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HDCN News Archive -- Diabetes
Feb14 Semaglutide shown to effect substantial weight loss in obese persons.
Jul09 Predicing serum K from the EKG trace measured by an Apple watch.
May09 Fournier gangrene of the genitals linked to SGLT2 inhibitor drugs
Jun12 Pharmacologic approach to weight loss that prevents food absorption.
Aug10 Immunotherapy may arrest damage of beta cells in type 1 diabetes.
May24 CRIC study shows a high urinary sodium excretion in CKD linked to higher CV risk.
Apr27 Tetraspanin-7 as an antibody target for type 1 diabete
Dec29 Novel methods to ensure viability of pancreatic islet cells for transplantation.
Dec29 Interleukin-17A may prevent and even reverse diabetic kidney injury.
Dec26 FGF21 suppresses cravings for sweets.
Dec14 Even more news on the new HDCN Facebook page!
Dec14 Some drugs cause weight gain by alterations in the gut microbiome.
Nov30 Combining fasting blood sugar with HbA1c best for detecting prediabetes.
Nov28 Immunotherapy for T1D focusing on regulatory T-cells shows promise.
Nov10 L-DOPA may delay onset of age-related macular degeneration by 8 years.
Sep25 Giving BP meds at bedtime particularly effective in lowering diabetes risk
Sep17 Empagliflozin use in diabetes associated with large reduction in CV risk.
Aug27 FDA approves 2nd PCSK9 inhibitor, Repatha, to lower LDL cholesterol
Aug14 Google partnering with Dexcom in continuous glucose monitoring device.
Jul08 Valsartan combined with sacubitril (neprilysin inhibitor) improves heart failure patient survival.
Apr23 Long coding RNA found that regulates brown fat production
Apr21 Subcutaneous islet cell transplantation holds promise
Feb21 US Government radically changing dietary advice
Feb05 Rapid and unexpected weight gain after fecal transplant
Jan09 Monthly dose of PCSK9 inhibitor lowers serum cholesterol
Oct12 Harvard scientists produce insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells on a large scale.
May29 Samsung plans to open source digital health gadgets.
May07 FDA and the Heart Association and other agencies fight over aspirin
Apr22 Have we found the cure for atherosclerosis? D-PDMP a potential candidate.
Apr22 New test detects diabetic retinopathy at an early stage.
Apr16 Diabetes complication rate in the U.S. shows a sharp decline.
Apr15 Chromium supplements of no benefit in lowering blood sugar
Mar29 Evolocumab lowers LDL cholesterol by more than 50% (NEJM)
Mar29 New class of anticholesterol drugs lowers LDL by 50%
Mar13 Smartphones used to take images of the eye for sharing with health providers.
Mar02 Rare gene deletion that protects the obses against type 2 diabetes identified.
Jan17 Google's smart contact lens project to be piloted to monitor blood sugar levels.
Jan14 New device informs treatment of sleep apnea.
Dec23 Portable retinal scanner developed for early detection of eye disease.
Nov25 FDA removes certain restrictions from Avandia.
Sep25 Melatonin stimulates brown fat formation.
Sep18 Toronto study suggests that CABG is better than stent for diabetic patients.
Sep02 Study of saxagliptin for diabetes shows no increase in heart attack risk.
Aug13 Scientific American reviews the evidence against fructose, and finds little.
Jul05 Salsalate lowers blood glucose in type 2 diabetes.
Jul05 DHA (in fish oil) reduces inflammation via maresin in macrophages.
Jul05 Blocking CD36 might affect inflammation-induced atherosclerosis
Jun26 Reverse DNA vaccine improves pancreatic function in type 1 diabetes.
Jun25 NEJM: Intentional weight loss in overweight type 2 diabetic subjects shows no benefit on death or CV endpoints.
Apr26 Betatrophin may markedly increase insulin production in diabetes.
Mar17 Olive oil plus yogurt combo most effective in achieving satiety.
Feb16 Dogs cured of type 1 diabetes by gene therapy.
Feb16 Off-patent generic drug amlexanox may beneficially affect diabetes.
Jan21 Regular aspirin use associated with risk of age-related neovascular macular degeneration.
Dec06 Aspirin tablet coatings may give rise to aspirin pseudoresistance.
Nov05 NEJM: Coronary revascularization better than percutaneous procedures for diabetic patients.
Nov05 Nabilone shows benefits in managing pain of diabetic neuropathy.
Oct19 Daily vibration combats prediabets in young mice.
Oct09 Bariatric surgery gives disappointing results in terms of sleep apnea.
Oct04 Cost-efficacy of diabetes screening called into question.
Sep19 Compound found in purple corn reduces macrophage activation in diabetic nephropathy in mice.
Sep19 Oral insulin use delays appearance of type 1 diabetes.
Sep07 Miniature glucose sensor may eliminate the need for needlesticks.
Aug09 Thinner diabetics face higher death rate.
Aug09 Do neutrophils mediate insulin resistance in obesity?
Aug07 Is there an obesity paradox in diabetes?
Jul23 Higher serum bicarbonate associated with lower type 2 diabetes risk in Nurses Health Study.
Jul21 New body shape index, based on height, BMI, and waist circumference, predicts mortality risk.
Jul18 FDA approves second diet drug within a month.
Jul12 Circadian clock cryptochromes tied to development of type 2 diabetes.
Jul12 Cucurmin reduces incidence of type 2 diabetes in randomized control trial.
Jul05 Short course of immunotherapy reverses type 1 diabetes in mice.
Jul05 Metformin may boost brain function via stimulation of new neuron formation.
Jun20 Intestinal bacteria secrete neurotransmitters (GABA) that may play a role in inflammation.
Jun13 Study of childhood type 2 diabetes reports unusually high incidence.
Jun13 Thiazolidinedione use may increase risk of macular edema.
Jun07 Why exercise has a beneficial effect on neuropathic pain.
Jun01 Actos (pioglitazone) and bladder cancer risk: tempest in a pee-pot?
Jun01 Study vindicates Atkins type diet in terms of kidney function.
May29 Intensive glucose control in diabetes does not retard CKD progression (meta-analysis).
May14 Another study shows potential benefits of a higher fat diet in diabetic patients.
May01 Diabetes per se may not be a risk factor for contrast nephropathy.
Apr26 FDA issues safety warning about using aliskiren plus an ACEI or ARB in diabetes or CKD.
Apr10 Higher blood glucose levels may benefit heart failure patients.
Apr05 DXA scans suggest that BMI markedly underdiagnoses obesity prevalence in the U.S.
Apr05 As yet unidentified factor from fat stem cells can markedly increase glucose uptake in muscle.
Apr05 Salivary amylase levels determine blood glucose response to starchy food ingestion.
Mar13 Mouse intestinal cells induced to secrete insulin, resulting in possible cure for type 1 diabetes.
Mar08 FDA considering making many drugs over the counter.
Mar08 New class of drugs can reverse fibrosis in injured and diabetes-afflicted kidneys.
Feb26 Takeda's GP40 agonist drug lowers blood sugar in type 2 diabetes without hypoglycemia risk.
Feb22 FDA advisory panel votes to approve weight loss drug Qnexa (phentermine/topiramate)
Feb21 Link between polyneuropathy and prediabetes questioned.
Feb21 Annals review of controlled feeding trials debunks idea that fructose leads to obesity.
Feb18 New link identified between insulin resistance ant gut inflammation via fatty acid synthase.
Feb07 Is obesity and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease contagious?
Feb07 Taste receptor type cells in the pancreas release insulin in response to fructose.
Jan18 Mechanism of anticancer effect of metformin explained.
Jan12 What is irisin and how does it regulate brown fat tissue?
Dec06 Rotating night shift work increases risk of type 2 diabetes in women.
Nov16 Niacin may not improve hard outcomes.
Nov09 Tear drops as useful as blood for monitoring blood glucose levels (in rabbits).
Nov09 Potassium channels in the hypothalamus linked to blood glucose control.
Oct31 Extracorporeal shock wave therapy gives encouraging results in male impotence.
Oct28 Sulodexide fails to show benefit in diabetic kidney disease in large trial.
Oct14 ASN Renal Week 2011 abstracts now available.
Oct14 Bacteria-derived bile acids linked to efficacy of statins.
Oct06 Diabetic rats cured with their own stem cells
Sep18 Risk of pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer with sitagliptin and exenatide highlighted.
Sep15 ADVANCE trial results suggest that intensive glucose control slows progression to ESRD in diabetic patients.
Sep07 CDP138 protein involved in insulin-stimulated insertion of GLUT4 into cell membrane.
Aug30 Weight-loss simulatino tool allows prediction of efficacy of dietary interventions for obesity.
Aug23 New computed tomography heart scan exposes patients to 90% less radiation.
Aug19 Sirtuin activating drug prolongs lifespan in obese mice by 45%
Jul23 Metformin can reduce risk of polycystic ovary syndrome in susceptible young girls.
Jul21 FDA panel votes against dapagliflozin, casting doubt over the drug class of SGLT2 inhibitors.
Jul15 European studies find few benefits of near-normalization of blood glucose in type 2 diabetes.
Jul12 Eating tree nuts helps diabetic patients lower HbA1c levels.
Jul01 New class of antiangiogenesis drugs discovered from South American tree.
Jun28 Visceral fat decreased by increased intake of soluble fiber and exercise.
Jun28 NEJM: Bardoxolone methyl improves kidney function in type 2 diabetic patients.
Jun25 ADA Scientifc Sessions, June 2011. Home page and daily newsletter.
Jun25 American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions - abstracts online
Jun25 BCG vaccine and the spleen: Both involved in a potential cure for type 1 diabetes?
Jun24 Eight week diet of 600 kcal/day can reverse early type 2 diabetes
Jun16 FDA Medwatch: Ongoing safety review in progress re pioglitazone and possible bladder cancer risk.
Jun13 FDA Medwatch: Risk of thyroid calcitonin tumors (in rodents) and pancreatitis with liraglutide.
Jun10 France and Germany suspend approval for pioglitazone due to bladder cancer risk question; other countries not yet.
Jun10 Inhibition of insulin degrading enzyme may help control type 2 diabetes.
Jun07 Gene therapy reverses type 1 diabetes in mice.
May19 Avandia (rosiglitazone) REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy) document.
May19 More on Avandia action by the FDA
May19 FDA pulls Avandia (rosiglitazone) from retail pharmacy shelves.
May17 FDA advisory panel will convene to reconsider approval of fenofibrate
May16 KLF14 gene may be a regulator of body fat, obesity, and cholesterol.
May03 Sodium retention action of thiazolidinediones linked to increased proximal tubular absorption.
May03 Link to EPOGH study in JAMA on urinary sodium and CV death risk.
Apr29 Review of non-nutritive sweetners from the Diabetes Care journal
Apr29 Avastatin equivalent to Lucentis for treating wet macular degeneration, but much cheaper.
Apr28 Vitamin E helps reduce nonalcoholic fatty liver more than metformin in diabetic kids.
Apr22 Ketogenic diet reverses diabetic nephropathy in mice.
Apr22 Pirfenidone gives promising results in treating diabetic nephropathy.
Apr19 A mother's diet during pregnancy can alter a baby's DNA.
Apr15 Apparent link between diabetes and diet soda may be confounding by indication.
Apr12 Am Acad Neurol issues guidelines regarding treatment of diabetic nerve pain.
Apr07 Ciliary neurotropic factor delivered by encapsulated cells may help age-related macular degeneration
Mar29 Very high fish oil consumption may protect obese persons from inflammatory-related complications.
Mar29 Phase 1 safety trials for begin for deuterium-based drug targeting diabetic kidney disease.
Mar29 Nicotine found to increase blood levels of HbA1c in diabetic patients.
Mar24 Blood levels of 5 metabolites can predict subsequent development of type 2 diabetes
Mar24 Ok, you know about FGF23. But FGF19 may be even more important in glucose metabolism.
Mar24 NEJM: Pioglitazone lowers (by 72%) the risk of progression of impaired glucose tolerance to type 2 diabetes
Mar15 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 linkes to apple vs. pear-shaped phenotype.
Mar15 Testing tears for glucose content may be alternative to skin-prick monitoring.
Mar15 Snapin protein found to control insulin release from pancreatic beta cells.
Mar12 Endothelin-A antagonist atrasentan reduces UACR in diabetics in small phase 2 study.
Mar12 Disruption of circadian cycle can lead to fatty liver.
Mar02 New analysis of ACCORD study finds increased mortality with tight glucose control.
Mar02 Higher diabetes risk in African Americans linked to lower serum potassium levels
Feb28 Gut bacteria can affect hepatic lipid metabolism
Feb24 Dietary sodium has a U-shaped association with CKD progression in type 1 diabetes
Feb24 FDA approves saxagliptin (Onglyza) labeling to include patients with CKD
Feb24 Missing sugar molecule raises diabetes risk in humans
Feb16 Metformin for CKD? A contrarian point of view.
Feb07 Pivotal discoveries in age-related macular degeneration.
Feb01 Specific populations of bacteria in the gut linked to fatty liver.
Jan31 New USDA sodium guidelines recommend sodium intake < 1.5 g/day for individuals with CKD, HTN, or DMj
Jan27 Who needs insulin? UT Southwestern study shows that without glucagon, insulin may not be that important.
Jan23 Ain't necessarily so: Why are people in developed countries obese, again?
Jan21 Inhaled insulin fails to get FDA approval; 2 additional studies were requested.
Jan15 National Library of Medicine's Daily Med website for quick access to drug package inserts.
Jan14 Coffee, sex (hormones), and diabetes...
Jan11 New obesity drug shows stunning rate of weight loss in pilot study.
Dec22 Metreleptin a promising new treatment for type 1 diabetes.
Dec21 Ain't necessarily so dept: Whole fat dairy product fatty acid associated with lower risk of type 2 diabetes.
Dec16 Seaweed-coated pig islet cell transplantation approved to treat type 1 diabetes in Russia.
Nov30 M3 muscarinic receptor on pancreatic beta cells key to insulin release.
Nov08 Rush to judgement? Rosiglitazone not linked to heart events in BARI 2D
Nov08 Pentazocine stabilizes retina in a mouse model of diabetes.
Nov02 MMWR: Diabetes accounts for 44% of new cases of ESRD.
Nov02 Inhaled steroids increase diabetes risk.
Nov02 New liver hormone linked to selenoprotein P associated with insulin resistance.
Oct28 MMWR: Diabetes rates up, but incidence of ESRD due to diabetes is down.
Oct27 Drinking sugary beverages markedly increases risk of diabetes.
Oct25 Diabetics resistant to diabetic retinopathy have low levels of tyrosine phosphatase SHP-1
Oct18 Fenretinide reduces the risk of transformation of dry to wet macular degeneration.
Oct15 NEJM: Regulatory action on rosiglitazone by the FDA.
Oct15 Not-for-profit TOPS weight loss program found to be effective.
Oct09 Abbott removes weight loss drug Meridia (sibutramine) due to stroke and heart disease risk.
Sep30 Strong link found between diabetes and air pollution.
Sep25 Increased magnesium intake associated with a lower incidence of diabetes
Sep23 FDA says, US patients will only be allowed to take rosiglitazone if they are unable to take pioglitazone.
Sep23 FDA to limit patient access to rosiglitazone (Avandia)
Sep23 European Medicines Agency recommends that Avandia (rosiglitazone) be banned from the European market.
Sep10 University of Kansas researchers develop compound that reverses diabetic neuropathy in mice.
Sep08 Long-term weight loss may increase blood levels of fat-soluble organic pollutants.
Sep07 Vegetable-based low-carbohydrate diets better than those rich in animal protein
Sep03 Fish oils inactivate inflammatory effects of macrophages present around fat cells
Sep02 NEJM: Increased cardiovascular risk from weight loss drug sibutramine.
Aug26 Analysis of large claims-based dataset suggests heart risks for rosiglitazone and pioglitazone are similar.
Aug26 Naringenin from grapefruits shows promise as a treament for type 2 diabetes
Aug24 Randomized trial shows that drinking water before a meal reduces calorie consumption.
Aug17 Bariatric surgery markedly improves type 2 diabetes
Aug02 Low carb diet boosts HDL cholesterol more than low fat diet over 2-year period.
Jul22 Osteocalcin and bone intimately involved in diabetes and insulin action.
Jul21 FDA freezes enrollment in pioglitazone vs. rosiglitazone safety study.
Jul21 Glitazones act NOT as PPAR-gamma agonists, but by blocking PPAR phosphorylation by ckd5.
Jul20 Inhaled insulin comes one step closer to FDA approval.
Jul15 FDA review panel shows mixed opinions about whether Avandia should be withdrawn from sale.
Jul15 ACCORD (NEJM): HbA1c target < 6% and combo statin/fenofibrate Rx better for retinopathy.
Jul12 Fatty acid elongase cures type 2 diabetes in mice.
Jul09 More on the FDA and Avandia (rosiglitazone) safety issues.
Jul08 Rosiglitazone safety issues continue to be unresolved. FDA to reveal new data tomorrow.
Jul08 What is oh-GLICK-nack-ase and why is it important?
Jul06 Got a thick neck? Might not be so good if you're a child.
Jul06 Obesity-induced inflammation linked to !L-6 generation via adipocyte PCK-zeta.
Jul06 INVEST study published in JAMA: No benefit of targeting BP < 130/80 in diabetics vs. 130-140
Jul02 Honey as a topical antibiotic explained.
Jun29 Can't decide if rosiglitazone is safe for the heart? Ask Consumer Reports.
Jun29 Video presentation summary of ACCORD trial results.
Jun29 New study shows no increased cardiovascular risk due to rosiglitazone.
Jun29 ACCORD trial results with HbA1C < 6% show some benefits, some risks.
Jun29 ACCORD trial shows eye benefits of intensive glucose control and of statin+fibrate therapy.
Jun29 American Diabetes Association 2010 meeting abstracts
Jun22 ENDO 2010 "abstracts 2 view"
Jun22 Daily new reports of ENDO 2010 meeting
Jun22 Cutting carbs more effective than low-fat diet in insulin-resistant women.
Jun17 Once-weekly exenatide controls weight and HbA1c in DURATION-4 study.
Jun17 Has the cause of type 1 diabetes been found?
Jun15 Hemoglobin A1c levels slightly higher in African Americans.
Jun10 Allopurinol markedly slows progression of CKD in small randomized trial.
Jun02 World-wide standardization for HbA1c is in the works.
Jun02 Nicer than needles: insulin pills for diabetics in clinical trials.
May26 Enterovirus gene fragments found in 83% of kids with type 1 diabetes.
May21 Weekly GLP-1 mimetics soon to be available for diabetics.
May21 Long-term metformin use linked to vitamin B12 deficiency
May21 Nanotech breath sensor for acetone detects type 1 diabetes.
May12 Gum disease treatment may help glucose control in patients with diabetes
May05 A single sleepless night can induce insulin resistance in healthies.
Apr30 NEJM: Vitamin E good for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)
Apr28 Eating hot peppers significantly increases (doubles) post-prandial energy expenditure as well as fat oxidation.
Apr28 RCT shows that high-dose B vitamins associated with increased risk of progression and CV events in diabetics.
Apr15 Premeal ingestion of whey protein suppresses food intake and post-prandial insulin.
Apr14 New artificial pancreas pump infusing both insulin and glucagon controls blood sugar better.
Apr11 Nanovaccine stops type 1 diabetes from developing in mice.
Mar24 Diabetes and prediabetes at epidemic proportions (240 million !) in China
Mar23 Utility of metabolic syndrome as a clinical tool debated in Diabetologia journal.
Mar23 High-fructose corn syrup associated with liver scarring in patients with NAFLD.
Mar22 High fructose corn syrup = table sugar in terms of fructose content, but not in terms of obesity.
Mar15 Valsartan and nateglitidine of no use in reducing CV death in prediabetics.
Mar15 ACCORD trial combination fibrate plus statin results (NEJM, pdf)
Mar15 ACCORD trial lower BP target results (NEJM, .pdf)
Mar15 ACCORD trial results released at ACC: BP lower than 120 or addition of fibrates have no benefit in diabetics.
Mar12 Early initiation of metformin in type 2 diabetes may have advantages.
Mar04 Pycnogenol (pine bark extract) reduces kidney damage in hypertension.
Mar04 NEJM: Glycated hemoglobin linked to CV death risk in nondiabetic adults.
Feb23 AHA/ACC issue Science Advisory re heart risk and thiazolidinedione drugs.
Feb17 Dr. R.H. Lustig on fructose, obesity, and metabolic syndrome (90 min talk)
Feb16 Something fishy about metformin
Feb11 GLP-1 analogue designed to be taken weekly shows promising results in diabetics.
Feb10 Statins associated with a 40% reduction in risk of cataracts
Feb10 Thiazolidinediones increase fracture risk in observational study.
Jan29 Overweight elderly live longer.
Jan26 AJKD: Comments on AURORA study results on use of statins in CKD patients.
Jan21 New sensor can measure glucose in exhaled breath
Jan13 Sophisticated insulin pump prototype in development for type 1 diabetes mellitus
Jan11 CV and kidney progression risk tied to proteinuria may be affected by race.
Jan07 UCLA study shows metformin to be safe in patients with diabetes and advanced heart failure.
Jan06 Candesartan prevents proliferative gene profile in diabetic eye disease.
Dec29 Risk of ESRD in diabetics has been decreasing by 4% per year since 1996.
Dec29 Am Diabetes Assoc promoted increased use of Hb A1C to diagnose diabetes.
Dec23 Intestinal liner to treat type 2 diabetes and obesity approved for sale in Europe.
Dec09 Australia lifts ban on xenotransplantation.
Nov27 Diabetes expected to double, costs to triple, by 2034 in the United States.
Nov26 Rituximab helps preserve beta cell function in patients with early type 1 diabetes.
Nov25 Feeding time a major factor on gene induction circadian variability
Nov24 Diabetics show alarming increase in morbid obesity
Nov24 CDC issues prevalence maps by county for obesity and diabetes
Nov18 Niacin plus statin no better than niacin alone in elderly patients with CAD.
Nov14 Excessive ingestion of selenium supplements can increase cholesterol by 10%
Nov14 Getting fat recently? Maybe too many Firmicutes bacteria in your gut.
Nov05 Glucose may have a life-shortening effect in worms (and maybe humans).
Nov04 Wolfing down food may be one reason people are getting fat.
Nov04 Steamed food diet may be best for CKD patients due to lower AGE content.
Nov03 FDA warns about adverse renal effects of Byetta (exenatide)
Oct07 Cytochrome P450 gene variants markedly influence response to sulfonylureas in diabetics.
Oct01 JASN: Pioglitazone prevents age-related decline in renal morphology and function.
Sep25 Januvia (sitagliptin) linked to increased pancreatitis risk
Sep24 200g/day fructose supplement increases systolic BP by 6 mm Hg, prevented by allopurinol.
Sep24 AJKD issues containing KDOQI guidelines now freely available as .pdf files
Sep18 Metformin or insulin do not lower levels of inflammatory markers in diabetics.
Aug28 New gene controlling formation of adipocytes identified.
Aug28 Mildly heated high-fructose corn syrup generates undesirable chemical compounds.
Aug24 Mice eating a low-carb diet show increased atherosclerosis and decreases in vascular progenitor cells.
Aug24 Is reduction in liver fat the key to the benefits of an alternate-day diet?
Aug24 FDA announces ongoing monitoring of liver injury associated with Orlistat.
Aug24 American Heart Association recommends limiting intake of foods with added sugars.
Aug21 Seasonal variation in amount of brown adipose tissue linked to amount of daylight exposure.
Aug20 Half of type 1 diabetics manifest abnormal immune response to wheat proteins.
Aug19 Heart failure risk with rosiglitazone double that with pioglitazone.
Aug13 Toray develops insulin nasal spray.
Aug13 FDA warns on certain glucose test strips due to interfering sugars.
Aug12 Carnitine supplements improve glucose tolerance in obese rats.
Aug11 Anti-RAS drug restores insulin production in animal model of diabetes.
Aug03 Metformin reduces risk of pancreatic cancer by 60%.
Jul31 FDA approves saxagliptin for use in type 2 diabetes.
Jul31 Avasting (bevacizumab) may be potent treatment for diabetic macular edema.
Jul31 Cataract surgery accelerates diabetic retinopathy.
Jul28 How do drugs like cromolyn that affect mast cells affect adipocytes and metabolic syndrome?
Jul28 Deferoxamine to treat diabetic foot ulcers? In mice, yes.
Jul28 Follow-up of DCCT trial shows 50% lower complications in tight glucose control group.
Jul23 Clinical trial of injecting pig insulin-producing cells into humans begins.
Jul21 In diabetics with heart failure, HbA1c levels of 7.1 to 7.8 at lowest risk of death; tighter control bad.
Jul13 Citrus-derived flavonoid prevents obesity and metabolic syndrome in mice.
Jul08 Is PEDF "the" link between obesity and type 2 diabetes?
Jul07 Safflower oil or CLA supplements lower truncal or total body fat in diabetic women
Jul06 Laser therapy offers a breakthrough in prevention and treatment of early macular degeneration.
Jul02 Newspaper comic strip to target diabetes awareness among Hispanics.
Jul02 U.S. obesity problem intensifies.
Jul02 FDA reviewing safety data for Lantus (insulin glargine) in view of reports of increased cancer risk.
Jul02 Enalapril or losartan markedly slow progression of eye damage in type 1 diabetics.
Jun24 Analysis of large number of bariatric surgery patients shows the procedure to be relatively safe.
Jun19 Inhibition of sirtuin gene by antisense technology improves diabetes in an animal model.
Jun19 Clopidogrel may increase risk of death in patients with diabetic nephropathy.
Jun13 Higher vitamin D levels associated with successful weight loss in obese subjects on a diet.
Jun13 Endocrine Society 2009 meeting (June 10-13) abstracts on-line.
Jun05 ADA Scientific Sessions 2009: Late-breaking abstracts handout
Jun05 ADA 2009 Scientific Sessions newsletter: Preview Edition
Jun05 American Diabetes Association 69th Sessions 2009 in New Orleans (home page)
May30 Continuous glucose monitoring in diabetes: Free journal supplement (17 articles)
May25 Search all abstracts from the World Congress of Nephrology 2009
May22 Fenofibrate reduces amputation risk in diabetics.
May15 Use of CT angiography in the emergency room to help diagnose chest pain found to be cost-effective.
May15 High triglyceride levels associated with diabetic neuropathy
May15 Metformin shown to act directly via CBP glucose-regulating protein in the liver.
May11 Vitamins C and E block improvement of insulin sensitivity with exercise.
May08 CJASN early release: Risk of hypoglycemia doubled in diabetic patients with CKD.
May08 Combining dieting with exercise while standing/sitting/kneeling on a vibration plate machine lowers abdominal fat.
Apr30 Januvia (sitagliptin) pancreatitis risk suggests potential drug class effect on the pancreas for GLP-1 enhancers.
Apr23 Mitochondrial peptide Humanin (HN) strongly affects insulin sensitivity.
Apr23 Low-sodium vegetable juice may help reduce body fat in patients with metabolic syndrome.
Apr22 Alzheimer beta-amyloid can be degraded, and some drugs can increase breakdown rate 7-fold.
Apr18 New stem cell treatment for age-related macular degeneration in development.
Apr16 Heart risk in diabetics may be exaggerated.
Apr12 CXCL5, secreted by white adipose tissue, may be the link between obesity and inflammation and insulin resistance.
Apr12 Eccentric viewing techniques help some patients with age-related macular degeneration read.
Apr11 Three papers on brown adipose tissue in this week's NEJM.
Apr11 One thousand 2007-2009 audiofiles and slide/audio talks added to HDCN's 20 topic-related channels.
A09 Joslin study shows adults have more brown fat than previously thought.
A09 TGF-beta a good guy in maintaining integrity of retinal blood vessels.
A09 Why premature application of guidelines may be dangerous
A07 Chemokine CXCL5, produced by fat cells, linked to inflammation and insulin resistance.
A06 Chlorthalidone increases SNS activity, spironolactone does not
A02 Consumpton of sugary beverages associated with weight loss or weight gain.
A02 Glitazones linked to diabetic macular edema
M30 Lipoic acid supplements markedly lower triglycerides in an animal model.
M30 AURORA study confirms the 4D study: Statins of no benefit in dialysis patients.
M29 Link to slide/audio and audio symposia on HDCN
M25 Synsepalum dulcificum berry turns sour taste to sweet temporarily. May increase appetite in chronically ill.
M22 FDA cautions of hepatitis, other infectious disease, risk from sharing insulin pens
M19 DNA-dependent protein kinase of key importance in metabolic regulation, esp. fat synthesis from CHO.
M12 HDL levels and glucose sensitivity linked to neck circumference.
M12 Low serum 25,D levels associated with higher BP and metabolic syndrome in teenagers.
M06 Signs of enterovirus found in pancreases of 60% of children with type 1 diabetes, but rarely in controls.
M04 Night shift work adversely affects leptin levels and insulin resistance.
M03 PGC-1b gene knockout prevents fructose-fed mice from developing insulin resistance.
F27 FDA warns of tardive dyskinesia risk with Reglan (metoclopramide)
F25 NEJM: Randomized trial of 4 different diets (low fat, low CHO, etc.) fails to find a single winner.
F20 Avosentan cuts urinary albumin excretion in diabetics.
F17 CMS to cover bariatric surgery in obese type 2 diabetics.
F13 Fructose-sweetened drinks increase postprandial serum triglycerides more than when glucose is used.
F13 New tattoo ink changes color according to glucose level; could be used to monitor blood sugar in diabetics.
F10 Vigorous exercise (running) may reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration.
F09 LSR, lipolysis-stimulated lipoprotein receptor, found to be deranged in type 2 diabetes with obesity.
F04 Arginine discovery may help fight human obesity.
F03 Short-term growth hormone treatment attenuates muscle loss after bariatric surgery.
J28 Four 30-second sprints on an exercise bicycle 3/week improve insulin effect - muscle glycogen depletion?
J20 Low carb diet lowers liver fat better than standard low calorie diet
J19 Three new genes linked to childhood obesity identified.
J17 Diabetes cure in 5 years? These genetically-altered pigs could be the answer.
J16 Mutations in gene regulating melatonin-mediated insulin secretion increase type 2 diabetes risk
J13 Human beta cells can easily be induced to replicate.
J10 Latest U.S. survey shows 1/3 obese, 1/3 overweight.
J09 Human insulin produced by genetically modified safflower plants ready for testing.
J07 Atkins-style low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet superior in controlling blood glucose in type 2 diabetics.
J01 New Year's Resolution? Quit smoking. American Lung Association support info.
J01 Cognitive decline associated with aging linked to higher blood glucose levels in nondiabetics.
D23 Thiazolidinediones associated with higher fracture risk in diabetic women.
D19 Hexokinase-1 gene variations associated with HbA1c levels
D19 Low glycemic index diet improves lipid profile in diabetics
D18 FDA raises the bar for new diabetes drugs
D17 Longitudinal study shows infants and children who will later develop type 1 diabetes exhibit prior metabolic abnormalities.
D15 Lithonia, GA school sugar-free for 10 years with positive results.
D15 Coke to market a new soft drink sweetened with stevia. Pepsi waiting for the FDA.
D14 Study in the Amish links APOC3 gene mutation, triglycerides, and resistance to heart disease.
D11 Fructose metabolism engages the liver in complex and possibly not beneficial ways.
D11 CJASN: Rosiglitazone may benefit patient with FSGS
D11 NEJM: Type 1 diabetes and celiac disease may share a common immunologic mechanism.
D11 Low carbohydrate diets affect cognition skills.
D11 Studies in animals confirm addictive properties of sugar.
D11 Glitazones lower bone density substantially in women but not in men.
D09 Hapless roundworms that don't dauer well yield clues about a fat-burning enzyme
D04 Liver fat, rather than abdominal fat or shape, may be main cardiovascular risk.
D02 Depression increases risk of subsequent visceral fat gain in longitudinal study.
N27 Mechanism of how the brain senses fatty foods identified.
N26 Vitamin K deficiency linked to insulin resistance in older men
N18 Anticancer drugs sunitinib and imatinib cause remission of type 1 diabetes in mice.
N09 Rosuvastatin given to patients with normal cholesterol levels but high CRPs markedly lowers CV risk.
N07 Covidien recalls miscalibrated insulin syringes (overdose risk!) sold at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club.
N04 Intraocular anti-VEGF drugs to treat retinal proliferative disoders may have a dark side.
N04 New SIRT1 activating drug may protect against diet-induced obesity.
N04 Incidence of proteinuria reduced in those diabeics who eat fish at least once a week.
O30 CDC issues new count of diabetes in the U.S. by state. Overall rate nearly doubles.
O30 Alpha-1-antitrypsin treatment improves success rate of pancreatic islet cell transplants.
O29 Animal studies suggest potential benefits of drug holiday for patients taking sulfonylureas.
O27 Costs of treating diabetes has nearly doubled in past 7 years.
O27 Pentoxifylline lowers proteinuria alone or in addition to an ACE inhibitor.
O23 European watchdog agency suggests not using diet drug rimonabant due to depression side effects.
O23 New diet drug tesofensine appears to be remarkably effective.
O22 Japanese study finds that eating quickly doubles risk of obesity.
O17 Risk/benefit ratio of preventive use of aspirin in diabetic patients called into question.
O16 Fructose feeding induces high triglycerides and leptin resistance in rats.
O14 Alpha-1-antitrypsin therapy expands beta-cell populations in the pancreas of mice with a model of type 1 diabetes.
O13 A series of abstracts presented at CRF meeting suggesting that triple anti-platelet therapy (adding cilostazol) improved outcomes.
O09 New physical activity guidelies: 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 times per week;
O08 10-year follow-up shows prolonged benefits of tight glucose control with sulfonylurea or metformin in UKPDS
O07 Study illustrates importance of inflammatory macrophages in obesity; insulin resistance reversed by killing these cells.
O07 One mechanism whereby ingestion of fatty foods (but not carbs or protein) can suppress hunger identified : OEA.
O07 Gut bacteria may protect mice against type 1 diabetes, other autoimmune disorders.
O06 Just one session of exercise improves metabolic health in insulin-resistant obese subjects.
O06 Adipocyte precursor cells identified, opening up a new area of obesity research.
S26 Aptly named horny goat weed found to be a source of specific phosphodiesterase inhibitors.
S25 Diabetic gastroparesis in mice reversed by restoring defective hemo oxygenase production.
S25 Pentazocine appears to dramatically prevent diabetic retinal damage in mice.
S22 Exercise program cuts liver fat by 40% in type 2 diabetics.
S22 6 months of caloric restriction and 10% body weight loss does not cause young overweight adults to lose bone.
S18 Thin men more vulnerable to osteoporosis.
S16 NHANES data analysis links elevated urine bisphenol levels to diabetes, cardiovascular disease.
S16 Chamomile tea cuts diabetes complications (in rats)
S10 Pentazocine shows encouraging results in a mouse model of diabetic retinopathy.
S10 NEJM early release: Benefits of tight glucose control persist in type 2 DM at 10 years
S10 NEJM early release: Tight BP control has to be continued in type 2 diabetics; otherwise benefits are not maintained.
S08 Once-a-week sustained release exenatide lowers HbA1c better than twice daily shots.
S05 Photographing what they eat helps dieters stick to weight-loss plans and identifies bingeing.
S02 TORC gene linked to both appetite regulation and fertility
A29 Singh and Furberg editorialize against use of thiazolidinediones due to CV risk and lack of CV benefit.
A29 Pancreatic exocrine cells reprogrammed to make them into insulin-secreting beta cells
A27 Debate flares: Can obese patients be healthy?
A26 More cases of fatal pancreatitis after Byetta reported.
A26 Leptin injections keep rats with type 1 diabetes alive without insulin.
A20 New survey shows obesity rates continue to increase in the United States.
A19 Low-level arsenic exposure linked to increased type 2 diabetes risk.
A19 Obesity epidemic due to increased food intake, and not decreased activity level.
A19 FDA warns of hemorrhagic necrotizing pancreatitis with Byetta (exenatide)
A07 Bile acids play a role in glucose metabolism and insulin signaling.
A06 Broccoli compounds reduce reactive oxygen species induced in blood vessels by hyperglycemia.
A01 Consensus statement suggests that HbA1c is the best test to detect early diabetes.
J31 Two new drugs have profound effects on exercise conditioning in mice.
J29 New study highlights risk of losing bone density while following a low-calorie diet for weight loss.
J29 Testosterone changes associated with perimenopausal increase in metabolic syndrome risk.
J24 Complement activation is increases in patients with age-related macular degeneration.
J24 In acute study, fructose increases lipogenesis relative to glucose.
J17 U.S. population keeps getting fatter; esp. Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.
J17 Whole fruits and fruit juices have opposite effects on diabetes risk in Nurses' Health Study
J14 Sodium phenyl butyrate (PBA) may prolong life of pancreatic beta cells in type 2 diabetes.
J08 Overweight patients trying to lose weight lose twice as much if they keep a food diary.
J03 FDA panel recommends that all new diabetes drugs be screened for cardiovascular risk.
J01 Doxycycline-inhibitable protease activity increased in SHR rats; this also may explain various aspects of metabolic syndrome.
J26 Fructose, but not glucose, increases visceral adipose tissue and triglycerides, and lower insulin sensitivity.
J25 Obesity drug rimonabant approved for NHS use in England and Wales.
J18 HHV-8 herpes virus linked to ketosis-prone type 2 diabetes in Africa.
J17 Big breakfast diet more effective than low-carb diet in maintaining weight loss.
J17 Diabetes doubles the risk of hearing loss.
J16 Studies with fat cells suggest that resveratrol may help combat obesity.
J11 FDA: Concern about potential cancer risk in users of Regranex (becaplermin) gel (used to help heal foot ulcers in diabetics).
J10 Rosiglitazone may slow progression of diabetic eye disease.
J10 Large Australian RCT specifically shows that lowering HbA1C in diabetics to a 6.5% target protects the kidney.
J10 NEJM: Full text of ADVANCE trial, which showed a benefit of intensive glucose control (HbA1C to 6.5%)
J09 NEJM: Glycemic control in the ADVANCE vs. ACCORD trials (editorial)
J09 NEJM: ACCORD trial results published (full text): Intensive blood glucose lowering in diabetes may worsen outcomes.
J09 VA diabetes trial reports at ADA. Lowering HbA1c below 7% associated with a trend for improved CV outcomes.
J09 Search abstracts being presented at the 2008 American Diabetes Association meeting.
J06 Why the two diabetes trials of aggressively lowering HbA1c came up with different results.
J05 NEJM: Aliskiren plus losartan lowers proteinuria in diabetics.
J03 USC researchers identify gene that controls blood glucose levels.
M29 Diabetes Tech and Therapeutics journal supplement focuses on self-monitoring of blood glucose.
M29 New microsphere-based vaccine for type 1 diabetes to be tested in humans. It reverses diabetes in mice.
M28 ADA Scientific Sessions start June 6th. Search abstracts at this link.
M28 Roche diabetes drug based on GLP-1 analogue, lowers HbA1c and engenders weight loss.
M28 Study suggests that salsalate may be of benefit in type 2 diabetics.
M27 High-flavonoid cocoa can be a boost for diabetics.
M27 Should HbA1c be used instead of plasma glucose to screen for diabetes?
M26 Qualitative changs in gut microflora affect insulin resistance.
M26 Six vs. three meals per day has no impact on weight loss.
M21 Genetic researchers identify numerous genes involved in synthesis and storage of fat in cells.
M21 Modest red wine (but not beer) ingestion actually may lower risk of NAFLD - non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
M06 PNAS: Erythropoietin promoter polymorphisms associated with diabetic retinopathy and progression to ESRD.
M05 ASN Renal Week abstract archives 2003-2006 now available on-line in .pdf format.
M05 FDA Study: Injuries and deaths linked to insulin pump use in teens.
M04 Study suggests that the number of fat cells is set for life at adolescence, without change during dieting or weight gain.
M04 Nature genetics: More obesity genes found
M01 Obesity linked to heart failure and inflammatory mediator elevation in observational study.
A30 Ranibizumab better than laser photocoagulation for diabetic macular edema.
A29 JCEM study shows that trifusal, a salicylate-like drug, increases insulin secretion in obese non-diabetics.
A29 Thiazolidinediones (glitazones) may increase fracture risk in diabetics.
A23 Some compounds in Chinese bitter melon identified with activity against diabetes.
A23 High adiponectin levels linked to kidney dysfunction and albuminuria.
A22 New nanoparticle-based hydrogel allows orally administered insulin to be absorbed.
A21 New book emphasizes potential harm of high-fructose sweeteners.
A15 Vitamin D supplementation effective in relieving neuropathic pain in type 2 diabetes.
A12 Alginate-coated pancreatic beta cells from fetal pigs transplanted into 4 diabetics with mixed results.
A09 JAMA RCT shows American Indian tye 2 diabetics with LDL lowered to 70 have lower carotid IMT and LV mass than those with LDL lowered to 100.
A04 BCG vaccine reverses type 1 diabetes in mice; now a clinical trial is underway.
M31 More good data about pioglitazone suggesting reduction of atherosclerosis.
M31 Six new genetic variants associated with type 2 diabetes.
M28 Normal weight (BMI) obesity linked to metabolic syndrome.
M27 Keryx ends development of sulodexide after negative trial results.
M26 Chinese folk remedy vegetable, bitter melon, contains compounds that activate AMPK, similar to metformin.
M20 Insulin affects lifespan of C. elegans via inhibition of SKN-1.
M17 Dynamis Therapeutics announces discovery of new class of RAGE inhibitors.
M16 Blood vessel protein Robo4 reverses diabetic and age-related macular degeneration in mouse model.
M14 MGH study will determine if BCG vaccination halts type 1 diabetes in humans as it does in mice.
M12 Vitamin D supplements given to children may cut risk of subsequent development of type 1 diabetes.
M12 Keryx diabetes drug sulodexide fails to achieve primary endpoint in phase III clinical trial.
M11 Eli Lilly follows Pfizer and NovoNordisk in discontinuing inhalable insulin.
M10 Low levels of PYY, a food-induced gut hormone, may be an early marker for type 2 diabetes.
M06 7th Annual Prevention in Renal Disease Conference, Toronto, Sept. 19-20, 2008.
M05 A mystery: why does gastric bypass improve type 2 diabetes even without weight loss?
M04 Activating PPAR-delta suppresses inflammation in vascular tissues.
M04 PPAR-gamma knockout mice show hypertension and severe vascular dysfunction.
M04 Retinopathy may begin at lower blood glucose levels than expected.
F27 Addition of alpha-1-antitrypsin to 3-drug cocktail cures type 1 diabetes in mouse model.
F26 Heart attack rates fall in France following institution of national smoking ban in public places.
F26 FDA: Medication guide must be given to patients with each rosiglitazone (Avandia) prescription.
F21 Insulin-secreting beta cells created from stem cells.
F20 HbA1c test falsely low in dialysis patients due to short RBC survival; glycated albumin better reflects glucose exposure.
F14 International study of tight glucose control shows no evidence of increased death risk - contradicts US study
F13 University of Groningen study (PREVEND) emphasizes utility of treating hypertension in proteiniuric patients.
F13 UK's National Health Service approves pancreatic islet cell transplants for type 1 DM.
F08 Poor hyperglycemia control downregulates expression of fat-burning gene (diacylglycerol kinase delta)
F07 Identical twins study shows that obesity and waist size is 77% due to genetic factors.
F06 More on the halted NHLBI diabetes trial arm. Role of rosiglitazone use in the intensive treatment arm unclear.
F06 NHBLI stops intensive glucose lowering treatment arm of study due to excessive deaths.
F05 Type 2 muscle fibers, such as those increased by body building, improve metabolic syndrome in an animal model.
J31 Sweetened soft drinks and fruit juices linked to increased risk of gout in men.
J30 Breast size linked to diabetes risk
J28 24-h glucose monitoring suggests that coffee (via caffeine) ingestion worsens glucose control
J28 Blood levels of organochlorine pesticides linked to type 2 diabetes.
J25 Stem cells found in the pancreas.
J23 Obesity surgery found to be more effective than diet in curing type 2 diabetes.
J11 Sorbitol in sugar-free foods and gum, when ingested in high amounts, may cause diarrhea and weight loss.
J11 Lancet meta-analysis suggests that all diabetics should be on statins.
J09 Cannabinoid receptor blocking drug effective in causing weight loss.
J01 Lack of deep sleep may increase type 2 diabetes risk.
D28 American Diabetes Association comes out in support of lower carbohydrate diets.
D27 Bayer recalls certain lots of blood glucose test strips due to overly high readings.
D25 Higher levels of HDL in diabetes may inhibit NO via myristic acid binding - outcome effects unknown.
D25 Prevalence of diabetes in Dubai reaches 25%.
D19 Northwestern University gets 700 M royalties for diabetes pain drug patent.
D14 January JASN paper reports that PROActive (pioglitazone) associated with lower CV mortality in diabetics.
D12 More heart risks identified for Avandia.
D11 Physicians unaware of guidelines to treat patients with CV risk factors and metabolic syndrome.
D04 Waistline growth on high-carb diets linked to liver gene.
D04 Renin-angiotensin linked to obesity and insulin-resistance in a gene knockout animal model.
D03 Rosiglitazone stimulates osteoclasts, which may account for associtation with increased fracture risk.
D03 Low carb diet more effective than low fat diet in reducing inflammatory markers in patients with metabolic syndrome.
N26 High-glycemic intake carb intake linked to type 2 diabetes in African American and Chinese women.
N14 FDA adds black box warning of heart attacks for Avandia (rosiglitazone)
N14 Diabetics risk serious foot problems by wearing the wrong size shoes.
N06 Lancet: Fenofibrate treatment lowers risk for laser treatment in diabetic retinopathy.
N06 Mouse model demonstrates that inflammation, and not obesity per se, causes insulin resistance.
N06 New feedback pathway from fat cells to the pancreas to increase insulin secretion identified.
O29 Maggots to treat diabetic foot ulcers infected with MRSA.
O25 Charcot foot disease becoming more common as diabetic numbers increase.
O23 Early results with implantation of pig pancreatic islet cells to treat diabetes are encouraging.
O23 Global extent of obesity epidemic in the news.
O23 Direct link to FDA Byetta (exenatide) pancreatitis alert
O23 Acute pancreatitis associated with exenatide (Byetta) - FDA requires labeling change
O22 Chewing gum shown to help curb appetite and reduce cravings.
O12 Is fructose really that bad?
O08 New antibiotic ceftobiprole very effective in curing diabetic foot infections.
O01 Monitoring methyl nitrate levels in exhaled air may replace blood glucose testing in type 1 diabetics.
S24 All previous vitamin E trials fatally flawed due to underdosing.
S21 Huge rise in number of mothers with gestational diabetes.
S20 Thiazide diuretics exacerbate fructose-induced metabolic syndrome.
S10 Blocking Formation Of Toxic Plaques Implicated In Type 2 Diabetes
A30 New mechanism of action of thiazolidinediones discovered.
A27 Obesity rates climb in most states.
A27 Tiny retinal implants may allow the blind to recognize objects.
A23 Very high levels of reactive carbonyl compounds found in high fructose corn syrup.
A23 High fat mass secreting adiponectin can protect against metabolic syndrome in genetically engineered mice.
A21 Gustducin - new sugar-sensing receptor identified in the intestine; activated by artificial sweeteners
A18 Low carbohydrate diets and metabolism: Atkins may not have been so far off, after all.
A17 New roles for sirtuin 2 identified in controlling fat cell metabolism.
A10 New research shows skeleton to be an endocrine organ via osteocalcin.
A08 Annals: New study questions the increased heart attack risk with Avandia; original NEJM meta-analysis claimed to have been flawed.
A07 Masked thiamine deficiency (problems with RBC transketolase assay) linked to diabetic vascular disease.
J31 FDA panel recommends continued sale of Avandia, despite some evidence of increased heart risk.
J30 FDA Advisory Panel to explore safety and risks of Avandia.
J25 Obesity spreads among friends, study concludes.
J24 Soft drinks, including diet soft drinks, linked to 50% higher risk of metabolic syndrome.
J21 New Cochrane analysis focuses on increased side effects in patients taking rosiglitazone (Avandia)
J19 Weight loss pill rimonabant associated with increased suicide risk.
J17 Eating a high glycemic index diet is associated with age-related macular degeneration.
J16 Gene discovered that increases risk for type 1 diabetes in children.
J16 Older, cheaper pills just fine to treat diabetes.
J12 Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) may be protective against developing type 2 diabetes.
J12 Serum levels of retinol-binding programs indicate level of visceral fat.
J10 Selenium supplements appear to raise risk of developing diabetes in RCT.
J26 Higher fat mass associated with less coronary artery calcification in type 1 diabetics.
J19 Randomization complete for phase III trial of sulodexide for diabetic nephropathy.
J19 Intentionally skipping insulin doses to lose weight - diabulimia - has severe consequences.
J07 New compound similar to aMSH, causing satiety, may be effective in controlling weight in the obese.
M25 NEJM: Full text of meta-analysis that found an increased risk of myocardial infarction with rosiglitazone.
M24 Oxychlorine-containing water - new treatment for diabetic foot ulcer infections.
M14 Effect of polyphenols (from apples, onions, green tea) on fat catabolism.
M14 Study shows unsuspected immunomodulatory effects of glucosamine.
M03 Maggots rid diabetic foot ulcer patients of MRSA
M03 Honey paste to treat diabetic foot ulcers
A30 Activating PPAR-delta may burn fat and reduce metabolic syndrome risk.
A27 New Genetic Risk Factors For Type 2 Diabetes Identified
A24 AGEs and food preparation may play an important role in chronic disease.
A18 Animal study suggests that changing to a low-fat diet can induce stress.
A16 Thrifty gene hypothesis of diabetes causation under dispute - no ethnic linkage found.
A14 Fish pollutants possibly linked to type 2 diabetes.
A12 Rebuilt immune system helps patients shake off diabetes
A05 Think that eating only once a day will make you lose weight? Nope.
A05 Reperfusion with glucose responsible for brain damage after hypoglycemic coma.
M30 Microencapsulated pig islet cells surviving and producing insulin in one patient ten years after implantation.
M26 DPP-4 inhibitor Januvia (sitagliptin1) approved for treatment of type 2 DM in Europe
M16 Fructose linked to deranged liver metabolism in rats, involving PPARs, leptin, and metabolic syndrome.
M16 Phthalate exposure linked to metabolic syndrome
M05 New type 1 diabetes susceptibility gene discovered.
F21 Apolipoprotein C1 linked to obesity and type 2 diabetes in American Indians.
F12 Type 2 diabetes genes mapped out
F07 Pine bark extract shown to be a potent inhibitor of GI glucose absorption
J29 Carbonic anhydrase-I linked to blood vessel leakage in diabetic retinopathy
J17 New class of insulin sensitizing compounds discovered for treating diabetes.
J15 Pancreatic-polypeptide containing chewing gum - a new potential weapon against obesity
J09 Carnosinase 1gene linked to progression to kidney failure in diabetics.
D26 Study identifies liver glucose sensor involved in regulation of endogenous glucose production
D20 Friendly microbes could make you fat: Bacteroides vs. Firmicutes
D19 Australians develop modified sugar product with low glycemic index.
D16 FDA updates labeling for Trasylol (aprotinin) regarding risk of renal dysfunction, anaphylaxis, and re-exposure.
D15 New theory of type 1 diabetes: Pancreatic sensory nerve damage and substance P - and you can prevent it in animals!
D15 VEGF blocker ranibuzumab shows impressive results in diabetic macular edema.
D15 Cytohesins may play a key, previously unrecognized, role in diabetes.
D12 Diet resulting in 10% body weight loss leads to measurable loss in bone density over 1-year period.
D11 FDA proposes rules overhaul to expand access to experimental drugs.
D05 Type 2 diabetes mellitus increasing markedly in children.
D04 Rosiglitazone vs. metformin or glyburide study: Is the benefit worth the disadavantages?
D04 Focus on exercise rather than diet helps guard obese patients against further weight gain.
D04 Rosiglitazone more effective than metformin or glyburide as monotherapy for type 2 DM.
N30 Overfeeding of pets leading to obesity and diabetes.
N27 Gene linked to wet form of macular degeneration.
N26 HDCN: Search index updated for audiofiles, slide/audio talks, articles, and abstracts
N23 New data suggests spleen cells can reverse type 1 diabetes in mice.
N20 Gut parasites in dragonflies cause "metabolic syndrome".
N13 Pioglitazone reduces progression of atherosclerosis in diabetics
N10 Asia on brink of diabetes disaster, experts warn.
N10 New technique can block VEGF inside cells, with implications for retinal neovascularization, cancer.
N09 Exercise and cutting calories each lower risk of diabetes to a similar extent.
N08 ACE2 enzyme may hold key to treatment of diabetic kidney disease.
N08 Chloroquine may improve metabolic syndrome.
N07 Retinal MRI poised to advance diagnosis of many types of retinopathy
N07 Why do we eat mindlessly and what would induce us to stop?
N06 Children's belly fat increases by more than 65% since 1990.
O31 Device measures skin fluorescence to determine amount of accumulated AGE burden in diabetics.
O25 FDA expands alert on counterfeit glucose test strips
O23 Diabetes susceptibility gene has important impact on whether or not type 2 DM will develop.
O19 Risk-benefit advantages questioned for pioglitazone in Cochrane systematic literature review.
O17 FDA approves new treatment for diabetets - Januvia (sitagliptin)
O12 Get on scale daily to keep off lost pounds.
O12 Higher magnesium intake lowers type 2 diabetes risk in African American women
O04 Pine tree bark extract improves functional measures of diabetic microangiopathy.
O02 High magnesium diet (in people without kidney disease) linked to lower risk of diabetes
O02 Mild vitamin C deficiency inhibits fat oxidation during submaximal exercise; may contribute to obesity.
S28 NEJM: Islet cell transplantation paper
S28 Pancreatic islet cell transplant in diabetes works - sort of (NEJM paper)
S26 Generex develops metformin-containing chewing gum, oral insulin spray, as novel drug-release products.
S20 Does vitamin D protect the kidney against diabetes?
S19 Poor quality of sleep linked to poor glucose control in type 2 diabetics.
S17 Glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) vaccine may prevent type 1 diabetes
S14 MMWR documents rising tide of obesity in the United States.
S14 Australian team discovers structure of insulin receptor.
S14 Pioglitazone shows benefits in terms of cardiovascular outcomes.
S12 Pancreatic primordia cells from pigs reverse type 1 or type 2 diabetes in rats
S11 Want to fight fat? Eat brown seaweed!
S05 U. Colorado researches identify gene that markedly increases risk of type 1 diabetes
S04 Obesity pandemic is sweeping the world
A21 Some diabetologists changing views of lower-carb diets for type 2 diabetes control.
A18 Role of BMI as a measure of obesity and cardiovascular risk questioned.
A09 Chronically high blood sugar linked to risk of cognitive impairment
A03 Is saturated fat evil? Think again. CLAs in dairy act similar to PPAR agonists; may be of benefit in diabetes
J28 Medi-honey helps heal problem wounds
J03 Study suggests infectious cause of type 1 diabetes
J01 Netrins grow nerves in diabetic mice.
J20 Type 2 diabetes rate doubles in last 30 years.
J20 Molecular mechanisms of vaccine against type 1 diabetes is revealed.
J16 CARI (Australasian) Clinical Practice Guidelines published (53 free full text review papers!)
J14 Hyperglycemia in non-diabetic ICU patients predictive of mortality, esp. in cardiovascular disease
J14 Low carb diet improves glycemic control in diabetes (pdf)
J14 Low carb diet reverses progressive renal disease in diabetic (case report)
J14 Feeding monkeys a high trans-fat diet markedly adds to abdominal fat.
J14 Serum levels of retinol-binding-protein-4 reliably predict insulin resistance.
J12 Ruboxistaurin helps protect vision in diabetics with nonproliferative retinopathy
J08 GCN5 protein key to regulation of glucose release by liver cells.
J01 For PD patients with diabetes: It's the carbs, stu...
M15 Antiviral gene variant linked to type 1 diabetes - consistent with viral causation theory.
M09 New triglyceride lipase enzyme found; its regulation may be key to some types of obesity
M07 Study suggests that aspartame does not raise risk of cancer
M07 Gene affecting angiogenesis around pancreatic beta cells linked to type 2 diabetes
M03 Mayo: 20 g sodium, 50% saturated fat diet improves BP, lipids in obese.
A28 Magnesium deficiency and metabolic syndrome re-emphasized
A27 Consuming a high glycemic index diet increases risk of age-related macular degeneration.
A25 University of Michigan to pay for preventive diabetes meds for its employees.
A24 Drug combination reverses type 1 diabetes in an animal model.
A19 American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Annual Meeting abstracts (.pdf)
A04 Pine nut oil or conjugated linoleic acid both significant appetite suppressors.
M28 Juvenile diabetes reversed in animal model using dendritic cell injections.
M28 High-fat diet induces type 2 diabetes changes in mice via glut-2
M26 Restricting carbohydrates to 20-30% of dietary intake normalized blood glucose in type 2 DM
M19 AGE in blood vessels activates angiotensin II via RAGE-induced chymase
M16 Glycemic index is bupkus.
M12 Chromium of no benefit in type 2 diabetics
M10 Tight glucose control results in 50% lower incidence of neuropathy 10 years later in juvenile diabetics.
M08 Diabetes drug Byetta (exenatide) gaining attention as weight loss aid.
M07 Serum marker of artery damage linked so small increases in the BMI or waist-hip ratio.
M07 ADA releases tools for optimal management of diabetes in the Latino population.
M02 Hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia associated with use of gatifloxacin.
F27 Marijuana compound may help stop diabetic retinopathy
F26 Childhood obesity time bomb explodes.
F21 Alginate-encapsulated pancreatic islet cell transplants for diabetes.
F19 Pig islet cell transplants reverse diabetes in monkeys.
F10 IU scientists using stem cells to treat severe peripheral arterial disease.
J30 Certain adenovirus infections linked to obesity on animals and humans
J28 FDA approves first ever inhaled insulin for the treatment of diabetes.
J21 British study shows that work stress linked to both heart disease and metabolic syndrome.
J16 Strong linkage between one particular gene and type 2 diabetes confirmed.
J16 Canadian study suggests higher mortality among diabetics treated with sulfonylurea drugs vs. metformin.
J09 Is Alzheimer's disease a new form of diabetes, limited to the brain? Brown Medical School researchers say so.
J06 Post-marketing data detects new onset / worsening of macular edema in patients taking Avandia (rosiglitazone).
J02 UCSF study in Annals suggests that obesity increases risk of kidney failure.
J02 U.S. weighs obesity surgery options
D30 Ten most important findings relating to diet, health and lifestyle for 2005: Year in Review
D26 Diabetes, CHF home patient monitors taking off in the UK.
D25 Strict regimen reduces diabetes risk
D07 Fructose may be cause of obesity epidemic; also raises uric acid.
N29 Why trying to make couch potatoes exercise may be difficult.
N29 Fatty liver being seen increasingly in obese patients.
N28 High-carb diet linked to diabetic hypertension.
N17 Oralyn, an oral insulin-like drug, to be launched this month in Ecuador.
N17 Tea, cinnamon, buckwheat, and cherries for diabetics.
N16 Pioglitazone reduces heart attack rate in type 2 diabetics by 28%.
N13 Is type 2 diabetes a mitochondrial deficiency syndrome?
N13 ASN: Sulodexide phase 2 trial shows good results in diabetic nephropathy.
N07 NASA develops Star Trek glasses for the visually impaired.
N07 Millions of U.S. adolescents on the road to diabetes.
N07 Chlamydia found in 50% of eyes with wet form of macular degeneration.
N07 Taste bud receptor for fat identified in rat tongue.
N06 New FDA-supported website lists latest approved drug labels for all meds.
N05 MMWR: Progression in diabetics stabilizing or slowing in recent years.
N01 Diabetic blacks have less coronary artery disease than diabetic whites.
O30 CDC report estimates 7% of US population has diabetes.
O28 FDA delays decision on approving inhalable insulin
O27 New endogenous carbohydrate (INS2) discovered that lowers blood glucose.
O26 ASN Renal Week 2005 abstracts now available on-line.
O23 JAMA: Increased mortality after bariatric surgery.
O23 JAMA: Article detailing CV risk increase with Pargluva (muraglitazar)
O21 FDA approvable status for diabetes drug Pargluva raises safety concerns.
O12 China ranked 2nd in world incidence of diabetes.
O12 JAMA: ESRD incidence, prognosis improving in diabetics.
O12 Vanadium supplements speed recovery from infections (in mice).
O09 JASN: Glycosylated Hb in non-diabetic CKD pts. increases mortality risk.
O07 Lancet: Pioglitazone lowers risk of heart attacks and strokes in diabetics.
O07 Pegaptanib shows promising results in treating exudative macular degeneration.
O04 90% of Framingham cohort over 60 years of age now overweight.
S26 Smoking appears to double the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
S20 Type 2 diabetes prevalent in Canada; many complications and poor control.
S13 New IDF global guideline for type 2 diabetes.
S13 Pioglitzaone improves cardiovascular outcomes in diabetics.
S13 High blood sugar levels linked to heart disease, even in nondiabetics.
S11 FDA approves first glitizar-class drug for treatment of type 2 diabetes.
S09 FDA advisory panel recommends approval of inhaled insulin.
S09 Spironolactone added to ACEI/ARB gives added renoprotection in diabetics.
S09 Reduction of severe hypoglycemic episodes another benefit of islet cell tx.
S09 Liver TORC2 identified as key regulators of blood glucose levels.
S06 Soy protein-rich diet may help prevent fatty liver of diabetes.
A28 Bluetooth mobile phone link allows diabetics to monitor trends in their glucose.
A26 Klotho gene may increase longevity by causing insulin resistance.
A26 Metabolic syndrome doesn't exist, diabetes groups claim.
A26 Metabolic advantage of protein-rich diets may be due to leucine.
A24 NEJM: EPO associated with proliferative retinopathy in patients and mice.
A24 TFAH releases report on obesity in America - we're all getting fatter.
A19 Magnetic nanoparticle MRI used to visualize inflammed pancreas in type 1 DM.
A19 New treatment may help prevent diabetic nerve damage and complications.
A18 Will FDA approve diabetes-related health claims for chromium picolinate?
A16 Low energy production in muscle mitochondria presages type 2 diabetes by 20 yrs.
A16 After overeating we don't compensate by eating less.
A16 PLEKHA1 gene linked to age-related macular degeneration.
A13 New type 2 diabetes gene discovered.
A13 NEJM: Retinoid X receptors - new targets to treat metabolic syndrome.
J26 NY diabetes patient tracking system raises privacy concerns.
J26 New gene therapy-based approach to diabetic neuropathy.
J22 Retinol-binding protein implicated in obesity, insulin resistance.
J22 NEJM: Statins had no effect on hard outcomes in diabetic ESRD patients.
J19 Double diabetes rising incidence in kids puzzles doctors.
J17 Faulty ENPP1 gene linked to diabetes and obesity.
J15 Ruboxistaurin reduces vision loss in diabetics with macular edema.
J13 New diabetes treatment to come from lizards.
J11 Patient navigator law to help low-income pts. with chronic disease, esp. DM.
J08 Ruboxistaurin lowers proteinuria in diabetic GN by 24%.
J07 Phase 3 trial begins of endothelin A receptor antagonist in diabetic nephropathy
J06 Coffee drinking may lower type 2 diabetes risk in adults
J30 ALLHAT subanalysis shows diuretics lower CV risk in diabetics as well as ACEI
J29 Keryx initiates phase 4 study of sulodexide to treat diabetic nephropathy.
J26 Gene hunters flock to Amish country.
J22 NEJM: CD3 antibody preserves residual beta cell fxn. in early type 1 diabetes.
J17 Study sheds light on why diabetes drugs (thiazolidinediones) cause edema.
J16 Tight control in diabetics markedly lowers later cardiovascular risk.
J13 American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions - abstract search
J13 Incidence of diabetes in U.S. ESRD patients falls by 30%
J04 CDC defends its position about obesity and increased mortality risk.
M18 ASH: New onset diabetes 23% higher with amlodipine vs. valsartan.
M18 Is diabetes a result of survival advantage during the ice age?
M18 Modified liver cells keep diabetes under control.
M16 GP40 pancreatic beta cell receptors link high-fat diet to type 2 diabetes.
M10 Minocycline markedly reduces damage from diabetic-type retinopathy in rats.
M09 Pioglitazone reduces carotid artery thickness in diabetics.
M06 Pegaptanib shows promising results in treating diabetic macular edema.
M03 Schelling paper that is the basis for the dipstick protein-SC calculator
M03 Schelling-Case Western dipstick proteinuria/specific gravity calculator.
M02 FGF-21 finds itself as a new therapy for type 2 diabetes.
A29 FDA approves exenatide (Byetta) for adjunctive treatment of type 2 diabetes.
A27 Indirect evidence that NSAIDS may prevent age-related macular degeneration.
A27 Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee top 3 states in terms of CKD risk.
A26 Pyruvate may prevent brain damage after hypoglycemia in diabetics.
A20 Inhaled insulin to be available within a year in the EU.
A04 Human white blood cells can be induced to make insulin.
A02 Subintimal angioplasty offers new hope for peripheral vascular disease pts.
M22 Genes that increase susceptibility to type 1 diabetes mellitus identified.
M17 FDA approves Symlin to help manage diabetes.
M11 MMWR: Hepatitis B spread by fingerstick glucose testing in some nursing homes.
M10 Type 3 diabetes linked to low brain insulin, Alzheimer disease.
F25 Poor prenatal nutrition damages pancreatic beta cells
F22 Probably trigger of diabetic kidney disease uncovered (CD36)
F06 Living-related pancreatic islet cell transplant a success.
J18 U.S. launches diabetes campaign aimed at seniors.
J14 American Diabetes Association launches DOC News
J11 Does ingestion of cow's milk lead to diabetes? New study intends to find out.
J09 Lyrica (pregabalin) seems to work for diabetic pain, improves sleep.
J07 Periodontal disease predicts mortality in diabetic Pima Indians
D31 Fast food intake linked to obesity, insulin resistance.
D30 Heart failure patients treated with insulin have increased mortality
D28 NIH, JDRF, CDC announce new genetic data bank for diabetic kidney disease.
D22 Aspirin underused by people with diabetes.
D21 Chemicals found in cherries could help lower blood sugar in diabetics.
D14 Thiamine supplementation lowers CV risk in diabetics.
D13 Can a vaccine stop and cure type 1 diabetes? Trial to start soon.
D05 Risk of obesity-related deaths in the U.S may have been overstated.
N29 Testosterone deficiency found in 1/3 of diabetic men
N01 Rosiglitazone enhances fat cell energy metabolism
O29 New theory links low NAD/NADH ratio to diabetic organ damage
O26 website now up for international kidney disease guidelines
O26 Gene therapy reverses diabetic neuropathy in mice
O26 Gene found that associates with insulin resistance, particularly in Hispanics
O19 CD36 gene polymorphisms tied to heart disease in diabetics
O18 Kaiser Permanente adult diabetes management guidelines
O16 MMWR: Focus on health disparities, diabetes in Hispanics (.pdf)
S20 Researchers target type 1 diabetes prevention
S08 FDA approves Cymbalta for management of diabetic neuropathic pain
A25 Diabetes now Mexico's leading cause of death
A24 Sugary soft drinks and fruit punches linked to diabetes in Nurses Health Study
A19 Paper studies clinical clues to cerebral edemia in diabetic ketoacidosis
A15 U.S. Latinos have high rates of eye disease and visual impairment
J23 SUMO-4 gene linked to type 1 diabetes
J16 High prevalence of diabetes in Hispanics in the news
J13 Governments drafting laws, policies, to tackle obesity
J12 SUMO-4 immunoregulatory gene linked to type 1 diabetes
J02 Lidocaine patch helps with diabetes pain
J28 Measuring blood sugar with a wave of the arm
J18 American Diabetes Assoc 2004 meeting - abstracts on-line
J18 Endocrine Society 2004 Annual Meeting - abstracts on-line
J12 Liraglutide once daily improves type 2 DM without weight gain
J09 American Diabetes Association Annual Meeting daily newspapers (pdf)
J07 Type 1 diabetes halted in mice with dendritic cell-assisted therapy
J06 Drug derived from gila monster saliva for type 2 diabetes
M31 Diabetes conundrum: Can control be too tight?
A14 Cinnamon may help to alleviate diabetes
M31 Compound shows promise in preventing type 1 diabetes
M09 Coffee cuts diabetes risk by up to 80% in Finns
F23 Islet cell infusion with anti-CD3 monoclonal Ab "cures" type 1 diabetes
F04 Gene therapy technique could aid islet cell transplant in diabetes
J27 Statins, ACE-inhibitors, improve outcomes in patients after leg bypass surgery
J20 Lisofylline prevents diabetes recurrence after islet cell transplant in mice
J12 Overweight Hispanic youth face increased risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome
J02 LCM virus infection prevents type 1 diabetes in mice
D11 MSH may be involved in obesity - diabetes link
D09 US government CME pilot targets diabetes management
D07 MMWR: Diabetes among Hispanics in Los Angeles County
N29 Keryx announces sulodexide open access research collaboration with U. Mich.
N23 Steroid-sparing immunosuppression for solitary islet transplantation
N23 Cinnamon improves glucose and lipids in patients with type 2 diabetes
N21 Can GLP-1 heal ailing pancreatic beta cells?
N17 Macugen may help slow "wet" form of macular degeneration
N15 ASN: Kidney disease in African Americans, diabetes, linked to two chromosomes
N15 Spleen cells may develop into pancreatic islet cells in adult animals
N12 CREB acts through PPAR to regulate fat storage by the liver.
N03 GAD-2 gene linked to both obesity and type 1 diabetes mellitus
O24 Inhibition of insulin pathways in worms increases longevity to 500-worm years
O16 Altered TUG tethering of GLUT4 transporter a factor in insulin resistance
O02 PARP enzyme linked to blood vessel damage in diabetes
O02 Gastric bypass surgery can improve or cure type 2 DM in the very obese
S30 Icelanders find that one gene that makes you fat or thin
S15 New devices for glucose monitoring on the horizon
S09 Thiazolidinediones linked to heart failure in CKD diabetic patients
S08 Amgen and Biovitrum to develop novel anti-diabetic compounds
S02 Mouse, stripped of SCD-1 gene, resists both obesity and diabetes
A28 Chromium picolinate ups insulin sensitivity, and now we know how
A25 Lizard (Gila monster) spit a source of new type 2 diabetes drug
J31 Lengthening Achilles tendon reduces recurrence of diabetic foot ulcers
J28 Type 2 diabetes linked to a family of metabolic genes
J18 New class of diabetes drugs acts via glucokinase
J09 FDA approves dose-calculating insulin pump
J04 Gum disease increases death risk in diabetics
J03 ADA consensus statement: Dyslipidemia management in children and adolescents
J25 Kidney disease, retinopathy, common in type 2 DM in NHANES sample
J22 Am Diabetes Association (ADA) 2003 Scientific Sessions abstracts online
J19 Step counter helps diabetics increase their activity level
J17 VEGF injections stop neovascularization in a mouse model of retinopathy
J14 Vaccine slows progress of type 1 diabetes
J14 CDC issues diabetes warning for U.S. children: 1/3 will become diabetic
J05 NEJM: Intense diabetes therapy cuts heart, kidney trouble
M29 Drug related to D-xylose reduces blood glucose in diabetics via glucose uptake
M19 Potential new benefits for statins
M16 Does reduced mitochondrial activity underlie insulin resistance?
M12 AGEs in foods; do they play a role in uremia?
M02 BMJ: ABC of diabetes: The diabetic foot
A30 Rapid growth of diabetes prevalence among California Hispanics
A30 CTLA4 gene linked to type 1 diabetes and Graves disease
A30 Lisofylline shows promise in preventing type 1 diabetes
A22 Gene therapy cures diabetes in mice
A15 Ominous rise of adult diabetes in kids
A10 Blood flow and location of diabetic foot ulcers
A01 Diabetic women benefit from eating fish
M28 Promising results for islet cell transplantation may lead to cure
M26 Nanosensor may yield improved blood glucose sensor
F21 NIH launches ACCORD study; interventions designed to lower CV risk
F21 Increased death risk in diabetic women taking hormone replacement therapy
F17 Thiamine derivative prevents diabetic-related eye disease in rats
F13 Stanford U. helps patients with CHF, type 2 DM cope via web-info and support
J16 ADA 2003 diabetes clinical practice recs in full text
N20 Senate passes bill doubling funding for juvenile diabetes research
N09 Pandemic of diabetes among latinos gaining media attention
N07 Does coffee drinking protect against diabetes?
N04 American Diabetes Association Launches Latino outreach program
S09 Diabetes among Hispanics at record levels
A26 Xenical can delay onset of type 2 diabetes