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Interventional Nephrology for the General Nephrologist (Part 2 - 2)

Presentation and Speakers
Session III    
Insertion Techniques of Tunneled HD Catheters
George M. Nassar
Complications of Tunneled HD Catheters?
Antoine L. Samaha
Management of Catheter Infection: Interventions, Antibiotic Locks, and Coatings
Tushar J. Vachharajani
Management of Central Venous Stenosis
Florin N. Gadalean
Percutaneous Balloon Angioplasty Procedure
Bharat S. Sachdeva
The Role of Stents in the Treatment of Vascular Access Dysfunction
Theodore F. Saad
Hand Ischemia, Steal Syndrome, Banding, and DRIL
Ivan D. Maya
Drs. Nassar, Samaha, Vachharajani, Gadalean, Sachdeva, Saad, and Maya
Session IV    
Role of the Hemodialysis Vascular Access Coordinator
Donna Merrill
Does Cannulation Make a Difference?
Deborah J. Brouwer
Interventional Nephrology: Training and Practice
Amy C. Dwyer
Roadmap for Successful Vascular Access Management: How to Move from Where You Are with Your Current Practice Setting
Donald Schon
Radiation Exposure: Are We and Our Patients Safe?
Linda Lea Francisco
Questions, Comments, and Pre-Workshop Remarks
Drs. Merrill, Brouwer, Dwyer, Schon, and Francisco

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