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Presentation and Speakers
Presentation LINK
Panel of Pioneers: Perspective and Predictions
V. Taaffe, J. Maltais, Ph.D,G. Rovegno
Ultrapure Dialysate: Present & Future Impact on Biomeds
J. Maltais, Ph.D
Home Dialysis: Impact On Biomeds
Danilo Concepcion
Water for Patient Care Technicians
Richard Benner, CWSIII

Presentation and Speakers
Presentation LINK
Infection Control
Matt Arduino, MS, DrPH, CDC
Therapy Evolution in the 21st Century
John Sweeney, BS, CHT
Medicare Conditions for Coverage CMS Update on Surveys
Glenda Payne, RN, MS, CNN, ESRD Technical Advisor, CMS

Presentation and Speakers
Presentation LINK
Change is Coming Are You Ready?
Tony Messana
Climbing Your Career Ladder - Part-1
P. Varughese, CHT
Climbing Your Career Ladder - Part-2
J. Curtis, CCHT, CHT
Role of IT in Dialysis and How it has Evolved
G. Rovegno

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