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PDIAL-L is an unmoderated online discussion group and internet resource for nephrology professionals (for further information on PDIAL-L click here. With the express permission of the participants, HDCN is posting the following selected, edited PDIAL-L threads:

Microwave heating of PD solutions. December, 1996
Constant pain during CAPD. June, 1996


NEPHROL is an unmoderated online discussion group and Internet resource for nephrology professionals and those in allied areas of medicine (for further information on NEPHROL click here). With the express permission of the participants, HDCN is posting the following selected, edited NEPHROL threads:

Cyclophosphamide, leuprolide, and amoxicillin/clavulanate for a young woman with Wegener's granulomatosis April-May, 1997
Radioactive iodine therapy in a dialysis patient April-May, 1997
Rhabdomyolysis associated with colchicine and cyclosporine April-May, 1997
Panniculitis/calciphylaxis in a dialysis patient March-April, 1997
Alendronate for post-transplant steroid-associated osteoporosis? March-April, 1997
Whether to interventionally treat severe unilateral renal artery stenosis March-April, 1997
Correcting ionized calcium for specimen pH February, 1997
Severe loin pain and hematuria in a young man January, 1997
Management of exposed AV graft November, 1996
Hair loss in a hemodialysis patient November, 1996
Allograft fibrosis: Rejection or recurrent FSGS? October, 1996
Care of permanent venous catheters for HD. October, 1996
Suspected latex allergy in a dialysis patient. October, 1996
Headaches during dialysis. September, 1996
Concomitant use of allopurinol and CellCept (mycophenolate mofetil). September, 1996
Renal biopsy: inpatient or outpatient? September, 1996
Focal global glomerulosclerosis, ?SLE, and negative immunofluorescence. August, 1996
Rhabdomyolysis in a patient with acne. August, 1996
Is dialysis required after IV contrast in patients with renal failure? August, 1996
Use of AV Access for Slow Continuous Therapies. July-August, 1996
Pathology of IGM Nephropathy. June-July, 1996
Prophylactic AV fistula for CAPD patients. June, 1996
Elective bilateral nephrectomy in ESRD for hypertension and other indications. June, 1996
Acute renal failure in Haitian children due to diethylene glycol adulteration of acetaminophen elixir. June, 1996
Hepatitis C detection/prevention in dialysis patients. May-June, 1996
Hepatitis B vaccine in dialysis patients. April-June, 1996
Vancomycin resistant enterococcus (VRE) and CAPD patients. May, 1996
Dialysis deaths in Brazil: Cyanobacteria toxin? April/May, 1996
Lymphoma after renal transplant. April, 1996
Renal transplantation after ANCA(+) glomerulonephritis. April, 1996
Hyponatremia during chemotherapy of lung cell carcinoma. March, 1996
Refractory nephrolithiasis with cystinuria. February, 1996
Feeding gastrostomy for CAPD patients. February, 1996
Living-related donor for patient with IgA nephropathy. January, 1996
Glomerular tip lesion in MCD/FSGS. January, 1996
Refractory CMV after renal transplantation. December, 1995
HD vs. CAPD in a malnourished patient with ascites. November, 1995
Hepatitis C in a dialysis patient -- transplant? interferon? November, 1995
Acute renal failure after mushroom ingestion. October, 1995

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