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Hypertension, Dialysis and Clinical Nephrology
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free ISHD Hemodialysis University Chicago (2014)
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Harvard Brigham Nephrology Board Review Course (Part 9)   key
Flash or IPAD slide/audio
Boston, MA; August 2014

Why do We Reject a Transplant?
Nader Najafian, MD






Hemodialysis University 2015 (PART 1)   ishd
Flash or IPAD slide/audio
Chicago, IL; October, 2015

Welcome Remarks
Madhukar Misra, MD (Course Director)

Best Protocols for Restoring flow in Venous Catheters
Haimanot Wasse, MD

Questions and Answers

Platelet Aggregation Inhibitors and Anticoagulants in Dialysis
Tushar Vacharajani, MD

Questions and Answers

Cardiac Arrhythmias in Dialysis Patients: Lessons from the Monitoring in Dialysis Study
Prabir Roy-Chaudhury, MD



Hypertension, Cardiovascular
Higher dietary protein intake during dieting good
Egg and cholesterol intakes not harmful
Allopurinol improves CV outcomes
Low hs troponin T helps rule out MI
So-called healthy obesity ups CKD risk
Zero CA calcification score means good prognosis
Percutaneous coronary intervention guidelines (AHA)
Acute MI in women update (AHA)
Allopurinol in adults with HTN and CV outcomes
Taurine supplementation lowers BP
Masked uncontrolled HTN in CKD
Regression of kidney disease by ACE-I is vascular
Invasive strategy for MI after 80 still better

CKD, Dialysis
Whey protein for sarcopenic elderly
Dietary energy needs for HD patients
Plant protein intake ups survival in CKD
Prescribed vs. measured dialysate sodium
Preemptive correction of AV stenosis
USRDS annual report published
Synthetic cannabinoids
Annual iron loss with HD lower than taught
Pulmonary HTN risk high in CKD
Improving QOD in dialysis patients

Clinical Nephrology
Evaluation of polyuria
Lupus cells in pericardial fluid
Renal biopsy in 2015
Contrast media type and contrast nephropathy
Perioperative atorvastatin and AKI risk
HLA-incompatible live donor kidney transplant

ASN abstracts

key This update's selected ASN 2015 abstracts

None this update.

CKD, Dialysis
Vascular Access: Fistula maturation rates by country; Obesity-related decrease in intraoperative blood flow rate; Ultrasound-guided cannulation; PD to HD transition; Hemodynamic changes during dialysis; Outcomes in the elderly; Coagulation abnormalities and patency; Dilator-assisted banding; Vascular access for AKI; Economic burden of CVCs; Chlorhexidine-impregnated dressings; Inpatient permanent access; Alteplase infusion as rescue therapy.

Non-invasive measurement of LVEDP; Patient vs. caregiver priorities for outcomes; Relative blood volume and survival; Dialysis-related amyloidosis risk over time in Japan; ECF overhydration and increased postdialysis SBP; Intradialytic hypoxemia and outcomes; Dialysate conductivity lowering in sickle cell crisis; Reduction in inflammation with MCO membranes; Prevention of PD catheter infections; Proteinuria and RKF loss in PD; New IP cefazolin and ceftazidime regimens; Black-colored peritoneal dialysate; Withdrawal from dialysis trends; Protein-energy wasting and outcomes; Vancomycin weight-based dosing; Sotatercept and anemia, vascular calcification, and bone loss; Residual diuresis and eryptosis; CKD-MBD composite score and outcomes; Phosphate clearance in PD and RKF; Dialysate losses of 25-D in PD; Accelerated vascular stiffening and warfarin; RAS inhibition and CV events; Thyroid function and outcomes in PD.

Clinical Nephrology, Transplantation
Hyponatremia and malnutrition in CKD5D; Hyperkalemia events in CKD5D; Serum K and mortality;

Temporal and spatial clustering of anti-GBM disease; Rituximab for relapsing MCD; Abatacept and B17 staining in post-transplant FSGS; ANCA Vasculitis: Low-dose cyclophosphamide plus rituximab; Lower cancer risk with azathioprine; Pulse MP for remission induction bad; Rituximab for multi-relapsing disease. Membranous: THSD7A and dual antibody positivity; Anti-PLA2R and outcomes; Serum albumin and remission; Comparative GN outcomes in the US; Serum IgE and outcome of IGAN; Long-term outcome in benign IGAN; Lupus nephritis: Subclinical antibody levels predict nephritis; Is 3 years enough to predict remission? Best induction treatment; 65 pregnancies with lupus nephritis; Vasculitis: DNA methylation and disease status; PR3 vs. MPO tites after rituximab; Pr/Cr ratio in nephrotic syndrome in the NEPTUNE study; Ofatumumab to treat NS in kids.

 (Kidney Week 2015...)

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Updated: April 27, 2016 (Apr27)
Apr27 Tetraspanin-7 as an antibody target for type 1 diabete
Apr13 New bacteria called Elizabethkingia affecting Midwest patients.
Mar30 AC6 gene therapy improves cardiac function in patients with heart failure.
Mar30 Oops! Vegetarian diet may have some drawbacks.
Mar17 Updated CKD booklet for professionals released
Mar09 NEJM article re desensitization to HLA-incompatible live donors.
Mar09 Desensitization procedure allows kidney transplants from any (living) donor.
Mar09 ISHD publishes practical manual for implementing home hemodialysis
Mar09 Is the FDA allowing promotion of off-label uses of drugs as free speech?
Feb29 Phage Therapy 2016 World Congress meets this June in Paris.
Feb29 When will be see phage therapy for exit site and access infections?
Feb27 Treatment of BP below 140 systolic in persons with diabetes may be counterproductive.
Feb24 (Off topic). LENR - The Cookbook is in the signal!
Feb22 Some important news re LENR may be released on Wednesday Feb 24.
Feb20 New blood-based tuberculosis test shows promising results.
Feb14 Beetroot juice lowers blood pressure.
Feb14 Second salty taste receptor more fully characterized in humans.
Feb02 CDC warns of increased transmission of hepatitis C in dialysis units.
Feb02 Flu vaccine lowers risk of atrial fibrillation
Dec29 Novel methods to ensure viability of pancreatic islet cells for transplantation.
General Advances Emphasis
featured articles
Seminars in Dialysis
key In quality we trust; but quality of life or quality of care? Drs. Chen, Unruh, and Williams discuss the various definitions of quality, in an issue that is packed with information about efforts to improve outcomes in CKD patients, some written by the CMOs of large dialysis organizations; all in the Mar/Apr issue of Seminars in Dialysis. (more...)

Seminars in Dialysis
key Pathophysiology of calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium dysregulation in chronic kidney disease Dr. Felsenfeld and colleagues provide a nice overview of mineral bone disorder in this issue which explores many facets of bone disease in CKD; in the Nov/Dec issue of Seminars in Dialysis. (more...)

key Effects of frequent hemodialysis on blood pressure: Results from the randomized frequent hemodialysis network trials
Dr. Kotanko and the FHN Study Group describe the effects of frequent short daily and long nocturnal HD on blood pressure. There were some surprising findings regarding the incidence of intradialytic hypotension; in the July-August issue of Hemodial Int (more...)

Seminars in Dialysis
key Considerations for systemic anticoagulation in ESRD Warfarin, dabigatran, aspirin? Watchful waiting? Other drugs? So many drugs and so little information. Dager and colleagues help guide us through the maze; in the Sept/Oct issue of Seminars in Dialysis. (more...)

key Anticoagulation in chronic hemodialysis: progress toward an optimal approach
In this extremly timely review, Kessler and her colleagues discuss five key issues regarding anticoagulation: standardization, individualization, role of the extracorporeal circuit, options for heparin reduction or avoidance, and optimization of therapy; in the July/August issue of Seminars in Dialysis. (more...)

Seminars in Dialysis
key Preserving residual renal function in dialysis: what we know
Drs. Patel and Hu review what we can do at the present state of incomplete knowledge; in the May/Jun issue of Seminars in Dialysis. (more...)

Seminars in Dialysis
key Unnecessary renal replacement therapy for acute kidney injury is harmful for renal recovery
Drs. Clark and Bagshaw discuss the potential harms of dialysing patients with suspected AKI too early; in the Jan/Feb issue of Seminars in Dialysis. (more...)

Seminars in Dialysis
key Dietary protein and fiber in end stage renal disease
Tammy Sirich talks about dietary protein, fiber, gut transit time, and gut microbes in uremia, and new ways to modulate blood levels of indoxyl sulfate and p-cresyl sulfate; in the Jan/Feb issue of Seminars in Dialysis. (more...)

free   SUMMARIES of Recent Slide/Audio Symposia in reverse chronological order

key   Advances in CKD (Renal Research Institute) (2015) (2014) (2013) (2012) (2011) (2010) (2009)
free   Kidney Disease in Type 2 Diabetes: Disease Progression and Emerging Therapies
Philip Raskin, MD; Jennifer Marks, MD, Jerry Yee, MD, Mark Molitch, MD. (2011)
key   The Brigham Renal Board Review Course: Selected Lectures (2014) -- (2013) -- (2012) -- (2011)
key   American Society of Hypertension (2013)   (2012)   (2011)
key   Renal Physicians Association (2012) (2011) (2010) (2009)
key   American Society for Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology (ASDIN) (2013) (2012) (2011) (2010) (2009)
free   Fistula First (2010)
key   Annual Dialysis Conference (audiofiles) (2012)   (2011) (2010) (2009)
key   National Association of Nephrology Technologists (NANT) (2012) (2011) (2010) (2009)
key   American Society for Nephrology Renal Week (2009) (2008) (2007)
key   American Society for Nephrology Board Review Course (2008) (2007)
key   American Society for Nephrology Renal Week (audiofiles) (2009) (2008) (2007)
key   Preparing for the New Medical Director Responsibilities (Network 9/10 - RPA Special Symposium)



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