Poll Description:
This polling quiz is designed to assess how health professionals counsel patients and what they believe regarding initial choice of dialysis therapy. There are no right or wrong answers, although some are favored by the quiz author, Dr. David Mendelssohn. Posting date: September 6, 2001.
Quiz Instructions
These are polls or polling quizzes. Although sometimes there is one best answer, the philosophy is not to score these polls, as they are designed to obtain practice or attitude information from the audience.

WE DO NOT TRACK YOUR RESPONSE TO THESE POLLS AS AN INDIVIDUAL! In some cases, we will ask people to log in before taking a poll because we can then decide what subgroup of HDCN users we want to focus on. In some cases, we may only count responses by MDs; in others we may be interested primarily in RNs. In still others, we may want to focus on U.S. physicians only (e.g., for CME-related feedback), or on U.S. nurses only (e.g., for CEU-related feedback). We set a variable as YES or NO, depending on whether your loginID matches one of these interest groups, in deciding whether or not to count a given response in the poll.

These are not scientific polls. Even when we try to limit them to MDs or RNs, we are relying on individual reporting when they register on HDCN. Also, people are not prevented from answering more than once if they take the poll a second time. So the poll results are not to be used to make inferences regarding actual practice patterns of physicians or nurses in the United States or elsewhere.
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