Caring Through the End:
Palliative Care Along the Continuum of CKD

Based on a symposium sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Renal Coalition
(ESRD Network 5), December, 2004, Orlando, FL.

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A Patient-Centered Approach to Advance Care Planning with Special Patient Populations
Elaine Colvin, RN, BSN, MEPD
Clinical Performance Measures for EOL
Richard Goldman, MD
Ethical and Legal Issues
Alvin Moss, MD
Advance Care Planning and CPR
Jean Holley, MD
Elaine Colvin, RN, BSN, MEPD
Richard Goldman, MD
Alvin Moss, MD
Jean Holley, MD
For Physicians, this learning activity is accredited for up to 3.0 CME credits by the School of Medicine, Virginia Commonwealth University, Medical College of Virginia Campus (VCU).

For nurses and dialysis technicians, this learning activity is accredited for 3.0 CE contact hours by the ANNA.
Part 3

Date of Release: May 2005
CME Credit Eligible Through: May 1, 2006
CE Credit Eligible Through: August 1, 2006
Target Audience: CME: Nephrologists, nephrology fellows, internists
CE: Nurses and dialysis technicians
Method of participation: Listen to the talk, read the PubMed abstracts linked to data slides and talk references, complete the post-test and evaluation.

Note: There are two different certificates, make sure that you click on the button that corresponds to the certificate you are eligible for.

A Patient-Centered Approach to Advance Care Planning with Special Patient Populations

  • Discuss a pilot study using a patient-centered advance care planning interview.
  • Discuss implications of study and future research.

Advance Care Planning and CPR

  • Discuss the participants, purpose, and documents involved in advance care planning.
  • Discuss the barriers to advance care planning in dialysis units
  • Discuss the effectiveness of CPR in the dialysis population

Ethical and Legal Issues

  • Present the ethical concept of informed consent and the legal concept of patient self-determination
  • Discuss the ethical justifications for withholding and withdrawing dialysis.
  • Analyze cases of dialysis patients at the end of life in which decision-making posed a challenge.

Measuring Provider Performance of End-of-Life Care

  • Describe clinical performance measures relating to pain scales and quality of life indicators.
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The CME and CE accreditation statements are given in detail on the Symposium Home Page.

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