Quiz Description:
This quiz has 5 questions. The purpose is to understand the dialyzer extraction ratio, the effect of blood flow rate and dialysate flow rate on extraction ratio, and how the extraction ratio behaves when two dialyzers are connected in tandem. The quiz also introduces the concept of dialyzer clearance. The quiz is designed so that information is given in the feedback to each answer choice. Regardless of which answer you chose, please mouse over every question mark to get the full benefit of the quiz. Quiz author: John T. Daugirdas, M.D. Posting date: July 29, 2001.
Quiz Instructions
The quiz is multiple choice. Only one choice, A through D, is correct. Click on your choice and then press SUBMIT. Feedback about whether your answer is right (green) or wrong (red) will be displayed on the left. After you answer, put your mouse over the red or green question marks that will appear next to each choice for an explanation of why each of the choices was right or wrong.

Sorry, you cannot change your answer after you choose! Don't try to make additional choices once you have pressed SUBMIT. This will not change your score. After pushing SUBMIT, the feedback display works by mousing over the question marks, and not by marking additional answer choice buttons.

The percentage of questions answered correctly will appear at the end of the test.
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