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Presentation & Speakers
Dry Weight Neither More, Nor Less:
Online Assessment of ECV During Hemodialysis
Martin Kuhlmann, MD - Universitaetskliniken des Saarlandes; Homburg, Germany
Dry Weight Online Assessment of Rebound
Roger Greenwood, MD - Lister Hospital; Stevenage, United Kingdom
The Significance of Residual Renal Function Is it the Pee or the Bean?
John Burkart, MD - Wake Forest University Medical Center; Winston-Salem, NC
Cardiovascular Disease Causes and Consequences of Sympathetic Hyperactivity in CKD
Peter Kotanko, MD - Renal Research Institute; New York, NY
CRITICAL ASSESSMENT A Critical Evaluation of PD as a Therapy
Norbert Lameire, MD - University Hospital Ghent; Ghent, Belgium
Ivor J. Katz, MD - Dumisani Mzamane African Institute of Kidney Disease; Soweto, South Africa
The NIH Daily and Nocturnal Dialysis Study; Full Disclosure! Q & A
Rita Suri, MD, FRCPC, FACP - University of Western Ontario; London, Canada
SPECIAL DEBATE Carnitine is Valuable in Dialysis Patients
Brian Schreiber, MD (Yes)
Brian Schreiber, MD - Medical College of Wisconsin; Milwaukee, WI
SPECIAL DEBATE Carnitine is Valuable in Dialysis Patients
Garry Handelman, PhD (No)
Garry Handelman, PhD - University of Massachusetts; Lowell, MA
New Important Technologies Oral Sorbents in Uremia: Early Results
Gerald Schulman, MD, FASN - Vanderbilt University School of Medicine; Nashville, TN
Proven Strategies to Reduce CV Mortality in HD Patients

Hannelore Hampl, MD - University of Berlin; Berlin, Germany


Presentation & Speakers
Disease Management Actually Works in Dialysis Patients
Jeffrey J. Sands, MD, MMM - Fresenius Medical Care; Lexington, MA USA
Hemodiafiltration (HDF) A Critical Evaluation of its Value
Claudio Ronco, MD - St . Bortolo Hospital; Vicenza, Italy
Kidneys, Hearts, Hormones, Immunomodulators and More: Complex Systems Requiring Integrated Understandings
Adeera Levin, MD, FRCPC - University of British Columbia; Vancouver, Canada
Association Between Inflammation and Malnutrition as Risk Factors for CV Disease
Sanjay Rajagopalan, MD - Mount Sinai School of Medicine; New York, NY
Eberhard Ritz, MD - Klinikum der Universitaet Heidelberg; Heidelberg, Germany
Uremia Uric Acid A Uremic Toxin?
T. Alp Ikizler, MD - Vanderbilt University Medical Center; Nashville, TN
Early Disease Detection via the Proteome
Ken Turtletaub, PhD - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Livermore, CA
CRITICAL ASSESSMENT A Critical Evaluation of Uremic Research: Where Do We Go From Here?
Francesco Locatelli, MD - General Hospital; Lecco, Italy
SPECIAL DEBATE Access Flow Monitoring is Worthwhile and Valuable
Anatole Besarab, MD (Yes)
Anatole Besarab, MD - Henry Ford Hospital; Detroit, MI
SPECIAL DEBATE Access Flow Monitoring is Worthwhile and Valuable
Jack Work, MD (No)
Jack Work, MD - Emory University; Atlanta, GA
Uremia Uric Acid A Uremic Toxin?
Takahiko Nakagawa, MD - University of Florida; Gainesville, FL
Vascular Access Evaluation of Fistulae and Grafts over Time New Thoughts

Arif Asif, MD - University of Miami Miller School of Medicine; Miami, FL


Presentation & Speakers
Dialyzer & Machine Technologies; New Applications in Practice
Richard A Ward, MD - University of Louisville; Louisville, KY
The Importance of Water Treatment & Dialysate Composition
Nicholas A. Hoenich, PhD - University of Newcastle; Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Prevention of Medical Errors in Dialysis: Design & Implementation Strategies
Alan S. Kliger, MD - Hospital of St. Raphael; Yale University School of Medicine New Haven, CT
How to Set up and Run a Successful PD Program
Jose A. Diaz-Buxo, MD, FACP - Fresenius Medical Care; Lexington, MA
A View of Dialysis from a Nurse Practitioner
Seth Johnson, NP - Beth Israel Medical Center; New York, NY
Understanding the Finances of a Dialysis Facility
Peter B. De Oreo, MD - Centers of Dialysis Care; Cleveland, OH
Payment for Performance
Richard Goldman, MD - Renal Medicine Associates; Albuquerque, NM
Implications for Survey and Certification of Dialysis Facilities.
Composite Rate Medicare Modernization Act (MMA)
Update: Adjusted Case Mix Demonstration Project
Barry Straube, MD - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services; Baltimore, MD
What is Now Expected from Medical Directors of Dialysis Units?
Robert Provenzano, MD- St . John Hospital & Medical Center; Detroit, MI
Dialysis Kinetics: Q & A
Frank Gotch, MD - Consultant FMC and Renal Research Institute, San Francisco, CA





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