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Effect of genistein on endothelial function in postmenopausal women: a randomized, double-blind, controlled study Am J Med  
The evidence base for tight blood pressure control in the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus Ann Intern Med  
Treatment of hypertension in type 2 diabetes mellitus : Blood pressure goals , choice of agents, and setting priorities in diabetes care Ann Intern Med  
Metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes mellitus : focus on peroxisome proliferator activated receptors (PPAR) Cardiovasc Diabetol  
Fish and long-chain -3 fatty acid intake and risk of coronary heart disease and total mortality in diabetic women Circulation  
Efficacy and tolerability of eplerenone and losartan in hypertensive black and white patients J Am Coll Cardiol  
Complementary roles of color-flow duplex imaging and intravascular ultrasound in the diagnosis of renal artery fibromuscular dysplasia J Am Coll Cardiol  
Early outcome after sirolimus-eluting stent implantation in patients with acute coronary syndromes: insights from the Rapamycin-Eluting Stent Evaluated At Rotterdam Cardiology J Am Coll Cardiol  
Differential effects of oral versus transdermal estrogen replacement therapy on C-reactive protein in postmenopausal women J Am Coll Cardiol  
Additive effect of ACE inhibition and angiotensin II receptor blockade in type I diabetic patients with diabetic nephropathy J Am Soc Nephrol  
Therapeutic effects of evening administration of guanabenz and clonidine on morning hypertension J Hypertens  
Intensive blood pressure treatment : Beneficial for all but the smoking hypertensives? J Hypertens  
Renal protection from glomerular fibrosis J Hypertens  
Eplerenone, a selective aldosterone blocker, in patients with left ventricular dysfunction after myocardial infarction N Engl J Med  
Relation of triglyceride levels, fasting and nonfasting , to fatal and nonfatal coronary heart disease Arch Intern Med  
Electron-beam tomography coronary artery calcium and cardiac events: a 37-month follow-up of 5635 initially asymptomatic low- to intermediate- risk adults Circulation  
Chymase inhibition prevents cardiac fibrosis and improves diastolic dysfunction in the progression of heart failure Circulation  
Long-term renoprotective effects of losartan in diabetic nephropathy : Interaction with ACE insertion/deletion genotype ? Diab Care  
Effects of the selective aldosterone blocker eplerenone versus the calcium antagonist amlodipine in systolic hypertension Hypertension  
Racial differences in the prevalence of hypertensive retinopathy Hypertension  
The seventh report of the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure: The JNC 7 Report J Am Med Assoc  
Hypertension prevalence and blood pressure levels in 6 European Countries, Canada, and the United States J Am Med Assoc  
Effect of estrogen plus progestin on stroke in postmenopausal women: the women's health initiative: a randomized trial J Am Med Assoc  
The epithelial Na+ channel : progressing from Liddle's syndrome to essential hypertension J Hypertens  
Effect of enalapril on 12-year survival and life expectancy in patients with left ventricular systolic dysfunction: a follow-up study Lancet  
A randomized trial of a low carbohydrate diet for obesity N Engl J Med  
Effect of amlodipine, quinapril, and losartan on pulse wave velocity and plasma collagen markers in patients with mild-to-moderate arterial hypertension Am J Hypertens  
The value of C-reactive protein in cardiovascular risk prediction: The Rotterdam Study Arch Int Med  
Isoflavones reduce arterial stiffness : A placebo-controlled study in men and postmenopausal women Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol  
Diabetes and progression of carotid atherosclerosis : The insulin resistance atherosclerosis study Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol  
Relationship of activated partial thromboplastin time to coronary events and bleeding in patients with acute coronary syndromes who receive Heparin Circulation  
Vasopressin V2-receptor blockade with tolvaptan in patients with chronic heart failure : Results from a double-blind, randomized trial Circulation  
Third-generation B-blockers stimulate nitric oxide release from endothelial cells through ATP efflux : A novel mechanism for antihypertensive action Circulation  
Interferon- treatment eliminates cardiotropic viruses and improves left ventricular function in patients with myocardial persistence of viral genomes and left ventricular dysfunction Circulation  
Enalapril decreases the incidence of atrial fibrillation in patients with left ventricular dysfunction: Insight from the Studies Of Left Ventricular Dysfunction Circulation  
Antihyperglycemic effect of oolong tea in type 2 diabetes Diab Care  
Influence of vitamin C on baroreflex sensitivity in chronic heart failure Hypertension  
Aspirin and ticlopidine for prevention of recurrent stroke in black patients: a randomized trial J Am Med Assoc  
Effect of fluvastatin on cardiac outcomes in renal transplant recipients: a multicentre, randomised, placebo-controlled trial Lancet  
Prognostic value of ambulatory blood-pressure recordings in patients with treated hypertension N Engl J Med  
Intensive diabetes therapy and carotid intima-media thickness in type 1 diabetes mellitus N Engl J Med  
Adherence to a Mediterranean diet and survival in a Greek population N Engl J Med  
Relationship of walking to mortality among US adults with diabetes Arch Int Med  

Dialysis, Chronic Renal Failure
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Survival by time of day of hemodialysis: Analysis of United States renal data system dialysis morbidity and mortality waves III/IV Am J Kidney Dis  
Safety issues with iron sucroe: Reply (letter) Am J Kidney Dis  
Safety issues with iron sucrose (letter) Am J Kidney Dis  
Hemodynamic response to lower body negative pressure in hemodialysis patients Am J Kidney Dis  
Clinical and psychological aspects of restless legs syndrome in uremic patients on hemodialysis Am J Kidney Dis  
ARF after open-heart surgery : Influence of gender and race Am J Kidney Dis  
Cardiovascular outcomes in the irbesartan diabetic nephropathy trial of patients with type 2 diabetes and overt nephropathy Ann Intern Med  
Human aortic valve calcification is associated with an osteoblast phenotype Circulation  
Long-term beneficial effect of islet transplantation on diabetic macro- /microangiopathy in type 1 diabetic kidney-transplanted patients Diab Care  
A comparison of diabetes education administered through telemedicine versus in person Diab Care  
Unrecognized anemia in patients with diabetes : A cross- sectional survey Diab Care  
Practical considerations in dialysis withdrawal : To have that option is a blessing J Am Med Assoc  
Creatinine production, nutrition, and glomerular filtration rate estimation J Am Soc Nephrol  
Left ventricular remodeling and renal function in never-treated essential hypertension J Am Soc Nephrol  
The woggle technique for suture closure of hemodialysis access catheterization sites J Vasc Interven Radiol  
Adequacy of dialysis revisited Kidney Int  
Smoking and cardiovascular outcomes in dialysis patients: The United States Renal Data System Wave 2 Study Kidney Int  
The risk of developing end-stage renal disease in patients with type 2 diabetes and nephropathy: The RENAAL Study Kidney Int  
Effect of icodextrin on volume status, blood pressure and echocardiographic parameters: A randomized study Kidney Int  
Prevention of biofilm formation in dialysis water treatment systems Kidney Int  
Paricalcitol versus calcitriol in the treatment of secondary hyperparathyroidism Kidney Int  
Dialysis delayed is death prevented: A clinical perspective on the RENAAL study Kidney Int  
Coronavirus as a possible cause of severe acute respiratory syndrome. Lancet  
Mesenteric ischaemia in haemodialysis patients: a case/control study Nephrol Dial Transplant  
Personal dialysis capacity (PDCTM) test: a multicentre clinical study Nephrol Dial Transplant  
Pure red-cell aplasia due to anti-erythropoietin antibodies Nephrol Dial Transplant  
Can technology solve the problem of dry weight? Nephrol Dial Transplant  
Fluid status in CAPD patients is related to peritoneal transport and residual renal function: evidence from a longitudinal study Nephrol Dial Transplant  
High permeability dialysis membranes: what is the limit of albumin loss? Nephrol Dial Transplant  
Impact of St John's wort treatment on the pharmacokinetics of tacrolimus and mycophenolic acid in renal transplant patients Nephrol Dial Transplant  
Carbonyl stress induced by intravenous iron during haemodialysis Nephrol Dial Transplant  
A comparison of dual dialyzers in parallel and series to improve urea clearance in large hemodialysis patients Am J Kidney Dis  
High urine volume and low urine osmolality are risk factors for faster progression of renal disease Am J Kidney Dis  
Pth 1-84, Pth fragments and bone turnover (letter) Am J Kidney Dis  
Nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy : a novel cutaneous fibrosing disorder in patients with renal failure Am J Med  
The tattooing paradox : Are studies of acute hepatitis ddequate to identify routes of transmission of subclinical hepatitis C infection ? Arch Intern Med  
ABC of diabetes : The diabetic foot Br Med J  
Pulmonary hypertension in patients with end-stage renal disease Chest  
Inhibitory activity of clinical thiazolidinedione peroxisome proliferator activating receptor-ligands toward int. mammary artery, radial artery, and saph. vein smooth muscle cell proliferation Circulation  
Antiseptic chamber-containing hub reduces central venous catheter-related infection : A prospective, randomized study Crit Care Med  
Carvedilol increases two-year survival in dialysis patients with dilated cardiomyopathy : A prospective, placebo-controlled trial J Am Coll Cardiol  
Renal Physicians Association Clinical Practice Guideline: Appropriate patient preparation for renal replacement therapy: guideline number 3 J Am Soc Nephrol  
Cardiovascular risk factors are differently associated with urinary albumin excretion in men and women J Am Soc Nephrol  
Aortic pulse wave velocity index and mortality in end-stage renal disease Kidney Int  
Dual blockade of the renin-angiotensin system versus maximal recommended dose of ACE inhibition in diabetic nephropathy Kidney Int  
The effects of higher hemoglobin levels on mortality and hospitalization in hemodialysis patients Kidney Int  
Similar predictive value of bone turnover using first- and second- generationimmunometric PTH assays in pediatric patients treated with peritoneal dialysis Kidney Int  
Slow-flow venous pressure for detection of arteriovenous graft malfunction Kidney Int  
Review on uremic toxins : Classification, concentration, and interindividual variability Kidney Int  
The nephrologist's role in the management of calcium-phosphorus metabolism in patients with chronic kidney disease Kidney Int  
Effectiveness of pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine in older adults N Engl J Med  
How can the use of arteriovenous fistulas be increased? Sem Dialysis  
Randomized, crossover study of the effect of vitamin C on EPO response in hemodialysis patients Am J Kidney Dis  
Outcome and complications of intraoperative hemodialysis during cardiopulmonary bypass with potassium-rich cardioplegia Am J Kidney Dis  
The relative importance of residual renal function compared with peritoneal clearance for patient survival and quality of life: An analysis of the Netherlands cooperative study on adequacy Am J Kidney Dis  
Diagnostic strategies for excluding pulmonary embolism in clinical outcome studies. A systematic review Ann Intern Med  
Impact of weight loss on inflammatory proteins and their association with the insulin resistance syndrome in morbidly obese patients Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol  
Risks of using internal thoracic artery grafts in patients in chronic hemodialysis via upper extremity arteriovenous fistula Circulation  
Elevated plasma levels of the atherogenic mediator soluble CD40 ligand in diabetic patients : A novel target of thiazolidinediones Circulation  
Plasma exchange as rescue therapy in multiple organ failure including acute renal failure Crit Care Med  
Identification and management of diabetic nephropathy in the diabetes clinic Diabetes Care  
Anemia predicts mortality in severe heart failure J Am Coll Cardiol  
The arteriovenous fistula J Am Soc Nephrol  
Ankle-brachial blood pressure index predicts all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in hemodialysis patients J Am Soc Nephrol  
A prospective controlled trial on effect of percutaneous transluminal angioplasty on functioning arteriovenous fistulae survival J Am Soc Nephrol  
Effect of pravastatin on loss of renal function in people with moderate chronic renal insufficiency and cardiovascular disease J Am Soc Nephrol  
Effects of raloxifene on bone metabolism and serum lipids in postmenopausal women on chronic hemodialysis Kidney Int  
Retarding progression of chronic renal disease: The neglected issue of residual proteinuria Kidney Int  
The clinical characteristics and antiretroviral dosing patterns of HIV-infected patients receiving dialysis Kidney Int  
AGEs in foods: Do they play a role in uremia? Kidney Int Suppl  
Regression of microalbuminuria in type 1 diabetes N Engl J Med  

Clinical Nephrology
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Outcome of ANCA-associated renal vasculitis : A 5-year retrospective study Am J Kidney Dis  
Kidney and pancreas transplantation Am J Transplant  
The Year in Review - ATC 2002 Am J Transplant  
Serum ferritin level predicts advanced hepatic fibrosis among U.S. patients with phenotypic hemochromatosis Ann Intern Med  
Electrolyte disorders following oral sodium phosphate administration for bowel cleansing in elderly patients Arch Int Med  
Interleukin-2 receptor monoclonal antibodies in renal transplantation: meta-analysis of randomised trials Br Med J  
Time to abandon testing for microscopic haematuria in adults? Br Med J  
Development of ionized hypomagnesemia is associated with higher mortality rates Crit Care Med  
Oral magnesium supplementation improves insulin sensitivity and metabolic control in type 2 diabetic subjects : A randomized double-blind controlled trial Diab Care  
Advances in the pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura J Am Soc Nephrol  
Long-term, low-intensity warfarin therapy for the prevention of recurrent venous thromboembolism N Engl J Med  
Renal anatomy and overview of nephron function Nephrol Nursing  
Controlled, prospective trial of steroid treatment in IgA nephropathy: A limitation of low-dose prednisolone therapy Am J Kidney Dis  
Recurrence of intracranial aneurysms in autosomal-dominant polycystic kidney disease Kidney Int  
Molecular mechanisms of lipid disorders in nephrotic syndrome Kidney Int  
The efficacy of tonsillectomy on long-term renal survival in patients with IgA nephropathy Kidney Int  
Effect of fluvastatin on cardiac outcomes in renal transplant recipients: a multicentre, randomised, placebo-controlled trial Lancet  
High-dose chemotherapy with hematopoietic stem-cell rescue for multiple myeloma N Engl J Med  
Glucocorticoid insufficiency in patients who present to the hospital with severe sepsis : A prospective clinical trial Crit Care Med  
A rapid protocol for the prevention of contrast-induced renal dysfunction : The RAPPID study J Am Coll Cardiol  
The effects of weight loss on renal function in patients with severe obesity J Am Soc Nephrol  
Treatment of IGA nephropathy with ACE inhibitors: a randomized and controlled trial J Am Soc Nephrol  
Long-term effects on bone mineral density of pamidronate given at the time of renal transplantation Kidney Int  
Hepatitis C virus-related cryoglobulinemic glomerulonephritis Kidney Int  
A phase 2 study of bortezomib in relapsed, refractory myeloma N Engl J Med  
A retrospective 5-year study in Moldova of acute renal failure due to leptospirosis: 58 cases and a review of the literature Nephrol Dial Transplant  
Short-term immunosuppressive treatment of the donor ameliorates consequences of ischemia/ reperfusion injury and long-term graft function in renal allografts from older donors Transplantation  

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