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Presentation and Speakers
Presentation LINK
ESRD Modalities
Gary Scher
Treatment Modalities
Armit Sharma, MD
Hemodialysis Adequacy
John Daugirdas, MD
Home Dialysis - Coming to a Home Near You!
John Sweeny, BS, CHT
Fluid Management - Looking Beyond "You're Gaining Too Much Fluid"
Elaine Go, NP, MSN, CNN
Patients and Machines
John Sweeny, BS, CHT
Practical Approach to Infection Control
Melinda Martin-Lester, RN, BA, CNN, CHC
Green Dialysis for a Greener Tomorrow: Environmentally Conscious Hemodialysis Therapy
Rejean Quesnelle, Renal Technologist
Practical Infection Control
Nisha Sureshbabu
What's Wrong with This Picture?
Diane Shelkov, CHT

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