Annual Dialysis Conference 2008.

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Dr. Collins

Obesity in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients (ASN Renal Week, 2005)

To what extent is BMI increasing in the general population vs. CKD? Is this occurring in all age groups and races? How does elevated BMI affect mortality in hemodialysis patients? In diabetics vs. nondiabetics? Does BMI predict survival in PD? In not, why not? How does BMI related to technique survival and likelihood of transplantation? Does PD increase the risk of diabetes? If so, over what time period and how does this differ among different age groups? (more...)

Updated: July 28, 2016 (Jul28)
Jul28 Good Staph. in the nose makes novel peptide antibiotic that kills bad Staph.
Feb29 Phage Therapy 2016 World Congress meets this June in Paris.
Feb29 When will be see phage therapy for exit site and access infections?
Dec14 Even more news on the new HDCN Facebook page!
Dec06 Dialysis Patient Citizens group worried about lack of treatment option information given to predialysis patients, esp. those on Medicaid.
Dec01 SecA inhibitors particularly effective against MRSA and other bacteria.
Jul31 Paid kidney donation and the Iranian model in the New York Times
May08 Putting the brakes on bacterial resistance to antibiotics with targeted antibiotic scheduling.
Jan09 New variant of aminoglycosides does not impair hearing.
Jun22 Dr. Karl Nolph, in memoriam
May26 Nitrosomonas - an alternative approach to S. aureus decolonization?
May18 Aspirin retards wound healing
Dec23 Staph stopper vaccine developed at U. Iowa
Dec14 Staph. aureus can lurk deep within the nose.
Oct13 Application of honey to peritoneal catheter infection site as good as mupirocin.
Industry Advances Emphasis
Management of Anuric PD Patients (Blake) ADC 2008
PD in Octogenarians (Amerling) ADC 2008
Should PD be the Preferred Therapy Pre-Kidney Transplantation? (Mohamed) ADC 2008
Statistical Methods for Estimating Survival in PD:  How to Read between the Lines? (Vonesh) ADC 2008
Sleep Apnea and Restless Leg Syndrome in PD Patients (Kathuria) ADC 2008
The Advantages of Embedded PD Catheters (McCormick) ADC 2008
Standardization of Animal Models for PD Research: What Are We Waiting For? (Lindholm) ADC 2008
Understanding How the Peritoneal Membrane Works (Nolph) ADC 2008
Management of Fluid Overload in PD Patients, Including Those with UF Failure (Schreiber) ADC 2008
Peritoneal Dialysis Is the Best Therapy (Mujais) ADC 2008
Non-Infectious Complications of PD (Teitelbaum) ADC 2008
Unusual (Non-Renal) Indications for the Use of PD (Gotloib) ADC 2008
Sclerosing Encapsulating Peritonitis: An Update (Lo) ADC 2008
PD Patient Identification, Education and Recruitment (Requ) ADC 2008
Medical and Surgical Treatment of Encapsulating Peritoneal Sclerosis in 2008 (Guest) ADC 2008
Controversy 2: PD in Diabetic ESRD Patients: Diabetics with Renal Failure Should Not Be Offered PD Therapy (Friedman) ADC 2008
Protecting Residual Renal Function (Stone) ADC 2008
Dilemmas Regarding Catheter Removal in Severe Peritonitis (Li) ADC 2008
Management of PD Patients with Cardiovascular Diseases (Aggarwal) ADC 2008
Solute Transport in PD: The Role Genes Play (Filho) ADC 2008
Life after Initiation of PD: Coping with the Challenges of ESRD (Kimmel) ADC 2008
Controversy 1: Sodium Removal in APD: There Is No Difference in Sodium Removal between APD and CAPD (Mujais) ADC 2008
When to Give-Up PD and Transfer to HD (Saxena) ADC 2008
An Update on Biocompatible Solutions and Solution Effects on the Peritoneal Membrane (Gotloib) ADC 2008
Metabolic Syndrome in PD (Li,) ADC 2008
Blood Pressure Control in PD (Negoi) ADC 2008
Are Oral Antibiotics Appropriate for Treatment of Peritonitis? (Lo) ADC 2008
PD Access Update: Find a Better Catheter or a Better Surgeon? (Nichols) ADC 2008
PD (Oreopoulos) ADC 2008
Controversy 1: Rebuttal (Bargman) ADC 2008
Approach To Patients with Cloudy Dialysate (Tarwater) ADC 2008
Increasing PD Utilization: The Ontario Government Initiative (Oreopoulos) ADC 2008
Prevention of Exit-Site Infection and Peritonitis, Including Fungal and Grams-Negative Peritonitis (Dasgupta) ADC 2008
The Challenges to Long-Term PD (Saxena) ADC 2008
Controversy 2: Rebuttal (Friedman) ADC 2008
Controversy 2: PD in Diabetic ESRD Patients: Diabetics Should Not Be Denied PD Therapy (Schreiber) ADC 2008
The Standardization of a Rat Model: 25 Years and Counting (Moore) ADC 2008
Metabolically Challenged PD Patients (Hawley) ADC 2008
Preserving Peritoneal Membrane Function (Guest) ADC 2008
The Role of Cytokines in PD (Diaz-Buxo) ADC 2008
Animal Models in PD Research - What Role Do They Serve? (Breborowicz) ADC 2008
Small Solute Clearances - PD and HD Compared (Burkart) ADC 2008
PD Adequacy - Beyond Kt/V (Teitelbaum) ADC 2008
PD Peritonitis: Case Studies (Dasgupta) ADC 2008
Assessment of Peritoneal Membrane Function: Is the Peritoneal Equilibration Test the Gold Standard? (Lindholm) ADC 2008
Use of Intermittent IP Antibiotics for APD Peritonitis: Is It Evidence-Based? (Blake) ADC 2008
Choosing Between CAPD and APD: When and Why Does It Matter? (Negoi) ADC 2008
Surgical Challenges in PD Patients (Nichols) ADC 2008
PD Prescriptions: Case Studies (Burkart) ADC 2008
Standardization of the Rat Model in PD Research (Breborowicz) ADC 2008
How to Enhance Solute Clearance in PD (Blake) ADC 2008
Standardization of the Rabbit Model in PD Research (Struijk) ADC 2008
PD Literature: The Year in Review (Teitelbaum) ADC 2008
Catheter Removal for PD Peritonitis: When and Why? (Abu-Alfa) ADC 2008
Pregnancy in PD Patients: An Update (A. Golper) ADC 2008
CASE DISCUSSION: A complex PD patient (A. Diaz-Buxo) RRI 2008
The Hybrid Renal Replacement Therapies (R. Marshall) ASN Renal Week 2007
Peritoneal Dialysis Catheters: Fluoroscopic Method (D. Maya) ASN Renal Week 2007
Peritoneal Dialysis Catheters: Peritoneoscopic Method (R. Ash) ASN Renal Week 2007
Residual Function in APD vs. CAPD (O. Finkelstein) ADC 2007
K/DOQI Guidelines for APD and CAPD Adequacy (M. Burkart) ADC 2007
Protein Losses in APD vs. CAPD (Voineseu) ADC 2007
Peritonitis in APD vs. CAPD: An Update (O. Finkelstein) ADC 2007
USA Experience (Ross) ADC 2007
Reverse Epidemiology in PD and HD (Zadeh) ADC 2007
Diagnosis and Treatment of Viral Peritonitis (Salzer) ADC 2007
Patient and Technique Survivals in APD vs. CAPD (Negoi) ADC 2007
Australian Experience (G. Kerr) ADC 2007
Toronto Experience (Pierratos) ADC 2007
Patient and Technique Survivals in APD vs. CAPD (Negoi) ADC 2007
Indications for APD vs. CAPD (Schreiber) ADC 2007
Blood Pressure and Volume Control in APD vs. CAPD (Mujais) ADC 2007
Biofilms are evrywhere: What is its relevance for CKD, PD and HD? (Offenbacher) RRI 2007
Annual Dialysis Conference 2006 Audiofiles (Various speakers) ADC 2006 (audiofiles)
Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Overview and Placement Techniques (Ash) ASDIN 2006, Part 2
Peritoneal Dialysis Procedures: A Surgical Approach (Crabtree) ASDIN 2006, Part 2
A Critical Evaluation of PD as a Therapy (Lameire) RRI 2006 - Part 3 (handouts)
How to Set up and Run a Successful PD Program (Diaz-Buxo) RRI 2006 - Part 1 (handouts)
Clinical Issues in Peritoneal Dialysis (Piraino, Davies, McIntyre, Collins) ASN Renal Week 2005 (audiofiles)
Defining the Adequacy of Peritoneal Dialysis (Khanna) ASN 2004 Board Review
Annual Dialysis Conference 2005 Audiofiles (Various speakers) ADC 2005 (audiofiles)
Preserving residual renal function in diabetics after initiating dialysis (Bargman) ASN 2003 Renal Week
The new peritoneal dialysis K-DOQI guidelines (Burkart) ASN 2002 Renal Week
How should ADEMEX affect PD practice in the United States? (Teitelbaum) NKF 2002 Spring Meeting
Peritoneal dialysis adequacy: what is the role of ADEMEX? (Mujais) NKF 2002 Spring Meeting

Reimbursement and economic factors influencing dialysis modality choice around the world (Just PM et al) NDT - Jul - 08
Randomized controlled study of biocompatible peritoneal dialysis solutions: Effect on residual renal function Kidney Int (Jan 2008)
Resistant hypertension and aldosterone excess: new insights from ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (Grassi et al) J Hypertens (Oct 2007)
Early Start Peritoneal Dialysis Adv Chronic Kidney Dis (Jul 07)
Annual Dialysis Conference PD Abstracts HDI (01-2007)
KDOQI PD Adequacy 2006 update
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