Care of the Chronic Kidney Disease Patient

Ruth C. Campbell, MD, and Jeffrey S. Berns, MD. (Andrew Z. Fenves, MD, FASN, moderator, and Daniel C. Batlle, MD, discussant)
(ASN Renal Week Official Symposium, November, 2008.)
Campbell: What is a systems approach to management of anemia in a CKD clinic? Where are the bottlenecks and how does one get through them? What is the role of point-of-service Hb testing? Scheduling of patient appointments? Insurance and drug assistance programs? What are protocols that take into account extended dosing intervals? What are useful iron protocols? How can we help make our CKD protocols concordant with recent FDA package insert warnings? Berns: Which outcomes are of clinical importance that Hb adjustment may improve? What did CHOIR and CREATE show, and how did the secondary analysis of CHOIR suggest that EPO dose per se may be a risk factor? What did the FDA alerts say? How does ESA therapy impact on cost of care for CKD patients before starting dialysis? What are the potential benefits of individualized patient management? (more...)




Shades of Grey: Key Questions in the Future of Treatment for CKD-Related Anemia

Rebecca J. Schmidt, DO, FASN; Robert D. Toto, MD; Keith C. Norris, MD, FASN
(ASN Renal Week Official Symposium, November, 2008.)
Schmidt: What are current estimates of CKD in the US population and the projected changes in the nephrology workforce? What are opportunities for improving care, re Hb levels, AV access, dietitian consultation? What are the results of a multidisciplinary approach to CKD? What constitutes the multidisciplinary team and what are their roles?
Toto: How do observational and randomized trials differ in terms of benefits of more complete anemia correction? Specifically, what did each type of trial show in terms of CV endpoints, LV mass index, and quality of life? What is the TREAT study and how will it add to our knowledge in this area?
Norris: How might the FDA black box warnings re ESAs pertaining to cancer and deep vein thrombosis impact CKD patients? How does the KDOQI 2007 anemia update differ from the FDA black box warnings? (more...)




The ESA Controversy: The Role of Intravenous Iron

Tomas Ganz, MD, PhD; Rajiv Agarwal, MD, MBBS, FASN; Anatole Besarab, MD, FACP (moderated by Adeera Levin, MD)
(ASN Renal Week Official Symposium, November, 2008.)
Ganz: What are the 3 means by which hepcidin levels are regulated? What is ferroportin and where does it act? What are physiologic and pathologic conditions in which hepcidin is either high or low?
Agarwal: What is the rationale for routine iron maintenance therapy as opposed to a load-and-hold strategy? What were results of studies targeting higher TSAT and/or allowing higher serum ferritin levels? What are potential advantages of adding iron to the dialysate? How much iron do dialysis patients need in a typical year?
Besarab: What are the most recent FDA guidelines re ESA use? What does recent reanalysis of the CHOIR trial suggest regarding the importance of ESA dose and adverse outcomes? What is the basis of the time lag in Hb response after changes in ESA dose? How can one minimize Hb variability? What effect does IV iron therapy have on ESA requirements? (more...)


Van Buskirk  


Stabilizing Hemoglobin Levels: What's New in IV Iron and Anemia Management?

Steven Fishbane, MD; Suzann VanBuskirk, BSN, RN, CNN; Kristin Larson, RN, ANP, BNP, CNN
(ANNA National Symposium, Philadelphia, PA. April, 2008.) 1.5 CNE
VanBuskirk: How common is Hb variability in ESRD patients, and how does this correlate to outcomes? What are its possible causes? How do iron and ESA impact on red blood cell production? At what stage of erythropoiesis does each act? What is the role of hepcidin? What are the factors controlling reponse to ESA therapy? How can IV iron be used to optimize response to ESA and minimize Hb variability? Fishbane: What is the recent guidance from KDOQI, CMS, and the FDA regarding ESA therapy? What were the risks of using higher ESA dosing to target higher Hb levels identified in the normal Hct trial, the CHOIR trial, and the CREATE trial? What did the mandated black box warning say? What approach did the FDA recommend to ESA hyporesponsive patients? What should be the ESA strategy in light of the new recommendations? What does KDOQI recommend in terms of IV iron usage? Regarding serum ferritin? What did the DRIVE study show regarding using IV iron in patients with higher serum ferritin levels? Larson: How can we learn from case studies how to minimize Hb variability? What are the potential risks of higher ESA doses? How can we individual treatment with both IV iron and ESA to help maintain a stable Hb level? (more...)





Achieving Control: Optimizing the Management of CKD-Anemia

Allen R. Nissenson, MD; Steven Fishbane, MD; Michael J. Germain, MD; Robert Provenzano, MD
(CME Symposium (Synermed-Penn State), March, 2008.)
Nissenson: What is the difference between target and achieved hemoglobin? What did the 2007 KDOQI anemia update recommend and what were the results of the KDOQI meta-analysis? Fishbane: In CKD, at what point should one start to treat a low Hb? What is the approach to ESA hyporesponsiveness? How can one dose iron and ESA in such a way to limit Hb variability? Why is Hb variability relevant? Germain: What are the various drugs available to stimulate red cell production? What are their pharmacokinetics? To what extent is pharmacologic half-life associated with the time course of Hb response, especially with less frequent dosing? Is Hb variability different with shorter and longer half-life drugs? How frequently should Hb be monitored? What are good strategies for ESA dosing adjustment? Provenzano: What are areas were care of predialysis CKD patients might be improved? What resources do such patients utilize? What is the cost of providing care to them? What is the opportunity for providing care to this population and maintain reimbursement to have a viable practice? What is the RPA CKD management toolkit, and how can it help in the care of these patients? What are services, revenue, and costs of a CKD clinic model? (more...)

Updated: October 23, 2019 (Oct23)
Oct23 Akebia sues CMS for denying coverage for Auryxia under Medicare Part D
Dec11 Randomized PIVOT trial published in NEJM suggests more IV iron is better.
Mar23 Lungs play a role in making platelets in mice.
Feb22 Smartphones to become pocket doctors.
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Dec14 Long-term use of proton-pump inhibitors linked to vitamin B12 deficiency.
Mar20 Vel-negative blood type and transfusion risk now better understood.
Mar17 Macrophages found to play key role in regulating red blood cell levels.
Mar17 Darbepoietin treatment does not improve survival in anemic heart failure patients.
Feb24 Fatal allergic reactions to Omontys (peginesatide) trigger recall.
Dec26 Blood transfusion associated with increased risk of heart attack.
Nov10 Loss of essential blood gene (Atpif1) leads to anemia.
Nov01 DOPPS practice monitor updated in October 2012
Sep03 Protein found to regulate red blood cell size and number.
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