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   Debate: Observational Research Generates Many New Insights into Dialysis
   Debate: Hemodialysis Adequacy: Observational Research Results are Often Misleading!
   After Debate Discussion
   Debate: The New K/DOQI Guidelines Provide Safe and Adequate Standards
   Debate: The 2006 K/DOQI Guidelines for Peritoneal Dialysis Adequacy Are Not Adequate
   After Debate Discussion
   Debate: The Treatment Time and Ultrafiltration Rate Are More Important in Dialysis Prescription than Small Molecule Clearance
   Debate: The Treatment Time and Ultrafiltration Debate
   After Debate Discussion
   Fighting Sudden Death in Dialysis Patients: A Cardiologistís Perspective
   Emphasizing kidney donation: the long-term outcome of living donors

   Does size matter ? How new studies on body composition can improve understanding of outcomes in dialysis patients
   Biofilms are evrywhere: What is its relevance for CKD, PD and HD?
   Changing the fate of diabetics in the dialysis unit
   Clinical Practice Guidelines and Clinical Practice Recommendations for Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease: What Will They Do For Patient Management?
   Group Discussion
   Does genetics explain the international differences in dialysis mortality?
   Nanotechnology and Dialysis: Now, ten years, or never?
   A Practical Approach to Pharmacokinetics in CKD Patients
   Fistula First - Catheter Out! Barriers and Solutions
   Vit C Neglect in HD: Sailing Between Scylla and Charybdis

   Understanding the Finances of the Individual Dialysis Facility
   How To Survive The Hemodialysis Unit Survey
   The Survey of a Hemodialysis Unit as seen by the Federal Government
   What should the target Hgb Level be?
   Impact of the Change in CMS Billing Rules for Erythropoietin on Hemoglobin Outcomes in Dialysis Patients
   A Kinetic Model of Calcium Mass Balance During Dialysis Therapy
   Guidelines for Practice Guidelines
   Coronary Artery Calcifications - A Critical Assessment of Imaging Techniques

   How Dialysis Machines Work
   Water quality and dialysis fluid composition
   Difficulties in Providing Adequate Dialysis
   What is Now Expected from Medical Directors? 2007
   Practical Approaches to Management of Hyperphosphatemia
   The Management of Dialysis Units The European Perspective


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