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HDCN News Archive -- Anemia
Oct23 Akebia sues CMS for denying coverage for Auryxia under Medicare Part D
Dec11 Randomized PIVOT trial published in NEJM suggests more IV iron is better.
Mar23 Lungs play a role in making platelets in mice.
Feb22 Smartphones to become pocket doctors.
Dec14 Even more news on the new HDCN Facebook page!
Jul16 ISHD to sponsor 2-day Hemodialysis University in Chicago on August 15/16, 2014.
Dec14 Long-term use of proton-pump inhibitors linked to vitamin B12 deficiency.
Mar20 Vel-negative blood type and transfusion risk now better understood.
Mar17 Macrophages found to play key role in regulating red blood cell levels.
Mar17 Darbepoietin treatment does not improve survival in anemic heart failure patients.
Feb24 Fatal allergic reactions to Omontys (peginesatide) trigger recall.
Dec26 Blood transfusion associated with increased risk of heart attack.
Nov10 Loss of essential blood gene (Atpif1) leads to anemia.
Nov01 DOPPS practice monitor updated in October 2012
Sep03 Protein found to regulate red blood cell size and number.
Aug16 DOPPS Practice Monitor website
Aug02 KDIGO releases new, 2012 version of anemia guidelines; 9.0 g/dL Hb is the new lower bound.
Jul18 Trial of EPO pump underway.
Jul12 Affymax inks deal to supply Omontys (peginesatide) to Fresenius in the U.S.
Jul05 Platelet drug eltrombopag increases platelet count in aplastic anemia.
Jul03 DaVita settles allegations of improper billing for ESAs without admitting any wrongdoing.
May14 USRDS reports increases in blood transfusion rate to dialysis patients of 9-22 percent in 2011 vs. 2010.
Mar27 FDA approves peginesatide to treat anemia in adult dialysis patients.
Feb18 Polystyrene nanoparticle block gut iron absorption.
Dec07 New method proposed of genetically repairing sickle cell genes.
Dec07 New method proposed of genetically repairing sickle cell genes.
Dec06 U.S. FDA considering the relative efficacy and safety of Affymax to treat CKD anemia.
Dec06 EPO involved in the spread of cancer.
Nov28 Amgen negotiates 2 large anemia drug contracts with DaVita and Fresenius.
Oct26 FDA panel to review anemia drug peginesatide (from Affymax) on Dec. 7, 2011.
Oct26 Visual MD video series explaining CKD (patient education tool)
Oct18 Link to JAMA paper describing e-beam sterilized dialyzers and thrombocytopenia.
Oct18 Electron-beam sterilization of certain polysulfone dialyzer membranes linked to thrombocytopenia.
Oct14 ASN Renal Week 2011 abstracts now available.
Sep28 Hb target of 11-13 better than 9-11 in predialysis CKD patients accoding to a Japanese randomized trial
Jul05 CMS website page regarding updates to reimbursement for 2012.
Jul05 CMS proposes eliminating the minimum 10 g/dL Hgb target for ESAs.
May31 Affymax/Takeda files new drug application (NDA) for peginesatide to treat anemia.
May10 Giving EPO to heart attack patients receiving PCI linked to increased infarct size.
Apr06 Watson Pharma gets FDA approval for generic ferric gluconate.
Mar24 Rockwell proceeding with Phase III trial of dialysate-added iron.
Mar17 CMS declines to issue a National Coverage Determination for ESAs
Feb16 Rockwell commences PRIME study of dialysate-added iron.
Feb11 UK's NICE updates its anemia treatment guidelines for CKD, lowering target Hb to 10-12 g/dL
Jan27 Rockwell to launch phase 3 studies of iron-fortified dialysate.
Jan27 Circadian rhythms demonstrable even in red blood cells.
Jan19 CMS organizes MEDCAC meeting to assess ESAs in transplant patients
Jan15 National Library of Medicine's Daily Med website for quick access to drug package inserts.
Dec16 Naturally high hemoglobin in dialysis patients not associated with an adverse prognosis.
Dec03 Fresenius enters into agreement with Galenica pharma to develop new IV iron products.
Nov30 AMAG's Feraheme modifies its labeling, but FDA does not require a black box warning.
Nov30 Prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor FG-2216 results in increased EPO production by ESRD kidneys and liver.
Nov07 McMaster U. scientists turn skin stem cells into various types of blood cells.
Oct18 FDA advisory recommends continued use of Aranesp in predialysis patients when indicated despite stroke risk.
Oct14 FDA CV and Renal Drugs Advisory Committee meets Oct 18th to consider TREAT study results.
Oct14 Another round of FDA label changes for ESAs may be in the works
Sep25 EPO/Procrit recall due to particulate matter in vials
Sep22 FDA advisory committee to meet on October 18 to consider the results of the TREAT anemia study.
Sep22 CMS releases new proposed qualiity measures developed by Arbor Research (1.5 mb pdf file)
Sep10 Alzheimer amyloid precursor protein function discovered to be involved with iron storage
Aug26 European data shows no increased mortality risk with increased Hb variability.
Jul28 Biotrends data suggests that use of ESAs for stage 4 CKD is falling.
Jun22 Affymax shares fall after cardiovascular risk concerns raised about hematide.
Jun17 Medicare may revisit coverage of ESAs.
Jun02 New paper dipstick test can type blood in a few seconds.
May05 New meta-analysis (Annals Int Med) accentuates increased stroke and thrombosis risk of ESA therapy
Apr28 U.S. federal judge dismisses complaint against Amgen alleging use of kickback to increase Aranesp use.
Apr28 Anabolic steroid use in healthies impairs left ventricular relaxation by 50% and also ejection fraction.
Apr02 AMAG and Takeda announce strategic collaboration
Mar26 FDA advisory panel review of ESA risks in CKD (2 hr video)
Feb16 Affymax readies blockbuster alternative to Epogen.
Jan27 Think you know how platelets are made? Guess again.
Jan06 NEJM FDA op ed piece: Time for reevaluation of anemia drugs.
Jan06 FDA plans safety panel on 3 drugs for anemia.
Nov18 NEJM: IV iron improves functional capacity and QOL in heart failure patients with iron deficiency
Nov10 OIG audit of dialysis facilities in terms of target Hb range for ESA dosing; only 54% comply.
Nov10 Amgen lawsuit highlights industry practice of overfilling vials.
Nov05 NEJM: Hematide corrects anemia due to ESA-induced pure red cell aplasia.
Oct30 TREAT trial of darbepoetin in diabetics with preESRD shows no benefit and increased stroke risk.
Oct29 Rockwell announces completion of Phase IIB study of dialysate-supplemented iron therapy.
Oct19 Black box warning for Dexferrum (iron dextran) modified after anaphylactic reactions.
Oct13 TMPRSS6 gene associated with hemoglobin levels in healthies.
Sep24 AJKD issues containing KDOQI guidelines now freely available as .pdf files
Aug28 Warfarin use associated with increased stroke risk in hemodialysis patients with a. fib.
Aug26 TREAT RCT study results show targeting Hb of 13 in CKD patients using Aranesp of no benefit.
Aug21 CMS panel to review use of ESAs, will meet in March of 2010.
Aug20 OIG audits of dialysis centers comparing ESAs billed for with ESAs ordered.
Aug06 Blood transfusions in cardiac patients associated with markedly increased mortality.
Jul29 Watson announces marketing agreement for generic version of Ferrlecit.
Jul13 DaVita Clinical Research appoints Dr. Mahesh Krishnan as Vice President
Jul08 Erythropoietin boosts brainpower in nonanemic, healthy mice.
Jul06 Should Genzyme or Amgen buy AMAG?
Jun30 FDA grants marketing approval for Feraheme (ferumoxytol) by AMAG
Jun23 Archives: Meta-analysis suggests QOL benefits largely dissipate at Hb levels above 12 g/dL.
Jun02 Stool DNA testing detects most colon and stomach cancers.
May25 Search all abstracts from the World Congress of Nephrology 2009
May22 NEJM: Aspirin plus dipyridamole increases primary vascular access patency by a modest amount in RCC.
May22 Hypoxia inducible factor (HIF-1) involved in dietary restriction effects on aging.
May01 AMAG drug nears approval
Apr23 AJKD (May): Thrombocytosis -- due more to EPO excess or to iron-deficient erythropoiesis?
Apr16 Rockwell continues with its evaluation of dialysate-based iron replacement therapy.
Apr11 One thousand 2007-2009 audiofiles and slide/audio talks added to HDCN's 20 topic-related channels.
A01 Red blood cells can be made by specialized endothelial cells in the embryo.
M29 Link to slide/audio and audio symposia on HDCN
F17 Iron overload an important co-factor in development of liver disease in alcoholics
D23 AMAG Pharma receives complete response letter from the FDA. Is it good news?
D02 FDA issues Question and Answer sheet for medication guides aimed at patients taking ESAs
O30 Study of Rockwell dialysate-side iron drug gets recommendation to continue by Data Safety Monitoring Board
O28 Market research firm releases reports detailing changes in management of anemia, phosphate, and PTH.
O08 A single dose of EPO injected after a heart attack can limit apoptosis and thereby reduce heart cell damage.
O03 Amgen wins an injunction preventing sale of Roche's Mircera in the United States.
S26 FDA early communication regarding ongoing safety review of German ESA stroke study.
S26 FDA involving itself in the use of ESAs as part of study trials after increased deaths in German stroke study.
S16 US Federal Trade Comission (FTC) restricts FMC's ability to set its pricing on Venofer IV iron using its licensing agreement.
S08 Genetic variants associated with markedly different vitamin B12 handling.
S02 AJKD: Temporary iron depletion and relative thrombocytosis may underline increased mortality with high doses of EPO.
A29 Variant Creutzfeld-Jakob disease transmissible by blood transfusion.
A25 FDA approves Nplate (romiplostim) to stimulate bone marrow in thrombocytopenia.
A21 AMAG receives fast track designation from FDA for ferumoxytol as an MRI contrast agent.
A20 First red blood cells grown in the lab.
A08 FDA-mandated new labeling and medication guide for ESAs now activated.
A05 Assay for serum hepcidin may help diagnose anemia of chronic disease.
A04 Patients with myeloma treated with ESAs may have poorer survival.
A01 Shire stops selling its ESA Dynepo in Europe due to unfavorable market environment.
A01 FDA forces new labeling changes for ESAs under new law.
J11 FDA lists May 2008 labeling changes: Aranesp (tumor progression) and CellCept (lymphoma and PML risk)
J09 Fresenius signs sublicensing agreement with Luitpold to use Venofer in United States patients.
J03 Secondary analysis of CHOIR data suggests that high EPO doses, rather than high Hb per se, associated with mortality.
J28 Bill to approve pathway for FDA approvals of biosimilars advocated as saving billions of dollars.
J26 Testing of athletes for illicit EPO use has high rate of false negatives.
M27 AMAG Pharmaceuticals signs agreement with 3SBio to commercialize ferumoxytol in China.
M21 Former Amgen executive Dr. Robert Brenner moves to AMAG.
M21 Protein structure is deciphered of steap3, a protein that regulates iron absorption in the gut.
M06 PNAS: Erythropoietin promoter polymorphisms associated with diabetic retinopathy and progression to ESRD.
M05 ASN Renal Week abstract archives 2003-2006 now available on-line in .pdf format.
A28 New JAMA study to highlight CV risk of blood substitutes; FDA under renewed pressure.
A15 CMS adopts 26 new CPMs effective April 1, 2008
A13 Genetic mutation causes iron-resistant iron-deficiency anemia by turning on hepcidin.
A04 AMAG Pharma presents data on new iron supplement at NKF Spring Clinical Meeting.
A04 Affymax presents Phase 2 Hematide data at NKF Spring Clinical Meeting in Dallas.
M27 U.S. judge seeks expert advice on Amgen-Roche license.
M20 Vitamin C recycling in human red cells explained via glut-1.
M20 Two week old blood associated with adverse outcomes when transfused.
M19 Update: Court sends Roche/Amgen patent dispute back to the International Trade Commission.
M19 Colorectal cancer cells found to produce hepcidin.
M13 FDA Oncologic Drug Advisory Panel recommends continued indication of ESAs for cancer patients excluding breast and head and neck.
M11 FDA advisory committee to meet Thursday to discuss use of ESAs in cancer.
M11 FDA releases briefing document for Oncologic Drug Advisory Committee on ESAs in cancer.
M08 Ortho Biotech and Amgen modify black box ESA warnings to reflect DVT, tumor progression risk.
M05 The source of blood stem cells found - it's the placenta.
F26 JAMA: Meta-analysis finds increased risk of death and venous thrombosis with ESA use in cancer patients.
F25 AJKD editorial: Need for placebo controlled trials in ESA use.
F20 AMAG submits NDA to FDA for ferumoxytol.
F20 New mechanism of hypoxia-induced blood vessel growth identified.
F07 Hereditary hemochromatosis gene found to act in the liver via modulating hepcidin production.
J29 BioTrends reports on its survey of changing practice patterns in treating anemia and mineral bone disorder.
J28 New promising technique uses selectin-coated intravascular probe to collect blood-borne stem cells.
J22 Gene affecting ribosome function found to cause anemia of myelodysplasia.
J17 Hereditary hemochromatosis genotype more common than previously thought: 1 in 250.
J11 Gas6 protein may augment the action of erythropoietin
J03 FDA receives new data on risks of ESAs in cancer patients, relating to growth rate of certain tumors.
D21 Animal study suggests that EPO may protect hearts against toxicity of anticancer drugs
D19 AMAG pharma submits new drug application to FDA for ferumoxytol.
D14 FDA warns of serious adverse reactions with iron chelator Exjade.
D10 American Hematology Society 2007 abstracts now available.
D10 ESAs linked to leukemic transformation in patients with myelofibrosis.
D08 Strategies for surgery in Jehovah's Witness patients to avoid transfusion.
D04 FDA approves study of iron-containing dialysate additive for hemodialysis patients.
N26 RBC transfusions linked to increased risk of heart attack and stroke in cardiac surgery patients.
N14 Hemoglobin variability predicts mortality in dialysis patients
N08 Link to new FDA boxed labels for ESAs. Their target Hb range is 10-12 g/dL.
N08 FDA modified boxed warnings, indications, for ESA drugs.
N08 Hematide found to restore blood in aplasia patients.
N05 New vascular function of hemoglobin, as a promoter of nitric oxide synthesis, identified.
O23 Amgen wins crucial patent ruling over Roche.
O19 For cancer patients, Aetna will no longer reimburse for epogen unless Hb falls below 10 unless patient is symptomatic.
O18 Roche states that U.S. Mircera plans depends on outcome of court case.
O08 Two studies emphasize importance of nitric oxide in red blood cells, and absence of NO in banked blood.
S21 Low on EPO: Just scratch your head. Hair follicles found to make EPO.
S20 Rockwell begins enrollment into Phase IIIb trial of dialysate sodium ferric pyrophosphate for iron therapy.
S18 Representative Pete Stark writes about Epogen reimbursement policy on his blog.
S17 Dr. Joseph Eschbach: in memoriam
S12 FDA advisory panel rejects idea of setting 11 g/dL as the upper limit of target Hb with ESAs.
S10 Agenda for Sept. 11th FDA Advisory Panel Meeting (.pdf) concerning Hb targets for ESA drugs.
S10 FDA Advisory Panel to meet September 11th to reconsider Hb targets.
S06 NEJM: Procrit use in ICU patients appears to improve survival, but increases risk of thrombotic events.
S03 Sheet Metal Workers health plan sues DaVita, Amgen, and Fresenius in a civil action claiming overuse of EPO.
A31 NKF KDOQI anemia guideline update released - sets upper Hb limit at 12 g/dL in most cases.
A29 U.S. Court rules that Roche's pegylated EPO infringes on one of Amgen's patents.
A27 Economic issues relating to EPO usage - 5 full text articles from AJKD, September, 2007
J31 CMS releases new coverage guidelines for ESAs when used for non-renal indications.
J26 Roche wins EU approval for anemia drug Mircera.
J24 Ferumoxytol Phase III clinical trial results achieve desired endpoints.
J23 CMS releases modified reimbursement policy for ESAs. Dosage reduction moves from 25 to 50% when Hb greater than 13.
J20 More on new CMS billing requirements on ESAs from MLN matters.
J20 CMS: Line item billing requirement for ESAs in program manual update.
J16 Affymax announces phase 3 development program for Hematide.
J26 GAO proposes bundled payment for all ESRD services
J20 vHL factor may be important in regulating iron metabolism and anemia
J05 Amgen buys Ilypsa - a company with a novel phosphate-binding drug for CKD
M25 Rockwell gets Japanese patent for dialysis solution iron delivery.
M25 Roche's Mircera gets preliminary approval in Europe for treating renal anemia.
M23 Medicare issues proposed coverage decision to limit payment for ESAs in patients with cancer.
M23 Iron-chelating agent defasirox (Exjade) associated with acute renal failure.
M21 More on the FDA approvable letter on Mircera
M21 Roche receives approvable letter for Mircera in the United States.
M11 Report on FDA panel meeting looking into safety of ESA drugs in cancer treatment.
M10 FDA meeting focuses on possibility of increased tumor risk with some ESAs.
M10 Affymax data presented at ISN World Congress in Rio.
M09 (Apparently legal) payments to doctors to prescribe anemia drugs in the news.
A18 JAMA: EPO utilization higher in certain for-profit dialysis chains.
A13 New NKF anemia guidelines could hurt ESA sales.
A12 NKF releases preliminary anemia guideline update
A02 Ceprotin gets FDA approval to treat purpura fulminans.
A02 Scientists change one blood group into another.
M16 Medicare to review payment policies for ESAs in view of FDA black box warning
M16 Substituting gallium for iron impedes growth of slime-forming bacteria.
M11 Another FDA link to the new Epogen/Procrit/Aranesp labels with black box warnings.
M10 Links to FDA advisory on ESA drugs.
M09 FDA to require black box warnings on ESAs regarding complications associated with higher Hbs.
F28 Nifedipine found to mobilize liver iron stores in an animal model of hemochromatosis.
F19 FDA Medwatch issues drug advisory on ESA use in cancer patients.
F04 Limit Hb to 12 g/dL in dialysis patients? Not so fast! (New study from Europe suggests that 13-15 g/dL may be OK if not better)
F02 The politics and cost issues relating to EPO in the news
F01 Biotrends report of Dec 2006 survey on use of ESAs and phosphate binders.
F01 JASN: DRIVE study published: shows beneficial effects of giving IV iron when serum ferritin is high.
J08 FDA posts patient movie clip on its site about the potential CV risks of higher Hb levels.
D31 Gene knockout technology creates healthy, prion-protein-free cows
D29 Boston docs lower anemia targets in response to CHOIR study.
D28 Advanced Magnetics stock surges on hopes for ferumoxytol.
D22 Prion-binding protein successfully removed variant CJD prions from banked animal blood.
D14 AJKD: Some chains adjust EPO doses more diligently than others when Hb values are high.
D12 New EPO-like drug mimics action of thrombopoietin: designed to treat thrombocytopenia.
D10 Three cases of vCJD (mad cow) disease transmitted by blood transfusion in the UK.
D07 ESA use hearing at House Ways and Means Committee in the News (New York Times)
D06 GAO report on bundling Medicare's payment for drugs with all ESRD services (pdf).
N30 Gene identified that permits GI absorption of folate; same gene involved in iron uptake.
N30 House Ways and Means committee schedules hearing (viewable on the internet) on anemia drug safety for December 6th.
N30 NKF to create panel of experts to evaluate safety of EPO-type drugs; story in major newspapers today.
N26 HDCN: Search index updated for audiofiles, slide/audio talks, articles, and abstracts
N19 Vitamin E coated dialyzers result in higher Hb values in dialysis patients.
N16 NEJM: CHOIR study. Hb targets 11.3 vs. 13.5. Risk ratio 1.34 in high-Hb group.
N16 NEJM: CREATE study: (GFR 15-35) Hb 10.5-11.5 vs. 13-15; no benefits of higher Hb target.
N16 Two anemia studies: CHOIR and CREATE published in NEJM today are raising regulatory concerns.
N09 Nephrologist expresses concern about high Hct levels; CHOIR study to be published this month.
O31 Shire launches phase IIIB study of epoetin delta.
S29 US OIG (Office of the Inspector General) upcoming audits to focus on EPO (p. 26, PDF)
S26 Affymax published initial phase 1 results of Hematide in improving reticulocyte count in healthy volunteers.
S14 Judge fast tracks patent infringement suit against Roche by Amgen
S11 Advanced Magnetic (ferumoxytol) hires Brenner, Salem, in top positions
S06 Advanced Magnetics completes enrollment for phase 3 trial of ferumoxytol IV iron.
J24 Rockwell gearing up to study efficacy of dialysis solution-based iron therapy.
J18 EDTA-ERA: Roche CERA effective for anemia with once-a-month dosing.
J29 Affymax and Takeda in joint venture to commercialize Hematide
J16 Shire's ESA drug DYNEPO reports good results in CKD patients
J16 CARI (Australasian) Clinical Practice Guidelines published (53 free full text review papers!)
M09 U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) agrees to evaluate Amgen's complaint against Roche's importation of CERA in to the US.
M01 Astellas acquires rights to two new orally-active prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor drugs to treat anemia.
A25 Data from CHOIR study showed higher mortality with Hgb of 13 vs. Hgb of 11.5.
A21 Orally available iron chelating agent desafirox shows promising results.
A20 Roche files with FDA for approval of its anemia drug CERA (continuous erythropoetin receptor activator)
A19 Rockwell gets European patent for dialysate iron delivery product.
A13 Trial launched to study use of Hematide (non-EPO anemia drug) in patients with PRCA.
A12 Roche fights back over CERA - FDA application plans in the works.
M24 Too much iron in the brain? Brain ferritin measured by MRI (in nonuremics)
M22 New CMS EPO and Aranesp payment policy in effect after April 1, 2006 - Listen to conference call.
F21 Advanced Magnetics continues phase III trial of ferumoxytol.
F06 Rockwell Medical raises 9.5 M to fund approval process of ferric pyrophosphate additive.
F05 New interest in possible neutralizing antibodies to EPO as cause for refractory anemia
J26 Gatekeeper protein discovered that keeps platelets from clotting.
J11 Amgen Nephrology Institute established - requesting grant proposals.
J09 New iron chelator more effective than desferoxamine.
D25 In vitro gene therapy introduces normal globin genes into sickle cell patient stem cells.
D12 AMG531 (Amgen drug) increases platelet count in patients with ITP.
D08 Affymax to present peptide ESA results at hematology meeting.
N18 Rockwell Medical appoints Scientific Advisory Board
N16 Brian Pereira named president of Advanced Magnetics
N13 CERA phase II results presented at ASN: Report good control of anemia.
N10 FDA approves deferasirox - first oral drug to treat iron overload.
N07 Four abstracts on new Roche anemia drug CERA to be shown at ASN.
N05 AJKD: Canadian RCT fails to show benefit of EPO on LVMI in primary analysis.
O31 Pall blood filter touted to remove prions from donated blood.
O26 ASN Renal Week 2005 abstracts now available on-line.
O11 Transcription of ferritin gene related to iron, heme, and antioxidants.
O10 RBC secretion of s-nitrosothiol regulates vascular (esp. pulmonary) tone.
S11 New duodenal iron transport system identified for haem iron absorption.
A24 NEJM: EPO associated with proliferative retinopathy in patients and mice.
A18 Researchers discover new pathway to hemoglobin synthesis.
A16 Cardiologists confirm anemia - mortality link in CHF patients.
A16 Mayo researchers link mortality in ESRD to high levels of heparin antibodies.
A11 Rockwell awarded European patent for new iron delivery technology.
J14 New super-EPO (PT-401) drug under development.
J22 Venofer gets FDA approval for treatment of pre-dialysis (CKD) patients.
J11 Affymax announces good results with peptide-based ESA to treat anemia.
J06 CERA anemia drug shows promising results in longer-term trial.
M20 JASN: New European RCT of Hgb normalization shows no harm but no benefit for LV.
M20 Which patients should be screened for hemochromatosis?
M20 Amgen, J and J, drugs compete in data reported at oncology conference.
A08 Phase 2 trial of Affymax to treat anemia begins.
A06 JNCI study examines effect of EPO on survival in cancer patients.
F09 NEJM: Anti-angiogenesis drug useful to treat myelodysplastic syndrome.
J19 Amgen's next blockbuster drug - for osteoporosis.
J14 Amgen adds warning about risks of higher hemoglobin doses.
J13 Advanced Magnetics initiates large-scale trial of ferumoxytol IV iron.
J05 JAMA review: Cytoprotective effects of EPO.
J04 Long-term NSAID use linked to small intestinal damage, bleeding.
D17 Self-screening fingerstick test for anemia being marketed to CKD patients.
D16 ANNA: Learning module, PPT files, CE on Hemodialysis
D08 Amgen announces 5 billion dollar stock repurchase plan
D08 Affymax presents animal data on effectiveness of ESAs for erythropoiesis
N29 Blood product study sparks informed consent debate
N03 Research confirms that mad cow disease prions can be removed from blood
N03 Transmission of mad cow disease by transfusion leads to fears of a second wave
N01 ASN: Stable Hb levels with q4week dosing using CERA
O28 New discoveries show how hepcidin/ferroportin regulate Fe absorption in the gut
O27 Normal serum B12 levels may mask B12 deficiency
O26 Rockwell progressing through preclinical evaluation of dialysate FePPi
O26 website now up for international kidney disease guidelines
O25 Iron-deficient brain cells linked to restless legs syndrome in non-ESRD patients
O02 Blood doping test detects presence of recent transfusion
S30 NEJM: Aplastic anemia due to Eprex down by 80%
S21 Aranesp (darbepoetin) approved for q 3 week dosing in Europe
S14 RoFar grant deadline (second round) is 21 Nov, 2004
A06 Aranesp obtains positive regulatory opinion in Europe for extended dosing
J26 Maker of ferrumoxytol appoints Brian Pereira to Board of Directors
J13 Early EPO Rx slows progression of CKD in randomized trial
J09 Chemically modified EPO shows tissue protective effects
J21 JUNE 30th deadline for letter of intent for Roche Anemia Foundation grants
J12 Seminars publishes paper questioning survival benefits of higher EPO doses
M19 Roche funds new international foundation for anemia research
A30 Ferrumoxytol Phase 2 results presented at NKF Clinical Meeting in Chicago
A27 Advanced Magnetics begins phase III trials of ferumoxytol IV iron
A21 Bioarcheology of hemoglobin in primitive bacteria
A20 Mild iron deficiency in women impairs memory, attention, and learning
A19 Hepcidin linked to anemia of chronic disease
M11 PEG-coated Hgb may result in an artificial blood that actually works
F09 Amgen dazzles Seattle with 10 M double-helix footbridge for its workers
D22 Mad cow disease transmitted via blood transfusion in Britain
D08 Thalidomide-like drug useful in treating anemia of myelodysplastic syndrome
D02 Hemoglobin-based substitute shows promising early results
D01 Estrogen plays a key role in megakaryocytes in promoting formation of platelets
N07 Mutations in ferroportin gene can cause primary iron overload
N03 Medicare payment for Amgen's Aranesp to rise
O23 Powdered artificial blood given to patients - just add water
O13 Androgens and other EPO alternatives to treat ESRD anemia
S19 Europeans question why industry funded trial of NAC for anemia was stopped
S18 Time-averaged Hgb differs from predialysis Hgb - a more rational EPO target
S18 Zebrafish tail gene linked to red blood cell formation
S17 Amgen expanding in a difficult economy
S12 UDP galactose preserves the life of chilled platelets
S08 Amgen and Biovitrum to develop novel anti-diabetic compounds
A08 Oral heme iron seems to work in a substantial percent of HD patients
A07 Possible plasticizer risk from blood stored in PVC bags: Iranian study
J25 Anemia associated with physical decline in the elderly
J22 Amgen's Q2 profit rises on strong sales of arthritis, cancer drugs
J22 Epogen counterfeiters in Florida are indicted
M30 Vitamin C use leads to reduction in EPO dose in ESRD
M14 Medicare reconsiders reimbursement cut for ARANESP
M11 FDA warns that counterfeit Procrit poses a serious hazard
F16 Georgia blood bags exonerated - not responsible for particulate matter
F15 Amgen and Transkaryotic fight over EPO patent rights in United Kingdom
F01 FDA Patient Safety webcast: Rapid HIV test; Counterfeiting of Procrit;
J25 J&J - Amgen dispute: Procrit sales to continue, J&J to pay Amgen legal fees
J25 Anemia in CHF: True anemia or hemodilution?
J24 Archived conference call discusses Amgen's products, prospects, Q4 results
J15 Iron gene, iron overload, linked to colon cancer
J12 HDCN: Anemia channel talk list updated
J06 Amgen wins patent infringement suit ruling on appeal against Transkaryotic
D26 Court dismisses Amgen reimbursement suit against Medicare
D13 Polyphenols in grape juice may inhibit oral iron absorption
N26 Treating anemia in cancer patients markedly improves quality of life
N15 Amgen files suit to seek relief from Aranesp reimbursement ruling
N09 Lawmakers question reimbursement cut for Aranesp
N02 Update on EPO antibodies and reactions presented at ASN 2002
N01 Biotech company plans new gene therapy approach to treat anemia
O18 J & J told to pay Amgen 150 million regarding dialysis unit sales of EPO
O15 J and J, maker of Procrit and Eprex, posts strong increase in Q3 earnings
O12 Swallowed mini-camera helps diagnose GI pathology
O10 Blood test for mad cow disease may be near
O02 New method of sterilizing blood products close to launch
A20 Randomized trial supports use of darbepoetin alfa in anemic cancer patients
A07 B12-related anemia may be subtle and not macrocytic
A04 Blood transfusions linked to Creutzfeld-Jakob disease
J04 Questionnaire tests home caregivers for burnout