Use this form to upgrade or renew:
If you already have a FREE ZONE or KEY ZONE account with HDCN, you may use this form to upgrade your free zone LOGIN to the KEY ZONE, or to renew your KEY ZONE subscription.

Expired KEY ZONE logins:
Expired KEY ZONE logins are not removed; they simply drop back to FREE ZONE privileges. When you renew using this form, your LOGIN regains KEY ZONE access privileges for 1 year.

Renewals made before the KEY ZONE expiration date:
Note: Renewal time periods are automatically added to the current expiration date, so there is no penalty for early renewal.

Free zone upgrades
If you initially registered as a FREE ZONE user and did not get a paid subscription, please use this form to UPGRADE your existing login. After the upgrade, your login will REMAIN THE SAME, only now it will open up key zone directories on HDCN.

New users without a login ID
If you do not yet have an account or login ID with HDCN, please do not use this form. Instead, please use the reg.htm (new user) form.

Forgotten login IDs and/or passwords:
If you want to renew but you have FORGOTTEN your login ID or password, please go to this password retrieval form to find your login ID password.

Select the type of subscription before proceeding to the order form. You will then be prompted for your login and password.

Default payment option.
As of June, 2017, we have moved to using the PayPal credit card acceptance site for all transactions. You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account to use the site (although PayPal somewhat hides the credit card option to pay. This site has the fewest problems with regard to accepting credit card payments. For the time being, the upgrades after payment have to be done manually, so there may be up to a 24-h delay until your username is upgraded. Please be patient, and if there is a problem, send an email to editor -at-

Direct link to PayPal option:
Again, you do NOT need to be a PayPal member to use this option.
Pay Pal Credit Card payment site method:

You DO NOT need to be a Pay Pal member to use this. You can use your regular credit card.

Choose your subscription type by pressing on the down arrow (located just above the "BUY NOW" button). Then, after pressing the "BUY NOW" button, on the PayPal payment site on the right, you will see "CHOOSE WAY TO PAY". Pick the option on the BOTTOM RIGHT labeled: "Pay with debit or credit card, or Bill me Later".

There will be a 24-hour delay in activating your subscription, because we need to do this manually.

Usual subscription options
(Used for large group subs)
Press BUYNOW below; On left side of payment page: Input amount in item price window; Press Update (immediately below); then on right side, choose: pay with debit or credit card.