HDCN Article Reviews/Hyperlinks by Date -  Winter , 1996  

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Renovascular hypertension in blacks Am J Hypert  
Reversal of sodium pump inhibitor induced vascular smooth muscle contraction with digibind Am J Hypert  
Antihypertensive agents affect serum lipid levels Ann Intern Med  
Impaired exercise tolerance in hypertensive patients Ann Intern Med  
Persistent elevation of plasma insulin levels is associated with increased cardiovascular risk in children and young adults Circulation  
Plasma adrenomedullin concentrations in essential hypertension Hypertension  
Polymorphism of the glycogen synthase gene in hypertensive and normotensive subjects Hypertension  
Hypertensive urgencies and emergencies: prevalence and clinical presentation Hypertension  
Sympathetic nerve activity and insulin in obese normotensive and hypertensive men Hypertension  
Endogenous renal 11ß-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase inhibitory factors in essential hypertension Hypertension  
Increased vasoconstrictor sensitivity to glucocorticoids in essential hypertension Hypertension  
Acute aerobic exercise reduces ambulatory blood pressure in borderline hypertensive men Am J Hypert  
Changes in frequency of orthostatic hypotension in elderly hypertensive patients under medications Am J Hypert  
Chymase dependent angiotensin II forming system in humans Am J Hypert  

Dialysis, Chronic Renal Failure
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Falsely elevated serum vancomycin concentration in hemodialysis patients Am J Kidney Dis  
Spinal epidural abscess in hemodialysis patients: report of three cases and review of the literature Am J Kidney Dis  
Clarithromycin-associated visual hallucinations in a patient with chronic renal failure on CAPD Am J Kidney Dis  
Four-year experience with swan neck presternal peritoneal dialysis catheter Am J Kidney Dis  
Androgen versus erythropoeitin for the treatment of anemia in hemodialyzed patients: a prospective study J Am Soc Nephrol  
Magnesium carbonate as a phosphorus binder: A prospective, controlled, crossover study Kidney Int  
The set point of calcium and the reduction of parathyroid hormone in dialysis patients Kidney Int  
High dose B vitamin treatment of hyperhomocysteinemia in dialysis patients Kidney Int  
Determination of residual renal function with iohexol clearance in hemodialysis patients Kidney Int  
Low dose (5 mg/kg) desferrioxamine treatment in acutely aluminium- intoxicated haemodialysis patients using two drug administration schedules Nephrol Dial Transplant  
Helicobacter pylori-specific IgG in chronic haemodialysis patients: Relationship of hypergastrinaemia to positive serology Nephrol Dial Transplant  
Hemolytic reactions mechanically induced by kinked hemodialysis tubing Am J Kidney Dis  
The benefits and side effects of ramped hypertonic sodium dialysis J Am Soc Nephrol  
The intensity of hemodialysis and the response to erythropoietin in patients with end-stage renal disease N Engl J Med  
Lithium poisoning treated by high-performance continuous arteriovenous and venovenous hemodiafiltration Am J Kidney Dis  
Effect of increasing dialysis dose on serum albumin and mortality in hemodialysis Am J Kidney Dis  
Clinical experience with a new recombinant hepatitis-B vaccine in previous non-responders with chronic renal insufficiency Clin Nephrol  
Low dose megestrol (Megace) increases serum albumin in malnourished dialysis patients Int J Artif Organs  
Calcitriol and the parathyroid hormone -- ionized calcium curve: a comparison of methodologic approaches J Am Soc Nephrol  
Pharmacokinetics and efficiency of pulse oral versus intravenous calcitriol in hemodialysis patients J Am Soc Nephrol  
Long-term treatment of growth-retarded children with chronic renal insufficiency with recombinant human growth hormone Kidney Int  
Citrate compared to low molecular weight heparin anticoagulation in chronic hemodialysis patients Kidney Int  
An elevated ratio of measured to predicted creatinine production in CAPD patients is not a sensitive predictor of non-compliance with the dialysis prescription Perit Dial Int  
The effect of dietary protein restriction on the progression of diabetic and non-diabetic renal diseases: a meta-analysis Ann Int Med  

Clinical Nephrology
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Renal allograft and patient outcome after transplantation: pancreas-kidney versus kidney-alone transplants in type I diabetics vs kidney-alone transplants in nondiabetics Am J Kidney Dis  
Serum albumin and mortality after renal transplantation Am J Kidney Dis  
Evaluation of urine acidification by urine anion gap and urine osmolal gap in chronic metabolic acidosis Am J Kidney Dis  
Analgesics and the kidney: Summary and recommendations to the Scientific Advisory Board of the NKF from an Ad Hoc Committee of the NKF Am J Kidney Dis  
Prognostic markers in patients with antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated polyangiitis and glomerulonephritis J Am Soc Nephrol  
D-lactic acidosis: Turning sugar into acids in the gastrointestinal tract Kidney Int  
A prospective study of the natural history of idiopathic non-proteinuric hematuria Kidney Int  
Bilateral nephrectomy stopped disease progression in plasma-resistant hemolytic uremic syndrome with neurologic signs and coma Kidney Int  
Management of lupus nephritis Kidney Int (Suppl 53)  
Hypercalcemia with lymphoedema Lancet  
Preliminary description of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis in patients with renovascular disease Lancet  
Rolaids-yogurt syndrome: A 1990s version of milk-alkali syndrome Am J Kidney Dis  
Gallium 67 scintigraphy as a predictor of renal prognosis in primary IgA nephropathy Am J Kidney Dis  
Hyperkalemia in hospitalized patients treated with trimethoprim- sulfamethoxazole Ann Intern Med  
Long-term outcome in SLE membranous glomerulonephritis J Am Soc Nephrol  
High incidence of common bile duct dilatation in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease patients Am J Kidney Dis  
Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus and renal tubular acidosis secondary to foscarnet therapy Am J Kidney Dis  
Cyclophosphamide-induced cystitis and bladder cancer in patients with Wegener granulomatosis Ann Intern Med  
Safety of pamidronate in patients with renal failure and hypercalcemia Clin Nephrol  
Prerenal azotemia: differentiation or hyperureagenesis from renal hypoperfusion using urea nitrogen data Int J Artif Organs  
OKT3 prophylaxis in renal grafts with prolonged cold ischemia times: Association with improvement in long-term survival Kidney Int  
Monitoring urinary levels of chemotactic and activating factor reflects disease activity of lupus nephritis Kidney Int  
Renal function on and off lithium in patients treated with lithium for 15 years or more. A controlled, prospective lithium withdrawal study. Nephrol Dial Transplant  
Plasma total versus bone alkaline phosphatase as markers of bone turnover in hemodialysis patients J Am Soc Nephrol  

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