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The main index for HDCN is the series of "topics" folders, organized according to hypertension, dialysis, or clinical nephrology. Here articles, abstracts, discussion threads, and slide audio symposia are grouped. Also, at the bottom of each article review, the folder in which it resides appears as a hyperlink. Go there for material related to the same topic.

  Indexed word search of HDCN content.

Nevertheless, you may wish to do a full text search of HDCN. For this we offer you an indexed word search on HDCN. The new search engine was installed on April 15, 2005 and updated on November 26, 2006. There are separate search pages for abstracts, articles, audiofiles, and slide symposia. To start the search, click on one of the links below:

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Searching for a key word on a page with many hyperlinks

Some of the pages you pull up in your search may include a long list of hyperlinks or titles. To find the places on the page where your key word appears, use the local search popup box on your browser. In most versions of Netscape this is activated using CTRL-F. In Explorer, the activation of the popup box varies with different versions. Consult your help files.