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HDCN News Archive -- Transplantation
Dec15 FDA approves genetically engineered pigs for food and transplants
Jul19 Full text of President Trump Executive Order re kidney disease (PDF)
Mar15 Renal Disease and Electrolyte Course, Aspen, CO; July 23-27, 2018
Aug10 Gene-editing of pigs increases suitability of their organs for transplant into humans.
Oct05 FDA warns about hepatitis B reactivation with direct acting hepatitis C antivirals.
Mar09 NEJM article re desensitization to HLA-incompatible live donors.
Mar09 Desensitization procedure allows kidney transplants from any (living) donor.
Dec29 Novel methods to ensure viability of pancreatic islet cells for transplantation.
Dec14 Even more news on the new HDCN Facebook page!
Nov30 Xenotransplantation congress in Australia highlights marked advances.
Nov21 Orphan drug designation may lead to high drug prices, like for rituximab.
Oct20 Advances in gene manipulation hasten suitability of pig organs for transplant.
Sep22 Japanese scientist on pathway to solving urinary excretion for stem-cell generated kidneys
Sep05 Aspirin found to increase sensitivity of cancer cells to immune surveillance
Aug13 Transplant anti-rejection drugs and risk of melanoma
Jul31 Paid kidney donation and the Iranian model in the New York Times
Apr09 Listeria contamination found in Sabra hummus
Jan24 FDA committee recommends approval of drug to treat invasive aspergillosis.
Jul14 U. Penn study suggests that donating a kidney does not affect life expectancy.
Jul14 Transmission of hepatitis C from blood of patients who were successfully treated.
Jul14 Mucor fungus contaminating yogurt may be threat to consumers.
Jun30 Supercooling keeps organs fresh
Mar13 ITPA gene variants markedly affect risk of recurrence of hepatitis C after treatment.
Jan28 Are ozobranchid leeches the key to low-temperature preservation of organs?
Nov05 Sofosbuvir, simeprevir, and ledipasvir combos may cure hepatitis C infection.
Jul13 Modified HIV vector used to cure 2 genetic disease in children.
Jun23 Human organs could be grown from stem cells within pigs by 1 year from now.
May16 Robotic surgery decreases complication rate in markedly obese recipients.
Apr23 Sofosbuvir treatment for hepatitis C gives results comparable to interferon.
Apr15 Decellularized kidney scaffolds reseeded with cultured cells produce rudimentary urine.
Mar17 Contact sports change skin bacteria populations.
Mar17 Warm extracorporeal perfusion of liver for 24 hours leads to successful transplant.
Dec10 Reprogrammed T-cells using an attenuated strain of HIV result in remission of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Nov27 Dr. Joseph Murray, transplant pioneer, dies at age 93 in Boston.
Nov19 Nanotechnology cures multiple sclerosis in mice; are other autoimmune diseases next?
Nov18 New DaVinci robotic surgery equipment reduces 3 small incisions to 1.
Nov10 Trio of new drugs from Abbott shows high cure rate for hepatitis C.
Oct23 RPA: Write your Congressperson to support extended immunosuppressive drug coverage for transplant patients.
Oct19 Egg freezing works to preserve fertility.
Oct17 Kidney grafts function longer in Europe than in the United States.
Oct05 Eggs made from skin cells fertilized with male mouse sperm and give rise to seemingly normal mice.
Oct02 UCSF artificial kidney program receives private donor funding.
Sep25 Oops! Nurse throws living donor kidney awaiting transplant into trash by mistake.
Aug03 Apoptosis inhibitor fusion protein ensures recovery from acute liver failure in mice.
Aug02 Total nephrectomy for renal cancer associated with late erectile dysfunction.
Jul12 Kidney broker sentenced to prison as donor recalls doubts.
Jul10 FDA approves viral load test for patients with CMV infection.
Jul05 Origin of follicular dendritic cells found.
Jun20 Tick bites associated with alpha-gal allergy.
Jun14 Viable stem cells harvested from cadavers up to 17 days after death.
Jun13 Hemodialysis machine (and TAH) designers please pay attention!
May22 Abacavir side effects linked to autoimmune reaction.
May04 Combination of two mTor inhibitors reverses liver tumor growth.
May04 Two types of macrophage cell lines identified.
May01 Facebook sets up a mechanism for its users to declare their organ donor status.
May01 Interferon treatment can cause depression.
Apr26 Patient recovery after being declared brain dead in the news.
Apr26 Twice transplanted kidney at Northwestern in the news on CNN.
Apr26 Donor kidney doesn't agree with you? Get it removed and give it to someone else.
Mar08 Donor stem cell transfusion helps achieve tolerance in the recipient.
Mar08 Silver mouthwash to treat oral Candidiasis.
Mar08 Pretransplant extracorporeal normothermic perfusion of donor kidneys shows benefits.
Mar02 No increased risk of cardiovascular disease over 10 years for live kidney donors.
Feb26 How vitamin D inhibits inflammation
Feb18 University of Alberta makes progress in developing hepatitis C vaccine.
Feb14 Amino acid response pathway, autoimmune disease, tolerance, and a Chinese herb.
Feb14 Stem cells can reduce scar tissue after heart attacks.
Feb03 New Engl J Med Op Ed article questions wisdom of Medicare 3 year limit on immunusuppressive drugs after transplantation.
Jan13 NIH study shows that 32 million Americans harbor autoantibodies.
Jan05 Phase 1 trial of hepatitis C vaccine shows strong immune reponse.
Dec22 MMWR: Transmission of hepatitis C through transplanted donor organs.
Dec20 Cryptochromes interact with glucocorticoids to regulate metabolic processes.
Dec13 B-cells that are active only in the gut, turning into monocyte-like cells there.
Dec13 High hepcidin levels associated with immunosuppression reduction in liver transplants.
Nov16 Stem cell treatment improves severe CHF in Lancet study.
Nov04 U.S. kidney broker arranged transplants in prestigious university hospitals.
Nov02 Organ trafficking gangs force poor to sell kidneys to wealthy nation patients.
Oct26 17 years in prison for two Brazilian doctors for removing kidneys for transplant prior to brain death.
Oct14 ASN Renal Week 2011 abstracts now available.
Oct11 Thiazides may be especially useful to treat hypertension from calcineurin-inhibitor drugs.
Oct06 Kidney recipients freed from need for long-term immunosuppressive drugs.
Oct04 Vitamin D deficiency common in patients taking oral steroids.
Oct04 Gut protein alphavbeta6 may be key to developing immune tolerance
Sep27 Eculizumab approved by FDA to treat atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome.
Sep27 Legistlation introduced in the House to extend transplant drug coverage.
Sep27 Pittsburgh hospital sued after live-donor transplant of hepatitis-C infected kidney.
Sep15 Response-guided multidrug therapy for hepatitis C can cut treatment time in half.
Sep13 Pennsylvania woman donates kidney to son, then finds out that she's been fired.
Aug30 Donor heart arrives warm and beating in experimental organ transfer device.
Aug03 Senators Durbin and Cochran introduce legislation to extend coverage of transplant immunosuppressive drugs.
Jul25 New relationships between germinal centers and regulatory T cells identified.
Jul23 Elimination of HLA-B matching priority in transplant allocation helps minority recipients get a kidney
Jul12 First completely synthetic organ transplant (trachea).
Jul01 New hidden incision technique reduces scarring in kidney laparoscopic surgery.
Jun23 NEJM: Telaprevir provides dramatic improvement in hepatitis C patients.
Jun16 Florida transplant surgeon shot and killed by one of his patients.
Jun16 FDA approves Nujolix (belatacept) for organ transplantation.
Jun02 Teenager sold one of his kidneys for an I-Pad
May19 NKF will suspend U.S. Transplant Games for 2012 due to economic constraints
May19 Modifying Treg cells allows transplantation of human skin onto mice.
May19 Study compares three induction immunosuppressants, finds the cheapest one, alemtuzumab, to be noninferior.
May16 UPMC live donor kidney transplant program reviews protocols after transmission of one case of hepatitis C
May13 FDA approves boceprevir to treat hepatitis C.
May12 Desperate Americans buy kidneys from live donors in Peru.
Apr29 More on the Loyola U. Med Center live altruistic kidney donor program.
Apr29 FDA panel recommends approval of telaprevir for hepatitis C.
Apr29 Multiple staff from Loyola Medical Center have become altruistic live kidney donors.
Apr29 Flu vaccination improves hard outcomes in renal transplant patients.
Apr28 Viral breakthrough in HBV treatment with nucleoside analogs may be due to noncompliance.
Apr26 Boceprevir and telaprevir each show promising results in patients with hepatitis C.
Apr19 Some kidney donors have trouble getting health insurance from some carriers.
Apr19 TH17 blocking drug halts multiple sclerosis in animal models, may also affect lupus.
Apr12 Waiting for a kidney? Try Facebook.
Apr08 Mayo Clinic study suggests chronic allograft nephropathy less common than previously.
Apr06 Vaccine against hepatitis C may soon become a reality.
Apr06 Quadruple therapy gives promising results for hepatitis C
Mar30 HIV-positive donors for HIV-positive recipients?
Mar29 Donor DNA in the blood is an early sign of heart transplant rejection.
Mar23 MMWR: HIV transmitted via living donor organ tissue
Mar17 CDC recommends retesting live donors for HIV just prior to organ donation.
Mar17 MMWR: HIV infection transmitted from live donor kidney graft..
Mar05 "Printing" new kidneys. Pie in the sky or pie on the table?
Feb24 New proposal to allocate donor kidneys to younger patients being considered.
Feb24 Redesign of live liver donor matching network could result in substantially more transplants.
Feb18 FDA approves use of everolimus transplant drug immunoassay
Feb16 NEJM: HLA allele linked to idiopathic membranous nephropathy..
Feb04 Infusion of donor regulatory T cells lowers risk of graft vs. host disease.
Feb04 Defect in CD8 regulatory T cells linked to lupus in a mouse model.
Jan21 Cost savings of transplantation compared to dialysis in the news.
Jan21 Medicare advisory panel questions benefits of ESAs prior to transplantation
Jan15 National Library of Medicine's Daily Med website for quick access to drug package inserts.
Jan11 Medicaid cuts in Arizona result in denial of payment for certain (nonkidney) transplant procedures.
Dec29 World's first kidney donor dies at age of 79.
Dec20 "30 Rock" actor Tracy Morgan recovering from kidney transplant surgery.
Dec13 Lenalidomide boosts immunity in the elderly.
Nov12 Specialized blood vessels jumpstart liver regeneration.
Nov07 McMaster U. scientists turn skin stem cells into various types of blood cells.
Nov04 A traitor in our midst - the FAP-expressing immune cell protects cancer cells, allowing them to grow.
Oct30 Miniature livers grown from stem cells in the lab.
Oct22 Missouri man donated HIV-tainted blood; kidney transplant recipient infected.
Oct18 Intestinal alkaline phosphatase (IAP) enzyme needed to maintain healthy bacteria in the gut.
Oct18 Vitamin D deficiency linked to lung transplant rejection.
Oct12 First trial begins of embryonic stem cell therapy to treat spinal cord injury.
Sep25 Octagam IVIG withdrawn from sale due to thromboembolic event risk.
Sep23 Three proteins reliably increase in the blood during transplant rejection.
Sep22 Weight-based dosing of taribavirin causes less anemia than ribavirin in hepatitis C treatment.
Sep17 MMWR reports transmission of a soil amoeba causing encephalitis via a transplanted organ.
Sep15 Complement inhibitor treatment may prolong life of donor organs.
Sep03 First clinical trials completed on potent new drug against hepatitis C.
Aug29 Molecule found that deactivates selective components of the complement system.
Aug26 Novartis options siRNA drug from Quark Pharma to reduce AKI and delayed allograft function.
Aug24 Early corticosteroid withdrawal improves graft and patient survival rates.
Aug21 Pasteurized eggs may be indicated groups at high risk for Salmonella infection.
Aug17 FDA approves longer use of (200 days) of valganciclovir for CMV prophylaxis post transplant.
Jul28 Presence of nonhuman sialic acid in biotech drugs can provoke an immune response.
Jun17 Angiomyeloproliferative lesions in the kidney after direct autologous stem cell injection.
Jun17 Gut bacteria can clearly trigger arthritis in a susceptible-mouse model.
Jun05 Baxter's IVIG Gammagard being withdrawn as a precaution due to allergic reactions.
May26 B cell genes characterize transplant patients who do well after stopping immunosuppressives.
May12 Why multiple drug treatment may be required to treat hepatitis C virus infection.
May04 American Transplant Congress 2010 abstracts now available
Apr30 DSEN: Organ trafficking is here in the U.S. right now?
Apr28 Depomedrol and ACTH have different effects on osteonecrosis of the hip, VEGF.
Apr24 FDA approves Zortress(R) - everolimus - for organ transplant use.
Apr23 Cryptococcus gatti infections emerge in the northwestern part of the United States
Apr22 California legislators consider living organ donor registry.
Apr22 Blood test for rejection gene markers may preclude need for cardiac biopsy in heart transplant patients
Apr20 Council of Bioethics in UK explores notion of payment for organ donors
Apr13 ITAM-coupled receptors linked to macrophage immune function, arthritis
Apr11 Nanovaccine stops type 1 diabetes from developing in mice.
Apr07 JAMA: Kidneys from donors with a particular caveolin-1 genotype are rejected twice as often.
Apr07 Police smash international organ trafficking ring.
Apr01 Are donor kidneys with hepatitis C wasted?
Mar20 Gov. Schwarzenegger, Steve Jobs, lobby for new organ donor legislation in California.
Mar19 Stem cell windpipe transplant apparently succeeds in UK child.
Mar10 Researchers confirm the safety of kidney donations
Mar02 FDA advisory panel recommends approval of belatacept for kidney transplants.
Feb22 Tests that purported to show conscious thought in longterm coma patient proven unreliable.
Feb17 Belatacept shown to be beneficial in routine transplant immunosuppression.
Feb15 Greater use of extended criteria donor transplants for the elderly recommended.
Feb03 NEJM: Many people in a coma are not really in a coma - willful modulation of brain activity.
Dec31 Officials re-examining organ donor rules after transmittal of amoebic brain infection
Dec29 Transplanted organs from donor who died of undiagnosed brain disease transmitted amoebic brain infection to recipient.
Dec22 Deoxycytidine kinase enzyme shown to profoundly affect adaptive immune system.
Dec21 Facebook post brings Iowa man a new kidney.
Dec15 Kidney Care Partners letter to senators regarding immunosuppressive drug reimbursement issues.
Dec15 Reducing dialysis reimbursement to pay for transplant drugs draws opposition.
Dec14 Scientists isolate new antifreeze molecule from beetle.
Dec11 Blood stem cell transplants "cure" sickle cell disease in 9/10 adults
Dec09 Australia lifts ban on xenotransplantation.
Dec08 FDA panel recommends approval of everolimus for transplant rejection with a risk mitigation plan.
Dec08 West Nile virus infection may persist in the kidneys for years after infection.
Dec07 Donor kidneys from which renal masses have been removed yield good results.
Dec04 Observational study suggests remarkable protection against graft-versus-host disease by statins.
Dec03 Novel "locked nucleic acid" drug markedly lowers hepatitis C viral counts in chimpanzees.
Dec01 Are peptoids that disable autoreactive T cells the next step in treatment of autoimmune disease?
Dec01 JASN: Transplant nephrectomy associated with improved survival.
Nov26 Rituximab helps preserve beta cell function in patients with early type 1 diabetes.
Nov24 Paralyzed man was misdiagnosed as being in coma for 23 years.
Nov23 Progress in xenotransplant. Pig kidneys live for 50 days in baboons.
Nov20 JASN: Removing a failed transplant associated with increased survival in ESRD patients.
Nov19 OPTN/UNOS board reapproves 236 living donor transplant programs
Nov19 Cigarette smoke found to be contaminated with many pathogenic bacteria.
Nov19 ESRD-related language in candidate Senate healthcare reform bill.
Nov10 KDIGO guidelines for care of the transplant patient
Nov05 Benlysta (belimumab) phase III trial for lupus gives positive results.
Nov03 Surprise for organ donors: unexpected medical bills; pre-existing condition risk.
Oct29 Teriparatide outperforms alendronate in treating steroid-induced osteoporosis.
Oct26 Histone released from damaged cells during trauma or sepsis damages blood vessels.
Oct20 American College of Rheumatology 2009 annual meeting abstract search
Oct19 RItuximab as effective as cyclophosphamide in treating severe ANCA vasculitis.
Oct19 Is lupus a garbage-disposal problem? And is PPAR delta an answer?
Oct15 Certain specific gut microorganisms induce the formation of Th17 immune helper T cells.
Oct15 What can Danish hogs teach us about antibiotics?
Oct10 American Society of Transplantation pushing to include transplant drug extension in health reform legislation.
Oct06 When a dialysis tech suddenly needs dialysis.
Sep28 Cash-strapped Britons selling a kidney to cover mortgage and other debts.
Sep28 Funding concerns cause dialysis patients to be steered away from transplantation.
Sep24 AJKD issues containing KDOQI guidelines now freely available as .pdf files
Sep19 Just say no to antibacterial burgers
Sep14 Knockout model developed in animals that results in absent natural killer (NK) cells.
Sep14 Draft healthcare reform bill would remove 36-month limit in paying for anti-rejection drugs post transplant.
Sep14 Take a shower and get a faceful of Mycobacterium avium.
Sep08 Dopamine primes donor kidneys for a new host.
Sep03 100K buys recipient a good kidney, but not good health, and results in the death of a young Chinese girl.
Sep01 Peginterferon-alfa and ribavirin treatment for HCV associated with impaired sexual functioning in men.
Aug28 Dialysis patient's taxi driver offers to donate his kidney, and they are an immunologic match.
Aug21 Observational study suggests home nocturnal dialysis mortality similar to that with kidney transplantation.
Aug19 Vitamin D regulation of immune function via cathelicidin conserved in all primates.
Aug18 FDA/Roche warn about pure red cell aplasia associated with mycophenolate mofetil (CellCept)
Aug11 GIFT15 treatment modified B lymphocytes and reverses multiple sclerosis in the lab; may have potential in lupus as well.
Jul31 UK to ban all private cadaver transplants to restrict their use in non-UK recipients.
Jul26 More on the organ trafficking story
Jul26 NY Daily News: Expose on organ trafficking - which U.S. hospitals participated?
Jul19 Study reveals that the air we breathe is full of fungi.
Jul15 Bisphosphonates may lower mortality rate by an effect on the immune system.
Jul14 Watch video of partial nephrectomy done through the navel.
Jul14 FDA changes labelling on immunosuppressive drugs to warn of increased infection risk.
Jul14 Recipient heart heals itself after piggy back transplant gives it a rest.
Jul09 NOD2 receptor mutations impair ability to detect mycobacteria and are linked to Crohn's disease.
Jul08 Costimulation blocker plus alefacept allow monkeys to tolerate transplanted kidneys.
Jul06 Ethical dilemma: When transplant testing reveals misattributed paternity.
Jul03 In the kidney organ trade, sellers often have regrets and remorse over their decision.
Jun24 Steve Jobs' liver transplant - why Tennessee?
Jun23 Household pets can spread superbug infections such as MRSA.
Jun20 New prostate cancer drug ipilimumab shows dramatic results in 2 patients.
Jun13 FDA issues alert on increased death risk in liver transplant patients taking Rapamune.
Jun05 Telaprevir substantially increases hepatitis C cure rates (NEJM)
Jun04 Halofuginone, Th17 cells, and autoimmunity.
Jun03 A new approach to hybrid organs involves reseeding collagen organ scaffolds from one species with cells of the recipient.
Jun02 Eculizumab effective in the prevention of antibody-mediated transplant rejection in preliminary data.
Jun02 Advances in the treatment of hepatitis B and C presented at conference.
Jun01 2009 American Transplant Congress opens in Boston - abstract link here.
May29 FDA: Serious fungal infections associated with TNF-alpha blockers.
May25 Search all abstracts from the World Congress of Nephrology 2009
May22 New anti-inflammatory drug candidate works by releasing hydrogen sulfide gas.
May20 Donations of organs decline in the U.S. with the economic downturn.
May08 FDA approves generic version of mycophenolate mofetil
Apr22 Proton-pump inhibitors and NSAIDS have synergistic anti-inflammatory effects, and ? neuroprotective properties.
Apr22 Korean scientists clone pig with alpha 1,3 galactose gene knocked out, in hopes of pig organs for human transplants.
Apr18 Ultrashort-acting prednisolone derivatives (antedrugs) stop inflammation and then are metabolized to avoid side effects.
Apr14 Ex-idol contestant Scott MacIntyre was recipient of a kidney transplant.
Apr11 One thousand 2007-2009 audiofiles and slide/audio talks added to HDCN's 20 topic-related channels.
A07 New method of inducing transplantation tolerance works well in animals.
A01 HLA matching may affect risk of liver fibrosis in hepatic transplant in patients with hepatitis C
M29 Link to slide/audio and audio symposia on HDCN
M25 Natasha Richardson's family donates her organs after fatal head injury.
M24 Cathelicidin antimicrobial protein levels, regulated by vitamin D, linked to infection risk in dialysis patients.
M24 Licorice can block absorption of cyclosporin
M24 FDA releases mandatory patient education guides for mycophenolate.
M17 Transvaginal nephrectomy performed in Venezuela
M09 Omental cells may play a role in regenerating the liver in an animal study.
F25 Use of innovative kidney swaps involving multiple donors, increasing.
F25 New position of NKF re incentives for kidney donation in the news.
F23 Ex-mayor of Washington DC, Marion Barry, gets a kidney transplant.
F15 FDA now requiring that each patient receiving CellCept (mycophenolate) receive a patient education guide.
F03 NTSB probes multiple recent crashes of medical helicopters.
F03 Trans-vaginal donor nephrectomy in the news.
F02 Leprosy drug clofazimine holds promise as an immunomodulatory agent.
J30 NKF launches program designed to reduce the wait for a transplanted kidney.
J28 Gene therapy for adenosine deaminase deficiency gives encouraging results.
J28 NEJM: Kidney donors have a normal lifespan.
J22 Patient with new type of specific antibodies against T-cells may point to a new way to treat autoimmune disease.
J21 Urinary haufen identify patients with polyomavirus infection post transplant.
J20 Kidney transplant recipients with HIV have good allograft and patient survival.
J19 NY - I want my kidney back - divorce drama - the recipient's (wife's) story
J17 Diabetes cure in 5 years? These genetically-altered pigs could be the answer.
J17 NY Times and its readers opine on the kidney donor divorce drama.
J12 Is there a United States connection to organ trafficking?
J09 New drug combo (Mozobil, VEGF, GCSF) induces the body to release new types of autologous "healing?" stem cells into the blood.
J06 Antiviral therapy for adults with hepatitis B
D31 Perfused, machine-stored donor kidneys do better than donor kidneys packed in ice.
D31 Next generation of antifreezes developed with potential application to donor organ cryopreservation
D27 Proteosome inhibitor and multiple myeloma drug bortezomib effective in reversing acute transplant rejection in a pilot study.
D22 Two percent of circulating B cells in normal subjects potentially have autoimmune activity but are shut off.
D19 Transplant surgeon acquitted in case involving allegations that he hastened an organ donor's death.
D17 Cleveland Clinic completes first U.S. face transplant
D04 HALT-C trial shows absolutely no impact of interferon on progression of hepatitis C
D03 Gene therapy cures sickle cell disease in mice.
D03 Scientists film inner workings of the immune system sing multiphoton microscopy.
N19 Designer organs progress: woman receives new trachea grown from her own stem cells.
N17 UK panel of experts advises against presumed consent and donor opt out legislation.
N14 New xenotransplant technique in pigs based on modification of cell surface genes by altering pig sperm.
N11 Bone marrow reconstitution with CCR5-negative cells apparently cures AIDS in a leukemia patient.
N04 Magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) good for diagnosing certain liver conditions.
N04 NK-22 cells - they're in the gut, they make IL-22, and are involved in mucosal immunity.
O30 Alpha-1-antitrypsin treatment improves success rate of pancreatic islet cell transplants.
O28 Topical treament for HSV cold sores achieves same results as oral systemic therapy.
O28 UMC Nevada kidney transplant program closes due to Medicare standard regulations.
O22 Steroid-sparing immunosuppression for renal transplant in the news.
O22 Low-levels of gut bacteria that secrete anti-inflammatory compounds may underlie or worsen Crohn's disease.
O17 New Mycobacterium species identified that can cause bone infections in the immunocompromised.
O16 Outcomes in transplant tourism patients markedly worse than those transplanted in the U.S.
O10 CDC reports on Listeria monocytogenes contamination of milk products after pasteurization.
O07 Gut bacteria may protect mice against type 1 diabetes, other autoimmune disorders.
O03 Successful transplantation of frozen and thawed pig liver (into another pig) raises hope for an organ bank.
O03 DNA of commensal, good bacteria augment the intestinal response to infection.
S19 African American women have low white blood cell count.
S10 Molecular mechanism of steroid-induced fatty liver determined.
S05 FDA warns about invasive fungal lung infections in patients taking TNF-alpha blockers.
S04 Nanodevice detects local paracrine signalling among immune cells
S02 In vitro studies suggest role for antihistamine clemizole in treating hepatitis C
A29 FDA approves for clinical use a gene expression blood test (AlloMap) designed to help diagnose rejection of heart transplants .
A26 Newer gated CT scans diagnose coronary artery disease and obviate need for angiography.
A25 Longer-term low-dose IL-2 treatment (metronomic dosing) has fewer side effects when used for prostate cancer.
A25 FDA approves Nplate (romiplostim) to stimulate bone marrow in thrombocytopenia.
A24 Bifidobacterium infantis may have systemic immune system benefits.
A19 Effect of grapefruit juice on drug absorption and metabolism: new complexities
A18 Compensated organ donation pits the AMA against the NKF: The Satel article in Slate magazine.
A18 Wall Street Journal health blog debated ethics of organ donation, focusing on NKF opposition to the concept.
A15 When is a potential heart donor really dead? NEJM report raises some ethical questions.
A15 Certain hepatitis B virus genotypes linked to liver cancer risk.
A13 T-cell furin linked to autoimmunity
A08 Immune response to early treatment of hepatitis C suggests that cure rate may be enhanced.
A07 Occult hepatitis C viral infection present in 45% of hemodialysis patients with abnormal liver enzymes.
A05 New method of inducing tolerance using donor leukocytes shows promising results.
A01 R1626 shows promising effects against HCV viremia when combined with pegylated inferferon and ribavirin.
A01 Mouse data suggests that warfarin may inhibit fibrosis due to hepatitis C.
A01 Pluripotent stem cells obtained from skin cells used to generate motor neurons.
J30 Bifidobacterium infantis continues to show promise as treatment for irritable bowel syndrome.
J28 TriPort device aids in performing umbilical laparoscopic surgery.
J28 Deep frozen organs function after being transplanted into animals 3 months later.
J27 Human autoantibodies from women with pre-eclampsia induce the condition in pregnant mice.
J22 Vagal nerve stimulation suppresses spleen production of TNF: A brain to immune system connection?
J21 Advance lowers risk of rejection of animal tissues.
J21 Singapore mulls legal kidney trading.
J18 Donor nephrectomy via umbilical incision shortens donor post-op recovery time.
J17 FDA retracts Salmonella-related warning against eating raw tomatoes. Peppers still a potential risk factor.
J17 Peptidoglycans from gut bacteria may induce C. albicans to transform into infectious variant.
J17 NEJM study shows that IVIG plus rituximab increases transplant success rates in HLA-sensitized patients.
J16 Has the Achilles heel of the HIV virus been located?
J16 Cyclosporine increases expression of VEGF. Is this a mechanism for post-transplant cancer risk?
J15 Are kidney transplants performed at night less successful? A small European study suggests this possibility.
J14 Track the 2008 U.S. Transplant Games
J13 Histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor SAHA found to have anti-immune effects in graft vs. host disease.
J11 FDA lists May 2008 labeling changes: Aranesp (tumor progression) and CellCept (lymphoma and PML risk)
J10 Histone deactylase (HDAC) inhibitors protect ischemic tissue from injury.
J10 Computational biology approach leads to better understanding of immune response to presented antigen.
J09 Salmonella outbreak continues: jalapeno peppers now thought to be a cause.
J08 Transplant tourists running out of destinations.
J07 Swiss study suggests an 8% increase in failure rate when a male kidney is given to a woman recipient.
J02 Secret of herpesvirus latency discovered in strands of microRNA.
J30 Cancer cure strategy in mice to be tested in humans: transfusion of allogeneic cancer-killing leukocytes.
J28 FDA/Roche: Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) warnings added to mycophenolate labeling.
J26 Two siRNA in the Phase I/II pipeline for kidney disease, one for delayed graft function, the other for AKI
J25 Site indentified at which microRNAs may down-regulate immune response.
J23 Rapamycin may impact retardation in tuberous sclerosis and might be useful in treating autism.
J16 British Medical Journal hosts interchange of views on appropriateness of paying live organ donors.
J16 Do patients with combined liver/kidney transplants really need the kidney portion?
J12 Patch-based vaccine effective against traveler's diarrhea.
J10 Study suggests existence of more than one stem cell population in a single organ (intestinal tract)
J10 Etanercept plus exenatide increases efficacy of islet cell transplants over the standard Edmonton protocol.
J05 FDA: More on the ongoing review of TNF-blockers and cancer risk.
J03 Salmonella outbreak in 9 states linked to raw tomatoes.
J02 Genetically engineered regulatory T-cells used to control inflammatory bowel disease in mice.
M26 2008 American Transplant Congress to meet in Toronto starting May 31. Abstracts at this link.
M22 Biotech company to hold auction for people who want to clone their pet dog.
M19 Two California patients may have been rejected for liver transplant because of medical marijuana use.
M17 FDA issues warning about birth defects in infants when mother took mycophenolate (MMF) during pregnancy.
M17 Is marrying your first cousin truly dangerous in terms of offspring? A critical examination of the data.
M17 Former head of UCLA cadaver program indicted for selling body parts on the side, profiting directly from sales.
M16 Salmonella infection in people linked to exposure to dry dog food.
M16 Lymphocytic choriomeningitis Virus (LCMV) - infected transplant organs cause 1 death and 1 serious injury at Boston-area hospital.
M16 MMWR: CDC recommends herpes zoster vaccine for all persons over age 60.
M15 Fluvastatin found to markedly lower viral load in hepatitis C.
M15 University of New Hampshire group enhances the immunomodulatory effects of IVIG by modifying its sialic acid residues
M13 Kidney market shut as Pakistan cuts supply.
M13 Texting kids to take their medicine may increase compliance.
M05 ASN Renal Week abstract archives 2003-2006 now available on-line in .pdf format.
M04 Give young persons 50,000 dollars to donate a kidney? Skeptics fear abuse and exploitation.
M01 AAKP urges Congress to support bill providing immunosuppressive drug coverage for transplant recipients.
A30 Scientists synthesize molecule capable of releasing hydrogen sulfide over extended periods - possible role in donor organ preservation?
A29 The Philippines bans kidney transplant tourism.
A24 Long-term, low dose peginterferon therapy helps patients with chronic hepatitis C.
A23 Menstrual blood found to be a source of stem cells.
A21 Call for Europe-wide organ donor card
A17 Petsmart sued over hamster infected with lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus blamed in death of 3 transplant patients.
A15 Salmonellosis associated with Malt-O-Meal cereal ingestion.
A14 Human vascular system grown in mice. Potential applications for organogenesis.
A12 Germany eases law on stem cells.
A12 Genzyme recalls selected lots of thymoglobulin as a precaution; excessively cloudy on reconstitution.
A12 Once yearly zoledronic acid increases lumbar spine density by 4% in glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis patients; better than risedronate
A10 FDA communication regarding CellCept and Myfortic (mycophenolate) - ongoing safety review.
A10 FDA notice regarding investigation of mycophenolate mofetil regarding progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy.
A08 Non-Hodgkins lymphoma transmitted to 4 patients via organ donation.
A07 Skin cells turned into pluripotent stem cells from patients with various diseases.
A06 Teriparatide (Forteo) gets European regulatory approval for treatment of glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis.
A04 Transplant ethics conference begins in Chicago (April 4-6).
A04 MMWR: Transplantation transmitted tuberculosis.
M25 Inhaled hydrogen sulfide gas induces hypometabolic state in animal model.
M24 California transplant surgeon awaits trial over allegedly overprescribing pain medicines for dying organ donor.
M21 Cato Institute releases study on compensated living kidney donor program in Iran.
M19 Want to develop more upscale interests and tastes? Get a kidney transplant from a snob :-).
M08 Previously unknown species of bacteria found to contaminate hairspray.
F21 NEJM: Acute hepatitis E identified as cause of chornic disease in 14 transplant patients.
F21 Arrest of Amit Kumar spotlights corrupt transplant tourism industry in southeast Asia.
F13 That's the man who stole my kidney!
F12 Embryonic stem cells can be used to create fully functioning immune cells.
F11 Integrin receptor linked to HIV infection and replication in the gut. Is a treatment already available?
F08 Mycophenolate mofetil linked to specific birth defects.
F08 Fugitive doctor, implicated in kidney transplant ring, arrested in Nepal.
F07 NEJM full text of paper describing new arenavirus in patients dying after kidney or liver transplants.
F07 NEJM: DNA sequencing technology links newly discovered arenavirus to deaths of 3 transplant patients.
F05 The enabling role of desperate patients highlighted in kidney transplant racket.
F04 interpol looking for Dr. Amit Kumar (associated with Indian kidney theft ring) in Canada.
F01 U.S. dialysis patient and his wife are detained in India with regard to organ procurement scandal.
J30 Police arrest Indian physician's wife, driver, as they close in on kidney racket that was going on for 9 years.
J30 Two American dialysis patients detained in India during investigation of organ theft.
J29 Kidneys removed from poor Indians at gunpoint
J28 Need a kidney? Don't become a politician, or you'll run afoul with ethics rules about accepting donations.
J28 New promising technique uses selectin-coated intravascular probe to collect blood-borne stem cells.
J27 The story behind Dr. David Sachs and the bone marrow + kidney transplants = tolerance
J25 NEJM: Injecting donor bone marrow results in tolerance to transplanted kidney.
J25 Australian transplant patient changes blood group, immune system after liver transplant.
J24 NEJM: Mixed chimerism and tolerance in combined donor bone marrow and kidney transplant recipients.
J24 NEJM: Renal failure due to oxalosis after 2g/day vitamin C for 3 years in a renal transplant patient.
J24 Multistate outbreak of Salmonellosis linked to exposure to small pet turtles.
J24 NEJM: Experimental procedure induces tolerance in mismatched kidneys.
J23 Goal of donor bone marrow stem cell transplantation is to induce tolerance of transplanted kidney.
J21 Anti-TNF compounds as well as rituximab, disrupt lymph node germinal centers.
J19 Relatives who decline organ donations face conflict and guilt.
J19 Study finds significant differences among hospital protocols to determine brain death.
J17 New polyoma virus associated with deadly form of skin cancer.
J13 UK considers proposal to remove organs from patients after death without their explicit consent.
J07 Oxygen meter molecule, PHD1 knockouts survive hypoxia - potential application to early transplant viability, heart disease
J03 Two new RCTs suggest that shorter duration treatment works well for hepatitis C.
D27 South Korean scientists clone mini-pigs for organ transplantation from stem cells.
D27 Weight-based dosing for ribavirin increases efficacy against hepatitis C.
D21 Complement cascade blocker eculuzimab effective against myasthenia gravis in animal model.
D20 NEJM: Low-dose tacrolimus regimen in combination with other drugs may have advantages.
D08 FDA launches new drug safety newsletter. Here is the first issue (rituximab)
D08 The dark side of the transplant tourist trade - One Kidney Island
D03 Dialysis patient defends trip to Phillippines in search of a kidney.
N28 Eltrombopag increases platelet count in hepatitis C infected patients being treated with antiviral drugs.
N27 FDA: Use of mycophenolate mofetil during pregnancy associated with increased risk of pregnancy loss and congenital malformations.
N20 Skin cells made into stem cells: a significant finding in terms of ethics of stem cell research.
N18 Chicago woman who received HIV-infected kidney may not have been informed about donor's high-risk lifestyle.
N14 Breakthrough in primate cloning
N14 Four Chicago transplant recipients contract HIV from transplanted organs.
N09 Placenta cloaks its proteins with phosphocholine (as do parasitic worms) to evade immune detection.
N08 Cato Institute and Dr. Matas supporting compensated organ donation.
N07 Progress being made in growing whole organs in the laboratory.
N05 No increase in cardiovascular risk for living kidney donors
O26 Hidden value found in junk DNA
O26 Use of carbon monoxide in organ transplantation facilitated by new delivery system.
O23 Early results with implantation of pig pancreatic islet cells to treat diabetes are encouraging.
O10 China agrees to stop using donor organs from executed prisoners.
O09 Can we make a computational model of the immune system? One group is going to try.
S27 NEJM: Antibodies linked to rejection of well-matched kidneys are identified
S21 UNOS delays living donor guidelines (follow-up)
S21 UNOS debates new limits for living organ donors.
S21 Worms causing elephantiasis may hold the secret to immune tolerance.
S20 Businessman wants to sell kidney to pay for lawsuit.
S17 Complicated live donor kidney swap requires four simultaneous surgeries in Ohio and Michigan
S10 Aspreva and Roche decide not to pursue application to FDA for CellCept as induction treatment for lupus nephritis.
S07 Pakistan's kidney bazaar.
A30 WTC 911 responder spearheads 3-way kidney donation.
A27 Desperation spurs poor Pakistanis to sell their kidneys.
A27 Couple shares love and a kidney - dialysis specialist donates kidney to her patient.
A23 New laparoscopic technique removes kidney from small incision at belly button.
A21 Unlike grapefruit juice, pomegranate juice does not appear to affect cytochrome P450-3A activity
A06 Pioneering education / reimbursement organ donor program developed in London, Ontario, expanded to entire province.
A01 Device wakes patient with severe brain injuries.
J31 Transplant surgeon accused of hastening death of potential organ donor.
J27 Paired organ donation in the news.
J26 MMWR: Cryptosporidiosis outbreaks associated with recreational water use.
J26 Changing policies with respect to organ harvesting in China lead to fall in number of transplants.
J18 Dutch organ donor numbers soar after - win a kidney - show hoax
J10 MMWR: Turtle associated salmonellosis in the United States
J13 FDA releases human tissue task force report regarding regulation of donor organ harvesting.
J13 New multiple donor-recipient matching algorithm from Carnegie Mellon may increase the number of kidney transplants.
J05 Australian man offering to donate his kidney to a Canadian may have been brainwashed by a religious cult.
J05 Medical organ transplant plane from University of Michigan crashes in Lake Michigan - all aboard feared lost.
J01 Kidney transplant TV show revealed to be a hoax.
M29 Contestants to vie for kidney transplant on controversial Dutch reality TV show.
M21 Statins might have a role in management of hepatitis C.
M21 Might probiotics modify the course of autoimmune disease?
M14 Study shows unsuspected immunomodulatory effects of glucosamine.
M07 American Transplant Congress 2007 underway in San Francisco: Click here to register to view abstracts.
M01 Bahrain plans to legalize living non-related organ donation.
A27 New test identifies hepatitis C patients at risk for cirrhosis.
A26 Sirolimus-based immunosuppression for heart transplant has kidney-sparing effect.
A23 Death of 3 organ transplant recipients leads to discovery of new virus related to LMCV.
A12 Rebuilt immune system helps patients shake off diabetes
A11 Ontario may reimburse organ donors.
A10 FDA re-emphasizes Salmonella risks for people with impaired immune systems keeping pet turtles.
A08 China issues new rules on organ procurement.
A02 President of the American Transplant Surgeons Society (Dr. Matas) proposes regulated sale of donor kidneys.
M26 Magnets used to position intra-abdominal, laparoscopically inserted surgical instruments
M24 CMS: New transplant center accreditation approval rules
M24 Tai Chi boosts immune response to herpes zoster vaccine.
M23 Feds unveil strict new standards for transplant centers - 13% or current centers may not qualify
M16 Artificial lymph node implanted into mice.
M16 Debate about proposed new rules for organ allocation in the news.
M10 AST applauds Congressional passage of bill facilitating paired organ donation.
M05 Taking amphotericin B in oil by mouth may result in good efficacy, less renal toxicity.
M04 Former NFL Dallas Cowboys football player donates kidney to ex-teammate.
M01 Medicare financing for dialysis vs. transplant in the news: One patient's story
M01 First hepatitis-E vaccine appears to be highly effective.
F20 Sertoli cells confer immune privilege in pancreas cells transplanted between pigs.
F20 Sick teens in crisis: Organ transplant patients may die when insurance for medicine runs out.
F09 Should age determine who gets a kidney transplant?
F05 FDA approves new dosing recommendations for Rapamune (sirolimus) in high immunologic risk transplant patients.
F05 Kidney transplant to be broadcast live over the internet Tuesday, Feb 6, 18:50 hrs.
F03 42 British Columbia transplant patients received their kidneys in China.
J30 Broke up with your date? Maybe because you were too HLA compatible.
J28 Carabin identified as brake to the immune system - may be involved in toleration.
J16 Tsunami victims selling their kidneys because of financial pressure.
J09 Paid Kidney Donation? "I sold my kidney to buy a T.V.!"
J09 Stromal cells in intestinal lymph nodes play a previously unknown role in immune tolerance.
J03 Operations research management expert suggests a more efficient kidney allocation system.
J03 Interferon treated hepatitis C patients likely to experience retinopathy
J02 Outcomes very different for kidney swap couples
D20 JAMA: A wide variety of cancers found to be increased (about threefold) in kidney transplant patients.
D15 Common cold rhinovirus leads to death in two lung transplant recipients
D13 FDA approves test to detect Chagas disease in blood or organ donors.
D12 An ugly side to stem cell research: Eastern European babies alleged to have been killed for stem cells.
D11 FDA proposes rules overhaul to expand access to experimental drugs.
D02 China states that it is banning transplant tourism.
D02 UK Transplant Games to be held in Edinburgh next July.
N28 French woman is smiling one year after receiving a face transplant.
N26 HDCN: Search index updated for audiofiles, slide/audio talks, articles, and abstracts
N19 Overweight kidney donors face risks; may be due to increased renal blood flow.
N09 New transplant study shows lower acute rejection rates with thymoglobulin than with basiliximab.
O31 Iran's desperate kidney traders.
O30 Ribavirin plus Infergen twice as good as standard therapies to control hepatitis C.
O29 Three-in-one virus killing lymphocytes control virus infections post-transplant
O26 IL-23 gene of key importance in protecting against inflammatory bowel disease
O25 Should we pay each kidney donor $33,000?
O24 Efficacy of UNOS investigations of poorly performing transplant programs called into question
O10 Domino transplant approach makes best use of donated organs
O05 Aspirin blocks tumor growth by interfering with angiogenesis.
S28 NEJM: Islet cell transplantation paper
S28 Feds withdraw threat to cut off funding to Kaiser SF transplant program, which is being shut down anyway.
S28 Pancreatic islet cell transplant in diabetes works - sort of (NEJM paper)
S27 Organ sales from executed prisoners thriving in China
S26 Sulfasalazine appears to prevent / improve cirrhosis of the liver.
S26 Genetic variations in MHC (major histocompatibility locus) posted on-line, clues for transplant and immune diseases.
S19 FDA approves posoconazole to treat Aspergillus and Candida fungal infections.
S18 Food and drugs pass through the stomach very quickly or quite slowly.
S12 Pancreatic primordia cells from pigs reverse type 1 or type 2 diabetes in rats
S11 Mandarin oranges appear to cut liver cancer risk in Japan
A30 Human body part law tightened in the UK
A20 How HIV exhausts killer T cells by activating PD-1
A19 FDA orders body parts harvesting company to shut down
A01 Immune drug trial debacle leaves test subject facing risk of cancer, auto-immune disease.
J28 Benefits of domino organ donation program suggested by Lancet study
J26 Genzyme to manufacture Thymoglobulin in Waterford, Ireland.
J26 Roche launches new website for organ transplant community.
J24 Evidence presented at WTC that steroid-free immunosuppression for renal Tx is a good option.
J21 Kidney donors often pay a financial price.
J20 British Columbia unveils novel organ transplant donor expense reimbursement system.
J15 Sale of kidneys debated in British Medical Journal
J06 Statins inhibit replication of hepatitis C virus
J24 Alonzo Mourning's NBA championship ring a testimony to health after transplantation.
J24 US berates Kaiser over kidney effort
J19 NKF transplant games athletes prove that life can be vigorous after transplant.
J16 CARI (Australasian) Clinical Practice Guidelines published (53 free full text review papers!)
J16 Rats that don't shower every day may be protected against autoimmune disease.
J12 U.S. Transplant games, June 16-21, Louisville, KY.
J12 30 yrs. with a kidney transplant and then death after a cat bite.
J07 Transplants: Soon a thing of the past? Australians grow beating heart tissue.
M24 LCMV infections from subclinical infections in organ donors transmitted by hamsters - call for regulation
M17 UCSF to take in most of Kaiser's kidney transplant patients.
M15 Tacrolimus-derivative drugs protect animal brains against stroke-induced damage.
M13 Kaiser halts kidney transplant program
M11 Frustrated Kaiser kidney patients eager to get transplants elsewhere.
M09 White blood cells from cancer-resistant mice cure large tumors in non-resistant mice.
M09 Getting rid of the furanocoumarins in grapefruit juice abolishes the juice's effects on CYP3A drug metabolism
M07 Kaiser Permanente transplant program overwhelmed regulators, endangering patients, reports allege.
M03 Chicago-area teacher donates kidney to her 4th grade pupil.
M01 A way to increase organ donation: Change default policy to YES.
A26 Relaxation of kidney swap rules to include unrelated donors in the U.K.
A19 Caspase 12 gene shuts down immune system; found in 20% of African descent people.
A18 Is China obtaining organs from executed prisoners and selling them? Scandal grows.
A03 Bladder grown in lab hailed as breakthrough in organ transplantation.
A03 Nabi licenses Fresenius biotech transplant drug (ATG)
A02 Canada begins paired kidney exchange program.
M31 UN to look at Falun Gong claims of torture, murder, and organ harvesting at Chinese labor camp.
M28 China bans sale of organs for transplant.
M28 Juvenile diabetes reversed in animal model using dendritic cell injections.
M28 Daclizumab is stimulating natural killer cells, and this may have widespread implications.
M17 TGN1412 induced multiorgan failure - superstimulation of autoimmune response
M17 Problems with CD28 agonist monoclonal antibody raise broader concerns about human testing.
M14 Renal transplant patients often deficient in vitamin D.
M09 Dr. Monaco editorial in KI: In favor of monetizing kidney donation.
M05 UNOS sanctions LA hospital for bypassing US donors and giving liver transplant to Saudi national.
F26 Canadians look to the US to bypass long delays in kidney transplantation.
F21 Is there a way to avoid the bladder toxicity of cyclophosphamide?
F19 Pig islet cell transplants reverse diabetes in monkeys.
F16 Call to allow selling of organs for transplantation
F10 Would-be kidney donor saves her own life.
F01 Nabi announces fast tracking of hepatitis C immune globulin by the FDA to prevent HCV reinfection.
J30 Prions may play a key role in enabling stem cell function.
J25 Senator Schumer to introduce legislation to regulate organ banks.
J24 UC Irvine transplant program in trouble over low acceptance rate for kidney transplants.
J21 Annals paper shows benefit of pre-emptive live donor transplant or kidney-pancreas tx. in type 1 diabetics.
J21 UIC surgeons use robotic surgery to harvest a kidney-pancreas transplant.
J19 Commonly used antidepressants may also affect the immune system.
J09 Organ donation rates plummet in Australia
J09 Organ donation rates soar in Arizona
J07 Transplanted hearts do not survive as long in African American children as in Caucasian kids.
J02 More cat owners inquiring about kidney transplant for their pets.
D29 Investigating panel concludes that most if not all of Korean team's cloned stem cell data was faked.
D29 68 year old Aussie billionaire with failing kidneys dies after refusing dialysis.
D29 For transplant patients, a personal assist from Zo (Alonzo Mourning)
D28 Saliva test for hepatitis C developed by Israeli scientists.
D28 Ex-nurse convicted of mercy killings allowed to donate his kidney.
D26 Nine families sue Univ of California Irvine transplant program over suspended liver transplant program.
D25 South Korean cloning research was faked; stem cell field shaken.
D23 Aspergillus fumigatus genome sequenced.
D17 CDC recommends new blood test to diagnose TB infection.
D17 MMWR: West Nile virus activity in the U.S. a continuing problem.
D12 State-of-the-art container facilitates donor kidney transport.
D12 ESRD patients buying kidneys from Chinese prisons.
D05 Coffee intake may reduce risk of liver damage.
D01 FDA approves first test to screen for West Nile virus in blood and donor tissues
N29 New phase 2 trial targets P-selecting to prevent delayed graft function.
N29 Forty-two years later patient doing well on fourth transplanted kidney.
N26 Anti-inflammatory compounds in Schistosoma worms of interest in transplantation.
N25 Wife-kidney-swappers, wives, to spend Thanksgiving together
N24 South Korean cloning pioneer quits over ethics re sources of donor human eggs.
N21 Roller coaster rides can provoke arrhythmias.
N18 Dr. Tom Starzl gets National Medal of Science award for work in transplantation.
N11 Kidney swap in the news
N10 Unrelated live kidney donor in coma - offers of help pour in.
N09 One donor father, two daughters with PKD.
N09 Which country transplants the most kidneys in Europe? You might be surprised.
N07 Davenport woman donates a kidney to whomever out of the goodness of her heart.
N07 Parasitic worms may hold key to immunosuppression.
N06 New FDA-supported website lists latest approved drug labels for all meds.
N05 Vfend as good as amphotericin/fluconazole for Candida infections.
N02 Frozen kidney works after being transplanted into a rat.
O30 Kidney thieves prowl Pakistani earthquake zone.
O27 Got a transplant from a crook? Watch out - the donor DNA may put you in jail!
O26 ASN Renal Week 2005 abstracts now available on-line.
O24 Some jumping the line in the wait for kidney donors.
O21 New antifreeze protein found in fleas may prolong donor organ storage.
O17 Kidney Foundation of Canada gives award to Western Ontario's Dr. Jevnikar.
O17 Two new "ethical" ways to harvest stem cells.
O14 Pillows and bedding are loaded with fungal spores.
O12 CD19 monoclonal antibodies suppress B cells better than rituximab.
O12 Function of Hassall's corpuscles in thymus gland finally explained.
O12 New immunosuppression strategy has little weight, and in fact is in outer space.
O06 MMWR: West Nile Virus in infected organ transplant recipients.
O04 Johns Hopkins living donor trading scheme shows encouraging results.
O03 THi cells make IL-17 and may be key to some autoimmune diseases.
S28 Denver doctor set to receive transplant from donor found via the internet.
S23 Mathematician proposes improved transplant donor-recipient matching algorithm.
S21 Haaretz: Organ donor shortage in Israel: Problem and possible solutions.
S21 O-GlcNac sugars, rather than cyclins, prime determinants of cell cycle control.
S21 Immune cells communicate via network of nanotubules.
S19 New developments in Durban, South Africa organ trafficking scandal.
S19 Ebay blocks kidney donor bids.
S16 BBC: Ultraviolet light plus azathioprine increase skin cancer risk.
S11 Xenotransplantation may soon become a reality
S06 Scientists develop fungus-fighting vaccine.
A29 Mad cow proteins (prions) successfully detected in blood.
A29 Physician gives kidney, then her heart to dialysis patient.
A29 Bahrain patients warned against buying black market kidneys.
A28 Antibody absorption enables ABO mismatched live donor transplants.
A26 Kidney donor exchange programs catching on - the New York experience.
A24 NEJM: Belatacept preserves GFR better than Cya in renal transplantation.
A24 Organ donation FAQ from BBC News
A24 Hope raised for making lungs in the lab.
A22 Researchers find new technique for creating stem cells
A19 Massive cryptosporidium outbreak (1500 people) linked to water park storage tank
A19 Boosting efficacy of BCG vaccine to fight tuberculosis
A16 Prominent Durban profs in court over organ trading scheme.
A16 Friendly waitress gets kidney transplant from regular customer.
A13 Regular customer donates kidney to waitress
A13 Florida man who found donor via internet finally gets transplant.
A09 Russian medics being tried for organ-stealing scheme.
A06 Organ trading: How much is a kidney worth?
A03 Extended shelf life for donated organs.
A03 NEJM: (full text) Ethics of organ donation by living donors.
J30 Robins, not crows, may be spreading West Nile virus.
J29 Low-dose carbon monoxide may prevent obliterative bronchiolitis.
J29 HHS collaborative program increasing cadaver organ donation rates.
J25 New siRNA approach to treating hepatitis B.
J25 Cellular fusion receptor B5 used by herpesviruses to enter cells.
J20 LCM virus infected hamster causing transplant death traced to Ohio.
J18 Brits ask for public comment on codes of practice for transplantation
J10 Gene for immune deficiency syndromes found.
J08 Genomic mechanism of increased azathioprine toxicity identified.
J04 How cells with damaged DNA alert the immune system
J30 Daclizumab cuts rejection risks in heart transplants.
J28 A wingman (CD8 coreceptor) for T-cell receptors?
J27 Dr. Richard Fine to head up Am Soc Transplantation for 2005-6.
J24 Canada aims to curb internet drug trade.
J24 AMA floats ideas to boost organ donation.
J24 Whose kidney is it anyway? Should we nationalize corpses?
J22 NEJM: CD3 antibody preserves residual beta cell fxn. in early type 1 diabetes.
J22 Adeno-associated virus type 2 kills several types of skin cancers.
J20 Five kidney donors in one family
J13 Scientists create hepatitis C virus in the lab for the first time.
J10 New approach to T-cells may help achieve tolerance of donor organs.
J07 West Nile virus in the news - CNN special report.
J07 What is a kidney worth? Special article on organ transplantatiżon.
J06 China plans to ban trade in human organs.
J06 Anti-cancer proteins in high quantities in gene-modified chicken eggs.
J06 Tumor stem cell genes determine invasiveness of wide array of cancers.
J04 Rugby star Lomu on comeback trail after kidney transplant.
M30 Workplace solvent TCE linked to immune system disorders.
M27 MMWR analysis of lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus infection in Tx pts.
M25 Transplanting living donor kidneys with small stones seems to be OK.
M24 ATC: Use of expanded criteria donors is safe.
M24 American Transplant Congress 2005 abstracts now available.
M23 Three organ transplant recipients die from virus related to rodents.
M22 British press reports speculate that French woman received Princess Di's kidney.
M21 South Koreans clone stem cells from skin cell nuclei and denucleated human ova.
M18 New class antifungal mycafungin (Mycamine) now available in US.
M18 da Vinci laparoscopic surgery robot useful in donor nephrectomy
M18 Paying kidney donors $90,000 would up kidney transplants and be budget neutral.
M16 Nurse gladly donates kidney to stranger.
M12 Actor George Lopez feels like a new man after kidney transplant.
M07 Immune gene with 20% prevalence linked to CAD, rheumatism, and MS.
M06 Alonzo Mourning kidney donor featured in the news.
M03 PNAS: IL-10 prevents chronic vascular rejection in rats.
M02 Can frogs who freeze themselves for the winter be the key to organ preservation?
A28 BBC will offer persons a chance to donate a kidney on TV
A26 Man who got new liver by ads on billboards dies 8 mos after transplant.
A26 Comic George Lopez gets living donor kidney from wife.
A25 AST to host regional conference in Philly June 25 on post-transplant care.
A25 Significant hypoxemia documented in 54% of airline travelers.
A24 Long lasting gel prevents herpes, may also be useful as a treatment.
A24 Monoclonal antibody cures West Nile virus in mice.
A22 Am Soc Transplantation hosts educational briefing for members of Congress.
A22 High cyclosporine levels linked to hepatocellular Ca recurrence after liver Tx.
A21 Hydrogen sulfide gas induces hibernation in mice; slows metabolism, oxidation.
A21 Fashion maven with PKD to discuss his kidney transplant on Oprah tomorrow.
A21 Live donor kidney transplant operation to be aired live on Web today at 3 PM.
A20 Automated sirolimus blood level assay receives FDA 510k clearance.
A20 JAMA: Math simulation supports idea of a national paired donation program.
A19 Body grows its own spare parts - in the abdominal cavity.
A19 NIAID begins clinical trial of West Nile virus vaccine.
A18 UNOS urged to modify organ allocation process to correct racial imbalance.
A13 Outbreaks of Salmonella infections associated with Roma tomatoes.
A13 Drug-free transplant organ tolerance: steps toward goal at ISHLT conference.
A13 Johns Hopkins nurse gets 2.1 million grant to study why organ donors donate.
A11 U.S. Transplant Registry (OPTN/SRTR) 2004 Report available on-line.
A09 CD36 may be a key component of innate immunity
A08 Cyclosporine inhalation increase survival in lung transplant patients
A07 Indentured worker sells kidney to pay off debt - set himself free.
A06 Kidney transplant can markedly improve patients with severe heart failure.
A05 New donor kidney transport device.
M31 NEJM: Sirolimus curse Kaposi's sarcoma in renal tx recipients.
M30 Proposed new federal rules will regulate, protect living organ donors.
M30 Record number of organ s transplanted from cadaver donors in 2004.
M25 ATC 2005 transplant Congress - May 21-25, Seattle, WA.
M22 Montrealer sues Royal Vic for refusing transplant from suspected paid donor.
M21 UNOS reviews its organ allocation system.
M21 Royal Vic refuses to transplant kidney from suspected paid living donor.
M17 NKF audioconference: CMS proposed rule for transplant centers.
M17 Husband dumps donor wife.
M17 Failure to detect CMV in a live-donor transplant results in tragic outcome.
M15 Molecular techniques used to identify M. avium in hospital hot tub.
M10 Was volunteer kidney donor paid off for his kidney?
M08 NY judge denies claim over "misdirected" kidney.
M06 Problems with living donor kidneys purchased by some Australians.
M04 JHU: More on proposed national paired kidney exchange program
M04 Chicago conference discusses logistics of paired living donor exchange.
M01 Alonzo Mourning signs contract to play basketball with the Miami Heat.
F25 Patient denied transplant because of website has other options.
F24 Human kidney cloned from stem cells implanted into rats.
F23 Tampa institute nixes transplant for recipient who used web site to seek donors.
F22 Lymphoma, myeloma risks increased in patients with hepatitis C.
F22 Belatacept shows promise as anti-rejection drug in non-human primates.
F17 Rabies transmitted via kidney transplant.
F10 U.S. has unprecedented increase in organ donations in 2004.
F06 Living-related pancreatic islet cell transplant a success.
F03 Australian group calls for government to pay kidney donors.
J25 Two Texas transplant doctors die in plane crash
J14 Holiday travails of kidney-pancreas transplant patient in the news (USA today)
J04 Prisoner prohibited from donating kidney.
D30 Scripps gets grant to study genomics of transplant rejection.
D28 Voriconazole gets FDA approval for treatment of Candidemia.
D23 NKF: Direct link to Video - 50 years of transplantation
D23 NKF: Multimedia presentation on Celebrating 50 Years of Transplantation.
D19 NKF: Celebrating the first 50 years of transplantation.
D19 Story of the first kidney transplant in the U.S. between identical twins.
D14 UNOS takes position opposing solicitation for directed organ donation.
D14 Denver physicians not keen to screen internet-recruited organ donors.
D10 Thymoglobulin or campath-based anti-rejections regimens for intestinal tx.
D08 IVIG greatly increases transplant success in sensitized patients.
D02 Higher incidence of rejection in liver tx. following early steroid withdrawal
N28 Classified ads posted for a kidney in Southeast US get big response.
N26 Fashion maven with PKD neets transplant; raises awareness of organ donor issues.
N26 Two Canadians give up kidneys to save strangers.
N20 Medical College of Ohio's paired kidney exchange in the news
N14 Net transfer of donated organs from Whites to African Americans
N13 Mourning's minutes concern his doctor
N07 UNOS to address issue of public solicitation of live organ donors
N07 Church-based program focuses on increasing organ donation from African Americans
O29 Web kidney donor jailed for child support debt
O25 Unrelated kidney donation sparks interest in website
O24 Reprogramming the immune system to accept other blood types
O24 Could thymus gland reactivation be the key to tolerance of transplanted organs?
O24 Internet kidney donor wanted for failing to pay child support
O24 FDA approves Syncardia temporary artificial heart
O19 Denver hospital OKs web-arranged live-donor kidney transplant
O15 Patient to get new live donor kidney: Match arranged via a website
O05 Removal of patient organs before brain death ruled a homicide
S30 New protocols in kidney-pancreas TX producing better results
S15 Native Canadians half-as likely to get transplant as Caucasian counterparts
S14 NIH-NIAID forms clinical consortium to improve the success of organ transplants
S11 Illegal organ trafficking ring exposed in Delhi
S11 Organ donation from African Americans still low nationwide
S10 Feds approve Medicaid waivers for Mississippi dialysis, transplant patients
S06 TOR inhibitor immunosuppression has lower malignancy rate
S06 Int Congress Tx Society (Vienna): Press releases
S06 Cat gets kidney transplant: bill tops $25,000
S05 Some prisoners immune to hepatitis C - possible clue for a vaccine
S02 PERV transmission from pig to human cells during transplant may be minimal
A21 NY law student donates kidney to a total stranger
A21 Kidney donors in New Zealand may get paid
A16 Organ transplant recipients especially susceptible to West Nile complications
A15 Doctor - to - doctor kidney transplant may increase LRD awareness
A13 Houston man's multimedia liver search pays off
A13 Man launches multimedia search for a liver
A12 More accurate TB test might slash infection rates
A09 MMWR: Tuberculosis associated with TNF-alpha blocking drugs
A09 Stanford transplant program has best adjusted U.S. survival rates
A02 Organ donors sought from cardiac deaths
J31 UK Transplant Games in Norwich draw 600 participants
J29 NEJM: Peg-interferon + ribavirin results in patients with both HIV and HCV
J29 Maribavir, a new antiviral drug, enters phase 2 trials to treat CMV
J28 Dialysis Transplant Games 2004: Transplant Pioneers (providers and patients)
J28 2004 Transplant Games in progress: July 27 - August 1
J16 Illinois becomes first state to allow patients with HIV to donate organs
J12 San Diego ENT surgeon donates a kidney to his mentor and colleague
J11 OPTN/SRTR (Transplant Registry) 2003 Annual Report
J09 Fourth recipient dies of trasnplanted rabies infection
J01 New JCAHO standards designed to reduce surgical errors take effect.
J01 Three deaths from rabies transmitted by organ transplantation
J28 MMWR: West Nile virus in the U.S. update
J28 AMA backs review of presumed consent on organ donations
J23 Arab Society of Nephrology and Transplantation unveils new website
J17 Woman who donated kidney anonymously wins 500 K in Virginia lottery
J13 Desperate patient places classified ad searching for a donor
J08 Nephrologist argues for legalization of paid donor organ transplantation
M13 Kidney transplant transmits cancer; results in malpractice lawsuit
M05 UV light exposure attenutates graft vs. host disease
M04 Sun Drop citrus soda affects cyclosporine levels
M04 U.S. poised for epidemic of West Nile fever this year
A24 Nebulized, inhaled cyclosporine increases survival of lung transplants
A22 Society could pay each kidney donor $90,000 and still break even
A22 Mycophenolate better than azathioprine in heart transplantation
M31 ATC 2004 meeting to be held May 15-19 in Boston
M31 Number of West Nile virus cases expected to explode in California in 2004
M31 Lyophilization may not inactivate viruses in bone or CT grafts
M26 Cadaver organ donation rate highest in five years
M11 MGH team grows long-lasting blood vessels in vitro
M08 New blood test detects cirrhosis of the liver at an early stage
M07 NY state bill to give tax breaks to organ donors for expenses
M02 Neil Simon receives kidney donates by his publicist
F28 HDAC inhibitors suppress graft versus host disease
F24 Azerbaijan probes child organ traffickers
F23 Islet cell infusion with anti-CD3 monoclonal Ab "cures" type 1 diabetes
F22 Transplant team works on one of their own
F14 Targeting hard-to-kill fungal infections
F14 PERV retroviruses are acquired by, and are not endogenous to, mini-swine
F11 New Medicare law cuts payments for transplant drugs
F09 Transplants: 50 years of saving lives
F04 Gene therapy technique could aid islet cell transplant in diabetes
J20 Lisofylline prevents diabetes recurrence after islet cell transplant in mice
J08 Human and pig cells can fuse together, and grow swine retroviruses
D24 Alonzo Mourning up and about after successful kidney transplant
D23 Hope dashed for internet kidney donors
D23 Reversine can induce cells to de-differentiate into stem cells
D19 Alonzo Mourning kidney transplant set for today
D14 South African physicians implicated in paid organ donor scheme
D09 India-born Ohio transplant surgeon denied work visa - putting program at risk
D09 University of Illinois settles liver transplant waiting list case
D07 Donor cell infusion reduces need for rejection drugs
D06 Ebay removes ad posted by a donor offering a kidney for sale
D06 More on the debate ongoing in the UK on compensating organ donors
D04 Novel strategy to prevent transplant rejection
D04 Novel strategy to prevent transplant rejection
D03 UK doctors debate permissibility of paid organ donation
D01 Wisconsin legislature considering bill to provide tax breaks for organ donors
N29 Mourning being offered kidneys by strangers; his plight may help others
N29 Criticism stuns millionaire kidney donor
N23 Steroid-sparing immunosuppression for solitary islet transplantation
N17 ASN: Debate on payments to potential kidney donors: Yes or No?
N17 Human tests of hepatitis C vaccine to begin in St. Louis
N01 Ohio hospitals organize living unrelated donor registry
O31 Jak-3 inhibitor being developed as new immunosuppressant drug
O23 MHC chromosome 6 completely mapped; 1557 genes found
O22 European Union plans crackdown on organ trade
O22 Dendritic cell organelle regulates immune system responses
O14 Flagstaff pediatrician donates kidney to whomever needs it.
O09 Kaiser reverses its decision and agrees to pay for transplant for HIV+ patient
S30 Hepatitis C virus found episodically in infected patient saliva
S30 Is red meat immunogenic?
S30 Organ donation awareness efforts considered in Israel
S25 FDA approves Abiomed heart assist ventricle
S25 ESOT: Tacrolimus-based steroid sparing regimens show promise
S25 Improved procurement could double supply of transplant organs
S16 Ethics: What to do when a transplant workup reveals questionable paternity?
S01 Intracardiac autologous stem cell injection may eliminate need for heart tx
A27 NEJM: Everolimus markedly lowers chronic vasculopathy in heart transplants
A26 Donor kidneys turn on autoprotection from host immune system after tx
A26 Laparoscopic kidney donor technique spurring donations
A21 Selection of ATC2003 abstracts (steroid-free regimens)
A19 New organ preservation device may save more kidneys
A19 Carbon monoxide may help preserve cells, organs during ischemic stress
A17 Blackout costs woman a liver transplant
A16 Dendritic cells may play key role in body's immune response
A15 Bodies of tourists who died in Spain returned minus internal organs
A13 Pollak interview on Chicago transplant allocation lawsuit
A11 Hopkins study to compare standard with pumped cold storage of donor organs
A07 Black market for organs growing rapidly in Eastern Europe
A06 Mycobacterium avium in 2% of pasteurized milk; linked to Crohn's disease
A05 Bill in U.S. House to allow studies of payment for organ donation
A04 Genzyme buys Sangstat for 600 M
A02 Duke hospital in compliance with transplant regulations
A02 Three kidney transplants performed at once
J28 Three Chicago hospitals accused of organ transplant list fraud: NU, UC, and UIC
J24 Wealthy real estate investor causes a stir by donating a kidney to a stranger
J18 PPAR-alpha linked to steroid-induced diabetes and hypertension
J14 Organ donor clubs: New approach to dealing with scarcity of organs
J28 New transplant policies by UNOS after girl dies
J27 Orphan drug status granted to APT070 (drug for ischemia/reperfusion injury)
J25 Illegal trade harms Moldovan donors
J10 Chicago economist sets the suggested price for a kidney donation (15 K)
J10 Is failure to identify potential organ donors a medical error subject to QA?
J04 Abstracts now live from ATC 2003 Congress
J03 ATC: Does mycophenolate use in Tx reduce malignancy risk?
J02 ATC: New organ preservation solution easier to use.
M31 Stem cell immortality gene found
M31 Should we give $5,000 to families of cadaver organ donors?
M30 Guidelines for new-onset diabetes after transplantation
M29 Porcine endogenous retrovirus (PERV) receptors identified in humans
M27 Oregon debates kidney transplant for death row inmate
M22 Leading UK surgeon calls for legalisation and regulation of sale of organs
M21 Moldovan poor sell their kidneys for transplant
M21 North Dakota man meets kidney donor on-line
M19 New herpes treatment from common herb
M17 Medline link to Starzl's May 3rd Lancet paper on tolerogenic immune suppression
M17 Starzl reports good results with tolerogenic (ATG plus spaced tacrolimus) Rx
M17 American Transplant Congress - ATC 2003 abstracts
M14 When a doctor donates a kidney to a patient: Ethical issues
M12 RNA interference approach used to stop hepatitis B virus
M03 Death row inmate seeks organ transplant
M02 Kidney transplants for cats
A28 Kidneys for sale on the internet
A25 Chicago doctor donates kidney to patient
A11 FDA approves cyclosporine withdrawal regimen using sirolimus
A11 IL-2 receptor antibodies lower acute rejection risk
A07 UK doctors demand organ law changes
A07 Post-transplant Kaposi sarcoma may originate in donor kidney
A03 Bayer test to measure HCV viral load receives FDA approval
M20 Inactive genes may contribute to problems in cloned animals
M17 Vancouver firm arranging kidney transplants in China for North Americans
M16 Poisoned patients as potential organ donors
M11 Mycobacterium avium infection from indoor hot tub aerosols
M06 San Diego hospital to pay Medicare 6.2 M for excess organ-procurement charges
M04 U.S. illegal aliens make up 1% of Tx recipients, but 2% of organ donors
F27 14% complication rate for live liver donors
F27 Unrelated living donor concept unacceptable - for cats!
F25 Argonne researchers create powerful stem cells from blood
F20 Duke transplant recipient of ABO-mismatched heart-lung back in surgery
F18 New type of pluripotent stem cell found in the gut
F18 Clerical error results in ABO mismatch for heart-lung transplant at Duke
F10 Teachers gives kidney to student
F05 Melanoma transmitted via kidney transplant
F03 Management of drug-induced gingival enlargement
F01 Pig heart to sheep transplant after fetal conditioning
J28 Nut allergy transfered through liver transplant
J23 Need a kidney? Print one.
J23 Mycophenolate use associated with reduced delayed graft rejection rate
J14 Retrovirus tx of SCID results in leukemia-like syndrome x 2
J14 Mini-pig clone raises transplant hope
J08 Another Total Artificial Heart implanted in Louisville
J04 Newspaper ad finds kidney donor
D27 Group claims that first human clone - exact copy of mother - is born
D23 Human kidneys grown in mice
D22 China on target to become world's first cloning superpower
D22 Stanford's cloning research in conflict with White House bioethics council
D20 Ex-transplant surgeon Bill Frist to become Senate majority leader
D11 Drug-resistant salmonella, campylobacter in food chickens
D11 3-drug combination including sirolimus useful in graft vs. host disease
D06 Cloned cells might reboot the immune system
N25 Early transplantation associated with better outcome than later tx.
O28 Sangstat doing well financially - posts double-digit earnings growth
O22 Genetically altered pigs provide transplant hope
O17 Fed funds 5.2 million in grants to explore ways of increasing organ donation
O15 UK doc who encouraged patient to seek paid organ donation suspended
O11 Patients with hepatitis C acquired from transplants sue Portland organ banks
O05 MMWR: Update on organ transplantation and West Nile virus
O05 Listeriosis linked to sliced turkey deli meat
S04 Defibrotide reverses veno-occlusive disease in stem cell transplant recipients
S01 International Tx Society reiterates position against buying and selling organs
S01 CDC probes whether transplanted organs may transmit West Nile virus
A29 Tacrolimus -sirolimus or -mycophenolate combination Rx for kidney transplant
A27 Islet cell transplant results improving
A26 New minimalist approach to anti-rejection therapy
A26 Hibernating animals may hold key to organ preservation
A26 Combined kidney and bone marrow transplant obviates need for antirejection drugs
A26 China an increasing source of kidneys for transplantation to Indonesia
A25 Japanese researchers discover new transplant drug
A22 Cloned pigs offer transplant hope
A12 Transplant patients turn to the internet
A05 Transplant organ shortage in Britain
J30 Novartis says it won a Neoral patent infringement lawsuit against Abbott
J29 New immunosuppressive drug (tautomycetin) isolated from soil bacteria
J26 Antioxidant helps protect transplanted pancreatic islet cells
J24 Transplants taken from donors post cardiac arrest do well
J10 Int Congress of Transplantation, Aug 20-25, 2002, in Miami
J04 Topical liposomal DNA enzyme may reduce skin cancer in renal Tx recipients
J04 Vaccine prevents herpes zoster in bone marrow transplant patients
J18 Australian scientists regrow thymus from stem cells
J04 Cloned-kidney like cells survive in cattle
J02 Cells with recipient nucleus but foreign mitochondria survive without rejection
M24 Monitor for transplant organs developed in Ireland
M23 Liver transplants in Malaysia at bargain prices
M12 Use of SD Plasma linked to deaths in patients with severe liver disease
M06 Would paying for donor organs alleviate the shortage?
M02 Wyeth-Ayerst supports transplantation research in Canada
A30 ATC: Blood filtering allows unmatched kidney transplants
A30 ATC: Thymoglobulin cuts rate of acute transplant rejections
A30 ATC: PIVOT trial reports better results in SKPT with higher-dose daclizumab
A30 ATC: New approach to tolerance induction dispenses with immunosuppressive drugs
A30 0.04% of kidney donors later need a kidney for themselves
A29 Cyclosporine withdrawal study using mycophenolate reports good results at ATC
A28 Transplant (ATC) meeting begins in DC; abstracts on-line here
A26 Information on antifreeze glycoproteins may improve cold organ preservation
A26 Scientists clone calf from dead cow
A26 Medwatch: Sirolimus and hepatic artery thrombosis in liver transplantation
A24 Pig cloning efficiency improves; rare breed cloned on first try
A23 Stem cell transfusion, radiation, used to induce tolerance in graft recipients
A22 American Kidney Fund applauds Iowa legislation to honor organ donor cards
A21 Monoclonal T-cell receptors have promise in treating cancer, other conditions
A13 ELISA assay used to identify patients at high risk for severe rejection
A10 Support mounts for outlawing human cloning in the US
A10 Device facilitates minimally invasive donor nephrectomy
A02 Gene responsible for gingival overgrowth identified
A02 New anti-herpes drugs target helicase-primase
M29 Vitamins C and E delay arteriosclerosis after heart transplant
M25 Fujisawa revenue up 34 pct on high Prograf sales
M24 Eyes, kidneys, and livers grown from stem cells (of frogs)
M20 Laparoscopic and hand-assisted donor nephrecomy yields good results
M18 St. John's wort a hazard for transplant patients
M16 SHIP gene knockout mice accept mismatched bone marrow grafts
M15 Chagas disease transmitted via kidney, liver, and pancreas allografts
M14 Mt. Sinai liver donor dies; negligence alleged (NY Times)
M12 Thymoglobulin vs. basiliximab trial halted early; lower acute rejection rate
M08 Donor endothelial cells may trigger chronic allograft rejection
M05 Rival cloning bills working their way through Senate
M01 Cloned mice are fat
F28 Aspirin, COX-2 may be involved in cytomegalovirus replication
F19 Xenotransplantation conference in Boston discusses advances
F14 U.S. Government considering allowing payment to donor families for organs
F14 Causes of African American reluctance to donate organs studied
F11 Inflammation off-switch (stat3) identified in mice
F11 Cloned mice die prematurely
F10 Kidneys for sale scheme in India under investigation
F08 Xenograft recipients will be barred from donating blood
F05 Physician involvement critical to increasing organ donations
J29 Test tube kidneys created
J23 Freezing donor organs for transplantation - progress being made
J21 2002 Congress of the Tx. Society relocated from Buenos Aires to Miami
J18 Sangstat to offer 4 M shares of common stock
J03 Knockout pigs cloned for organ transplantation
D25 AMA continues to debate issue of paying organ donors
D10 ICI: Child-sized kidneys work well for adult transplant recipients
D10 ICI: Tacrolimus shows higher survival and post-tx diabetes vs. cyclosporin
D07 POPS device extends life of donor organs for transplantation
D07 Kidney donors have good long-term renal function
D04 Red wine consumption interferes with cyclosporin availability
D03 AMA ethics group debates financial incentives for organ donors
N16 UNOS eases ABO incompatibility rule for infant heart transplants
N16 UNOS votes to implement new organ assignment system
N13 AHA: Heart assist devices may be transplantation alternative
N12 Ethical quandary of treating U.S. patients who receive Chinese prisoner organs
N10 Glioma risk increased slightly in transplant patients
N08 T helper cells involved in ischemia-related allograft rejection
N08 Small cell carcinoma transmitted via transplanted kidney
O19 Hand-assisted laparoscopic nephrectomies found useful
O19 Filter allows kidney transplant across blood types
O10 Sirolimus-based post Tx regimen results in better allograft GFR, lower BP
O07 Warm blood perfusion methodology used to preserve heart outside the body
O06 Kidney Transplant waiting list exceeds 50,000 for the first time
O04 Vfend, an aspergillosis drug, nears FDA final approval
O04 Sangstat anti-CD17 monoclonal useful in GVH disease
O02 Early interferon therapy may prevent chronic hepatitis C infection
O01 Preservation of ovaries by auto-tx to forearms with radiation or chemoRx
S29 Automated blood test for HCV IgG antibody gets FDA premarket approval
S29 Right laparoscopic donor nephrectomy safe and effective
S28 Third artificial heart implanted, this time in Houston
S26 Two-year follow-up on hand transplant patient is promising
S20 Peginterferon plus ribavirin promising Rx for hepatitis C
S19 Sirolimus allows cyclosporine withdrawal with improvement in renal function
S14 Plane with donated heart grounded
S13 Private planes get FAA OK to transport organs
S12 U.S. airport shutdown affects organ transplantation
S07 Involvement of pig influenza virus alleged in 1918 flu pandemic
S06 Texas A&M trying to clone beloved dog Missy, so far without success
S06 Cardiac nerve regrowth post cardiac transplantation may be beneficial
S05 Vitamin D3 plus mycophenolate cocktail prevents rejection in mice
S05 Switching heart transplant patients from cyclosporine to tacrolimus improves BP
S03 Heart transplant pioneer Christian Barnard dies
S01 Candidate gene identified that may mark true stem cells
S01 Factor V Leiden mutation heterozygotes at risk post renal transplant
A31 Medicare to cover liver transplants in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma
A30 New leukemia drug, Janex-1, may also work against graft vs. host disease
A26 Warm blood organ preservation machine may be a breakthrough
A25 Mycophenolate plus losartan = no chronic rejection in a rat model
A23 Interview with Mr. Robert Tool, Louisville heart transplant recipient
A19 HHS Committee on Organ Transplantation expanded
A19 Rebuilt hearts for transplantation
A18 Hand transplant patient regains temperature sensation, doing very well
A18 B cell activating factor (BAFF) receptor may be drug target for lupus
A16 Road kill kidney donors in the Ukraine
A14 Organ preservation machine developed; human tests still pending
A13 Shared living donation program begun by UNOS in Washington DC area
A08 HIV patient organ transplant trial to start in San Francisco
A08 US NKF develops Transplant Patient Bill of Rights
A03 Phase II trials of anti-rejection drug ISA (TX) 247 begin in North America
J30 Interferon gamma prevents early allograft necrosis in knockout mice
J28 New molecular link found between atherosclerosis and autoimmune disease
J25 Adult stem cells can transform themselves into kidney cells
J25 New MHC tests for CMV/EBV introduced by Beckman - Coulter
J22 Tranilast helps prevent cardiac transplant vasculopathy in mice
J22 Americans buying kidneys for sale in Manila
J20 Australian company to research pig-islet cell xenotransplantation for diabetes
J14 Recipient mesenchymal cells implicated in chronic rejection
J13 Rapamycin-like anti-fungal drugs under development
J13 UStransplant.org releases broad range of transplant-related reports
J10 Brokers illegally sell kidneys for transplantation
J02 LFA-1 phase I trials launched for immunologic modulation
J27 Congress opens hearings into kidney harvesting from Chinese prisoners
J27 Diabetes reversed in mice using immune cell retraining
J25 Halofuginone reduces renal fibrosis in animals
J20 Tissue-selective steroid receptor modulator compounds being developed
J18 Sangstat tests new TNF synthesis inhibitor
J17 ICOS and Biogen collaborate on oral LFA-1 antagonists for immune modulation
J17 Use of imported drugs spreading - FDA considers ban
J08 Kidney rejection may be prevented by partial liver transplantation