The Playing Field Has Changed. It's Time to Step Up to the Plate (Part 2) Flash slide/audio -- Talks free to all NANT members.
(NANT Annual Symposium (Part Two of Two) February 2009)
(6 talks with panel)
Test Strips: Tips, Techniques, Taboos
Vernon Taaffe

Chlorine and Chloramine Testing
Ohm Kongtang

Technical Policy and Procedures: The Why's and How's?
Heather Paradis, CHT

Biomedical Case Studies
Panel Members: Danilo Concepcion, Richard Van Der Plas, John Sweeny

The Testing Behind the AAMI Standards
Debra S. Veloria, BS, MT(ASCP), MBAHCM

AAMI Update
Danilo B. Concepcion, CCHT, CHT

Indoor Air Quality, Gnat, Drain Fly and Mold Issues

key Try Dr. Ward's CHLORAMINE QUIZ. This quiz deals with the dangers of chloramines, and about how to remove them from water to be used for dialysis.
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Updated: August 13, 2019 (Aug13)
Aug13 Dog dies after swim in Georgia lake with blue-green algae bloom
Dec11 Increased mortality with citrate-containing dialysate / HDF fluid in France.
Aug02 Bacteria becoming tolerant to high concentrations of alcohol in hand sanitizers.
Nov16 Toxic algae now a nationwide threat.
Apr15 Device extracts water from air with relative humidity as low as 20%
Apr04 Graphene sieve membrane turns seawater drinkable.
Feb22 Smartphones to become pocket doctors.
Jul23 Cyanobacteria becoming a widespread problem in U.S. lakes
Feb02 CDC warns of increased transmission of hepatitis C in dialysis units.
Dec14 Even more news on the new HDCN Facebook page!
Dec12 Ten modules from the ISHD Global Home Hemodialysis Toolkit
Dec03 AV fistula created using exclusively an endovascular approach
Dec01 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Infrastructure - Water and Machines in the Home (Module 8)
Dec01 Higher serum Mg associated with decreased risk of sudden death in dialysis patients.
Nov24 Cooking with chloraminated water can contaminate food with toxic molecules.
Industry Advances Emphasis
25 Years of advancing the technician and technologist (Sweeny) NANT 2009
Role of the Dialysis Tech: How it has changed over 25 years (Hansen) NANT 2009
AAMI Update (B. Concepcion) NANT 2009
Dialysis Procedures, Initiation, Monitoring, Discontinuing (Hansen) NANT 2009
Dialyzers and Dialysis Adequacy (Curtis) NANT 2009
Water's Up: How Does Water Get the Way It Is? (Rolston) NANT 2009
Hemodialysis Procedures & Complications (Dittrich) NANT 2009
Successfully Navigating Our Specialty's Changing Times (Wick) NANT 2009
Biomedical Case Studies (Concepcion) NANT 2009
Basic Dialysis Theory (Sweeny) NANT 2009
Case Studies (Perez) NANT 2009
Chlorine and Chloramine Testing (Kongtang) NANT 2009
Stages of CKD: What Happens Before Dialysis (Go) NANT 2009
Test Strips: Tips, Techniques, Taboos (Taaffe) NANT 2009
Technical Policy and Procedures: The Why’s and How’s? (Paradis) NANT 2009
The Testing Behind the AAMI Standards (S. Veloria,) NANT 2009
Indoor Air Quality, Gnat, Drain Fly and Mold Issues (Park) NANT 2009
Physiological Response to Dialysis (Kaupke) NANT 2009
Hemodialysis Access / Heparinization (Meetz,) NANT 2009
Infectious Diseases Exposure Risks in Dialysis Units (Preston) NANT 2009
Bone and Mineral Changes in Dialysis Patients (Dittrich) NANT 2009
Legislative and Regulatory Update for the Dialysis Industry (B. Riley) NANT 2009
The "Art" of the Artificial Kidney: Duplicating Kidney Function (Sweeny) NANT 2009
Treatment Modalities (Dittrich) NANT 2009
Myths and Facts: Why's and How's of Dialysis Technology (Rawls) NANT 2009
Water: What's New and What to Do (Baker) CFC 2008
Water: What's New and What to Do (Baker) CFC 2008
Update on Teledialysis and the Problems with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Reimbursement Guidelines (Moncrief) ADC 2008
What the Clinical Staff Needs to Know about Water Quality in HD (Smith) ADC 2008
The Coagulation Cascade (Zakarija) ADC 2008
Anticoagulation with Direct Thrombin Inhibitors: Lepirudin and Argatroban (Fischer,) ADC 2008
Anticoagulation with Sodium Citrate In-Line and in Dialysate (Ahmad) ADC 2008
Anticoagulation with Unfractionated and Low Molecular Weight Heparins (Davenport) ADC 2008
Technology: Sorbent Therapy in the Critical Care Setting (Sharma) ADC 2008
How water quality & dialysate composition affect dialysis practice (A. Hoenich) RRI 2008
What a nephrologist should understand about a dialysis machine (A. Ward) RRI 2008
Hemodialysis: Computerize or Not Computerize? (A. Sargent) ASN Renal Week 2007
IT Tools for Dialysis Management (E. Tattersall) ASN Renal Week 2007
Biocompatibility of Adsorbent Systems (A. Hoenich) ASN Renal Week 2007
Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy with a Wearable Device (Gura) ASN Renal Week 2007
The BioArtificial Kidney (or The Renal Assist Device) (Fissell) ASN Renal Week 2007
Dialysis Complications (M. London) ASN Renal Week 2007
The Continuous Functioning Human Nephron (R. Nissenson) ASN Renal Week 2007
The Bases of Mass Separation and Characteristics of Sorbent Materials (F. Leonard) ASN Renal Week 2007
Sorbent Augmented Dialysis Systems (F. Winchester) ASN Renal Week 2007
Potential Benefit of Information Technology Applied to Dialysis (Suresh) ASN Renal Week 2007
The Hybrid Renal Replacement Therapies (R. Marshall) ASN Renal Week 2007
Can IT Help Management of Acute Patients? (Savage) ASN Renal Week 2007
Use of Adsorbents in ARF Therapy (Tetta) ASN Renal Week 2007
The Human Nephron Filter (R. Nissenson) ADC 2007
Sodium is a Uremic Toxin:The "Lag Phenomenon" Finally Explained (Twardowski) ADC 2007
Intradialytic Hypotension: Causes, Consequences and Management (Sulowicz) ADC 2007
The Wearable Artificial Kidney (Gura) ADC 2007
Pulsar TM Blood Pump Optimized Configuration for Enhanced Performance (Antaki) ADC 2007
Latest Clinical Data on New Sorbent Cartridges (Rita McGill) ADC 2007
Oral Sorbents for Volume Control (A. Friedman) ADC 2007
 Nanotechnology and Dialysis: Now, ten years, or never? (H. Fissell) RRI 2007
Water quality and dialysis fluid composition (Hoenich) RRI 2007
How Dialysis Machines Work (Roy) RRI 2007
The Buttonhole Technique for Arteriovenous Fistula Cannulation (Ball) NNJ 2006
Water Treatment for Hemodialysis -Updated to Include the Latest AAMI Standards for Dialysate (RD52: 2004) (Amato) NNJ 2006
Blood Pressure on Dialysis (Kalantar-Zadeh, Reams, Misra, Sherman) ADC 2006 (audiofiles)
Biocompatible Dialysis (Bengt Lindholm, MD, PhD; Roberto Pecoits-Filho, MD; Bernard J. Canaud, MD; Richard A. Ward, PhD; James F. Winchester, MD) ADC 2006 (audiofiles)
Emerging Dialysis Techniques (Derrick Latos, MD; Robert S. Lockridge, Jr., MD) ADC 2006 (audiofiles)
Using Technology to Improve the Quality of Care NANT 2006
Dialyzer & Machine Technologies; New Applications in Practice (Ward) RRI 2006, Part 1 (handouts)
The Importance of Water Treatment and Dialysate Composition (Hoenich) RRI 2006, Part 1 (handouts)
Prevention of Medical Errors in Dialysis: Design and Implementation Strategies (Kliger) RRI 2006, Part 1 (handouts)
Implications for Survey and Certification of Dialysis Facilities (Straube) RRI 2006, Part 1 (handouts)
New Important Technologies Oral Sorbents in Uremia: Early Results (Schulman) RRI 2006, Part 3 (handouts)
A Critical Evaluation of Uremic Research: Where Do We Go From Here? (Locatelli) RRI 2006, Part 2 (handouts)
How Dialysis Works (Clark, Depner, Ward, Szczech) ASN Renal Week 2005 (audiofiles)
Vascular Access Anatomy, Physical Exam (Miller, Lewis) ASN Renal Week 2005 (audiofiles)
ICU Nephrology and Acute Renal Failure: What the Nephrologist Must Know, Parts 3 and 4 (Kellum, Molitoris, Okusa, Gines, Palevsky, Marshall, Tolwani, Goldstein, Goldfarb) ASN Renal Week 2005 (audiofiles)
ICU Nephrology and Acute Renal Failure: What the Nephrologist Must Know, Parts 1 and 2 (Fuchs, Dellinger, Palevsky, Parrillo, Hollenberg, Kasner, Bekes) ASN Renal Week 2005 (audiofiles)
New Concepts in Renal Replacement Therapy (Vanholder, Pierratos, Burkart, Cheung, Allon) ASN Renal Week 2005 (audiofiles)
Clinical Issues in Hemodialysis (HD) (Cheung, Shoji, Lameire, Spergel) ASN Renal Week 2005 (audiofiles)
What Determines Long-Term Survival on Hemodialysis (Misra, Charra, Depner, Ahmad) ADC 2005 (audiofiles)
Choice of Dialysis Therapy (Finkelstein, Mehrotra) ADC 2005 (audiofiles)
Industry Speaks I: Innovations in Home Therapies Technology (Green, Schlaeper, Neal, Diga, Diaz-Buxo) ADC 2005 (audiofiles)
Dialysis Catheter Workshop (Contreras, Bunchman, Khanna, Crabtree, Ko, Tal) ADC 2005 (audiofiles)
Technology and Therapeutics Session (Edelstein, Weitzel, Vilkomerson, Diaz-Buxo, Charra) RRI 2005 (audiofiles)
Nanotechnology: Its Future Role in Ultrafiltration and the Removal of Solutes (Eckardt) RRI 2005 (audiofiles)

The Medical Device Safety Act of 2009 (Curfman et al) N Engl J Med (Apr 2009)
A patient's guide to taking coumadin/warfarin Circulation (Mar 2009 )
Citrate- vs. acetate-based dialysate in bicarbonate haemodialysis: consequences on haemodynamics, coagulation, acid-base status, and electrolytes (Gabutti et al) BMC Nephrol (March 2009)
Low-molecular-weight heparin for routine hemodialysis Hemodial Int (Oct 2008)
Contaminated heparin associated with adverse clinical events and activation of the contact system N Engl J Med (Jun 2008)
Glucose in the dialysate: Historical perspective and possible implications? Hemodial Int (Apr 2008)
Achieving blood pressure targets during dialysis improves control but increases intradialytic hypotension Kidney Int (Mar 2008)
Revisiting the dialysate sodium prescription as a tool for better blood pressure and interdialytic weight gain management in hemodialysis patients Clin J Am Soc Nephrol (Mar 2008)
Recent advances in the prevention and management of intradialytic hypotension J Am Soc Nephrol (Jan 2008)
The pivotal role of sodium balance in control of blood pressure in dialysis patients (Tomson et al) Hemodial Int (Nov 2007)
Use of antimicrobial catheter lock solutions to prevent catheter-related bacteremia (Bleyer) Clin J Am Soc Nephrol (Sept 2007)
Dry Weight: Sine qua non of adequate dialysis (Wystrychowski et al) Adv Chronic Kidney Dis (Jul 2007)
Gadolinium use in patients with kidney disease: A cause for concern Semin Dial 05-07
Essentials of anticoagulation in hemodial Hemodial Int 04-07
Worldwide water standards for dialysis Hemodial Int - 0407
Fluid balance, dry weight, and blood pressure in dialysis Hemodial Int 01-07
Should dialysis patients ever receive warfarin and for what reasons? (Bennett) CJASN 11-06
Review of dialysate calcium concentration in hemodialysis (Toussaint, Cooney, Kerr) Hemodial Int 10-06
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