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Presentation and Speakers
Presentation LINK
The "Art" of the Artificial Kidney: Duplicating Kidney Function
John Sweeny, CHT
Water's Up: How Does Water Get the Way It Is?
Mark Rolston, CHT
Legislative and Regulatory Update for the Dialysis Industry
James B. Riley
Infectious Diseases Exposure Risks in Dialysis Units
Pat Preston
Case Studies
Go, Hall, Dittrich, Perez
Treatment Modalities
Mary Dittrich, MD

Presentation and Speakers
Presentation LINK
Physiological Response to Dialysis
Charles Kaupke, MD
25 Years of advancing the technician and technologist
John Sweeny, CHT
Stages of CKD: What Happens Before Dialysis
Elaine Go, RN, NP, CNN
Role of the Dialysis Tech: How it has changed over 25 years
Susan Hansen, RN, CNN, CHT
Successfully Navigating Our Specialty's Changing Times
Gail Wick, MHSA, BSN, CNN
Myths and Facts: Why's and How's of Dialysis Technology
Forest Rawls, BS CHT, CCHT

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