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HDCN News Archive -- Water / Machines / Technologists
Aug13 Dog dies after swim in Georgia lake with blue-green algae bloom
Dec11 Increased mortality with citrate-containing dialysate / HDF fluid in France.
Aug02 Bacteria becoming tolerant to high concentrations of alcohol in hand sanitizers.
Nov16 Toxic algae now a nationwide threat.
Apr15 Device extracts water from air with relative humidity as low as 20%
Apr04 Graphene sieve membrane turns seawater drinkable.
Feb22 Smartphones to become pocket doctors.
Jul23 Cyanobacteria becoming a widespread problem in U.S. lakes
Feb02 CDC warns of increased transmission of hepatitis C in dialysis units.
Dec14 Even more news on the new HDCN Facebook page!
Dec12 Ten modules from the ISHD Global Home Hemodialysis Toolkit
Dec03 AV fistula created using exclusively an endovascular approach
Dec01 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Infrastructure - Water and Machines in the Home (Module 8)
Dec01 Higher serum Mg associated with decreased risk of sudden death in dialysis patients.
Nov24 Cooking with chloraminated water can contaminate food with toxic molecules.
Aug30 High blood flow rate and high negative venous pressure lead to microbubbles
Aug15 Hemodialysis University at Chicago, October 1-3, 2015
Aug03 New artificial blood vessel coating makes them resistant to thrombosis.
Feb26 Blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) proliferating in lakes worldwide.
Aug03 Cyanotoxin factsheet from the EPA.
Aug03 Caruaru 1996 microcystin tragedy revisited (NEPHROL thread 2).
Aug03 Caruaru 1996 microcystin tragedy revisited..
Aug02 Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) in Lake Erie shut down Toledo drinkable water supply.
Jul16 ISHD to sponsor 2-day Hemodialysis University in Chicago on August 15/16, 2014.
Jun03 Baxter presents VIVIA HD machine data at ERA/EDTA
May29 Samsung plans to open source digital health gadgets.
May18 Auto and bus windshield washer fluid found to be a source of Legionnaire's disease.
May18 Kallikrein inhibitor ecallantide shows some benefit in ACEI-associated angioedema.
Jan16 FDA requests Class II recall of many versions of the Fresenius 2008 dialysis machine.
Oct13 Medtronics enters dialyzer market in India. Will focus on the developing world market.
Oct13 NxStage announces opening of NxStage Kidney Care dialysis.
Jun14 ASAIO 2013 Scientific Meeting, Chicago, IL -- abstract link (.pdf)
Apr15 Decellularized kidney scaffolds reseeded with cultured cells produce rudimentary urine.
Feb28 Eulerian video magnification to monitor dialysis patients.
Feb20 Hemodialysis abstracts from upcoming Annual Dialysis Conference in Seattle.
Feb16 JASN: Full text of RCT comparing hemodiafiltration to hemodialysis.
Feb16 Randomized trial shows that switching from HD to online-HDF lowers mortality by 30%.
Jan10 AWAK inks agreement with Baxter for wearable dialysis technology.
Jan10 Why antioxidants may be bad for you once you have cancer.
Jan10 Sodium excretion by weekly and monthly cycles in men revealed by astronaut testing.
Dec07 Inadvertent injection of bleach into dialysis system probed by regulators.
Dec07 FDA issues new labeling requirements for heparin vials.
Nov27 More on the Baxter effort to buy Gambro.
Nov26 Heartbeat gives off more than 10 times the energy needed to power pacemakers.
Nov26 Baxter said to be in talks to buy Gambro.
Nov01 Will nanosilver drainwater contamination pose a problem for dialysis?
Nov01 Sodium-modified hemodiafiltration use results in lower intradialytic hypotension
Oct04 Asahi recalls certain lots of Rexeed dialyzers.
Oct02 UCSF artificial kidney program receives private donor funding.
Sep25 Bacteriophages targeting Pseudomonas may be used to destroy biofilm.
Sep07 NNCC announces availability of two advanced level certifying exams for dialysis.
Aug31 Manuscript describing effects of acetic acid and sodium diacetate on acid-base balance now available.
Aug29 Check your computer for presence of Java plugin that can leave it vulnerable to hackers.
Aug16 Adjusting and setting the dialysate total base concentration differs by dialysis machine.
Aug09 CDC online course in infection prevention in dialysis units.
Jul21 Patient weight gain after change of acid concentrate supplier with same nominal dialysate sodium level.
Jul12 Chloramine - a concern not only for dialysis units but also for aquarium owners.
Jul11 Artificial Organs journal: Preprint of paper dealing with alkalinizing compounds in bicarbonate dialysate concentrates.
Jul05 CMS leaves reimbursement for home hemodialysis largely unchanged.
Jul05 Metformin may boost brain function via stimulation of new neuron formation.
Jun27 FDA terms relabeling of Naturalyte and Granuflo concentrates to warn of total base content and alkalosis risk as a Class I recall.
Jun27 Fresenius changes its labeling on its Naturalyte and Granuflo dialysate concentrates to reflect total base content.
Jun16 Fresenius memo to dialysis units regarding sudden death risk associated with dialysate base concentration.
Jun13 Hemodialysis machine (and TAH) designers please pay attention!
Jun07 Sepsis in one dialysis unit traced to problems with reprocessing technique.
May29 FDA issues warning about use of high total base content hemodialysis solutions.
May19 Looking away as you get stuck by a needle associated with less pain.
May04 JAMA: Fish oil RCT shows some benefit in terms of AV grafts, but primary outcome was negative.
May01 Randomized trial of hemodiafiltration vs. low-flux dialysis shows no overall benefit.
May01 Nephros gets 510k approval from FDA for it's add-on hemodiafiltration module.
Apr10 FDA pilots an advanced technology program for ESKD.
Apr05 Handheld plasma torch rapidly kills biofilm-encased bacteria.
Apr05 Bacterial contamination found in pharmacy robots preparing IV solutions.
Mar02 Touch cannulation technique for vascular access gets a vote of approval.
Feb18 NNCC launches 2 new exams: Advanced CCHT and LPN/LVN
Feb18 Novaflux reuse technology maintains high-flux characteristics with reuse, improves filter life.
Feb09 Aethlon discusses hemopurifier results in terms of ability to clear blood of hepatitis C.
Dec20 FDA issues draft guidance that medical device tests should include women.
Oct26 Visual MD video series explaining CKD (patient education tool)
Oct18 Link to JAMA paper describing e-beam sterilized dialyzers and thrombocytopenia.
Oct18 Electron-beam sterilization of certain polysulfone dialyzer membranes linked to thrombocytopenia.
Oct04 DaVita piloting use of solar power in one of its Indiana dialysis clinics
Oct04 FDA outlines its philosophy regarding regulation of medical devices.
Sep28 Use of higher dialysate Na in patients with lower serum Na associates with better, not worse outcomes.
Sep28 Lowering dialysate sodium lowers systolic BP
Aug30 Gut bacteria influence anxiety-type behavior in mice via the vagus nerve.
Aug30 Satellite Dialysis continues to grow its incenter nocturnal hemodialysis program.
Aug17 Singapore AWAK (wearable kidney) in the news.
Aug03 DaVita launches pilot dialyzer recycling project in Southern California
Aug02 FDA to seek public comment on Institute of Medicine's rec to eliminate 510k program
Jul23 Nephros gets FDA 510k approval for dialysate purification for its filters.
Jul15 AAMI updates its dialysis collection for 2011.
Jul12 French manufacturer Degremont buys Ameriwater.
May22 IBM's Watson computer going to medical school - should "graduate" in 2 years.
May15 Telemedicine monitoring of heart failure patients strikes out.
May15 Collagen-induced platelet aggregation blocker revacept - a possible role as a dialysate additive?
May12 Nephros gets approval to market its dual stage ultrafilter in Canada.
May03 Large observational DaVita study suggests no increase in mortality risk due to reuse of dialyzers.
Apr28 Artificial nose show promising results in detecting bacterial growth.
Apr20 Intensified ultrafiltration in an attempt to control blood pressure linked to more access complications.
Apr12 Reversed hookup between individual RO machine and home dialysis machine led to hypercalcemia.
Mar30 New patent legislation will change "first to invent" to "first to file".
Mar15 Microcamera no larger than a grain of salt enables microvessel endoscopy.
Mar15 Testing tears for glucose content may be alternative to skin-prick monitoring.
Mar09 Fresenius Medical Care acquires HemaMetrics Crit-Line business.
Mar03 Mar Cor announces heat disinfectable portable RO machine.
Feb18 Redsense blood spill detector gets FDA clearance for clinical use.
Feb17 IBM's Watson computer being readied to assist in reviewing medical literature, patient records.
Jan27 Rockwell to launch phase 3 studies of iron-fortified dialysate.
Jan26 Nearly half of dialysis technicians in California failing newly required skills test.
Jan26 New method to break up biofilms involves DNAase and polyaspartic acid.
Jan21 Fresenius recalls some Combiset blood tubing sets because of kinking risk.
Jan19 FDA to streamline path for medical device review.
Dec28 Dolphin skin teaches us how to create antibacterial surfaces.
Dec22 Real-time CO2 monitoring helps patients control their anxiety attacks
Dec21 Hexavalent chromium found in tap water in 31 cities across the U.S.
Dec09 Naphthalene diimide useful to detect nanomolar quantities of fluoride in water.
Nov21 Baxter and DEKA announce FDA approval of their home hemodialysis device for testing
Nov10 Second 'Pro Publica' article focuses on dialysis needle dislodgement.
Nov08 AAKP awards 2011 Medal of Excellence Award to Ray Hakim and Allen Nissenson.
Nov05 Liberty Dialysis and Renal Advantage merge to become 3rd largest dialysis provider.
Oct31 ISBP Abstracts, September 2010 meeting
Oct28 BBraun recalls tainted heparin due to oversulfated chondroitin sulfate contamination.
Oct19 High UF rates associate with higher mortality in the HEMO study
Oct07 Cantel's Mar Cor acquires Gambro's U.S. water purification business
Sep28 EDTNA/ERCA Recommendations for Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression in renal units
Sep22 CMS releases new proposed qualiity measures developed by Arbor Research (1.5 mb pdf file)
Sep10 FDA approves 510k for sorbent dialysis system.
Sep03 Fresenius issues recall on some dialysis machines and other equipment due to power cord issues.
Sep03 Hemodiafiltration reduces intradialytic hypotension episodes but increases predialysis BP.
Aug26 Redsense blood leak alarm to become mandatory for Veterans Administration dialysis patients in the U.S.
Aug17 FDA to withdraw approval of midodrine for orthostatic hypotension, because promised additional studies have not been submitted.
Jul31 Is a dialysate calcium of 2.50 mEq/L too high?
Jul24 Conference of portable dialysis technology and 3rd ISHD meeting, 30_Sep to 2_Oct, Vincenza, Italy (large .pdf file)
Jul20 Fresenius signs licensing agreement with company specializing in anti-thrombotic coating technology.
Jul08 After 15 months, FDA decides that Nephros HDF system does not meet substantial equivalency test.
Jul06 AmeriWater to use Nephros dual-stage ultrafilters in its portable water purification systems.
Jun29 Fresenius issues recall of 5008 and 5008S dialysis machines in the UK.
Jun22 FDA to hold daylong meeting on medical device innovation.
Jun17 Inhibition of complement may be new strategy of anticoagulation for dialysis.
Jun02 Post-dialysis fall contributed to Gary Coleman's death
May21 How texting and mobile apps can improve your health
May12 Novel plastics designed to inhibit biofilm by blocking bacterial communication and quorum sensing
May11 Sept 30 - Oct 2nd, 2010: 3rd Annual ISHD Congress and World Conference on Portable-Wearable and Miniaturized Systems for Dialysis and UF
May04 FDA orders recall of all Baxter Colleague infusion pumps
Apr28 B.Braun announces U.S. availability of dialysis machines with built-in Kt/V monitors based on dialysate UV absorbance measured on-line.
Apr24 FDA to increase focus on safety of infusion pumps.
Apr07 Heparin tested under the new standard may be 10% less potent than previously.
Apr02 Nephros revenues 4th quarter of 2009
Mar31 Should home dialysis patients register with the city water treatment department?
Mar23 Dropping dialysate sodium using conductivity feedback results in better volume control
Mar22 NDT early: Hemodialysis causes microemboli to enter the circulation.
Mar12 Man who fixes dialysis machines now has to use one.
Mar11 Fresenius to offer online hemodiafiltration to its UK clinics.
Feb22 5-diamond safety program for missed HD treatments (Mid-Atlantic Renal Coalition)
Feb10 FDA grants humanitarian use device designation for high MW cutoff membrane in treating multiple myeloma.
Jan29 Class I recall issued for Aquarius hemodialysis machine made by Edwards and distributed by Baxter.
Jan27 New software allows 3D imaging during coronary angiography.
Jan25 FDA schedules premarket clearance meeting re medical devices on 18 Feb, 2010
Jan13 BPA (bisphenol A) linked to cardiovascular risk.
Jan11 New test strip developed to detect blue algae microcystins in water.
Dec10 NNJ: Myths of CCHT Certification regarding the April 2010 deadline.
Dec02 Heparin potency to change by 10% with new labeling requirements.
Nov19 HACH recalls vials of residual peroxide test strips because of a packaging error
Oct10 Fistula first releases strategic plan to get fistulas up from 53 to 66%.
Oct10 MARC develops pain management algorithm for treating CKD patients.
Oct01 FDA announces new manufacturing standards for heparin that may change its potency.
Sep28 Incidence and causes of heparin-induced skin lesions.
Sep24 AJKD issues containing KDOQI guidelines now freely available as .pdf files
Sep15 NxStage announces deal relating to its Streamline blood tubing sets
Sep14 ISBP 2009 meeting abstracts
Sep11 Fresenius launches telemonitoring system for dialysis patients.
Sep08 Novel bacteria strains remove microcystins from cyanobacteria from contaminated water.
Sep01 DaVita reaches milestone of 1000 incenter nocturnal hemodialysis patients.
Sep01 Fresenius and its mobile generator truck to power dialysis units in times of weather emergencies.
Aug28 Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance found to be of undetermined significance.
Aug24 Is reduction in liver fat the key to the benefits of an alternate-day diet?
Aug18 E. Coli bacteria can make themselves flat to pass through nanoslits.
Aug12 Will Nephros be the first company to bring on-line HDF to the United States?
Aug12 Things about the chemistry of water you might not know.
Jul29 Is shielding blood in the extracorporeal circuit during dialysis beneficial?
Jul21 Electrochemical approach used to detect extremely low concentrations of bacteria.
Jul03 Nephros gets FDA 510K approval for using its dual filter to clarify water for dialysis machines.
Jul02 Fresenius inks agreement with ART to market Citrasate dialysate.
Jun26 Mechanism of BPA (bisphenol A) related infertility defined in mice.
Jun26 Method of killing bacteria contained in biofilms on implants developed.
Jun23 Edwards Life Sciences to sell its CRRT product line to Baxter for 56 M.
Jun19 Fresenius to make saline for dialysis in Guadalajara, MX.
May25 Search all abstracts from the World Congress of Nephrology 2009
May22 NEJM: Aspirin plus dipyridamole increases primary vascular access patency by a modest amount in RCC.
May22 Drinking from polycarbonate bottles for a week increases urinary bisphenol levels.
May15 Congressional Health Subcommittee considers legislation that would allow lawsuits against FDA-approved medical devices in state courts.
May14 Formaldehyde exposure associated with blood and lymph system malignancies.
May14 Chronic exposure to formaldehyde associated with an increased risk of ALS.
May13 Discharge from wastewater treatment plants loaded with multidrug-resistant superbugs.
May01 Cerebral blood flow study documents effects of caffeine withdrawal and mechanism of associated headache.
May01 Cyclohexanone, found in plastic IV tubing (dialysis tubing?) and bags, causes taste alterations, myocardial stunning.
Apr21 Ultrasound imaging now possible with smartphones to analyze and display the data.
Apr11 Changing from chlorine to chloramine increased lead levels in regional D.C. water system.
Apr11 One thousand 2007-2009 audiofiles and slide/audio talks added to HDCN's 20 topic-related channels.
Apr10 MIT tangled wire in a needle system may help avoid pushing the needle in too far.
A09 The stimulus package and its links to health information technology discussed in NEJM.
A03 Murder by bleach in Texas dialysis unit hits the mainstream news.
A01 Yeast-powered fuel cells (for implantable devices) derive energy from glucose in human blood.
M29 Link to slide/audio and audio symposia on HDCN
M26 Estrogen mimicking chemicals can leach out of plastic water bottles.
F25 Nephros 510k application of on-line hemodiafiltration module receives initial FDA response.
F21 2009 NANT meeting power point presentations
F12 Willem Kolff, pioneer in dialysis therapy, dies at age 97
F09 Fresenius 2008T dialysis machine receives 510(k) approval from the FDA.
F05 Blood set tubing recall (CombiSet True Flow) due to potential for port cracks.
F03 FDA web pages, teaching program, focus on errors in luer-lock connections of IV tubing.
J20 Randomized (DRIP) trial reports benefits of dry weight reduction in dialysis pts. on 24-h blood pressures.
J20 NANT 26th National Symposium to be held in Las Vegas, NV, February 10-12, 2009.
J16 GAO report criticizes FDA on device testing
J01 Sorin sells its renal care business (Bellco-Soludia) to investor group.
D18 JASN early: MPO study results published. High flux marginally better, significantly so in patients with lower albumins or diabetes.
D11 Outbreak of hemolysis being investigated in a dialysis unit in Northern Ireland.
D09 New scientific journal dedicated to WATER to make its debut in January of 2009.
D09 Fresenius' APP reassures about the safety of its heparin supply; launches heparin safety website.
D03 NEJM publishes case control study of allergic reactions due to OSCS-contaminated heparin.
N26 Montreal starts up an on-line hemodiafiltration center. Will the U.S. be close behind?
N20 Nephros pursues new product revenue aiming to sell its water filter to dialysis units, hospitals and the U.S. military.
N19 Pie in the sky or pie on the table?: Diamond dialysis filter kept unclogged using electrostatic field.
N11 Pie in the sky or pie on the table? Nanoporous ceramic membranes may reject protein buildup.
O16 Baxter earnings rise 19% in third quarter on sales of plasma-derived products.
O16 Home dialysis equipment maker gets license to use some Hewlett-Packard inkjet printer patents for fluid path management.
O06 Apparent failure to rinse sterilant from dialyzer prior to use may have led to patient death in Michigan.
S24 Joint Commission issues safety alert regarding heparin dosing errors in hospitals.
S24 Int Soc Blood Purification (ISBP) abstracts online (from September, 2008 meeting)
S22 NY dialysis center shut down for unsanitary conditions; story hits the New York Times.
S16 NHANES data analysis links elevated urine bisphenol levels to diabetes, cardiovascular disease.
S15 Carbon nanotubes for water purification.
S05 Bisphenol (present in polycarbonate plastics) linked to metabolic syndrome.
A29 Heated seats (applies to dialysis chairs) raise scrotal temperatures and affect sperm.
A29 Morton salt notifies customers of potassium chloride shortage due to labor strike at Canadian potash mines.
A22 Fresenius stays strong in tough economic times.
A18 Researchers create milligram quantities of completely synthetic heparin
J23 How bacterial biofilms use chemical weapons against amoebas
J22 New type of chlorine-tolerant membranes developed for desalination.
J11 Dialysis patients in Scotland can access their lab results on-line.
J09 ESRD Network 14 (Texas) alert regarding contamination of at least one lot of Morton salt pellets by sodium ferrocyanide.
J07 Fresenius Medical buys heparin-maker APP pharmaceuticals.
J03 CMS releases 2007 ESRD Clinical Performance Measures report (.pdf)
J01 FDA may start focusing more on software reliability in medical devices.
J01 Bills pending in Congress would remove Supreme Court shield for medical device manufacturers.
J25 House Medicare bill and the politics of competitive bidding for medical equipment
J25 Radiofrequence equipment ID tags can halt dialysis machines, change ventilator settings, alter syringe pump performance in the ICU.
J19 Is fluoride in drinking water safe for patients with CKD?
J06 Nephros completes trial of clip-on hemodiafiltration module and high-efficiency b2-M hemodiafilter.
J05 NEJM: Heparin contaminated with oversulfated chondroitin sulfate causes anaphylaxis via kallikrein activation.
J03 Magnetic control mechanism developed to steer swallowed mini-cameras for better GI tract images.
J03 Ultrasmall bacteria that can pass through dialysis filters identified in deep Greenland ice cores.
J02 Taiwanese study links water chlorination to birth defects.
M27 Louisiana Senate passes bill that would shield disaster responders from civil liability lawsuits.
M23 Automated CPR machine helps save lives.
M20 Investigation into dialysis center deaths focuses on temporary use of 1.0 K dialysate concentrate.
M16 Heparin-coated thoracic drainage catheters being recalled because of OSCS contamination.
M16 Is on-line hemodiafiltration finally coming to the U.S.?
M16 MIT research team crafts films resistant to bacterial adhesion.
M15 AFP Pharma raises price of heparin. Cost of a typical dialysis treatment will go up by a half-dollar.
M12 U.S. Health Secretary: Chinese heparin now should be safe.
A30 Robotic wheelchair uses lasers to dock with cars.
A30 Silver nanoparticles may be harmful to the environment if allowed to enter waste water system.
A29 UCLA hospital employee charged with selling medical record info on celebrities to news outlet; may face 10 years in prison.
A29 Families, CEOs, to testify before Congress on tainted heparin.
A28 New JAMA study to highlight CV risk of blood substitutes; FDA under renewed pressure.
A23 MIT led teams unravel heparin deaths mystery
A23 NEJM paper (full text) describes mechanism of how oversulfated chondroitin sulfate can cause anaphylaxis.
A22 FDA approves compact heart assist device from Thoratec.
A21 FDA: Guidance issued for abbreviated 510K applications for blood tubing sets.
A21 FDA: Guidance issued regarding IDEs for nocturnal hemodialysis.
A19 Canada bans all plastic baby bottles containing bisphenol A. Will the U.S. follow?
A17 Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) linked to formaldehyde exposure.
A14 Cannulation of AV fistula: Web CME program by Fistula
A07 Fresenius announces appeal of Baxter touch-screen patent infringement case, develops a back-up interface design.
A06 Fresenius loses patent suit brought by Baxter - ordered to stop selling its 2000K dialysis machines in U.S. by Jan 2009.
A03 Court rejects U.S. Patent Office's new rules limiting the number of claims.
M25 European nations recall heparin; safety of alternative heparin supply called into question.
M10 Hepatitis cluster prompts Nevada-wide inspection of outpatient surgery units.
M09 AP probe find very low concentrations of many drugs in drinking water.
M07 German firm (Rotexmedica) recalling heparin with China link due to allergic reactions.
M06 Kidney Community Emergency Response Coalition website
M06 Fresenius invests 36 million euro to increase production of dialyzer components.
M04 JASN: Humes' tubular assist device lowers mortality in AKI.
M04 Magnetic levitation gives computer users sense of touch.
F28 Baxter recalls remaining lots of heparin.
F23 New techniques for detecting air bubbles in blood vessels.
F21 Coated silica particles filter out bacteria, viruses, and toxins from water.
F21 Computer technology allows fourth grader to participate in class virtually while on dialysis at the Cleveland Clinic.
F20 Supreme Court decision shields medical device makers from lawsuits.
F12 Baxter provides update on heparin reactions.
F12 Allergic reactions associated with Baxter heparin may lead to shortage
F11 Baxter halts production of multidose heparin vials due to allergic reactions; FDA urges caution in using existing stocks.
F04 CDC ongoing investigation into heparin anaphylactoid reactions summarized in MMWR
J29 Update: FDA warning on Serratia marcescens contamination of pre-filled heparin syringes.
J28 More info about the Baxter recall of 1,000 IU/ml heparin vials due to anaphylactoid reactions.
J25 Update on Baxter heparin recall - one death may have resulted from first-use type anaphylactic symptoms.
J19 FDA: First-use syndrome type symptoms due to heparin result in recall of heparin as a precaution (from Baxter).
J10 CDC requesting information about possible anaphylactic reactions (pediatric)
D27 FDA approves synthetic starch-based volume expander fluid.
D26 FDA: Nationwide recall of pre-filled heparin syringes due to Serratia contamination
D15 Link to Lancet paper describing prototype and initial testing of wearable artificial kidney.
D14 Initial patient proof-of-concept testing of wearable kidney prototype prompts news stories.
D12 ESRD Network of Texas warns against bacterial buildup in stored vinegar used to descale hemodialysis machines.
D10 Groundwater contamination with mercury and cadmium in Punjab leading to kidney disease.
N29 Rockwell Medical raises 13 million dollars in new funding.
N29 Fresenius Medical Care acquires Renal Solutions for up to 190 million dollars.
N29 New improved reverse osmosis membranes using inserted water channels.
N02 FDA: Notice about hazards of cleaning electronic-containing medical equipment with disinfectants.
N01 Redsense medical gets FDA approval to sell blood loss detection device in the U.S.
O29 FDA: New guidance recommendations for medical device tracking.
O26 Legislation aims to require disclosure of implantable medical device prices paid by hospitals.
O25 AAMI to issue TIR34 - a new guidance document for water quality for reprocessed devices.
O23 Renal Solutions gets FDA 510k clearance for advanced sorbent dialysis machine enabling higher dialysate flow rates.
O16 Hemodiafiltration in the United States? Nephros initiates clinical trial of enabling equipment.
O08 Cleveland Clinic scores 3.2 million dollar NIH grant to develop implantable bioartificial kidney
A28 Baxter's recent success attributed to focus on science
A27 Renal Solutions signs agreement with Dr. David Humes' company to develop next-generation portable dialysis device.
A22 Very preliminary data is encouraging on the use of aluminum for nanoporous membranes.
A06 Baxter announces collaboration with Dean Kamen's company DEKA and HHD, LLC to develop home dialysis system
J25 Quebec's lakes showing increased blue-green algae growth - phosphorus from fertilizers may be responsible.
J28 EDTNA/ERCA Journal Club (link)
J05 NxStage announces agreement to acquire Medisystems
M16 Nephros to initiate clinical trials in U.S. of an on-line HDF module and mid-dilution filter.
A17 FDA considers implementing user fees for medical device makers to speed review process.
A17 Researchers develop an electrical current - pH based method of bacteria crowd control
A05 AAMI published revised standard for water treament for dialysis.
A02 Cantel Medical Acquires GE Dialysis Water Business
A01 Megahype about nanopores.
M30 FDA warns on dangerous hemodialysis catheter disconnections.
M27 New blood thinner may work without bleeding risk
M16 Phthalate exposure linked to metabolic syndrome
M02 FDA warns about potential impact of change in calendar onset of daylight savings time on medical devices.
M02 Chloramine not as effective as chlorine in protecting drinking water.
F19 New ultrathin membrane raises hopes for microdialysis devices
J29 Nephros gets conditional FDA approval to test hemodiafiltration module in the US
J17 New handbook by LWW teaches the basics of dialysis to doctors and nurses.
D29 Spiky surface coating kills bacteria.
D27 FDA: Dr. Kessler to Chair Global Task Force for Harmonization of Medical Device Practices
D19 NKUDIC reports that percent of patients using fistulas in the U.S. has climbed from 30 to 42%.
D16 FDA action pumps up Baxter
D12 FDA campaigns against use of quinine for conditions other than malaria; cautions against use of quinine for leg cramps.
D06 Int Soc for Hemodialysis to present its trailblazer award to Dr. Lee Henderson at the 2007 ADC meeting.
N28 Researchers give robotic surgery tools a sense of touch.
N26 HDCN: Search index updated for audiofiles, slide/audio talks, articles, and abstracts
N10 Nanorust clears arsenic from drinking water.
N09 US FDA will be strenghtening its postmarket program to monitor medical device safety.
O25 Rockwell gets Canadian patent for dry acid dialysate concentrate
O25 FDA device director Schulz talks to Congress about reuse of SUDs.
O06 Nephros gets grant to develop water purification system for U.S. Marine Corps.
S25 FDA publishes rule for validation data requirement for reused single-use devices.
S21 Siemens to supply RO water treatment units throughout China.
S19 Fresenius-built home dialysis machine alleged to have caused fatal home fire in lawsuit.
S11 Canadian home dialysis patients seek rebate for water, electricity costs.
S11 Bacterial conversation stoppers may block formation of biofilm
A28 DaVita amends supply agreement with Gambro because of import ban.
A24 Ohio research study ways of removing microcystins (blue algae toxins) from Lake Erie water.
A09 FDA seeks comments on use of identifier system for medical devices
J30 Recycling medical devices raises concerns
J26 Power outages in St. Louis create concern for dialysis patients.
J19 Baxter loses dialysis machine patent infringement case against Fresenius.
A19 Rockwell gets European patent for dialysate iron delivery product.
A13 FDA announces public meeting focusing on regulation of nanotechnology
A13 NxStage tap water purification device gets FDA ok for marketing.
A03 Bleach is best to disinfect against C. difficile; other disinfectants induce spore formation.
M08 Minntech's Lee Fischbach: In Memoriam
F20 High aluminum levels linked to multiple sclerosis.
F05 Preventing hemolysis with Meridia blood tubing by avoiding kinking.
J21 FDA announces new program to monitor safety of medical devices.
J19 Tufts nephrologist Dr. Klemens Meyer wins award from US National Kidney Foundation.
J18 Rockwell Medical Technologies gets rights to market vitamin- and carnitine-supplemented dialysate.
J13 Rockwell sells 13 M of dialysate concentrate to Latin America in a large supply order.
J12 Monitoring your dialysis water treatment system (.pdf) - by Northwest Renal Networks
D26 Diabetes, CHF home patient monitors taking off in the UK.
D26 Need a used medical device? Try Ebay.
D20 Allergic reactions from drug-eluting stents
D17 FDA news release on bloodline kinking problems with Baxter Meridian machines.
D13 Baxter recalls dialysis machines due to possible blood tubing kinks.
D08 No one injured in acid spill in dialysis clinic.
N24 San Diego to use chlorine "shock" treatment to clear biofilm in its water system
N10 Rockwell Medical Q3 report: sales increase 75%
N09 The wearable artificial kidney - pie in the sky or pie on the table?
O27 South Florida power outages hamper treatment of dialysis patients.
O26 ASN Renal Week 2005 abstracts now available on-line.
O09 AJKD: USRDS confirms absence of reuse survival effect as of 2000-2001.
O06 Serum amyloid P protein sticks to medical devices, initiates immune response.
S21 EDTNA journal club: Venous needle dislodgement during hemodialysis.
S09 Double-membrane dialysis system uses nanotech to control pore size.
S07 High aluminum levels now rare in United States patients
A19 Massive cryptosporidium outbreak (1500 people) linked to water park storage tank
A19 Cochrane group review suggests benefits of synthetic membranes not yet proven.
A16 Gambro issues safety alert: Overriding Prisma excessive UF alarm is dangerous.
J28 Phthalates induce lupus in genetically-predisposed mice.
J28 Baxter recalls Home Choice Automated PD machine due to grounding problem.
J22 Baxter to stop making HD equipment; will distribute Gambro products.
J11 Microcystis algae getting worse in Lake Erie, Sandusky bay near Toledo.
J28 FlowMedica device permits infusion of fenoldopam directly into renal arteries.
J22 Renal Solutions' sorbent dialysis system gets FDA clearance.
J17 Nephros gets FDA OK to market mid-dilution HDF filter in the United States.
J10 Phthalates accumulate to high levels in infants in neonatal ICUs
J10 New type of filter traps bioaerosols from infected water.
J08 Dialysis technician training school opens in San Francisco area.
J07 FMC: Fresenius unveils new 5008 HD-HDF machine n Istanbul.
J07 FMC: European registry data shows 35% lower death risk wth hemodiafiltration
J04 JASN Express: Crit-line blood volume monitoring fails to reduce hospitalizations
J04 Florida storm bill fails to deal with power outages in dialysis units.
M28 Phthalate exposure in pregnant women linked to infant genital defects.
M20 New telemedicine company treats patients by phone without seeing them.
M18 Rounds by robo-doc at London hospital.
M13 Naturally occurring nanovaults eyed as vehicles to deliver gene/turmor therapy.
M12 Rockwell Medical reports 30% increase in sales over Q1 last year.
M08 Pediatric telemedicine care becomes a reality in Rochester, NY.
M03 ASAIO to meet in Washington DC, June 9-11, 2005.
A29 Gambro hiring, expanding manufacturing, in Lakewood, CO.
A28 Gambro to make Polyflux dialyzers in Alabama.
A28 Prgrammable bacteria: Engineer turns bacterial colonies into living computers.
A26 Pyruvate may prevent brain damage after hypoglycemia in diabetics.
A24 Orlando dialysis unit workers overcome by fumes when cleaning up bleach spill.
A21 Fresenius acquires Haemotec - Canadian dialysate concentrate manufacturer.
A16 Audioclouds may help walking users interact with portable computers.
A15 Chemical linked to dialyzer reactions proves toxic in animal studies.
A14 Rockwell Medical Technologies, Inc. Secures $6.5 Million in Business
A02 Implanted brain chip allows paralyzed patients to interact with surroundings.
A01 FDA getting interested in follow-up after market studies for medical devices.
M17 Feds subpoena Baxter over dialysis filters.
M14 Using quorum sensing peptide blockers to inhibit bacterial biofilm formation.
M07 EPA tightens regulations about lead and copper in drinking water.
M01 Water warning for dialysis patients in Rio Hondo.
F15 Rockwell announces supply contracts with various dialysis providers.
F06 FDA renews contamination report regarding IV flush heparin syringes.
F06 Without PGA gook, S. epidermidis can't survive on implants.
F02 1 million dollar prize offered for system to remove arsenic from well water.
F01 FDA issues nationwde alert on heparin/saline preloaded syringes from IV Flush.
J22 Anti-bacterial additive widespread in U.S. waterways.
J18 HDI: Hemodialysis abstractst from Annual Dialysis Conference, 2004.
J14 Computer crash blamed for adverse effect on dialysis patient care.
J07 New types of microbes found in the saltiest of waters.
J04 Plastics component found to stimulate prostate cancer cells.
D28 ISBP abstracts from 2004 London meeting (pdf).
D22 JASN: Sodium gradient HD works when Na neutral with UF profiled as well.
D21 Plumbing code questioned for kidney dialysis machines.
D16 ANNA: Learning module, PPT files, CE on Hemodialysis
D05 Company in Portland developing new generation of dialysis machines.
D01 ISHD to host pre-conference to the ADC in Tampa, February 27, 2005.
N18 Want to prevent catheter biofilm? Get a diamond coating.
N12 Rockwell Med Technologies reports Q3 sales
O18 Toxic algae blooms with microcystins threaten Michigan lakes
O15 AAMI: Plumbing codes put dialysis patients at risk
O15 AAMI: Dialysis standards on CD
O06 Children's exposure to plasticizers (phthalates) linked to allergies, asthma
O05 City utilities accused of misconstruing lead levels in water supply
S20 CDC guidance: Dialyzing patients during a boil water advisory
S16 CMS: Public meeting on Novel Formulations of Dialysis Solutions - Sept. 27
S15 Highly toxic iodoacids found in chloramine-treated water
A20 West Nile virus patients in Georgia may have been infected from dialysis machine
A18 NDT: FMC finds lower mortality after switching to single-use
J21 Vancouver: No trace of infection found due to faulty dialysis machines
J08 Alberta issues dialysis rules about premixed dialysis after potassium error.
J07 Mould-contaminated dialysis unit to be completely demolished
J30 Verdict on medical mixup of sodium / potassium in Calgary dialysis patients
J30 Asahi Medical to establish U.S. subsidiary
J28 CEO of Renal Solutions wins entrepreneur recognition award
J18 Contaminated transponder protectors found in Halifax
J17 More blood contamination in dialysis machines in Canada - Nova Scotia
J10 Baxter sends out global alert re proper procedures for its dialysis machines
J08 Signs of blood contamination found in British Columbia dialysis machines
J02 FDA revises guidance on reprocessing of single-use devices
J02 Lawsuits in California aim to prevent use of chloramine in water supply
A27 Renal Solutions raises $5M to help it develop new dialysis machine
A21 San Francisco Bay area completing switch from chlorine to chloramine
A17 Dr. Fred Shapiro, kidney pioneer, Minntech founder, dies
A09 April 7th FDA enforcement report: Asahi dialyzers; Baxter Meridian machines
A06 B. Braun launches new dialysis machine
M24 Medionics founder got started building dialysis machines
M20 Phthalate levels in people exposed to plasticizers high; sperm motility affected
M18 Full text (pdf) of Selenic et al paper in ICHE on sulfur compounds in RO water
M18 Epidemic exposure to volatile sulfur compounds in a dialysis unit
M11 Zebra mussels increase blue-green algae, microcystin levels in lakes
F18 HDCN: Viral disease in Tx; Renal artery stenosis; Transplantation audiofiles
F18 HemoCleanse gets $1M bioterrorism grant
F14 Mouldy dialysis unit in Calgary to be remodeled
F04 San Francisco changes water disinfectant to chloramine
J08 Gambro shuts plants, ends Baxter co-op
D09 Fresenius produces more than 50 million dialyzers in 2003
N28 Infections found at several Southern California dialysis units
N20 Biofilm antibiotic resistance may be susceptible to a genetic approach
N05 Some Clostridium and Proteus bacteria survive in slag dumps where pH = 12.8
N01 Polysulfone membranes maintain their beta-2 clearance with peracetic acid reuse
O24 Asahi Kasei to triple output of artificial kidney devices
O02 FDA approves Renal Solutions new version of Redy sorbent cartridges
S22 New ultrafiltration device beneficial for congestive heart failure patients
A27 Segway's Dean Kamen invents water purification machine for developing countries
A26 Robodoc makes rounds at Johns Hopkins
A25 200 mL/min fluid flow by electro-osmosis with no moving parts!
A25 Wisonsin dialysis pioneer Donald Roth obituary
A18 Intake of plasticizers may be higher than assumed
A14 Bacterium found in hot undersea vents enjoys being autoclaved without ill effect
A12 Copper linked to Alzheimer's disease
A07 Unexplained liver failure in 5 dialysis patients in Japan
J30 Enzyme found in volcanic pools may lead to new sterilant to disable prions
J20 Blue-green algae supplement (spirulina) may be contamined with microcystins
J30 Singaporeans make synthetic version of Limulus (horseshoe crab) lysate enzyme
J25 Baxter gets FDA approval to market new Arena dialysis machine
J24 Baxter gets FDA approval to market ARENA dialysis system
J11 New CDC guidelines on dialysis unit water quality
J03 Pediatricians raise concerns about phthalates
M24 Duke University Hospital audit includes issues with dialysis water treatment
M20 Ammonia present in drinking water in Hammond, IN
M03 Toxin-producing blue-green algae found in Lake Erie
A26 Gambro Q1 profits beat forecasts
A17 More problems with mold-contaminated dialysis unit
A07 Repellant coating from mussels may have applications in dialysis tubing, stents
A02 Provide feedback to JCAHO on Safety Rec #3 impact on inpatient HD
M25 Bacteria may stick to thinks because of electrostatic charges
M24 Gambro to expand capacity to produce synthetic membrane dialyzers
M14 Rockwell signs medical supply contract with DaVita
M04 Gambro to focus on development of hemodialysis monitors
F27 New UV light system offers more reliable water disinfection
F21 ASAIO-ISAO Joint Conference, Jun 19, 2003
F18 Dr. WIllem Kolf gets $500,000 engineering prize for artificial kidney invention
F01 CDC report on human exposure to toxic chemicals, incl. lead, phthalates
F01 New FDA initiative to facilitate review of new medical devices and products
J24 City water change from chlorine to chloramine can affect dialysis patients
D21 Baxter acquires Lederle: expands injectable drug portfolio and manufacturing
D14 Ultrasound shown to be an effective way of killing bacteria
D13 Water supply blamed for group illness at Kansas City dialysis clinic
D12 10 dialysis patients from a single clinic in Kansas City become seriously ill
D10 Exposure to phthalates linked to sperm damage
D09 Hemametrics signs multiyear deal with RCG to supply hematocrit monitor
D03 Baxter to exit renal services business
N06 Rockwell, hemodialysis concentrate maker, announces large increase in Q3 sales
O16 Baxter says Croatia ends probe of criminal activity in dialysis deaths
O09 U.S. House backs fees to speed medical reviews
S24 Scribner recalls the early days of dialysis
S16 Power Point presentations from the FDA on reuse of single-use devices
S13 Baxter press release regarding dialysis deaths
S13 Text of FDA News release regarding dialysis deaths
S13 Baxter warning letter on Medisystems tubing: Kinks and Patient deaths
A12 Hemametrics granted clearance for urea measurement technology
A07 Rockwell (makes dialysate concentrates) Q2 sales up 18%
A07 RenalTech initiates U.S. clinical trial of BetaSorb(TM) device
J30 Fresenius reports Q2 results
J19 ERA/EDTA: Dialyzers remove heparin antibodies - maybe why HIT uncommon in ESRD
J08 Microbial contamination of hospital water supplies
J13 New biofilm reactor removes perchlorates, nitrates from contaminated groundwater
M09 Japan's Terumo to pass dialysis business to Asahi
M02 FDA recalls Wyeth 1,000 U/ml heparin vials
A19 Membranes that favor passage of large molecules over small developed
A04 Trihalomethanes: a new contaminant in chlorine-treated water
M27 European experts report on perfluorohydrocarbon-associated dialysis deaths
M26 Arsenic levels in well water linked to atherosclerosis
M14 Baxter to partner with PrisMedical to provide sterile water for home dialysis
M06 Company based on new dialysis machine design launched
F13 Aksys reports Q4 results
J30 Daily dialysis improves survival in acute renal failure
J09 Chlorine in tap water alleged to be related to miscarriages
J08 Hemametrics completes 15 M financing
J03 Swedish prosecutor drops dialyzer plant inquest
D21 Baxter recalls System 1000 HD machines for potential proportioning errors
D13 CDC 2000 report on surveillance of dialysis-associated disease released
D11 Aksys home dialysis co. hosts conference call regarding 510K
D04 Study finds morning shift dialysis patients live longer
N19 Body weight appropriate for heparin dosing protocols
N14 Sweden probes factory that made dialyzers implicated in deaths
N05 Baxter admits dialyzers may have caused deaths: perfluorochemical implicated