Bookmark HDCN in MyFavorites and on MyDesktop

This .exe application will add HDCN to your favorites and/or to your desktop, and will save the HDCN logo to these links. For internet explorer only. You will need to give your computer permission to run this file.

Click here to bookmark HDCN

HDCN icon in URL address bar:
In Internet Explorer, if the HDCN logo does not show up in the URL address bar next to the HDCN address, to fix this, right click on the internet explorer icon just to the left of "" and drag the icon about 1 mm to the right while holding down the right button of the mouse. This will add the HDCN icon to the browser cache.

Firefox users:
Just bookmark in the usual way, and the HDCN icon will be included. You can also bookmark to your desktop by dragging the HDCN link from the browser address bar to your desktop, although this will not always preserve the HDCN icon.