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Critically Approaching the Literature: Applying the Principles of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
 Thadhani RI.
 Feldman HI.
E is for Epidemiology : The Key Principles
Question and answers
 Klag MJ.
Case-Control Studies: Low Cost/High Impact
Question and answers
 Thadhani RI.
Cohort Studies: From the Beginning to the End
 Wanner C.
Randomized Controlled Trials: Good as Gold
Question and answers
 Greene TH.
Biostatistics Workshop #1: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Biostatistics, But Were Afraid to Ask
 Garg A.
Meta-Analysis: When One is Not Enough
Question and answers
 Parekh RS.
Putting It All Together: Journal Club #1
 Lo B.
Principles of Bioethics: Justifying Research
Question and answers
 Holdaas H, Jardine AG
Debate: Should Statins be Given to Renal Transplant Patients?
 Powe NR.
Decision-Analysis and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis: Taking It to Another Level
 Bowden DW.
Genetic Epidemiology: A New Frontier
 Johansen KL.
Putting It All Together: Journal Club #2

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