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HDCN News Archive -- Daily and Nocturnal Hemodialysis
Aug29 ISHD Hemodialysis University on September 22-23, in Chicago
Jul19 Full text of President Trump Executive Order re kidney disease (PDF)
Jul11 Trump's advancing kidney care initiative
Aug10 Fresenius inks deal to acquire NxStage.
Mar09 ISHD publishes practical manual for implementing home hemodialysis
Dec14 Even more news on the new HDCN Facebook page!
Dec12 Ten modules from the ISHD Global Home Hemodialysis Toolkit
Dec09 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: The Home HD Hub: Infrastructure and Governance (Module 1)
Dec06 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Funding and Planning to Start or Expand a Home HD program (Module 2)
Dec06 Dialysis Patient Citizens group worried about lack of treatment option information given to predialysis patients, esp. those on Medicaid.
Dec03 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Systems to Cultivate Suitable Patients (Module 4)
Dec03 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Patient Safety (Module 5)
Dec02 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Patient Selection and Training (Module 6)
Dec02 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Vascular Access (Module 7)
Dec01 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Infrastructure - Water and Machines in the Home (Module 8)
Dec01 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Prescriptions for Home HD (Module 9)
Dec01 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Psychosocial Aspects (Module 10A)
Sep17 Program for "Hemodialysis University" this October 2nd and 3rd in Chicago
Apr30 Open source practical manual for implementing home hemodialysis
Jan26 Hemodialysis abstracts from the upcoming Annual Dialysis Conference in New Orleans
Jun03 Baxter presents VIVIA HD machine data at ERA/EDTA
May18 Aspirin retards wound healing
Oct13 NxStage announces opening of NxStage Kidney Care dialysis.
Feb20 Hemodialysis abstracts from upcoming Annual Dialysis Conference in Seattle.
Feb16 FHN study finds frequent dialysis associated with higher vascular access risks.
Jan10 AWAK inks agreement with Baxter for wearable dialysis technology.
Oct05 Incenter short daily hemodialysis associated with INCREASED mortality.
Aug09 NxStage protests lack of improvement in reimbursement for home dialysis to CMS.
Jul12 Home dialysis conference to be held in October of 2012 in Baltimore.
Jul05 CMS leaves reimbursement for home hemodialysis largely unchanged.
Mar02 Touch cannulation technique for vascular access gets a vote of approval.
Mar02 Patient education video regarding dialysis choices.
Nov01 FHN Nocturnal Trial results published in Kidney International
Aug30 Higher patient costs for home dialysis patients in Australia.
Aug30 Satellite Dialysis continues to grow its incenter nocturnal hemodialysis program.
Aug17 Singapore AWAK (wearable kidney) in the news.
Jul23 Frequent Hemodialysis Network Nocturnal Trial primary results published.
Jun16 Skype helps home hemodialysis patients link up with health care providers.
Apr12 Reversed hookup between individual RO machine and home dialysis machine led to hypercalcemia.
Mar15 NEJM: Comments on the Frequent Hemodialysis Network daily dialysis study.
Feb22 Fresenius gets FDA clearance to market its home hemo dialysis machine.
Jan10 New rules may increase number of patients on home dialysis.
Dec12 Case-control study suggests marked benefits for 3/week incenter nocturnal dialysis.
Nov21 Baxter and DEKA announce FDA approval of their home hemodialysis device for testing
Nov21 FHN 6/week short daily dialysis trial results reported. Frequent dialysis lowes LVH and improves QOL.
Aug12 CMS may require one physician visit/month to home dialysis patients in order to get paid.
Aug02 Need evidence of rehabilitation with nocturnal dialysis? How about competitive high-jumping?
Jul06 Good outcomes reported with every other night nocturnal dialysis.
Jun16 Home Dialysis Plus raises 50 million dollars of seed money investment.
Apr21 FDA press release relating to regulation of home therapy devices
Apr21 Home medical devices to get stricter FDA reveiw
Mar31 Home dialysis patients anxiously wait for health care reform to unfold.
Mar31 Should home dialysis patients register with the city water treatment department?
Mar08 Daily dialysis with NxStage system improves sleep and restless legs syndrome.
Feb15 DSEN blog: MD patient questions what should be the minimum dose with NxStage
Feb03 Nordic Medcom AB to distribute NxStage hemodialysis system in Scandinavia.
Jan24 Dr. Bernard Canaud to receive 2010 Belding Scribner Trailblazer Award at the ADC
Jan20 DaVita names Dr. John Moran as VP in charge of home therapies.
Jan15 Comments to CMS regarding effect of bundling on frequent hemodialysis
Nov27 Interview with NxStage CEO Jeff Burbank discusses home dialysis, impact of bundling.
Nov05 Home dialysis experts questions CMS decision to merge home training costs into the bundle.
Sep24 AJKD issues containing KDOQI guidelines now freely available as .pdf files
Sep23 New CMS reimbursement rules could help home dialysis companies like NxStage.
Sep04 Home Therapies 2010 Workshop, February 10-12, 2010 in Brisbane, Australia
Sep01 DaVita reaches milestone of 1000 incenter nocturnal hemodialysis patients.
Aug21 Observational study suggests home nocturnal dialysis mortality similar to that with kidney transplantation.
Jul28 Home hemodialysis in the news - U.S. News and World Report
Jul01 Institute of Medicine Comparative Effectiveness Report lists 100 priorities, including evaluation of different forms of dialysis.
Jun30 Key culprits in lupus (toll-like receptors) identified in mouse study.
May29 Holistic approach to CKD offers dialysis in a spa-like environment with numerous support services.
May25 Search all abstracts from the World Congress of Nephrology 2009
May22 CJASN: Study describes benefits of in-center nocturnal hemodialysis
May14 Home nocturnal dialysis? 3,480 liters per week of water use causes utility bill to skyrocket.
May08 Fresenius opens incenter nocturnal dialysis program in Spokane.
Apr20 In-center nocturnal hemodialysis, this time by Fresenius, in the news.
Apr11 One thousand 2007-2009 audiofiles and slide/audio talks added to HDCN's 20 topic-related channels.
M29 Link to slide/audio and audio symposia on HDCN
F10 Vancouver sets up pilot self-care nocturnal dialysis unit in one of its hospitals.
F05 Regulatory approval for self-care dialysis (discussion blog)
J30 Incenter 3x/week nocturnal hemodialysis in the news.
J29 Home dialysis in Ontario, Canada in the news
J18 In-center nocturnal dialysis in Colorado in the news.
J03 VA/NIH study of dialysis dose in acute kidney failure published in NEJM
M20 NEJM: Palevsky-VA/NIH study shows that daily HD or more intense CRRT of no benefit in acute kidney injury
M13 NxStage reports that it was able to double number of home dialysis patients in past year.
M07 Incenter nocturnal dialysis offered at FMC Savannah unit in the news.
M05 ASN Renal Week abstract archives 2003-2006 now available on-line in .pdf format.
M01 AAKP urgers Senator Kerry to support pilot home hemodialysis program.
A21 FDA: Guidance issued regarding IDEs for nocturnal hemodialysis.
M03 Despite advantages, home dialysis slow to grow.
F28 Incenter nocturnal dialysis becoming more popular in Florida.
F13 More centers offering 3x/week nocturnal dialysis in-center.
F12 NxStage revenues increase, but so do losses; stock falls on release of quarterly report.
J14 Incenter nocturnal dialysis growing in popularity and in the news.
D08 Nocturnal in-center hemodialysis making news in Seattle.
N01 Redsense medical gets FDA approval to sell blood loss detection device in the U.S.
O29 FDA: New guidance recommendations for medical device tracking.
O23 Renal Solutions gets FDA 510k clearance for advanced sorbent dialysis machine enabling higher dialysate flow rates.
S18 JAMA: Small randomized trial shows benefits of 6x/week nocturnal HD on LV mass.
A30 NxStage to complete acquisition of Medisystems in fourth quarter of 2007.
A29 NxStage recalling leaky dialysis cartridges.
A06 Baxter announces collaboration with Dean Kamen's company DEKA and HHD, LLC to develop home dialysis system
J26 Small, but randomized Canadian trial of nocturnal hemodialysis shows reduction of LVH over 6 month period.
J05 NxStage announces agreement to acquire Medisystems
M15 Spreading viruses as we breathe - another argument for home dialysis?
F20 It's official: dialysis firm Aksys shuts down.
F19 Dialysis at night getting popular
F10 Custom RV (recreational vehicle) lets dialysis patients hit the road.
F08 NxStage shares soar after DaVita buys a 7% stake.
J29 Nephros gets conditional FDA approval to test hemodiafiltration module in the US
J24 Aksys to shut down operations
D19 Wellbound continues to open self-care dialysis centers
D11 Congress votes to increases the dialysate composite rate by 1.6%.
N27 In-center nocturnal dialysis program starts up in Oregon.
N26 HDCN: Search index updated for audiofiles, slide/audio talks, articles, and abstracts
O09 New Zealand patient now 30 years on home hemodialysis.
O05 New calculator up on HDCN to compute the standard Kt'V for 3-7x/week therapies.
O05 Aksys gets delivery of next-generation dialysis machine prototype from the makers of the Segway.
S19 Fresenius-built home dialysis machine alleged to have caused fatal home fire in lawsuit.
S11 Canadian home dialysis patients seek rebate for water, electricity costs.
S07 Traveling Canadian couple outfits RV to do nocturnal hemodialysis on the road.
J28 NxStage reports Q2 results.
J20 FDA concern about Aksys marketing of extended treatment times for its machine.
J16 CARI (Australasian) Clinical Practice Guidelines published (53 free full text review papers!)
J08 Renal Solutions reincarnates a newer, better Redy cartridge system for home and ICU dialysis.
M17 Congress reviews details of proposed daily dialysis bill
M01 500 patients receiving home hemodialysis using NxStage equipment.
A18 3x/;week nocturnal HD catching on in Lafayette.
A13 NxStage tap water purification device gets FDA ok for marketing.
M10 Aksys gets additional investment from Durus Fund
M07 Wellbound expanding network of self-care dialysis units
F02 NxStage treating 292 home dialysis patients as of year-end 2005.
J07 CJASN: Daily hemodialysis - a systematic review
D12 More home dialysis stories in the news.
D08 Aksys to focus on Atlanta, Seattle, and Baltimore of its home dialysis therapy.
D01 NxStage revenues, patient base, increase in 2005.
N23 Baxter to set up home dialysis care centers in India.
N10 Home dialysis in Chicago in the news
N09 The wearable artificial kidney - pie in the sky or pie on the table?
N05 Apollo healthcare offering home HD via both Aksys and NxStage.
N04 Aksys to team up with Dean Kamen's company for next home HD machine.
N02 Renal Solutions sell home dialysis kits in Europe.
O26 ASN Renal Week 2005 abstracts now available on-line.
O26 Aksys announces Q3 earnings conference call.
O24 NxStage home dialysis system in the news.
O17 Home dialysis in the news in the Boston press.
O14 Home nocturnal dialysis improves well-being of teenagers.
O11 NxStage Medical sets number and price of shares for its IPO.
O07 Toronto General rolls out innovative home dialysis telemonitoring system.
O06 Extension cord may have been cause of fatal home dialysis fire.
O06 Number of home hemodialysis patients increases 8-fold in 3 years.
O05 Home dialysis machine may have caused fatal house fire.
S30 Toronto study: Nocturnal HD markedly increases endothelial progenitor cell number.
S21 EDTNA journal club: Venous needle dislodgement during hemodialysis.
A09 Aksys reports second quarter results.
A09 Home dialysis for kids to be tested
J20 JASN early release: Short daily HD lowers LVH by 30%, also CRP.
J20 NxStage medical (maker of home dialysis machine) files for IPO.
J11 With approval of new machines, home dialysis is in the news.
J06 AAKP endorses Grassley-Baucus bill for improved dialysis quality.
J01 More frequent dialysis bill introduced in the U.S. House
J30 New NKF brochure highlights home hemodialysis
J29 NxStage receives FDA clearance for home hemodialysis system.
J27 McGill University starts up nocturnal HD program in Montreal.
M21 Medicare to pay for ESRD telehealth services (pdf).
M09 Dialysis patient goes on home dialysis strike - insists on in-center treatment.
M09 Aksys reports first quarter results.
A18 Kaiser and Wellbound partner to offer home HD and PD.
A04 Buttonhole vascular access information
A02 Home HD Medicare FAQs for medical professionals
A02 Home dialysis: legislative action center
A02 Daily home and nocturnal hemodialysis: patient stories.
A02 Search for a center that does home or nocturnal hemodialsysis.
M25 Nocturnal HD and the FHN study in the news: USA Today
M17 NxStage One home dialysis system being tested in Indiana U.
M14 CMS to pay for 4th treatment for NIDDK sponsored frequent dialysis study pts.
M07 Renal Solutions raises 16.5 M from venture capitalists.
M07 NxStage home dialysis system in the news.
M02 121 patients now being treated on Aksys home HD system
F25 Depressed spouse may act in harmful ways when forced into a caregiver situation.
F24 Aksys funds home dialysis support grant through AAKP.
J18 HDI: Hemodialysis abstractst from Annual Dialysis Conference, 2004.
D28 Nocturnal dialysis for Toronto seniors in the news.
D05 Company in Portland developing new generation of dialysis machines.
O30 ASN: Nocturnal hemodialysis results from Canada very encouraging
O18 CMS trades payment for new technology with requirement for study enrollment
O07 Invitation to participate in new daily/nocturnal HD registry
S30 NxStage medical raises 20 M in private equity financing
S22 Wellbound signs contract with Kaiser to supervise self-care dialysis program
S21 Medical Education Institute launches Home Dialysis Central
A16 Aksys sued over hedge fund buy
A09 Portland-based startup raising funds to develop home dialysis machine
A04 Aksys reports Q2 results
J27 Aksys announces Q2 conference call for August 4th.
J20 Nocturnal dialysis being credited for helping normal pregnancy and delivery
J06 Ontario boosts funding for home health care: 73 M
J13 Patient nocturnal dialysis experiences in the news
M19 Aksys to receive 10 M dollars in additional funding
M19 Dr. Christopher Blagg honored as a 2004 Hero of Healthcare
M19 Dr. Christopher Blagg honored as a 2004 Hero of Healthcare
A28 Aksys reports first quarter results
A27 Renal Solutions raises $5M to help it develop new dialysis machine
A14 Aksys reports on first quarter highlights and updated goals
M29 March Serminars in Dialysis issue focuses on daily HD
M09 Rocco to head up nocturnal arm of NIH more frequent dialysis trial
M02 Prince Edward Island woman fights to stay on home dialysis
F24 Aksys announces settlement of remaining claims against Durus
F18 Aksys conference call next Tuesday, Feb 24th
F02 New portable home dialysis machine under development in Oregon
J29 Aksys reports on growth at investor conference
J27 Aksys founder Rod Kenley rejoins the company as a senior VP
J14 Aksys gets 4.6 million from Durus as settlement for unlawful swing trading claim
N30 Home becomes boy's kidney dialysis unit
N22 Ultrafiltration and Beyond: ISHD symposium, San Antonio, TX; Feb 7th, 2004 (PDF)
N10 RPA: New dialysis doc payment guidelines may hurt home, rural patients (PDF)
N06 Aksys reports Q3 results
O28 Renal Research Institute awarded 1/3 Clinical Centers to study more frequent HD
O20 Aksys to hold conference call Tuesday, Oct 21 about 2004 guidance
O20 Aksys signs agreement with Gambro to place the PHD machine in US Gambro units
O01 Hedge fund holdings continue to affect price of Aksys stock
S10 Renal Care Group sets up home dialysis in Anchorage, Alaska
S01 Nurse with ESRD lobbies Washington for Daily Dialysis Quality Act
A27 More hemodialysis to be done at home in Vancouver
A06 Aksys reports Q2 results
A05 Aksys files suit against Durus capital management
J30 NY Times: Aksys stock investor says he bought stock by mistake
J30 Aksys Q2 conference call Aug 6th at 11:00 AM EST
J25 Investor group now controls 2/3 of outstanding Aksys stock; share price plunges
J25 Investor group buys up 20% of Aksys; motives uncertain
J07 Renal Solutions raises venture capital for sorbent dialysis machine
J01 Aksys announces common stock offering
J01 AJKD supplement: Quotidian/nocturnal hemodialysis
M29 Illinois home HD patients dies while on the machine
A02 Blagg, Lockridge urge write-in support for HR1004 home dialysis bill
M11 Buoncristiani slide presentation on short daily HD
M02 Home, daily and nocturnal dialysis growing in popularity
F13 Aksys ships 12 PHD machines in 4th quarter 2002
J30 AKSYS machine sales starting to take off
J27 Aksys to present to venture capital group; webcast on January 30th
D14 NDT editorial: Aksys PHD system
D14 NDT editorial: Frequent nocturnal hemodialysis
D14 RFA for short daily or nocturnal dialysis issued by NIH-NIDDK
D03 Aksys home dialysis machine being evalutated in the UK
N18 Fresenius enters home hemodialysis market in India
N13 Canada's British Columbia piloting nocturnal home hemodialysis
O16 Aksys reports Q3 results; Has begun to sell its machines
O07 Home dialysis supported in England
O07 Aksys wins approval to sell its machine in Europe
A07 CMS to allow increased reimbursement for placement of Vasca-type accesses
J30 Aksys to report Q2 results July 30th (today)
J03 Research irregularities alleged in NEJM daily dialysis study (English)
J03 Research irregularities alleged in NEJM daily dialysis study (German, English to follow)
M13 Aksys raises 18 million in private placement
M05 Blagg and Lockridge issue appeal to prevent funding reduction for home dialysis
M27 Aksys home dialysis system approved by the FDA
F23 Interview with Dr. Lindsay about daily HD
F13 Aksys reports Q4 results
J30 Daily dialysis results in higher survival in acute renal failure
O16 ASN/ISN: Nocturnal dialysis has beneficial effects on LVH, blood pressure