus on fluoroquinolone use
D22 Nosocomial spread of resistant Staph bacteria in the ICU documented
D11 Nabi Pharma update on Staph vaccine development
D10 Highly drug-resistant acinetobacter spreads in France
D10 Hyperglycemia in ICU patients associated with increased mortality risk
D10 Cystatin-derived peptide active against both resistant bacteria and some viruses
D03 E. Coli O157 apparently spread by sawdust from exhibition hall rafters
D02 Hemoglobin-based substitute shows promising early results
D01 Ionization of air might help reduce ICU airborne infection risk
D01 Rasburicase works to limit uric acid increase after treatment of lymphoma
N28 VRSA linked to plasmid transfer of vancomycin resistance from Enterococcus
N21 Leafy veggies and herbs grown in urban gardens contaminated with lead
N20 CDC warns of potential for ricin poisoning
N12 Methanol-spiked punch in teen prank leads to dialysis for partygoers
N12 German probe finds no evidence of misconduct in NEJM daily acute HD study
O24 RNA polymerase inhibition leads to new class of antibiotic
O02 Vital Therapies plans to develop acquired Liver Assist Device (ELAD) technology
O02 FDA approves Renal Solutions new version of Redy sorbent cartridges
S26 Nurse education level affects surgical patient mortality
S25 University hazing incident leads to acute renal failure
S21 Home hot water heaters linked to Legionnaire disease bacterium
S18 NEJM: Herpesvirus 8 linked to primary pulmonary hypertension
S16 Voricazole beats amphotericin B for life-threatening fungal infection
S16 Hot water pipes linked to Legionnaire's disease
S12 FDA approves daptomycin, first in a new class of antibiotics
S12 Manganese in hyperal solutions may be toxic
S03 Saline dilution of blood during CA bypass surgery linked to kidney damage
A22 CDC: VISA/VRSA (vancomycin- resistant Staph) testing algorithm
A22 MMWR: Clusters of MRSA in sports team members
A13 Danish ban on routine antibiotics for farm animals cuts drug-resistant bugs
J20 Common protein fights off both bacteria and viruses in innate immune system
J17 Hospital superbugs often spread to visitors
J16 Salicylic acid may be an anti-staphylococcal drug
J11 ADQI initiative talk posted on HDCN (NKF 2003)
J10 Sepsis drug fights infection, reduces hospital stay
J02 Clotting protein implicated in complications of hepatitis
J29 Chicago meat processor recalling steaks and other meats over E. Coli fears
J23 Prone position CPR associated with better outcome
J18 Liver cell bioreactor used to treat liver failure patients in Pittsburgh
J09 Humes gets 1.4 M from Michigan to develop bioreactor kidney
J04 NSAIDS fail to slow Alzheimer's in JAMA study.
M22 NEJM communicates concern about truth of acute HD study (Schiffl)
M19 Linezolid improves survival in hospital-acquired pneumonia
M18 Human cell-based artificial liver undergoing trials
M17 FDA approves new lab test for Aspergillus
M11 WHO updates register of SARS cases worldwide
M09 New cause of multidrug resistance in bacteria identified
A29 Staph infection leads to B-cell suicide, reducing host defenses
A28 Toronto health workers feel strain of SARS
A25 Bacteriophage approach can kill E. Coli
A18 MMWR SARS update: April 18th
A18 CDC to send SARS diagnostic test kits to state labs soon
A16 Coronavirus confirmed as cause of SARS
A14 University of Vancouver sequences SARS virus
A10 Three U.S. health care workers may have SARS
A05 Coinfection with Chlamydia linked to SARS cases in China
A04 Case of vancomycin resistant Staph aureus published in NEJM
A02 NEJM: Early release papers on SARS
A02 ACC: Irbesartan, amlodpine show similar rates of CV events in type 2 DN
M31 SARS may spread more easily than initially thought
M30 SARS shuts second Toronto hospital
M29 Jumping genes cause vancomycin resistance in enterococci
M25 NEJM Full Text: Preventing complications of central venous catheter insertion
M25 Protamine use in bypass surgery associated with BP drops, poorer outcome
M24 Coronavirus now being blamed as cause of mystery flu (SARS)
M24 Information about SARS from the CDC
M21 SARS in U.S. - cause still unknown, not responding to common treatments
M21 Blood test, potential Rx (ribavirin) for paramyxovirus-associated SARS
M19 Mystery pneumonia linked to paramyxovirus infection
M18 Mystery pneumonia (SARS) hits five more nations
F22 Factor V Leiden mutation protects against blood loss during surgery
F07 Insect antibiotics: Resistance is futile!
F04 Severe sepsis on the rise in the United States
J30 Dotrecogin cost-effective for severe sepsis in the ICU
J28 Drug-resistant Staph bacteria found in Los Angeles
J17 HDCN: ARF, CRRT channel talks, links updated
D26 Celecoxib: High risk of renal events, modest ulcer protection
D20 CDC develops new training tool to detect resistant bacteria by culturing
D20 VA Pittsburgh to head study on adequacy of dialysis for acute renal failure
D13 MRSA deaths on the rise
D11 Epoetin alfa reduces transfusion requirement in the ICU
N26 Diuretic use in acute renal failure may be harmful
N21 Baxter receives FDA clearance to market CRRT system
N14 Sepsis vaccine proves protective in preliminary studies
N10 Industry user group (Leapfrog) pushes use of intensivists in ICUs
N05 Electronic smell sensor can diagnose pneumonia in critically ill patients
O21 ADQI posts on the web Workgroup Documents from Consensus Conference on CRRT
O20 High-volume randomized CVVH trial shows no benefit of higher dose
O12 MMWR: Vancomycin-resistant Staph aureus in Pennsylvania
O08 Albumin dialysis helpful in cirrhosis with acute liver injury
O02 CRRT Meeting on October 12, 2002 at Birmingham, AL
S24 Fat emboli from scavenged blood during open heart linked to micro-strokes
S20 Acute PD has bad result in ARF associated with sepsis or malaria
S17 Lilly launches large clinical trial of sepsis drug - drotrecogin alfa
S13 Draft FDA guidelines for use of new antibiotics in animals
S06 Artificial liver trials show promise (Rostock symposium)
S06 Albumin dialysis discussed at Rostock symposium
S01 Glucose / insulin infusion post-MI improves survival
A23 Steroids may benefit some patients with septic shock after all
A13 Genomed advocates use of aminophylline in acute renal failure
A04 Blood transfusions linked to Creutzfeld-Jakob disease
A04 Legionnaire's disease outbreak in the UK
A03 Superbugs and nightmare scenarios
A02 New super-antibiotic bacteriocin isolated from bug that makes Swiss cheese
J26 Ephedra, creatine use among athletes might be cause of increase in heat stroke
J22 Kidney failure due to consumption of adulterated alcohol brews in Africa
J12 Nasal mupirocin lowers post-op wound infection rate
J12 Vancomycin resistance genes identified in enterococci
M13 Glutamine linked to brain swelling in acute liver failure
M02 Ramoplanin suppresses VRE in GI tract of colonized patients
A24 Choline supplementation may prevent fatty liver during TPN
A09 Endotoxin vaccine to reduce post-surgical illness being developed
A08 Baxter offers CEU programs in IV Rx. TPN, Apheresis
A05 IRAK-4 knockout mice highly resistant to septic shock
M22 Dilator in some Hickman catheter IJ sets too long - one fatal complication
M21 NEJM: Amiodarone better than lidocaine in cardiac arrest
M13 Significant kidney risks of exposure to depleted uranium
M04 Pseudomonas-contaminated bronchoscope linked to nosocomial infection
F03 Prostacyclin analogue improves cholesterol emboli syndrome
J30 Daily dialysis results in higher survival in acute renal failure
J27 Hemoglobin substitutes in the news again
J15 High-dose dicloxacillin works for Staphylococcal bacteremia
N25 CRRT San Diego meeting announcement: March 14-16, 2002
N24 Liver in ALF becomes a net producer of lactate
N21 Kava herbal supplement linked to liver failure
N21 Lipokinetix (body building supplement) linked to liver failure
N21 FDA approves oral endothelin blocker for pulmonary hypertension
N07 Providing insulin helps keep critically ill patients alive
O31 Statins may have a role in treating bacteremia
O30 Drotrecogin alfa (rhAPC) nears FDA approval for treatment of sepsis