Psychosocial Components of Patient Care

What are the typical problems that the Social Worker needs to address in CKD patients? Panel discussion: An illustrative case summary with questions and comments pulls it all together. (more...)

Updated: February 14, 2021 (Feb14)
Feb14 Semaglutide shown to effect substantial weight loss in obese persons.
Jul11 Trump's advancing kidney care initiative
Jul01 Low grade E. Coli urinary tract infections picked up by DNA testing of urine.
Feb19 Universal flu vaccine on the near horizon
Jan24 Alzheimer disease linked to brain infection by gingivitis bacteria.
Jun12 Pharmacologic approach to weight loss that prevents food absorption.
Mar12 USRDS Annual Report 2017
Jan11 Lp(a) in the news in the New York Times
Aug10 Immunotherapy may arrest damage of beta cells in type 1 diabetes.
Aug10 Fresenius inks deal to acquire NxStage.
Jun06 Dr. Fred Coe's Kidney Stone Guide Book - a work in progress.
Dec28 Pharmacies miss some drug interactions that are known to cause serious issues.
Jul12 Dr. Fred Coe videos on urine calcium supersaturation in stone disease.
May29 Nicotinamide riboside protects mice from effects of diabetes.
May29 Smoking increases risk of CKD progression in African Americans
General Advances Emphasis
Dialysis patient education (Hansen) HDCN Nursing Channel
Psychosocial components of patient care (Bova-Collis) ANNA 2002 Satellite Symposium
Subcutaneous vascular access: A patient's experience (Nettleton) ANNA 2002 Satellite Symposium
Non-compliant patients (Hansen) HDCN Nursing Channel
Pain management in PKD (Bennett) PKD Foundation 2001 Mtg
Polycystic liver disease in PKD (Perrone) PKD Foundation 2001 Mtg
Patient safety in ESRD (Kliger) RPA 2001 Annual Meeting
(Patient lecture) Which form of dialysis is right for me? (Blake) Doc-To-Me Pre-ESRD
(Patient lecture) What kinds of foods should I eat and stay away from? (Fine) Doc-To-Me Pre-ESRD
(Patient lecture) I have diabetes: How can I protect my kidneys? (Friedman) Doc-To-Me Pre-ESRD
(Patient lecture) How about my blood count: How can I keep this up? (Levin) Doc-To-Me Pre-ESRD
(Patient lecture) How do I protect my bones when I have kidney disease? (Lindberg) Doc-To-Me Pre-ESRD
(Patient lecture) How can I stay off dialysis? (Mendelssohn) Doc-To-Me Pre-ESRD
(Patient lecture) Is transplantation the right option for me? (Peters) Doc-To-Me Pre-ESRD
(Patient lecture) What do I need to know about my blood pressure? (Toto) Doc-To-Me Pre-ESRD
Psychosocial issues in survival of hemodialysis patients (Kimmel) NKF 1998 Spring Clinical Meetings
Evaluation of patient satisfaction with dialysis (Chapman) CAPD 1998 Symposium

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