key WHAT IS THIS? Is this an award of merit to a world-renowned nephrologist? A teaching tool for medical students? Or something that has quite a different purpose? How does it tie in with a similar replica of the kidney used 3000 years ago?

Dr. Shaldon

Development of Hemodialysis: From Access to Machines

This lecture is a special treat. Dr. Stanley Shaldon, one of the pioneers of hemodialysis, inventor of the Shaldon femoral venous dialysis catheter, and one of the first nephrologists to emphasize self-care and home hemodialysis recounts how both technical and organizational problems of dialyzing patients were addressed and overcome in the 1950 - 1970 period. Included are six short video clips showing the Kolff kidney, the Alwall Kidney, Scribner shunt, monitoring devices, and some early self-care patients. (more...)

Dr. Kjellstrand

History of Dialysis: Men and Ideas

This talk was part of a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the first hemodialysis treatment given in Lund by Prof. Nils Alwall. Dr. Kjellstrand shows the notebook page recording the first patient treated, and then discusses how three streams of technological development: anticoagulation, membranes, and knowledge of uremia, converged during the early 20th century, making the process of dialysis possible. (more...)

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