Advances in CKD 2013 (Parts 2 and 3)   
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Renal Research Institute
Rio Grande, Puerto Rico; January 2013

Quality Incentive Program (QIP)
Eduardo Lacson, Jr., MD

ESRD outlook for 2014
Peter B. DeOreo, MD

Accountable Care for Renal Disease
Franklin W. Maddux, MD


Updated: July 19, 2019 (Jul19)
Jul19 Full text of President Trump Executive Order re kidney disease (PDF)
Jul11 Trump's advancing kidney care initiative
Mar12 USRDS Annual Report 2017
Aug10 Fresenius inks deal to acquire NxStage.
Mar17 Updated CKD booklet for professionals released
Mar09 ISHD publishes practical manual for implementing home hemodialysis
Mar09 Is the FDA allowing promotion of off-label uses of drugs as free speech?
Dec14 Even more news on the new HDCN Facebook page!
Dec14 Primary aldo screening for resistant hypertension cost effective?
Dec12 Ten modules from the ISHD Global Home Hemodialysis Toolkit
Dec09 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: The Home HD Hub: Infrastructure and Governance (Module 1)
Dec06 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Funding and Planning to Start or Expand a Home HD program (Module 2)
Dec06 Dialysis Patient Citizens group worried about lack of treatment option information given to predialysis patients, esp. those on Medicaid.
Dec04 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Workforce Development and Models of Care (Module 3)
Dec03 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Systems to Cultivate Suitable Patients (Module 4)
General Advances Emphasis
Legislative and Regulatory Update for the Dialysis Industry (B. Riley) NANT 2009
Cohort Studies: From the Beginning to the End (I. Thadhani) ASN Renal Week 2008
E is for Epidemiology: The Key Principles (I. Feldman) ASN Renal Week 2008
Decision Analysis and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis: Taking It to Another Level (R. Powe) ASN Renal Week 2008
Principles of Bioethics: Justifying Research (Lo) ASN Renal Week 2008
Behind the Curtain: What You Should Know About the Conduct of Randomized Controlled Trials (I. Thadhani) ASN Renal Week 2008
Putting It All Together: Examples and Discussions of Flawed Publications (Hsu) ASN Renal Week 2008
Case Reports, Case Series, Cross-Sectional Studies:Where Observations Begin (and Sometimes End) (S. Parekh) ASN Renal Week 2008
What Are the Workforce Needs of the Nephrology Community? (B. Wish) ASN Renal Week 2008
Status Report of Fistula First Initiatives: Have Rates Improved? (M. Spergel) ASN Renal Week 2008
Managing Our Future: Training the Next Generation Effectively (E. Kohan) ASN Renal Week 2008
Putting It All Together: Journal Club #1 (B. Leonard) ASN Renal Week 2008
Biostatistics Workshop #1: How Things Actually Work (continued)   (H. Greene) ASN Renal Week 2008
Biostatistics Workshop #1: How Things Actually Work (H. Greene) ASN Renal Week 2008
Randomized Controlled Trials: Good as Gold (J. Manns) ASN Renal Week 2008
Meta-Analysis: When One is Not Enough (Garg) ASN Renal Week 2008
Retaining Personnel in Your Dialysis Facility (M. Piraino) ASN Renal Week 2008
Does CKD Management Reduce Cost of Care? (D. Mattern) ASN Renal Week 2008
Panel Discussion: Rebuttals, Rejoinders and Reality (De Oreo) CFC 2008
Legal Implications for the Medical Director Under the New CfC (Riley) CFC 2008
The Medical Director, the IDT and the Medical Staff (Lazarus) CFC 2008
Overview and Introduction to the Nework Role in QAPI and CMS Compliance (B. DeOreo) CFC 2008
QAPI: Quality and Safety - The Big Picture (S. Kliger) CFC 2008
Governance, Administrative and Supervisory Issues for the Medical Director under the New CfC (Wyc) CFC 2008
Herding Cats: How to Manage Physicians' Teamwork (Diamond) RPA 2008
ESA Payment Update: Where Knowledge Meets Politics (Nissenson) RPA 2008
Value and Courage in Politics: Nephrology Reaches Farther (Lehrner) RPA 2008
An Overview of Adherence Health Care Therapies (Kammerer) ADC 2008
Increasing Survival in Advanced CKD and ESRD: The Role of Dialysis Providers in Assessing and Managing Cardiovascular Disease (Schiller) ADC 2008
Controversy 2: Guidelines in Nephrology: They Have Done More Harm than Good (Golper) ADC 2008
Louis Diamond Lecture: Is Decision Support Software Worth the Investment? (Graber) RPA 2008
RPA: Year in Review (Kliger) RPA 2008
Revisiting the K/DOQI Clinical Practice Guidelines for Bone Metabolism in CKD (Nolan) ADC 2008
Good Medical Practice-USA: Establishing Physician Competency (Watt) RPA 2008
PQRI: The Decision Making Process (Simonton) RPA 2008
PQRI: The Decision Making Process (Przybyla) RPA 2008
Creating Innovation Out of Conformity: Implementing Clinical Practice Guidelines (Goldman) RPA 2008
PQRI: The Decision Making Process (Raskin) RPA 2008
Brian Ling Lecture: Pay for Performance is Here! Lessons of success from Medicare Physician Payment Demonstration Project (Ulrich) RPA 2008
The Janus Face of Close Partnership with Industry (Levin) RPA 2008
Controversy 2: Guidelines in Nephrology: They Have Had a Positive Impact (Pierrato) ADC 2008
Update on Teledialysis and the Problems with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Reimbursement Guidelines (Moncrief) ADC 2008
What Is on the Horizon? (Palindrome Emerald, Palindrome Ruby, and Palindrome Sapphire) (Ross) ADC 2008
Treatment Options: One-Year’s Experience with a Large Scale Pre-ESRD Education Initiative (Billadeau) ADC 2008
RPA's Advocacy Agenda (Blaser) RPA 2008
Value and Courage in Politics: Nephrology Reaches Farther (Schmidt) RPA 2008
Clear Separation will lead to best care for patients (Himmelfarb) RPA 2008
Debate Part II - Guidelines have improved patient care and outcomes vs. guidelines have done more harm than good (Amerling) RRI 2008
SPECIAL LECTURE: Ethical Nephrology Care: Are our incentives aligned properly? (S. Kliger) RRI 2008
Debate Part I - Guidelines have improved patient care and outcomes vs. guidelines have done more harm than good (Levin) RRI 2008
International differences in presentation, prevention and management of CKD in Eastern Europe (Rutkowski) RRI 2008
Understanding the Federal ESRD survey process: current issues & future directions (Kari) RRI 2008
Understanding the finances of a dialysis facility and its medical director (B. DeOreo) RRI 2008
International differences in presentation, prevention and management of CKD in Latin America (Correa-Rotter) RRI 2008
Transplanting the Non-Adherent Patient: Where Are We Now? (Chapman) ASN Renal Week 2007
Non-Adherence in Hemodialysis: Does it Affect Outcome? (E. Leggat) ASN Renal Week 2007
Hurricane Katrina: Quality of Care in the Dialysis Population (G. Kutner) ASN Renal Week 2007
Quality of Care in the Dialysis Population: Data from the New Medical Evidence (ME) Form (N. Foley) ASN Renal Week 2007
Addressing End-of-Life Issues (L. Holley) ASN Renal Week 2007
USRDS Administrative Structure and the Availability of Data for Researchers (W. Eggers) ASN Renal Week 2007
Debate: Does Routine Screening of Dialysis Access Reduce Risk of Thrombosis? (M. Dember) ASN Renal Week 2007
Physical Functioning in ESRD: Clinical Significance of Deficits and Impact of Interventions (Painter) ASN Renal Week 2007
Treating the Disruptive Dialysis Patient: A Practical, Medical, and Ethical Approach (H. Moss) ASN Renal Week 2007
Overview of the 2007 Annual Data Report (ADR): Trends in Incidence, Prevalence, and Mortality (J. Collins) ASN Renal Week 2007
Focus on Quality Care - THe CMS Perspective (M. Straube) ASN Renal Week 2007
Shifting from ESRD to CKD: The (R)evolution in Nephrology Practice (R. Nissenson) ASN Renal Week 2007
Reading Between the Guidelines (B. Van Wyck) ASN Renal Week 2007
Keeping Our Eye on the Ball: Improving Outcomes through Practice Guidelines (S. Kliger) ASN Renal Week 2007
The Line in the Sand: Legal Implications for the Treating Physician and Medical Director? (A. Gutman) ASN Renal Week 2007
Principles of Bioethics: Justifying Research (Lo) ASN Renal Week 2007
Decision Analysis and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis: Taking It to Another Level (R. Powe) ASN Renal Week 2007
Stacking the Deck: An Examination of the Guideline Development Process Christopher R. Blagg Endowed Lectureship in Renal Disease and Public Policy (P. Kassirer) ASN Renal Week 2007
What Nephrologists Do and Don't Get Paid For (B. De Oreo) ASN Renal Week 2007
Louis Diamond Lecture: Leading the Way to High Quality Care (M. Clancy) RPA 2007
FDA Public Health Advisory Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agents (ESAs) (Nissenson) RPA 2007
Patient and Technique Survivals in APD vs. CAPD (Negoi) ADC 2007
Using Benchmarking to Improve Practice Efficiency (C. Mecum) RPA 2007
Point Guard Value: Quality Improvement and Oversight (Kliger) RPA 2007
RPA: Year in Review, Recognition Awards (Provenzano) RPA 2007
RPA's Advocacy Agenda (Blaser) RPA 2007
Creating Governance in Your Practice: An Essential Element of Change (E. Mazak) RPA 2007
The Center Position: Federal Regulations: Deciphering the law (Casey) RPA 2007
ntegrating Advanced Practice Nurses and Physician Assistants Into Nephrology Practice: When Is The Right Time? (A. Golper) RPA 2007
The Full Court Press on Dialysis Facility Medical Directors (A. Gutman) RPA 2007
Is My Practice Prepared? Measuring Performance with P4P Mind (Goldman) RPA 2007
RPA’s Physician Payment Survey Results (P. Paganini) RPA 2007
The Nephrologist As Medical Director A Clash of Cultures or Evolving History? (W. Maddux) RPA 2007
Maximizing The Value of Your Practice Through Maintenance of Certification (S. Sennett) RPA 2007
 Guidelines for Practice Guidelines (Amerling) RRI 2007
The Management of Dialysis Units The European Perspective (Stopper) RRI 2007
What is Now Expected from Medical Directors? (Provenzano) RRI 2007
Impact of the Change in CMS Billing Rules for Erythropoietin on Hemoglobin Outcomes in Dialysis Patients (J. Ofsthun) RRI 2007
 How To Survive The Hemodialysis Unit Survey (Sullivan) RRI 2007
 Does genetics explain the international differences in dialysis mortality? (Shoji) RRI 2007
Clinical Practice Guidelines and Clinical Practice Recommendations for Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease: What Will They Do For Patient Management? (G. Nelson) RRI 2007
Understanding the Finances of the Individual Dialysis Facility (DeOreo) RRI 2007
 The Survey of a Hemodialysis Unit as seen by the Federal Government (Kari) RRI 2007
RPA 2006 Annual Meeting (Various) RPA 2006
Nursing Home Dialysis: A Primer (Stephen Korbet, MD; Steven Bucher, CPA, MBA) ADC 2006 (audiofiles)
Explaining and Correcting PD Underutilization (Madhukar Misra, MD; John Burkart, MD; Allen R. Nissenson, MD, FACP; Irum Shahab, MD; Martin Schreiber, MD; Rajnish Mehrotra, MD, MBBS; Dimitrios G. Oreopoulos, MD, PhD, FRCPC, FACP; Martin Schreiber, MD) ADC 2006 (audiofiles)
International Conference on Dialysis (Various speakers) RRI 2006 (handouts)
RPA 2005 Annual Meeting (Various) RPA 2005
International Conference on Dialysis (Various speakers) RRI 2005 (audiofiles)

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Dialysis facility design - part II: Minimize costly plan changes (Steven B. Bower) Dial Transplant 09-06
Dialysis facility design - part I: Developing a strategic and financial plan (Steven B. Bower) Dial Transplant 08-06
Lessons for Medicare Part D in the hemodialysis community (Nayeem, Chertow) BMC Nephrology 07-06
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