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HDCN News Archive -- Nutrition
Feb14 Semaglutide shown to effect substantial weight loss in obese persons.
Jul09 Predicing serum K from the EKG trace measured by an Apple watch.
Apr03 Rehydrating with soft drinks after exercise increases AKI injury markers
Nov17 Akkermansia gut bacteria and their role in insulin resistance and aging.
Jun12 Pharmacologic approach to weight loss that prevents food absorption.
Jun04 NKF 2018 Spring Clinical Meeting abstracts (.pdf)
Jan11 Lp(a) in the news in the New York Times
Jan09 Inhibitors of NMMT reduce obesity by increasing fat cell metabolism.
Apr18 High salt diet makes subjects drink less and eat more !?
Jul12 Dr. Fred Coe videos on urine calcium supersaturation in stone disease.
Jun30 FDA issues warning about Shiga-toxin producing E. Coli found in flour
May29 Three days of fasting every 10 days improve autoimmune diseases (in mice).
May29 Nicotinamide riboside protects mice from effects of diabetes.
May24 CRIC study shows a high urinary sodium excretion in CKD linked to higher CV risk.
Mar30 Oops! Vegetarian diet may have some drawbacks.
Feb14 Beetroot juice lowers blood pressure.
Feb14 Second salty taste receptor more fully characterized in humans.
Dec29 Myostatin antibody may prevent age-related decline in muscle mass.
Dec26 FGF21 suppresses cravings for sweets.
Dec21 Ergocalciferol supplementation does not affect ESA dose in dialysis patients.
Dec14 Even more news on the new HDCN Facebook page!
Dec14 Some drugs cause weight gain by alterations in the gut microbiome.
Nov30 Combining fasting blood sugar with HbA1c best for detecting prediabetes.
Nov24 Histone deacytelase (HDAC) inhibitors prevent muscle wasting.
Nov24 Cooking with chloraminated water can contaminate food with toxic molecules.
Nov10 Barbecued and pan-fried meat increases risk of kidney cancer.
Sep17 Empagliflozin use in diabetes associated with large reduction in CV risk.
Aug22 Packaging medications together by date to be taken and time of day.
Jul16 Using salt microspheres to reduce sodium intake
Jun29 Drink when thirsty advice for athletes from Sports Medicine group
May23 Leptin sensitizer extracted from Chinese Thunder God vine effective in obese mice.
May12 Controversy over ACP guidelines for kidney stone management
May05 Search NKF Spring Clinical Meeting 2015 abstracts
May05 Gut colonization with C. dif. that does not produce toxins to treat C. dif. infection
Apr23 Long coding RNA found that regulates brown fat production
Apr09 Listeria contamination found in Sabra hummus
Apr08 Short stature linked to increased cardiovascular risk
Feb26 Blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) proliferating in lakes worldwide.
Feb26 Polysorbate 80 and carboxymethylcellulose - food emulsifiers, and metabolic syndrome
Feb21 US Government radically changing dietary advice
Feb05 Rapid and unexpected weight gain after fecal transplant
Jan09 Monthly dose of PCSK9 inhibitor lowers serum cholesterol
Nov17 JAMA: New hyperkalemia sorbent effective in reducing hyperkalemia
Nov08 Fiber supplementation lower p-cresol levels
Sep01 New study confirms benefits of a low carb diet, even when eating some saturated fat.
Jul16 New concerns about the safety of niacin.
Jul14 Hydrogen sulfide generating compound protects stressed mitochondria.
Jul14 Mucor fungus contaminating yogurt may be threat to consumers.
May21 ZS Pharma presenting data on it's GI potassium sorbent in patients taking RAAS inhibitors at ASH
May13 Health benefits of resveratrol via red wine called into question by study from Italy
Apr22 Salt controversy back in the New York Times.
Apr22 Have we found the cure for atherosclerosis? D-PDMP a potential candidate.
Apr15 NEJM - New drug regimen cures 90% of patients with hepatitis C and cirrhosis.
Apr15 Chromium supplements of no benefit in lowering blood sugar
Mar29 Evolocumab lowers LDL cholesterol by more than 50% (NEJM)
Mar17 Large meta-analysis exonerates saturated fat in terms of elevated CV risk.
Feb22 Open Biome (fecal material transplant company) FAQs
Feb22 Fecal transplantation becoming more popular; a company offers collection service.
Jan14 New device informs treatment of sleep apnea.
Jan14 ZS Pharma announces positive results from extended treatment results of hyperkalemia drug.
Dec14 Tall people have lower amounts of coronary artery plaque.
Nov20 Nuts !
Nov19 Aldehyde compound stimulates UC-1 to burn body fat.
Nov07 FDA ruling would eliminate use of trans fats from foods.
Nov04 Many herbal supplements do not contain what's on the label.
Aug26 Copper from the diet may play an important role in Alzheimer disease in mouse model.
Aug13 Scientific American reviews the evidence against fructose, and finds little.
Aug07 Eating a big breakfast: Pendulum swings back with new evidence claiming this is good.
Jul15 Lengthy diarrheal illness associated with ingestion of cyclospora-contaminated fruits and vegetables.
Jun25 NEJM: Intentional weight loss in overweight type 2 diabetic subjects shows no benefit on death or CV endpoints.
May14 Institute of Medicine questions 1.5 g/day sodium limitation recommendations.
Apr30 Atherosclerosis found in mummified remains of humans from preindustrial civilizations.
Apr24 Gut bacteria, lecithin, TMAO, and atherosclerosis in the NEJM.
Apr16 Drinking beet juice lowers blood pressure by 10 mm Hg.
Apr07 New theory implicating red meat in risk for atherosclerosis involves carnitine, intestinal bacteria, and TMAO.
Apr05 Overweight in teenagers linked to later onset CKD.
Apr05 New meta analysis suggests benefits of salt reduction and dietary K increase.
Apr05 New meta analysis suggests benefits of salt reduction and dietary K increase.
Apr05 New meta analysis suggests benefits of salt reduction and dietary K increase.
Mar17 Olive oil plus yogurt combo most effective in achieving satiety.
Mar08 New study validates anti-aging effects of resveratrol.
Mar07 High salt diet linked to activation of Th-17 helper cells and multiple sclerosis in mice.
Jan10 High urinary bisphenol A levels in children associated with higher urinary alb/creat levels.
Jan10 Why antioxidants may be bad for you once you have cancer.
Jan10 Sodium excretion by weekly and monthly cycles in men revealed by astronaut testing.
Dec16 Gut bacteria may protect against atherosclerosis by making carotenoids.
Dec06 Protein that builds muscle after exercise identified.
Nov05 Weight loss by bariatric surgery can lead to reduced bone density.
Nov01 High blood resistin levels increase LDL cholesterol and impair efficacy of statins.
Oct09 Kidney disease alters gut bacteria composition.
Oct09 Bariatric surgery gives disappointing results in terms of sleep apnea.
Oct04 National Kidney Foundation launches free magazine for CKD patients.
Oct02 Increasing levels of FGF2 tied to age-related muscle wasting; reversed with an inhibitory drug.
Sep25 Lithium may not work in some patients; and these failures can be detect by lack of gene induction.
Sep12 Fish oil supplement meta-analysis in the news (found no benefit)
Sep07 Drinking green tea will help you find the hidden platform when you're older.
Sep07 Nonalcoholic red wine reduced blood pressure better than regular red wine.
Sep03 Caloric restriction in monkeys fails to result in increased longevity.
Aug16 DOPPS Practice Monitor website
Aug09 Thinner diabetics face higher death rate.
Aug07 Is there an obesity paradox in diabetes?
Jul21 New body shape index, based on height, BMI, and waist circumference, predicts mortality risk.
Jul18 FDA approves new phosphate-free colon cleansing prep.
Jul18 FDA approves second diet drug within a month.
Jul12 Cucurmin reduces incidence of type 2 diabetes in randomized control trial.
Jul12 Ethanol consumption quickly slows elevated bone turnover rate; protects against osteoporosis in women.
Jul05 Fracture benefits of vitamin D in the elderly appear only at doses greater than 800 IU / day.
Jul03 Large waist gives survival advantage in heart failure patients.
Jul03 Atkins type low carb diet best in terms of a higher caloric expenditure after weight loss.
Jun28 FDA approves new weight loss drug lorcaserin (Belviq)
Jun27 Atkins diets increase rate of calories burned, but also increase cardiovascular risk in women.
Jun23 Olmesartan side effects mimic celiac disease.
Jun20 Higher urinary sodium output in the PREVEND trial linked to higher BP, uric acid, and albuminuria.
Jun20 Intestinal bacteria secrete neurotransmitters (GABA) that may play a role in inflammation.
Jun03 Salt intake skepticism in the Sunday New York Times.
Jun01 Soft drink consumption linked to high blood pressure, but it may not be via fructose.
Jun01 Alcohol may trigger serious palpitations in heart patients with atrial fibrillation.
Jun01 Study vindicates Atkins type diet in terms of kidney function.
May29 Exercise alone does little to improve nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.
May29 Prevalence of kidney stones doubles with obesity epidemic.
May29 Danish study identifies U-shaped mortality curve for serum 25-D levels.
May19 Study of HDL genetic variants casts doubt on the beneficial impact of higher HDL levels.
May16 Healthy food is not necessarily more expensive than junk food.
May14 Another study shows potential benefits of a higher fat diet in diabetic patients.
May14 Bone morphogenic protein 8B, brown fat cells, and obesity.
May10 HDL cholesterol that contains ApoC-III is bad for you.
May10 Destruction of vagal afferents using surgically applied capsaicin for extreme obesity.
May01 Gut microbe swap changes eating habits of rats.
May01 Twin study emphasizes benefits of prolonged sleep time in avoiding obesity.
May01 Dark side to beta-carotene supplements?
Apr17 Twice the sodium in some fast foods sold in the US or Canada vs. France or UK.
Apr10 Fish oil benefits questioned for heart attack and stroke survivors.
Apr10 Higher blood glucose levels may benefit heart failure patients.
Apr05 DXA scans suggest that BMI markedly underdiagnoses obesity prevalence in the U.S.
Apr05 As yet unidentified factor from fat stem cells can markedly increase glucose uptake in muscle.
Mar13 Eating red meat associated with health risks and shorter life expectancy.
Mar02 Inhibiting Forkhead boxO (FoxO) proteins preserves muscle mass in diseased mice.
Feb28 FDA adds diabetes, memory loss warning to statins.
Feb22 FDA advisory panel votes to approve weight loss drug Qnexa (phentermine/topiramate)
Feb21 Annals review of controlled feeding trials debunks idea that fructose leads to obesity.
Feb18 Polystyrene nanoparticle block gut iron absorption.
Feb07 Is obesity and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease contagious?
Feb07 Taste receptor type cells in the pancreas release insulin in response to fructose.
Feb07 Bread, rolls and biscuits are number 1 source of sodium in the American Diet.
Jan17 Electrocuting toxigenic E. Coli
Jan12 What is irisin and how does it regulate brown fat tissue?
Jan05 Manganese may play an important role in osteoporosis.
Jan05 Low vitamin D levels linked to depression
Dec15 Chewsing khat is bad for you if you have heart disease.
Dec13 CKD may cause breakdown of tight junctions between intestinal epithelial cells.
Nov28 Consumption of canned soups results in marked increase in urinary bisphenol A (BPA).
Nov28 McMaster study published in JAMA suggests a U-shaped relation between sodium intake and CV risk.
Nov28 Similar effects of beer and wine on risk of cardiovascular disease.
Nov21 Higher blood 25-D levels (> 100 ng/dL) linked to new onset atrial fibrillation.
Nov16 Higher dose statins reduce coronary artery plaque.
Nov16 Niacin may not improve hard outcomes.
Nov16 Ain't necessarily so dept: Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy associated with long life.
Nov04 Vitamin D study shows no mortality benefit in older women.
Oct28 Comparison table of renal multivitamin ingredients published in JREN.
Oct26 Furanocoumarin-free grapefruit may have less interference with prescription drugs.
Oct20 American Heart Association issues advisory supporting population-wide sodium intake reduction.
Oct20 CDC via MMW publishes usual sodium intakes of US individuals, 2005-2008.
Oct19 Report links kidney stones to gallstones.
Oct14 ASN Renal Week 2011 abstracts now available.
Oct14 Vitamin E supplements at 400 IU/day associated with increased risk of prostate cancer.
Oct14 Bacteria-derived bile acids linked to efficacy of statins.
Oct04 Salt institute requests that U.S. agencies remove salt restriction from new dietary guidelines.
Oct04 Scrub your potatoes and leeks to reduce the risk of toxigenic E. Coli.
Oct04 Orexin is a hormone that fights (white) fat with (brown) fat. Are obese persons orexin-deficient?
Sep28 Prestart nutrition care associated with better survival during 1st year of dialysis therapy.
Sep21 Study calculates Vitamin D requirement for dark-skinned subject living in Chicago as 2500 IU/day
Sep15 Harvard School of Public Health proposes new healthy eating plan.
Aug30 Gut bacteria influence anxiety-type behavior in mice via the vagus nerve.
Aug30 Will the chocolate-eating craze impact oxalate load in patients with CKD?
Aug30 Higher salt intake and low activity linked to increased risk of dementia in the elderly.
Aug30 Weight-loss simulatino tool allows prediction of efficacy of dietary interventions for obesity.
Aug30 Adoption study underlines role of genetics in causation of heart disease.
Aug19 Sirtuin activating drug prolongs lifespan in obese mice by 45%
Aug19 High serum phosphorus may accelerate CKD progression, block effects of ramipril.
Aug03 Study finds why muscles weaken with age and identify a possible treatment.
Aug03 4-D Substudy suggests that low homoarginine levels associate with sudden death.
Jul25 Eating the same foods, "meal monotony" may help dieters lose weight.
Jul22 New labeling requirements for meat additives, including brine solution, being considered.
Jul19 More on deadly webcap and fool's webcap (Cortinarius) mushrooms that cause renal failure.
Jul19 Kidney failure from eating poisonous mushrooms (probably Cortinarius orellanus?) in the news
Jul12 Eating tree nuts helps diabetic patients lower HbA1c levels.
Jul12 Higher sodium and lower potassium intake independently link to mortality in NHANES
Jul07 American Heart Association maintains its guidance about 1.5 g/day max sodium intake.
Jul07 Cochrane Library review questions benefits of salt reduction in terms of hard outcomes.
Jul07 Either excessively high or low sodium intake in pregnant rats adversely affects nephron number and kidney function in their offspring.
Jul05 Alpha-tocotrienol, a form of vitamin E, may protect brain cells after a stroke.
Jun30 New test measures vitamin D absorption from dietary sources.
Jun28 Visceral fat decreased by increased intake of soluble fiber and exercise.
Jun24 Eight week diet of 600 kcal/day can reverse early type 2 diabetes
Jun10 Activation of specific nicotine receptors in the brain might control obesity.
Jun10 More evidence that sprouts were the cause of the German E. Coli HUS outbreak
Jun07 Response rate to bisphosphonates depends on 25-D level.
Jun07 Number of non O157 E. Coli cases causing HUS rising in the United States.
Jun05 E. Coli outbreak cause may be sprouts from an organic farm in Germany.
May31 Higher fat, lower carb diets pose little cardiovascular risk over the short term.
May28 MGmin-LDL identifed as a subtype of LDL associated with cardiovascular disease.
May19 Deuterium-enriched vitamin A slows rate of age-related macular degeneration in a mouse model.
May19 Dairy consumption does not elevate cardiovascular risk in Costa Rican study.
May19 L-arginine-rich foods lower risk of pre-eclampsia.
May16 IDOL, inducible LKL receptor degrading molecule, may be target for cholesterol lowering.
May16 KLF14 gene may be a regulator of body fat, obesity, and cholesterol.
May03 Link to EPOGH study in JAMA on urinary sodium and CV death risk.
May03 Ain't necessarily so: Observational study suggests lower sodium intake increases risk of death from heart attack and strokes..
Apr29 Review of non-nutritive sweetners from the Diabetes Care journal
Apr28 Case report of a possible link between kava tea ingestion and rhabdomyolysis in a bicyclist.
Apr25 Oops! High levels of omega-3s, as indicated by DHA, associated with high-grade prostate cancer.
Apr22 Ketogenic diet reverses diabetic nephropathy in mice.
Apr20 Only 3 types of people in this world if you're a gut bacterium.
Apr20 Intensified ultrafiltration in an attempt to control blood pressure linked to more access complications.
Apr20 Calcium supplements linked to increased heart attack risk in older women.
Apr19 A mother's diet during pregnancy can alter a baby's DNA.
Apr19 Low carb diet reduces liver fat more quicklly than standard diet.
Apr15 Apparent link between diabetes and diet soda may be confounding by indication.
Apr15 Meat found to be commonly contaminated with drug-resistant Staph. aureus.
Apr12 Aloe vera extracts linked to tumors in rats.
Apr12 Vitamin D improves flow-mediated vasodilatation in overweight African American subjects.
Apr12 Like nuts? In the shell pistachios may be a good choice.
Apr06 Gut bacteria may convert choline to pro-atherogenic compounds. Caution re supplements.
Apr06 Vaccine against hepatitis C may soon become a reality.
Apr06 Like maple syrup? It may be good for you.
Mar29 Very high fish oil consumption may protect obese persons from inflammatory-related complications.
Mar29 Whole fiber breakfeast cereat consumption associated with lower blood pressure.
Mar29 Nicotine found to increase blood levels of HbA1c in diabetic patients.
Mar26 Ain't necessarily so: Higher salt intake associated with lower mortality in diabetic patients?
Mar24 Blood levels of 5 metabolites can predict subsequent development of type 2 diabetes
Mar24 Ok, you know about FGF23. But FGF19 may be even more important in glucose metabolism.
Mar23 So if we cut out fruits (potassium) and whole grains (phosphate), we also cut out fiber. Is that a good thing?
Mar15 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 linked to apple vs. pear-shaped phenotype.
Mar12 FDA to issue proposed draft calorie-labeling regulations for restaurants later this month (March).
Mar12 Disruption of circadian cycle can lead to fatty liver.
Mar12 Coffee drinking linked to reduced stroke risk in women.
Feb28 Lead contamination found in cooking vessels sold in Philadelphia's Chinatown
Feb28 Gut bacteria can affect hepatic lipid metabolism
Feb24 Dietary sodium has a U-shaped association with CKD progression in type 1 diabetes
Feb24 Like pecan pie?
Feb18 Where the sodium comes from: sauces, bacon, bread, milk, and cheese
Feb14 High fiber intake from grains associated with lower risk of many diseases and greater longevity.
Feb11 Ain't necessarily so: Impact of fructose intake on obesity questioned.
Feb11 Changing views about saturated fat intake and its impact on cardiovascular disease.
Feb09 Salt and diet soda ingestion linked to increased risk of cerebrovascular events
Feb09 Fructose and glucose activate cortical brain region in opposite ways.
Feb04 Vegetable juice helps dieters lose weight.
Feb02 Western style diet associated with more rapid decline in kidney function.
Jan31 New USDA sodium guidelines recommend sodium intake < 1.5 g/day for individuals with CKD, HTN, or DMj
Jan27 Certain subtypes of Listeria are especially prone to infect the heart.
Jan23 Ain't necessarily so: Why are people in developed countries obese, again?
Jan14 American Heart Association calling for sodium reduction to 1.5 g/day for everyone.
Jan14 Let me tell you one thing about nurses who eat blueberries...
Jan11 New obesity drug shows stunning rate of weight loss in pilot study.
Jan10 American Dietetic Association releases CKD Nutrition Guidelines
Dec28 Oops! High blood folate levels associated with impaired function of tumor suppressors.
Dec28 Vegetarian diet leads to lower phosphate and FGF23 levels.
Dec21 Ain't necessarily so dept: Whole fat dairy product fatty acid associated with lower risk of type 2 diabetes.
Dec17 Congress moves to reduce lead levels in drinking water.
Dec17 Beetroot juice may increase walking distance in the elderly.
Dec15 Ain't necessarily so: No link between serum 25-D levels and cardiovascular mortality.
Dec09 RCT casts doubt on utility of cranberry juice to prevent urinary tract infection.
Dec08 Study finds U-shaped relation between frailty and 25-D levels in elderly women.
Nov30 Source of protection against saturated fat (Angptl4) found, and 3% of people don't have it.
Nov25 A new approach to control serum phosphate
Nov11 Brass, even in modern plumbing fixtures, continues to cause lead-contamination of drinking water.
Nov08 Nutrition prof. sheds 27 pounds on 1800 calorie Twinkie and junk food diet.
Nov02 New liver hormone linked to selenoprotein P associated with insulin resistance.
Nov02 Fish oil out, beet juice in, for better brain health
Nov02 Every person emits 2 tons of CO2 each year through metabolism of food.
Oct27 Drinking sugary beverages markedly increases risk of diabetes.
Oct18 Think that cavemen ate only meat? New evidence shows they ate cattail flour and veggies.
Oct18 Intestinal alkaline phosphatase (IAP) enzyme needed to maintain healthy bacteria in the gut.
Oct15 Not-for-profit TOPS weight loss program found to be effective.
Oct13 Want to lower blood pressure? Eat more watermelon for it's L-arginine precursors (but watch the K !)
Oct12 Exposure at night to dim light may lead to weight gain (in mice)
Oct09 More on FDA-mandated withdrawal of Meridia (sibutramine) from the U.S. market.
Oct07 Branched-chain amino acid supplements prolong lifespan in rodents.
Oct07 CDC awards 1.9 million dollars in grants to local governments for sodium reduction initiatives.
Oct04 New evidence suggests that dietary intake of saturated fats has limited risk of CV disease.
Sep27 Soil used by urban gardeners may be contaminated with lead.
Sep25 Increased magnesium intake associated with a lower incidence of diabetes
Sep22 CMS releases new proposed qualiity measures developed by Arbor Research (1.5 mb pdf file)
Sep22 FDA warns of kidney failure and other side effects from aromatase inhibitors in dietary supplements.
Sep20 Adenovirus 36 infection linked to obesity in children.
Sep15 Read food labels and lose weight.
Sep15 Defective ABCB4 gene impedes cholesterol excretion into the bile.
Sep09 MMWR: Who eats fruits and vegetables; time trends by State of residence
Sep08 Quercetin (found in onions and black tea) aggravates kidney cancer in rats
Sep08 Long-term weight loss may increase blood levels of fat-soluble organic pollutants.
Sep07 Vegetable-based low-carbohydrate diets better than those rich in animal protein
Sep03 Fish oils inactivate inflammatory effects of macrophages present around fat cells
Aug31 Protein called "sprouty" linked to both fat mass and bone density.
Aug26 Genetic variants in protein kinase C affect CKD progression in type 2 diabetics of Chinese descent.
Aug26 Naringenin from grapefruits shows promise as a treament for type 2 diabetes
Aug26 L-arginine supplements markedly increase ability to perform endurance exercise.
Aug24 Randomized trial shows that drinking water before a meal reduces calorie consumption.
Aug24 Genetic studies underline pleiomorphic effects of Vitamin D.
Aug21 Pasteurized eggs may be indicated groups at high risk for Salmonella infection.
Aug20 Adding fish oil to low fat diet helps metabolic syndrome.
Aug17 Bariatric surgery markedly improves type 2 diabetes
Aug04 CDC reports U.S. obesity rates for 2009 by state
Aug02 Low carb diet boosts HDL cholesterol more than low fat diet over 2-year period.
Jul30 Calcium supplements increase the risk of heart attack in postmenopausal women.
Jul24 Sugar substitutes may be useful to lose weight, after all.
Jul15 Drink tea by the quart? If so you might risk fluorosis.
Jul15 ACCORD (NEJM): HbA1c target < 6% and combo statin/fenofibrate Rx better for retinopathy.
Jul12 New Canadian osteoporosis guidelines recommend 800-2000 IU of vitamin D for those over 50.
Jul08 High-protein reduced calorie diet linked to loss on bone density in women.
Jul06 Got a thick neck? Might not be so good if you're a child.
Jul06 Obesity-induced inflammation linked to !L-6 generation via adipocyte PCK-zeta.
Jul06 How water drinking increases blood pressure and sympathetic activity.
Jul02 Olive oil consumption downregulates gene activity associated with atherosclerosis.
Jul02 Sugary drink consumption raises risk of hypertension.
Jun29 Can't decide if rosiglitazone is safe for the heart? Ask Consumer Reports.
Jun29 Beetroot juice in the news as a means of lowering blood pressure and CV risk.
Jun28 Calorie labeling in restaurant chains goes national.
Jun22 NKDEP provides training materials regarding nutrition in nondialysis CKD patients.
Jun22 UK National Health Service argues for complete ban on use of trans fats.
Jun22 Cutting carbs more effective than low-fat diet in insulin-resistant women.
Jun17 FDA increasing it's interest in mercury exposure via dental amalgam.
Jun15 Hemoglobin A1c levels slightly higher in African Americans.
Jun11 Short stature increases risk for heart disease: an important confounder for BMI
Jun10 Allopurinol markedly slows progression of CKD in small randomized trial.
Jun03 Consumer Reports: Lead and cadmium in your protein shake? Where is this coming from?
Jun02 Nicer than needles: insulin pills for diabetics in clinical trials.
Jun02 Calcium supplements: Too much of a good thing?
Jun02 Lead in ammunition contaminates game meat
May30 The politics of salt reduction: the food industry fights back.
May29 Ain't necessarily so: High dose cholecalciferol INCREASES falls and fracture risk in elderly women.
May26 Drinking fewer sugar-sweetened beverages may lower blood pressure.
May21 Long-term metformin use linked to vitamin B12 deficiency
May21 Nanotech breath sensor for acetone detects type 1 diabetes.
May18 Eating processed meat vs. regular meat may increase risk of CV and DM.
May12 Gum disease treatment may help glucose control in patients with diabetes
May06 Having a TIA? Eat some dark chocolate.
May05 New meta-analysis (Annals Int Med) accentuates increased stroke and thrombosis risk of ESA therapy
May05 High doses of vitamins C and E induce stem cell genetic abnormalities (in vitro)
May05 A single sleepless night can induce insulin resistance in healthies.
May05 Dietary protein may reduce hip fractures in the elderly
Apr30 The joys of having your spicy meatball and eating it.
Apr30 Doxycyclin plus rifampin effective in Reiter's syndrome
Apr30 NEJM: Vitamin E good for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)
Apr28 Eating hot peppers significantly increases (doubles) post-prandial energy expenditure as well as fat oxidation.
Apr28 Lead poisoning risk in wild-shot game birds due to small, undetected lead shot fragments.
Apr28 Anabolic steroid use in healthies impairs left ventricular relaxation by 50% and also ejection fraction.
Apr28 RCT shows that high-dose B vitamins associated with increased risk of progression and CV events in diabetics.
Apr22 Incidence of calcium-alkali syndrome increases with calcium/vitamin D supplementation in the elderly.
Apr20 About 6 kg of weight loss in obese subjects markedly reduces pro-inflammatory immune dysfunction.
Apr20 Institute of Medicine sodium report - full text
Apr20 FDA Statement on Institute of Medicine sodium report
Apr20 Institute of Medicine, Harvard researchers call for rules for sodium reduction in food
Apr20 Diets high in added sugar raise heart disease risk.
Apr19 Bad news and more bad news: Gene that makes you fat melts your brain.
Apr15 Premeal ingestion of whey protein suppresses food intake and post-prandial insulin.
Apr15 AJKD: Is niacin ready for prime time as a phosphate binder in stage 3-5 CKD?
Apr13 High glycemic index carbs increase heart risk in women.
Apr07 High fruit and vegetable intake of limited benefit in cancer prevention.
Apr06 Lanthanum carbonate may work in patients intolerant to sevelamer and calcium-based binders.
Apr06 Eating eggs for breakfast helps reduce calorie consumption throughout the day.
Mar30 Eating 1 small square of chocolate per day lowers CV risk by 39%
Mar29 Junk food fed rats keep on eating despite experiencing electric shocks.
Mar26 Probiotic supplements may help the obese lose weight.
Mar23 Utility of metabolic syndrome as a clinical tool debated in Diabetologia journal.
Mar23 High-fructose corn syrup associated with liver scarring in patients with NAFLD.
Mar22 High fructose corn syrup = table sugar in terms of fructose content, but not in terms of obesity.
Mar18 Kraft to cut sodium content of its processed foods by an average of 10%
Mar15 Slightly elevated lead levels found in some spices to Indian food.
Mar15 Higher 25D levels in African Americans associated with vascular calcification
Mar12 Weight bearing exercise during weight loss does not prevent increased bone turnover.
Mar11 Control of serum phosphorus: More emphasis on dietary intake.
Mar11 Today is World Kidney Day
Mar11 Gastric bypass increases the risk of kidney stones.
Mar11 NEJM: Thyroid hormone analogue lowers LDL cholesterol in statin-treated patients.
Mar10 JASN paper questions use of ion exchange resins to treat hyperkalemia.
Mar08 Good Vitamin D levels needed for adequate killer T cell function.
Mar04 Genetic test may be able to predict success rate of low-carb vs. low-fat diet.
Mar04 New interest in gut microflora
Mar04 NEJM: Glycated hemoglobin linked to CV death risk in nondiabetic adults.
Mar02 3 different diets equivalent in terms of improving carotid artery atherosclerosis.
Feb26 15th International Congress on Renal Nutrition and Metabolism, May 25 in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Feb17 Dr. R.H. Lustig on fructose, obesity, and metabolic syndrome (90 min talk)
Feb10 Statins associated with a 40% reduction in risk of cataracts
Feb10 Soy isoflavone tablets of no benefit in preventing bone loss.
Feb10 Thiazolidinediones increase fracture risk in observational study.
Feb08 Barley, beer (esp. pale ale), orthoslicic acid, and bone health
Feb04 Metabolism across mammals is a function of body weight to the 2/3 power and not to the 3/4.
Feb04 New metaanalysis debunks link between saturated fat intake and heart disease.
Feb03 Why changing the gut microbiota with antibiotics may have adverse effects.
Jan29 Overweight elderly live longer.
Jan27 Longevity effects of human growth hormone debunked by long-lived deficients.
Jan27 Magnesium brain content associated with cognitive function
Jan27 Vitamin D deficiency linked to GI microflora, gut immunity, and Crohn's disease.
Jan26 AJKD: Comments on AURORA study results on use of statins in CKD patients.
Jan25 MMWR: Prevalence of abnormal lipid levels among youths
Jan21 NEJM study quantitates benefits of salt reduction on CV outcomes.
Jan14 UC Davis study confirms efficacy of calcium plus vitamin D in reducing fracture risk.
Jan14 Slightly elevated blood lead levels in adolescents associated with reduced cystatin GFR.
Jan06 Calorie information from fast food and other restaurants underestimates true calorie content of their foods.
Jan06 Plate weight monitor helps children slow rate of eating at mealtimes.
Jan05 Vitamin C arrests senescence in mice mutated to mimic Werner syndrome.
Jan05 Fat mass helps build bone in young girls.
Dec31 Vitamin E supplements can shorten life expectancy in some patients
Dec29 Risk of ESRD in diabetics has been decreasing by 4% per year since 1996.
Dec29 JRN: Updated list of phosphate in sports drinks and other beverages.
Dec29 Am Diabetes Assoc promoted increased use of Hb A1C to diagnose diabetes.
Dec23 Caloric restriction longevity effects linked to telomerase activity.
Dec23 Intestinal liner to treat type 2 diabetes and obesity approved for sale in Europe.
Dec22 Neuropeptide Y receptors on osteoblasts are evidence of how brain and diet control bone formation.
Dec12 Star fruit intoxication in patients with moderate CKD not yet on dialysis
Dec11 Just when you thought it was safe to make popcorn.
Dec07 Vitamin D levels linked to survival in myeloma patients.
Dec07 Genetic studies reveal new cause of severe obesity in childhood on chromosome 16.
Dec03 Rat study suggests that fructose consumption in CKD blocks intestinal Ca absorption and vitamin D activation
Dec01 Protein Kinase G (PKG) controls brown fat abundance; may be manipulated in treatment of obesity.
Nov26 Instead of looking to get omega-3s from fish, look to the algae.
Nov25 Feeding time a major factor on gene induction circadian variability
Nov25 High salt intake linked to risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.
Nov25 Overweight? Try using smaller plates.
Nov24 Tired of giving expensive vitamin Ds to dialysis patients? Cholecalciferol is cheap and seems to work.
Nov24 Diabetics show alarming increase in morbid obesity
Nov24 CDC issues prevalence maps by county for obesity and diabetes
Nov18 Women at risk from vitamin A deficiency.
Nov17 JASN: FSGS after anabolic steroid abuse.
Nov14 Myostatin inhibitors increase muscle mass and strength in monkeys via gene therapy.
Nov14 Excessive ingestion of selenium supplements can increase cholesterol by 10%
Nov14 Getting fat recently? Maybe too many Firmicutes bacteria in your gut.
Nov14 CDC reports on cigarette smoking trends in the U.S. Some progress (3.5% drop over 10 years)
Nov10 If you're fat in Japan, your employer may be breaking the law.
Nov10 Obesity and hypertension are independent risk factor for left atrial enlargement with aging.
Nov10 High-sugar diets and chocolate create withdrawal with increased CRF levels.
Nov06 CJASN: Higher phosphorus levels in preESRD patients linked with coronary artery calcification.
Nov05 Glucose may have a life-shortening effect in worms (and maybe humans).
Nov05 French study suggests daily online HDF promotes catchup growth in kids.
Nov04 Wolfing down food may be one reason people are getting fat.
Nov04 Steamed food diet may be best for CKD patients due to lower AGE content.
Nov03 Proton-pump inhibitors associated with multiple side effects.
Nov03 Children who drink full-fat milk weigh less.
Nov03 Consumer Reports: Bisphenol A widespread in canned foods, including soups, juice, tuna.
Oct29 Anabolic steroid use in body builders leads to FSGS.
Oct29 Teriparatide outperforms alendronate in treating steroid-induced osteoporosis.
Oct28 50K or ergocalciferol every 2 weeks as maintentance treatment for vitamin D deficiency.
Oct28 Shire's Fosrenol approved in Europe for preESRD patients
Oct28 Fish oil (DHA) metabolite resolvin 2 found to have marked anti-inflammatory activity
Oct26 New LOAD combination treatment for Helicobacter better than the usual regimen.
Oct25 NKF 2009 updated summary of cookbooks for renal patients.
Oct25 Alternate-day fasting seems to work as a short-term weight loss tool.
Oct22 AJKD: Solute-solver, an open source program to monitor hemodialysis adequacy.
Oct19 Mild overweight status associated with reduced death rate in Germans.
Oct15 What can Danish hogs teach us about antibiotics?
Oct13 Medications that block folic acid in pregnancy increase congenital fetal malformations.
Oct13 NIH-funded CALERIE study underway; asks if 25% caloric restriction will have health benefits.
Oct13 Potassium additives to foods: marked variability in potassium content among similar foods.
Oct13 Hey, we thought that high serum uric acid (urate) levels were bad?
Oct10 Neutralizing autoantibodies against osteoprotegerin may explain osteoporosis in celiac disease.
Oct06 Cochrane review finds that B-vitamins of no benefit in preventing CV complications.
Oct06 Inuit have slight BP elevations and blood levels of mercury that are 10 times higher than normal.
Oct01 Low-protein diet may enhance longevity by improving mitochondrial function.
Sep25 Januvia (sitagliptin) linked to increased pancreatitis risk
Sep24 Vitamin D deficiency in premenopausal women associated with hypertension later in life.
Sep24 200g/day fructose supplement increases systolic BP by 6 mm Hg, prevented by allopurinol.
Sep24 AJKD issues containing KDOQI guidelines now freely available as .pdf files
Sep23 Leptin regulates bone mass via a serotonin pathway in mice.
Sep17 CJASN: Losing weight may preserve kidney function in obese patients with CKD
Sep17 Vitamin K deficiency may be widespread, according to a new theory.
Sep11 Muscle easy to lose, hard to build, with age, but weight training can help reverse the effect.
Sep01 How much DHA is enough for an anti-atherosclerotic effect? 200 mg
Sep01 Prophylactic use of aspirin in asymptomatic atherosclerosis of no benefit in RCT.
Aug28 Fruit contains more polyphenols than previously thought.
Aug28 Should pregnant women avoid mushrooms? Ergothioneine levels high in pre-eclampsia
Aug28 High LDL cholesterol may thin bone by stimulating RANKL.
Aug28 Mildly heated high-fructose corn syrup generates undesirable chemical compounds.
Aug24 Mice eating a low-carb diet show increased atherosclerosis and decreases in vascular progenitor cells.
Aug24 Is reduction in liver fat the key to the benefits of an alternate-day diet?
Aug24 FDA announces ongoing monitoring of liver injury associated with Orlistat.
Aug24 American Heart Association recommends limiting intake of foods with added sugars.
Aug21 Excess cholesterol can affect heart rhythm via potassium channels
Aug21 Seasonal variation in amount of brown adipose tissue linked to amount of daylight exposure.
Aug21 When vitamin D levels low, macrophages get overloaded with cholesterol.
Aug20 Half of type 1 diabetics manifest abnormal immune response to wheat proteins.
Aug20 Oxycholesterol an important new heart disease risk; high in fried fatty foods.
Aug19 Mercury present in all freshwater fish sampled in the United States.
Aug19 Vitamin D regulation of immune function via cathelicidin conserved in all primates.
Aug18 Pharmacologic development of sirtuin activators - reviewed in NY Times
Aug18 Whole grain cereals have polyphenol content similar to fruits and vegetables.
Aug13 Mmmm! Cocoa flavonols, piping hot from the oven.
Aug12 Carnitine supplements improve glucose tolerance in obese rats.
Aug11 Release of fat-stored substances during dieting or other weight loss: Example of cannabis.
Aug06 Stamina boosted by borscht.
Aug03 Millions of U.S. children low in vitamin D
Aug03 Evidence mounts for cardioprotective effects of fish oil.
Jul31 Lecithin found to have beneficial effects on fat metabolism via PPAR-alpha
Jul28 Like chocolate: Low-cal variety on the way (but watch out for the oxalate).
Jul28 Follow-up of DCCT trial shows 50% lower complications in tight glucose control group.
Jul26 Phosphate enhancer injection into meat products highlighted in new study.
Jul26 Diets high in linoleic acid associated with increased risk for inflammatory bowel disease.
Jul22 Potassium citrate supplementation blocks stones in children on a ketogenic diet.
Jul22 FDA warns of diethylene glycol in cigarette alternatives (electronic cigarettes)
Jul16 Direct link to JASN article (prepress) describing slowing of progression rate with bicarb.
Jul16 JASN paper in the news: Bicarbonate supplements slow progression of CKD
Jul15 A calorie is a calorie is a calorie - or maybe not!
Jul13 Probiotic supplements beneficial after gastric bypass surgery done to treat obesity.
Jul13 Citrus-derived flavonoid prevents obesity and metabolic syndrome in mice.
Jul09 Study of caloric restriction in rhesus monkeys confirms longevity benefits seen previously in mice.
Jul08 Is PEDF "the" link between obesity and type 2 diabetes?
Jul08 Study examines effects of stress on weight gain in US population
Jul08 Anti-ageing effects of rapamycin in mice in the news.
Jul07 Safflower oil or CLA supplements lower truncal or total body fat in diabetic women
Jul05 Vegans who eat no eggs nor dairy products have lower bone density than egg-milk vegans or meat eaters.
Jul02 Newspaper comic strip to target diabetes awareness among Hispanics.
Jul02 JBS Swift Co. beef associated with hospitalization of 12 persons in Washington D.C.
Jul02 U.S. obesity problem intensifies.
Jul02 JBS Swift beef products recalled in Western states due to toxigenic E. coli.
Jun30 Common gene polymorphism affecting calcium excretion (claudin 14) linked to both kidney stones and osteoporosis.
Jun26 FDA to regulate tobacco.
Jun26 Inhaled growth hormone shown to be a safe and effective method of administration to children.
Jun24 Two new enzymes, WWP-1 and PHA-4 implicated in longevity effects of caloric restriction (in roundworms).
Jun24 Analysis of large number of bariatric surgery patients shows the procedure to be relatively safe.
Jun23 Older Canadians who are mildly chubby live longer.
Jun19 ABCG2 gene in the kidney found to affect urate transport and may be linked to gout.
Jun19 Nestle's Toll House cookie dough found to be contaminated with E. Coli O157:H7
Jun13 Higher vitamin D levels associated with successful weight loss in obese subjects on a diet.
Jun13 Ghrelin injections improve caloric intake in frail elderly women in a pilot study.
Jun13 Endocrine Society 2009 meeting (June 10-13) abstracts on-line.
Jun03 Cucurmin, the ingredient in curry, associated with protection against plaque-associated dementia in animals.
Jun01 Modified lycopene extract (ateronon) reduces harmful oxidation of fats.
May30 Continuous glucose monitoring in diabetes: Free journal supplement (17 articles)
May25 Search all abstracts from the World Congress of Nephrology 2009
May22 Fenofibrate reduces amputation risk in diabetics.
May22 Hypoxia inducible factor (HIF-1) involved in dietary restriction effects on aging.
May22 Drinking from polycarbonate bottles for a week increases urinary bisphenol levels.
May19 NF-kappaB inhibitor might be ideal drug to combat osteoporosis and periodontitis.
May19 IBMT induces measurable changes on physiologic tests after only 5 days
May19 Guzzlers of large amounts of cola can get muscle weakness due to hypokalemia
May18 Heart disease patients who are overweight do better and live longer.
May14 When words can harm: the nocebo effect
May11 Vitamins C and E block improvement of insulin sensitivity with exercise.
May08 CJASN early release: Risk of hypoglycemia doubled in diabetic patients with CKD.
May08 Combining dieting with exercise while standing/sitting/kneeling on a vibration plate machine lowers abdominal fat.
May01 Survey company releases report on usage trends for vitamin D, phosphate binders, and calcimimetics.
May01 Cerebral blood flow study documents effects of caffeine withdrawal and mechanism of associated headache.
May01 Cyclohexanone, found in plastic IV tubing (dialysis tubing?) and bags, causes taste alterations, myocardial stunning.
May01 FDA warns that Hydroxycut diet products associated with serious liver injury as well as rhabdomyolysis.
Apr29 Purdue animal study suggests that milk is better than calcium carbonate for building strong bones.
Apr27 Diet sodas may theoretically help prevent kidney stones via their alkali (citrate and malate) content.
Apr26 Sodium in prepared foods frustrates attempts to implement low sodium diet in CHF patients.
Apr23 Low-sodium vegetable juice may help reduce body fat in patients with metabolic syndrome.
Apr22 Fructose vs. glucose drink study makes the New York Times; higher LDL and TG and abdominal fat.
Apr21 Renal dietitian Linda McCann to receive Champion of Hope Award.
Apr20 AJKD: Phosphorus content of foods varies from 6 to 21 mg phosphorus per gm of protein.
Apr16 Vegan Buddhist nuns, with calcium intake of 370 mg/day and protein intake of 35 g/day, have healthy bones.
Apr12 CXCL5, secreted by white adipose tissue, may be the link between obesity and inflammation and insulin resistance.
Apr11 Three papers on brown adipose tissue in this week's NEJM.
Apr11 One thousand 2007-2009 audiofiles and slide/audio talks added to HDCN's 20 topic-related channels.
A09 A contrarian view proposes that excessive 25-D supplementation might exacerbate autoimmune disease.
A09 Adenosine receptors in the gut tied to normal bowel motility.
A09 Joslin study shows adults have more brown fat than previously thought.
A07 Chemokine CXCL5, produced by fat cells, linked to inflammation and insulin resistance.
A06 Headache? It could be caffeine withdrawal syndrome.
A02 Consumpton of sugary beverages associated with weight loss or weight gain.
M31 Build muscle while you can; no further increase in exercising octogenarian grannies.
M30 Lipoic acid supplements markedly lower triglycerides in an animal model.
M30 AURORA study confirms the 4D study: Statins of no benefit in dialysis patients.
M29 Link to slide/audio and audio symposia on HDCN
M26 AHA supports a lower sodium intake limit (1.5 g Na/day) for most Americans.
M26 Estrogen mimicking chemicals can leach out of plastic water bottles.
M26 Cholesterol crystals linked to arterial plaque disruption and heart attack.
M25 Fructose and glucose have opposite effects on appetite in animal study.
M25 Synsepalum dulcificum berry turns sour taste to sweet temporarily. May increase appetite in chronically ill.
M24 Cathelicidin antimicrobial protein levels, regulated by vitamin D, linked to infection risk in dialysis patients.
M22 Protein in yellow peas lowers BP by 20% in animal model of PKD.
M19 DNA-dependent protein kinase of key importance in metabolic regulation, esp. fat synthesis from CHO.
M12 HDL levels and glucose sensitivity linked to neck circumference.
M12 Low serum 25,D levels associated with higher BP and metabolic syndrome in teenagers.
M11 Higher dose vitamin C (1-1.5 g/day) associated with reduced risk of gout.
M11 Folic acid supplementation may increase prostate cancer risk.
M09 Eating fish associated with increased intelligence in Swedish teens.
M04 Reduction of stroke risk associated with green/black tea drinking appears consistent and linear.
M03 PGC-1b gene knockout prevents fructose-fed mice from developing insulin resistance.
F27 FDA warns of tardive dyskinesia risk with Reglan (metoclopramide)
F26 Cornell researchers develop and market a point-of-care urinary sodium test strips to monitor salt intake.
F25 High fat diet leads to obesity in mice via PKC-beta
F25 NEJM: Randomized trial of 4 different diets (low fat, low CHO, etc.) fails to find a single winner.
F25 Higher 25-D levels associated with reduced risk of catching cold.
F17 Ain't necessarily so series: oxidative stress may prolong, instead of shorten, life (worm study)
F17 CMS to cover bariatric surgery in obese type 2 diabetics.
F15 High MUFA, lower CHO diet good for diabetics: maybe a good diet for patients on PD?
F13 Fructose-sweetened drinks increase postprandial serum triglycerides more than when glucose is used.
F13 Chewing gum containing phosphate binders dramatically lowers serum phosphate in dialysis patients.
F13 Fish oil supplements may protect the liver in obese mice with insulin resistance.
F13 New tattoo ink changes color according to glucose level; could be used to monitor blood sugar in diabetics.
F12 Eating eggs is good for you, according to British Nutritional Foundation
F10 Many "natural" herbal weight loss products contain hidden pharmaceutical drugs.
F10 JAMA: Educating CKD patients about phosphate additives in foods lowers serum phosphate by 0.6 mg/dL.
F10 NHANES study shows that women (but not men) who drink sugary sodas (but not diet sodas) have higher risk of albuminuria
F09 LSR, lipolysis-stimulated lipoprotein receptor, found to be deranged in type 2 diabetes with obesity.
F05 Sensory nerves in fat cells help regulate lipolysis, according to animal study.
F05 Journal of Renal Care (EDTNA) supplement on CKD-MBD
F04 Arginine discovery may help fight human obesity.
F03 Short-term growth hormone treatment attenuates muscle loss after bariatric surgery.
F03 Have trouble dunking the basketball? Check your vitamin D levels.
F03 Intestinal absorption-blocking sleeve gives encouraging weight loss results.
J30 Sulfenic acid may be reason for potent anti-oxidant effect of garlic.
J28 Four 30-second sprints on an exercise bicycle 3/week improve insulin effect - muscle glycogen depletion?
J28 A small amount of mercury was, and may still be, present in high-fructose corn syrup.
J20 FDA update on Salmonella investigation - focus on crackers and processed foods containing peanut butter.
J20 Low carb diet lowers liver fat better than standard low calorie diet
J19 Three new genes linked to childhood obesity identified.
J15 Source of endogenous salicylic acid identified as benzoic acid found in fruits and vegetables.
J14 JASN early release: Neither fructose nor vitamin C intake affect blood pressure.
J13 Orlistat of no benefit in obese patients with fatty liver disease.
J12 High sodium to potassium ratio in the urine increases cardiovascular event rate.
J10 Latest U.S. survey shows 1/3 obese, 1/3 overweight.
J08 Quest Diagnostics acknowledges errors (mostly overestimation) in vitamin D tests.
J07 Atkins-style low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet superior in controlling blood glucose in type 2 diabetics.
J01 Cognitive decline associated with aging linked to higher blood glucose levels in nondiabetics.
D31 Feeling guilty about the health implications of eating holiday steaks? Marinate them in wine and you'll be OK.
D29 High-phosphate diets in nonuremic mice accelerate spread of lung cancer.
D24 Bone disease in CKD management tool developed in the UK wins IT award
D19 Low glycemic index diet improves lipid profile in diabetics
D18 Evidence mounts that probiotics may be useful to treat post-antibiotic diarrhea.
D15 Lithonia, GA school sugar-free for 10 years with positive results.
D15 Coke to market a new soft drink sweetened with stevia. Pepsi waiting for the FDA.
D13 Another FDA link regarding oral bowel preps.
D13 FDA alert regarding phosphate-containing oral bowel preps and new black box warning.
D11 FDA puts black box warning on phosphate-containing oral bowel prep drugs
D11 Fructose metabolism engages the liver in complex and possibly not beneficial ways.
D11 CJASN: Rosiglitazone may benefit patient with FSGS
D11 Lack of vitamin D stunts growth and causes weight gain in girls.
D11 Low carbohydrate diets affect cognition skills.
D11 Studies in animals confirm addictive properties of sugar.
D11 Glitazones lower bone density substantially in women but not in men.
D09 Hapless roundworms that don't dauer well yield clues about a fat-burning enzyme
D08 Thiamine supplementation found to lower proteinuria in early type 2 diabetics.
D04 Liver fat, rather than abdominal fat or shape, may be main cardiovascular risk.
D04 Wine and beer drinking increase omega-3 in the body independent of fish intake.
D03 Bicarbonate therapy lowers urinary calcium excretion in older adults.
D02 Depression increases risk of subsequent visceral fat gain in longitudinal study.
D02 Consumer Reports investigates sodium content of foods: salt is present where one may not expect
N27 New studies confirm importance of sirtuin pathway in mammalian ageing; attention focuses on resveratrol.
N27 Mechanism of how the brain senses fatty foods identified.
N27 Serotonin formation rate in the gut linked to bone formation rate.
N26 Binge drinking may damage the heart via acetaldehyde activation of macrophages.
N26 Vitamin K deficiency linked to insulin resistance in older men
N24 Vitamin D makes dialysis patients live longer? Say it ain't so, Joe! DOPPS pours cold water on the concept.
N19 Trouble controlling serum phosphate? Chew on this...
N18 Extreme calorie restriction (study in anorexic teens) impairs bone structure before bone density is affected.
N14 Renal Week: Relative vitamin K2 deficiency linked to vascular calcification in ESRD
N06 Beta-alanine supplements increase fitness level in the elderly.
N06 Nicotinamide benefits cognition in an animal model.
N06 Ghrelin-like drug increases muscle mass by 20% in the elderly.
N04 New SIRT1 activating drug may protect against diet-induced obesity.
N04 1-alpha-25OH-D hydroxylase active in the lung; may be involved in immune defense.
N04 Incidence of proteinuria reduced in those diabeics who eat fish at least once a week.
O29 Grapes protect the hearts and blood pressure of rats fed a salty diet.
O29 Marked rise in kidney stones seen in U.S. children; cause is speculative.
O28 New computer algorithm that models the human body may be of use in anthropometric, nutritional research.
O28 Vitamin E and selenium found to be of no benefit in preventing prostate cancer.
O27 Runners burn more calories at rest than sedentary persons, and it's due to changes in the mitochondria.
O27 Pregnant women consuming flaxseed oil have a high (4x) risk of premature birth.
O23 European watchdog agency suggests not using diet drug rimonabant due to depression side effects.
O23 New diet drug tesofensine appears to be remarkably effective.
O22 Journal of Renal Nutrition publishes composition of common salt substitutes.
O22 Japanese study finds that eating quickly doubles risk of obesity.
O20 Short chain fatty acids from gut bacteria slow intestinal transit time, thereby increasing nutrient absorption.
O20 Bad news: acrylamide in coffee. Good news: No increased GI cancer risk with acrylamide.
O16 Vitamin K does not slow age-related loss in bone mineral density in postmenopausal women.
O16 Fructose feeding induces high triglycerides and leptin resistance in rats.
O15 Resveratrol prevents liver fat accumulation in a mouse model of alcoholic liver disease.
O14 Resveratrol found in dark chocolate and cocoa.
O14 B vitamins of no help in slowing progression of Alzheimer's disease.
O13 American Academy of Pediatrics ups vitamin D requirements in kids from 200 to 400 IU/day.
O13 Are you nuts about nuts? Nuts! One study fails to shell out any benefit.
O10 Is dietary turmeric the reason why Indians have a relatively low incidence of diabetic retinopathy?
O09 New physical activity guidelines: 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 times per week;
O07 One mechanism whereby ingestion of fatty foods (but not carbs or protein) can suppress hunger identified : OEA.
O07 Gut bacteria may protect mice against type 1 diabetes, other autoimmune disorders.
O06 Just one session of exercise improves metabolic health in insulin-resistant obese subjects.
O06 Adipocyte precursor cells identified, opening up a new area of obesity research.
O06 New studies support use of probiotics in irritable bowel syndrome.
O03 A new brain - obesity- inflammation link discovered, showing how glucose/fat increases inflammation.
O03 Higher dose zinc supplements associated with an increased risk of advanced prostate cancer.
S30 Lancet: New genes found that link to gout.
S30 Vitamin C may blunt effect of anticancer drugs
S26 Would you like your coffee black, or with milk, cream, or melamine? FDA warns US this time.
S25 In humans, as opposed to lab animals, caloric restriction does not lower IGF-1, but protein restriction does.
S25 Tea found to contain relatively high fluoride levels (fluoride of potential concern in CKD patients)
S22 Exercise program cuts liver fat by 40% in type 2 diabetics.
S22 6 months of caloric restriction and 10% body weight loss does not cause young overweight adults to lose bone.
S19 High-salt diet contributes very substantially to resistant hypertension.
S18 Are statins ineffective for protection against cardiovascular risks in women?
S18 Thin men more vulnerable to osteoporosis.
S16 NHANES data analysis links elevated urine bisphenol levels to diabetes, cardiovascular disease.
S16 Chamomile tea cuts diabetes complications (in rats)
S14 Sulforaphane from broccoli may protect lungs by activating detoxifying enzyme.
S09 Low serum vitamin B12 levels associated with brain shrinkage in the elderly.
S08 Genetic variants associated with markedly different vitamin B12 handling.
S05 Photographing what they eat helps dieters stick to weight-loss plans and identifies bingeing.
S04 Tired of jogging to burn more calories? Try working on a crossword puzzle.
S03 Higher serum calcium levels within the normal range associated with increased fatal prostate cancer risk in NHANES.
S03 Exercise increases risk of catching the flu, while quercetin lowers this risk (in mice)
S03 Cortinarius mushroom induced kidney failure in the news - Horse Whisperer author Nicholas Evans being the latest victim
S02 TORC gene linked to both appetite regulation and fertility
S02 Want to live longer? Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
A29 100g/day of dark chocolate lowers blood pressure by 3 mm Hg.
A29 Eating two eggs a day while restricting caloric intake has no adverse effects on LDL cholesterol.
A27 Debate flares: Can obese patients be healthy?
A26 Allopurinol lowers blood pressure in hypertensive adolescents
A26 Leptin injections keep rats with type 1 diabetes alive without insulin.
A26 Twenty percent of Ayurvedic medicines found to be contaminated with lead, arsenic, or mercury.
A25 Renophobia: Brit panics when she finds kidney in a piece of chicken dinner !
A25 Some rice bran products found to contain high levels of arsenic.
A24 Bifidobacterium infantis may have systemic immune system benefits.
A21 Taste receptor for calcium present in the mouths of mice.
A20 New survey shows obesity rates continue to increase in the United States.
A19 Lowering homocysteine with folic acid and B vitamins fails to reduce CV events in heart disease patients.
A19 Low-level arsenic exposure linked to increased type 2 diabetes risk.
A19 Chronic lead poisoning from contaminated urban soils.
A19 Obesity epidemic due to increased food intake, and not decreased activity level.
A15 Bariatric surgery - induced weight loss helps, but does not cure, sleep apnea.
A14 Monosodium glutamate use associated with weight gain.
A11 Proton pump inhibitors increase fracture risk
A11 Prospective study of runners as they aged from 50 through 80 shows substantial benefits.
A07 Bile acids play a role in glucose metabolism and insulin signaling.
A07 NEJM: FGF-23 is a risk marker for death in incident dialysis patients
A06 Broccoli compounds reduce reactive oxygen species induced in blood vessels by hyperglycemia.
A02 Settlement will reduce acrylamide levels in potato chips.
J31 Two new drugs have profound effects on exercise conditioning in mice.
J30 Does adiponectin have a dark side? Study associates it with increased cardiovascular risk.
J30 Bifidobacterium infantis continues to show promise as treatment for irritable bowel syndrome.
J29 New study highlights risk of losing bone density while following a low-calorie diet for weight loss.
J29 FDA advised against eating green gook (tomalley) from American lobsters.
J26 Fist-clenching prior to phlebotomy can raise sample potassium levels.
J26 Amgen shares rise after success of its drug denosumab in lowering risk of bone fractures.
J24 In acute study, fructose increases lipogenesis relative to glucose.
J23 Scientists isolate compound in saliva that speeds wound healing.
J22 Ice-tea aficionado develops kidney stones
J17 Low-carb vs. low-fat supporters fight over importance of NEJM study on NY Times blog.
J17 FDA retracts Salmonella-related warning against eating raw tomatoes. Peppers still a potential risk factor.
J17 U.S. population keeps getting fatter; esp. Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.
J17 Whole fruits and fruit juices have opposite effects on diabetes risk in Nurses' Health Study
J17 Atkins was right after all. NEJM study confirms benefits of low-carb and Mediterannean diets vs. low-fat diet.
J09 Salmonella outbreak continues: jalapeno peppers now thought to be a cause.
J08 Phosphate in CKD conference; September 26, 2008 in New York City.
J08 Farm-raised tilapia fish has relatively low levels of omega-3 fatty acids.
J08 Fish oil plus red yeast lower cholesterol to the same extent as statin therapy.
J08 Overweight patients trying to lose weight lose twice as much if they keep a food diary.
J01 Caffeine intake increases rate at which muscle replenishes glycogen stores after exercise.
J30 Calcium supplementation alone does not reduce hip fracture risk in the elderly (new meta-analysis)
J30 AHA publishes cookbook focusing on healthy soul food recipes
J26 Fructose, but not glucose, increases visceral adipose tissue and triglycerides, and lower insulin sensitivity.
J26 Gastric vagal block surgery less invasive, than bariatric surgery, but also effective in causing weight loss.
J25 African Americans excrete less potassium in the urine, and it's not all due to dietary intake.
J25 Obesity drug rimonabant approved for NHS use in England and Wales.
J17 Big breakfast diet more effective than low-carb diet in maintaining weight loss.
J16 Eating in response to stress? Ghrelin could be the reason why.
J16 Studies with fat cells suggest that resveratrol may help combat obesity.
J10 Eating diet rich in oily fish associated with markedly reduced risk of age-related macular degeneration.
J10 Large Australian RCT specifically shows that lowering HbA1C in diabetics to a 6.5% target protects the kidney.
J10 NEJM: Full text of ADVANCE trial, which showed a benefit of intensive glucose control (HbA1C to 6.5%)
J09 NEJM: Glycemic control in the ADVANCE vs. ACCORD trials (editorial)
J09 NEJM: ACCORD trial results published (full text): Intensive blood glucose lowering in diabetes may worsen outcomes.
J09 Observational study associated low 25-D levels with poor CV outcomes in peritoneal dialysis patients.
J09 High blood levels of 25-vitamin D may increase risk of aggressive prostate cancer.
J06 High-protein weight loss diet protects against the bone loss seen with standard low-fat higher carb diets.
J06 Mechanism of action of niacin to increase HDL levels discovered.
J05 Alcohol ingestion cuts risk of rheumatoid arthritis by 50%.
J05 Study in mice suggests resveratrol has marked cardioprotective effects.
J02 Cubing and then boiling potatoes markedly reduces their content of potassium and other minerals.
M31 Journal of Renal Care journal club: Buttonhole method of cannulating AV fistulas - the new gold standard?
M29 Prucalopride shows promise in treating patients with severe constipation.
M27 Study suggests that RDA for children for cholecalciferol should be 2,000 IU/day, rather than 200 IU/day.
M27 High-flavonoid cocoa can be a boost for diabetics.
M26 Qualitative changs in gut microflora affect insulin resistance.
M26 Six vs. three meals per day has no impact on weight loss.
M21 Modest red wine (but not beer) ingestion actually may lower risk of NAFLD - non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
M09 Acrylamide intake associated with risk of kidney cancer.
M07 Women at high risk for CV events are not benefitted by homocysteine-lowering regimen of B vitamins (JAMA).
M05 ASN Renal Week abstract archives 2003-2006 now available on-line in .pdf format.
M04 Study suggests that the number of fat cells is set for life at adolescence, without change during dieting or weight gain.
M04 Nature genetics: More obesity genes found
M02 Protozoans may ingest E. Coli, and carry them on the surface of vegetables like spinach and lettuce.
A23 High adiponectin levels linked to kidney dysfunction and albuminuria.
A21 New book emphasizes potential harm of high-fructose sweeteners.
A21 International study of chemicals in urine links blood pressure to diet and gut bacteria.
A21 Chocolate lowers LDL cholesterol by 5% in RCT.
A16 Meta-analysis suggests that beta-carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin E may actually reduce survival.
A15 FDA announces recall of two dietary supplements found to contain aristolochic acid.
A15 Nurses' Health Study shows that women who follow DASH - type diet have lower risk of heart attack.
A11 ANNA: Controversies series - should patients be allowed to eat during dialysis?
A11 Shire Pharma launches On Track phosphate binder adherence toolkit.
A03 Daily dose of caffeine protects rabbit brains from high serum cholesterol.
M28 Normal weight (BMI) obesity linked to metabolic syndrome.
M27 Pretreating animals with high-dose folate lowers infarct size.
M20 Vitamin C recycling in human red cells explained via glut-1.
M14 Soy compound genistein almostl completely stops the spread of prostate cancer in mice.
M10 Low levels of PYY, a food-induced gut hormone, may be an early marker for type 2 diabetes.
M10 Gene associated with uric acid transport, blood fructose level, linked to risk of gout.
M07 Sewage-based fertilizer contaminated with thallium, PCBs.
F29 Vitamin E ingestion linked to increased risk of lung cancer.
F21 Computer technology allows fourth grader to participate in class virtually while on dialysis at the Cleveland Clinic.
F20 Satellite Healthcare researchers to present data at upcoming Annual Dialysis Conference.
F14 International study of tight glucose control shows no evidence of increased death risk - contradicts US study
F14 Probiotics protect top athletes.
F07 Identical twins study shows that obesity and waist size is 77% due to genetic factors.
F06 NHBLI stops intensive glucose lowering treatment arm of study due to excessive deaths.
F06 Epidemiology of gut microflora studied at the molecular level.
F06 Beetroot juice found to lower blood pressure because of its high nitrate content.
F05 Type 2 muscle fibers, such as those increased by body building, improve metabolic syndrome in an animal model.
J31 Sweetened soft drinks and fruit juices linked to increased risk of gout in men.
J29 BioTrends reports on its survey of changing practice patterns in treating anemia and mineral bone disorder.
J29 Twins study links telomere shortening and premature ageing to sedentary lifestyle.
J28 24-h glucose monitoring suggests that coffee (via caffeine) ingestion worsens glucose control
J28 Blood levels of organochlorine pesticides linked to type 2 diabetes.
J24 NEJM: Renal failure due to oxalosis after 2g/day vitamin C for 3 years in a renal transplant patient.
J23 Obesity surgery found to be more effective than diet in curing type 2 diabetes.
J18 Canadian study suggests drinking 4 liters of water per day can cause proteinuria; reversible when water ingestion reduced.
J15 Probiotic lactobacilli can have profound effects on gut microflora, and can affect fat absorption.
J15 Dietary supplement containing undocumented male hormones can markedly accelerate prostate cancer.
J11 Sorbitol in sugar-free foods and gum, when ingested in high amounts, may cause diarrhea and weight loss.
J10 DaVita and launch CKD meal planning tools.
J09 Higher cholesterol levels linked to improved muscle mass with exercise in the elderly.
J09 Cannabinoid receptor blocking drug effective in causing weight loss.
D28 American Diabetes Association comes out in support of lower carbohydrate diets.
D20 FDA issues draft guidelines to industry for reporting adverse events linked to OTC drugs and dietary supplements.
D08 Calcium requirements may be overestimated - should be in the range of 750 mg/day.
D04 Waistline growth on high-carb diets linked to liver gene.
D03 Low carb diet more effective than low fat diet in reducing inflammatory markers in patients with metabolic syndrome.
N28 Dr. Robert Cade, nephrologist who invented Gatorade, dies at age 80.
N26 High-glycemic intake carb intake linked to type 2 diabetes in African American and Chinese women.
N23 Link between obesity and decreased survival questioned.
N19 Caloric intake from beverages has doubled over what it was in 1965.
N16 Pramlintide-leptin combination drug induces 13% weight loss in obese patients.
N13 Low carb diet associated with slower prostate cancer growth in mice.
N08 Vitamin D levels linked to telomere length and thus aging.
N07 New compound, MIC-1, implicated in cancer-induced wasting.
N07 New NHANES data suggests that best survival is in patients who are "overweight" with BMI 25-30.
N06 Modest gain in visceral fat causes reversible decline in endothelial function.
N03 Metabolites of flavonoid (quercetin) present in onions found to be anti-inflammatory.
O25 Genzyme launches cholesterol-binding drug (Cholestagel) in Europe for patients with primary hypercholesterolemia.
O23 Global extent of obesity epidemic in the news.
O22 Chewing gum shown to help curb appetite and reduce cravings.
O19 Shockingly high levels of salt in some fast foods.
O16 Garlic acts to relax arteries via hydrogen sulfide.
O12 Is fructose really that bad?
O12 61% of 33 lipsticks sold in the United States test positive for lead.
O08 Appendix may be a safe house for good bacteria.
S27 Caffeine plus acetaminophen linked to liver damage.
S24 All previous vitamin E trials fatally flawed due to underdosing.
S21 Scientists identify genes linked to longevity and caloric restriction.
S21 High-glycemic starch diet linked to fatty liver in mice.
S20 Thiazide diuretics exacerbate fructose-induced metabolic syndrome.
S12 JAMA paper shows no benefit of lowering homocysteine in CKD
S04 Skinny gene identified that controls amount of body fat.
A27 Obesity rates climb in most states.
A23 Very high levels of reactive carbonyl compounds found in high fructose corn syrup.
A22 Is acrylamide contained in foods safe? Three-day symposium to examine the issues.
A21 Unlike grapefruit juice, pomegranate juice does not appear to affect cytochrome P450-3A activity
A21 Gustducin - new sugar-sensing receptor identified in the intestine; activated by artificial sweeteners
A20 As muscle turns to fat, obesity rises despite no change in BMI.
A20 Mechanism of adenovirus-induced obesity clarified.
A18 Low carbohydrate diets and metabolism: Atkins may not have been so far off, after all.
A17 Fleets Phospho-Soda and acute renal failure: More than 50 lawsuits in 20 states
A17 Patients who develop kidney failure after use of phosphate-based laxatives initiate lawsuits.
A17 New roles for sirtuin 2 identified in controlling fat cell metabolism.
A13 New study confirms that vitamin C, E, and beta carotene, singly or in combination, of no benefit in heart disease patients.
A07 Masked thiamine deficiency (problems with RBC transketolase assay) linked to diabetic vascular disease.
J27 French RCT shows no survival benefit of IDPN over oral supplements in malnourished dialysis patients.
J25 Obesity spreads among friends, study concludes.
J24 Soft drinks, including diet soft drinks, linked to 50% higher risk of metabolic syndrome.
J18 Vittamin C offers little protection against colds unless person undergoing extreme stress.
J17 Eating a high glycemic index diet is associated with age-related macular degeneration.
J13 AAKP introduces new nutrition and lifestyle magazine for CKD patients.
J12 Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) may be protective against developing type 2 diabetes.
J12 Serum levels of retinol-binding programs indicate level of visceral fat.
J11 Usefulness of tomatoes and lycopene to prevent cancer unclear.
J10 More than 1100 toothpaste tubes from China suspected to contain DEG confiscated in Connecticut.
J10 Selenium supplements appear to raise risk of developing diabetes in RCT.
J09 PNAS: Aristolochic acid in the pathogenesis of endemic Balkan nephropathy.
J09 JRN: Hidden phosphorus in the diet
J07 Practice of eating dirt dying out.
J05 High sodium in many sandwiches in the news.
J05 Dark chocolate lowers BP slightly, raises levels of nitric oxide.
J02 How stress and high-calorie intact interact to increase weight and change body fat distribution.
J02 Probiotics good for antibiotic-induced diarrhea
J30 Low energy density diet better.
J19 Intentionally skipping insulin doses to lose weight - diabulimia - has severe consequences.
M25 Non-caffeine components of coffee lower serum uric acid levels.
M24 Choline deficiency may be more widespread than previously believed
M23 Macrophages implicated in obesity, metabolic syndrome.
M21 Might probiotics modify the course of autoimmune disease?
M17 Lawmakers push for changes in food safety oversight.
M17 Beneficial effect of lycopene vs. prostate cancer not supported on closer examination.
M15 Boiling broccoli and similar vegetables degrades their anti-cancer properties.
M14 Effect of polyphenols (from apples, onions, green tea) on fat catabolism.
M07 Liver, kidney damage in people taking large amount of green tea polyphenol supplements.
M07 Inactivation of ACAT2 enzyme protects fat-eating mice from atherosclerosis.
M03 Nicotinamide riboside, found naturally in milk, dramatically extends lifespan in yeast via sirtuins.
M02 Pha-4 gene linked to increased longevity associated with caloric restriction.
M02 Egg board cites recent research studies supporting beneficial effects of egg consumption.
M01 Potential downside of calcium / vitamin D intake in the elderly: more stroke-type lesions in the brain.
A30 Activating PPAR-delta may burn fat and reduce metabolic syndrome risk.
A24 AGEs and food preparation may play an important role in chronic disease.
A20 New BMJ study on adverse effects of higher salt intake in the news.
A19 Green tea may be of benefit in Sjogren syndrome.
A18 Animal study suggests that changing to a low-fat diet can induce stress.
A16 Thrifty gene hypothesis of diabetes causation under dispute - no ethnic linkage found.
A12 High prevalence obesity gene identified.
A06 Weight lifting during dialysis counteracts muscle wasting.
A05 Think that eating only once a day will make you lose weight? Nope.
A05 Premenopausal overweight women do not lose bone mass during weight loss associated with diet.
M26 Study finds that olive/fish oil fat-based diet as healhy as a low-fat diet in post-MI patients.
M21 More calories, fat than expected in Chinese takeout food.
M16 Fructose linked to deranged liver metabolism in rats, involving PPARs, leptin, and metabolic syndrome.
M16 An apple a day really does keep the doctor away.
M11 Are current recommendations for vitamin D intake way too low?
M05 Dietary copper in the news after copper supplementation helps prevent heart failure in stressed rodents.
M05 Atkins diet may be the most effective with few obvious adverse effects
M02 Brown fat located in muscle fibers linked to resistance to obesity, type 2 DM in a mouse model.
M01 Intake of certain vitamins found to be associated with decreased survival
M01 AAKP Develops Nutrition Electronic Newsletter
F26 Garlic powerless against cholesterol.
F21 Apolipoprotein C1 linked to obesity and type 2 diabetes in American Indians.
F01 Oligofructose fiber a new potential weapon against obesity.
J31 Retailers in the UK to remove trans fats from most foods.
J29 Health benefits of fruits and vegetables apply to their juices as well.
J29 Major link in brain-obesity puzzle found.
J19 Nintendo Wii videogame use promotes weight loss (n=1).
J17 Interesterified fats being used to substitute for trans-fats, but new study shows that they are unhealthy, also.
J17 Woman dies of hyponatremia after participating in radio-sponsored water drinking contest.
J15 Pancreatic-polypeptide containing chewing gum - a new potential weapon against obesity
J09 Milk appears to eliminate the cardiovascular benefits of tea
J09 Potential bias in studies funded by the food industry or by pharma in the news.
J03 Marathon mice genetically engineered that are enriched in a new type (IIX) of muscle fiber.
J02 Higher serum uric acid levels associated with cognifitve impairment in the elderly.
J02 Twenty-five best dieting tips ever
D29 FDA evaluating safety of products from cloned animals; seeks outside comments.
D27 Green vegetables may lower blood pressure via nitrates.
D26 Use of proton-pump inhibitors associated with increased risk of hip fracture.
D21 Genzyme files for FDA approval of sevelamer carbonbate - Renvela.
D20 Friendly microbes could make you fat: Bacteroides vs. Firmicutes
D19 Australians develop modified sugar product with low glycemic index.
D13 Garlic: Good against vampires, but little protection against cardiovascular risk.
D12 Diet resulting in 10% body weight loss leads to measurable loss in bone density over 1-year period.
D12 Man eats pastrami and cheesecake, has heart attack, sues Atkins company, unsuccessfully.
D10 MRI scan used to quantify visceral fat.
D05 Skinny scope passed like NG tube without sedation; permits easy upper GI tract endoscopy.
D04 Focus on exercise rather than diet helps guard obese patients against further weight gain.
N30 Gene identified that permits GI absorption of folate; same gene involved in iron uptake.
N30 Nitrosamines in bacon linked to bladder cancer.
N30 Overfeeding of pets leading to obesity and diabetes.
N29 Procyanidins identified as cardiovascular protective agents in wines; French, Sardinian wines have the most.
N28 Folic acid, homocysteine, and cardiovascular disease: (Full text article in BMJ)
N28 Meta-analysis published in BMJ supports folate supplementation to reduce heart disease risk.
N26 Osteoporosis in men in the news.
N26 HDCN: Search index updated for audiofiles, slide/audio talks, articles, and abstracts
N20 Gut parasites in dragonflies cause "metabolic syndrome".
N14 Gastric bypass ups kidney stone risk.
N14 Fat cells stimulate the adrenal glands to secrete aldosterone: obesity - hypertension link?
N14 Homocysteine, B vitamin link to osteoporosis to be investigated in UK study.
N09 Exercise and cutting calories each lower risk of diabetes to a similar extent.
N08 Low carbohydrate diet lowers cardiovascular risk in Nurses Health Study (NEJM)
N07 Why do we eat mindlessly and what would induce us to stop?
N06 Lipoic acid may retard vascular stiffening, aging, via ceramide and phosphatases.
N06 Children's belly fat increases by more than 65% since 1990.
N01 Resveratrol improves health and possibly lifespan of mice fed a high-fat diet.
O30 NKF and Abbott team up to provide pre-ESRD nutrition education
O20 Vitamin supplementation has no effect on atherosclerosis progression
O18 Benefits of eating fish outweigh the risks
O12 Get on scale daily to keep off lost pounds.
O11 Most decaffeinated coffee contains substantial amounts of caffeine
O02 High magnesium diet (in people without kidney disease) linked to lower risk of diabetes
O02 Mild vitamin C deficiency inhibits fat oxidation during submaximal exercise; may contribute to obesity.
S27 CDC-MMWR: O157:H7 infections associated with consumption of fresh spinach.
S25 Wine and fruit as part of healthy diet can lead to tooth enamel erosion.
S14 MMWR documents rising tide of obesity in the United States.
S11 Mandarin oranges appear to cut liver cancer risk in Japan
S11 Want to fight fat? Eat brown seaweed!
S08 Typical diets are deficient in choline, especially for women.
S01 Fruit and vegetable juice consumption markedly lowers Alzheimer risk
A30 Carbs linked to obesity in a mouse model
A25 NKDEP launches creatinine standardization program
A25 Benefits of drinking tea touted; dehydrating effect of caffeine-containing beverages questioned.
A22 NEJM: New study shows BMI greater than 25 associated with higher death risk in middle-aged people.
A21 Red and white wine may be equally good for the heart
A21 Some diabetologists changing views of lower-carb diets for type 2 diabetes control.
A18 Role of BMI as a measure of obesity and cardiovascular risk questioned.
A07 Elderly should take probiotics
A07 Latex in food wrappers may be a source of allergy.
J15 Sleep deprivation doubles risk of obesity in both children and adults
J29 NHLBI offers DASH diet eating guide
J28 NEJM: B vitamins given to the elderly for 2 years fail to affect cognitive performance.
J24 Does coffee protect against alcoholic cirrhosis?
J22 New fat-burnng gene linked to metabolic syndrome.
J20 AHA issues new dietary recommendations; saturated and trans-fat intakes further limited
J16 CARI (Australasian) Clinical Practice Guidelines published (53 free full text review papers!)
J14 Feeding monkeys a high trans-fat diet markedly adds to abdominal fat.
J08 Benefits of potassium-enriched salt on CV mortality in elderly men
J08 Fruit and vegetable intake has beneficial effects on bone via many mechanisms.
M24 Low-carbohydrate diet has no deleterious effects on bone loss.
M24 Purdue researchers find on/off switch for skeletal muscle atrophy
M22 Ethanol- and smoking-induced upper digestive tract cancers linked to acetaldehyde; preventable via oral l-cysteine
M18 NIH panel calls for more FDA oversight of vitamin and mineral supplements
M17 Chocolate good? Coffee is too! Enjoy.
M15 Moderately increased BMI in the elderly associated with reduced mortality
M12 JASN paper: Obesity triples risk of CKD (pdf)
M12 Appetite suppression pathway in the brain by leucine provides explanation for Atkins diet success.
M09 New triglyceride lipase enzyme found; its regulation may be key to some types of obesity
M07 Study suggests that aspartame does not raise risk of cancer
M03 Renal Advantage buying clinical laboratory services business from Fresenius
M03 Mayo: 20 g sodium, 50% saturated fat diet improves BP, lipids in obese.
M01 Obesity rates in the U.S. underestimated by 50% due to inaccurate patient self-reporting.
A28 Magnesium deficiency and metabolic syndrome re-emphasized
A27 Consuming a high glycemic index diet increases risk of age-related macular degeneration.
A26 GI hormone oxyntomodulin lowers appetite, increases activity level
A25 Anti-oxidant selenium offers no heart disease protection in first large randomized controlled trial.
A25 Low vitamin D intake during pregnancy linked to low birth weight
A18 Mediterranean diet lowers Alzheimer disease risk
A13 CNTF can overcome leptin resistance to fight obesity.
A10 CRP binding to leptin may curb its effects on appetite.
A08 AMBI (Tarrytown company) gets exclusive rights to Finland's PANSALT distribution in the U.S.
A08 Potential brain hibernation protein identified
A04 Vitamin D and calcium may lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes in women.
A04 Vitamin C deficiency associated with impaired ability to metabolize fat.
A04 Low vitamin D levels associated with increased cancer incidence.
A04 Pine nut oil or conjugated linoleic acid both significant appetite suppressors.
M30 Apparent CV protective effect of alcohol intake may be due to a statistical fluke.
M26 Restricting carbohydrates to 20-30% of dietary intake normalized blood glucose in type 2 DM
M24 Study focuses on bread as a major cause of higher salt intake.
M24 Benefits of eating oily fish seem to be slip-sliding away.
M20 Researchers identify new fat controlling gene - lipin
M17 Virus blamed for obesity epidemic.
M16 Glycemic index is bupkes.
D15 Bifidobacterium infantis now available for IBS: Does it help ESRD pts?
D14 JAMA paper questions benefits of high-fiber diets in prevention of colon cancer.
D11 Eating more leucine (and meat) may help maintain muscle in the elderly.
D07 Fructose may be cause of obesity epidemic; also raises uric acid.
D05 Coffee intake may reduce risk of liver damage.
D01 Coffee's beneficial effect on memory revealed in brain scans.
D01 Coffee and tea associated with lower risk of chronic liver disease.
N29 Why trying to make couch potatoes exercise may be difficult.
N29 Fatty liver being seen increasingly in obese patients.
N17 Tea, cinnamon, buckwheat, and cherries for diabetics.
N16 Low-carb diet better than low-fat for improving metabolic syndrome.
N16 Drinking decaffeinated coffee increases pro-atherosclerotic ApoB levels.
N14 Do low-carb diets stiffen the heart?
N13 Ketogenic diet has effects on brain energy metabolism via gene induction.
N11 New gut hormone, obestatin, discovered that suppresses appetite.
N11 JASN Express: Skin autofluorescence linked to AGE in ESRD, predicts mortality.
N10 Fizzy cola consumption associated with HTN in women.
N09 Phenolic compounds in olive oil may relate to benefits of Mediterranean diet.
N08 How protein-rich diets curb hunger.
N07 Taste bud receptor for fat identified in rat tongue.
N05 Waist-hip ratio better than BMI to predict CV risk.
O26 ASN Renal Week 2005 abstracts now available on-line.
O23 JAMA: Increased mortality after bariatric surgery.
O17 Daily weigh-ins help dieters keep off pounds.
O17 Heavy computer use at work decreasing amount of physical activity.
O12 China ranked 2nd in world incidence of diabetes.
O12 Vanadium supplements speed recovery from infections (in mice).
O11 Fatty foods can fight inflammation, induce satiety, via CCK.
O11 Eating fish helps prevent age-related cognitive decline.
O06 Soy compound, genistein, found to inhibit amyloid plaque formation.
S27 Pomegranate juice surprisingly effective against prostate cancer cells in mice.
S22 NEJM: Efficacy of various strategies to raise HDL cholesterol.
S21 Men are more successful at losing weight by dieting than women.
S17 Fat cells linked to production of CRP via resistin.
S13 High blood sugar levels linked to heart disease, even in nondiabetics.
S13 Agouti-related peptide expressing (Agrp) neurons related to appetite, feeding..
S11 Teenage girls who eat their Wheaties for breakfast stay slimmer.
S06 Soy protein-rich diet may help prevent fatty liver of diabetes.
A31 Olive oil contains a naturally occuring COX inihbitor and is anti-inflammatory.
A29 Coffee is number one source of antioxidants in U.S. diet.
A28 Acrylamide french fry lawsuit filed against McDonald's and Wendy's.
A26 Metabolic advantage of protein-rich diets may be due to leucine.
A24 TFAH releases report on obesity in America - we're all getting fatter.
A22 American Indians fight curse of fry bread: fat and diabetes.
A19 Research promising for chocolate lovers.
A18 Will FDA approve diabetes-related health claims for chromium picolinate?
A16 After overeating we don't compensate by eating less.
A16 Kidney Drug Coverage website: Teleconference schedule
A14 Scientists aim for lab-grown meat.
A02 Clockwork orange food aversion approach works for ice cream but not for cookies
A02 More on how fructose intake via processed food can increase weight gain.
J30 Fructose-sweetened foods associated with obesity.
J26 Experts warn against excess water intake during exercise.
J25 Cocoa flavonoids: Eat two chocolate bars and call me in the morning.
J25 Oxyntomodulin injections prior to meals result in short-term weight loss.
J19 ALLHAT suggests that diuretics rule, even in Blacks with metabolic syndrome.
J06 Coffee drinking may lower type 2 diabetes risk in adults
J06 Growth hormone releasing factor may prevent malnutrition in stage IV CKD.
J06 Vitamin E supps do not protect women from heart attack, stroke, or cancer
J04 Implanted stomach stimulator used as an alternative to stomach-stapling surgery.
J30 Gastric bypass surgery lowers CRP by 50%.
J30 High-carb diet markedly increases cataract risk.
J22 Genistein in soybeans may be a threat to sperm fertility.
J18 U.S consumer group demands warning labels on potato chips re acrylamide.
J06 Int'l Congress on Nutrition and Metabolism - Yucatan, Mexico, March 2006.
M24 Higher milk intake associated with lower CV, stroke risk.
M12 Work fatigue and working overtime associated with weight gain.
M02 Food fried in polyunsaturated vegetable oil may absorb unhealthy compound.
A30 Low-salt diets may harm heart, study suggests.
A27 Combo Vytorin (ezetimibe + simvastatin) lower CHO better than atorvastatin alone
A21 Could an adenovirus be responsible for recent epidemic of obesity?
A21 - new U.S. government website with dietary guidelines
A21 Studies in mice tie sleep disturbances to metabolic syndrome.
A20 Obesity death risk overstated; modestly obese have higher survival rate.
A20 U.S food pyramid morphs into 12 separate pyramids.
A17 Soy isoflavones have no beneficial effect on calcium metabolism in women.
A17 Both high-fat and high-protein low carb diets equally effective.
A17 Dairy product intake does not effect weight control in women.
A13 J Ren Nutr: Phosphorus content of popular beverages
A08 Liver may be source of 'good' cholesterol
A03 Cranberry juice improves blood vessel relaxation.
M30 Newly identified components in grapes show marked anticancer activity.
M29 Bones in raw food vegetarians are light; may be stronger than expected.
M29 Production of inflammatory mediators by fat cells linked to metabolic syndrome.
M21 Another study confirms greater efficacy of Atkins diet.
M15 Anti-cancer compound in green tea identified - similar to methotrexate.
M15 Reasons why Atkins diet works linked to spontaneous reduction of caloric intake.
M04 FDA assesses toxicity of acrylamide
F24 Consumer group sues FDA demanding that salt in foods be regulated.
F21 Beta-blockers may prevent osteoporosis via leptin-mediated mechanism
F03 Fidgeting important to help avoid obesity.
F01 Obesity increases kidney stone risk.
J25 Deep frying fish may cancel or reverse their health benefit in terms of stroke.
J21 Election Results for 2005-2006 ANNA National and Regional Offices
J21 Peanuts contain high concentrations of beneficial polyphenols.
J18 Large doses of folate may stave off high blood pressure.
J18 Grapefruit juice and medication can be a deadly mix.
J18 California researchers discover new fat gene.
J13 Study shows how angiotensin II can lead to muscle wasting and CHF.
J13 Soul singer Isaac Hayes unveils new cookbook featuring low-phosphorus foods.
J13 Concerns arise about excess intake of vitamin A.
J12 Reduced calorie and carb diet slows Alzheimer disease in mice.
J11 Insufficient sleep linked to obesity.
J10 New generation of video games/muscle trainers may fight obesity.
J10 Olive oil, via oleic acid, downregulates genes involved in breast cancer.
J05 Annals: High-dose vitamin E supplements may increase mortality.
J05 JAMA: RCT of various weight loss diets shows that no one diet is clearly better.
J04 Evidence that UTI with drug-resistant E. coli may have come via food.
D31 Fast food intake linked to obesity, insulin resistance.
D28 Chocolate: A boon for libido and for the heart.
D22 Exercise before a fatty meal may curb bad effects on vasculature, triglycerides.
D21 Undercooked turkeys harbor drug-resistant Salmonella and Campylobacter.
D17 Polymeals containing super-healthy nutrients, might extend life.
D17 Olestra plus low calorie diet increase removal of test toxins from body.
D17 Sudden removal of fat can impair immune function
D16 Caloric restriction protects the brain against degenerative disease.
D14 Thiamine supplementation lowers CV risk in diabetics.
D07 Lack of sleep may make you fat via ghrelin and leptin.
D05 Risk of obesity-related deaths in the U.S may have been overstated.
D05 Magnesium deficiency may play a role in memory loss.
D02 Eating red meat associated with increased risk of rheumatoid arthritis.
D02 Milk protein may reduce high blood pressure.
D02 High body fat may impair natriuresis in African Americans.
N29 Panama's heart-healthy Kuna Indians suggest that chocolate may be a health food
N26 Epidemiologic study links high water intake to proteinuria.
N18 Don't like wine? Try Concord grape juice to lower inflammatory markers.
N14 Was Atkins right all along? Higher fat diets lower CV risk in elderly women.
N10 Sanofi diet drug gets raves, caution from doctors
N10 High doses of vitamin E may hasten death
N09 Walnut and flaxseed oil lowers inflammatory markers
N09 DHEA may reduce abdominal fat in the elderly and improve insulin sensitivity
N01 Gut microbes linked to propensity to obesity
O26 website now up for international kidney disease guidelines
O22 Japanese CKD patients become ill after eating apparently non-poisonous mushrooms
O15 High-dose salicylates block muscle cachexia in mice via NF-kB inhibition
O15 MC4R neuronal receptor may be key to obesity
O14 Portion control the most effective weight loss strategy
O06 Many benefits of exercise may be mediated by interleukin-6
O03 Study in Am J Clin Nutr confirms benefits of low glycemic index carbs
O03 Serum CRP and other inflammatory markers higher in coffee drinkers
S30 Caffeine withdrawal symptoms occur after low doses and within 12-24 hours
S14 A third of patients who forego meds because of costs don't volunteer this info
S12 Chronic hyperphosphatemia elevates fibroblast growth factor levels
S12 EAA/carb supplement prevents muscle protein loss: Abstract from JCEM
S12 Amino acid supplement stops muscle wastage due to inactivity
S01 Doubts over good carb diet claims
S01 Farm-raised salmon fed vegetable oil don't cardioprotect
A29 Citrus aurantium, new weight loss herb, may cause HTN, drug interactions
A26 Tightly controlled rat study supports benefits of low-glycemic diet
A25 Cinnamon health benefits for diabetes, lipid control in the news
A24 Activation of PPAR-delta receptor increases rate at which body burns fat
A24 New health benefits of citrus fruits presented at ACS conference
A24 Creatine linked to metabolic rate, mitochondria
A24 Blueberrry compund shows cholesterol-activating properties
J31 Newspapers weigh in on new Medicare obesity treatment coverage policy
J30 Interleukin-6 linked to feelings of fatigue
J17 Does niacin help prevent Alzheimer's disease?
J16 Medicare to cover some obesity treatments
J14 Pocket guide for mercury in different types of fish
J13 Fat-busting ultrasound under development; early results promising
J08 Grape skin polyphenol resveratrol affects fat cell metabolism
J05 Lack of sleep may affect leptin levels, predisposing to obesity
J30 Antioxidant controversy: Scientists seek measurement standards
J24 No link found between acrylamide consumption and common cancers
J24 Myostatin inhibitors may result in muscled athletes; improve muscle-wasting
J02 Junk food represents about 1/3 of U.S. diet
J01 Flavonoids in chocolate improve blood vessel flow-mediated vasodilatation
M29 L-arginine plus exercise may have synergistic effect on CAD (in mice)
M29 Does metabolic rate relate inversely to life span? Think again!
M26 Krispy Kreme to make a low-carb donut
M16 New vitamin identified that is involved in NAD synthesis; milk products have it
M04 Study: Low fat may not be best for the heart
A20 FDA outlines dietary supplement enforcement plan
A19 Strict diet has dramatic effect on reducting heart disease
A17 High-fat breakfast results in post-prandial rise in serum levels of NF-kappa-B
A15 Fish-fed cows produce milk with high DHA content
A09 Food pyramid slated for makeover
A06 Orexin involved not only in obesity, but also in male sexuality
M29 Vitamin E may protect against bladder, prostate cancer
M29 Two studies show no link between acrylamide and certain cancers
M25 FDA action plan for acrylamide in food
M18 Low fat healthy? diet found to increase Lp(a) and LDL
M15 Canola oil-fed cows produce milk with healthier fat profile
M15 Orlistat inhibits prostate cancer cell growth
M11 Eating dairy products protective against gout
F09 Eating mercury-contaminated fish while pregnant can cause child brain damage
F01 Moderate-fat diet results in better lipid profiles than low-fat diet
J29 High cholesterol associated with lower mortality in dialysis patients
J20 Fat, in moderation, helps the immune system fight off disease
J16 Study finds huge variability in vitamin E absorption
J16 Italian pharma company to provide red wine ingredients in a pill
J12 Walking 1.5 miles per day can help prevent weight gain
J08 High salt intake linked to stomach cancer risk in Japan
J08 Farmed salmon has high levels of PCBs and dioxins
J06 Coffee may help protect against type 2 diabetes
D31 SIR2 gene linked to longevity effects of caloric restriction
D20 AMA guide arms doctors for battle against obesity
D19 Fatty acid metabolite malonyl-Coa linked to appetite control
D16 New information links obesity and inflammation
D12 FDA announces food advisory on methylmercury
N28 Aging-related muscle loss, atrophy linked to paucity of satellite cells in mice
N25 Yacon root from Peru holds out hope for diabetics, dieters
N21 Leafy veggies and herbs grown in urban gardens contaminated with lead
N17 Soy supplements cut sexual behavior in rats
N13 AHA: Cholesterol - how low should you go?
N13 Guinness beer may reduce risk of blood clotting
N11 Mayo researchers evaluate modified Atkins high saturated fat and low starch diet
N06 Sirtuins linked to longevity effect of low calorie diet
N05 Exercise, not diet, may be best defense against heart disease
N05 Worried about prostate cancer? Eat pizza (low Na, low fat type, of course).
N05 UCLA Subjective Global Assessment website updated
N01 Another way to low carb: high fat (almonds) leads to enhanced weight loss
O29 Glycemic index gaining acceptance as useful dietary tool
O18 A calorie is a calorie is a calorie: NOT - vindication for Atkins?
O13 More evidence that low carb diets seem to be working
O02 Stroke risk not related to dietary fat intake in men
S30 Is red meat immunogenic?
S30 Icelanders find that one gene that makes you fat or thin
S26 Low sodium diet has no adverse effect on blood lipids
S22 Disorder of ciliary transport linked to learning disabilities, obesity
S09 Saponins in red wine may account for some beneficial CV effects
S04 NEJM: PYY hormone cuts appetite by athird
A30 Mercury in fish may be less toxic than previously assumed
A28 Health benefits of chocolate: the darker, the better
A26 Like cheese? It may be due to casomorphines
A24 More on resveratol, sirtuins, caloric extension, and life extension in yeast
A20 Ketogenic diet raises lipids, cholesterol, in children
A20 Consumer group questions Industry ties of new food pyramid designers
A02 Purdue nutritionists work for peanuts
J30 More on thyroid subclass receptor agonist - the next weight loss wonder drug?
J29 Thyroid receptor compound effects weight loss, lowers cholesterol
J28 Push aims to lower hidden salt in food
J23 Ape diet lowers cholesterol as efficiently as do drugs
J21 Tomato-eating reduces heart disease risk by 30%
J15 FDA goes nuts about nuts
J09 FDA mandates that food labels reveal trans fat content
J05 U.S. consumer group wants government to set acrylamide limits in fried foods
J03 Low glycemic index Mexican-style diet improves metabolic control
J30 The dark (pro-oxidant) side of vitamin C in dialysis patients
J28 Mediterranean diet reduces CV outcomes in Greeks
J18 Fried food byproduct acrylamide causes DNA damage - mechanism for cancer risk
J16 Cardiovascular benefits of vitamin E and carotene questioned
J14 Is it really good to be fat on dialysis?
M30 Novel appetite-suppressing compound from Kalahari desert cactus
M21 Atkins diet found to be superior in two controlled trials, one in NEJM
M14 Oreo cookies being sued for their trans fatty acid content
M12 AGEs in foods; do they play a role in uremia?
A29 Entirely new B vitamin discovered in Japan
A28 Denmark to restrict use of trans fatty acids in foods
A25 Mechanism of adverse effect of a high-protein diet on the kidney proposed
A17 Dr. Robert Atkins dies after head injury from fall
A14 Obesity surgery may lead to weakened bones
A14 Yogurt consumption may aid in loss of body fat for dieters
A14 Higher calcium intake associated with lower body weight in adolescent girls
A14 Drinking Concord grape juice lower blood pressure in hypertensive men
A10 Diet Dr. Atkins slips on ice, hurts head, in critical condition
A03 Vitamin D improves calcium absorption even with normal serum vD levels
A03 Sarcopenia (muscle wasting) related to elevated levels of IL-6
M27 Anorexia linked to mystery molecule
M20 Phosphate control in uremia: Role of Diet (Review)
M17 Diet high in meat protein accelerated progression of CKD
M16 FDA, food industry fight over labelling requirements for trans-fatty acids
M16 Beef vs. bagels: Food companies attack the Atkins diet
M11 Genistein in soy fed to pregnant rats adversely affects male offspring
M10 High fat diet dramatically reduces seizure risk in children
M06 Vegetarian diet helps lower cholesterol
F27 New bitter flavor - blocking compounds may allo lower food sugar content
F22 Cookies and cake lead to higher AGE levels
F18 Alzheimer incidence may be related to saturated fat intake
F15 People with heightened taste sensation spit out cancer-blocking veggies
F12 Soy (genistein) ingestion during pregnancy (in rats) affects male offspring
F06 Body composition benefits of low-carb diet
F03 Twist gene linked to cytokines, cachexia
J28 Food acrylamide - cancer link questioned
J27 Exercise delays age-related decline in brain gray matter
J25 Germany to slow cook chips due to acrylamide - cancer fears
J23 New muscle-gene, cachexia, cytokine links investigated
J22 Obesity lawsuit against McDonald's is dismissed
J18 Chocolate polyphenols, antioxidants, good for the heart
J14 Pregnant women advised to limit fries and chips due to acrylamide content
J12 New Harvard food pyramid challenges official US government approach
J10 Obesity markedly increases health care costs
J03 Does ethanol stimulate osteoblast formation?
D20 Physicians puzzling over Atkins diet results
D13 Polyphenols in grape juice may inhibit oral iron absorption
D10 New obesity gene identified in mice
D10 European concern over acrylamide in foods continues, and now, gingerbread
D01 Special veggie diet cuts cholesterol by 29%
N29 Why eating less may extend your life
N27 NEJM: Health effects of mercury in fish: conflicting results
N26 Eating nuts in Nurses Health Study protective against diabetes
N21 Coffee drinking may increase homocysteine levels slightly
N19 Decaf espresso activates SNS, raises blood pressure, by unknown mechanisms
N18 AHA: Atkins diet beats AHA-diet for weight loss, CHO, TRIG, and HDL
N18 AHA: New dietary guidelines focus on omega-3 fatty acids
N13 Am Pub Health Assoc urges food manufacturers to reduce salt in foods
N13 Mercury in dental fillings is not related to cognitive dysfunction
N11 High-heat cooking causes increased serum AGE, CRP levels in diabetics
N07 Mediterranean diet could help Asians
N07 Does coffee drinking protect against diabetes?
N05 Parasympathetic nervous system shown to innervate fatty tissue - function unkown
N04 Bread crusts contain novel anti-oxidant not present in original flour
N02 New lanthanum-based phosphate binder improves survival in ESRD patients
O25 US Dept. Agriculture offers on-line FOOD database, also downloadable to PDAs
O25 Eat fish and stay focused or eat burgers and go bonkers
O22 Weight loss suppresses angiotensin converting enzyme activity
O21 Atkins diet works better than regular diet in randomized trial
O21 Leptin levels tied to osteoblast function
O21 Side effects slow diet drug efforts
O20 Fish eaters have high mercury levels
O18 Soy milk coming for U.S. school lunches?
O16 Doubts about sprouts: Link to E. Coli infection and HUS
O14 Political action group defends right to eat junk food
O07 Baxter subsidiary to sell water enriched with nutrients and isoflavones
O05 Listeriosis linked to sliced turkey deli meat
O03 New study suggests that diabetic diet too restrictive
S29 Relationship between interdialytic weight gain, gender, and body size
S29 Asparagine identified as source of acrylamide carcinogen in fried foods
S25 Diets rich in dairy products help in achieving weight loss
S23 Why thiazolidinediones can trigger weight gain
S17 Vitamin E fails to slow atherosclerosis
S13 Reduced calorie diet adds significantly to dog life span
S09 More on the new food guide pyramid
S05 New dietary guidelines issued by Institute of Medicine
S03 Web-based caffeine-calculator: You may be taking in more caffeine than you think
A24 No evidence that supplements made from soy or garlic are effective
A22 Whole grain intake associated with low risk of type 2 diabetes
A22 Milk avoidance in children leads to short stature and low bone density
A20 Honey and nuts fight cholesterol
A15 FDA issues warning on Chinese weight loss pills
A15 Intermediate molecule linked to long-lasting effects of caffeine identified
A12 Substantial hypercalciuria associated with Atkins diet
A11 Direct stimulation of gastric nerves being studied to decrease food intake
A11 The Establishment goes into attack mode against the Atkins diet
A10 Nutrition experts chewing the fat on merits of the Atkins diet
A08 Recommendations to drink 8 glasses of water/day challenged
A08 Certain imported candy from Mexico a source of lead poisoning
A07 Novel GI hormone PYY3-36 can function as a remarkable appetite suppressant
A04 Vegetarian group calls Atkins diet unsafe
A03 Peanuts can curb hunger, reduce caloric intake
A02 Atkins low carb diet increases net acid excretion, lowers urinary citrate
A01 Beta-adrenergic receptors implicated in coping with caloric excess
J31 Shark liver compound may suppress appetite, help to achieve weight loss
J31 Fish oils soften arteries, may fight heart attack
J26 Fat man sues four fast food chains; claims he wasn't warned
J26 Low Carb Research website updated
J25 Omega-3 fatty acid diets improve arterial elasticity and compliance
J25 Soy protein diets improve blood lipids
J22 Humans without leptin are very obese, respond dramatically to leptin replacement
J15 Food supplement company buys for peanuts
J13 CRP too high? Pray for it to go down.
J11 Leptin target enzyme identified in liver; it has a role in fat metabolism
J10 Obesity a growing problem in Asian countries, also.
J09 NIDDK empanels Caloric Restriction Clinical Implications Advisory Group
J08 The Atkins diet appears effective and improves lipid parameters
J07 Atkins Diet may be the correct approach after all (NY Times, free reg required)
J05 United States FDA approves neotame, a new ultrasweet sugar substitute
J03 Timing of exercise during menstrual cycle affects resultant weight loss
J01 Why does one weigh more when some scales are used on a carpeted surface?
J28 More on acrylamide in food
J23 Love nuts? It's good for your heart.
J20 Low vitamin D levels endemic in nonuremic African American women
J20 Androgen therapy helps older men build muscle strength
J16 Pro-inflammatory effects of eating a high-fat, high-calorie meal
J13 BMJ: Lawyers poised to sue junk food manufacturers
J13 A BMI upper limit of 22 may prevent diabetes in susceptible ethnic groups
J10 Potential diet drug curbs calories, burns fat
J07 Why does Europe not fortify its foods with folic acid?
M27 Vegetarians: High homocysteine and low vitamin B12 levels
M24 Protein identified that causes muscle wasting syndrome
M24 Potassium counteracts osteoporotic effects of high-salt diet
M23 Ghrelin - new hunger hormone - affected by obesity surgery
M16 Vitamin D and fats affect colon cancer risk via bile acid metabolite
M15 Ethanol improves insulin sensitivity in older diabetic women
M12 Regular tea drinking may help preserve bone density
M11 Homocysteine, folate, B12 levels linked to cognitive function in the elderly
M09 Environmental group claims chocolate has high lead levels, sues confectioners
M08 High salt intake linked to low bone density in post-menopausal women
M07 Heart attack? Drinking tea may increase your survival chances.
A30 Peanuts and cardiovascular health: the good vs. the bad
A30 Cooking increases lycopene levels in tomatoes
A30 Dr. Atkins recovering from heart stoppage - said to be cardiomyopathy related
A26 Androgen therapy in men shows nutritional as well as Hgb benefits
A25 Magnesium information center launched by Cornell Univ. docs
A24 Choline supplementation may prevent fatty liver during TPN
A24 Carcinogen (acrylamide) found in high amounts in fried potatoes
A23 Eating dairy products associated with lower type 2 diabetes rates
A22 More evidence of health benefits of green tea, soy, flaxseed, and berries
A19 Cooking raises anti-oxidant, phytochemical properties of tomatoes
A12 A new measure of central obesity: the abdominal volume index
A10 Fish consumption lowers risk of coronary artery disease in women
A10 NKF posts on-line cookbook: Living Well on Dialysis
A09 Caution urged on soy menopause remedies
A08 Baxter offers CEU programs in IV Rx. TPN, Apheresis
A08 Fish oil supplements cut sudden death risk
A08 Honey has potential as a dietary anti-oxidant
A05 Megadose vitamin therapy has theoretical advantages
M29 Vitamins C and E delay arteriosclerosis after heart transplant
M24 AHA chickens out on previous rec to liberalize egg consumption
M24 Java lovers toast study separating coffee drinking from hypertension
M15 Soy diet reduces pain, inflammation in a rat model
M14 Some organic soups found to have high salicylic acid content
M10 New hormone controlling hunger identified
M08 Increased folic acid ingestion may have CV benefits in the elderly
M05 Extent of reimbursement for Medicare nutritionist coverage clarified
M04 Low dietary magnesium linked to supravenricular ectopy
F27 High-protein beats high-carb diet for weight loss
F19 New appetite suppressant drug extremely effective in obese mice
F08 Losing weight lowers CRP levels markedly in postmenopausal women
F07 Higher (monounsaturated) fat diet OK for diabetics