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Ambulatory pulse pressure as a predictor of outcome in older patients with systolic hypertension Am J Hypertens  
High prevalence of primary aldosteronism using postcaptopril plasma aldosterone to renin ratio as a screening test among Italian hypertensives Am J Hypertens  
Smoking is associated with renal impairment and proteinuria in the normal population: The AusDiab kidney study Am J Kidney Dis  
Statin-associated myopathy with normal creatine kinase levels Ann Intern Med  
Frequency of analgesic use and risk of hypertension in younger women Arch Int Med  
The prevention of dementia with antihypertensive treatment new evidence from the Systolic Hypertension in Europe (Syst-Eur) study Arch Int Med  
Body mass index, waist circumference, and health risk evidence in support of current National Institutes of Health guidelines Arch Int Med  
Preservation of cognitive function with antihypertensive medications a longitudinal analysis of a community-based sample of African Americans Arch Int Med  
Evaluation of a noninvasive system for determining left ventricular filling pressure Arch Int Med  
Evaluation of the benefits and risks of low-dose aspirin in the secondary prevention of cardiovascular and cerbrovascular events Arch Int Med  
Review: ABC of antithrombotic therapy Br Med J  
ABC of antithrombotic therapy: Bleeding risks of antithrombotic therapy Br Med J  
Implementing intensive control of blood glucose concentration and blood pressure in type 2 diabetes in England: cost analysis Br Med J  
Review: Management of overweight and obese adults Br Med J  
Increased activity of endogenous endothelin in patients with type II diabetes mellitus Circulation  
Inflammatory cytokine concentrations are acutely increased by hyperglycemia in humans: Role of oxidative stress Circulation  
Effect of carvedilol on the morbidity of patients with severe chronic heart failure: Results of the carvedilol prospective randomized cumulative survival (COPERNICUS) study Circulation  
ARBITER: Arterial biology for the investigation of the treatment effects of reducing cholesterol: A randomized trial comparing the effects of Atorvastatin and Pravastatin on carotid intima Circulation  
Angiotensin converting enzyme DD genotype is associated with hypertensive crisis Crit Care Med  
Beneficial effects of soy phytoestrogen intake in postmenopausal women with type 2 diabetes Diabetes Care  
Treatment of chronic painful diabetic neuropathy with isosorbide dinitrate spray: A double-blind placebo-controlled cross-over study Diabetes Care  
Beta-blocker therapy influences the hemodynamic response to inotropic agents in patients with heart failure : A randomized comparison of dobutamine and enoximone pre and post treatment J Am Coll Cardiol  
Prevalence and trends in overweight among US children and adolescents, 1999-2000 J Am Med Assoc  
Homocysteine and risk of ischemic heart disease and stroke a meta-analysis J Am Med Assoc  
Platelet activation in obese women role of inflammation and oxidant stress J Am Med Assoc  
MTHFR 677CT polymorphism and risk of coronary heart disease a meta-analysis J Am Med Assoc  
Effects of long-term treatment with angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitors in the presence or absence of aspirin: a systematic review Lancet  
Asprin and mortality from coronary bypass surgery N Engl J Med  
Synergistic polymorphisms of β1- and 2C-adrenergic receptors and the risk of congestive heart failure N Engl J Med  
Sex based differences in the effect of digoxin for the treatment of heart failure N Engl J Med  
Cardioselective beta-blockers in patients with reactive airway disease: A meta-analysis Ann Intern Med  
The effect of orlistat-induced weight loss without concomitant hypocaloric diet, on cardiovascular risk factors and insulin sensitivity in young obese Chinese subjects Arch Int Med  
Drug points: Dysgeusia and burning mouth syndrome by eprosartan Br Med J  
ABC of antithrombotic therapy: Valvar heart disease and prosthetic heart valves Br Med J  
ABC of antithrombotic therapy: Antithrombotic therapy for cerebrovascular disorders Br Med J  
ABC of antithrombotic therapy: Antithrombotic therapy in myocardial infarction and stable angina Br Med J  
Homocysteine and cardiovascular disease: evidence on causality from a meta-analysis Br Med J  
Sympathetic neural activation in visceral obesity Circulation  
Fish consumption, fish oil, omega-3 fatty acids, and cardiovascular disease Circulation  
Effects of valsartan on circulating brain natriuretic peptide and norepinephrine in symptomatic chronic heart failure: The valsartan heart failure trial (Val-HeFT) Circulation  
Increased oxidative stress and platelet activation in patients with hypertension and renovascular disease Circulation  
Reduced progression of early carotid atherosclerosis after antibiotic treatment and Chlamydia pneumoniae seropositivity Circulation  
Calcium antagonist lacidipine slows down progression of asymptomatic carotid atherosclerosis: Principal results of the European Lacidipine Study on Atherosclerosis (ELSA) Circulation  
Hyperglycemia exacerbates muscle protein catabolism in burn -injured patients Crit Care Med  
Effects of vitamin E on cardiovascular and microvascular outcomes in high-risk patients with diabetes: Results of the HOPE Study and MICRO-HOPE Substudy Diabetes Care  
Hypothesis paper: angiotensin blockade prevents type 2 diabetes by formation of fat cells Hypertension  
Progressive hypertension in a patient with "incidental" renal artery stenosis Hypertension  
Nut and peanut butter consumption and risk of type 2 diabetes in women J Am Med Assoc  
Effect of blood pressure lowering and antihypertensive drug class on progression of hypertensive kidney disease J Am Med Assoc  
Blood pressure and decline in kidney function: Findings from the systolic hypertension in the elderly program (SHEP) J Am Soc Nephrol  
Quality improvement guidelines for angiography, angioplasty, and stent placement in the diagnosis and treatment of renal artery stenosis in adults J Vasc Interven Radiol  
Pravastatin in elderly individuals at risk of vascular disease (PROSPER): a randomised controlled trial Lancet  
Effect of an Indo-Mediterranean diet on progression of coronary artery disease in high risk patients (Indo-Mediterranean Diet Heart Study): a randomised single-blind trial Lancet  
Kidney transplantation with rabbit antithymocyte globulin induction and sirolimus monotherapy (letter) Lancet  
Mercury, fish oils and the risk of myocardial infarction N Eng J Med  
Mercury and the risk of coronary heart disease in men N Eng J Med  
Comparison of C-reactive protein and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in the prediction of first cardiovascular events N Engl J Med  
Body mass index and the risk of stroke in men Arch Int Med  
ABC of antithrombotic therapy: Antithrombotic therapy Br Med J  
Transplantation of progenitor cells and regeneration enhancement in acute myocardial infarction (TOPCARE-AMI) Circulation  
Lipid lowering by simvastatin induces regression of human atherosclerotic lesions Circulation  
Coffee acutely increases sympathetic nerve activity and blood pressure Circulation  
Serum albumin and risk of myocardial infarction and all-cause mortality Circulation  
Differentiation between obesity and insulin resistance Circulation  
Plasma urotensin in human systolic heart failure Circulation  
Blood letting in high-ferritin type 2 diabetes: Effects on vascular reactivity Diabetes Care  
Decreased mortality associated with the use of metformin compared with sulfonylurea Diabetes Care  
Noninvasive blood glucose monitoring with optical coherence tomography Diabetes Care  
A novel noninvasive blood glucose monitor Diabetes Care  
Classification of blood pressure levels by ambulatory blood pressure Hypertension  
Hyperaldosteronism among black and white subjects with resistant hypertension Hypertension  
Drug effects on aldosterone/plasma renin activity ratio in primary aldosteronism Hypertension  
Racial difference in the activity of the amiloride-sensitive epithelial sodium channel Hypertension  
Blood pressure effects of vitamin C: What's the key question? Hypertension  
Major outcomes in high-risk hypertensive patients randomized to angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor or calcium channel blocker vs diuretic: The ALLHAT Trial J Am Med Assoc  
Major outcomes in moderately hypercholesterolemic, hypertensive patients randomized to pravastatin vs usual care J Am Med Assoc  
Myocardial perfusion imaging for evaluation and triage of patients J Am Med Assoc  
Repeated intervention for in-stent restenosis of the renal arteries J Vasc Interven Radiol  
Estrogen therapy for prevention of reinfarction in postmenopausal women: a randomised placebo controlled trial Lancet  
Age-specific relevance of usual blood pressure to vascular mortality: a meta-analysis of individual data for one million adults in 61 prospective studies Lancet  
A comparison of rate control and rhythm control in patients N Engl J Med  
Prediction of the risk of myocardial infarction from polymorphisms in candidate genes N Engl J Med  

Dialysis, Chronic Renal Failure
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The impact of vitamin D receptor genotype on the management of anemia in hemodialysis patients Am J Kidney Dis  
Dynamic venous access pressure ratio test for hemodialysis access monitoring Am J Kidney Dis  
Acute renal failure due to rifampicin: A study of 25 patients Am J Kidney Dis  
Infectious complications of old nonfunctioning arteriovenous grafts in renal transplant recipients: A case series Am J Kidney Dis  
The contribution of an arteriovenous access for hemodialysis to left ventricular hypertrophy Am J Kidney Dis  
Left ventricular geometry and adverse cardiovascular events in chronic hemodialysis patients on prolonged therapy with ACE inhibitors Am J Kidney Dis  
Association between blood pressure, ultrafiltration, and hemodialysis graft thrombosis: A multivariable logistic regression analysis Am J Kidney Dis  
Heat accumulation with relative blood volume decrease Am J Kidney Dis  
Association of renal insufficiency with treatment and outcomes after myocardial infarction in elderly patients Ann Intern Med  
Acute renal failure and myocardial infarction: A lethal combination Ann Intern Med  
Undertreatment of osteoporosis in men with hip fracture Arch Int Med  
Probiotics and antibiotic associated diarrhoea Br Med J  
Fish, meat and risk of dementia: Cohort study Br Med J  
Iron therapy, advanced oxidation protein products, and carotid artery intima-media thickness in end-stage renal disease Circulation  
Comparative survival of dialysis patients in the United States after coronary angioplasty, coronary artery stenting, and coronary artery bypass surgery and the impact of diabetes Circulation  
Urinary albumin excretion predicts cardiovascular and noncardiovascular mortality in general population Circulation  
Effects of early high-volume continuous venovenous hemofiltration on survival and recovery of renal function in intensive care patients with acute renal failure: A prospective trial Crit Care Med  
Effect of the correction of metabolic acidosis on nutritional status in elderly patients with chronic renal failure J Ren Nutr  
Increasing arteriovenous fistulas in hemodialysis patients: Problems and solutions Kidney Int  
Use of icodextrin in high transport ultrafiltration failure Kidney Int  
A randomized controlled trial of topical exit site mupirocin application in patients with tunnelled, cuffed haemodialysis catheters Nephrol Dial Transplant  
Cancer screening and life expectancy of Canadian patients with kidney failure Nephrol Dial Transplant  
Inflammation in end-stage renal sisease: Sources, consequences, and therapy Semin Dial  
ACE inhibitors and survival of hemodialysis patients Am J Kidney Dis  
Relapsing culture-negative peritonitis in peritoneal dialysis patients exposed to icodextrin solution Am J Kidney Dis  
Effect of diabetes on peritoneal function assessed by person dialysis capacity test in patients undergoing CAPD Am J Kidney Dis  
Pharmacokinetic studies of dalteparin (Fragmin), enoxaparin (Clexane), and danaparoid sodium (orgaran) in stable chronic hemodialysis patients Am J Kidney Dis  
Serum markers of periodontal disease status and inflammation in hemodialysis patients Am J Kidney Dis  
Homocysteine, cysteine, and B vitamins as predictors of kidney disease progression Am J Kidney Dis  
Acute renal failure in the intensive care unit: A systematic review of the impact of dialytic modality on mortality and renal recovery Am J Kidney Dis  
A randomized controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of icodextrin in peritoneal dialysis Am J Kidney Dis  
ABC of antithrombotic therapy: Antithrombotic therapy for atrial fibrillation Br Med J  
Irbesartan reduces the albumin excretion rate in microalbuminuric type 2 diabetic patients independently of hypertension: A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled crossover st Diabetes Care  
Comparison of mortality between private for-profit and private not -for-profit hemodialysis centers: Review and Meta-analysis J Am Med Assoc  
Diuretics, mortality and nonrecovery of renal function in acute renal failure J Am Med Assoc  
Iron status and hemoglobin level in chronic renal insufficiency J Am Soc Nephrol  
Acquired ultrafiltration dysfunction in peritoneal dialysis patients J Am Soc Nephrol  
Efficacy of oral sildenafil in hemodialysis patients with erectile dysfunction J Am Soc Nephrol  
Arterial problems associated with dysfunctional hemodialysis grafts: Evaluation of patients at high risk for arterial disease J Vasc Interven Radiol  
Blood pressure and long-term mortality in United States hemodialysis patients: USRDS waves 3 and 4 study Kidney Int  
The elephant in uremia: Oxidant stress as a unifying concept of cardiovascular disease in uremia Kidney Int  
The first international consensus conference on continuous renal replacement therapy Kidney Int  
Permanent hemodialysis vascular access survival in children and adolescents with end-stage renal disease Kidney Int  
Inflammation and outcome in end-stage renal failure: Does female gender constitute a survival advantage? Kidney Int  
Influence of dialysis membranes on outcomes in acute renal failure: A meta-analysis Kidney Int  
Triglyceride, but not total cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, predict development of proteinuria Kidney Int  
Editorial comment: Vitamin D deficiency: A neglected aspect of disturbed calcium metabolism in renal failure Nephrol Dial Transplant  
Creatine monohydrate treatment alleviates muscle cramps associated with haemodialysis Nephrol Dial Transplant  
Dialysis with icodextrin interferes with measurement of serum- amylase activity Nephrol Dial Transplant  
American Society of Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology: Guidelines for training, certification, accreditation Semin Dial  
The role of blood volume reduction in the genesis of intradialytic hypotension AM J Kidney Dis  
Prospective evaluation of the intra-access flow of recently created native arteriovenous fistulae Am J Kidney Dis  
Association between serum aspartate transaminase and homocysteine levels in hemodialysis patients Am J Kidney Dis  
Decellularized cadaver vein allografts used for hemodialysis access do not cause allosensitization or preclude kidney transplantation Am J Kidney Dis  
The relative predictive ability of four different measures of hemodialysis dose Am J Kidney Dis  
Vascular access surgery managed by renal physicians: The choice of native arteriovenous fistulas for hemodialysis Am J Kidney Dis  
Association between vascular access failure and the use of specific drugs: The Dialysis Outcomes and Practice Patterns Study(DOPPS) Am J Kidney Dis  
Conservative management of polymicrobial peritonitis complicating peritoneal dialysis-a series of 140 consecutive cases Am J Med  
Reversal of warfarin-induced excessive anticoagulation with recombinant human factor VIIa concentrate Ann Intern Med  
Significant differential effects of alendronate, estrogen, or combination therapy on the rate of bone loss after discontinuation of tx for postmenopausal osteoporosis Ann Intern Med  
Thrombolysis vs heparin in the treatment of pulmonary embolism a clinical outcome-based meta analysis Arch Int Med  
Is impaired renal function a contraindication to the use of low-molecular -weight heparin? Arch Int Med  
Predictive value of cardiac troponin I and T for subsequent death in end-stage renal disease Circulation  
Erythropoietin is a novel vascular protectant through activation of Akt1 Circulation  
Calciphylaxis, proteases, and purpura: An alternative hypothesis for the severe shock, rash, and hypocalcemia associated with meningococcal septicemia Crit Care Med  
Inflammation at the insertion site is not predictive of catheter- related bloodstream infection with short-term, noncuffed central venous catheters Crit Care Med  
Risk of hip fracture among dialysis and renal transplant recipients J Am Med Assoc  
Efficacy of recombinant human erythropoietin in critically ill patients. A randomized controlled trial J Am Med Assoc  
A role for uric acid in the progression of renal disease J Am Soc Nephrol  
How to fully protect the kidney in a severe model of progressive nephropathy: A multidrug approach J Am Soc Nephrol  
Procedural success and patency after percutaneous treatment of thrombosed autogenous arteriovenous dialysis fistulas J Vasc Interven Radiol  
Treatment of occluded central venous catheters with alteplase: Results in 1,064 patients J Vasc Interven Radiol  
Cost savings of home nocturnal versus conventional in-center hemodialysis Kidney Int  
Antibody to oxidized low-density lipoprotein and cardiovascular mortality in end-stage renal disease Kidney Int  
Evidence for elevated pulse pressure in patients on chronic hemodialysis: A case-control study Kidney Int  
Randomized trial of darbepoetin alfa for treatment of renal anemia at a reduced dose frequency compared with rHuEPO in dialysis patients Kidney Int  
Diagnostic strategy for patients with suspected pulmonary embolism: a prospective multicentre outcome study Lancet  
Effect of dialysis dose and membrane flux in maintentance hemodialysis N Engl J Med  
No early respiratory benefit with CVVHDF in patients with acute renal failure and acute lung injury Nephrol Dial Transplant  
Cost-effectiveness of three strategies of managing tunnelled, cuffed haemodialysis catheters in clincally mild or asymptomatic bacteraemias Nephrol Dial Transplant  
Inflammation and pruritus in haemodialysis patients Nephrol Dial Transplant  
Superior antimicrobial activity of trisodium citrate over heparin for catheter locking Nephrol Dial Transplant  
Influence of low molecular weight heparin compared to conventional heparin for anticoagulation during heamodialysis on low density lipoprotein subclasses Nephrol Dial Transplant  

Clinical Nephrology
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Pregnancy in lupus nephritis Am J Kidney Dis  
Ticlopidine-induced lupus a report of 4 cases Arch Int Med  
ABC of antithrombotic therapy: Venous thromboembolism: Treatment strategies Br Med J  
ABC of antithrombotic therapy: Venous thromboembolism: pathophysiology, clinical features, and prevention Br Med J  
Albumin and furosemide therapy in hypoproteinemic patients with acute lung injury Crit Care Med  
Economic and health consequences of selling a kidney in india J Am Med Assoc  
Expanding the donor pool: Effect on graft outcome J Am Soc Nephrol  
Influence of calcium-sensing receptor gene on urinary calcium excretion in stone-forming patients J Am Soc Nephrol  
The effect of donor gender on graft survival J Am Soc Nephrol  
Incidence of Henoch-Schonlein purpura, Kawasaki disease, and rare vasculitides in children of different ethnic origins Lancet  
Tacrolimus versus microemulsified cyclosporin in liver transplantation: the TMC randomised controlled trial Lancet  
Heparin plus alteplase compared with heparin alone in patients with submassive pulmonary embolism N Engl J Med  
Right-sided laparoscopic live-donor nephrectomy: is reluctance still justified? Transplantation  
Post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder in the United States: Young caucasian males are at highest risk Am J Transplant  
Death after graft loss: An important late study endpoint in kidney transplantation Am J Transplant  
Differential effect of diarrhea on FK506 versus cyclosporine a trough levels and resultant prevention of allograft rejection in renal transplant recipients Am J Transplant  
What's in the pipeline? New Immunosuppressive Drugs in Transplantation Am J Transplant  
Clinical usefulness of cystatin C for the estimation of GFR in type 1 diabetes: Reproducibility and accuracy compared with standard measures and iohexol clearance Diabetes Care  
Antimicrobial treatment in diabetic women with asymptomatic bacteriuria N Engl J Med  
The role of theophylline in contrast-induced nephropathy: a case- control study Nephrol Dial Transplant  
Assessment of glomerular filtration rate in healthy subjects and normoalbuminuric diatetic patients: validity of a new (MDRD) prediction equation Nephrol Dial Transplant  
SLE and idiopathic nephrotic syndrome: Coincidence or not? Am J Kidney Dis  
Screening for prostate cancer: Recommendation and rationale Ann Intern Med  
Lesson of the week: Misleading electrocardiographic results in patient with hyperkalaemia Br Med J  
Managing acute renal colic across the primary-secondary care interface: a pathway of care on evidence and consensus Br Med J  
Donor hepatitis C seropositivity: Clinical correlates and effect on early graft and patient survival in adult cadaveric kidney transplantation J Am Soc Nephrol  
Recent progress in HIV-associated nephropathy J Am Soc Nephrol  
Significance of the fractional excretion of urea in the differential diagnosis of acute renal failure Kidney Int  
Bone histology and bone mineral density after correction of acidosis in distal renal tubular acidosis Kidney Int  
A randomized controlled trial of N-acetylcysteine to prevent contrast nephropathy in cardiac angiography Kidney Int  
Depletion of clusterin in renal diseases causing nephrotic syndrome Kidney Int  
Treatment of primary focal segmental glomerulosclerosis Kidney Int  
Globotriaosylceramide accumulation in the fabry kidney is cleared from multiple cell types after enzyme replacement therapy Kidney Int  
Gene for susceptibility to diabetic nephropathy in type 2 diabetes maps to 18q22.3-23 Kidney Int  
Effect of sunlight and season on serotonin turnover in the brain Lancet  
Celecoxib versus diclofenac and omeprazole in reducing the risk of recurrent ulcer bleeding in patients with arthritis N Engl J Med  
Apoptosis in the pathogenesis of renal disease with a focus on tubulointerstitial injury Nephrology  
Cyclosporine withdrawal from a mycophenolate mofetil-containing immunosuppressive regimen in stable kidney transplant recipients: a randomized, controlled study Transplantation  

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