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  Immune mechanisms involved in CV complications of CKD
  Infectious diseases in CKD, HD and transplantation
  Management of depression in CKD patients
  Ethnicity and renal failure - an international question
  How is having Chronic Kidney Disease like taking the Boards?
  The gastro-intestinal system: a void in understanding of uremic toxicity?
  Phosphate elimination in modalities of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis
  Glucose in PD: glucose reduced diet, glucose toxicity
  Does PD modality choice make a difference to peritonitis occurrence?
  Questions and Answers
  Keynote Address : Scaling in human biology relevance for health and disease
  Questions and Answers
  EPC and EPC vesicles: what is their significance for CKD patients?

Instructions for burning CDsng>

If you wish to burn these audiofiles to the CD, make sure you select "AUDIO CD" format. Both mp3 and wma files can be recorded as audio CD files. The CD burner software automatically converts these files to CDA format, which is a standard used by all CD players. Most CD burning software accepts both WMA and MP3 files, although some software will not accept WMA files. For this reason, as of March, 2004, we are providing audiofiles in both WMA and MP3 format . For earlier files, please download the WMA to MP3 converter specified in the HDCN Audio FAQ list .

If you record wma or mp3 files directly to the CD without choosing "AUDIO CD", your CD will be recorded as a Data CD, and only players capable of decoding those files will be able to play your talks, and the CD that you make will not be playable in a standard CD player.

Audio CD Burning steps:
  1. Please download the WMA or MP3 file to your PC in whatever folder you wish to store it.
  2. Open your CD burning software (Nero, Roxio Easy CD or other)
  3. Choose the "Audio CD" option (NOT the DATA CD option!
  4. Browse to the place where you stored the downloaded files to load them into the recording program (You can drag & drop from Windows Explorer)
  5. Click "Burn CD" or "Record" button
  6. If in doubt, ask someone under 17 years of age to help you!



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