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HDCN News Archive -- Hypertension, CV Disease
Mar06 Novel ablation technology to treat atrial fibrillation.
Oct23 Taking antihypertensives at bedtimes lowers cardiovascular risk.
Aug13 SPRINT substudy shows that intensive BP control lowers rate of white matter brain lesions.
Jul09 Predicing serum K from the EKG trace measured by an Apple watch.
Apr28 CDC issues alert re warfarin coagulopathy and synthetic cannabinoids
Jan11 Lp(a) in the news in the New York Times
Jan04 J-curve in BP studies is an artifact - similar to dose targeting bias in HEMO.
Aug11 NEJM: Idarucizumab effective for reversal of dabigatran effects.
Apr18 High salt diet makes subjects drink less and eat more !?
May29 Smoking increases risk of CKD progression in African Americans
May24 CRIC study shows a high urinary sodium excretion in CKD linked to higher CV risk.
May20 SPRINT shows lower than 120 BP systolic target in elderly results in improved outcomes
Mar30 AC6 gene therapy improves cardiac function in patients with heart failure.
Feb27 Treatment of BP below 140 systolic in persons with diabetes may be counterproductive.
Feb14 Second salty taste receptor more fully characterized in humans.
Feb02 Flu vaccine lowers risk of atrial fibrillation
Dec14 Even more news on the new HDCN Facebook page!
Dec14 A bright future is predicted for renal denervation devices.
Dec14 Primary aldo screening for resistant hypertension cost effective?
Dec01 Higher serum Mg associated with decreased risk of sudden death in dialysis patients.
Nov10 L-DOPA may delay onset of age-related macular degeneration by 8 years.
Nov10 Sprint Blood Pressure Trial article link at NEJM
Nov10 Sprint study presented at the AHA Scientific Sessions and published in NEJM.
Sep25 Giving BP meds at bedtime particularly effective in lowering diabetes risk
Sep11 SPRINT RCT data support an even lower BP target (120 systolic) for the elderly.
Aug31 Spanish style mid-day "siestas" linked to lower blood pressure and better heart structure.
Aug31 Fimrenone, a selective MRA antagonist from Bayer shows promising heart failure effects.
Aug27 FDA approves 2nd PCSK9 inhibitor, Repatha, to lower LDL cholesterol
Aug18 Doctors will be able to look at your beating heart or at your colon in 3-D virtual reality.
Jul16 Using salt microspheres to reduce sodium intake
Jul08 Valsartan combined with sacubitril (neprilysin inhibitor) improves heart failure patient survival.
Apr23 Long coding RNA found that regulates brown fat production
Apr08 Short stature linked to increased cardiovascular risk
Feb26 Medtronic to launch new phase II trial of renal nerve ablation (Symplicity device)
Feb26 Dabigatran has higher bleeding risk than warfarin in dialysis patients
Feb05 BMJ study: Intensify BP treament when SBP > 150, but do it promptly.
Jan09 Monthly dose of PCSK9 inhibitor lowers serum cholesterol
Sep01 PCSK9 inhibitor arilocumab lowers cholesterol and cardiovascular events
Aug30 Novel heart failure drug shows great promise.
Jul16 New concerns about the safety of niacin.
Jul14 Hydrogen sulfide generating compound protects stressed mitochondria.
May21 ZS Pharma presenting data on it's GI potassium sorbent in patients taking RAAS inhibitors at ASH
May18 Urine fibrinopeptide B can be used to detect venous thromboembolism.
May18 Benzodiazepine use for sleep markedly increase adverse events n heart failure patients.
May18 Aspirin retards wound healing
May16 American Society of Hypertension 2014 Annual Meeting starts in NYC.
May13 Health benefits of resveratrol via red wine called into question by study from Italy
May10 Leadless pacing shows promise.
May07 FDA and the Heart Association and other agencies fight over aspirin
Apr22 Salt controversy back in the New York Times.
Apr22 Have we found the cure for atherosclerosis? D-PDMP a potential candidate.
Mar30 No ischemic EKG changes plus very low cardiac high-sensitivity troponin T levels rule out MI.
Mar30 Symplicity trial discussed by Drs. Gersh and Lerman.
Mar29 Negative SYMPLICITY HTN-3 trial results published in NEJM
Mar29 Evolocumab lowers LDL cholesterol by more than 50% (NEJM)
Mar29 SYMPLICITY HTN - 3: Renal artery fails for resistant hypertension
Mar29 Prophylactic rosuvastatin lowers risk of contrast kidney injury.
Mar29 New class of anticholesterol drugs lowers LDL by 50%
Mar17 Large meta-analysis exonerates saturated fat in terms of elevated CV risk.
Feb28 Beta-blockade found to benefit ESRD patient survival and CV risk
Feb16 Apple working on heart attack prediction device based on wearable sensor.
Jan14 New device informs treatment of sleep apnea.
Dec23 Portable retinal scanner developed for early detection of eye disease.
Dec18 Blood pressure target in the elderly changed from less than 140 to less than 150.
Dec14 How HDL cholesterol reduces inflammation via the ATF3 gene.
Dec14 Tall people have lower amounts of coronary artery plaque.
Dec14 Magnetic resonance spectroscopy measures heart energy levels; predicts prognosis.
Nov25 FDA removes certain restrictions from Avandia.
Nov23 Abstracts from the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2013
Nov19 New study of spironolactone in heart failure fails to show improvement in many hard outcomes.
Nov19 Advanced CT imaging as good as angiography to detect CAD blockages.
Nov19 Gene therapy shows long-lasting benefits in patients with heart failure.
Nov19 Eveolocumab lowers LDL cholesterol in patients with marked hypercholesterolemia.
Nov18 VA NEPHRON D Sttudy in NEJM: Combination ACE-I and ARB treatment for diabetic nephropathy with proteinuria found to be harmful.
Nov18 CORAL study reports negative results in the NEJM re stenting of renovascular HTN.
Nov18 Controversy over heart disease risk formula being applied as an indication for statins.
Nov18 AHA Scientific Sessions: Daily News
Oct27 New K-absorbing compound prevents hyperkalemia with spironolactone.
Oct20 Diuretics and ACE inhibitors protect against dementia; beta-blockers and CCBs do not.
Oct20 Gene silencing PPMO antibacterials developed to combat Acinetobacter infections.
Oct13 2013 ESH/ESC guidelines for hypertension management (PDF)
Oct13 European Hypertension Guideline update helps fill U.S. void while waiting for JNC8
Sep21 Remote ischemic conditioning using blood pressure cuff in acute heart attack
Sep18 Childhood obesity quadruples risk of later hypertension.
Aug20 Kaiser able to control 87% of subjects with hypertension
Aug16 Remote ischemic preconditioning via BP cuff increases heart surgery survival.
Aug07 Ultrasound patch helps heal long standing venous skin ulceration of the legs.
Aug07 Long-term use of calcium channel blockers linked to increased breast cancer risk.
Jul11 Rare mutation triggers race to develop new cholesterol drugs.
Jul05 Brown fat activation may be responsible for accelerated atherosclerosis in winter.
Jul05 DHA (in fish oil) reduces inflammation via maresin in macrophages.
Jul05 Blocking CD36 might affect inflammation-induced atherosclerosis
May16 American Society for Hypertension annual scientific meeting in progress in San Francisco.
May14 Institute of Medicine questions 1.5 g/day sodium limitation recommendations.
Apr30 Atherosclerosis found in mummified remains of humans from preindustrial civilizations.
Apr24 Gut bacteria, lecithin, TMAO, and atherosclerosis in the NEJM.
Apr16 Drinking beet juice lowers blood pressure by 10 mm Hg.
Apr07 New theory implicating red meat in risk for atherosclerosis involves carnitine, intestinal bacteria, and TMAO.
Apr05 Walking as good as running to lower heart disease risk.
Apr05 Chronic pain commonly associated with ischemic stroke.
Apr05 New meta analysis suggests benefits of salt reduction and dietary K increase.
Apr05 New meta analysis suggests benefits of salt reduction and dietary K increase.
Apr05 New meta analysis suggests benefits of salt reduction and dietary K increase.
Apr03 Cholesterol-lowering eyedrops improve macular degeneration in mice.
Mar20 High potency statins increase risk of acute kidney injury (slightly).
Mar17 Cholecalciferol treatmen of African Americans with hypertension good.
Mar09 Niacin drug plus antiflushing compound had substantial side effects.
Mar08 New study validates anti-aging effects of resveratrol.
Feb16 Cure for Chagas disease found?
Feb16 Another study shows increased cardiovascular risk in women with high calcium intake.
Feb16 ADAMTS7, thrombospondin, genetics, and arterial plaque.
Jan21 Regular aspirin use associated with risk of age-related neovascular macular degeneration.
Jan10 Data mining approach shows that a diuretic + ACEI or ARB + NSAID is bad for the kidney
Jan10 Sodium excretion by weekly and monthly cycles in men revealed by astronaut testing.
Jan10 Gene therapy reprograms scar tissue in damaged hearts.
Dec26 Elevated levels of C-reactive protein associated with depression.
Dec26 Blood transfusion associated with increased risk of heart attack.
Dec16 Gut bacteria may protect against atherosclerosis by making carotenoids.
Dec13 Endothelin antagonist sitaxentan good for CKD with heart disease.
Dec06 Aspirin tablet coatings may give rise to aspirin pseudoresistance.
Nov26 Heartbeat gives off more than 10 times the energy needed to power pacemakers.
Nov26 Genes controlling cortisol and aldosterone found to be implicated in human hypertension.
Nov26 Firms race to develop renal denervation catheters to treat hypertension.
Nov05 Pacemakers can self-recharge using the energy from a beating heart.
Nov05 Randomized trial shows benefit for chelation therapy for heart disease.
Nov05 NEJM: Coronary revascularization better than percutaneous procedures for diabetic patients.
Nov05 American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2012 News - Sunday
Nov05 American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2012 News - Saturday
Nov01 Prolonged QRS and PR intervals in atrial fibrillation predict poor outcome.
Nov01 High blood resistin levels increase LDL cholesterol and impair efficacy of statins.
Oct09 Neuroprotectant drug effective in maintaining brain function after aneurysm surgery.
Oct09 Bariatric surgery gives disappointing results in terms of sleep apnea.
Oct04 Subcutaneous implantable defibrillator avoids the need for intravenous leads.
Sep25 New CDC report based on NHANES data focuses on prevalence of hypertension in US.
Sep19 Cost-effectivenes study of renal sympathetic denervation published.
Sep12 Fish oil supplement meta-analysis in the news (found no benefit)
Sep07 CDC MMWR emphasizes poor control of hypertension in the United States.
Sep07 Nonalcoholic red wine reduced blood pressure better than regular red wine.
Aug27 Renal denervation for advanced heart failure
Aug16 CD4 T cells linked to immunologically-mediated atherosclerosis; vaccine may be possible.
Aug03 Diacetyl, an artificial butter flavor used in popcorn, linked to Alzheimer's disease worsening.
Jul21 Patient weight gain after change of acid concentrate supplier with same nominal dialysate sodium level.
Jul21 New body shape index, based on height, BMI, and waist circumference, predicts mortality risk.
Jul18 In frail elderly, higher blood pressures associated with increased survival.
Jul12 Post-menopausal hormone therapy linked to risk of high blood pressure.
Jul03 Large waist gives survival advantage in heart failure patients.
Jun28 Favorable early results after renal denervation in CKD.
Jun27 Atkins diets increase rate of calories burned, but also increase cardiovascular risk in women.
Jun20 Higher urinary sodium output in the PREVEND trial linked to higher BP, uric acid, and albuminuria.
Jun03 Salt intake skepticism in the Sunday New York Times.
Jun02 World Congress of Cardiology poster presentation abstracts (186 page pdf file)
Jun02 World Congress of Cardiology oral presentation abstracts (83-page pdf file)
Jun01 Soft drink consumption linked to high blood pressure, but it may not be via fructose.
Jun01 Alcohol may trigger serious palpitations in heart patients with atrial fibrillation.
Jun01 Study vindicates Atkins type diet in terms of kidney function.
May24 Another study suggests cardiovascular risk increase from calcium supplements.
May22 New guidelines suggest to NOT give aspirin or warfarin to heart failure patients.
May19 Short-term azithromycin treatment associated with increased cardiovascular death risk.
May19 Study of HDL genetic variants casts doubt on the beneficial impact of higher HDL levels.
May19 Air pollution reduction during Beijing Olympics associated with decreased platelet activation marker levels.
May19 Renal denervation shows encouraging results for resistant hypertension.
May10 White coat vs. white dress hypertension
May10 HDL cholesterol that contains ApoC-III is bad for you.
May10 LARIAT to tie off left atrial appendage for atrial fibrillation treatment vs. warfarin.
May04 Mechanism of increased CV risk with NSAIDs explained.
May04 Aspirin and warfarin equally effective in heart failure patients.
May01 Renal denervation devicemakers in the news: Covidien and Maya medical.
May01 Avastin and Lucentis similarly effective in treating wet age-related macular degeneration.
May01 High uric acid levels a risk factor for hypertension in teenagers.
Apr26 FDA issues safety warning about using aliskiren plus an ACEI or ARB in diabetes or CKD.
Apr17 Twice the sodium in some fast foods sold in the US or Canada vs. France or UK.
Apr10 Fish oil benefits questioned for heart attack and stroke survivors.
Apr10 Selective renal nerve denervation benefits persist for at least 3 years afterwards.
Mar27 LDL antibodies reduce LDL cholesterol by 70% in patients already taking statins.
Mar20 Antiplatelet therapy in CKD patients with heart disease called into question.
Mar20 With climate warming, U.S. residents face risk of contracting Chagas disease.
Mar13 Eating red meat associated with health risks and shorter life expectancy.
Mar08 FDA considering making many drugs over the counter.
Mar08 Animal studies suggest that nitric oxide gas inhalation after stroke improves brain perfusion.
Mar03 Selective renal denervation lowers LVMI from 112 to 95 g/m2 over a 6 month period.
Mar02 FDA: Statins and protease inhibitors taken together can increase risk of muscle injury.
Feb28 FDA adds diabetes, memory loss warning to statins.
Feb26 Nicotine may cause vascular injury
Feb22 FDA advisory panel votes to approve weight loss drug Qnexa (phentermine/topiramate)
Feb14 Stem cells can reduce scar tissue after heart attacks.
Feb09 Coronary artery disease in British males linked to common Y-chromosome haplogroup.
Feb03 Triglyceride levels predict stroke risk in postmenopausal women.
Feb03 Clopidogrel with aspirin does not prevent smaal subcortical strokes; increases bleeding risk
Jan17 Renal denervation surgery now available in Toronto, Canada.
Jan12 What is irisin and how does it regulate brown fat tissue?
Jan12 Routine aspirin may cause harm
Jan10 Dabigatran linked to risk of acute coronary events.
Dec15 Chewsing khat is bad for you if you have heart disease.
Dec13 Statins reduce plaque by affecting the CCR7 chemokine receptor on macrophages.
Dec06 Self-absorbing drug-eluting heart scaffold stent implanted in Montreal.
Nov28 McMaster study published in JAMA suggests a U-shaped relation between sodium intake and CV risk.
Nov28 Similar effects of beer and wine on risk of cardiovascular disease.
Nov21 Higher blood 25-D levels (> 100 ng/dL) linked to new onset atrial fibrillation.
Nov16 Stem cell treatment improves severe CHF in Lancet study.
Nov16 ASN; PRIMO study shows no benefits of paricalcitol on LVH in patients.
Nov16 Higher dose statins reduce coronary artery plaque.
Nov16 American Heart Association Scientific Sessions website.
Nov16 Niacin may not improve hard outcomes.
Nov16 CETP inhibitor more than doubles HDL cholesterol levels.
Nov16 Ain't necessarily so dept: Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy associated with long life.
Nov09 Extra-carotid to internal carotid artery bypass surgery of limited value after ministroke.
Nov01 Am Heart Assoc High BP Research Council Fall 2011 Meeting abstracts
Oct28 Medtronic launches clinical trial of its renal denervation device.
Oct26 Apixaban better than warfarin for atrial fibritllation.
Oct26 Taking at least one BP med at bedtime lowers cardiovascular risk.
Oct20 CDC via MMW publishes usual sodium intakes of US individuals, 2005-2008.
Oct18 St. Jude Medical announces first clinical use of renal denervation technology.
Oct18 BNP biomarker-guided therapy of heart failure markedly lowers complication rate.
Oct14 ASN Renal Week 2011 abstracts now available.
Oct14 MMWR (CDC): Incidence of heart disease in the U.S. declining from 2006 - 2010 (pdf)
Oct14 Bacteria-derived bile acids linked to efficacy of statins.
Oct11 Thiazides may be especially useful to treat hypertension from calcineurin-inhibitor drugs.
Oct11 Link between FGF23 and LVH strengthened by studies in mice, rats, and patients.
Oct04 Salt institute requests that U.S. agencies remove salt restriction from new dietary guidelines.
Sep27 Plaque disruption explains heart attacks in women with normal coronary angiograms.
Sep21 Exposure to vehicle exhaust fumes from traffic can trigger heart attacks with a 6-hour window.
Sep21 cMyBP-C protein may be new diagnostic marker for acute heart attack.
Sep15 Cryoablation treatment of atrial fibrillation shows promise.
Sep15 NEJM: Apixaban better than warfarin to treat atrial fibrillation.
Sep13 Body clock found to regulate platelet function
Sep03 Poor sleep quality increases risk of high blood pressure.
Aug30 Will the chocolate-eating craze impact oxalate load in patients with CKD?
Aug30 European Society of Cardiology 2011 symposium home page
Aug30 Donor heart arrives warm and beating in experimental organ transfer device.
Aug30 Higher salt intake and low activity linked to increased risk of dementia in the elderly.
Aug30 European registry tracks outcomes with ablation therapy for atrial fibrillation.
Aug30 Weight-loss simulatino tool allows prediction of efficacy of dietary interventions for obesity.
Aug30 Adoption study underlines role of genetics in causation of heart disease.
Aug23 New computed tomography heart scan exposes patients to 90% less radiation.
Aug19 High serum phosphorus may accelerate CKD progression, block effects of ramipril.
Aug03 4-D Substudy suggests that low homoarginine levels associate with sudden death.
Jul21 FDA approves ticagrelor (Brilinta) to treat acute coronary syndrome.
Jul21 Stress cardiomyopathy is real and affects a broad range of elderly patients.
Jul19 Intravenous ribose helps recovery from heart attack. A potential dialysate additive to prevent stunning?
Jul19 Carvedilol found to improve intradialytic hypertension in pilot study.
Jul12 Kv7.4 potassium channel in blood vessels linked to control of blood pressure.
Jul12 Therapeutic hypothermia betters outcome post cardiac arrest - why not a dialysis system?
Jul12 FDA approves trial of renal artery SNS ablation by catheter using Ardian/Medtronic system.
Jul12 Higher sodium and lower potassium intake independently link to mortality in NHANES
Jul07 American Heart Association maintains its guidance about 1.5 g/day max sodium intake.
Jul07 Cochrane Library review questions benefits of salt reduction in terms of hard outcomes.
Jul07 Either excessively high or low sodium intake in pregnant rats adversely affects nephron number and kidney function in their offspring.
Jul05 Anti-smoking drug varenicline may have adverse cardiovascular effects.
Jul05 NSAIDs associated with increased risk of atrial fibrillation.
Jul05 Alpha-tocotrienol, a form of vitamin E, may protect brain cells after a stroke.
Jun28 Collagen-binding protein allows dental S. mutans bacteria to attach to heart valves.
Jun28 Visceral fat decreased by increased intake of soluble fiber and exercise.
Jun28 New hybrid minimally invasive surgical procedure to treat atrial fibrillation
Jun21 Shorter pause between stopping CPR and administering electroshock linked to higher survival.
Jun09 FDA-mandated labeling change for simvastatin regarding risk of higher dosages.
Jun09 Pretreatment of mice with thymosin beta 4 induces cardiac repair after induced infarct.
Jun09 SHARP trial (simvastatin plus ezetimibe in CKD) results published in the Lancet.
Jun09 FDA: Myopathy risk of high-dose (80 mg) simvastatin close to 50%; limitations to use recommended.
Jun01 Histone deacetylase inhibitor reverses LVH in a mouse model.
May31 Higher fat, lower carb diets pose little cardiovascular risk over the short term.
May28 MGmin-LDL identifed as a subtype of LDL associated with cardiovascular disease.
May28 Chronic estrogen exposure may increase blood pressure via superoxide; reversed by resveratrol.
May26 Addition of niacin to simvastatin fails to protect the heart and may increase stroke risk
May25 Nineteen percent of young adults found to have high blood pressure.
May22 Epleronone reduces the incidence of atrial fibrillation in class 2 heart failure.
May19 Deuterium-enriched vitamin A slows rate of age-related macular degeneration in a mouse model.
May19 Dairy consumption does not elevate cardiovascular risk in Costa Rican study.
May19 L-arginine-rich foods lower risk of pre-eclampsia.
May17 FDA advisory panel will convene to reconsider approval of fenofibrate
May16 IDOL, inducible LKL receptor degrading molecule, may be target for cholesterol lowering.
May16 KLF14 gene may be a regulator of body fat, obesity, and cholesterol.
May15 Telemedicine monitoring of heart failure patients strikes out.
May12 Losartan might protect against disuse muscle atrophy (in mice).
May03 Link to EPOGH study in JAMA on urinary sodium and CV death risk.
May03 Ain't necessarily so: Observational study suggests lower sodium intake increases risk of death from heart attack and strokes..
Apr29 Work more than 8 hours a day? You may be setting yourself up for a heart attack.
Apr26 25D blood level differences explain 40% of difference in blood pressure between blacks and whites.
Apr25 The cardiologists weigh in on how to treat blood pressure in the elderly.`
Apr25 Oops! High levels of omega-3s, as indicated by DHA, associated with high-grade prostate cancer.
Apr22 Prolongation of the QT interval on sudden standing a marker for sudden death risk.
Apr22 ACE inhibitors may trigger recurrence of breast cancer: an unexpected finding
Apr20 Intensified ultrafiltration in an attempt to control blood pressure linked to more access complications.
Apr20 Calcium supplements linked to increased heart attack risk in older women.
Apr12 On-sitne heart attack response team provides median door to angioplasty balloon time of 47 minutes
Apr12 Vitamin D improves flow-mediated vasodilatation in overweight African American subjects.
Apr12 25D levels below 15 mcg/L linked to increased risk of age-related macular degeneration
Apr07 Ciliary neurotropic factor delivered by encapsulated cells may help age-related macular degeneration
Apr06 Implanted neck baroreceptor buzzer lowers blood pressure in controlled study.
Apr06 Gut bacteria may convert choline to pro-atherogenic compounds. Caution re supplements.
Mar29 Large study using ambulatory BP monitoring shows that many cases of apparent resistant hypertension are really white coat readings.
Mar29 Small, randomized trial of renal denervation shows benefit in treating resistant hypertension.
Mar29 Whole fiber breakfeast cereat consumption associated with lower blood pressure.
Mar24 Ok, you know about FGF23. But FGF19 may be even more important in glucose metabolism.
Mar23 So if we cut out fruits (potassium) and whole grains (phosphate), we also cut out fiber. Is that a good thing?
Mar17 Cardiac injection of autologous stem cells markedly improves heart failure.
Mar12 Disruption of circadian cycle can lead to fatty liver.
Mar12 Coffee drinking linked to reduced stroke risk in women.
Mar12 Wnt1 can stimulate new blood vessel formation and also improve blood flow.
Mar02 Glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta (GSK3B) antibody lowers blood pressure in animals.
Mar02 NSAID use linked to erectile dysfunction
Feb28 Abnormal cubilin gene linked to albuminuria
Feb28 Gut bacteria can affect hepatic lipid metabolism
Feb24 Like pecan pie?
Feb22 Routine measurement of central blood pressure becoming more practical.
Feb18 Where the sodium comes from: sauces, bacon, bread, milk, and cheese
Feb17 New aldosterone-related gene mutation linked to severe hypertension
Feb11 Apixaban may prevent strokes more efficiently than aspirin in atrial fibrillation.
Feb11 New genetic cause of primary hyperaldosteronism identified, and it's not rare.
Feb09 Salt and diet soda ingestion linked to increased risk of cerebrovascular events
Feb07 Pivotal discoveries in age-related macular degeneration.
Jan31 New USDA sodium guidelines recommend sodium intake < 1.5 g/day for individuals with CKD, HTN, or DMj
Jan21 Hickey paralyzes woman (seriously)
Jan15 National Library of Medicine's Daily Med website for quick access to drug package inserts.
Jan14 American Heart Association calling for sodium reduction to 1.5 g/day for everyone.
Jan14 Let me tell you one thing about nurses who eat blueberries...
Jan12 JAMA: Candesartan linked to better survival in heart failure than losartan.
Jan12 Common painkillers linked to increased risk of vascular complications.
Jan12 NEJM: Cholesterol efflux capacity from macrophages, a new measure of HDL action, linked to carotid intima-media thickness.
Jan11 Stem Cell treatment of age-related macular degeneration on the horizon.
Jan10 Statins may be harmful after hemorrhagic stroke.
Jan06 Extended-release clonidine now available for sale in the United States.
Dec28 FDA clears Novartis' triple antihypertensive drug for marketing.
Dec18 FDA approves Medtronic cryoablation device to treat atrial fibrillation.
Dec17 Beetroot juice may increase walking distance in the elderly.
Dec15 Ain't necessarily so: No link between serum 25-D levels and cardiovascular mortality.
Nov30 Source of protection against saturated fat (Angptl4) found, and 3% of people don't have it.
Nov17 Radiofrequency zapping of renal nerves in CKD lowers blood pressure substantially.
Nov17 NEJM: New CETP inhibitor anacetrapib shows promise in affecting LDL and HDL levels
Nov16 Nevada doctor in hot water for prescribing BP pills over the phone without seeing the patient.
Nov16 Xarelto and other warfarin alternatives about to hit the U.S. market.
Nov14 AHA 2010 abstracts: Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in High-Risk Populations: Diabetes and Kidney Disease
Nov14 AHA 2010 abstracts: Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Chronic Kidney Disease
Nov14 AHA 2010 Abstracts: Cardiorenal syndrome: pathophysiology
Nov14 AHA Scientific Sessions ongoing in Chicago, Nov 13-17.
Nov14 Large RCT has good news and bad news for nesiritide (Natrecor).
Nov11 Brass, even in modern plumbing fixtures, continues to cause lead-contamination of drinking water.
Nov08 Cerebral microbleeeds common with aging.
Oct22 Salt sensitivity linked to vasopressin via induction of brain protein synthesis.
Oct18 Susceptibility to hypertension in Blacks may be related to too much aldosterone.
Oct18 Fenretinide reduces the risk of transformation of dry to wet macular degeneration.
Oct15 American Heart Association position paper on smokeless tobacco products.
Oct13 One in five West Virginia 5th graders may have high blood pressure.
Oct13 Want to lower blood pressure? Eat more watermelon for it's L-arginine precursors (but watch the K !)
Oct12 Pharmacy benefits group attempts to predict drug non-compliance at an early stage.
Oct12 International Society for Hypertension in Blacks recommends aggressive treatment.
Oct09 More on FDA-mandated withdrawal of Meridia (sibutramine) from the U.S. market.
Oct05 NIH adds more patients over 75 to SPRINT blood pressure goal trial.
Oct04 New evidence suggests that dietary intake of saturated fats has limited risk of CV disease.
Sep25 Transcatheter aortic valve replacement associated with markedly improved survival.
Sep22 CMS releases new proposed qualiity measures developed by Arbor Research (1.5 mb pdf file)
Sep15 Defective ABCB4 gene impedes cholesterol excretion into the bile.
Sep09 FDA issues new safety alert re gadolinium-containing contrast agents and NSF.
Sep07 Vegetable-based low-carbohydrate diets better than those rich in animal protein
Sep02 NEJM: Increased cardiovascular risk from weight loss drug sibutramine.
Sep02 AASK trial analysis suggests lower BP targets may benefit African Americans with proteinuria.
Aug31 Large study debunks notion that statins may be associated with cancer.
Aug31 Apixaban reduces stroke risk more than aspirin in patients with atrial fibrillation.
Aug26 Analysis of large claims-based dataset suggests heart risks for rosiglitazone and pioglitazone are similar.
Aug26 New NICE hypertension in pregnancy guidelines issued; recommend daily aspirin
Aug26 Back to the future: Renin profiling claimed to be useful in predicting response to RAAS inhibitors or beta-blockers.
Aug26 Naringenin from grapefruits shows promise as a treament for type 2 diabetes
Aug24 Randomized trial shows that drinking water before a meal reduces calorie consumption.
Aug20 Binge drinking markedly increases death risk in subjects with hypertension.
Aug20 Adding fish oil to low fat diet helps metabolic syndrome.
Aug15 ALLHAT long-term follow-up study confirms advantages of diuretics.
Jul30 Calcium supplements increase the risk of heart attack in postmenopausal women.
Jul24 Marcrophage fatty acid synthase a new target to prevent atherosclerosis.
Jul20 FDA approves generic version of transdermal clonidine.
Jul16 APOL1 gene increases risk of kidney disease in African Americans.
Jul15 ACCORD (NEJM): HbA1c target < 6% and combo statin/fenofibrate Rx better for retinopathy.
Jul12 Abstracts from 2010 World Congress of Cardiology - Posters (274 page .pdf)
Jul12 World Congress of Cardiology 2010 oral presentation abstracts (100 page .pdf)
Jul08 Cholesterol can exit the blood via the liver into the intestine while bypassing bile.
Jul06 Got a thick neck? Might not be so good if you're a child.
Jul06 Cocoa flavanols increase angiogenic cell number.
Jul06 INVEST study published in JAMA: No benefit of targeting BP < 130/80 in diabetics vs. 130-140
Jul06 How water drinking increases blood pressure and sympathetic activity.
Jul02 Olive oil consumption downregulates gene activity associated with atherosclerosis.
Jul02 Sugary drink consumption raises risk of hypertension.
Jun30 NEJM: Is computed tomography safe?
Jun29 Can't decide if rosiglitazone is safe for the heart? Ask Consumer Reports.
Jun29 Video presentation summary of ACCORD trial results.
Jun29 KDOQI CKD guideline of BP < 130/80 is being questioned.
Jun29 Beetroot juice in the news as a means of lowering blood pressure and CV risk.
Jun29 New study shows no increased cardiovascular risk due to rosiglitazone.
Jun24 Selective estrogen compound activates cell-surface receptors only, may confer vascular protection.
Jun22 European Soc Hypertension 2010 meeting abstracts - June 21st.
Jun22 European Soc Hypertension 2010 meeting abstracts - June 19th.
Jun22 European Soc Hypertension 2010 meeting abstracts - June 19th.
Jun22 ENDO 2010 "abstracts 2 view"
Jun22 Daily new reports of ENDO 2010 meeting
Jun22 Genetic septet in control of platelet stickiness.
Jun18 Blood pressure of 110 and above in teenage boys presages HTN.
Jun13 Lancet study suggests that ARBs may be associated with a higher rate of lung cancer.
Jun11 Short stature increases risk for heart disease: an important confounder for BMI
Jun10 Bipolar disorders linked to hypertension
Jun10 Allopurinol markedly slows progression of CKD in small randomized trial.
Jun10 Why did heart attacks go down by 24% in Northern California's Kaiser patients?
Jun10 Continuous aspiration thrombectomy helps return brain function post major strokes.
Jun10 Ghrelin acting on MC4 receptors in the brain shown to affect serum cholesterol levels.
May30 The politics of salt reduction: the food industry fights back.
May29 Abstracts of the High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia 31st Scientific Meeting.
May26 Drinking fewer sugar-sweetened beverages may lower blood pressure.
May26 B cell genes characterize transplant patients who do well after stopping immunosuppressives.
May26 High levels of HDL cholesterol do not always protect.
May21 Use of Viagra associated with long-term hearing loss.
May18 Pregnenolone sulfate may reduce inflammatatory mediator production by blood vessels.
May18 Higher blood pressure found in people living in urban areas
May12 Working overtime increases heart risk
May06 Having a TIA? Eat some dark chocolate.
May06 New atherosclerosis gene gives promising results.
May05 Mitochondrial DNA strongly linked to stroke risk
May04 American Society of Hypertension program book (see RSS feed for audiofile link)
Apr30 SHR (spontaneously hypertensive rat) genome sequenced - 788 mutations found!
Apr30 New gene link to scleroderma found
Apr28 Anabolic steroid use in healthies impairs left ventricular relaxation by 50% and also ejection fraction.
Apr28 RCT shows that high-dose B vitamins associated with increased risk of progression and CV events in diabetics.
Apr20 About 6 kg of weight loss in obese subjects markedly reduces pro-inflammatory immune dysfunction.
Apr20 Institute of Medicine sodium report - full text
Apr20 FDA Statement on Institute of Medicine sodium report
Apr20 Institute of Medicine, Harvard researchers call for rules for sodium reduction in food
Apr20 Diets high in added sugar raise heart disease risk.
Apr19 Bad news and more bad news: Gene that makes you fat melts your brain.
Apr19 Gamma prime fibrinogen levels in the top quarter equals a 7-fold increase in MI risk
Apr14 Bariatric surgery lowers pregnancy complication risk in obese women
Apr13 High glycemic index carbs increase heart risk in women.
Apr11 Generic losartan and losartan + HCTZ now available
Mar30 Eating 1 small square of chocolate per day lowers CV risk by 39%
Mar23 High-fructose corn syrup associated with liver scarring in patients with NAFLD.
Mar22 Inventor of beta-blocking drugs, Scottish scientist Sir James Black, dies.
Mar22 NDT early: Hemodialysis causes microemboli to enter the circulation.
Mar22 Fibrillin-1 and TGF beta linked to scleroderma
Mar22 High fructose corn syrup = table sugar in terms of fructose content, but not in terms of obesity.
Mar19 JACC paper: Rosuvastatin in CKD subgroup of the JUPITER trial
Mar19 High-dose rosuvastatin reduces mortality in CKD patients by 44%.
Mar15 Valsartan and nateglitidine of no use in reducing CV death in prediabetics.
Mar15 Level of myeloperoxidase strongly associated with CAD mortality.
Mar15 ACCORD trial combination fibrate plus statin results (NEJM, pdf)
Mar15 ACCORD trial lower BP target results (NEJM, .pdf)
Mar15 ACCORD trial results released at ACC: BP lower than 120 or addition of fibrates have no benefit in diabetics.
Mar12 Plavix gets new FDA warning regarding reduced efficacy in 3% slow activators.
Mar12 Spikes in blood pressure predict stroke risk better than high average readings.
Mar11 NEJM: Thyroid hormone analogue lowers LDL cholesterol in statin-treated patients.
Mar04 NEJM: Glycated hemoglobin linked to CV death risk in nondiabetic adults.
Mar02 3 different diets equivalent in terms of improving carotid artery atherosclerosis.
Mar01 Leukocyte biology suggests that simvastatin may increase infection risk.
Feb23 AHA/ACC issue Science Advisory re heart risk and thiazolidinedione drugs.
Feb23 New cardiac CT scanners with 320 detector rows expose patients to 90% less radiation.
Feb22 Mutations in gene encoding K channel KCNN3 associated with atrial fibrillation.
Feb12 Tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) a drug already used in humans, prevents diastolic heart failure in mice.
Feb10 Statins associated with a 40% reduction in risk of cataracts
Feb09 Even mild hypokalemia in heart failure patients with early-stage CKD associated with increased mortality.
Feb08 What is "third-hand smoke" and why is it potentially dangerous?
Feb04 New metaanalysis debunks link between saturated fat intake and heart disease.
Jan27 ASH 25th Annual Scientific Meeting to be held May 1-4, 2010 in New York City.
Jan27 Think you know how platelets are made? Guess again.
Jan27 New software allows 3D imaging during coronary angiography.
Jan26 AJKD: Comments on AURORA study results on use of statins in CKD patients.
Jan25 MMWR: Prevalence of abnormal lipid levels among youths
Jan21 NEJM study quantitates benefits of salt reduction on CV outcomes.
Jan14 Alzheimer's disease might be detectable by a retinal exam.
Jan13 BPA (bisphenol A) linked to cardiovascular risk.
Jan12 Intranasal and intracranial TGF-alpha restores motor function after stroke in rats.
Jan11 CV and kidney progression risk tied to proteinuria may be affected by race.
Jan07 UCLA study shows metformin to be safe in patients with diabetes and advanced heart failure.
Dec29 Inner ear organs can alter brain blood flow, affect postural hypotension, dizziness.
Dec29 Renal sympathetic nerve ablation being tested in the UK to treat hypertension
Dec23 American Heart Association's selection of top 10 research advances
Dec23 Aggressive BP treatment in patients over 80 may result in increased mortality.
Dec21 24-h BP monitoring disturbs sleep in some, artifactually affecting the amount of nocturnal BP dipping.
Dec21 Genetic studies clarify differing European and West African components of inheritance in African Americans
Dec07 NEJM: Dabigatran as good as warfarin for venous thromboembolism prevention.
Dec04 Blood clot risk increased up to 70 times as long as 6 weeks after surgery.
Dec02 Heart failure linked to gene variant affecting vitamin D activation.
Dec01 TLR2 (toll-like receptors) linked to inflammatory damage in atherosclerotic plaque.
Nov27 Stress-related blood pressure linked to phosducin.
Nov26 Instead of looking to get omega-3s from fish, look to the algae.
Nov25 Feeding time a major factor on gene induction circadian variability
Nov25 High salt intake linked to risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.
Nov25 Nexilin mutations identified as a cause of dilated cardiomyopathy.
Nov19 Workers exposed to secondhand smoke in outdoor environments have elevated blood levels of cotinine.
Nov19 Cigarette smoke found to be contaminated with many pathogenic bacteria.
Nov18 Niacin plus statin no better than niacin alone in elderly patients with CAD.
Nov18 NEJM: IV iron improves functional capacity and QOL in heart failure patients with iron deficiency
Nov17 Scientific sessions of the American Heart Association portal
Nov17 FDA: Omeprazole and clopidogrel drug:drug interaction reducing efficacy of clopidogrel
Nov17 NEJM: Continuous flow LV assist devices markedly improve survival in severe heart failure.
Nov15 NEJM: Editorial regarding the HALTS trial (ezetimibe vs. niacin)
Nov15 NEJM: Extended-release niacin better than ezetimibe (Vytorin) for atherosclerosis reduction
Nov14 ASTRAL study published in NEJM: No benefit of revascularization in renovascular hypertension.
Nov14 Children with CKD often have undetected hypertension that is associated with LVH.
Nov14 Excessive ingestion of selenium supplements can increase cholesterol by 10%
Nov14 Getting fat recently? Maybe too many Firmicutes bacteria in your gut.
Nov10 Obesity and hypertension are independent risk factor for left atrial enlargement with aging.
Nov06 CJASN: Higher phosphorus levels in preESRD patients linked with coronary artery calcification.
Nov04 Off-pump bypass surgery comes up short in RCT against older method
Nov03 Role of aspirin in primary prevention of cardiovascular disease being questioned.
Nov03 Statins may protect against deep venous thrombosis
Oct29 NIH launches SPRINT RCT to study systolic BP target effect on progression into CKD.
Oct26 Blue-light filtering increases macular pigment, may protect against dry macular degeneration.
Oct13 Melanocytes in the heart? Protecting against atrial fibrillation?
Oct06 Cochrane review finds that B-vitamins of no benefit in preventing CV complications.
Oct06 Minocycline protects against ischemic stroke in animal models.
Oct01 JASN: Pioglitazone prevents age-related decline in renal morphology and function.
Sep24 Vitamin D deficiency in premenopausal women associated with hypertension later in life.
Sep24 200g/day fructose supplement increases systolic BP by 6 mm Hg, prevented by allopurinol.
Sep24 AJKD issues containing KDOQI guidelines now freely available as .pdf files
Sep17 Vitamin K deficiency may be widespread, according to a new theory.
Sep14 Implantable defibrillators may not benefit women.
Sep01 European Soc Cardiol 2009 meeting website
Sep01 Addition of valsartan lowers CV mortality in Japanese patients in the Kyoto heart study.
Sep01 Early stage CHF patients benefit from cardiac resynchronization therapy.
Sep01 How much DHA is enough for an anti-atherosclerotic effect? 200 mg
Sep01 Prophylactic use of aspirin in asymptomatic atherosclerosis of no benefit in RCT.
Sep01 CO linked to increased CV risk; might this explain the higher CKD risk as well in urban areas?
Sep01 Hormonal therapy for prostate cancer associated with increased cardiovascular risk.
Aug30 NEJM: Ticagrelor better than clopidogrel as an anti-platelet agent post acute coronary syndrome.
Aug30 NEJM: Free full text paper on dabigatran vs. warfarin for stroke prevention in atrial fib.
Aug30 Pradaxa (dabigatran) outperforms warfarin by a mile for stroke prevention with a. fib.
Aug28 About 1/3 of people don't activate clopidogrel very well due to gene variants.
Aug28 Should pregnant women avoid mushrooms? Ergothioneine levels high in pre-eclampsia
Aug28 New gene controlling formation of adipocytes identified.
Aug28 Warfarin use associated with increased stroke risk in hemodialysis patients with a. fib.
Aug24 Mice eating a low-carb diet show increased atherosclerosis and decreases in vascular progenitor cells.
Aug24 Is reduction in liver fat the key to the benefits of an alternate-day diet?
Aug24 FDA announces ongoing monitoring of liver injury associated with Orlistat.
Aug21 Excess cholesterol can affect heart rhythm via potassium channels
Aug21 When vitamin D levels low, macrophages get overloaded with cholesterol.
Aug20 Oxycholesterol an important new heart disease risk; high in fried fatty foods.
Aug19 Klotho gene reduces blood pressure and extends lifespan.
Aug18 Whole grain cereals have polyphenol content similar to fruits and vegetables.
Aug06 Blood transfusions in cardiac patients associated with markedly increased mortality.
Aug06 Hypertension associated with VEGF-inhibitors linked to nitric oxide.
Aug03 Millions of U.S. children low in vitamin D
Aug03 TV viewing time associated with higher blood pressure in children.
Aug03 Evidence mounts for cardioprotective effects of fish oil.
Jul31 Lecithin found to have beneficial effects on fat metabolism via PPAR-alpha
Jul31 Monocytes from spleen involved in recovery from myocardial infarction
Jul28 NIH halts trial of sildenafit in patients with sickle-cell disease and pulmonary hypertension.
Jul28 Like chocolate: Low-cal variety on the way (but watch out for the oxalate).
Jul26 Diets high in linoleic acid associated with increased risk for inflammatory bowel disease.
Jul21 In diabetics with heart failure, HbA1c levels of 7.1 to 7.8 at lowest risk of death; tighter control bad.
Jul13 Citrus-derived flavonoid prevents obesity and metabolic syndrome in mice.
Jul08 Is PEDF "the" link between obesity and type 2 diabetes?
Jul08 Study examines effects of stress on weight gain in US population
Jul08 Cochrane review suggests no benefit of lowering blood pressure below 140/90
Jul08 Anti-ageing effects of rapamycin in mice in the news.
Jul05 Aldosterone regulates ENac levels via Per1 - a protein mediating circadian rhythms.
Jul02 U.S. obesity problem intensifies.
Jul02 Enalapril or losartan markedly slow progression of eye damage in type 1 diabetics.
Jun30 Genetic study suggests that relationship between C reactive protein and CV disease is not causal.
Jun26 FDA to regulate tobacco.
Jun24 Analysis of large number of bariatric surgery patients shows the procedure to be relatively safe.
Jun19 Clopidogrel may increase risk of death in patients with diabetic nephropathy.
Jun17 Annals: Stents of no benefit in treating renal artery stenosis
Jun13 Higher vitamin D levels associated with successful weight loss in obese subjects on a diet.
Jun05 Aldosterone levels found to be increased in chubby teenage boys.
Jun01 Modified lycopene extract (ateronon) reduces harmful oxidation of fats.
May30 Results from 8 late-breaking clinical trials at Heart Failure 2009
May29 Risks of aspirin outweight benefits for primary prevention of stroke, MI in those with normal kidney function.
May26 Simplified chart may aid in diagnosing hypertension in children.
May25 Search all abstracts from the World Congress of Nephrology 2009
May25 Gene variant found that increases risk of both severe periodontitis and myocardial infarction.
May22 Fenofibrate reduces amputation risk in diabetics.
May18 Heart disease patients who are overweight do better and live longer.
May15 Use of CT angiography in the emergency room to help diagnose chest pain found to be cost-effective.
May15 JASN early release: Low 25-D levels associated with coronary artery calcification progression
May15 High triglyceride levels associated with diabetic neuropathy
May15 Interventional study in mice links cytomegalovirus infection to high blood pressure.
May14 Monotherapy with DARA, an endothelin and angiotensin I receptor antagonist, lowers BP a lot.
May14 ALLHAT follow-up study confirms benefits of chlorthalidone.
May11 UMOD gene, associated with Tamm-Horsfall protein production, linked to kidney disease.
May11 Cyclophilin may play a key role in arterial damage associated with atherosclerosis.
May11 Vitamins C and E block improvement of insulin sensitivity with exercise.
May08 Low BP associated with strokes and MI in patients with coronary artery disease.
May08 Combining dieting with exercise while standing/sitting/kneeling on a vibration plate machine lowers abdominal fat.
May04 8th Annual Prevention in Renal Disease Conference, September 25-26, 2009 in Toronto.
Apr30 Urine screening test seems to predict presence of atherosclerotic disease.
Apr26 Statins may reduce prostate inflammation and reduce risk of prostate cancer
Apr26 Sodium in prepared foods frustrates attempts to implement low sodium diet in CHF patients.
Apr26 Prostaglandin 2-alpha may be new target for control of blood pressure and atherosclerosis.
Apr23 Low-sodium vegetable juice may help reduce body fat in patients with metabolic syndrome.
Apr22 Alzheimer beta-amyloid can be degraded, and some drugs can increase breakdown rate 7-fold.
Apr18 New stem cell treatment for age-related macular degeneration in development.
Apr17 New discoveries on how collagen activates platelets may lead to new treatments to prevent clotting.
Apr16 Heart risk in diabetics may be exaggerated.
Apr16 Endothelin A receptor antagonist darusentan shows promising results in resistant hypertension.
Apr14 Aspirin and similar drugs associated with brain microbleeds in the elderly.
Apr12 CXCL5, secreted by white adipose tissue, may be the link between obesity and inflammation and insulin resistance.
Apr11 Three papers on brown adipose tissue in this week's NEJM.
Apr11 One thousand 2007-2009 audiofiles and slide/audio talks added to HDCN's 20 topic-related channels.
A07 Chemokine CXCL5, produced by fat cells, linked to inflammation and insulin resistance.
A06 Chlorthalidone increases SNS activity, spironolactone does not
A01 Yeast-powered fuel cells (for implantable devices) derive energy from glucose in human blood.
M30 GNSOR-deficient mice markedly resistant to heart attacks.
M30 Lipoic acid supplements markedly lower triglycerides in an animal model.
M30 AURORA study confirms the 4D study: Statins of no benefit in dialysis patients.
M30 Radiofrequency ablation of renal sympathetic nerve activity results in sustained improvement in refractory hypertension.
M30 NEJM: Ventriculoplasty of no benefit when added to CABG in patients with CAD and heart failure.
M29 Link to slide/audio and audio symposia on HDCN
M29 American College of Cardiology 2009 - Day 3 newsletter
M29 American College of Cardiology 2009 - Day 2 newsletter
M29 American College of Cardiology 2009 - Day1 newsletter
M29 Crestor (rosuvastatin) lowers risk of venous thromboembolism by 34%.
M28 Corking shut the atrial appendage markedly reduces risk of stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation.
M26 AHA supports a lower sodium intake limit (1.5 g Na/day) for most Americans.
M26 Testing for endothelial function using a finger device that evaluates reactive hyperemia linked to CV outcomes.
M26 Preliminary data show potential benefits of catheter-based thrombolysis for stroke.
M26 Cholesterol crystals linked to arterial plaque disruption and heart attack.
M22 Ten genes associated with prolonged QT syndrome and risk of sudden cardiac death.
M22 Correct warfarin dose determined by 3 genes only.
M20 FDA panel gives nod to alternative to warfarin
M18 Another statin (Crestor, rosuvastatin) fails to show a benefit (rumor has it) in dialysis patients.
M17 Endothelial lipase linked to levels of good cholesterol
M12 HDL levels and glucose sensitivity linked to neck circumference.
M12 New anti-clotting compound derived from magnolia trees shows encouraging results in phase II safety study.
M09 Eating fish associated with increased intelligence in Swedish teens.
M04 Reduction of stroke risk associated with green/black tea drinking appears consistent and linear.
F26 Cornell researchers develop and market a point-of-care urinary sodium test strips to monitor salt intake.
F25 NEJM: Randomized trial of 4 different diets (low fat, low CHO, etc.) fails to find a single winner.
F23 Genes controlling atrial natriuretic peptide expression linked to hypertension.
F18 NEJM: Genetic testing helps predict warfarin dose.
F17 Ain't necessarily so series: oxidative stress may prolong, instead of shorten, life (worm study)
F11 Very high doses of candesartan effective in further reducing proteinuria.
F10 Vigorous exercise (running) may reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration.
F10 American Heart Association focuses on the high risk of stroke in women
F09 LSR, lipolysis-stimulated lipoprotein receptor, found to be deranged in type 2 diabetes with obesity.
F03 Short-term growth hormone treatment attenuates muscle loss after bariatric surgery.
F03 FOXO3A gene variants associated with living beyond 100 in multiple parts of the world.
J30 Epoxide hydrolase inhibitor reduces heart failure in animal model
J30 Sulfenic acid may be reason for potent anti-oxidant effect of garlic.
J30 FDA mandates detailed hyperkalemia warning for Aldactone (spironolactone)
J28 The new study that caused the fuss about clopidogrel and proton-pump inhibitors.
J28 FDA cautions on combined use of clopidogrel and proton-pump inhibitors until more info is obtained.
J26 Animal study suggests benefit of statins in preventing stroke in patients with cerebral cavernous angioma or malformation.
J20 Randomized (DRIP) trial reports benefits of dry weight reduction in dialysis pts. on 24-h blood pressures.
J19 Three new genes linked to childhood obesity identified.
J19 Trial of stem cell treatment to treat stroke patients approved for recruitment.
J19 Indian subcontinent heart disease gene identified.
J17 Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario issues "alert" against combined use of ACEIs and ARBs.
J15 Source of endogenous salicylic acid identified as benzoic acid found in fruits and vegetables.
J12 High sodium to potassium ratio in the urine increases cardiovascular event rate.
J09 New anti-anginal drug acts by working on sodium channels.
J01 New Year's Resolution? Quit smoking. American Lung Association support info.
J01 MMWR: Lower acute MI rates after city implements smoke-free ordinance
D29 Study of Amish identifies a new gene linked to sodium control and hypertension
D18 JASN early: First morning urine better than spot urine to detect microalbuminuria
D15 FDA approves premounted renal stent system manufactured by Boston Scientific
D14 Study in the Amish links APOC3 gene mutation, triglycerides, and resistance to heart disease.
D13 New study shows links between 30 genes and cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
D13 Should nephrologists give beta-blockers to their patients with CKD?
D11 CJASN: Rosiglitazone may benefit patient with FSGS
D09 Statins adversely affect placental development in an in vitro model.
D04 NEJM study shows that irbesartan of no benefit to patients with diastolic heart failure.
D04 Liver fat, rather than abdominal fat or shape, may be main cardiovascular risk.
D03 NEJM: ACEI plus amlodipine better than ACEI plus a thiazide in terms of cardiovascular events.
D02 Depression increases risk of subsequent visceral fat gain in longitudinal study.
D02 Consumer Reports investigates sodium content of foods: salt is present where one may not expect
D02 Cardiologists debate NEJM study comparing coronary CT scans with percutaneous angiography.
D01 Canadians publish best practice recommendations for stroke care.
N27 New studies confirm importance of sirtuin pathway in mammalian ageing; attention focuses on resveratrol.
N26 Binge drinking may damage the heart via acetaldehyde activation of macrophages.
N21 Do your CKD patients still smoke? Who is still smoking in the US by state.
N18 New microRNA compound protects mice against heart failure.
N14 Renal Week: Relative vitamin K2 deficiency linked to vascular calcification in ESRD
N13 Catheter thermoablation of atrial fibrillation far superior to drug treatment.
N13 FDA: Review of atrial fib - bisphosphonate data suggests a weak or no relationship.
N11 Sleep apnea associated with increased risk of sudden death.
N11 AHA Scientific Sessions 2008 in New Orleans, LA: Daily News, Nov 8 -12.
N09 Rosuvastatin given to patients with normal cholesterol levels but high CRPs markedly lowers CV risk.
N04 Intraocular anti-VEGF drugs to treat retinal proliferative disoders may have a dark side.
N04 New SIRT1 activating drug may protect against diet-induced obesity.
O30 MYH9 gene variations linked to CKD in African Americans - researchers to present new data at Renal Week 2008.
O29 Grapes protect the hearts and blood pressure of rats fed a salty diet.
O28 VEGF-based screening test for pre-eclampsia foreseen based on new research.
O28 French company develops a next generation totally implantable artificial heart.
O28 Plavix (clopidogrel) may be inactivated by some calcium channel blockers.
O27 Runners burn more calories at rest than sedentary persons, and it's due to changes in the mitochondria.
O27 Risks of irregular heartbeat and atrial fibrillation increased with fosamax and other bisphosphonates.
O27 Pregnant women consuming flaxseed oil have a high (4x) risk of premature birth.
O27 Pentoxifylline lowers proteinuria alone or in addition to an ACE inhibitor.
O23 Hydrogen sulfide may be a key regulator of blood pressure.
O23 European watchdog agency suggests not using diet drug rimonabant due to depression side effects.
O23 New diet drug tesofensine appears to be remarkably effective.
O22 Journal of Renal Nutrition publishes composition of common salt substitutes.
O16 Fructose feeding induces high triglycerides and leptin resistance in rats.
O15 Resveratrol prevents liver fat accumulation in a mouse model of alcoholic liver disease.
O14 Resveratrol found in dark chocolate and cocoa.
O14 B vitamins of no help in slowing progression of Alzheimer's disease.
O13 Book Review: Clinical Guide to Use of Antithrombotic Agents in CAD
O13 Are you nuts about nuts? Nuts! One study fails to shell out any benefit.
O13 A series of abstracts presented at CRF meeting suggesting that triple anti-platelet therapy (adding cilostazol) improved outcomes.
O09 Retinylamine markedly slows age-related macular degeneration in an animal model.
O09 New physical activity guidelies: 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 times per week;
O08 A single dose of EPO injected after a heart attack can limit apoptosis and thereby reduce heart cell damage.
O07 Farnesyl transferase inbitior (tipifarnib) reverses cardiovascular effects of progeria.
O07 Study illustrates importance of inflammatory macrophages in obesity; insulin resistance reversed by killing these cells.
O07 Even occasional smoking can impair arterial function for a prolonged period.
O07 Complement pathway and the innate immune system implicated in age-related macular degeneration.
O06 One-dollar-a-month polypill containing ASA, thiazide, ACEI, and statin to undergo clinical testing.
S30 Lancet: New genes found that link to gout.
S26 Aptly named horny goat weed found to be a source of specific phosphodiesterase inhibitors.
S25 In humans, as opposed to lab animals, caloric restriction does not lower IGF-1, but protein restriction does.
S22 Darapladib slows atherosclerosis in a pig model.
S22 Secondhand smoke exposure increases risk of peripheral artery disease in women.
S19 High-salt diet contributes very substantially to resistant hypertension.
S18 Are statins ineffective for protection against cardiovascular risks in women?
S18 New mechanism for cardiac arrhythmia discovered.
S18 Listening to Mozart lowers high blood pressure (really)
S16 NHANES data analysis links elevated urine bisphenol levels to diabetes, cardiovascular disease.
S16 Conbining thiazides with potassium-sparing diuretics markedly lowers cardiovascular mortality.
S15 Carvedilol and alprenolol, but not other beta-blockers, stimulate cellular protective pathway in the heart.
S12 Cardioprotective effects of alcohol ingestion may be due to aldehyde dehydrogenase.
S10 NEJM early release: Benefits of tight glucose control persist in type 2 DM at 10 years
S10 NEJM early release: Tight BP control has to be continued in type 2 diabetics; otherwise benefits are not maintained.
S05 Photographing what they eat helps dieters stick to weight-loss plans and identifies bingeing.
S02 Want to live longer? Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
A29 Singh and Furberg editorialize against use of thiazolidinediones due to CV risk and lack of CV benefit.
A29 100g/day of dark chocolate lowers blood pressure by 3 mm Hg.
A27 Debate flares: Can obese patients be healthy?
A26 Allopurinol lowers blood pressure in hypertensive adolescents
A26 Newer gated CT scans diagnose coronary artery disease and obviate need for angiography.
A22 Some evidence that Vytorin is, or maybe is not, associated with an increased cancer risk; FDA gets involved.
A21 AMAG receives fast track designation from FDA for ferumoxytol as an MRI contrast agent.
A19 Lowering homocysteine with folic acid and B vitamins fails to reduce CV events in heart disease patients.
A19 Obesity epidemic due to increased food intake, and not decreased activity level.
A15 When is a potential heart donor really dead? NEJM report raises some ethical questions.
A15 Lancet: ONTARGET study shows mixed results for combined ARB/ACEI therapy; greater reduction of proteinuria but a higher renal event rate.
A15 Bariatric surgery - induced weight loss helps, but does not cure, sleep apnea.
A13 Enhancing lysosomal receptors for chaperone molecules prevents aging of mouse livers.
A12 MicroRNA specific to endothelial cells associated with blood vessel branching, survival after cardiac infarction.
A08 FDA issues warning about risk of rhabdomyolysis when simvastatin is used with amiodarone.
A08 AHA issues recommendations for ambulatory BP monitoring is certain children and adolescents.
A05 IV calcium channel blocker wins FDA approval to treat acute hypertension.
A05 Baroreflex device to treat hypertension. A pipe dream? 200 million dollars raised so far says maybe not.
J31 Two new drugs have profound effects on exercise conditioning in mice.
J30 Does adiponectin have a dark side? Study associates it with increased cardiovascular risk.
J29 New study highlights risk of losing bone density while following a low-calorie diet for weight loss.
J29 Rember, a drug that is really a blue dye that prevents tau tangles, appears to slow Alzheimer's disease.
J29 Testosterone changes associated with perimenopausal increase in metabolic syndrome risk.
J29 Observational study suggests that statins may lower risk of senile dementia very substantially.
J24 Complement activation is increases in patients with age-related macular degeneration.
J24 In acute study, fructose increases lipogenesis relative to glucose.
J23 NEJM: Genetic mutation associated with most patients who develop myopathy on high-dose statins.
J22 Ezetimibe plus simvastatin drug trial shows no effect on aortic valve stenosis progression.
J19 Human blood vessels grown in mice
J17 Genetic variant identified that increases risk of elevated triglycerides fourfold in Asian Americans.
J17 U.S. population keeps getting fatter; esp. Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.
J17 AHA to launch new journal focusing on cardiovascular outcomes trials and methodology.
J16 Doctors hopeful that improved blood thinners are on the horizon: Three new candidates.
J16 Annals: Low molecular weight heparin for 7 days better than stockings after arthroscopic knee surgery.
J12 Pioneering heart surgeon Michael DeBakey dies at age 99.
J10 Histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors protect ischemic tissue from injury.
J08 Farm-raised tilapia fish has relatively low levels of omega-3 fatty acids.
J08 Fish oil plus red yeast lower cholesterol to the same extent as statin therapy.
J08 Overweight patients trying to lose weight lose twice as much if they keep a food diary.
J03 Statins spur glial progenitor cells to develop into oligodendrocytes.
J01 Caffeine intake increases rate at which muscle replenishes glycogen stores after exercise.
J01 Doxycycline-inhibitable protease activity increased in SHR rats; this also may explain various aspects of metabolic syndrome.
J30 AHA publishes cookbook focusing on healthy soul food recipes
J30 Sudden hearing loss associated with increased risk of future stroke.
J30 AHA launches, a website for patients.
J30 Prevalence of silent cerebral infarction in healthy (mean age 62) people at 11% in MRI study.
J26 Fructose, but not glucose, increases visceral adipose tissue and triglycerides, and lower insulin sensitivity.
J25 African Americans excrete less potassium in the urine, and it's not all due to dietary intake.
J25 Obesity drug rimonabant approved for NHS use in England and Wales.
J23 New source of cardiac stem cells found in the epicardium
J17 Big breakfast diet more effective than low-carb diet in maintaining weight loss.
J12 XBP1, stimulated by a high-carb diet, may be a new target for treatment of dyslipidemias.
J12 A subgroup of retinal cells linked to circadian cycle resetting and insomnia.
J12 FDA approves generic form of ramipril made by Lupin pharmaceuticals.
J11 Vitamin D protects heart-failure-prone rats against heart failure when fed a high-salt diet.
J10 One more argument against smoking: Increased risk of age-related hearing loss.
J10 Eating diet rich in oily fish associated with markedly reduced risk of age-related macular degeneration.
J09 115 year old woman found to have essentially normal brain on autopsy, with no evidence of Alzheimer's disease.
J06 Mechanism of action of niacin to increase HDL levels discovered.
J05 Study in mice suggests resveratrol has marked cardioprotective effects.
J05 NEJM: Aliskiren plus losartan lowers proteinuria in diabetics.
J03 Artificial blood vessel creation from smooth muscle cells makes major advances.
M28 Hope for stroke victims. Monkeys control prosthetic arm using brain waves to feed themselves.
M27 New scoring method for coronary artery calcification that takes into account extent of calcium coverage.
M27 Should HbA1c be used instead of plasma glucose to screen for diabetes?
M22 It's official: Home BP monitoring is now the standard of care.
M21 Genetic researchers identify numerous genes involved in synthesis and storage of fat in cells.
M21 After heart attack, bivalirudin better than heparin plus glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibitors.
M21 Modest red wine (but not beer) ingestion actually may lower risk of NAFLD - non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
M20 Small adrenal masses found incidentally on computed tomography almost exclusively benign.
M19 Vaccine targeting amyloid beta protein prevents Alzheimer's disease in mice.
M19 American Society of Hypertension Annual Meeting (May 14-17) - abstracts at this link
M16 Small molecule found that can disassemble amyloid proteins associated with Alzheimer's disease.
M16 New NHANES analysis finds CV mortality increased in patients following a lower salt intake.
M15 Lower-dose tissue plasminogen activator treatment improves survival in patients with hemorrhagic stroke.
M15 Biopterin derivative may be effective treatment for severe heart failure.
M13 Preop beta blockers reduce heart attack risk but markedly increase total mortality.
M13 Prism eyeglasses expand view for patients with stroke-induced hemianopia.
M12 CPR rescuers do not need to stop compression while administering defibrillator shocks.
M12 Preeclampsia-like condition develops in mice with knockout of catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) gene
M09 Darapladib lowers the activity of inflammatory enzyme associated with vascular plaque.
M07 S100A1 protein found in heart, blood vessels; linked to heart damage and to hypertension.
M07 Women at high risk for CV events are not benefitted by homocysteine-lowering regimen of B vitamins (JAMA).
M05 ASN Renal Week abstract archives 2003-2006 now available on-line in .pdf format.
M04 Nature genetics: More obesity genes found
M02 New ACE 2 activator compounds lower blood pressure in rats and also reduce cardiac and renal fibrosis.
M01 Obesity linked to heart failure and inflammatory mediator elevation in observational study.
A30 Scientists synthesize molecule capable of releasing hydrogen sulfide over extended periods - possible role in donor organ preservation?
A29 High blood theobromine levels (presumably from eating chocolate) may protect against pre-eclampsia.
A28 Hypertension seen in the emergency department frequently misattributed to trauma, stress, and not followed up.
A25 First ever activator of ENAC sodium channel developed.
A23 High adiponectin levels linked to kidney dysfunction and albuminuria.
A22 FDA approves compact heart assist device from Thoratec.
A21 International study of chemicals in urine links blood pressure to diet and gut bacteria.
A21 Chocolate lowers LDL cholesterol by 5% in RCT.
A17 Low serum 25D levels associated with incrased peripheral arterial disease risk.
A15 Archives Int Med: Loop diuretics associated with lower bone density in men.
A15 Nurses' Health Study shows that women who follow DASH - type diet have lower risk of heart attack.
A09 NEJM: ACEI = ARB, and ACEI + ARB no better than either ACEI or ARB, in high risk patients with diabetes or vascular disease.
A09 Two enzymes associated with acetylation linked to heart muscle contraction.
A09 New Lifton study shows that some Bartter and Gitelman mutation heterozygotes are not rare, and are protected against hypertension.
A09 JAMA RCT shows American Indian tye 2 diabetics with LDL lowered to 70 have lower carotid IMT and LV mass than those with LDL lowered to 100.
A08 Slight modification to atrial fibrillation surgery improves the results.
A08 American Heart Association issues new guidelines for treatment of resistant hypertension.
A03 Daily dose of caffeine protects rabbit brains from high serum cholesterol.
A03 New Merck heart failure drug rolofylline gives encouraging results in Phase III trial.
A02 Treating hypertension in patients more than 80 years of age reduces death rate by 20%.
A02 Adenosine receptor antagonist shows promise in heart failure.
M30 NEJM: Ezetemibe lowers LDL cholesterol when added to simvastatin, but no effects on carotid artery thickness.
M27 Pretreating animals with high-dose folate lowers infarct size.
M27 NEJM: Prognostic value of coronary artery calcium content confirmed in large study.
M25 Archives study emphasizes heritability of early-onset hypertension in men.
M16 Blood vessel protein Robo4 reverses diabetic and age-related macular degeneration in mouse model.
M15 PR, QRS, and QT intervals on ECG are increased in apparently normal elderly persons over age 80.
M13 CMS: Medicare will continue to pay for CT cardiac scans for coronary artery calcification detection.
M12 New macrophage-related protein implicated in inflammatory disease.
M10 Mutated thrombin enzyme may be useful to treat heart attacks and strokes.
M07 Angiotensin vaccine moderately effective in lowering blood pressure
M06 7th Annual Prevention in Renal Disease Conference, Toronto, Sept. 19-20, 2008.
M04 Activating PPAR-delta suppresses inflammation in vascular tissues.
M04 Retinopathy may begin at lower blood glucose levels than expected.
M04 CAPON gene linked to QT interval and heart rhythm abnormalities.
F27 African American teenagers show a high prevalence of microalbuminuria.
F27 Up to 20% of persons taking aspirin show no effect on their platelet function.
F26 Heart attack rates fall in France following institution of national smoking ban in public places.
F26 FDA: Medication guide must be given to patients with each rosiglitazone (Avandia) prescription.
F23 New techniques for detecting air bubbles in blood vessels.
F21 Study suggests that Medicare part D patients use more cardioprotective drugs after MI and live longer.
F21 Salt-rich diet linked to obesity in children via sugar-containing soft drink consumption.
F20 New study confirms increased risk of kidney failure and mortality with aprotinin.
F15 Level of airborne particulates affects microvascular function.
F13 India in the middle of a catastrophic smoking epidemic
F13 University of Groningen study (PREVEND) emphasizes utility of treating hypertension in proteinuric patients.
F13 Genomic studies suggest that CETP (cholesteryl ester transferase protein) mutants protected against coronary effects of cigarette smoking.
F12 New blood test claims to identify pre-eclampsia reliably.
F12 Nocturnal noises raise blood pressure in sleeping subjects.
F11 Declining coronary artery disease rates made a U-turn in 2000, and now are rising.
F11 Reversible, but substantial, memory problems in a subset of women taking Lipitor.
F11 Very high Ang II levels found in chorionic villi of women with pre-eclampsia.
F09 Paradigm shift: Non-osmotic, inflammation-generating accumulation of sodium in the skin
F09 Death of waitress after acute asthmatic attack on entering workplace full of cigarette smoke.
F09 Calcium channel blocker treatment for HTN associated with 23% lower risk of Parkinson's disease.
F06 More on the halted NHLBI diabetes trial arm. Role of rosiglitazone use in the intensive treatment arm unclear.
F06 Beetroot juice found to lower blood pressure because of its high nitrate content.
F05 Richard Lifton, pioneer in the genetics of hypertension, receives Wiley Prize
F01 FDA warns about depressed mood, suicidal ideation in patients taking smoking cessation drug Chantix (varenicline)
J31 Sweetened soft drinks and fruit juices linked to increased risk of gout in men.
J29 Intravascular thrombolytic therapy effective against deep vein thrombosis.
J29 Diuretics produce better outcomes than other anti-hypertensive drugs in treating metabolic syndrome.
J25 Cox-2 inhibitors can cause arrhythmias by affecting potassium channels in the heart.
J22 Aspirin resistance increases risk of heart attack or stroke.
J16 Calcium supplements raise risk of heart attacks and stroke in elderly women.
J13 Pumping rat heart created by seeding a scaffolding with baby rat myocytes.
J09 Higher cholesterol levels linked to improved muscle mass with exercise in the elderly.
J09 Cannabinoid receptor blocking drug effective in causing weight loss.
J08 Risk of cardiovascular events markedly increased when 25-D levels below 15 ng/mL.
J07 Oxygen meter molecule, PHD1 knockouts survive hypoxia - potential application to early transplant viability, heart disease
D27 Aspirin increases liver enzymes in patients taking flutamide for prostate cancer.
D26 Triglycerids and non-HDL cholesterol linked to risk of stroke.
D25 Higher levels of HDL in diabetes may inhibit NO via myristic acid binding - outcome effects unknown.
D17 Drug that stimulates thyroid hormone beta receptors effective in lowering LDL cholesterol
D14 January JASN paper reports that PROActive (pioglitazone) associated with lower CV mortality in diabetics.
D12 More heart risks identified for Avandia.
D11 Physicians unaware of guidelines to treat patients with CV risk factors and metabolic syndrome.
D04 Different anticoagulant regimens after percutaneous coronary intervention yield identical results.
D04 Waistline growth on high-carb diets linked to liver gene.
D04 Renin-angiotensin linked to obesity and insulin-resistance in a gene knockout animal model.
N27 Glucose-insulin-potassium infusion after ST-elevated MI increases risk of heart failure.
N26 MRI documents second-hand smoke injury to the lungs.
N26 Nitrosyl cobamide shows promise as an NO-donor type of drug for hypertension or heart disease.
N12 Interleukin-1 receptor blocker rilonacept effective in treating chronic gouty arthritis.
N09 Simplified anti-hypertensive drug protocol seems to be more effective than more complex approach.
N08 MMWR: CDC reviews smoking prevalence in the U.S., and the results are not good.
N08 Skeletal muscle damage due to statins may operate through atrogin-1 and thus may be preventable.
N08 New nonsteroidal natriuretic hormone identified in human urine.
N07 Perioperative beta-blocker therapy shows mixed results in large RCT.
N07 Simvastatin, but not pravastatin, associated with sleep disturbances.
N07 Prazosin appears to block some glucocorticoid effects.
N07 AHA 2007 Scientific Sessions newsletter - Nov 7th.
N06 AHA 2007 Scientific Sessions Newsletter - Nov 6th.
N06 AHA 2007 Scientific Sessions Newsletter - Nov 5th.
N06 AHA 2007 Scientific Sessions Newsletter - Nov 4th.
N05 Large VA study identifies seasonal difference in blood pressure.
N03 Metabolites of flavonoid (quercetin) present in onions found to be anti-inflammatory.
N02 U.S. AHRQ releases report claiming equal efficacy for ACE-I vs. ARB in controlling blood pressure.
N02 WNK kinases identified as key regulators of blood pressure.
O25 Bayer issues additional guidance to physicians about Trasylol (aprotinin).
O25 Genzyme launches cholesterol-binding drug (Cholestagel) in Europe for patients with primary hypercholesterolemia.
O25 Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty may help some patients with obstructive sleep apnea.
O23 Global extent of obesity epidemic in the news.
O22 Chewing gum shown to help curb appetite and reduce cravings.
O19 Sudden hearing loss associated with erectile dysfunction drugs.
O12 Is fructose really that bad?
O12 Statins help preserve lung function during aging.
O08 FDA to warn of ultrasound cardiac imaging drug risks
O03 Mini-strokes (MRI study) linked to higher uric acid levels.
S25 New, synthetic version of heparin is patented.
S21 Study links TGF-beta and cholesterol to progression of atherosclerosis.
S20 Thiazide diuretics exacerbate fructose-induced metabolic syndrome.
S20 Post-reperfusion heart damage largely prevented by hydrogen sulfide.
S12 JAMA paper shows no benefit of lowering homocysteine in CKD
S10 Protein carbamylation, reflected by homocitrulline levels, strongly associated with atherosclerosis.
S07 Low vitamin D levels during early pregnancy associated with a fivefold increase in risk of pre-eclampsia.
S06 FDA approves first generic versions of carvedilol (Coreg).
S05 New ESC-ESH hypertension treatment guidelines from ESC 2007 (webcast)
S03 European Society of Cardiology 2007 meeting: Clinical Trials Updates
A27 Obesity rates climb in most states.
A27 Patient implanted with baroreceptor stimulating devise to treat refractory hypertension.
A22 Celecoxib - may reduce stent restenosis - overall safety in heart disease still remains to be deteremined.
A22 Hypertension frequently underdiagnosed in adolescents.
A22 Lack of benefit of vitamin E on heart disease may have been due to underdosing.
A20 Mechanism of adenovirus-induced obesity clarified.
A17 FDA warning letter issued emphasizing pharmacogenomic variability in warfarin metabolism among patients.
A13 New study confirms that vitamin C, E, and beta carotene, singly or in combination, of no benefit in heart disease patients.
A10 New research shows skeleton to be an endocrine organ via osteocalcin.
A08 Annals: New study questions the increased heart attack risk with Avandia; original NEJM meta-analysis claimed to have been flawed.
A06 Trial of anti-hypertensive therapy in the very elderly, more than 80 years of age, stopped early because of positive results.
J26 Diesel fume pollution linked to arterial inflammation and atherosclerosis.
J25 Obesity spreads among friends, study concludes.
J24 Soft drinks, including diet soft drinks, linked to 50% higher risk of metabolic syndrome.
J20 Cancer risk linked to CT scan for cardiac calcification (JAMA paper) in the news.
J19 Large VA study shows 50% reduction in Alzheimer / Parkinson risk with simvastatin, but not other drugs in the same class.
J19 Weight loss pill rimonabant associated with increased suicide risk.
J13 Scleroderma Outlook Improves as Survival Increases
J12 Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) may be protective against developing type 2 diabetes.
J12 Serum levels of retinol-binding programs indicate level of visceral fat.
J12 Viagra may save lives in patients with pulmonary hypertension.
J11 Modified herpes virus keeps arteries free-flowing following procedures
J09 CCJM: A different approach to resistant hypertension, emphasizing hemodynamics and the physical examination.
J05 Alteplase may have pro-inflammatory effects - mitigated by cromoglycate.
J05 High sodium in many sandwiches in the news.
J05 Dark chocolate lowers BP slightly, raises levels of nitric oxide.
J02 How stress and high-calorie intact interact to increase weight and change body fat distribution.
J29 Particulates released during renal artery angioplasty can impair kidney function.
J22 FDA clears "computerized medication box" (EMMA) for U.S. market.
J19 FDA approves ambrisentan for treatment of pulmonary artery hypertension.
J19 Hypertension vaccine against angiotensin II shows positive results.
J15 Europ Soc Hypertens releases new, updated hypertension treatment guidelines.
J13 Link between restless legs syndrome and hypertension discovered.
J11 Isradipine slows Parkinson's disease development in mice
J07 New compound similar to aMSH, causing satiety, may be effective in controlling weight in the obese.
J07 Lipid chaperone protein ap2 may be a key to type 2 diabetes and its complications.
M31 Link between mercury and vascular disease involves phospholipase D.
M25 NEJM: Full text of meta-analysis that found an increased risk of myocardial infarction with rosiglitazone.
M25 Non-caffeine components of coffee lower serum uric acid levels.
M21 FDA issues safety alert for Avandia (rosiglitazone) over possible increased heart attack risk.
M21 Statins might have a role in management of hepatitis C.
M17 MMWR publishes regional stroke incidence data for the United States (2005)
M17 Debunking the slavery hypothesis of African American hypertension
M14 Effect of polyphenols (from apples, onions, green tea) on fat catabolism.
M14 Study shows unsuspected immunomodulatory effects of glucosamine.
M07 Liver, kidney damage in people taking large amount of green tea polyphenol supplements.
M07 Centrally acting ACE inhibitors may cut dementia risk in the elderly.
M07 Inactivation of ACAT2 enzyme protects fat-eating mice from atherosclerosis.
M04 Common gene variation associated with markedly increased risk of heart attack.
M03 Nicotinamide riboside, found naturally in milk, dramatically extends lifespan in yeast via sirtuins.
M02 Study highlights gender differences in susceptibility to kidney injury.
M01 Antithrombotics (e.g., aspirin) increase hemorrhagic stroke risk in the elderly.
A30 Activating PPAR-delta may burn fat and reduce metabolic syndrome risk.
A24 AGEs and food preparation may play an important role in chronic disease.
A20 New BMJ study on adverse effects of higher salt intake in the news.
A19 Fewer heart patients need antibiotics prior to dental procedures.
A18 Animal study suggests that changing to a low-fat diet can induce stress.
A15 JAM-1 protein acts in the brain to cause hypertension.
A07 Arthritis patients with CVD who take ibuprofen plus aspirin may greatly increase their cardiac risk.
A05 Think that eating only once a day will make you lose weight? Nope.
A05 Hatfield-McCoy family feud may be linked to bad temper due to heritable pheochomocytomas.
A02 High-prevalence hemachromatosis gene linked to increased risk of stroke.
M30 NEJM: Torcetrapib markedly elevates HDL cholesterol, but shows no benefit
M27 Implanted carotid artery baroreflex stimulator lowers BP by 16-20 mm Hg.
M27 New blood thinner may work without bleeding risk
M26 Drugs work as well as stents, study finds.
M26 Tolvatptan improves signs and symptoms in patients with CHF.
M26 Nesiritide safety trial shows neutral effect on mortality in CHF patients
M26 American College of Cardiology Annual Meeting March 24-27: Monday (26) Newsletter (.pdf)
M26 American College of Cardiology Annual Meeting March 24-27: Sunday (25) Newsletter (.pdf)
M26 American College of Cardiology Annual Meeting March 24-27: Saturday (24) Newsletter (.pdf)
M21 Long-term cessation of smoking may reverse arterial stiffness.
M19 Minisub developed to explore the interior of an arterial blood vessel.
M16 Fructose linked to deranged liver metabolism in rats, involving PPARs, leptin, and metabolic syndrome.
M16 Phthalate exposure linked to metabolic syndrome
M16 Chiropractic adjustment of C1 (atlas) markedly lowers blood pressure in randomized controlled trial
M16 Increased angiotensin 1-7 levels after ACE-I treatment may inhibit lung cancer
M16 Chest compressions without mouth-to-mouth better for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
M16 An apple a day really does keep the doctor away.
M06 FDA approves aliskiren for treatment of hypertension.
M05 Dietary copper in the news after copper supplementation helps prevent heart failure in stressed rodents.
M05 Atkins diet may be the most effective with few obvious adverse effects
F28 Nifedipine found to mobilize liver iron stores in an animal model of hemochromatosis.
F26 Garlic powerless against cholesterol.
F22 Blood pressure across countries linked to level of happiness of its inhabitants.
F21 Apolipoprotein C1 linked to obesity and type 2 diabetes in American Indians.
F19 Relationship between circadian rhythm clock and blood pressure identified.
F19 CRP liver protein induces hypertension.
F16 MMWR reports on geographic variation in prevalence of heart disease in the U.S.
F14 Neutrophil-derived peptidase enzyme found to be a key player in development of aortic aneurysms.
J30 Need a new aortic valve? No problem. We'll put one in percutaneously.
J30 One third of young people who died suddenly and inexplicably had genetic arrhythmic heart defects.
J29 Health benefits of fruits and vegetables apply to their juices as well.
J29 Major link in brain-obesity puzzle found.
J27 Stroke victims who suddenly lost the urge to smoke identify brain addiction region.
J22 Surprising beneficial effects of losartan on muscle in mouse models of muscular dystrophy or Marfan syndrome
J19 Nintendo Wii videogame use promotes weight loss (n=1).
J17 Strong association between low LDL levels and Parkinson disease identified in small study.
J17 Interesterified fats being used to substitute for trans-fats, but new study shows that they are unhealthy, also.
J16 DNA test to be used to determine warfarin dose.
J15 Pancreatic-polypeptide containing chewing gum - a new potential weapon against obesity
J15 New gene linked to Alzheimer disease
J09 Milk appears to eliminate the cardiovascular benefits of tea
J02 Higher serum uric acid levels associated with cognifitve impairment in the elderly.
J02 Twenty-five best dieting tips ever
J02 Moderate alcohol consumption in hypertensive men associated with lower risk of heart attack.
D27 Green vegetables may lower blood pressure via nitrates.
D20 Friendly microbes could make you fat: Bacteroides vs. Firmicutes
D13 Garlic: Good against vampires, but little protection against cardiovascular risk.
D12 Diet resulting in 10% body weight loss leads to measurable loss in bone density over 1-year period.
D12 Man eats pastrami and cheesecake, has heart attack, sues Atkins company, unsuccessfully.
D11 FDA proposes rules overhaul to expand access to experimental drugs.
D10 MRI scan used to quantify visceral fat.
N29 Procyanidins identified as cardiovascular protective agents in wines; French, Sardinian wines have the most.
N28 Folic acid, homocysteine, and cardiovascular disease: (Full text article in BMJ)
N28 Meta-analysis published in BMJ supports folate supplementation to reduce heart disease risk.
N27 Statin use in otherwise healthy people of dubious benefit.
N27 Richard Lifton honored by two medical societies for work on hypertension.
N27 Gene linked to wet form of macular degeneration.
N26 HDCN: Search index updated for audiofiles, slide/audio talks, articles, and abstracts
N16 Reanalysis of TNT study presented at AHA: Suggests high-dose atorvastatin lowers stroke, CV risk in CKD patients.
N14 Results of TROPHY prehypertension study suggesting benefit of candesartan are questioned.
N14 Fat cells stimulate the adrenal glands to secrete aldosterone: obesity - hypertension link?
N14 NEJM: No survival benefit to angioplasty done 24 hours after myocardial infarction.
N13 American Heart Association Scientific Sessions daily news: Tuesday, Nov 14
N13 American Heart Association meets in Chicago: Monday, Nov. 13 news (pdf)
N13 American Heart Association meets in Chicago: Sunday, Nov. 12 news (pdf)
N13 Pioglitazone reduces progression of atherosclerosis in diabetics
N11 Link between low systolic blood pressure and poor outcome in heart failure patients highlighted in nonuremics.
N07 Why do we eat mindlessly and what would induce us to stop?
N06 Lipoic acid may retard vascular stiffening, aging, via ceramide and phosphatases.
N06 Children's belly fat increases by more than 65% since 1990.
N02 Study shows strong link between serum uric acid levels and hypertension in African Americans
N02 Life saving pump lets heart heal
O30 UT Southwestern looking for patients with severe CHF for optimizer device study.
O25 Human tests underway on intravascular stents that dissolve.
O23 FDA approves once-a-day Coreg (carvedilol) CR for 3 cardiovascular indications
O18 Benefits of eating fish outweigh the risks
O12 Get on scale daily to keep off lost pounds.
O11 Most decaffeinated coffee contains substantial amounts of caffeine
O03 Benefits of ultralow LDL cholesterol targets (70 mg/dL) questioned.
S26 H2-blocker (famotidine) appears to have a beneficial effect in heart failure.
S18 Low blood levels previously thought to be safe linked to risk of CV death
S18 ESRD patients with implantable defibrillators at higher risk of arrhythmia.
S14 MMWR documents rising tide of obesity in the United States.
S14 Pioglitazone shows benefits in terms of cardiovascular outcomes.
S13 More bad news in JAMA paper about CV and kidney risks of COX-2 inhibitors and NSAIDS
S12 New class of pain relievers may help, not hurt, the heart
S11 Want to fight fat? Eat brown seaweed!
S07 Pre-eclampsia breakthrough hope (NEJM)
S05 Pioglitazone reduces secondary stroke risk by 50%.
S05 Carbon monoxide cytoprotective effect may explain lower risk of pre-eclampsia in smoking moms.
S05 U.S approves humanitarian use of Abiocor permanently implanted total artificial heart.
S05 Good one-year control of BP with aliskiren (Rasilez) presented at World Congress of Cardiology
A21 Red and white wine may be equally good for the heart
A18 Role of BMI as a measure of obesity and cardiovascular risk questioned.
A18 Genetic clues to cardiomyopathy and sudden death found in mice - emphasis on the right ventricle
A18 CDC: New U.S. blood lead survey data results: prevalence of elevated blood lead levels slowly improving.
A17 FDA approves use of clopidogrel for ST-segment elevating MI treated medically.
A08 Duke randomized trial favors Atkins style diet over low-fat diet.
A02 Gout increases the risk of heart attack
J31 Scripps research scientists test anti-obesity vaccine
J28 Nanotech used to concentrate angiostatin-like drugs in vascular plaques.
J25 Digitalis relatively safe treatment for diastolic heart failure.
J20 Mayo Clinic researchers discover a genetic cause of atrial fibrillation.
J15 Retinal blood vessel width may be a good indicator of coronary artery disease risk.
J29 NHLBI offers DASH diet eating guide
J28 UK NHS recommends against beta-blocker use for initial treatment of hypertension.
J22 New fat-burnng gene linked to metabolic syndrome.
J20 AHA issues new dietary recommendations; saturated and trans-fat intakes further limited
J16 CARI (Australasian) Clinical Practice Guidelines published (53 free full text review papers!)
J14 Feeding monkeys a high trans-fat diet markedly adds to abdominal fat.
J08 Benefits of potassium-enriched salt on CV mortality in elderly men
J07 Congenital malformations with first-trimester ACE-inhibitor therapy.
J05 Isis Pharma gets orphan drug status for familial hypercholesterolemia drug.
J05 International trial to see whether or not niacin can prevent heart attacks and strokes
J02 Heart attack risk with COX-2 broadened to include most NSAIDs
M30 It's the magnesium, stupid!
M24 Gum-disease bacterium can infect human arterial cells - is this the hypothesized periodontitis - CVD link?
M22 Study suggest that thiazides may have an adverse effect on CRP.
M22 Trandolapril / verapamil lowers risk of diabetes in Hispanic patients
M22 Ethanol- and smoking-induced upper digestive tract cancers linked to acetaldehyde; preventable via oral l-cysteine
M18 QTc interval and magnesium deficiency: Treatment with Mg Lactate
M17 Chocolate good? Coffee is too! Enjoy.
M15 75% of Irish taxi drivers have hypertension
M15 Moderately increased BMI in the elderly associated with reduced mortality
M15 Tacrolimus-derivative drugs protect animal brains against stroke-induced damage.
M13 Up to 40% of hypertensives in China have diabetes.
M13 FDA approves novel medication (varenicline) for smoking cessation
M11 Common (15%) gene variant affecting fatty acid breakdown increases CAD risk by 50%.
M05 Coffee consumption not associated with heart disease risk.
M03 Diuretics more effective in preventing heart failure in hypertensives when used as first-line drug.
M03 Mayo: 20 g sodium, 50% saturated fat diet improves BP, lipids in obese.
M01 Obesity rates in the U.S. underestimated by 50% due to inaccurate patient self-reporting.
M01 Common nerve cell gene plymorphism linked to QT interval changes, sudden death.
A28 Magnesium deficiency and metabolic syndrome re-emphasized
A28 Does chamomile tea interact with warfarin?
A26 FDA approves first generic pravastatin.
A25 Fatty acid binding protein aP2 gene variant associated with atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes, in humans.
A25 Anti-oxidant selenium offers no heart disease protection in first large randomized controlled trial.
A19 An integrin-family platelet receptor found to be defective in thrombasthenia, with general implications for blood clotting.
A13 CNTF can overcome leptin resistance to fight obesity.
A08 AMBI (Tarrytown company) gets exclusive rights to Finland's PANSALT distribution in the U.S.
A08 Losartan can prevent progression of Marfan syndrome (in mice) via inhibition of TGF-beta
A04 Epicardial fat and adipocytes around coronary arteries may contribute to CAD.
A04 Lack of sleep linked to hypertension risk
M30 Manipulation of intracardiac catheters by externally applied magnetic fields to cure a. fib.
M30 Apparent CV protective effect of alcohol intake may be due to a statistical fluke.
M24 Study focuses on bread as a major cause of higher salt intake.
M24 Benefits of eating oily fish seem to be slip-sliding away.
M17 Virus blamed for obesity epidemic.
M16 Glycemic index is bupkus.
M15 Specially formulated salt substitute cuts hypertension.
M14 ACC Scientific Meeting, Atlanta: Tuesday, March 14th Newsletter (.pdf)
M14 ACC: Early treatment of pre-hypertension may postpone onset of true hypertension
M13 Diuretics, and especially, K-sparing diuretics, markedly lower risk of Alzheimer's disease.
M13 American College Cardiology Meeting: Monday, March 13th newsletter (.pdf)
M13 High dose statin therapy causes regression of coronary atherosclerosis.
M13 High-dose atorvastatin (Lipitor) improves kidney function in CKD patients in large clinical trial.
M13 Another take on B vitamins, homocysteine, and vascular risk.
M13 NEJM: B vitamins for homocysteine lowering: Fewer strokes, but more unstable angina.
M13 NEJM: Homocysteine lowering by B-vitamins of no benefit post MI - trend toward increased risk.
M13 American College of Cardiology (Atlanta) Sessions: Sunday highlights. (.pdf)
M13 American College of Cardiology (Atlanta) Sessions: Saturday highlights. (.pdf)
M13 NEJM study casts doubt on efficacy of Plavix over aspirin - and higher bleeding risk cited.
M10 Blood pressure is falling globally, and no one knows why!
M10 Major WHO study concludes calcium supplements can reduce severity but not incidence jtd of preeclampsia.
M08 Diabetes drug Byetta (exenatide) gaining attention as weight loss aid.
M07 Heavy coffee drinking plus gene variant tied to heart attack risk in Costa Ricans
M03 Serotonin may play a role in hardening of the arteries.
F28 Stress may trigger heart attacks by increasing number of blood platelets.
F22 Genetic tests developed to test for salt-sensitivity of blood pressure.
F20 Mars chocolate maker to introduce foods with flavonol-rich chocolates.
F17 Fat in liver connected to high blood pressure risk.
F12 WHO report identifies relatively high hypertension rates in males from India.
F10 IU scientists using stem cells to treat severe peripheral arterial disease.
F10 Blood levels of aldosterone linked to preservation of hearing with aging.
F07 Low fat diet benefits for women less than expected.
F05 Basic gender difference identified in coronary artery disease.
J31 AHA Scientific Statement: Dietary approaches to treat hypertension
J30 Certain adenovirus infections linked to obesity on animals and humans
J28 FDA approves first ever inhaled insulin for the treatment of diabetes.
J26 Aprotinin (Trasylol) linked to increased risk of kidney failure, heart attack and stroke.
J24 Alagebrium (a collagen cross-link breaker) softens arteries - and that's good for you.
J24 Study of Kuna indians is good news for chocoholics - procyanidin in cocoa lowers BP.
J23 Fermented milk drink reduces high blood pressure.
J23 Fetal form of toponin I, with a histidine for alanine substitution, has cardioprotective effects.
J22 AHA review casts doubt on cardiovascular health benefits of soy-based foods.
J21 British study shows that work stress linked to both heart disease and metabolic syndrome.
J19 Heart-healthy compound in chocolate identified - it's epicatechin.
J17 Aspirin protects men against myocardial infarcts and women against ischemic strokes.
J17 US FDA considering two new drugs that fight obesity.
J17 Activated blood coagulation factor VIIa under study to treat intracerebral hemorrhagic stroke.
J16 Tomato extract seems to have a large effect on lowering blood pressure.
J16 Annals: More exercise associated with 30-40% reduction in risk of dementia.
J15 Acetazolamide reduces sleep apnea severity in heart failure patients.
J15 Hypothalamus has a fatty acid sensor that may regulate food intake
J12 Caloric restriction appears to make the heart more elastic.
J10 Mid-life obesity increases mortality and cardiovascular risk.
J09 Smoker? Drink tomato juice (or drink bloody Marys) to ward off emphysema.
J04 Adenosine receptor antagonist completes phase 2 trials for congestive heart failure.
J02 UCSF study in Annals suggests that obesity increases risk of kidney failure.
J02 U.S. weighs obesity surgery options
D28 Researchers discover molecular link explaining why high-fat diet can cause type 2 diabetes.
D27 Do low birth weight babies like saltier food? Study on birth weight stirs up salt wars.
D26 Diabetes, CHF home patient monitors taking off in the UK.
D23 JAMA: Air pollution and high-fat diet combine to cause atherosclerosis in mice.
D20 Allergic reactions from drug-eluting stents
D15 Both BNP and NT-proBNP useful to deteck CHF in persons with CKD.
D07 Fructose may be cause of obesity epidemic; also raises uric acid.
D05 Heparin antibodies pose risk in heart surgery patients.
D03 Random testing shows high lead levels in some imported Chinese plums.
D03 CV benefits of lower intakes of alcohol called into question.
N29 Why trying to make couch potatoes exercise may be difficult.
N29 New AHA CPR guidelines: 30:2 compressions, cooling to 90 degrees.
N29 Fatty liver being seen increasingly in obese patients.
N28 High-carb diet linked to diabetic hypertension.
N28 Nabi's nicotine vaccine shows promise in helping smokers quit.
N24 Osteoporosis associated with six-fold increase in risk of heart disease.
N23 Sweat is a good indicator that a heart attack may be coming.
N22 Percutaneous laser myocardial revascularization no better than placebo.
N22 AHA: Late-breaking clinical trial abstracts (.pdf)
N21 Roller coaster rides can provoke arrhythmias.
N19 Researchers zero in on possible viral cause of Kawasaki disease.
N17 AHA: CV mortality benefits of diuretics linked to alpha-adducin genotype.
N16 Low-carb diet better than low-fat for improving metabolic syndrome.
N16 Collagen crosslink breaker alagebrium can soften arteries.
N16 AHA: Autologous stem cell infusions show promise in severe CAD.
N16 AHA: Aliskiren (renin inhibitor) adds to anti-HTN effects of irbesartan.
N16 Drinking decaffeinated coffee increases pro-atherosclerotic ApoB levels.
N16 Trichostatin may reduce premature atherosclerosis in lupus patients.
N16 High HDL level is pro-atherosclerotic in lupus patients.
N16 Pioglitazone reduces heart attack rate in type 2 diabetics by 28%.
N16 AHA meeting in Dallas: Wednesday newsletter.
N15 GRK5 involved in arterial restenosis lesions.
N15 AHA Meeting in Dallas: Tuesday daily newsletter (.pdf)
N15 AHA Meeting in Dallas: Monday daily newsletter (.pdf)
N13 AHA Scientific Sessions open in Dallas: Sunday daily newspaper.
N12 Risk-stratified analysis proposed to analyze RCTs to detect harm.
N12 Statins overcome learning disabilities in mice with neurofibromatosis 1.
N10 Fizzy cola consumption associated with HTN in women.
N09 No link between coffee drinking and hypertension in women.
N06 New FDA-supported website lists latest approved drug labels for all meds.
N05 Waist-hip ratio better than BMI to predict CV risk.
N01 Diabetic blacks have less coronary artery disease than diabetic whites.
O28 Botox injections effective in treating stroke spasticity.
O28 Air pollution linked to ischemic stroke risk.
O28 HDL cholesterol involved in immunity against parasites.
O27 Bone marrow stem cells may help heal hearts years after heart attack.
O27 JASN Express: Pravastatin lowers CV death risk in diabetics with CKD.
O26 ASN Renal Week 2005 abstracts now available on-line.
O25 Got high BP? Just zap your PAG - but make sure it's the front part!
O23 JAMA: Increased mortality after bariatric surgery.
O23 JAMA: Article detailing CV risk increase with Pargluva (muraglitazar)
O19 Lancet study questions efficacy of beta-blockers for hypertension.
O18 Role of prolonged bedrest to manage hypertension in pregnancy questioned.
O18 Researchers closing in on Na-K-ATPase inhibitor hormone; role in preeclampsia?
O17 Dopamine receptor gene found to play a role in blood pressure inheritance.
O16 JAMA: Cholesterol levels in U.S. inhabitants continue to drop.
O11 Fatty foods can fight inflammation, induce satiety, via CCK.
O11 Surgical menopause can trigger salt-sensitive hypertension.
O11 Microsvascular changes in the retina linked to strokes, even with normal BP.
O11 Study questions measurement of C-reactive protein to assess cardiovascular risk.
O10 RBC secretion of s-nitrosothiol regulates vascular (esp. pulmonary) tone.
O09 JASN: Glycosylated Hb in non-diabetic CKD pts. increases mortality risk.
O09 Hypertension prevalence 25% or higher in middle-aged Beijing residents.
O09 SEPS 1 gene on chromosome 15 plays key role in inflammation.
O07 Lancet: Pioglitazone lowers risk of heart attacks and strokes in diabetics.
O06 Soy compound, genistein, found to inhibit amyloid plaque formation.
O05 Generic form of amlodipine approved by the FDA
O04 Addition of amiloride to HTN drug regimens helps, esp. in African Americans.
O04 90% of Framingham cohort over 60 years of age now overweight.
S28 Toprol (metoprolol)/Topamax/Tegretrol look-alike names prompt FDA alert letter.
S28 beta-2-adrenergic receptor genetics determines survival after MI.
S26 AHA issues dietary recs for children and adolescents.
S26 Lancet study suggests wider use of statins in higher dosages may be beneficial.
S26 Smoking appears to double the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
S26 Lead exposure plus high blood pressure may impair mental ability.
S25 Genes on chromosome 2 linked to resistant hypertension.
S23 Panic disorder may increase risk of coronary artery disease.
S22 NEJM: Efficacy of various strategies to raise HDL cholesterol.
S22 Surprisingly high cancer, heart death rates in 1-4 cig/day smokers.
S20 Novartis oral renin inhibitor aliskiren shows good results in phase III trial.
S17 Fat cells linked to production of CRP via resistin.
S13 Pioglitzaone improves cardiovascular outcomes in diabetics.
S13 Low-dose aspirin might protect against cardiac effects of COX-2 inhibitbors.
S09 MMWR: Cholesterol screening rates increasing, but only modestly.
S06 Eur Soc Cardiol 2005 Congress website
S06 CV outcomes better with amlodipine / perindopril than with atenolol / diuretic.
S06 Calcium scans can predict heart disease in healthy men.
S06 ESC 2005: Fondaparinux safer than enoxaparin, and as effective
S06 Soy protein-rich diet may help prevent fatty liver of diabetes.
S06 Folic acid, B vitamins lower homocysteine, but show no heart protective effects.
S01 JCI: New kidney hormone identified that metabolizes catecholamines.
A29 Coffee is number one source of antioxidants in U.S. diet.
A29 Prompt statin therapy after heart attack cuts mortality risk in half.
A26 Metabolic syndrome doesn't exist, diabetes groups claim.
A24 TFAH releases report on obesity in America - we're all getting fatter.
A24 The American Society of Hypertension ditches AmJH for JCH.
A22 Scios announces recommended use initiative for Natrecor.
A19 Research promising for chocolate lovers.
A19 Jury awards widow 253 million in Vioxx suit against Merck.
A19 Myogen announces phase 2 trial results of darusentan in resistant hypertension.
A17 Bluetooth scanner stroke hope.
A16 Analgesic drug use linked to high blood pressure in women.
A16 After overeating we don't compensate by eating less.
A16 PLEKHA1 gene linked to age-related macular degeneration.
A13 NEJM: Retinoid X receptors - new targets to treat metabolic syndrome.
A11 Following clinical guidelines in elderly can lead to polypharmacy.
A09 Modified form of digitalis finds role as a cancer killing drug.
A09 Salt restriction lower BP and urine protein in Blacks.
A04 Prehypertension triples heart attack risk.
J28 JASN: ADMA strongly predictive of CKD progression
J28 Propanolol may be useful in erasing traumatic memories in PTSD patients.
J25 Cocoa flavonoids: Eat two chocolate bars and call me in the morning.
J25 How estrogen via its alpha receptor may be bad for women's hearts.
J23 TGF beta receptor mutations linked to aortic dissections.
J22 NEJM: Statins had no effect on hard outcomes in diabetic ESRD patients.
J20 JASN early release: Short daily HD lowers LVH by 30%, also CRP.
J19 Annals: If Medicare were to provide ACE-I for free, it would be cost effective.
J19 Natrecor (nesiritide) safety summary (Scios)
J19 ALLHAT suggests that diuretics rule, even in Blacks with metabolic syndrome.
J19 Dark chocolate and blood pressure in the news (watch the oxalate!).
J17 Mutations in NOTCH1 gene linked to aortic valvular disease.
J17 Faulty ENPP1 gene linked to diabetes and obesity.
J15 Ruboxistaurin reduces vision loss in diabetics with macular edema.
J14 NEJM op-ed piece attacks continued use of nesiritide.
J11 Walking on cobblestones reduces blood pressure, improves balance.
J11 Hageman clotting factor linked to atherosclerosis.
J06 Therapeutic robotics offers new benefits for stroke patients.
J06 Expanding definitions of disease: economic consequences
J06 Vitamin E supps do not protect women from heart attack, stroke, or cancer
J04 Implanted stomach stimulator used as an alternative to stomach-stapling surgery.
J30 Gastric bypass surgery lowers CRP by 50%.
J30 CRP receptor in endothelial cells identified.
J30 ALLHAT subanalysis shows diuretics lower CV risk in diabetics as well as ACEI
J29 Consumer reports announces "best buy" calciuim channel blockers.
J29 Singing exercises for throat muscles target snoring, sleep apnea.
J28 Pfizer review claims no link between Viagra use and blindness.
J26 Gene hunters flock to Amish country.
J24 FDA refuses to approve broader use of Abiomed artificial heart.
J24 US FDA approves BiDil for African Americans with CHF.
J23 AHA: Public access defibrillator study doubles survivals: Policy statements.
J22 Initial FDA review of Abiomed artificial heart is mixed.
J17 FDA advisory panel recommends approval of BiDil for CHF in Blacks.
J17 High levels of ADMA associated with renal disease progression in CKD.
J17 John Laragh raises concern about MD conflicts of interest at the Am Soc HTN.
J17 Study sheds light on why diabetes drugs (thiazolidinediones) cause edema.
J16 BMJ: Should everyone over 50 be taking a daily aspirin?
J14 FDA examines application of BiDil (two vasodilators) to treat CHF in Blacks.
J14 Viagra effective in treating pulmonary arterial HTN in kids.
J13 Highlights from Am Soc Hypertens Meeting (via the ESH)
J13 Compression stockings markedly cut risk of DVT on airplane flights.
J07 Plasma BNP distinguishes restrictive myopathy from constrictive pericarditis
J07 Low vitamin B12 levels common, associated with high homocysteine levels.
J05 Gene therapy reverses pulmonary hypertension
J04 JASN Express: Crit-line blood volume monitoring fails to reduce hospitalizations
J04 CDC defends its position about obesity and increased mortality risk.
M31 Off-pump, on-pump cardiac bypass methods give comparable results.
M27 Adverse impact of second-hand smoke stronger than previously believed.
M25 Atherosclerosis linked to inefficient mitochondria in vascular endothelial cells
M24 Crestor (rosuvastatin) associated with higher adverse event risk.
M24 Higher milk intake associated with lower CV, stroke risk.
M21 Am Soc Hypertension writing group comes up with new definition of hypertension.
M20 American Society of HTN 2005 meeting abstracts
M19 Am J Nephrol: Carnitine therapy associated with decreased hospitalizations
M18 NEJM: Cystatin levels predict mortality better than Scr in the elderly..
M18 Arteriosclerosis Thrombosis Vasc Biology abstracts, 2005 (pdf)
M18 ASH: New onset diabetes 23% higher with amlodipine vs. valsartan.
M12 Animal studies suggest thyroid hormone may help failing hearts.
M12 Active vaccine prevents prion disease from developing in mice.
M10 Am Soc Hypertension focuses on Hispanic hypertension.
M10 Threefold increase in sudden cardiac death from certain non-cardiac drugs.
M09 Pioglitazone reduces carotid artery thickness in diabetics.
M07 Immune gene with 20% prevalence linked to CAD, rheumatism, and MS.
M06 Madison and Montreal researchers study genetics of HTN in French Canadians.
M06 Pegaptanib shows promising results in treating diabetic macular edema.
M05 Overexpressing catalase in mice mitochondria extends lifespan by 20%.
M03 Consumer Reports website suggest Best Buys for ACE inhibitors.
M03 Schelling paper that is the basis for the dipstick protein-SC calculator
M03 Schelling-Case Western dipstick proteinuria/specific gravity calculator.
M02 Is it raining nanobacteria and if so, is this an important health problem?
M02 FGF-21 finds itself as a new therapy for type 2 diabetes.
M02 Transcendental meditation may expand lifespan in 18 year randomized trial.
A29 ACAT2 cholesterol transforming enzyme a key player in atherosclerosis.
A28 Potassium channel gene linked to how much sleep different persons need.
A27 Combo Vytorin (ezetimibe + simvastatin) lower CHO better than atorvastatin alone
A21 Could an adenovirus be responsible for recent epidemic of obesity?
A21 - new U.S. government website with dietary guidelines
A21 Studies in mice tie sleep disturbances to metabolic syndrome.
A20 Obesity death risk overstated; modestly obese have higher survival rate.
A20 Nesiritide associated with an increased death rate in CHF patients.
A18 Melbourne researchers develop safer and more effective "aspirin".
A17 Exercise has trivial effect, and only on DBP, in older adults.
A14 Heart ring fixes two problems at once.
A13 Heart valve ring reverses damage from congestive heart failure, easing symptoms
A11 New gene found in 20% of people may be behind CV-inflammatory syndrome.
A08 New kidney protein 'renalase' - regulates heart contraction and blood pressure
A08 Liver may be source of 'good' cholesterol
A07 Excimer laser angioplasty used to reduce renal artery stent restenosis.
A06 Table of contents for new K/DOQI cardiovascular guidelines
A06 NKF guidelines relating to cardiovascular disease published.
A06 JAMA: ALLHAT results suggest diuretics best for both Whites and Blacks with HTN.
A06 Kidney transplant can markedly improve patients with severe heart failure.
A04 Viagra benefits hypertensive pregnant mother and fetus in animal study
A04 Cholesterol lowering drugs may lower IC calcium and inhibit proliferation.
A03 Garlic ingredient allicin protects against pulmonary HTN in rats.
A03 Cranberry juice improves blood vessel relaxation.
A02 Subintimal angioplasty offers new hope for peripheral vascular disease pts.
A01 Best buy recommends best value beta-blockers.
A01 Implanted medical device aims to lower blood pressure.
M31 NEJM: Higher dose aspirin better than warfarin in secondary stroke prevention.
M29 Uric acid not a good predictor of coronary disease in meta-analysis.
M29 Production of inflammatory mediators by fat cells linked to metabolic syndrome.
M29 Study in rats shows that acupuncture can markedly lower blood pressure.
M21 Nesiritide associated with risk of reduced kidney function in CHF patients.
M14 Finland gene mapping project identifies 300 new hypertension genes.
M11 Impedance cardiac output utility to guide HTN treatment featured.
M11 CCB/ACEI better than BB/diuretic for HTN in terms of hard outcomes.
M10 Clopidogrel after acute MI shown to increase survival.
M07 Urine mediators help diagnose pre-eclampsia.
M07 Laughter may cause endothelium-mediated vasodilatation.
M07 TIA symptoms may portend impending stroke.
M07 Low-dose aspirin shows only mild benefit in preventing strokes in women.
M07 Hyponatremia a marker of poor outcome in heart failure
M05 Pfizer working on new drug that raises HDL cholesterol.
M02 FDA posts warning: Reduce starting dose of Crestor in Asians.
F24 Consumer group sues FDA demanding that salt in foods be regulated.
F22 Probably trigger of diabetic kidney disease uncovered (CD36)
F15 MMWR: Blacks and Hispanics less aware of high cholesterol problems.
F15 COX-2 inhibitors associated with blood pressure elevation.
F14 Hypertension awareness among Hispanics found to be critically low.
F11 Bad news can really break hearts
F09 Hypertension in African Americans linked to two genomic regions
F06 Stopping aspirin therapy associated with markedly increased stroke risk.
F03 Air pollution exposure linked to atherosclerosis.
F03 Fidgeting important to help avoid obesity.
F03 Microdosing used to study pharmacokinetics of new renin inhibitors.
F02 Blood pressure soars on Mondays.
F01 Statin use associated with 30% lower mortality in dialysis patients.
F01 More heart attacks occur on Mondays in non-dialysis patients.
J25 In retrospect, Vioxx may have caused many heart disease deaths.
J20 NEJM: Aspirin/esomeprazole better than clopidogrel for CV risk prevention.
J20 New SARS-like coronavirus linked to Takayasu's disease.
J18 New research shows that all COX-2 inhibitors may have CV health risks.
J18 U.S. launches diabetes campaign aimed at seniors.
J18 Large doses of folate may stave off high blood pressure.
J18 California researchers discover new fat gene.
J17 FDA requires handout be given to patients receiving amiodarone.
J16 Pediatricians now recommend that BP screening start at age 3.
J15 FDA panel rejects OTC sale of statin drug made by Merck
J15 MMWR: Latest prevalence data for HTN by race in the United States.
J14 One third of world population expected to have HTN by 2025.
J13 Study shows how angiotensin II can lead to muscle wasting and CHF.
J11 Insufficient sleep linked to obesity.
J11 Death in patient taking Crestor who had rhabdomyolysis.
J10 New generation of video games/muscle trainers may fight obesity.
J06 NEJM: LDL cholesterol and CRP each strong, independent, predictors of CV risk.
J05 BMC: Middle-aged Germans, not Blacks, have highest incidence of HTN (.pdf)
J05 JAMA: RCT of various weight loss diets shows that no one diet is clearly better.
J05 JAMA: Low urinary placental growth factor in women with pre-eclampsia.
J04 Benefits of diuretics in the elderly outweigh the risks.
D31 Fast food intake linked to obesity, insulin resistance.
D30 Heart failure patients treated with insulin have increased mortality
D28 India spice curcurmin more effective against Alzheimer's than any meds.
D28 JAMA: Editorial on arthritis medicines and CV risk
D28 AHA: Top 10 advances against CV disease for 2004.
D28 Chocolate: A boon for libido and for the heart.
D28 NIH, JDRF, CDC announce new genetic data bank for diabetic kidney disease.
D22 Aspirin underused by people with diabetes.
D22 Exercise before a fatty meal may curb bad effects on vasculature, triglycerides.
D22 FDA statement regarding CV risks related to naproxen.
D22 New AHA guidelines emphasize home monitoring of BP.
D22 LDL vaccination reduces amount of coronary artery plaque.
D21 Naproxen linked to increased risk of heart attack, stroke.
D17 Polymeals containing super-healthy nutrients, might extend life.
D16 NEJM: Infection (bronchitis, cystitis) increases heart attack risk fivefold.
D14 Thiamine supplementation lowers CV risk in diabetics.
D14 Anti-HTN drug combo that included a CCB showed higher death risk in women.
D14 MIT scientists get working heart tissue from cultured myocytes.
D13 European salt producers fight back against low-salt trend with website.
D08 Amlodipine/perindopril vs. HDCN/atenolol (ASCOT) trial halted early
D07 Penn study shows differences in mortality between Vioxx and Celebrex
D07 Lack of sleep may make you fat via ghrelin and leptin.
D05 Vascular effects of selective COX-2 inhibitors (.pdf)
D05 Risk of obesity-related deaths in the U.S may have been overstated.
D02 Milk protein may reduce high blood pressure.
D02 High body fat may impair natriuresis in African Americans.
D02 Exercise training does not work for everyone.
D01 Gene transfer shows AT type 2 receptors protect against LVH.
D01 Drinking tap water could be beneficial to patients with low blood pressure.
N29 Panama's heart-healthy Kuna Indians suggest that chocolate may be a health food
N26 More muscle means better regulation of blood pressure
N26 New findings link IL-10 to atherosclerosis, identify intermediary molecule.
N18 Don't like wine? Try Concord grape juice to lower inflammatory markers.
N18 NEJM: Ultrasound plus tPA helps dissolve stroke-causing clots
N18 Cox-2 inhibitors may work against estrogen and promote hardening of arteries
N14 Was Atkins right all along? Higher fat diets lower CV risk in elderly women.
N13 Exercise may protect the heart by stimulating VEGF
N11 N EJM: No CV benefit of ACE-I in patients with stable CAD
N11 NEJM: Isosorbide dinitrate and hydralazine in heart failure works in Blacks
N11 Acetaminophen-pretreated dogs show astounding reductions in heart infarct size
N10 Pfizer COX-2 inhibitor also doubles risk of heart complications
N09 Hydralazine plus isosorbide dinitrate markedly benefit Blacks with heart failure
N09 Walnut and flaxseed oil lowers inflammatory markers
N09 Progress with tissue-engineered blood vessels for coronary bypass
N09 ACE inhibitors of little benefit for patients with stable heart failure
N09 DHEA may reduce abdominal fat in the elderly and improve insulin sensitivity
N07 Elastic wrap for the heart give 75% improvement in severe heart failure
N07 AHA: Heart disease slidesets
N07 Genetic testing can identify ischemic vs. nonischemic heart failure
N07 Air pollution may cause and speed up heart disease
N05 Outcome benefits of atenolol questioned
O31 ASN: Coronary angiography or bypass underutilized in dialysis patients
O30 The amyloidogenic role of apolipoprotein E in Alzheimer disease clarified
O29 New theory links low NAD/NADH ratio to diabetic organ damage
O28 Salt retention gene CYP3A5 polymorphisms vary with distance from equator
O26 website now up for international kidney disease guidelines
O26 Immunization retards plaque growth in animal model of Alzheimer's disease
O26 Transthyrethrin protects mouse brains against experimental Alzheimer's disease
O24 AHA African American media kit (patient guidesheets) (.pdf)
O24 FDA approves Syncardia temporary artificial heart
O21 Mitochondrial mutation linked to high blood pressure
O19 Minimally invasive surgery highly successful in reversing atrial fibrillation
O19 CD36 gene polymorphisms tied to heart disease in diabetics
O18 European Soc Cardiol guidelines for prevention of CV disease
O18 Kaiser Permanente adult diabetes management guidelines
O18 KDOQI Clinical Practice Guidelines for treating hypertension in CKD
O16 Ephedrine linked to sudden death in a coronary compromised dog model
O16 MMWR: Focus on health disparities, diabetes in Hispanics (.pdf)
O15 Eur Soc Hypertension guidelines for treating arterial hypertension
O13 Statins reduce brain amyloid plaques in an Alzheimer's disease animal model
O11 High folate intake associated with lower blood pressure in women
O11 Insulin resistance in teens raises BP risk as adults
O11 Obesity in children, adolescents is focus of new IOM report
O06 JAMA: Hormone replacement therapy doubles blood clot risk
O06 Many benefits of exercise may be mediated by interleukin-6
O05 Pyridostigmine effective in combatting orthostatic hypotension
O04 External counterpulsation trousers used to treat refractory angina
O03 Serum CRP and other inflammatory markers higher in coffee drinkers
S30 Carp heart doesn't need oxygen; fish converts its lactic acid to ethanol
S24 NCQA reports that half of patients get bad care, esp. HTN management is poor
S24 Even mild kidney disease raises risk of heart disease and death
S15 Beta-blocker use associated with lower risk of bone fractures
S13 Clonidine may act partly via imidazoline receptors in the brain
S12 Chronic hyperphosphatemia elevates fibroblast growth factor levels
S08 In women, fitness level, better than obesity, predicts cardiovascular risk
S06 Heart disease incidence related to gene mutation controlling vascular EC matrix
S01 Farm-raised salmon fed vegetable oil don't cardioprotect
A30 High incidence (7%) of subclavian stenosis can confound BP measurement
A24 Prevalence of high blood pressure in US markedly increased
A23 Activation of leukotriene pathway increases aortic aneurysm formation in mice
A18 Snake venom reveals undesirable partial agonism of integrin receptor blockers
A14 Mutant gene discovered that affects dietary cholesterol absorption
A09 Doctors warned on single high blood pressure reading
J31 Angiotensin (1-7) peptide appears to inhibit growth of lung cancer
J30 Financial breaks speed adoption of cardiovascular health guidelines
J29 Trial testing isosorbide dinitrate + hydralazine in Blacks with CHF halted
J26 Drinking tea associated with lower blood pressure
J21 Eating oily fish reduced risk of atrial fibrillation by 1/3
J16 Medicare to cover some obesity treatments
J13 Governments drafting laws, policies, to tackle obesity
J12 Updated NCEP Panel III Cholesterol Treatment Guidelines
J12 NCEP updated cholesterol guidelines for adults; lower levels targeted
J07 Aspirin of no benefit, and of potential harm, in heart failure
J05 Ginseng lowers warfarin potency for anti-coagulation
J30 Antioxidant controversy: Scientists seek measurement standards
J30 Passive smoking risk greater than previously thought
J28 Liposorbtion growing as a means of treating very high cholesterol levels
J25 New virtual reality system may aid in stroke recovery
J25 Computer-aided brain retraining increases field of vision in stroke victims
J25 New form of physical therapy restores arm function after stroke
J25 Almost half of stroke patients may be aspirin resistant
J09 Slightly elevated levels of lead, cadmium linked to peripheral arterial disease
M29 L-arginine plus exercise may have synergistic effect on CAD (in mice)
M24 US issues updated guidelines for treating hypertension in kids
M21 FDA approves troponin T test to help dx acute coronary syndrome
M19 Are "vasculotoxic" nanobacteria alive?
M16 New approaches to treating atrial fibrillation presented at conference
M06 Self-contained Abiocor heart implanted in Louisville, KY
M06 New inflammation-related gene linked to heart attacks
M04 Could vitamins increase levels of bad cholesterol?
M04 Coffee intake may increase HTN risk in minority adolescents
A19 Strict diet has dramatic effect on reducting heart disease
A14 Having a close friend can reduce the risk of heart disease
A09 Anticytokine therapy fails to help patients with chronic heart failure
A09 New calcium channel drug stops sudden cardiac death in animals
A08 NEJM: New class of drug successfully increases HDL cholesterol levels
A04 Calcium-activated K-channel mutation linked to severe diastolic hypertension
A04 Novel MRI technique provides clear images of blood flow
M31 NEJM: Icelandic study shows that CRP has only moderate predictive value for CAD
M29 Carbenoxolone may have beneficial effects on memory
M24 Activity of calcium-handling gene linked to cardiac arrhythmias
M17 Blood test may detect strokes with high sensitivity
M17 BHS-IV guidelines for hypertension management : summary
M17 British Hypertension Society publishes its guidelines
M15 Canola oil-fed cows produce milk with healthier fat profile
M12 Musical biometric feedback helps in stress management
M11 Aspirin resistance - more than just a laboratory curiosity? (pdf)
M11 Estradiol-eluting coronary stents show promising, early results (pdf)
M11 ACC 2004 conference daily news summaries
M11 Urocortins act on heart, may benefit congestive heart failure
M09 Forgetfulness tops list of reason for non-compliance with cardioprotective meds
M09 Pepine and Laura Bush on women and heart disease (ACC 2004 Ann Mtg)
M08 Cholesterol reduction: the lower, the better
M07 Folate fortification of flour may have resulted in marked fall in CV disease
M02 NIH stops estrogen-alone study because of increased stroke risk
F21 FDA approves implantable defibrillators with internet monitoring system
F21 Plant sterols added to food effective in lowering cholesterol
F17 Cheap four-drug combo lowers mortality risk by 90% post MI
F11 Institute of Medicine recommends 1.5 g/day sodium for all, even less for elderly
F09 Iceland genome project finds new gene linked to heart attacks
F09 New guidelines to prevent heart disease and stroke in women
F09 Eating mercury-contaminated fish while pregnant can cause child brain damage
F05 Bat saliva drug offers promise in treating acute stroke
F01 Moderate-fat diet results in better lipid profiles than low-fat diet
J31 Modified vitamin E molecule increases antioxidant activity 100-fold
J31 Scientists eye pills to unclog arteries
J27 Placental growth factor - a new biomarker of atherosclerotic plaque instability
J27 C-reactive protein linked to buildup of fatty plaque in arteries
J27 Statins, ACE-inhibitors, improve outcomes in patients after leg bypass surgery
J20 Melatonin may affect nocturnal blood pressure
J16 Coronary artery calcium scores useful in intermediate risk patients
J16 Italian pharma company to provide red wine ingredients in a pill
J12 Walking 1.5 miles per day can help prevent weight gain
J09 Long QT syndrome mutations may be much more common than previously thought
J08 High salt intake linked to stomach cancer risk in Japan
D31 Novel estrogen-like compound may obviate estrogen risks
D31 NEJM: 5-lipoxygenase gene tied to atherosclerosis
D18 JNC 7 Full text (.PDF format)
D16 New information links obesity and inflammation
D06 DHEA may increase number of plaque-forming foam cells, upping CV risk
D04 Can statins cause amnesia?
D01 RSNA meeting: New standards proposed for coronary artery calcium screening
D01 Apheresis for hypercholesterolemia in the news in the UK
N29 Keryx announces sulodexide open access research collaboration with U. Mich.
N28 Cleveland Clinic researchers identify heart attack gene
N25 Qualitative HDL cholesterol test (pro- or anti-inflammatory) predicts CV risk
N20 T-type calcium channels involved in coronary relaxation
N13 AHA: Cholesterol - how low should you go?
N13 Guinness beer may reduce risk of blood clotting
N12 AHA Scientific Sessions: Daily Newspaper: Wednesday Nov 12
N11 AHA Scientific Sessions newspaper: Tuesday Nov 11
N11 Tetrahydrobiopterin, an NO co-factor, may be novel anti-hypertensive agent
N11 Apoptosis of endothelial cells linked to heart risk in lupus patients
N10 AHA Meeting Sessions daily newspaper: Monday, Nov 10 (PDF)
N10 AHA Meeting Sessions daily newspaper: Sunday Nov 09 (PDF)
N10 AHA: Vasopressin blocker tolvaptan decreases fluid retention in heart failure
N04 Injected megaHDL cholesterol rapidly improves atherosclerosis in people
O31 Liquid putty used to treat cerebrovascular aneurysms
O30 FDA: Early thrombosis warning of Cordis Cypher coronary stents
O30 NEJM: Ximelagatran as good as warfarin for preventing DVT
O29 Resveratrol red wine antioxidant lowers inflammatory mediators in COPD
O29 Aspirin withdrawal may pose risks to coronary patients
O28 Lowering blood pressure immediately after a stroke can be harmful
O22 Clot retreiving wire holds promise for treating acute stroke
O17 Nitric oxide blocks exocytosis, thereby preventing inflammation
O15 Supersized cholesterol carriers the key to a long life?
O08 Pfizer Inspra (epleronone) wins FDA approval to treat CHF
O02 Stroke risk not related to dietary fat intake in men
S30 Does stress impair pressure-induced natriuresis and thereby cause kidney damage?
S30 Icelander genetic screening identifies stroke-risk gene
S30 Icelanders find that one gene that makes you fat or thin
S26 New cardiac inotropic hormone from coronary endothelium - apelin
S26 Low sodium diet has no adverse effect on blood lipids
S22 Disorder of ciliary transport linked to learning disabilities, obesity
S19 Azithromycin of no help in secondary prevention of coronary events
S18 NEJM: Herpesvirus 8 linked to primary pulmonary hypertension
S18 Hyperkalemia and creatinine increases on ACE-I: What should one do?
S16 Calcium channel blockers affect iron transport into the heart
S16 Cancer drug HDAC (histone deacetylase) halts LVH in lab animals
S15 K/DOQI dyslipidemia guidelines
S14 Do statins have a primary role in prevention? A conservative viewpoint.
S09 Smoking reduces monamine oxidase levels in the kidney and other organs
S09 Saponins in red wine may account for some beneficial CV effects
S04 NEJM: PYY hormone cuts appetite by athird
S03 Chilli pepper receptors responsible for heart attack pain
S02 DNA-repair gene protects some smokers against lung cancer
S02 DNA-repair gene protects some smokers against lung cancer
S01 Intracardiac autologous stem cell injection may eliminate need for heart tx
S01 ESC: Perindopril lowers mortality in post-MI patients
S01 Abstract search page: Eur Soc Cardiol 2003 Meeting
S01 European Society of Cardiology meeting: Highlights and reports
S01 European Society of Cardiology meeting: Highlights and reports
A30 Will handheld ultrasound device supplant the stethoscope?
A28 Health benefits of chocolate: the darker, the better
A27 VA cooperative study on homocysteine in CKD in progress
A26 CAD death reath linked to EBCT coronary artery calcium scores
A24 Resveratrol identified as life extending ingredient in red wine
A23 Three patients with Jarvik 2000 heart pump now at home
A23 Artificial heart muscle being developed at Leeds
A22 Hyperkalemia in CHF patients treated with ACE-I and spironolactone
A21 NEJM: Primary angioplasty better than fibrinolysis, even after transfer
A20 Obesity, depression, tied to CRP levels in men
A19 U.S. approves Viagra rival Levitra from Glaxo, Bayer
A18 New educational video on CV disease for African American women
A16 Study finds new approach to unclogging arteries
A13 Antioxidant vitamins help vasculature in kids with high cholesterol
A10 Endothelin converting enzyme new target for heart disease drugs
A09 US Preventive Services Task Force says to screen all adults for high BP
A05 US Natl Stroke Assoc launches patient education campaign
J31 Tangle enzyme Pin1 protects against Alzheimer disease
J29 Thyroid receptor compound effects weight loss, lowers cholesterol
J28 Push aims to lower hidden salt in food
J27 LOX-1 gene linked to heart attacks, cardiac arrest
J25 Content of addictive form of nicotine, free-base, varies widely among cigarettes
J24 Mandibular advancement splint helps patients with sleep apnea
J23 Ape diet lowers cholesterol as efficiently as do drugs
J21 Clinical chemist association weighs in on routine CRP testing
J21 Tomato-eating reduces heart disease risk by 30%
J20 Study backs do-it-yourself blood pressure checks
J19 FDA approves PLAC test to detect CV risk
J16 Pulmonary vein ablation method improves survival in atrial fibrillation patients
J16 JAMA paper puts troponin T and CRP tests for dialysis patients in the news
J13 MMWR: Cardiomyopathy and pericarditis following civilian smallpox vaccination
J13 Patients demand sirolimus-eluting CYPHER stent by brand name
J09 U.S. hypertension rates rising
J09 FDA approves pravastatin / aspirin combo pill
J05 Singer Barry White dies of hypertension, kidney failure at age 58
J27 COMET trial results show 17% lower mortality with carvedilol vs. metoprolol
J26 Hypothetical benefits of polypill - aspirin, folate, statin, ACE, touted in BMJ
J22 Brits identify genes linked to hypertension on 4 separate chromosomes
J18 HDL may increase half-life of endothelial NO synthase
J18 Genetic locus strongly linked to atrial fibrillation found on chromosome 6
J18 Pfizer unveils new anti-smoking drug
J16 Cardiovascular benefits of vitamin E and carotene questioned
J16 Cardiovascular benefits of moderate exercise challenged
J13 Patient recovers after LVAD bridges failing heart due to viral myocarditis
J13 Eur Soc Hypertension (ESH): New hypertension guidelines on-line
J11 Aspirin as effective as ticlodipine in African American stroke prevention
J10 MRI angiogram identifies stroke-prone carotid plaque
J05 New drug (mirtazapine) very promising in treatment of sleep apnea
J04 Upper arm AV fistula causes steal syndrome in IMA coronary bypass grafts
M29 E2F decoy soaking of veins used for coronary bypass grafts
M28 Physical activity can rapidly reduce dangerous visceral fat
M27 Fish oil CV protection may be mediated by prevention of sudden death
M21 Atkins diet found to be superior in two controlled trials, one in NEJM
M21 Scripps working on a nicotine vaccine
M19 Potential new benefits for statins
M19 EBCT helps in CAD risk assessment of asymptomatic individuals
M19 ASH: One in three home BP monitors give unreliable results
M19 DASH diet may act as diuretic
M16 Coronary artery disease link to second-hand smoking disputed
M15 CV risk of Chlamydia seropositivity increased when CRP is high
M14 JNC 7 now defines hypertension as pressures above 120/80
M14 JNC 7 U.S. hypertension guidelines (full text, JAMA)
M14 Am Soc Hypertens 2003 meeting abstracts available here
M13 Chiropractic treatment of the neck can be a risk factor for stroke
M06 ASN, NKF issue joint comment on ALLHAT results re ACE-I and ARBs
M06 Off-pump coronary bypass grafting leads to better outcomes
M01 Klotho gene linked to aging, atherosclerosis
M01 ASH-2003: Abstracts now available on-line
A26 Vascular Compliance talk CME/CE credits now available
A25 Heart disease in women being emphasized in the media
A25 U.S. FDA approves drug-emitting stent for heart disease
A22 Chlamydia related to age-related macular degeneration risk
A22 Multiple lifestyle changes work to lower blood pressure
A16 Progeria gene identified; yields clues to normal aging
A14 Drinking Concord grape juice lower blood pressure in hypertensive men
A11 Coffee plus alcohol shown to limit stroke-related brain damage in animals
A10 Anti-psychotic drug Risperdal linked to increased stroke risk
A08 Verapamil helps control BP in heart patients; associated with good outcome
A07 Key role of HDL emphasized in study presented at ACC-Chicago
A05 American Stroke Association updates urgent stroke care guidelines
A05 Osteoporosis linked to heart disease in women
A04 Dr. Arthur Guyton dies in car accident
A04 Aortic stiffness related to stroke incidence in hypertensive patients
A03 Epleronone improves CV outcome post MI
A03 Ximelagatran may be safer, more efficacious than warfarin to prevent stroke
A02 ACC: Irbesartan, amlodpine show similar rates of CV events in type 2 DN
A02 ACC: Sirolimus-coated stents show reduced restenosis rates
A01 ACC: Search 2003 Meeting abstracts (Am Coll Cardiol)
A01 ACC: Late breaking clinical trials in cardiology
A01 Damage from low-dose X-rays may be greater than previously thought
M31 Drug-eluting stents appear to be cost-effective
M29 MMWR: Cardiac events following smallpox vaccination. USA 2003
M27 Surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation gaining in popularity
M25 African Americans prone to hypertensive retinopathy
M25 Cells from marros may stick to and worsen coronary artery plaques
M20 ALLHAT principals, NHLBI argue over study result interpretation
M19 NEJM: Soluble CD40 ligand and abciximab in acute coronary syndromes
M17 Cardiovascular disease in CKD: Seminars in Dialysis issue
M16 Stopping hepatic lipoprotein secretion in mice stops atherogenesis
M16 Loneliness and other psychological stress contributes to heart disease
M12 NSAIDs may dissolve Alzheimer plaques
M11 Mitral annular calcification increases risk of myocardial infarction death
M11 Statins may protect CNS myelin, attenuate MS
M10 Full text of new guidelines to manage BP in African Americans
M10 African Americans get high BP guidelines
M10 High blood pressure epidemic seen in Canadian teens
M04 Pre-eclampsia protein identified
M01 170 countries agree to anti-smoking treaty
F27 Phospholamban gene linked to dilated cardiomyopathy
F27 New enzyme - endothelial lipase - controls serum HDL cholesterol levels
F25 Ramipril reduces new onset of heart failure in HOPE trial
F24 Low-dose warfarin prevents recurrent blood clots - NHLBI stops randomized trial
F22 Cookies and cake lead to higher AGE levels
F22 Outcomes with digoxin therapy in CHF: Less is more.
F21 High homocysteine levels increase stroke risk
F20 L-DOPA for Parkinson's increases blood homocysteine levels
F19 Heart failure linked to vitamin D deficiency
F18 Albumin cobalt binding test cleared by FDA to help detect heart attack
F17 Bayer develops automated test for BNP - brain natriuretic peptide
F17 Thiamine derivative prevents diabetic-related eye disease in rats
F15 Gene regulating G-protein signaling (RGS2) implicated in hypertension in mice
F14 French red wines boost NO 3 times better than German reds
F14 Ibuprofen undoes CV protective effect of aspirin
F13 NEJM: Circulating endothelial progenitor cell number linked to CV risk factors
F12 NEJM: Aussies challenge ALLHAT: ACE-I has fewer CV events than diuretics in men
F12 Mitochondrial DNA mutation found in centenarians
F12 Resynchronization pacemaker therapy reduces CHF deaths by 50%
F10 Sleep apnea may contribute to heart failure
F07 Autopsy proves injected stem cells grow, differentiate in infarct-damaged heart
F06 NEJM: Iodixanol (Visipaque) cuts risk of contrast-media renal failure
F05 Ankyrin mutation associated with long QT syndrome
F05 Acetylcysteine protects CKD patient kidney function after contrast dye use.
F05 Statin use delays heart valve calcification
F05 Light drinking may cut stoke risk
F04 Insulin resistance linked to poor memory
F04 HAART therapy protease inhibitors for HIV may be pro-atherosclerotic
F03 Interactions between warfarin and anti-platelet drugs
F01 CDC chemical exposure report: Phytoestrogens (PDF file)
J31 Telomere length linked to longevity
J28 AHA and CDC issue CRP testing guidelines
J27 Exercise delays age-related decline in brain gray matter
J25 Blood flow-mediated benefit of exercise on CV disease
J22 Italian scientists identify migraine gene
J20 Cholesterol breakdown gene linked to Alzheimer's disease
J20 Researchers put DNA to music
J20 Vitamin D deficiency may play a role in heart failure
J19 Carbon monoxide may protect against vascular injury
J18 Bakris (HTN and Renal Disease) CME/CE post-test, credits ready
J17 HDCN: BP, CV channel lecture list, links, updated
J16 ADA 2003 diabetes clinical practice recs in full text
J13 Cox-2 inhibitors increase flow-mediated vasodilation and lower CRP
J11 Am Soc Hypertens - Current Concepts in HTN - full text reviews
J09 CRP linked directly to clot and plaque formation
J09 New clot dissolving substance in vampire bat saliva
J09 NEJM: Low number of nephrons predisposes to hypertension
J08 NEJM: Light to moderate drinking shown to be cardioprotective
J08 ACE DD gene polymorphism linked to obesity
J06 Taurine, allopurinol restore endothelial function in smokers
D28 HSTAT: Review of BP monitoring outside the clinical setting
D28 New cardiomyopathy gene identified
D26 In Japan, soy in men, and fish in women, increase survival
D24 Women with sickle cell disease have more nitric oxide, better survival
D24 HOPE Substudy links CMV virus infection to heart attacks and stroke
D20 Lead in bones linked to pregnancy blood pressure
D17 ALLHAT reports in JAMA: Chlorthalidone as good as lisinopril or amlodipine
D17 ALLHAT reports in JAMA: Pravastatin shows no outcomes benefit
D16 Activated platelets participate in causing atherosclerosis
D10 New obesity gene identified in mice
D09 AHA: Late-breaking clinical trials abstracts
D09 Oral direct thrombin inhibitor useful in preventing recurrent venous thrombosis
D03 Haptoglobin genotype linked to CV risk in diabetics
D02 CRP linked to LVH in ESRD in AJKD study (editorial review)
D01 Special veggie diet cuts cholesterol by 29%
N27 NEJM: Health effects of mercury in fish: conflicting results
N26 Eating nuts in Nurses Health Study protective against diabetes
N24 Sulodexide (from Keryx) shows promise in treating albuminuria in diabetics
N21 FDA approves automated brain natriuretic peptide test to dx CHF
N21 Meta-analysis suggests folic acid may improve CV risk in nonuremics
N21 Do statins deplete coenzyme Q10 and is this clinically important?
N21 High iron stores increase CV risk in young women
N20 Senate passes bill doubling funding for juvenile diabetes research
N20 AHA: Soy nut consumption lowers BP in postmenopausal women
N20 AHA Scientific Sessions Daily News. Wed Nov 20th.
N19 Decaf espresso activates SNS, raises blood pressure, by unknown mechanisms
N19 Gadolinium, avb3 nanoparticles used to image early plaque in coronary arteries
N19 AASK study reports primary results in JAMA: ACE-I better than BB, amlodipine
N19 AHA still cautious about recommending Atkins diet
N19 AHA Scientific Sessions. News (PDF) Tuesday, Nov 19th
N18 AHA Scientific Sessions: Daily Newspaper (PDF) - Monday, Nov 18
N18 AHA: Atkins diet beats AHA-diet for weight loss, CHO, TRIG, and HDL
N18 AHA: New dietary guidelines focus on omega-3 fatty acids
N18 Galileo has new drug that may lower CRP in ESRD patients by 50%
N17 Genzyme and Diacrin studying muscle cell to heart transplants
N17 AHA: Daily newspaper (PDF) - Sunday, Nov 17
N17 AHA: Skeletal muscle cell transplants repair damaged heart tissue
N17 AHA: Engineered blood vessels prove durable and clot-resistant
N17 Hostility a strong predictor of heart attach risk
N17 Hospitals that don't follow heart attack guidelines have much higher death rates
N17 Frailty in elderly linked to inflammation, activation of coagulation
N15 Long-lasting erectile dysfunction drug (tadalafil) to go on sale in Europe
N13 Strong evidence links CRP, inflammation, to heart disease
N11 High-heat cooking causes increased serum AGE, CRP levels in diabetics
N10 VEGF related to blood vessel growth in revascularization, tumors
N09 Stroke risk increased in young African Americans, Hispanics
N09 Pandemic of diabetes among latinos gaining media attention
N07 Mediterranean diet could help Asians
N05 Parasympathetic nervous system shown to innervate fatty tissue - function unkown
N04 WHO report in 6 languages, incl. French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic
N04 World Health Organization issues risk reduction and healthy lifestyle report
N02 U.S. FDA approves nicotene lozenge designed to help smokers quit
O31 Risk of recurrent stroke reducedy by systolic BP < 140, diastolic < 80
O31 Mitochondrial potassium channels may protect against heart attach
O31 Coffee drinking may retard cognitive decline in elderly women
O31 Post-hoc analysis: Digoxin increases mortality in women with heart failure
O27 New drug has potential of halting stroke damage instantly
O25 Non-traditional stroke symptoms found in women
O24 Lacidipine slows coronary atherosclerosis more than atenolol
O23 Sirolimus-coated stent wins tentative approval
O23 ACE linked to calcium growth on aortic valve
O22 Hepatic lipase gene affects tolerance to high-fat diet
O22 Weight loss suppresses angiotensin converting enzyme activity
O21 Beta-blocker use improves survival in ESRD patients
O21 Side effects slow diet drug efforts
O19 Icelandic gene pool analysis identifies new stroke gene
O18 Work stress doubles heart attack risk
O16 Diastolic heart failure in the elderly has a high mortality
O15 U.S. hypertension guidelines updated
O14 Ximelagatran as effective as warfarin for prophylaxis of DVT after total knee
O14 Antibiotics help slow atherosclerosis in people with Chlamydia antibodies
O14 Treating high blood pressure may stave off dementia
O11 Atorvastatin shows large benefit in reducing stroke and MI; trial halted
O10 Alpha- and beta-adrenoreceptor variants in Blacks predispose them to CHF
O07 Feeding heat shock protein to mice suppresses atherogenicity of high-fat diet
O07 Framingham data suggest that MV prolapse more benign than previously thought
O07 AHA: Small randomized trial suggests N-acetylcysteine lowers CV risk in ESRD
O03 Higher levels of endothelin-1 in men and in African Americans
S30 Bakris takes over editorship of Am J Nephrol; journal to focus on basic research
S30 EBCT and CRP synergistic in predicting cardiovascular disease
S30 Epleronone approved by the U.S. FDA for marketing
S27 AHA-HBRC: Ambulatory BP algorithm predicts pre-eclampsia even in first trimester
S27 AHA High BP Conference (and other AHA meeting) abstract viewer
S26 Isosorbide dinitrate spray may reduce diabetic foot pain
S25 Diets rich in dairy products help in achieving weight loss
S25 Losartan lowers CV mortality by 25% vs. atenolol in isolated systolic HTN
S23 Why thiazolidinediones can trigger weight gain
S23 Kin of people with heart disease have tangled clots
S23 Strong statin therapy reverses buildup in arteries
S20 New protein controlling heart growth identified in mice
S20 Muscle damage may occur with statin therapy
S17 Vitamin E fails to slow atherosclerosis
S16 Heart disease gene linked to prostate cancer
S14 ESC: Beta-blockers improve mortality in Afr. Americans taking calcium channel bl
S14 ESC: Folic acid may have cardiovascular benefits in smokers
S14 ESC: Aspirin may negate benefits of ACE-I post infarction
S09 Diabetes among Hispanics at record levels
S09 CRP and oxidized LDL team up to cause atherosclerosis
S03 Eur Soc Cardiol Congress 2002 - Newscasts
S03 Search Eur Soc Cardiol 2002 Congress abstracts
S03 ESC: Magnesium ineffective in high-risk heart attack patients
S03 ESC: Most heart attack victims have glucose regulation abnormalities
S02 Astra Zeneca's rosuvastatin shows good efficacy compared to atorvastatin
S02 Losartan vs. captopril: Similar outcome benefits post-MI in OPTIMAAL trial
A29 APOE=e4 gene associated with "normal' mental decline of aging
A29 Tobacco addiction begins after 2-3 weeks in teenagers
A27 FDA approves wristband glucose monitor for kids
A26 Xenical can delay onset of type 2 diabetes
A22 Abnormal cardiac sodium channel gene puts some Blacks at risk of arrhythmia
A20 Impaired flow-mediated vasodilatation in apparently healthy African Americans
A20 Scientists say unknown microbe may trigger heart disease
A19 Antioxidant properties of honey described
A19 Activation of ENaC channels in some African Americans responds to amiloride
A18 Wild new ideas for monitoring blood glucose presented at Boston symposium
A16 JAMA and Detroit Free Press square off on embargo violation charges
A15 LifeVest wearable defibrillator an alternative to implanted devices
A15 Intermediate molecule linked to long-lasting effects of caffeine identified
A12 Low potassium intake linked to stroke
A10 NIH to fund large controlled trial of chelation therapy
A08 New Pfizer drug can increase HDL levels by 55%
A08 Protective effect of alcohol intake on atherosclerosis reversed in diabetics
A07 Viagra appears to have beneficial side effects in CHF patients
A06 Pseudoxanthoma elasticum heterozygotes at risk for coronary artery disease
A05 Scientists map mouse genome
A05 Beneficial side effects from CV and analgesic drugs
A04 Inflammation now a recognized trigger for heart attacks
A02 Atkins low carb diet increases net acid excretion, lowers urinary citrate
A01 Viagra engorges both * and the nose, possibly leading to nosebleeds
A01 Yohimbine plus L-arginine may help mild to moderate erectile dysfunction
A01 Pediatric hypertension web page - BP calculator for kids
J31 Fish oils soften arteries, may fight heart attack
J30 Air pollution linked to myocardial ischemia
J28 Confounding in statistics: Wine may not have heart benefits after all.
J25 Omega-3 fatty acid diets improve arterial elasticity and compliance
J22 Niacin helps dyslipidemia in diabetics
J19 FDA withholds approval for Vanlev (omapatrilat) due to angioedema concerns
J18 New classes of G-proteins, some glucose-regulating, found in yeast
J17 Diminished inflammatory response linked to protection against atherosclerosis
J17 NEJM: BNP test useful to diagnose CHF in multinational trial
J16 AHA updates CV disease and stroke prevention guidelines
J15 Acetaminophen may protect against heart damage via antioxidant effect
J11 Islet cell transplantation continues to show good results after 2 years
J09 Aspirin given within 48 hours improves outcome in ischemic stroke
J09 Helicobacter pylori linked to strokes
J09 Increased breast cancer, stroke risks, no CV benefit with postmenopausal HRT
J07 Eye ground changes in severe vs. mild hypertension by fluorescein angiography
J05 Simvastatin lowers MI and stroke mortality in wide range of patients
J03 Postmenopausal estrogens may not be cardioprotective
J01 Sulfonylurea-related potassium channels linked to coronary artery spasm
J30 Olanzapine (antipsychotic drug) linked to new-onset diabetes
J29 FDA approves skin test for cholesterol
J29 Angiontensin II type 2 receptor gene mutations and X-linked mental retardation
J28 Topical alprostadil to challenge sildenafil in near future
J28 ISH/ESH: Losartan reduces mortality in diabetics vs. atenolol
J26 Mutated cholesterol hydroxylase gene causes hypercholesterolemia
J19 Increased cardiac sympathetic drive in renovascular hypertension
J19 MRI unravels mystery of angina with normal coronary angiogram
J19 ACE genes linked to heart disease
J16 Progress being made with oral insulin delivery systems
J15 Anti-inflammatory effects of rosiglitazone and their impact on CV complications
J14 Fibroblast growth factor induced angiogenesis improves walking distance in PVD
J13 Trials started of nicotine vaccine: it may help patients stop smoking
J13 Heart failure helped by high-tech pacemaker
J07 1-year folic acid improves flow- but not NTG- mediated vasodilatation
J07 Electrical muscle stimulation helps in stroke recovery
J06 Paraoxonase gene polymorphism affects stroke risk
J06 Role of renin-angiotensin system in diabetic retinopathy to be tested
J04 Nitroglycerin metabolized to nitric oxide in the mitochondria
J01 High homocysteine levels associated with post-angioplasty restenosis
M24 Doctors cast doubt on stress - heart disease link
M23 Three heart attack gene clusters identified
M20 ASH: CONVINCE trial shows verapamil outcomes similar to atenolol/diuretic
M18 ASH: New eplerenone data presented on efficacy in hypertension
M17 ASH: Hypertension worse in dialysis patients with sleep apnea
M17 IL-1 gene variations linked to blood CRP levels
M17 ASH: Impaired sodium excretion during stress in African Americans
M16 Fondaparinux effective against deep vein thrombosis
M13 Cardioprotective effects of aspiring linked to anti-inflammatory action
M08 High salt intake linked to low bone density in post-menopausal women
M06 Heart attack? Drinking tea will increase your survival rate.
M06 Emerging epidemic of type 2 diabetes in children
M06 Emerging epidemic of type 2 diabetes in children
M02 Stroke risk affected by folic acid, smoking, alcohol use
M02 Indian Ayurvedic medicine leads to new cholesterol-lowering compound
A30 Peanuts and cardiovascular health: the good vs. the bad
A29 Atkins diet originator suffers cardiac arrest - cardiomyopathy blamed
A29 Hearing loss linked to cardiovascular disease
A29 High mercury level linked to heart disease risk
A26 Polycystic ovaries linked to cardiovascular calcification
A25 Magnesium information center launched by Cornell Univ. docs
A24 Epidemic presumed viral myocarditis hits Greek schoolkids
A24 Early postnatal consumption of milk/carbs in rats programs them for obesity
A22 Does fish oil protect against diabetes?
A20 Controversy over use of placebo controls in clinical trials
A20 ASH 2002 abstracts available on-line
A18 Gamma radiation effective to prevent stent restenosis
A17 Diabetes incidence rise in Asian-Americans linked to Western lifestyle
A17 Carotid a. calcifications on dental X-rays are risk for stroke
A17 Losartan reduces QT dispersion
A16 Artificial heart patient returns home
A16 CRP levels linked to sudden death, unstable atherosclerotic plaque
A16 Protein glycosylation linked to insulin resistance
A16 Experimental drug boosts HDL cholesterol by 34%
A12 A new measure of central obesity: the abdominal volume index
A12 Nicorandil reduces heart attack and death risk
A10 Device to seal off left atrial appendage in atrial fibrillation
A10 Fish consumption lowers risk of coronary artery disease in women
A05 CT angiography permits rapid initial diagnosis of stroke
A04 High leptin levels linked to blood clotting
A03 Patient genotype affects warfarin metabolism
A02 Drug-eluting stent fails to prevent restenosis over time
A02 Leukocytes are activated, coated with adhesion molecules, in sleep apnea
A02 New mechanism of how statins may protect against Alzheimer's disease
M29 Statins inhibit aortic valve calcification
M27 Estrogen's effect on HDL cholesterol differs depending on patient genotype
M27 High pulse pressure associated with increased mortality in dialysis patients
M26 Aspirin resistance associated with cardiovascular death risk
M26 Arsenic levels in well water linked to atherosclerosis
M26 Specific strains of Group A strep linked to rheumatic fever
M25 Hypertension - headache link? It ain't necessarily so !
M24 AHA chickens out on previous rec to liberalize egg consumption
M24 Possible new role for antibiotics in cardiac care
M24 Java lovers toast study separating coffee drinking from hypertension
M22 JCEM: Insulin may have antithrombotic effects
M21 ACC: Eplerone shown to be cardioprotective, renoprotective, additive to ACE-I
M20 ACC: Losartan vs. atenolol - fewer CV events and strokes with losartan
M20 Ablation of pulmonary vein triggers cures atrial fibrillation
M19 ACC: Serum BNP levels useful in diagnosing heart failure
M18 Cholesterol vaccine trims artery plaque in mice
M18 Cholesterol absorption blocker has additive effects to statins
M18 ACC: Complications after PCI increased in renal disease patients
M18 ACC: Acetylcysteine protection from contrast nephropathy confirmed
M17 ACC sessions start tonight; Abstract search link
M17 Sirolimus-impregnated stents show encouraging early results
M16 High cholesterol levels associated with cognitive impairment
M12 Treatment of periodontal disease lower CRP levels
M11 In heart failure, beta-blockers boost survival in women
M11 Small study suggests that clarithromycin may prevent 2nd heart attack
M11 Study emphasis systolic BP as a predictor of CV risk
M11 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase -1 inhibitor in phase I trial for diabetes
M11 Streptokinase, TPA may increase risks in elderly when given post MI
M10 New hormone controlling hunger identified
M08 Elevated homocysteine levels linked to cervical artery dissection
M08 Increased folic acid ingestion may have CV benefits in the elderly
M07 Cocaine hypertensive crisis mediated by increase in cardiac output
M04 Low dietary magnesium linked to supravenricular ectopy
M04 Hypoxia inhibits fat cell development
M04 Framingham data extrapolation suggests 90% high BP for boomers
M01 New quality of life score developed for impact of sleep apnea
F27 Blood proinsulin levels predict heart disease risk
F27 High-protein beats high-carb diet for weight loss
F25 Azithromycin improves forearm vasodilatation in Chlamydia-positive patients
F23 Lipid-lowering drugs cut dementia risk
F21 Type 2 diabetes identified in British adolescents
F20 Use of high-sodium tap water to dilute formula causes hypertension in neonates
F19 Raloxifene may reduce CV events in postmenopausal women
F19 Alcohol intake helps prevent PVD
F19 New appetite suppressant drug extremely effective in obese mice
F18 Smoking ups heart risk despite low cholesterol
F11 Abrupt movement can trigger stroke
F10 Annals and NEJM papers highlight diet, exercise role in diabetes
F08 Losing weight lowers CRP levels markedly in postmenopausal women
F08 Telephone-based ECG diagnostic system launched in Europe
F08 Internet-based ECG analysis system approved by the FDA
F08 Citicoline reduces amount of brain damage after stroke
F07 Incidence of strokes from chiropractic neck manipulation debated
J29 New dilated cardiomyopathy gene identified
J29 Elderly who exercise have more supple arteries
J28 ACE gene polymorphisms linked to salt-sensitivity
J27 Implantable microchip sensor can monitor intracardiac pressures
J25 Abiomed artificial heart being modified to lower clotting risk
J21 PPAR-alpha gene variants linked to LVH
J21 Philadelphia artificial heart patient is discharged from the hospital
J21 Cardiovascular benefits of chocolate and tea
J19 Risk benefits of aspirin for cardioprotection analyzed
J18 Are type 1 diabetics magnesium deficient?
J18 ADA clinical practice guideline revisions for 2002 posted
J17 Anti-nuclear antibodies often high in patients with heart disease
J16 FDA approval pending for irbesartan as renoprotective agent in type 2 diabetes
J15 Ma Huang increases risk of heart attack and death
J14 New MR imaging technique to detect DVT
J13 Trials of INGAP Islets Neogenesis Associated Protein start in diabetic patients
J12 Pocket PC becomes the Pocket EKG machine
J12 Blocking brain fatty acid synthase - new strategy for appetite suppression
J12 Market for resynchronization pacemakers growing
J09 Simple sugars in the diet can lower HDL cholesterol levels
J08 Antibiotic trials in progress test role of bacteria in atherosclerosis
J07 Long term stress can increase abdominal obesity
J04 Philadelphia AbioCor heart patient doing well 60 days post-op
J03 Verapamil more effective in women, older patients
J03 AHA 2001 abstracts on-line
J03 Gene responsible for fat cell development cloned
J03 Body can repair heart damage
D26 Fewer cardiac caths? Coronary artery MRA on the horizon
D25 Aircraft noise linked to high blood pressure
D23 'Four' might scare Chinese, Japanese to death
D21 Starting alcohol intake later in life is NOT cardioprotective
D21 High levels of ADMA (asymmetric DM arginine) linked to CV risk in ESRD
D20 High HDL levels in women associated with osteoporosis
D19 Cardiovascular risks of oral contraceptives remain elevated
D19 Ibuprofen blocks the blood-thinning effects of aspirin
D19 Red wine polyphenols inhibit tyrosine kinase, thereby affecting endothelin
D17 High leptin levels associated with heart attack risk
D17 Fish diet lower plasma CRP levels
D17 Low fat, low salt diet lowers blood pressure
D14 ApoB / ApoA1 ratio predicts risk of heart attack
D14 Sudden cardiac death gene spotted, cloned
D11 Triblycerides linked to stroke levels
D10 Factor Xa inhibitor approved by FDA for deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis
D06 IBM and Phase Forward to issue Clinical Trials recordkeeping software
D05 Adding valsartan reduces hospitalizations in patients with heart failure
D04 Glutamate antagonist drug trial for stroke patients halted
D04 Astra Zeneca eyes billions from anti-clot drug
D01 Thrombospondin gene mutations associated with early-onset MI
N30 Severe cutaneous allergic response to captopril detectable by patch test
N30 Peas and beans in the diet protect against heart disease
N30 Louisville artificial heart patient dies
N29 Scientists express concerns about HIPAA effects on research
N29 Texas artificial heart patient dies after coagulopathy and bleeding
N28 Antioxidants (vitamins C, E, etc.) may blunt the effects of statins and niacin
N28 B vitamins lower recurrent stenosis post-angioplasty
N27 Home computer-assisted smoking cessation program posts good results
N27 Hand rehabilitation stimulator for stroke patients approved by the FDA
N24 Potential novel mechanism of hyperuricemic injury to the kidney identified
N23 Genes associated with cardiovascular disease identified in rats
N22 High-altitude dwellers have high expired NO concentration
N21 FDA approves oral endothelin blocker for pulmonary hypertension
N21 High troponins predict benefits of invasive therapy in coronary syndromes
N20 Warfarin, aspirin, equivalent for recurrent stroke prevention
N20 First Abiocor heart patient suffers intracranial bleed after stroke
N19 Crack cocaine may cause aortic dissection in younger people
N19 Framingham data suggests annual BP check desirable
N19 ACR: Rofecoxib may raise blood pressure significantly
N16 AHA: GP IIb/IIIa inhibitors work best in diabetics with acutecoronary syndromes
N15 Mechanical assist device improves survival in severe heart failure
N15 AHA: Nicorandil, ranolazine, may increase survival in patients with angina
N15 AHA: Ranolazine, a new class of heart drug, helps angina, exercise tolerance
N14 AHA: Role of non-functioning kidney can improve HTN control
N14 First Abiocor heart patient (Tools) suffers severe stroke
N14 AHA: Diet plus exercise alone may lower CRP levels
N14 AHA: Use of high-dose aspirin may attenuate benefits of ACE inhibitor post MI
N13 AHA: Simvastatin cuts stroke, heart attack risk , regardless of LDL cholesterol
N13 Allopurinol may be beneficial for heart failure in pilot study
N13 AHA: Aspirin plus beta-blockers improve post-MI survival in ESRD patients
N12 Antithrombotic Rx guidelines for valvular heart disease released
N12 Antithrombotic Rx for atrial fibrillation guidelines released
N12 AHA: Statins less effective than expected in practice - poor compliance?
N11 AHA: Cocoa shows cardiovascular protective effects
N10 Kalahari cactus-derived slimming drug and royalties to South African bushmen
N08 Enalapril reduces exercise-induced myocardial ischemia
N08 Medicare to pay for CPAP treatment of sleep apnea
N07 Natural fatty acid produced by intestine acts as appetite suppressant
N07 NSAIDS may improve Alzheimers by affecting amyloid-beta42
N06 Fifth Abiomed heart implanted, this time in Philadelphia
N06 Circulating interleukin-6 linked to heart disease in Swedish study
N02 Anti-aging drugs quadruple lifespan of certain mice
N01 FDA approves carvedilol for treatment of severe heart failure
N01 Heart patients appear to benefit from prayer
N01 High-normal blood pressure engenders an increased heart attack risk
O31 Vascular calcifications predict mortality in ESRD
O30 Lecithin in eggs may limit cholesterol uptake
O30 First Abiocor heart patient doing well - discharge from hospital in sight
O30 Silent celiac disease common (4-5%) in young diabetics
O29 Nicotine lozenges effective in helping patients quit smoking
O26 Striking arterial changes in very obese children
O26 Medicare approves ambulatory BP monitoring reimbursement
O25 AGE crosslink-breakers being studied in patients with LVH and HTN
O23 Cereal bar nutritional composition may be less than ideal
O23 GM-CSF stimulates growth of collaterals in heart disease patients
O22 Finger length - heart attack risk link alleged
O19 Most antihypertensive drug classes have similar effects on patient outcomes
O19 Fourth Abiocor heart implanted, this time at UCLA
O18 Lunacy or truth? Cardiac arrests down 6% during new moon period
O17 Hibernation research may aid stroke patients
O17 Novel apolipoprotein gene identified that affects triglyceride levels
O17 Carotid ultransound for diagnosing stenosis found wanting in a practice setting
O17 AHA advises against use of high-protein diets
O17 Marathon running increases levels of inflammatory and clotting factors
O16 Painless heart attacks can be most deadly
O15 SSRI anti-depressants associated with low heart attack risk
O14 Green tea may protect brain after stroke
O13 White coat hypertension also occurs in children
O13 Oral renin inhibitor shows promising results in treating hypertension
O12 Remote transmission pacemaker approved by FDA
O10 Early LV dysfunction and hypertrophy in type 1 diabetics
O09 Beating-heart bypass surgery shows good results
O07 Statins may protect against senile dementia
O06 Some fat in the diet increases weight loss success
O05 Bosentan useful in treating pulmonary hypertension
O05 Elevated serum BNP levels predict death after acute coronary syndrome
O05 Bronchiolitis obliterans in workers making artificial butter flavoring
O05 Stroke rates fall precipitously in some Southern states
O04 Gene affecting triglyceride levels identified in mice and men
O04 Anti-obesity gene that transforms white fat to brown fat identified in mice
O04 Univ of Buffalo to study periodontitis - CV disease link
O03 Breast feeding of infant protects against adult hypertension
O03 Abiocor heart to sell for the price of a Toyota Lexus
O03 CD44 gene found to strongly modify atherosclerosis in mice
O01 Undiagnosed hypertension, diabetes is quite common in Texas study
O01 Low birth weight - hypertension link supported in Spanish research trial
S30 Does Coxsackie virus B4 cause type 1 diabetes?
S30 FDA to sponsor testing antihypertensives in pregnant women
S30 Vardenafil a promising second drug for diabetic impotence
S29 Houston artificial heart patient doing very well
S28 Perindopril/indapamide treatment of HTN reduces stroke risk
S28 Medicare to cover home blood prothrombin time test
S28 Third artificial heart implanted, this time in Houston
S28 Falling blood pressure a marker of poor outcome in the elderly
S27 The dark (pro-oxidant) side of vitamin C with iron
S27 Viagra has effects on pulmonary circulation
S27 Calcium supplementation does not prevent preeclampsia
S27 Trousers make strides for heart patients
S27 Robert Tools (heart implant patient) taking walks in the park
S26 Oral insulin spray shows promising results
S26 Oral renin inhibitor lowers BP in initial clinical trials
S26 PET scans suggest hypertension-induced memory loss
S25 Both Louisville artificial heart patients are doing well
S25 Bayer submits new drug application for vardenafil
S25 Paclitaxel-coated stents have very low restenosis rate
S25 Am Heart Assoc to release new patient guidelines re cardioprotection
S24 Leptin raises blood pressure via the sympathetic nervous system
S24 Genetic marker for hypertension found on Y chromosome among Poles
S23 Coronary revascularization beneficial in an elderly population
S23 ACEI-induced angioedema patients have low serum levels of dipeptidyl peptidase
S21 Does hypertension per se cause inflammation?
S21 Arrhythmias may contribute to progression of heart failure
S20 PPAR-2 receptor genotype affects weight regain after dieting
S20 Cell adhesion molecules linked to cardiovascular mortality
S19 Angiotensin II receptor blockers retard progression of CKD in diabetics
S18 Ankle blood pressure predicts cardiovascular disease
S16 Protease inhibitors cause hypercholesterolemia in kids
S16 Isolated systolic hypertension in the elderly associated with heart failure
S16 Statins mobilize endothelial progenitor cells, may promote vasculogenesis
S14 Patient advocacy groups urge heart safety trial for Vioxx, Celebrex
S14 Treating hypertension during pregnancy improves outcomes
S14 Niacin / lovastating combination pill a promising lipid modifier
S13 Louisville heart surgeons do it again
S13 Air travel clots rare, only found after long flights
S13 90% of type 2 diabetes deemed to be preventable
S13 Enterovirus infection linked to type 1 diabetes
S13 New protein (PGC-1), a regulator of blood glucose levels, is identified
S12 Day /night shift workers have a higher incidence of PVCs
S12 Aspirin reduces all-cause mortality in CAD patients
S10 Light alcohol consumption protects against stroke but shrinks the brain
S10 PPT oral anticoagulation slideset available from the AHA
S10 PPT Lecture slideset on congestive heart failure available from the AHA
S09 Nicotine and cocaine vaccines under development
S08 Most angina patients 75 and older should be offered revascularization
S08 Environmental factors largely responsible for gender differences in CHD mortalit
S07 Fat melting gene found in mice
S07 Oral insulin preparation shows promise
S06 Hyperoxia can impair cardiac function, causing diastolic dysfunction
S05 ANF peptides to be commercialized by develpment company BTG
S05 AGE cross-link breaking drug improves arterial compliance
S04 Slide shows of PROGRESS and other studies from Eur Soc Cardiol
S04 Sirolimus-coated coronary artery stents reduce restenosis incidence
S04 Results of Irbesartan vs. amlodipine in type 2 DM presented at ESC
S03 Promotion of weight loss for obese heart failure patients may be harmful
S03 Large post-marketing study of pravastatin finds no major safety problems
S03 European heart failure treatment guidelines published
S03 Eating chocolate is presumed to be good for you - flavonoid effect on platelets
S02 European registry reports data on coronary radiotherapy for blocked stents
A31 Cause of hypertension in eclampsia linked to platelet AII receptor changes
A31 L-arginine administratrion cuts infection risk post-cardiac surgery
A31 Aspirin may fight diabetes
A31 Cardiac girdle used to support failing heart
A29 AHA and ACC issue pro-statin advisory
A29 FDA approves synchronized pacing device for severe heart failure tx.
A29 Dental X-rays useful to detect carotid artery calcification
A27 Talking to the doctor while BP is being measured increased BP by 19/13 mm Hg
A27 New acrylic coating may enable development of effective insulin pill
A26 Robert Tools, heart transplant patient, talks to NEWSWEEK
A26 Risk of SIDS in Victims' Siblings Tied to Genes
A25 Coronary artery stem cell injection improves cardiac function after infarct
A24 Coffee drinking may increase homocysteine levels
A24 Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) levels predict microalbuminuria
A23 Jugular vein distension, third heart sound, predict poor outcome
A23 Cost study suggests that folate/B12 might be useful in CV prevention
A23 Signs of stroke may be subtle and of gradual onset
A23 Weekend heart attack risk documented in younger males
A23 Clotting gene linked to sudden death
A23 Increase heart attach risk from COX-2 inhibitors suggested
A17 Iron supplements may help ACEI-induced cough, but...
A16 Clopidogrel of additional benefit in acute coronary syndrome
A15 High BP largely untreated in the United States
A15 Nicotine gum no better than ordinary gum in stopping smoking
A15 Statin wars: Bristol-Myers offers free 1-month supply of Pravachol
A15 Brain dopamine receptor defecit linked to obesity
A11 Caspase inhibitors may protect the myocardium after ischemia
A10 Premature aging (short telomeres) linked to atherosclerosis
A10 Lifton discovers genes responsible for pseudohypoaldo type II
A10 Antioxidant vitamins may blunt effect of statins on HDL cholesterol
A10 AHA teams with APhA to provide patient education in pharmacies
A08 Bayer pulls its statin (Baycol) from market due to rhabdomyolysis
A08 NIDDK announces positive results for Diabetes Prevention Trial
A07 Super mouse can regenerate heart tissue without scarring
A06 New medical journal (NEJM, Annals) policy re drug company sponsored research
A06 Gene therapy reduces restenosis post angioplasty in pigs
A05 Induced hypothermia for stroke shows promising initial results
J31 Salt restriction lower BP more than does exercise in postmenopausal women
J31 Statins are forever: Cost implications of new NCEP cholesterol guidelines