American Society of Hypertension Annnual Scientific Meeting (Parts 2-6)   
Flash slide/audio
New York, NY; May, 2012

Renal Sympathetic Nerves, Hypertension, and Cardiovascular Disease
Sympathetic Nervous System and Cardiovascular Outcomes
Stevo Julius, MD

Role of Sympathetic Fibers on Renal Function
Gary V. Desir, MD

Renal Denervation for Resistant Hypertension
George L. Bakris, MD

Renalase regulates blood pressure
Drs. Gary Desir, Peili Wang, Lieqi Tang, and Heino Velazquez

Comparative Outcomes in Resistant Hypertension
John J. Sim, MD

Hypertension Highlights 2012 - Part III: The Heart
Atrial Arrhythmias—Pathogenesis and Treatment
James A. Reiffel, MD

New Insights into Preserved Systolic Function Heart Failure
Prakash C. Deedwania, MD

Hypertension Highlights 2012 - Part II: The Kidney
Blood Pressure Monitoring in Chronic Kidney Disease
Aldo J. Peixoto, MD

Erythrocyte Stimulating Agents, Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Risk
Jeffrey S. Berns, MD

Hypertension Highlights 2012 - Part I: The Artery
Central Blood Pressure from the Framingham Experience
Gary F. Mitchell, MD

Hemodynamic Measurements to Guide Antihypertensive Therapy
Sandra J. Taler, MD

Theme II: Secondary Causes of Hypertension: An Update
When to Consider Secondary Causes of Hypertension
Anthony J. Viera, MD

Adrenal Causes of Secondary Hypertension- Pheochromocytoma and Aldosteronoma
Robert M. Carey, MD

Renovascular Hypertension
Stephen C. Textor, MD


Updated: March 06, 2021 (Mar06)
Mar06 Novel ablation technology to treat atrial fibrillation.
Oct23 Taking antihypertensives at bedtimes lowers cardiovascular risk.
Aug13 SPRINT substudy shows that intensive BP control lowers rate of white matter brain lesions.
Jul09 Predicing serum K from the EKG trace measured by an Apple watch.
Apr28 CDC issues alert re warfarin coagulopathy and synthetic cannabinoids
Jan11 Lp(a) in the news in the New York Times
Jan04 J-curve in BP studies is an artifact - similar to dose targeting bias in HEMO.
Aug11 NEJM: Idarucizumab effective for reversal of dabigatran effects.
Apr18 High salt diet makes subjects drink less and eat more !?
May29 Smoking increases risk of CKD progression in African Americans
May24 CRIC study shows a high urinary sodium excretion in CKD linked to higher CV risk.
May20 SPRINT shows lower than 120 BP systolic target in elderly results in improved outcomes
Mar30 AC6 gene therapy improves cardiac function in patients with heart failure.
Feb27 Treatment of BP below 140 systolic in persons with diabetes may be counterproductive.
Feb14 Second salty taste receptor more fully characterized in humans.
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Dr. Carmine Zoccali, M.D.
Postgraduate Professor of Nephrology, Director, Center for Clinical Physiology, Renal Diseases and Hypertension of the Italian Research Council, Reggio Calabria, Italy (European Editor)