For Clinical and Interventional Nephrologists, Interventional Radiologists, Vascular Access Surgeons, Residents and Fellows-in-Training, Nephrology or Advanced-practice Nurses, Technologists

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   K-DOQI Update on Vascular Access
   Economics of Dialysis Access
   Future of Nephrology-related Procedures: Where Are We Headed?
Nursing Breakout Session
   Safety Concerns in the Interventional Suite
   Monitoring & Surveillance Programs What Do They Mean?
   Vascular Access Education: Do we need this tool?
   It Takes Two to Tango!
   Assessment for a Dysfunctional Access
   Patient Satisfaction: A Key to Any Access Program

   Drug Reactions
   Venography and the Risk of Radiocontrast Nephropathy
   Central Venous Stenosis: To Stent or Not to Stent?
   Basilic Fistulae: Is Superficialization Needed?
   Does Hemodynamic Assessment During Angioplasty Help?
   Peri-anastomotic Stenosis: Surgery or PTA?
   Cephalic Arch Stenosis: PTA, Stent or Surgical Revision?
   Secondary Arteriovenous Fistulae: How to Find Candidates and When to Convert Them?
   Clinical Epidemiology: Vascular Access Options and Outcomes
   Vascular Access Research: What Do We Need?
   Non-invasive Strategies to Limit Access Stenosis

   Access Surveillance is Useless
   Access Surveillance is Critical
   Angioplasty Works for Access Stenosis
   Temporary Dialysis Catheters
   Insertion of a Tunneled Hemodialysis Catheter
   Tunneled Catheter Design and Performance
   Fibrin Sheath/Peri-catheter Thrombus/Right Atrial Thrombus
   Antibiotic Lock Solutions and Catheter Infection
   Peel-away Sheath Approach is Better for Catheter Insertion
   Sheathless Approach is Better for Catheter Insertion
   Audit Sedation and Other Procedure-Related Complications

   Ultrasound Guidance for Renal Biopsy by Nephrologists
   Renal Ultrasonography by Nephrologists
   Peritoneal Catheters: Insertion Techniques by Nephrologists
   Pathophysiology, Clinical Features and Differential Diagnosis
   Diagnostic Evaluation of Hand Ischemia
   Mathematics of DRIL
   Percutaneous Approach to Hand Ischemia
   Surgical Approach to Hand Ischemia
   Heart Failure and Dialysis Access
   Surgical Inflow Reduction for High Output Fistulae
   Percutaneous Inflow Reduction for High Output Fistulae

   Tunneled Catheter Breakage During Removal Procedure
   Advancement of IJ Catheter in the IVC
   Balloon Detachment During Angioplasty
   Stent Floating
   Catheter Insertion in Brachiocephalic Vein
   Emerging Role of Ultrasound in Vascular Access Care

   Vein Obliteration and Embolization Techniques
   Point/Counterpoint Fistula Thrombectomy: Use of Devices
   Fistula Thrombectomy: TPA and Aspiration of Clot
   Thrombectomy of an AVG: What Technique to Use?
   Fistula First
   Fistula Worst
   Grafts are Better than Transposed Fistulae
   Arterial Embolization During Thrombectomy
   Arterial Intimal Tear
   Percutaneous Approach to Hand Ischemia

   Basic Vascular Anatomy and its Application: The Arterial Circulation, Superficial and Deep Venous Systems
   Preservation of Veins in CKD
   Arteriovenous Fistula Creation
   Physical Examination of an Arteriovenous Access
   Mechanisms of Early Fistula Failure
   Diagnosis and Timing of Intervention in Early Failure
   Percutaneous Approach to Salvage Fistulae with Early Failure
   Surgical Approach to Salvage Fistulae with Early Failure
   Endovascular Stents and Stent Grafts


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