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HDCN News Archive -- Patient Education
Feb14 Semaglutide shown to effect substantial weight loss in obese persons.
Jul11 Trump's advancing kidney care initiative
Jul01 Low grade E. Coli urinary tract infections picked up by DNA testing of urine.
Feb19 Universal flu vaccine on the near horizon
Jan24 Alzheimer disease linked to brain infection by gingivitis bacteria.
Jun12 Pharmacologic approach to weight loss that prevents food absorption.
Mar12 USRDS Annual Report 2017
Jan11 Lp(a) in the news in the New York Times
Aug10 Immunotherapy may arrest damage of beta cells in type 1 diabetes.
Aug10 Fresenius inks deal to acquire NxStage.
Jun06 Dr. Fred Coe's Kidney Stone Guide Book - a work in progress.
Dec28 Pharmacies miss some drug interactions that are known to cause serious issues.
Jul12 Dr. Fred Coe videos on urine calcium supersaturation in stone disease.
May29 Nicotinamide riboside protects mice from effects of diabetes.
May29 Smoking increases risk of CKD progression in African Americans
Mar17 Updated CKD booklet for professionals released
Mar09 NEJM article re desensitization to HLA-incompatible live donors.
Mar09 Desensitization procedure allows kidney transplants from any (living) donor.
Mar09 ISHD publishes practical manual for implementing home hemodialysis
Feb14 Beetroot juice lowers blood pressure.
Dec29 Novel methods to ensure viability of pancreatic islet cells for transplantation.
Dec26 Antibiotic-resistant bacteria frequency increases in U.S. streams and rivers
Dec14 Even more news on the new HDCN Facebook page!
Dec12 Ten modules from the ISHD Global Home Hemodialysis Toolkit
Dec06 Dialysis Patient Citizens group worried about lack of treatment option information given to predialysis patients, esp. those on Medicaid.
Dec02 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Patient Selection and Training (Module 6)
Dec02 Clinical workstations found to harbor drug-resistant microbes.
Dec01 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Infrastructure - Water and Machines in the Home (Module 8)
Dec01 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Prescriptions for Home HD (Module 9)
Dec01 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Psychosocial Aspects (Module 10A)
Nov30 Combining fasting blood sugar with HbA1c best for detecting prediabetes.
Nov28 Immunotherapy for T1D focusing on regulatory T-cells shows promise.
Nov10 Barbecued and pan-fried meat increases risk of kidney cancer.
Nov06 Virtual doctor visists on the increase.
Sep25 Giving BP meds at bedtime particularly effective in lowering diabetes risk
Aug14 Google partnering with Dexcom in continuous glucose monitoring device.
May01 Are your patients secretly recording your doctor-patient visit?
Jul14 U. Penn study suggests that donating a kidney does not affect life expectancy.
Jan17 Google's smart contact lens project to be piloted to monitor blood sugar levels.
Nov05 Sofosbuvir, simeprevir, and ledipasvir combos may cure hepatitis C infection.
Sep25 Melatonin stimulates brown fat formation.
Sep21 Remote ischemic conditioning using blood pressure cuff in acute heart attack
May14 Institute of Medicine questions 1.5 g/day sodium limitation recommendations.
Nov30 Dialysis patients speak video re infection control practices in 2012.
Nov18 New DaVinci robotic surgery equipment reduces 3 small incisions to 1.
Oct25 Dr. Beth Piraino appointed as new President of the U.S. National Kidney Foundation.
Oct04 National Kidney Foundation launches free magazine for CKD patients.
Jul12 Kidney broker sentenced to prison as donor recalls doubts.
Jul05 Consumer Reports rates pediatric practices in Massachusetts
Jul05 Short course of immunotherapy reverses type 1 diabetes in mice.
Jun20 Higher urinary sodium output in the PREVEND trial linked to higher BP, uric acid, and albuminuria.
Jun03 Salt intake skepticism in the Sunday New York Times.
Jun01 Study vindicates Atkins type diet in terms of kidney function.
May29 Prevalence of kidney stones doubles with obesity epidemic.
May19 Looking away as you get stuck by a needle associated with less pain.
May19 Five-minute unstructured chats with dialysis patients result in improved phosphorus and albumin outcomes.
May14 Portuguese economy adversely impacting care of dialysis patients.
May04 Jogging shown to prolong life by 5-6 years.
May04 Cardiovascular risks of varenicline not confirmed.
May01 Facebook sets up a mechanism for its users to declare their organ donor status.
Apr17 DaVita updated CKD patient education website
Apr17 Twice the sodium in some fast foods sold in the US or Canada vs. France or UK.
Apr17 Caffeine use may help dry eye syndrome.
Apr10 Fish oil benefits questioned for heart attack and stroke survivors.
Mar15 CDC launches 54 million dollar ad campaign against smoking.
Mar08 FDA: Mercury poisoning linked to some creams designed to lighten or rejuvenate skin.
Mar08 FDA considering making many drugs over the counter.
Mar02 No increased risk of cardiovascular disease over 10 years for live kidney donors.
Feb09 Virtual patient-doctor interactions being used by pharmacy store chain in Detroit area.
Feb03 New Engl J Med Op Ed article questions wisdom of Medicare 3 year limit on immunusuppressive drugs after transplantation.
Jan26 New NKDEP educational material for patients regarding CKD
Jan13 Drs. Steinman and McAllister to receive 2012 AAKP medal of excellence awards.
Dec22 Universal flu vaccine using matrix protein 2 shows promising results in mice.
Dec20 "Bath salt" intoxication leads to recurrent acute kidney injury.
Nov04 Vitamin D study shows no mortality benefit in older women.
Nov02 Organ trafficking gangs force poor to sell kidneys to wealthy nation patients.
Oct28 Super Committee Dems ready a revised, scaled down Medicare health plan.
Oct26 National Kidney Foundation names Bruce Skyer as new CEO.
Oct26 Visual MD video series explaining CKD (patient education tool)
Oct14 Vitamin E supplements at 400 IU/day associated with increased risk of prostate cancer.
Oct04 AAKP educational videos for patients now available.
Sep28 Congressional debt panel meeting in secret, looking at Medicare/Medicaid cuts.
Sep27 Legistlation introduced in the House to extend transplant drug coverage.
Sep13 Pennsylvania woman donates kidney to son, then finds out that she's been fired.
Sep03 Atlanta undocumented immigrant dialysis patients at risk of losing access to care.
Aug23 New computed tomography heart scan exposes patients to 90% less radiation.
Aug03 Senators Durbin and Cochran introduce legislation to extend coverage of transplant immunosuppressive drugs.
Jul19 More on deadly webcap and fool's webcap (Cortinarius) mushrooms that cause renal failure.
Jul19 Kidney failure from eating poisonous mushrooms (probably Cortinarius orellanus?) in the news
Jul07 Time Magazine covers the European E. coli - HUS epidemic.
Jun16 Skype helps home hemodialysis patients link up with health care providers.
Jun13 Trouble sleeping? A cool nightcap may just be the ticket.
Jun09 NEJM Perspective: Dialysis and U.S. Immigration Law
May31 Higher fat, lower carb diets pose little cardiovascular risk over the short term.
May12 Desperate Americans buy kidneys from live donors in Peru.
May12 BMC Medical Ethics journal publishes report focused on dialysis patient scenarios.
May03 DaVita launches wireless internet for its dialysis patients and physicians.
Apr29 More on the Loyola U. Med Center live altruistic kidney donor program.
Apr29 Multiple staff from Loyola Medical Center have become altruistic live kidney donors.
Apr27 Life Options releases CKD patient education toolkit.
Apr12 Waiting for a kidney? Try Facebook.
Apr04 New York Times article weighs in on palliative care and eligibility for dialysis.
Mar29 Feds to follow ProPublica and release previously confidential dialysis clinic outcomes data.
Feb18 Where the sodium comes from: sauces, bacon, bread, milk, and cheese
Jan21 Propublica dialysis unit tracker allows patients to check on unit mortality data.
Jan10 New rules may increase number of patients on home dialysis.
Dec29 World's first kidney donor dies at age of 79.
Dec20 "30 Rock" actor Tracy Morgan recovering from kidney transplant surgery.
Nov25 A new approach to control serum phosphate
Nov23 Propoxyphene withdrawn from the U.S. market due to risk of cardiotoxicity.
Nov16 Nevada doctor in hot water for prescribing BP pills over the phone without seeing the patient.
Nov09 ProPublica article on dialysis care in the United States
Nov08 AAKP awards 2011 Medal of Excellence Award to Ray Hakim and Allen Nissenson.
Nov08 Solar-powered BP device could be valuable in underdeveloped countries.
Oct27 Drinking sugary beverages markedly increases risk of diabetes.
Oct25 Coverage denials by insurers for pre-existing conditions rise sharply.
Oct18 ABC - airway, breathing, chest compression of CPR changed to just "C" for chest compressions.
Sep28 EDTNA/ERCA Recommendations for Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression in renal units
Sep07 Vegetable-based low-carbohydrate diets better than those rich in animal protein
Sep03 Deal would provide dialysis for illegal immigrants in Atlanta
Aug26 Redsense blood leak alarm to become mandatory for Veterans Administration dialysis patients in the U.S.
Aug04 CMS implements steps to close donut hole for pharmaceutical funding
Aug02 Need evidence of rehabilitation with nocturnal dialysis? How about competitive high-jumping?
Jul30 Calcium supplements increase the risk of heart attack in postmenopausal women.
Jul12 Florida group to market automobile designed specifically to accommodate a wheelchair.
Jun29 New study shows no increased cardiovascular risk due to rosiglitazone.
Jun22 Price comparison shopping enters the medical marketplace.
Jun15 Hemoglobin A1c levels slightly higher in African Americans.
Jun02 Cooking renal tumors with radiofrequency ablation as effective as traditional surgery.
Jun02 Nicer than needles: insulin pills for diabetics in clinical trials.
Jun02 Post-dialysis fall contributed to Gary Coleman's death
Jun02 Lead in ammunition contaminates game meat
May30 The politics of salt reduction: the food industry fights back.
May26 Drinking fewer sugar-sweetened beverages may lower blood pressure.
May21 Nanotech breath sensor for acetone detects type 1 diabetes.
May18 Eating processed meat vs. regular meat may increase risk of CV and DM.
May12 Working overtime increases heart risk
May12 Gum disease treatment may help glucose control in patients with diabetes
Apr30 DSEN: Organ trafficking is here in the U.S. right now?
Apr22 California legislators consider living organ donor registry.
Apr20 FDA Statement on Institute of Medicine sodium report
Apr15 Finding love online, despite health problems
Apr13 Health Bill Provision On Long-Term Care Will Affect Baby Boomers
Apr13 High glycemic index carbs increase heart risk in women.
Apr11 Generic losartan and losartan + HCTZ now available
Apr07 High fruit and vegetable intake of limited benefit in cancer prevention.
Apr02 Will the pre-existing condition federal pool of money soon be exhausted?
Mar31 Home dialysis patients anxiously wait for health care reform to unfold.
Mar30 HHS has 90 days to set up a high-risk pool for patients with pre-existing conditions.
Mar30 Eating 1 small square of chocolate per day lowers CV risk by 39%
Mar29 U.S. judge invalidates gene patent
Mar26 House passes edited version of Health Care Reform Reconciliation Bill
Mar24 Estimated GFR reporting by laboratories increases nephrology referral; effect on outcomes not yet clear.
Mar22 High fructose corn syrup = table sugar in terms of fructose content, but not in terms of obesity.
Mar20 Gov. Schwarzenegger, Steve Jobs, lobby for new organ donor legislation in California.
Mar19 Sen Kent Conrad's letter to CMS concerning the ESRD bundling proposal.
Mar18 Kraft to cut sodium content of its processed foods by an average of 10%
Mar12 Man who fixes dialysis machines now has to use one.
Mar12 Weight bearing exercise during weight loss does not prevent increased bone turnover.
Mar11 Today is World Kidney Day
Mar11 Fresenius to offer online hemodiafiltration to its UK clinics.
Mar10 Researchers confirm the safety of kidney donations
Mar04 Genetic test may be able to predict success rate of low-carb vs. low-fat diet.
Mar04 NEJM: Glycated hemoglobin linked to CV death risk in nondiabetic adults.
Mar01 Plan on working until you're 100? Meet such a centenarian physician.
Mar01 Dialysis center owner is a kidney patient.
Feb24 US NKF makes availabe CKD patient education program on modality choice
Feb23 AHA/ACC issue Science Advisory re heart risk and thiazolidinedione drugs.
Feb22 Checklists reduce complications in surgical procedures
Feb22 5-diamond safety program for missed HD treatments (Mid-Atlantic Renal Coalition)
Feb17 Dr. R.H. Lustig on fructose, obesity, and metabolic syndrome (90 min talk)
Feb16 Something fishy about metformin
Feb12 Texas jury acquits nurse who complained about a physician's care to the Texas Medical Board.
Feb10 Statins associated with a 40% reduction in risk of cataracts
Feb10 Soy isoflavone tablets of no benefit in preventing bone loss.
Feb10 Thiazolidinediones increase fracture risk in observational study.
Feb08 What is "third-hand smoke" and why is it potentially dangerous?
Feb08 Barley, beer (esp. pale ale), orthoslicic acid, and bone health
Feb04 Who will provide unreimbursed dialysis to immigrant dialysis patients in Atlanta?
Feb03 Why changing the gut microbiota with antibiotics may have adverse effects.
Jan29 Overweight elderly live longer.
Jan27 Financial burden of providing emergency dialysis to illegal immigrants at Las Vegas UMC.
Jan27 Doctors without borders dialyzes patients in Haiti with AKI due to crush syndrome.
Jan27 Longevity effects of human growth hormone debunked by long-lived deficients.
Jan27 Magnesium brain content associated with cognitive function
Jan17 Why some doctors are opting out of Medicare.
Jan16 National CKD surveillance system is in the works
Jan15 Comments to CMS regarding effect of bundling on frequent hemodialysis
Jan14 UC Davis study confirms efficacy of calcium plus vitamin D in reducing fracture risk.
Jan13 Sophisticated insuln pump prototype in development for type 1 diabetes mellitus
Jan06 Fresenius Medical Care urges patients to prepare for winter storms.
Jan06 Calorie information from fast food and other restaurants underestimates true calorie content of their foods.
Jan06 Plate weight monitor helps children slow rate of eating at mealtimes.
Jan05 Fat mass helps build bone in young girls.
Dec31 Vitamin E supplements can shorten life expectancy in some patients
Dec29 High price of FDA approval - the case of colchicine.
Dec29 Risk of ESRD in diabetics has been decreasing by 4% per year since 1996.
Dec29 JRN: Updated list of phosphate in sports drinks and other beverages.
Dec29 Am Diabetes Assoc promoted increased use of Hb A1C to diagnose diabetes.
Dec23 INF2 gene mutations linked to focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS)
Dec23 Intestinal liner to treat type 2 diabetes and obesity approved for sale in Europe.
Dec23 Aggressive BP treatment in patients over 80 may result in increased mortality.
Dec22 Dr. Tom Parker III awarded AAKP's 2010 Medal of Excellence Award
Dec21 Facebook post brings Iowa man a new kidney.
Dec08 Drug reimportation re-emerges in health care debate.
Nov25 Feeding time a major factor on gene induction circadian variability
Nov25 Overweight? Try using smaller plates.
Nov24 Diabetics show alarming increase in morbid obesity
Nov19 Workers exposed to secondhand smoke in outdoor environments have elevated blood levels of cotinine.
Nov19 ESRD-related language in candidate Senate healthcare reform bill.
Nov18 Women at risk from vitamin A deficiency.
Nov18 N95 high filtration masks for staff to prevent influenza? Maybe not worth the money.
Nov17 FDA: Omeprazole and clopidogrel drug:drug interaction reducing efficacy of clopidogrel
Nov17 JASN: FSGS after anabolic steroid abuse.
Nov17 DSEN: Kidney patient blog reports, Nov 15th.
Nov17 In LaCrosse, WI, "everyone" has filled out an advance directives form
Nov14 Getting fat recently? Maybe too many Firmicutes bacteria in your gut.
Nov14 CDC reports on cigarette smoking trends in the U.S. Some progress (3.5% drop over 10 years)
Nov10 If you're fat in Japan, your employer may be breaking the law.
Nov05 Glucose may have a life-shortening effect in worms (and maybe humans).
Nov05 Home dialysis experts questions CMS decision to merge home training costs into the bundle.
Nov05 French study suggests daily online HDF promotes catchup growth in kids.
Nov04 Wolfing down food may be one reason people are getting fat.
Nov04 Steamed food diet may be best for CKD patients due to lower AGE content.
Nov03 Surprise for organ donors: unexpected medical bills; pre-existing condition risk.
Nov03 Consumer Reports: Bisphenol A widespread in canned foods, including soups, juice, tuna.
Oct29 Anabolic steroid use in body builders leads to FSGS.
Oct29 Teriparatide outperforms alendronate in treating steroid-induced osteoporosis.
Oct28 50K or ergocalciferol every 2 weeks as maintentance treatment for vitamin D deficiency.
Oct28 Shire's Fosrenol approved in Europe for preESRD patients
Oct26 Blue-light filtering increases macular pigment, may protect against dry macular degeneration.
Oct25 Alternate-day fasting seems to work as a short-term weight loss tool.
Oct22 NEJM: Strict BP control lowers progression rate in kids with CKD
Oct19 Mild overweight status associated with reduced death rate in Germans.
Oct15 What can Danish hogs teach us about antibiotics?
Oct14 Initiation of dialysis in nursing home seniors associated with functional decline.
Oct13 Jaw bone created from stem cells
Oct13 Potassium additives to foods: marked variability in potassium content among similar foods.
Oct10 American Society of Transplantation pushing to include transplant drug extension in health reform legislation.
Oct10 Fistula first releases strategic plan to get fistulas up from 53 to 66%.
Oct10 MARC develops pain management algorithm for treating CKD patients.
Oct10 Neutralizing autoantibodies against osteoprotegerin may explain osteoporosis in celiac disease.
Oct08 XMRV virus linked to chronic fatigue syndrome
Oct06 Cochrane review finds that B-vitamins of no benefit in preventing CV complications.
Oct06 Fresenius committed to offering all patients and staff seasonal and H1N1 flu vaccines.
Oct06 Off topic? "H1N1 Rap" by John D. Clarke, MD
Oct06 Inuit have slight BP elevations and blood levels of mercury that are 10 times higher than normal.
Oct06 When a dialysis tech suddenly needs dialysis.
Sep28 Incidence and causes of heparin-induced skin lesions.
Sep28 I love my socialist kidney - a patient perspective
Sep28 Cash-strapped Britons selling a kidney to cover mortgage and other debts.
Sep28 Funding concerns cause dialysis patients to be steered away from transplantation.
Sep26 Complete file of 2009 KDIGO guidelines for mineral bone disorder.
Sep25 Januvia (sitagliptin) linked to increased pancreatitis risk
Sep25 When Grady hospital dialysis unit closes, what will happen to its immigrant patients?
Sep25 Study dispels myth that new residents cause increased medical errors in July.
Sep24 Vitamin D deficiency in premenopausal women associated with hypertension later in life.
Sep24 200g/day fructose supplement increases systolic BP by 6 mm Hg, prevented by allopurinol.
Sep24 Hospital closure of its dialysis unit leaves immigrants with few alternatives.
Sep24 USRDS Annual Report now available for download.
Sep24 AJKD issues containing KDOQI guidelines now freely available as .pdf files
Sep21 Inhalable H1N1 vaccine to be available in the first week of October.
Sep19 Just say no to antibacterial burgers
Sep17 Vitamin K deficiency may be widespread, according to a new theory.
Sep15 FDA approves swine flu vaccine
Sep14 Draft healthcare reform bill would remove 36-month limit in paying for anti-rejection drugs post transplant.
Sep14 Take a shower and get a faceful of Mycobacterium avium.
Sep11 Muscle easy to lose, hard to build, with age, but weight training can help reverse the effect.
Sep11 Road noise linked to high blood pressure
Sep11 Fresenius launches telemonitoring system for dialysis patients.
Sep05 Real Canadians talking about their health care system.
Sep03 100K buys recipient a good kidney, but not good health, and results in the death of a young Chinese girl.
Sep01 DaVita reaches milestone of 1000 incenter nocturnal hemodialysis patients.
Aug28 Dialysis patient's taxi driver offers to donate his kidney, and they are an immunologic match.
Aug24 FDA announces ongoing monitoring of liver injury associated with Orlistat.
Aug24 Fresenius dialysis patient travel service in the spotlight.
Aug20 Sharing the load? For profit Las Vegas dialysis centers turfing illegal immigrant patients to university hospital.
Aug19 Vitamin D regulation of immune function via cathelicidin conserved in all primates.
Aug18 Whole grain cereals have polyphenol content similar to fruits and vegetables.
Aug13 Mmmm! Cocoa flavonols, piping hot from the oven.
Aug13 FDA warns on certain glucose test strips due to interfering sugars.
Aug11 ANNA: Aug 10-14th is Kidney Disease Awareness and Education Week
Aug11 Canadian Health Care system: How effective is it?
Aug06 Dialysis patient's cross-country bicycle ride.
Aug06 Stamina boosted by borscht.
Aug03 Millions of U.S. children low in vitamin D
Aug03 TV viewing time associated with higher blood pressure in children.
Aug03 Evidence mounts for cardioprotective effects of fish oil.
Jul31 Lecithin found to have beneficial effects on fat metabolism via PPAR-alpha
Jul28 Like chocolate: Low-cal variety on the way (but watch out for the oxalate).
Jul28 Follow-up of DCCT trial shows 50% lower complications in tight glucose control group.
Jul26 Phosphate enhancer injection into meat products highlighted in new study.
Jul22 FDA warns of diethylene glycol in cigarette alternatives (electronic cigarettes)
Jul16 Direct link to JASN article (prepress) describing slowing of progression rate with bicarb.
Jul16 JASN paper in the news: Bicarbonate supplements slow progression of CKD
Jul15 A calorie is a calorie is a calorie - or maybe not!
Jul14 US House of Representatives releases the first draft of its health care reform bill.
Jul14 Watch video of partial nephrectomy done through the navel.
Jul13 Probiotic supplements beneficial after gastric bypass surgery done to treat obesity.
Jul08 Costimulation blocker plus alefacept allow monkeys to tolerate transplanted kidneys.
Jul08 Study examines effects of stress on weight gain in US population
Jul05 Vegans who eat no eggs nor dairy products have lower bone density than egg-milk vegans or meat eaters.
Jul03 In the kidney organ trade, sellers often have regrets and remorse over their decision.
Jul03 Dialysis patient celebrates 100th birthday
Jul03 Dialysis patients blogs about end-of-life issues
Jul02 Newspaper comic strip to target diabetes awareness among Hispanics.
Jul02 Fresenius opens specialty pharmacy for renal patients in Nashville.
Jul02 U.S. obesity problem intensifies.
Jul02 FDA reviewing safety data for Lantus (insulin glargine) in view of reports of increased cancer risk.
Jul02 JBS Swift beef products recalled in Western states due to toxigenic E. coli.
Jul01 FDA advisory panel recommends banning Vicodin and Percocet and limiting maximum acetaminophen doses
Jun30 Doctors increasingly communicate with patients on-line.
Jun30 Cabbie leaves 81-year-old dialysis patient by the side of the road in Florida sun after argument.
Jun26 FDA to regulate tobacco.
Jun26 Twin sisters on dialysis in the news.
Jun26 Dialysis patients' financial difficulties highlighted on the Daily Kos blog website.
Jun24 Two new enzymes, WWP-1 and PHA-4 implicated in longevity effects of caloric restriction (in roundworms).
Jun24 Steve Jobs' liver transplant - why Tennessee?
Jun19 Nestle's Toll House cookie dough found to be contaminated with E. Coli O157:H7
Jun10 Florida legislation passed that gives access to Medigap coverage to ESRD Medicare beneficiaries.
Jun04 Sixty percent of United States bankruptcies driven by medical problems
May30 Continuous glucose monitoring in diabetes: Free journal supplement (17 articles)
May29 Holistic approach to CKD offers dialysis in a spa-like environment with numerous support services.
May29 Risks of aspirin outweight benefits for primary prevention of stroke, MI in those with normal kidney function.
May22 Fenofibrate reduces amputation risk in diabetics.
May22 Drinking from polycarbonate bottles for a week increases urinary bisphenol levels.
May20 Donations of organs decline in the U.S. with the economic downturn.
May19 NF-kappaB inhibitor might be ideal drug to combat osteoporosis and periodontitis.
May19 IBMT induces measurable changes on physiologic tests after only 5 days
May18 Heart disease patients who are overweight do better and live longer.
May15 Virtual doctor visits similar to real visits in terms of patient and doctor satisfaction in RCT.
May14 When words can harm: the nocebo effect
May14 Formaldehyde exposure associated with blood and lymph system malignancies.
May14 Chronic exposure to formaldehyde associated with an increased risk of ALS.
May14 New projection is that Medicare funds will be gone by 2017.
May14 Home nocturnal dialysis? 3,480 liters per week of water use causes utility bill to skyrocket.
May08 Combining dieting with exercise while standing/sitting/kneeling on a vibration plate machine lowers abdominal fat.
May08 Fresenius opens incenter nocturnal dialysis program in Spokane.
May08 New mapping tool to track emerging diseases.
May05 Addition of telaprevir to ribavirin/peg interferon to hepatitis C treatment improves response rate.
May05 Fresenius launches national retail pharmacy for dialysis patients.
May01 Cyclohexanone, found in plastic IV tubing (dialysis tubing?) and bags, causes taste alterations, myocardial stunning.
May01 FDA warns that Hydroxycut diet products associated with serious liver injury as well as rhabdomyolysis.
Apr27 CDC swine flu update website
Apr26 Sodium in prepared foods frustrates attempts to implement low sodium diet in CHF patients.
Apr23 Low-sodium vegetable juice may help reduce body fat in patients with metabolic syndrome.
Apr23 Download KDQOL forms and tools
Apr22 Fructose vs. glucose drink study makes the New York Times; higher LDL and TG and abdominal fat.
Apr22 Fresenius research focuses on KDQOL-36 and other measures of quality of life.
Apr18 New stem cell treatment for age-related macular degeneration in development.
Apr16 Provenge prostate cancer vaccine significantly prolongs survival.
Apr14 Aspirin and similar drugs associated with brain microbleeds in the elderly.
Apr14 Ex-idol contestant Scott MacIntyre was recipient of a kidney transplant.
Apr14 Lynda Szczech named President-Elect of the National Kidney Foundation.
Apr11 One thousand 2007-2009 audiofiles and slide/audio talks added to HDCN's 20 topic-related channels.
Apr09 Gene fusion in prostate cancer cells leaves traces in the urine as a biomarker.
Apr09 New prostate cancer drug blocks androgen effects even when cancer cells upregulate receptor density.
A02 Consumpton of sugary beverages associated with weight loss or weight gain.
A02 Glitazones linked to diabetic macular edema
A02 GAO sting reveals that 1 of 3 commercial IRBs approves clearly risky protocol
M31 Build muscle while you can; no further increase in exercising octogenarian grannies.
M30 New lupus susceptibility gene (IRAK1) on the X-chromosome may explain increased risk of lupus in women.
M30 AURORA study confirms the 4D study: Statins of no benefit in dialysis patients.
M30 Radiofrequency ablation of renal sympathetic nerve activity results in sustained improvement in refractory hypertension.
M30 FDA approves mTOR inhibitor everolimus for treatment of advanced kidney cancer.
M29 Link to slide/audio and audio symposia on HDCN
M28 NEJM: Two studies report on efficacy or lack of same with PSA/DRE screening for prostate cancer.
M26 AHA supports a lower sodium intake limit (1.5 g Na/day) for most Americans.
M26 Estrogen mimicking chemicals can leach out of plastic water bottles.
M25 Natasha Richardson's family donates her organs after fatal head injury.
M25 Fructose and glucose have opposite effects on appetite in animal study.
M25 Synsepalum dulcificum berry turns sour taste to sweet temporarily. May increase appetite in chronically ill.
M24 Cathelicidin antimicrobial protein levels, regulated by vitamin D, linked to infection risk in dialysis patients.
M24 Licorice can block absorption of cyclosporin
M24 FDA releases mandatory patient education guides for mycophenolate.
M22 FDA cautions of hepatitis, other infectious disease, risk from sharing insulin pens
M17 Transvaginal nephrectomy performed in Venezuela
M12 HDL levels and glucose sensitivity linked to neck circumference.
M12 Low serum 25,D levels associated with higher BP and metabolic syndrome in teenagers.
M11 Folic acid supplementation may increase prostate cancer risk.
M09 Eating fish associated with increased intelligence in Swedish teens.
M06 Signs of enterovirus found in pancreases of 60% of children with type 1 diabetes, but rarely in controls.
M04 Reduction of stroke risk associated with green/black tea drinking appears consistent and linear.
M04 Night shift work adversely affects leptin levels and insulin resistance.
F26 Cornell researchers develop and market a point-of-care urinary sodium test strips to monitor salt intake.
F25 NEJM: Randomized trial of 4 different diets (low fat, low CHO, etc.) fails to find a single winner.
F25 Higher 25-D levels associated with reduced risk of catching cold.
F25 Use of innovative kidney swaps involving multiple donors, increasing.
F18 Study suggests that warfarin dose needs to be lower in patients with CKD.
F17 Ain't necessarily so series: oxidative stress may prolong, instead of shorten, life (worm study)
F17 CMS to cover bariatric surgery in obese type 2 diabetics.
F16 Restaurant reviewer Zagat plans to review doctors.
F13 Fructose-sweetened drinks increase postprandial serum triglycerides more than when glucose is used.
F13 Chewing gum containing phosphate binders dramatically lowers serum phosphate in dialysis patients.
F13 New tattoo ink changes color according to glucose level; could be used to monitor blood sugar in diabetics.
F12 Willem Kolff, pioneer in dialysis therapy, dies at age 97
F10 Many "natural" herbal weight loss products contain hidden pharmaceutical drugs.
F10 Vigorous exercise (running) may reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration.
F10 JAMA: Educating CKD patients about phosphate additives in foods lowers serum phosphate by 0.6 mg/dL.
F10 Vancouver sets up pilot self-care nocturnal dialysis unit in one of its hospitals.
F10 American Heart Association focuses on the high risk of stroke in women
F10 NHANES study shows that women (but not men) who drink sugary sodas (but not diet sodas) have higher risk of albuminuria
F09 Price for genome sequencing of an individual patient falls to 5 thousand dollars.
F06 AAKP appoints Kim Buettner as Executive Director
F05 Sensory nerves in fat cells help regulate lipolysis, according to animal study.
F02 Brachytherapy cure rate for early stage prostate cancer reported to be 95% in new study.
J30 NKF launches program designed to reduce the wait for a transplanted kidney.
J29 Medicaid cuts and payer mix affect financial viability of dialysis units
J29 NEJM Perspective: Universal health care coverage vs. economic relief - a false choice
J28 Gene therapy for adenosine deaminase deficiency gives encouraging results.
J28 NEJM: Kidney donors have a normal lifespan.
J28 FDA cautions on combined use of clopidogrel and proton-pump inhibitors until more info is obtained.
J28 Four 30-second sprints on an exercise bicycle 3/week improve insulin effect - muscle glycogen depletion?
J23 Mississippi state house of representatives passes bill to fund dialysis patient transportation costs.
J21 JASN Early Release: Schwartz improves the Schwartz equation to estimate GFR, using both creatinine and cystatin.
J20 Randomized (DRIP) trial reports benefits of dry weight reduction in dialysis pts. on 24-h blood pressures.
J19 Three new genes linked to childhood obesity identified.
J19 A look at U.S. government factors that may affect kidney care in 2009
J19 Indian subcontinent heart disease gene identified.
J19 NY - I want my kidney back - divorce drama - the recipient's (wife's) story
J17 CKD blogs multiply, provide unique perspectives.
J17 Diabetes cure in 5 years? These genetically-altered pigs could be the answer.
J17 NY Times and its readers opine on the kidney donor divorce drama.
J16 GAO report criticizes FDA on device testing
J15 Source of endogenous salicylic acid identified as benzoic acid found in fruits and vegetables.
J15 Telemedicine outpatient consultations predicted to become more popular in 2009.
J14 NKF offers coffeehouse conversations - ask the expert conference calls for patients.
J14 JASN early release: Neither fructose nor vitamin C intake affect blood pressure.
J13 Human beta cells can easily be induced to replicate.
J13 Orlistat of no benefit in obese patients with fatty liver disease.
J13 Baxter announces 2008 Renal Discovery Grant winners
J12 Is there a United States connection to organ trafficking?
J12 High sodium to potassium ratio in the urine increases cardiovascular event rate.
J10 Latest U.S. survey shows 1/3 obese, 1/3 overweight.
J10 FDA expert panel recommends approval of drug (antithrombin alfa) extracted from the milk of genetically-engineered goats.
J08 Quest Diagnostics acknowledges errors (mostly overestimation) in vitamin D tests.
J08 Rep. Stark introduces Americare Health Act of 2009.
J08 You broke my heart - now give me back my kidney
J07 CDC reports on outbreaks of hepatitis B or C in outpatient clinics due to staff failures.
J07 Atkins-style low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet superior in controlling blood glucose in type 2 diabetics.
J07 AAKP to award Medal of Excellence to Dr. Bob Schrier
J06 Antiviral therapy for adults with hepatitis B
J06 NIH Consensus Conference: Management of Hepatitis B
J01 New Year's Resolution? Quit smoking. American Lung Association support info.
J01 Cognitive decline associated with aging linked to higher blood glucose levels in nondiabetics.
J01 Dentists reporting jaw necrosis in patients taking oral bisphosphonates.
J01 MMWR: Lower acute MI rates after city implements smoke-free ordinance
J01 FDA and manufacturer warn or increased mortality risk in elderly patients with CKD treated with tinzaparin
D31 Giant, multinucleated osteoclasts found in bone of long-term users of alendronate.
D31 Feeling guilty about the health implications of eating holiday steaks? Marinate them in wine and you'll be OK.
D29 Nephrology Oral History Project posts initial interviews on the web.
D26 New insights into how bacteria biofilm formation is triggered.
D24 Bone disease in CKD management tool developed in the UK wins IT award
D23 Thiazolidinediones associated with higher fracture risk in diabetic women.
D23 Court dismisses lawsuit by seven health plans against Amgen
D19 CMS now rating nursing homes with 1 - 5 stars. Are dialysis units next?
D19 Noscapine, an ingredient in common cough medicines, slows spread of prostate cancer in mice.
D19 Low glycemic index diet improves lipid profile in diabetics
D18 Evidence mounts that probiotics may be useful to treat post-antibiotic diarrhea.
D18 JASN early: MPO study results published. High flux marginally better, significantly so in patients with lower albumins or diabetes.
D17 Cleveland Clinic completes first U.S. face transplant
D17 Study backs the effectiveness of soap operas and dramas in health education.
D15 Lithonia, GA school sugar-free for 10 years with positive results.
D15 FDA approves premounted renal stent system manufactured by Boston Scientific
D15 Coke to market a new soft drink sweetened with stevia. Pepsi waiting for the FDA.
D15 DaVita gets subpoena related to Medicare claims for injectables.
D14 Study in the Amish links APOC3 gene mutation, triglycerides, and resistance to heart disease.
D13 CROWNweb data implementation costs being stressed in the blogosphere
D13 Another FDA link regarding oral bowel preps.
D13 FDA alert regarding phosphate-containing oral bowel preps and new black box warning.
D11 Outbreak of hemolysis being investigated in a dialysis unit in Northern Ireland.
D11 FDA puts black box warning on phosphate-containing oral bowel prep drugs
D11 CJASN: Rosiglitazone may benefit patient with FSGS
D11 Lack of vitamin D stunts growth and causes weight gain in girls.
D11 Low carbohydrate diets affect cognition skills.
D11 Studies in animals confirm addictive properties of sugar.
D11 Glitazones lower bone density substantially in women but not in men.
D09 Cost-benefit of newer renal anticancer drugs debated in the UK
D09 Statins adversely affect placental development in an in vitro model.
D09 Fresenius' APP reassures about the safety of its heparin supply; launches heparin safety website.
D08 Thiamine supplementation found to lower proteinuria in early type 2 diabetics.
D05 Int. Soc. Hemodialysis gives Scribner Trailblazer Award to Dr. Nathan Levin
D05 How many happy people are in your surroundings? Happiness found to rub off on others.
D05 Health care rationing and quality-adjusted years of life: Implications for dialysis in the blogs.
D05 Fresenius announces availability in Sweden of PVC- and phthalate-free PD dialysate bags and lines.
D04 Cleveland Clinic discloses all industry ties of its doctors on the Clinic's website.
D04 NEJM study shows that irbesartan of no benefit to patients with diastolic heart failure.
D04 Liver fat, rather than abdominal fat or shape, may be main cardiovascular risk.
D04 Wine and beer drinking increase omega-3 in the body independent of fish intake.
D04 HALT-C trial shows absolutely no impact of interferon on progression of hepatitis C
D03 Bicarbonate therapy lowers urinary calcium excretion in older adults.
D03 Gene therapy cures sickle cell disease in mice.
D03 NEJM publishes case control study of allergic reactions due to OSCS-contaminated heparin.
D03 Senators Baucus and Kennedy release their vision for health care reform.
D03 NEJM: ACEI plus amlodipine better than ACEI plus a thiazide in terms of cardiovascular events.
D02 Depression increases risk of subsequent visceral fat gain in longitudinal study.
D02 Consumer Reports investigates sodium content of foods: salt is present where one may not expect
D02 Cardiologists debate NEJM study comparing coronary CT scans with percutaneous angiography.
D02 FDA issues Question and Answer sheet for medication guides aimed at patients taking ESAs
D02 Tasimelteon resets melatonin level circadian cycle: potential benefit for jet lag, shift workers.
N27 New studies confirm importance of sirtuin pathway in mammalian ageing; attention focuses on resveratrol.
N27 Mechanism of how the brain senses fatty foods identified.
N27 Serotonin formation rate in the gut linked to bone formation rate.
N26 Binge drinking may damage the heart via acetaldehyde activation of macrophages.
N26 Vitamin K deficiency linked to insulin resistance in older men
N24 Vitamin D makes dialysis patients live longer? Say it ain't so, Joe! DOPPS pours cold water on the concept.
N21 Do your CKD patients still smoke? Who is still smoking in the US by state.
N21 Dialysis Compare website will now report patients with Hb above 12 as well as below 10 g/dL and will also change how patient survival is reported.
N21 MMWR: Survey of implementation of hepatitis B vaccination at birth in various countries
N21 Workplace hairspray exposure during pregnancy linked to hypospadias.
N20 Nephros pursues new product revenue aiming to sell its water filter to dialysis units, hospitals and the U.S. military.
N20 Bill Peckham blogs about Sen. Daschle and what his appointment as HHS secretary might mean for CKD care.
N19 Pie in the sky or pie on the table?: Diamond dialysis filter kept unclogged using electrostatic field.
N19 Designer organs progress: woman receives new trachea grown from her own stem cells.
N19 Did you know that your prescribing history is for sale? Fed appeals court supports NH law banning the practice.
N19 Trouble controlling serum phosphate? Chew on this...
N19 New GFR estimating equation first presented at Renal Week in the news.
N18 AAKP announces the death of its former Executive Director and CEO Kris Robinson
N18 AMA: Obama win accelerates drive for health care reform.
N18 NY Times article highlights growing burden of CKD.
N18 Anticancer drugs sunitinib and imatinib cause remission of type 1 diabetes in mice.
N18 Five days of cipro cause pervasive and persistent changes in gut microflora abundance.
N17 Network 9/10 and RPA sponsored symposia on Conditions for Coverage and Medical Director Responsibilities
N17 Canadians issue new guidelines for CKD management
N17 Pain and itch responses can be separated and differentially targeted by drugs.
N17 UK panel of experts advises against presumed consent and donor opt out legislation.
N14 New xenotransplant technique in pigs based on modification of cell surface genes by altering pig sperm.
N14 Renal Week: Relative vitamin K2 deficiency linked to vascular calcification in ESRD
N13 Catheter thermoablation of atrial fibrillation far superior to drug treatment.
N13 Sen.Baucus unveils Universal Health Care proposal
N13 FDA: Review of atrial fib - bisphosphonate data suggests a weak or no relationship.
N11 Bone marrow reconstitution with CCR5-negative cells apparently cures AIDS in a leukemia patient.
N11 AHA Scientific Sessions 2008 in New Orleans, LA: Daily News, Nov 8 -12.
N09 Rosuvastatin given to patients with normal cholesterol levels but high CRPs markedly lowers CV risk.
N09 MP3 player earbuds should not be kept in shirt pockets in patients with pacemakers due to electrical interference.
N07 MDRD equation to estimate GFR is out, new CKD-EPI equation is in and is more accurate.
N07 Covidien recalls miscalibrated insulin syringes (overdose risk!) sold at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club.
N06 Beta-alanine supplements increase fitness level in the elderly.
N06 MMWR: CDC recommendations against multiple puncture of parenteral medication vials.
N06 Dr. Bryan Becker appointed as President of the National Kidney Foundation.
N06 Nicotinamide benefits cognition in an animal model.
N06 JASN early release: Serum phosphorus associated with coronary artery calcification in healthy young adults in longitudinal observational study.
N06 KDOQI announces expansion plans
N06 Ghrelin-like drug increases muscle mass by 20% in the elderly.
N04 New SIRT1 activating drug may protect against diet-induced obesity.
N04 Incidence of proteinuria reduced in those diabeics who eat fish at least once a week.
O30 CDC issues new count of diabetes in the U.S. by state. Overall rate nearly doubles.
O30 Alpha-1-antitrypsin treatment improves success rate of pancreatic islet cell transplants.
O29 Animal studies suggest potential benefits of drug holiday for patients taking sulfonylureas.
O29 Grapes protect the hearts and blood pressure of rats fed a salty diet.
O29 Marked rise in kidney stones seen in U.S. children; cause is speculative.
O28 VEGF-based screening test for pre-eclampsia foreseen based on new research.
O28 French company develops a next generation totally implantable artificial heart.
O28 Plavix (clopidogrel) may be inactivated by some calcium channel blockers.
O28 Natalie Cole: Dialysis in the day, concerts at night.
O28 Vitamin E and selenium found to be of no benefit in preventing prostate cancer.
O28 Another twist on the melamine tale: Now chickens who ate tainted feed lay melamine-contaminated eggs.
O27 Catlle vaccine that lowers their carriage rate of E.Coli O157:H7 approved for use in Canada.
O27 Runners burn more calories at rest than sedentary persons, and it's due to changes in the mitochondria.
O27 Risks of irregular heartbeat and atrial fibrillation increased with fosamax and other bisphosphonates.
O27 Costs of treating diabetes has nearly doubled in past 7 years.
O27 Pregnant women consuming flaxseed oil have a high (4x) risk of premature birth.
O27 Pentoxifylline lowers proteinuria alone or in addition to an ACE inhibitor.
O26 Genealogy of Hippocrates and the implications of the Hippocratic oath.
O23 Kaiser analyzes Presidential candidates' health care plans
O23 European watchdog agency suggests not using diet drug rimonabant due to depression side effects.
O23 New diet drug tesofensine appears to be remarkably effective.
O22 Journal of Renal Nutrition publishes composition of common salt substitutes.
O22 Steroid-sparing immunosuppression for renal transplant in the news.
O22 Upcoming paper in JASN suggests revised diagnostic ultrasound criteria for polycystic disease.
O22 Designing a new dialysis unit? Glade-green light, clear sky above, and lavender-scented pillows enhance relaxation.
O22 Japanese study finds that eating quickly doubles risk of obesity.
O20 Short chain fatty acids from gut bacteria slow intestinal transit time, thereby increasing nutrient absorption.
O20 Bad news: acrylamide in coffee. Good news: No increased GI cancer risk with acrylamide.
O17 EPA toughens standard on lead emissions by 90%.
O17 FDA creates drug safety information webpages for patients and health professionals.
O16 Baxter earnings rise 19% in third quarter on sales of plasma-derived products.
O16 Vitamin K does not slow age-related loss in bone mineral density in postmenopausal women.
O16 Fructose feeding induces high triglycerides and leptin resistance in rats.
O16 Home dialysis equipment maker gets license to use some Hewlett-Packard inkjet printer patents for fluid path management.
O15 Resveratrol prevents liver fat accumulation in a mouse model of alcoholic liver disease.
O14 B vitamins of no help in slowing progression of Alzheimer's disease.
O13 American Academy of Pediatrics ups vitamin D requirements in kids from 200 to 400 IU/day.
O13 Are you nuts about nuts? Nuts! One study fails to shell out any benefit.
O10 Newspapers dissect McCain vs.Obama proposals concerning health care.
O10 Is dietary turmeric the reason why Indians have a relatively low incidence of diabetic retinopathy?
O09 New physical activity guidelies: 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 times per week;
O08 A single dose of EPO injected after a heart attack can limit apoptosis and thereby reduce heart cell damage.
O07 Even occasional smoking can impair arterial function for a prolonged period.
O07 Medicare carrier switch causing payment delays and other problems nationwide.
O07 Controlling computer games with brain waves: possible new hope for stroke victims?
O06 One-dollar-a-month polypill containing ASA, thiazide, ACEI, and statin to undergo clinical testing.
O06 Just one session of exercise improves metabolic health in insulin-resistant obese subjects.
O06 Vitamin D deficiency may increase risk of skin infections in patients with atopic dermatitis.
O06 New studies support use of probiotics in irritable bowel syndrome.
O06 Nobel prize in medicine goes to Barre-Sinoussi and Montagnier for discovery of the AIDS virus (Gallo left out) and to zu Hausen for the discovery of HPV.
O03 FDA weighs in on melanine-contaminated food with interim risk assessment document.
O03 Higher dose zinc supplements associated with an increased risk of advanced prostate cancer.
S30 Vitamin C may blunt effect of anticancer drugs
S29 AAKP director Kris Robinson resigns to pursue other opportunities.
S26 Would you like your coffee black, or with milk, cream, or melamine? FDA warns US this time.
S25 In humans, as opposed to lab animals, caloric restriction does not lower IGF-1, but protein restriction does.
S25 Tea found to contain relatively high fluoride levels (fluoride of potential concern in CKD patients)
S22 Exercise program cuts liver fat by 40% in type 2 diabetics.
S22 Secondhand smoke exposure increases risk of peripheral artery disease in women.
S19 African American women have low white blood cell count.
S19 High-salt diet contributes very substantially to resistant hypertension.
S18 Are statins ineffective for protection against cardiovascular risks in women?
S18 Thin men more vulnerable to osteoporosis.
S18 Listening to Mozart lowers high blood pressure (really)
S16 How should one properly dispose of unused drugs? No one seems to know.
S16 NHANES data analysis links elevated urine bisphenol levels to diabetes, cardiovascular disease.
S16 Chamomile tea cuts diabetes complications (in rats)
S16 Conbining thiazides with potassium-sparing diuretics markedly lowers cardiovascular mortality.
S15 Fresenius patient information center and hotline for hurricane Ike victims
S15 Melamine-contamined baby formula poisons a large number of infants in China.
S15 Phase 1 trial of gene therapy using enkephalin for chronic pain starts recruitment.
S14 Hospitals and nursing homes contribute to water contamination with pharmaceuticals through their disposal methods.
S14 Sulforaphane from broccoli may protect lungs by activating detoxifying enzyme.
S12 Cardioprotective effects of alcohol ingestion may be due to aldehyde dehydrogenase.
S11 Interstitial cystits may be treatable via the colon.
S10 Pentazocine shows encouraging results in a mouse model of diabetic retinopathy.
S10 NEJM early release: Tight BP control has to be continued in type 2 diabetics; otherwise benefits are not maintained.
S09 Serotonin transport receptor levels in the brain change with the seasons; may reflect seasonal affective disorder.
S09 Low serum vitamin B12 levels associated with brain shrinkage in the elderly.
S08 Once-a-week sustained release exenatide lowers HbA1c better than twice daily shots.
S08 Annual Dialysis Conference 2008 PD papers now available on-line
S05 Photographing what they eat helps dieters stick to weight-loss plans and identifies bingeing.
S05 Bisphenol (present in polycarbonate plastics) linked to metabolic syndrome.
S05 High gas prices hit dialysis patients and others who need frequent medical treatment.
S05 Vaccination against core influenza virus antigens may obviate need for annual shots.
S04 Tired of jogging to burn more calories? Try working on a crossword puzzle.
S03 Sleep loss, even transient, increases NF-kappaB activity in humans.
S03 Higher serum calcium levels within the normal range associated with increased fatal prostate cancer risk in NHANES.
S03 Exercise increases risk of catching the flu, while quercetin lowers this risk (in mice)
S03 RPA and ESRD networks launch kidney patient safety initiative, including a new website.
S03 Cortinarius mushroom induced kidney failure in the news - Horse Whisperer author Nicholas Evans being the latest victim
S02 AJKD: Temporary iron depletion and relative thrombocytosis may underline increased mortality with high doses of EPO.
A29 Study suggests that flu shots may not reduce mortality in the elderly.
A29 Heated seats (applies to dialysis chairs) raise scrotal temperatures and affect sperm.
A29 List of CKD blogs
A29 Pancreatic exocrine cells reprogrammed to make them into insulin-secreting beta cells
A29 100g/day of dark chocolate lowers blood pressure by 3 mm Hg.
A29 Eating two eggs a day while restricting caloric intake has no adverse effects on LDL cholesterol.
A27 Debate flares: Can obese patients be healthy?
A27 Webcam doctor visits take off in Hawaii
A26 More cases of fatal pancreatitis after Byetta reported.
A26 Allopurinol lowers blood pressure in hypertensive adolescents
A26 Newer gated CT scans diagnose coronary artery disease and obviate need for angiography.
A26 Leptin injections keep rats with type 1 diabetes alive without insulin.
A26 Twenty percent of Ayurvedic medicines found to be contaminated with lead, arsenic, or mercury.
A25 Some rice bran products found to contain high levels of arsenic.
A25 FDA approves Nplate (romiplostim) to stimulate bone marrow in thrombocytopenia.
A24 Bifidobacterium infantis may have systemic immune system benefits.
A22 Some evidence that Vytorin is, or maybe is not, associated with an increased cancer risk; FDA gets involved.
A22 Fresenius stays strong in tough economic times.
A22 NEJM: Preeclampsia raises risk of subsequent CKD
A21 NKF launches education toolkit targeting treatment of patients with HIV and CKD.
A21 DaVita establishes Florida hotline for dialysis patients to be used during hurricanes.
A21 AMAG receives fast track designation from FDA for ferumoxytol as an MRI contrast agent.
A20 79 million US adults have problems related to medical care induced debt.
A20 First red blood cells grown in the lab.
A20 Individual genome analysis shows that drug sensitivity may be poorly predicted by skin color (presumed race)
A20 New survey shows obesity rates continue to increase in the United States.
A19 Lowering homocysteine with folic acid and B vitamins fails to reduce CV events in heart disease patients.
A19 Low-level arsenic exposure linked to increased type 2 diabetes risk.
A19 Effect of grapefruit juice on drug absorption and metabolism: new complexities
A19 Chronic lead poisoning from contaminated urban soils.
A19 Obesity epidemic due to increased food intake, and not decreased activity level.
A19 FDA warns of hemorrhagic necrotizing pancreatitis with Byetta (exenatide)
A18 Compensated organ donation pits the AMA against the NKF: The Satel article in Slate magazine.
A18 Wall Street Journal health blog debated ethics of organ donation, focusing on NKF opposition to the concept.
A18 Medicare finalizes its list of - no pay - preventable conditions in hospitalized patients.
A18 Anti-fibrosis drug developed by Australian scientists may help slow progression of CKD
A15 When is a potential heart donor really dead? NEJM report raises some ethical questions.
A15 Lancet: ONTARGET study shows mixed results for combined ARB/ACEI therapy; greater reduction of proteinuria but a higher renal event rate.
A15 Infection control requirements from CDC incorporated into CMS conditions for coverage for dialysis units. MMWR, see p. 875.
A14 Monosodium glutamate use associated with weight gain.
A13 Enhancing lysosomal receptors for chaperone molecules prevents aging of mouse livers.
A13 NKF-FDA workshop: Proteinuria as a Surrogate Outcome in CKD: Link to presentations.
A11 Proton pump inhibitors increase fracture risk
A11 Prospective study of runners as they aged from 50 through 80 shows substantial benefits.
A08 FDA issues warning about risk of rhabdomyolysis when simvastatin is used with amiodarone.
A08 Immune response to early treatment of hepatitis C suggests that cure rate may be enhanced.
A08 FDA-mandated new labeling and medication guide for ESAs now activated.
A08 LabCorp via Litholink and the NKF launch an educational and information technology support program for early CKD detection.
A08 AHA issues recommendations for ambulatory BP monitoring is certain children and adolescents.
A08 Obese men face twin threat from prostate cancer
A07 Occult hepatitis C viral infection present in 45% of hemodialysis patients with abnormal liver enzymes.
A07 New gene-based molecular test for prostate cancer ready for commericalization.
A07 U.K. National Health Service decides that 4 new drugs with some activity against kidney cancer are not cost-effective.
A07 NEJM: FGF-23 is a risk marker for death in incident dialysis patients
A06 Broccoli compounds reduce reactive oxygen species induced in blood vessels by hyperglycemia.
A05 Baroreflex device to treat hypertension. A pipe dream? 200 million dollars raised so far says maybe not.
A05 New guidelines suggest that routine prostate cancer screening not be done in patients over 75 years of age.
A05 Physician and nurse blogs not uncommonly intrude on patient privacy rights and have undeclared conflicts of interest.
A05 New method of inducing tolerance using donor leukocytes shows promising results.
A05 Assay for serum hepcidin may help diagnose anemia of chronic disease.
A02 Settlement will reduce acrylamide levels in potato chips.
A01 FDA forces new labeling changes for ESAs under new law.
A01 R1626 shows promising effects against HCV viremia when combined with pegylated inferferon and ribavirin.
A01 Mouse data suggests that warfarin may inhibit fibrosis due to hepatitis C.
A01 Consensus statement suggests that HbA1c is the best test to detect early diabetes.
A01 Treating H. pylori infection markedly reduces risk of recurrent gastric cancer.
J30 A year of quality-adjusted human life is worth 129,000 dollars?
J30 Incenter 3x/week nocturnal hemodialysis in the news.
J30 Does adiponectin have a dark side? Study associates it with increased cardiovascular risk.
J30 Bifidobacterium infantis continues to show promise as treatment for irritable bowel syndrome.
J29 New study highlights risk of losing bone density while following a low-calorie diet for weight loss.
J29 Rember, a drug that is really a blue dye that prevents tau tangles, appears to slow Alzheimer's disease.
J29 Home dialysis in Ontario, Canada in the news
J29 Difficult patient kicked out of local dialysis center forced to dialyze in local hospital emergency room.
J29 FDA advised against eating green gook (tomalley) from American lobsters.
J29 Testosterone changes associated with perimenopausal increase in metabolic syndrome risk.
J29 Observational study suggests that statins may lower risk of senile dementia very substantially.
J28 TriPort device aids in performing umbilical laparoscopic surgery.
J28 Deep frozen organs function after being transplanted into animals 3 months later.
J28 E-prescribers see Medicare bonus, but late adopters will face pay cut
J26 Fist-clenching prior to phlebotomy can raise sample potassium levels.
J26 Amgen shares rise after success of its drug denosumab in lowering risk of bone fractures.
J25 NIDDK publishes strategic plan for addressing research on non-cancer-related prostate disease.
J25 U.S. House approves delay of Medicare trigger measure.
J24 Complement activation is increases in patients with age-related macular degeneration.
J24 In acute study, fructose increases lipogenesis relative to glucose.
J23 NEJM: Genetic mutation associated with most patients who develop myopathy on high-dose statins.
J23 Texas ESRD Network hurricane resource site
J23 How bacterial biofilms use chemical weapons against amoebas
J22 Dr. Arnold Kim gives up nephrology practice to attend to his Mac blogging site and other projects.
J22 As travel costs rise, more meetings go virtual.
J22 House Appropriations Subcommittee increases proposed FDA budget by more than 20% to over 2 billion dollars per year.
J22 Vagal nerve stimulation enhances spleen production of TNF: A brain to immune system connection?
J22 New type of chlorine-tolerant membranes developed for desalination.
J22 The cold, cruel facts?: Disease prevention programs may not lower costs in the long run?
J22 Ezetimibe plus simvastatin drug trial shows no effect on aortic valve stenosis progression.
J22 Prostate cancer drug abiraterone hailed as a breakthrough in the treatment of advanced disease.
J22 Ice-tea aficionado develops kidney stones
J22 Woman who claimed water-loading diet caused brain damage due to seizures wins lawsuit.
J21 Dr. Joseph Letteri, an expert in kidney treatment; in memoriam
J21 Advance lowers risk of rejection of animal tissues.
J21 Anti-bacterial actions of cranberry juice explained by its action on fimbriae.
J21 Adding calcium hydroxide to seawater may reverse global warming.
J21 Drug industry: No more free pens, pads, or mugs for docs.
J21 Singapore mulls legal kidney trading.
J21 FDA finds incriminated Salmonella strain on jalapeno peppers
J19 Human blood vessels grown in mice
J18 In-center nocturnal dialysis in Colorado in the news.
J18 Donor nephrectomy via umbilical incision shortens donor post-op recovery time.
J18 Jonathan Himmelfarb to lead new Kidney Research Institute based in Seattle.
J17 Low-carb vs. low-fat supporters fight over importance of NEJM study on NY Times blog.
J17 FDA retracts Salmonella-related warning against eating raw tomatoes. Peppers still a potential risk factor.
J17 Genetic variant identified that increases risk of elevated triglycerides fourfold in Asian Americans.
J17 Peptidoglycans from gut bacteria may induce C. albicans to transform into infectious variant.
J17 Radiocontrast nephropathy studies may overestimate risk of AKI, since creatinine often increases in controls patients, also.
J17 U.S. population keeps getting fatter; esp. Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.
J17 FDA safety recall: Sodium polystyrene sulfonate contaminated with yeast.
J17 Whole fruits and fruit juices have opposite effects on diabetes risk in Nurses' Health Study
J17 Atkins was right after all. NEJM study confirms benefits of low-carb and Mediterannean diets vs. low-fat diet.
J17 NEJM study shows that IVIG plus rituximab increases transplant success rates in HLA-sensitized patients.
J16 Annals: Low molecular weight heparin for 7 days better than stockings after arthroscopic knee surgery.
J16 Congress overrides Bush veto on Medicare bill that prevents physician payment cuts.
J15 Are kidney transplants performed at night less successful? A small European study suggests this possibility.
J15 GAO recommends prior authorization by Medicare of physican office-based diagnostic imaging tests.
J15 Bush to veto Medicare physician's pay patch bill today; Congress set to override.
J14 Will global warming spark a rise in kidney stone incidence?
J14 Nurses struggle with implications of new CMS policy re non-reimbursable adverse events.
J14 Track the 2008 U.S. Transplant Games
J14 CKD screening shows that a high percentage of Australia's indigenous population has kidney disease.
J14 Amgen's osteoporosis drug denosumab found effective in maintaining bone density in prostate cancer patients treated with androgen deprivation.
J12 Triathlon athlete and dialysis patient Shad Ireland in the news.
J12 Pioneering heart surgeon Michael DeBakey dies at age 99.
J11 Dialysis patients in Scotland can access their lab results on-line.
J11 FDA lists May 2008 labeling changes: Aranesp (tumor progression) and CellCept (lymphoma and PML risk)
J11 Angiodynamics recalls its Centros dialysis catheter due to inadequate cuff attachment.
J11 U.S. News issues its annual rankings of hospitals by specialty.
J11 White House threatens to veto bill rescinding physician Medicare payment cuts. Does the Senate have the votes to override?
J11 Scientists image prostate cancer that has metastasized to pelvic lymph nodes.
J10 Aspirin may benefit patients with osteoporosis: a possible mechanism identified.
J10 Time of day affects antibody response to vaccination in men, but not women. Morning is best.
J10 U.S. National Public Radio examines health care system in 5 European countries.
J09 Salmonella outbreak continues: jalapeno peppers now thought to be a cause.
J09 Medicare bill that rescinds physician payment cuts passes in Senate with veto-proof majority.
J09 Androgen-deprivation therapy does not help when given to older men with localized prostate cancer vs.watchful waiting alone..
J09 Fresenius signs sublicensing agreement with Luitpold to use Venofer in United States patients.
J08 Phosphate in CKD conference; September 26, 2008 in New York City.
J08 Farm-raised tilapia fish has relatively low levels of omega-3 fatty acids.
J08 Fish oil plus red yeast lower cholesterol to the same extent as statin therapy.
J08 Transplant tourists running out of destinations.
J08 FDA adds boxed warning on risk of tendon rupture associated with fluoroquinolone antibiotics.
J08 Overweight patients trying to lose weight lose twice as much if they keep a food diary.
J07 Swiss study suggests an 8% increase in failure rate when a male kidney is given to a woman recipient.
J07 Medicare double delay: Senate fails to act and CMS holds physician claims.
J07 Dr. Allen Alfrey, discoverer of the cause of aluminum-related dialysis dementia, in memoriam.
J07 Fresenius Medical buys heparin-maker APP pharmaceuticals.
J03 NEJM: Scanning the blood for circulating tumor cells using DNA technology helps guide treatment of metastatic disease.
J03 VA/NIH study of dialysis dose in acute kidney failure published in NEJM
J03 CMS releases 2007 ESRD Clinical Performance Measures report (.pdf)
J02 Secret of herpesvirus latency discovered in strands of microRNA.
J01 Caffeine intake increases rate at which muscle replenishes glycogen stores after exercise.
J01 Medicare proposes changes for dialysis reimbursement.
J01 More on the physician Medicare payment cut battle in the Congress.
J01 FDA may start focusing more on software reliability in medical devices.
J01 Bills pending in Congress would remove Supreme Court shield for medical device manufacturers.
J30 Cancer cure strategy in mice to be tested in humans: transfusion of allogeneic cancer-killing leukocytes.
J30 Volcanoes turn out to be an important source of mercury pollution.
J30 Calcium supplementation alone does not reduce hip fracture risk in the elderly (new meta-analysis)
J30 AHA publishes cookbook focusing on healthy soul food recipes
J30 Sudden hearing loss associated with increased risk of future stroke.
J30 AHA launches, a website for patients.
J28 Mortality rates similar at for-profit and not-for-profit dialysis chain patients; former use more EPO and IV iron.
J28 Senate fails to take up legislation that would delay Medicare physician fee cut.
J28 FDA/Roche: Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) warnings added to mycophenolate labeling.
J26 Fructose, but not glucose, increases visceral adipose tissue and triglycerides, and lower insulin sensitivity.
J26 Testing of athletes for illicit EPO use has high rate of false negatives.
J26 Gastric vagal block surgery less invasive, than bariatric surgery, but also effective in causing weight loss.
J25 House Medicare bill and the politics of competitive bidding for medical equipment
J25 House votes to block cut in physician Medicare fees.
J25 MRSA skin infections becoming commonplace in healthy athletes.
J25 Impending Medicare reimbursement cuts may affect delivery of care
J25 Obesity drug rimonabant approved for NHS use in England and Wales.
J25 Breast-cancer gene BRCA2 linked to much shorter survival after prostate cancer.
J24 Take your meds and have a chance at winning the lottery.
J24 House reps Dingell and Barton plan bill pushing nationwide adoption of electronic medical record systems.
J23 Some academic sites offering on-line second opinion services.
J23 Brouhaha over inclusion of Social Security numbers on Medicare ID cards: Would take 8 years to change?
J23 New source of cardiac stem cells found in the epicardium
J21 Might Tai-Chi benefit CKD patients who can't sleep well?
J20 Stem cells give old muscles new pep
J19 Might exposure to low doses of ionizing radiation be beneficial?
J19 Is fluoride in drinking water safe for patients with CKD?
J19 FDA cautions about increased mortality in elderly patients with dementia who had been treated with antipsychotic drugs
J19 Investigation of deaths at Lufkin dialysis center: How alleged criminal activity was uncovered.
J17 Big breakfast diet more effective than low-carb diet in maintaining weight loss.
J17 Diabetes doubles the risk of hearing loss.
J16 Transportation fees impact some Canadian diaysis patients.
J16 British Medical Journal hosts interchange of views on appropriateness of paying live organ donors.
J16 Patients only rarely use online ratings to pick physicians.
J16 Eating in response to stress? Ghrelin could be the reason why.
J16 Studies with fat cells suggest that resveratrol may help combat obesity.
J16 Etanercept slows cyst formation in a mouse model of PKD via inhibiting TNF-alpha.
J12 Baxter avian flu vaccine shows promise in early testing.
J12 Sequential treatment of lupus in women with cyclophosphamide and mycophenolate preserves ovarian function.
J12 Patch-based vaccine effective against traveler's diarrhea.
J11 FDA: Concern about potential cancer risk in users of Regranex (becaplermin) gel (used to help heal foot ulcers in diabetics).
J11 The American Heart Association translates key parts of its website to Spanish, Vietnamese, and simplified Chinese.
J10 Would the proposed Baucus bill threaten smaller dialysis providers?
J10 One more argument against smoking: Increased risk of age-related hearing loss.
J05 Is your health record already on-line on your health insurer's website? If so, how tightly is this protected?
J05 Alcohol ingestion cuts risk of rheumatoid arthritis by 50%.
J03 Salmonella outbreak in 9 states linked to raw tomatoes.
J03 Senate Bill would delay Medicare payment cuts to physicians.
J02 Cubing and then boiling potatoes markedly reduces their content of potassium and other minerals.
M31 Journal of Renal Care journal club: Buttonhole method of cannulating AV fistulas - the new gold standard?
M30 Whole milk as effective as 0.1% barium as GI contrast agent for CT.
M29 Diabetes Tech and Therapeutics journal supplement focuses on self-monitoring of blood glucose.
M28 Hope for stroke victims. Monkeys control prosthetic arm using brain waves to feed themselves.
M27 Louisiana Senate passes bill that would shield disaster responders from civil liability lawsuits.
M27 Study suggests that RDA for children for cholecalciferol should be 2,000 IU/day, rather than 200 IU/day.
M27 High-flavonoid cocoa can be a boost for diabetics.
M27 Should HbA1c be used instead of plasma glucose to screen for diabetes?
M26 Qualitative changs in gut microflora affect insulin resistance.
M26 Six vs. three meals per day has no impact on weight loss.
M23 FDA to use Medicare claims data to monitor drug side effects once drugs have been marketed.
M22 It's official: Home BP monitoring is now the standard of care.
M21 CMS launches hospital comparison website.
M21 Modest red wine (but not beer) ingestion actually may lower risk of NAFLD - non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
M20 NEJM: Palevsky-VA/NIH study shows that daily HD or more intense CRRT of no benefit in acute kidney injury
M20 Google health now accepting patient information.
M19 Sports utility vehicle crashes into University of Kansas dialysis center.
M17 FDA convenes to examine impact of direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical, and now, medical device, advertising.
M16 MMWR: CDC recommends herpes zoster vaccine for all persons over age 60.
M13 Kidney market shut as Pakistan cuts supply.
M13 Texting kids to take their medicine may increase compliance.
M13 Prism eyeglasses expand view for patients with stroke-induced hemianopia.
M09 Acrylamide intake associated with risk of kidney cancer.
M07 Incenter nocturnal dialysis offered at FMC Savannah unit in the news.
M05 FDA Study: Injuries and deaths linked to insulin pump use in teens.
M04 Give young persons 50,000 dollars to donate a kidney? Skeptics fear abuse and exploitation.
M01 MMWR: Acute renal failure associated with cosmetic soft tissue filler injections.
M01 AAKP urges Congress to support bill providing immunosuppressive drug coverage for transplant recipients.
A30 Robotic wheelchair uses lasers to dock with cars.
A17 NEJM sounding board article considers impact of patient controlled health records on medical research.
A14 Cannulation of AV fistula: Web CME program by Fistula
A11 ANNA: Controversies series - should patients be allowed to eat during dialysis?
M12 World Kidney Day You-Tube videos (see end of video for whole panel of related clips)
M06 Kidney Community Emergency Response Coalition website
M06 Lupus foundation sponsored webchat about lupus and kidney disease scheduled for Wednesday, March 14th.
M05 Supreme court votes 4 vs. 4 regarding pharma immunity from product liability for FDA-approved prescription drugs.
M01 Stress, high gas prices lead to domestic violence in couple with wife on dialysis.
M01 Screening test for CKD (SCORED) developed by Cornell and UNC Chapel Hill outperforms NKF KEEP approach.
F29 Vitamin E ingestion linked to increased risk of lung cancer.
F28 Google. reveals plans for its health database.
F28 Incenter nocturnal dialysis becoming more popular in Florida.
F26 Dr. Jones of Kidney Care Partners issues response to CMS proposal to bundle ESRD payments.
F26 Heart attack rates fall in France following institution of national smoking ban in public places.
F26 Study shows that robotic dog alleviates loneliness in nursing home patients as well as a real dog.
F26 Toremifene reduces fracture rate, and reduces dyslipidemia associated with androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer.
F26 FDA: Medication guide must be given to patients with each rosiglitazone (Avandia) prescription.
F23 Are medical records stored by Google or Microsoft subject to HIPAA?
F23 Dialysis patients caught when insurers refuse to pay for out-of-network dialysis.
F21 Google partners with the Cleveland Clinic to store patient health records on-line.
F21 Study suggests that Medicare part D patients use more cardioprotective drugs after MI and live longer.
F21 Salt-rich diet linked to obesity in children via sugar-containing soft drink consumption.
F21 Computer technology allows fourth grader to participate in class virtually while on dialysis at the Cleveland Clinic.
F21 Arrest of Amit Kumar spotlights corrupt transplant tourism industry in southeast Asia.
F13 More centers offering 3x/week nocturnal dialysis in-center.
F13 University of Groningen study (PREVEND) emphasizes utility of treating hypertension in proteiniuric patients.
F13 That's the man who stole my kidney!
F11 New website gives comparative prices of various care packages available in Minnesota
F06 Beetroot juice found to lower blood pressure because of its high nitrate content.
F05 The enabling role of desperate patients highlighted in kidney transplant racket.
F05 Type 2 muscle fibers, such as those increased by body building, improve metabolic syndrome in an animal model.
F01 U.S. dialysis patient and his wife are detained in India with regard to organ procurement scandal.
F01 FDA warns about depressed mood, suicidal ideation in patients taking smoking cessation drug Chantix (varenicline)
J30 Breast size linked to diabetes risk
J30 Two American dialysis patients detained in India during investigation of organ theft.
J29 Twins study links telomere shortening and premature ageing to sedentary lifestyle.
J28 Cranberries get vote of confidence in prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections (Cochrane review).
J28 Problem of lifetime health insurance caps (1 or 2 million dollars) in the news, because they now are being exceeded.
J28 More info about the Baxter recall of 1,000 IU/ml heparin vials due to anaphylactoid reactions.
J28 Need a kidney? Don't become a politician, or you'll run afoul with ethics rules about accepting donations.
J28 Indiana legislature to consider bill affecting insurance company payment for out-of-plan dialysis services.
J28 Blood levels of organochlorine pesticides linked to type 2 diabetes.
J27 The story behind Dr. David Sachs and the bone marrow + kidney transplants = tolerance
J24 NEJM: Renal failure due to oxalosis after 2g/day vitamin C for 3 years in a renal transplant patient.
J24 U.S. News and World Report ranks best hospitals for kidney care.
J18 Canadian study suggests drinking 4 liters of water per day can cause proteinuria; reversible when water ingestion reduced.
J15 AAKP awards its Medal of Excellence for 2008 to nephrologist Dr. Todd Ing.
D28 Widow sues Air France, claiming that bumping led to death of her husband, who was on dialysis.
D15 Dialysis patient dies after being denied boarding on flight from Paris to San Francisco due to overbooking.
D03 Dialysis patient defends trip to Phillippines in search of a kidney.
N26 High-glycemic intake carb intake linked to type 2 diabetes in African American and Chinese women.
N19 Caloric intake from beverages has doubled over what it was in 1965.
N14 Diabetics risk serious foot problems by wearing the wrong size shoes.
N05 No increase in cardiovascular risk for living kidney donors
O31 AAKP helps defeat legislation to extend period of Medicare Secondary Payer coverage for ESRD
O25 Charcot foot disease becoming more common as diabetic numbers increase.
O22 Chewing gum shown to help curb appetite and reduce cravings.
O19 Shockingly high levels of salt in some fast foods.
O12 61% of 33 lipsticks sold in the United States test positive for lead.
O11 Dialysis patient Shad Ireland, ironman competitor, in the news.
S25 FDA to screen all direct-to-consumer (DTC) television ads if pending law is passed.
S12 FDA advisory panel rejects idea of setting 11 g/dL as the upper limit of target Hb with ESAs.
A30 WTC 911 responder spearheads 3-way kidney donation.
A27 Couple shares love and a kidney - dialysis specialist donates kidney to her patient.
A23 New laparoscopic technique removes kidney from small incision at belly button.
A17 Patients who develop kidney failure after use of phosphate-based laxatives initiate lawsuits.
A16 Verichip to provide implantable microchips for dialysis patients.
A07 Publix supermarkets to offer up to 14-days of free antibiotics.
J27 Paired organ donation in the news.
J26 Small, but randomized Canadian trial of nocturnal hemodialysis shows reduction of LVH over 6 month period.
J25 Obesity spreads among friends, study concludes.
J19 Large VA study shows 50% reduction in Alzheimer / Parkinson risk with simvastatin, but not other drugs in the same class.
J19 Kidney patients more likely to reach - doughnut hole gap - in Medicare Part D coverage.
J19 Faulty dialysis patient transportation the subject of TV news investigation in Louisville.
J13 AAKP introduces new nutrition and lifestyle magazine for CKD patients.
J19 Intentionally skipping insulin doses to lose weight - diabulimia - has severe consequences.
M04 You tube health message to patients from Kidney Health Australia (part 1)
M03 Maggots rid diabetic foot ulcer patients of MRSA
M03 Honey paste to treat diabetic foot ulcers
A16 Edinburgh kidney website proving a hit with patients.
A14 Fresenius sponsors Shad Ireland, ironman triathlete and dialysis patient; related patient grants available.
A03 American Kidney Fund launches Medicare Part D program to cover dialysis patient bone meds.
M22 New book published to aid traveling dialysis patients
M04 Former NFL Dallas Cowboys football player donates kidney to ex-teammate.
M01 Medicare financing for dialysis vs. transplant in the news: One patient's story
M01 AAKP Develops Nutrition Electronic Newsletter
F20 Sick teens in crisis: Organ transplant patients may die when insurance for medicine runs out.
F19 Dialysis at night getting popular
F19 Woman survives 32 years on dialysis
F14 Robot-assisted telemedicine rounds growing in popularity
F10 Custom RV (recreational vehicle) lets dialysis patients hit the road.
F08 Compulsive gambling linked to drug treatment for restless legs syndrome.
F06 Allied against kidney disease on World Kidney Day
F04 International Center / Website for nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy.
J19 Nintendo Wii videogame use promotes weight loss (n=1).
J19 Columnist Art Buchwald dies of kidney failure
J17 Dialysis patient bleeds to death in casino after falling and cutting into his AV access.
J17 New handbook by LWW teaches the basics of dialysis to doctors and nurses.
J17 Woman dies of hyponatremia after participating in radio-sponsored water drinking contest.
J09 Milk appears to eliminate the cardiovascular benefits of tea
D29 Disgruntled Michigan dialysis patient burns dialysis unit to the ground.
D22 Kidney stones in children no longer a rarity, Johns Hopkins clinicians emphasize.
D22 NKF Singapore charity doing well - reduces charges to dialysis patients.
D20 Friendly microbes could make you fat: Bacteroides vs. Firmicutes
D19 Australians develop modified sugar product with low glycemic index.
D19 NKUDIC reports that percent of patients using fistulas in the U.S. has climbed from 30 to 42%.
D19 Wellbound continues to open self-care dialysis centers
D15 VEGF blocker ranibuzumab shows impressive results in diabetic macular edema.
D06 Int Soc for Hemodialysis to present its trailblazer award to Dr. Lee Henderson at the 2007 ADC meeting.
N28 Genzyme researchers show promising results with drug against polycystic kidney disease.
N28 French woman is smiling one year after receiving a face transplant.
N28 Cruise company based in France launches dialysis while cruising program (Mediterranean and Nordic seas).
N28 NSAIDs may reduce the effectiveness of vaccines, including those against flu, HPV.
N27 In-center nocturnal dialysis program starts up in Oregon.
N26 HDCN: Search index updated for audiofiles, slide/audio talks, articles, and abstracts
N14 National Kidney Foundation launches new phase of KEEP - to help patients in early stages of CKD.
N10 FDA considers expanding patient access to experimental medications
O31 Iran's desperate kidney traders.
O30 Pharma supported patient education sites under the microscope.
O30 Art Buchwald is still around - pens book on death and dying.
O26 Joslin Clinic launches free educational videos for patients with diabetes
O23 How one dialysis unit in Mississippi coped with Katrina.
O17 AAKP seeking nominations for Medal of Excellence Award for 2007.
O09 New Zealand patient now 30 years on home hemodialysis.
S27 U.S. House and Senate pass bill allowing purchase of drugs from Canada
S11 NKF Singapore - donors returning. Focus on reducing dialysis care costs
S07 Traveling Canadian couple outfits RV to do nocturnal hemodialysis on the road.
S05 Australian dialysis patient dies after following a 10-day detox diet while suspending dialysis treatments.
A21 Decorated needles calm patients
A20 Art Buchwald back at Martha's Vineyard, leads charity auction
J31 American Kidney Fund and Genzyme announce Medicare Part D assistance fund for Renagel
J04 Dialysis pioneer in Alaska eases into retirement
J04 Art Buchwald leaves hospice, returns to Martha's Vineyard
J24 Dialysis patient and ironman competitor brings hope.
J24 Alonzo Mourning's NBA championship ring a testimony to health after transplantation.
J19 NKF transplant games athletes prove that life can be vigorous after transplant.
J16 CARI (Australasian) Clinical Practice Guidelines published (53 free full text review papers!)
J12 U.S. Transplant games, June 16-21, Louisville, KY.
J06 DaVita forms charitable trust to focus on patient education.
M26 Art Buchwald is still alive - a testimony to conservative management
M17 Chocolate good? Coffee is too! Enjoy.
M05 Kidney End-of-Life coalition unveils new web site.
M03 Chicago-area teacher donates kidney to her 4th grade pupil.
M01 A new measure for evaluating ESRD therapies? The science of happiness.
A25 University of Michigan to pay for preventive diabetes meds for its employees.
A21 Renal Support Network launches new website, radio talk shows aimed at renal patients.
A21 AAKP announces new patient education program: Kidney Beginnings Live
M07 ADA releases tools for optimal management of diabetes in the Latino population.
M03 Columnist, Art Buchwald in kidney failure - refusing dialysis.
M01 Aging boomers lining up for dialysis in Canada.
F28 NKDEP launches new Spanish language kidney education initiative
F26 New Zealand kidney foundation launches a campaign for people to drink water vs. soft drinks.
F24 2006 American Kidney Fund National Torchbearer Award will honor Dr. Carl Kjellstrand
F21 ISN and IFKF team up to put together a World Kidney Day each year.
F20 Mars chocolate maker to introduce foods with flavonol-rich chocolates.
F10 Would-be kidney donor saves her own life.
J30 Certain adenovirus infections linked to obesity on animals and humans
J19 Tufts nephrologist Dr. Klemens Meyer wins award from US National Kidney Foundation.
J13 AAKP to honor Dr. H. Keith Johnson at its Medal of Excellence Awards Dinner on March 19th.
J09 AAKP releases new patient brochure: Understanding your Peritoneal Dialysis Options
J05 Mississippi lawmakers move to assure dialysis patient transportation reimbursement.
D29 68 year old Aussie billionaire with failing kidneys dies after refusing dialysis.
D29 For transplant patients, a personal assist from Zo (Alonzo Mourning)
D26 Diabetes, CHF home patient monitors taking off in the UK.
D21 Dialysis consortium praises Congress for passing a 1.6% increase in composite rate.
D21 New tax law slows donations to the NKF's Kidney Cars program in Tennessee.
D19 Pioneering woman nephrologist Dr. Mary Lou Lewis retires.
D12 Uremic pruritus greatly improved by cream containing cannabinoids.
D12 More home dialysis stories in the news.
D08 Ed Massry, lawyer in Erin Brockovich case, dies after several years of dialysis.
D05 Dialysis patient adventurer gets severe peritonitis on sailboat voyage.
D02 Telephone doctors worry medical industry.
D01 NKF Singapore charity more transparent now; donations begin to resume.
N29 Forty-two years later patient doing well on fourth transplanted kidney.
N25 Wife-kidney-swappers, wives, to spend Thanksgiving together
N11 Kidney swap in the news
N10 Unrelated live kidney donor in coma - offers of help pour in.
N10 Home dialysis in Chicago in the news
N09 One donor father, two daughters with PKD.
N07 NASA develops Star Trek glasses for the visually impaired.
N07 Davenport woman donates a kidney to whomever out of the goodness of her heart.
N07 AAKP patient education plan available in Spanish
N07 AAKP info sheets on Medicare Part D drug benefit for kidney patients.
N06 New FDA-supported website lists latest approved drug labels for all meds.
O30 Miami-Dade County: Finding dialysis provider difficult for some patients.
O30 Making sense of the new Medicare Part D drug plan.
O28 American Kidney Fund Disaster Relief Fund for Wilma-affected patients.
O27 Got a transplant from a crook? Watch out - the donor DNA may put you in jail!
O25 Star Trek captain fights against the uroliths.
O24 Some jumping the line in the wait for kidney donors.
O24 NxStage home dialysis system in the news.
O17 DaVita patient group lobbies Congress and CMS.
O17 Daily weigh-ins help dieters keep off pounds.
O11 Fatty foods can fight inflammation, induce satiety, via CCK.
O11 Eating fish helps prevent age-related cognitive decline.
O09 Fresenius details its responses to help support Katrina-affected patients.
O06 CDC urges flu vaccination now for priority groups.
S28 Denver doctor set to receive transplant from donor found via the internet.
S23 ESRD Network 13 Katrina and Rita update page.
S22 DaVita restoring service in Katrina-affected areas - announces patient hotline.
S21 Nabi launches study to see if StaphVax will protect dialysis patients long-term.
S21 Men are more successful at losing weight by dieting than women.
S20 Dialysis need leads patient to evacuate before Katrina, saving her family.
S19 Latest on American Kidney Fund grants for Katrina dialysis patients.
S17 DaVita slowly reopening Katrina-affected dialysis clinics.
S16 Focus on dialysis: Medical system strains to cope in Louisiana.
S16 NKF Singapore reduces size of its fundraising staff.
S16 American Kidney Fund helps Katrina dialysis patient victims.
S12 Picayune dialysis patients get help
S11 Xenotransplantation may soon become a reality
S11 Where did all of the New Orleans dialysis patients go?
S07 Shot dialysis technician on the mend.
S07 High aluminum levels now rare in United States patients
S06 Number of dialysis patients in Scotland rises by 50%.
S06 Dialysis patient shoots technician at Queens dialysis center.
S02 National Kidney Foundation hurricane relief web page.
S02 CDC recommendations regarding hurricanes.
S02 Fresenius hotline telephone numbers: emergency dialysis for Alabama patients.
S02 Amgen donates 2.5 M toward Katrina relief effort.
S02 Baxter Foundation organizes help for Katrina victims.
S02 American Kidney Fund offers help to patients affected by Katrina.
S01 ANNA Katrina information center - how you can help.
S01 SIMS project hurricane Katrina info links.
A30 ESRD Network 13: Hurricane Katrina alerts, phone numbers.
A29 Physician gives kidney, then her heart to dialysis patient.
A29 Bahrain patients warned against buying black market kidneys.
A28 New Orleans dialysis patients evacuated to other cities.
A28 Bluetooth mobile phone link allows diabetics to monitor trends in their glucose.
A28 Medicate part D to help cover costs for kidney patient drugs.
A28 Acrylamide french fry lawsuit filed against McDonald's and Wendy's.
A26 Metabolic syndrome doesn't exist, diabetes groups claim.
A26 Metabolic advantage of protein-rich diets may be due to leucine.
A24 Organ donation FAQ from BBC News
A24 NKF launches new public service campaign about early detection of CKD.
A22 American Indians fight curse of fry bread: fat and diabetes.
A22 Dialysis patient completes 500 mile bicycle trip in Wisconsin and Michigan..
A16 Analgesic drug use linked to high blood pressure in women.
A16 Kidney Drug Coverage website: Teleconference schedule
A14 Type 1 diabetic swims across English channel.
A13 Regular customer donates kidney to waitress
A13 Florida man who found donor via internet finally gets transplant.
A13 False urban legend that collecting aluminum pull tabs helps dialysis patients.
J26 Experts warn against excess water intake during exercise.
J26 Medical scans using isotopes set off airport alarms.
J25 FMC closes 5 dialysis units in DC area due to insufficient funding.
J23 UK NKF patient-centered website
J23 Popularity of reimbursable e-visits to physicians is growing.
J15 Ruboxistaurin reduces vision loss in diabetics with macular edema.
J11 Patient navigator law to help low-income pts. with chronic disease, esp. DM.
J11 Walking on cobblestones reduces blood pressure, improves balance.
J08 Illinois Public Health directed by governor to establish CKD detection program.
J07 ANNA: Resource guide for use with Hispanic dialysis patients (.pdf)
J30 New NKF brochure highlights home hemodialysis
J29 Man drives truck through wall of dialysis center.
J27 ANNA: Resource guide for use with Hispanic nephrology patients (.pdf)
J24 Canada aims to curb internet drug trade.
J23 NIH provides toolkit for African Americans to discuss CKD at family reunions.
J20 Five kidney donors in one family
J04 Rugby star Lomu on comeback trail after kidney transplant.
J03 JHU project connects dialysis kids with on-line games, communities.
M31 Int Fed Kidney Foundations (IFKF) meeting opens in Dublin.
M24 Argument between two Malaysian dialysis patients ends in knife attack and murder
M22 British press reports speculate that French woman received Princess Di's kidney.
M20 Empathic voice improves doctor-patient communication.
M20 Australians use hypnosis to help kids deal with stress of hemodialysis.
M18 Hemodialysis options brochure now available in Spanish via AAKP website.
M18 US consumers increasingly using websites for health information.
M17 Dialysis patient competing in ironman triathlon competitions.
M12 Actor George Lopez feels like a new man after kidney transplant.
M09 Dialysis patient goes on home dialysis strike - insists on in-center treatment.
M06 Alonzo Mourning kidney donor featured in the news.
M02 Transcendental meditation may expand lifespan in 18 year randomized trial.
M01 Frost Valley YMCA dialysis camp for kids 8-15 years of age.
A29 ESRD patient dies after stopping dialysis to follow alternative health regimen.
A28 Three Maryland dialysis patients die in van-truck crash.
A26 Man who got new liver by ads on billboards dies 8 mos after transplant.
A26 Comic George Lopez gets living donor kidney from wife.
A25 Alonzo Mourning to donate his salary to charities supporting literacy, dialysis.
A24 Mississippi dialysis patient celebrates 30 years of living with ESRD.
A22 AAKP to meet in Sep in Las Vegas: brochure available.
A21 Fashion maven with PKD to discuss his kidney transplant on Oprah tomorrow.
A18 Kaiser and Wellbound partner to offer home HD and PD.
A16 Lupus Research Institute launches awareness campaign with actor James Garner.
A15 Arson in Ireland dialysis unit leads to long patient travel, car accident.
A02 Search for a center that does home or nocturnal hemodialsysis.
A02 Daily home and nocturnal hemodialysis: Patient stories
A02 Implanted brain chip allows paralyzed patients to interact with surroundings.
A02 Subintimal angioplasty offers new hope for peripheral vascular disease pts.
M30 Proposed new federal rules will regulate, protect living organ donors.
M30 New patients with HUS who visited central Florida petting zoos.
M21 US Congress debates legislation on a national patient safety database.
M17 Failure to detect CMV in a live-donor transplant results in tragic outcome.
M14 Videoconferecing costs drop; teleconsultation applications multiply.
M14 Doctors urged to mind bedside manners; grant focuses on patient empathy.
M11 JAMA: Unintended consequences of publicly reporting quality information.
M10 Was volunteer kidney donor paid off for his kidney?
M06 Fraudulent medical discount cards widespread in the U.S.
M01 American Kidney Fund and Genzyme announce new patient assistance program.
F25 Patient denied transplant because of website has other options.
F25 Depressed spouse may act in harmful ways when forced into a caregiver situation.
F23 Tampa institute nixes transplant for recipient who used web site to seek donors.
F21 Actress Sandra Dee dies at age 62 from complications of ESRD.
F21 Beta-blockers may prevent osteoporosis via leptin-mediated mechanism
F16 City of Evanston donates dialysis machines to sister city in Belize.
F09 Dialysis patients may be happier than previously thought.
F06 Living-related pancreatic islet cell transplant a success.
F03 New recs to improve care in CKD, ARF, and palliation put forth in the U.K.
J25 Driver of a van transporting dialysis patients robs banks on the side.
J17 National Patient Safety group puts up web-CME educational module for physicians.
J15 AAKP educational conference series for patients with CKD
J14 Amgen adds warning about risks of higher hemoglobin doses.
J14 Holiday travails of kidney-pancreas transplant patient in the news (USA today)
J14 Amgen expands support for patient assistance programs
J13 AAKP launches public policy section on its website
J13 AAKP Washington policy report, Jan 2005.
J12 CAPD-using skier with CKD gives inspiration to others.
D28 Iowa man survives 30 years on dialysis.
D22 Aspirin underused by people with diabetes.
D19 NKF: Celebrating the first 50 years of transplantation.
D10 NKF Singapore to co-develop non-profit management program in India
D10 New aluminum-related warning labels for antiperspirants re dialysis patients
D01 Todd Ing to be honored by American Kidney Fund at Torchbearer Award
O27 Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) decision charts
O24 AHA African American media kit (patient guidesheets) (.pdf)
O24 US finds a way to import Canadian flu shots
O24 Internet kidney donor wanted for failing to pay child support
O24 More on the Japanese dialysis patients with mushroom-associated illness
O18 Warning on internet health advice
O14 U.S. NKF announces availability of nephrologist toolkit for CKD
O08 Device translates spoken Japanese into English and vice versa.
O06 Vein camera keeps injections on target
O05 Alonzo Mourning's transplant sends message of hope
S14 A third of patients who forego meds because of costs don't volunteer this info
S14 Well-educated patients guiding their own care
S02 AAKP annual convention cancelled due to hurricane
S02 Mourning to attempt comeback after kidney transplant
A22 Lauryn Williams wins silver medal; makes her dialysis patient Dad proud
A15 Doctor - to - doctor kidney transplant may increase LRD awareness
A13 Man launches multimedia search for a liver
A04 Olympian's father, who is on dialysis, gets help to travel to Athens
J29 Rugby legend Lomu receives new kidney
J28 Dialysis Transplant Games 2004: Transplant Pioneers (providers and patients)
J28 2004 Transplant Games in progress: July 27 - August 1
J17 Gift from DCI helps renal health care program from being cut
J12 San Diego ENT surgeon donates a kidney to his mentor and colleague
J09 Projected ceiling imagery lowers boredom, anxiety during dialysis session
J06 Alonzo Mourning to be in Washington DC July 7th to lobby for dialysis patients
J01 Alonzo Mourning's life 6 months after transplantation
J17 Woman who donated kidney anonymously wins 500 K in Virginia lottery
J13 Desperate patient places classified ad searching for a donor
J13 Patient nocturnal dialysis experiences in the news
M20 Learning from e-patients at Mass General Hospital
A25 Cultural competence: Caring for Latino patients
M26 Medline Plus for dialysis (patient refs)
M18 Dialysis patient with Alzheimer's lost at connecting flight airport
M17 Heart disease prevention in women guidelines
M04 Kidney transplant patient to compete for title of Scotland's strongest man
F14 CDC tip sheet for dialysis patients to prevent infection
D24 Alonzo Mourning up and about after successful kidney transplant
D19 Alonzo Mourning kidney transplant set for today
D17 Dialysis patient wins 21 M lottery ticket; intends to fund kidney research
N30 Home becomes boys kidney dialysis unit
N29 Mourning being offered kidneys by strangers; his plight may help others
N29 Criticism stuns millionaire kidney donor
N24 American Kidney Fund makes Forbes magazine list of 10 best charities
N24 Alonzo Mourning leaving NBA; cites kidney ailment
N11 Most clinical study patients don't care about physician conflicts of interest
O29 Some dialysis patients do recover kidney function
O29 Alonzo Mourning making a comeback despite having CKD
O24 Coping with clinical uncertainty
O22 Living with lupus: one patient's story
O14 Flagstaff pediatrician donates kidney to whomever needs it.
O06 NJ basketball star with FSGS on the rebound
O01 Actor Danny Glover raising kidney disease awareness
S22 Mourning living with, fighting against, his kidney disease
S16 Ethics: What to do when a transplant workup reveals questionable paternity?
S09 Does restless leg syndrome affect 20 million Americans?
S08 Rug by star on dialysis is having a tough time of it,
S06 Dialysis patient Gary Coleman and his candicacy for California governor
S02 Hopes fade that New Zealand rugby player on dialysis will be able to compete
A25 Lupus Foundation of America to launch new patient-oriented magazine
A25 AHRQ RFA: Request for patient measures evaluation their dialysis experiences
A18 New educational video on CV disease for African American women
A18 Kravinsky gave his kidney to a stranger; now gives $30 M to university
A18 Dialysis patients and their dependence on electricity
A05 New Zealand pro rugby player on dialysis cleared to return to competition
J21 UK paper features life of a dialysis patient
J17 Texas ESRD Network Resource Page
M31 Do rugby and dialysis mix? New Zealand star Lomu trying to cope.
F13 Stanford U. helps patients with CHF, type 2 DM cope via web-info and support