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Mar06 Novel ablation technology to treat atrial fibrillation.
Feb14 Semaglutide shown to effect substantial weight loss in obese persons.
Jan22 Urine testing can diagnose prostate cancer with high accuracy.
Jan13 RRI Dialysis Advances 2021 meeting will be virtual and held April 20-23 this year.
Dec15 FDA approves genetically engineered pigs for food and transplants
Jun15 Dr. Burton (Bud) D. Rose, in memoriam
Mar13 Guidance from CDC re COVID-19 preventive practices in HD units
Mar01 ASN FAQ sheet re COVID-19 in dialysis facilities
Oct23 Akebia sues CMS for denying coverage for Auryxia under Medicare Part D
Oct23 Taking antihypertensives at bedtimes lowers cardiovascular risk.
Aug29 ISHD Hemodialysis University on September 22-23, in Chicago
Aug14 Pretomanid, bedaquiline and linezolid combo FDA approved for resistant TB.
Aug13 SPRINT substudy shows that intensive BP control lowers rate of white matter brain lesions.
Aug13 Dog dies after swim in Georgia lake with blue-green algae bloom
Jul19 Full text of President Trump Executive Order re kidney disease (PDF)
Jul11 Trump's advancing kidney care initiative
Jul11 KidneyX phase 1 winners announced (old news but important - Apr. 29th)
Jul09 Predicing serum K from the EKG trace measured by an Apple watch.
Jul02 HIV infection cured in mice using CRISPR technology.
Jul01 Low grade E. Coli urinary tract infections picked up by DNA testing of urine.
May09 Fournier gangrene of the genitals linked to SGLT2 inhibitor drugs
Apr29 Immune cell test identifies patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.
Apr06 Candida auris infections spreading rapidly across the globe.
Apr03 Rehydrating with soft drinks after exercise increases AKI injury markers
Feb19 Universal flu vaccine on the near horizon
Jan24 Alzheimer disease linked to brain infection by gingivitis bacteria.
Jan12 Bone mass increased by 800% in a mouse model
Jan07 Harvard Intensive Review of Nephrology 2018 now available
Dec11 Randomized PIVOT trial published in NEJM suggests more IV iron is better.
Dec11 Increased mortality with citrate-containing dialysate / HDF fluid in France.
Dec05 Test detects presence of cancer in blood samples based on DNA methylation.
Nov17 Akkermansia gut bacteria and their role in insulin resistance and aging.
Nov14 KidneyX prize competition now open: Application deadline Feb 28, 2019
Nov07 AKI and CRRT 2019 Conference, Feb 26 -- March 1, 2019, San Diego, CA
Oct12 Donate to easy water for African villages using hollow-fiber technology
Sep08 Recovery from coma predicted by artificial intelligence and eye scans.
Sep04 A consortium of European grant funders demand immediate open access.
Aug31 CRISPR treatment halts muscular dystrophy in dogs.
Aug02 Bacteria becoming tolerant to high concentrations of alcohol in hand sanitizers.
Jun12 Pharmacologic approach to weight loss that prevents food absorption.
Jun04 NKF 2018 Spring Clinical Meeting abstracts (.pdf)
May27 ERA-EDTA Copenhagen meeting newsletters
Apr28 CDC issues alert re warfarin coagulopathy and synthetic cannabinoids
Mar15 Renal Disease and Electrolyte Course, Aspen, CO; July 23-27, 2018
Mar12 USRDS Annual Report 2017
Feb28 In ICU, Ringer's lactate also better than saline.
Feb28 Ringer's lactate causes less kidney injury than saline.
Jan11 Lp(a) in the news in the New York Times
Jan09 Inhibitors of NMMT reduce obesity by increasing fat cell metabolism.
Jan04 J-curve in BP studies is an artifact - similar to dose targeting bias in HEMO.
Nov16 Toxic algae now a nationwide threat.
Nov13 HDCN server move still in progress
Nov07 HDCN moving its registration and CME server
Sep05 Hypervirulent, carbipenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumonia outbreak in China.
Aug18 ISHD Hemodialysis University, Chicago, IL Sept. 7-9, 2017; with CVC insertion precourse
Aug11 NEJM: Idarucizumab effective for reversal of dabigatran effects.
Aug10 Immunotherapy may arrest damage of beta cells in type 1 diabetes.
Aug10 Fresenius inks deal to acquire NxStage.
Aug10 Gene-editing of pigs increases suitability of their organs for transplant into humans.
Jun13 Can LIF be used to cure autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis? and more?
Jun06 Dr. Fred Coe's Kidney Stone Guide Book - a work in progress.
Jun04 Late-breaking clinical trials at the ERA-EDTA
May02 Novel wireless device accurately measures walking speed.
Apr18 High salt diet makes subjects drink less and eat more !?
Apr15 Device extracts water from air with relative humidity as low as 20%
Apr04 Graphene sieve membrane turns seawater drinkable.
Mar23 Lungs play a role in making platelets in mice.
Feb22 Smartphones to become pocket doctors.
Dec28 Pharmacies miss some drug interactions that are known to cause serious issues.
Oct31 ASN Kidney Week 2016 abstract book link (PDF, 50 mB file)
Oct05 FDA warns about hepatitis B reactivation with direct acting hepatitis C antivirals.
Sep01 HDCN key zone access password problem fixed.
Jul28 Good Staph. in the nose makes novel peptide antibiotic that kills bad Staph.
Jul23 Hemodialysis University Chicago, Sept. 9-10 (up to 12 CME/CEUs)
Jul23 Cyanobacteria becoming a widespread problem in U.S. lakes
Jul12 Dr. Fred Coe videos on urine calcium supersaturation in stone disease.
Jun30 FDA issues warning about Shiga-toxin producing E. Coli found in flour
Jun01 The Brigham Renal Board Review Course: August 8-12, 2016 in Boston
May29 Three days of fasting every 10 days improve autoimmune diseases (in mice).
May29 Nicotinamide riboside protects mice from effects of diabetes.
May29 Smoking increases risk of CKD progression in African Americans
May24 CRIC study shows a high urinary sodium excretion in CKD linked to higher CV risk.
May20 SPRINT shows lower than 120 BP systolic target in elderly results in improved outcomes
Apr27 Tetraspanin-7 as an antibody target for type 1 diabete
Apr13 New bacteria called Elizabethkingia affecting Midwest patients.
Mar30 AC6 gene therapy improves cardiac function in patients with heart failure.
Mar30 Oops! Vegetarian diet may have some drawbacks.
Mar17 Updated CKD booklet for professionals released
Mar09 NEJM article re desensitization to HLA-incompatible live donors.
Mar09 Desensitization procedure allows kidney transplants from any (living) donor.
Mar09 ISHD publishes practical manual for implementing home hemodialysis
Mar09 Is the FDA allowing promotion of off-label uses of drugs as free speech?
Feb29 Phage Therapy 2016 World Congress meets this June in Paris.
Feb29 When will be see phage therapy for exit site and access infections?
Feb27 Treatment of BP below 140 systolic in persons with diabetes may be counterproductive.
Feb24 (Off topic). LENR - The Cookbook is in the signal…
Feb22 Some important news re LENR may be released on Wednesday Feb 24.
Feb20 New blood-based tuberculosis test shows promising results.
Feb14 Beetroot juice lowers blood pressure.
Feb14 Second salty taste receptor more fully characterized in humans.
Feb02 CDC warns of increased transmission of hepatitis C in dialysis units.
Feb02 Flu vaccine lowers risk of atrial fibrillation
Dec29 Novel methods to ensure viability of pancreatic islet cells for transplantation.
Dec29 Myostatin antibody may prevent age-related decline in muscle mass.
Dec29 Interleukin-17A may prevent and even reverse diabetic kidney injury.
Dec26 Antibiotic-resistant bacteria frequency increases in U.S. streams and rivers
Dec26 FGF21 suppresses cravings for sweets.
Dec21 Ergocalciferol supplementation does not affect ESA dose in dialysis patients.
Dec14 Even more news on the new HDCN Facebook page!
Dec14 A bright future is predicted for renal denervation devices.
Dec14 Primary aldo screening for resistant hypertension cost effective?
Dec14 Some drugs cause weight gain by alterations in the gut microbiome.
Dec12 Ten modules from the ISHD Global Home Hemodialysis Toolkit
Dec12 Suicide gene therapy for prostate cancer
Dec09 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: The Home HD Hub: Infrastructure and Governance (Module 1)
Dec06 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Funding and Planning to Start or Expand a Home HD program (Module 2)
Dec06 Dialysis Patient Citizens group worried about lack of treatment option information given to predialysis patients, esp. those on Medicaid.
Dec04 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Workforce Development and Models of Care (Module 3)
Dec03 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Systems to Cultivate Suitable Patients (Module 4)
Dec03 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Patient Safety (Module 5)
Dec03 AV fistula created using exclusively an endovascular approach
Dec02 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Patient Selection and Training (Module 6)
Dec02 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Vascular Access (Module 7)
Dec02 Clinical workstations found to harbor drug-resistant microbes.
Dec01 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Infrastructure - Water and Machines in the Home (Module 8)
Dec01 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Prescriptions for Home HD (Module 9)
Dec01 ISHD Home Dialysis Toolkit: Psychosocial Aspects (Module 10A)
Dec01 Higher serum Mg associated with decreased risk of sudden death in dialysis patients.
Dec01 SecA inhibitors particularly effective against MRSA and other bacteria.
Nov30 Xenotransplantation congress in Australia highlights marked advances.
Nov30 Multinucleated giant cells and amyloidosis
Nov30 Combining fasting blood sugar with HbA1c best for detecting prediabetes.
Nov28 Immunotherapy for T1D focusing on regulatory T-cells shows promise.
Nov24 Histone deacytelase (HDAC) inhibitors prevent muscle wasting.
Nov24 Cooking with chloraminated water can contaminate food with toxic molecules.
Nov23 HDCN is on Facebook.
Nov22 Renal pathologists soon will be replaced by pigeons.
Nov21 Orphan drug designation may lead to high drug prices, like for rituximab.
Nov10 STHLM3 test for prostate cancer will be in Sweden by March of 2016.
Nov10 Barbecued and pan-fried meat increases risk of kidney cancer.
Nov10 L-DOPA may delay onset of age-related macular degeneration by 8 years.
Nov10 Sprint Blood Pressure Trial article link at NEJM
Nov10 Sprint study presented at the AHA Scientific Sessions and published in NEJM.
Nov06 Virtual doctor visists on the increase.
Oct20 Advances in gene manipulation hasten suitability of pig organs for transplant.
Oct09 ASN Kidney Week 2015 abstracts now available on-line
Sep25 Giving BP meds at bedtime particularly effective in lowering diabetes risk
Sep22 Japanese scientist on pathway to solving urinary excretion for stem-cell generated kidneys
Sep17 Program for "Hemodialysis University" this October 2nd and 3rd in Chicago
Sep17 Empagliflozin use in diabetes associated with large reduction in CV risk.
Sep11 SPRINT RCT data support an even lower BP target (120 systolic) for the elderly.
Sep08 Feds propose a new set of rules to protect human subjects during research.
Sep05 Multistate outbreak of salmonella linked to cucumbers.
Sep05 Aspirin found to increase sensitivity of cancer cells to immune surveillance
Sep04 Hedge fund quant proposes a disease-specific false-positive rate to FDA for drug approval.
Aug31 Spanish style mid-day "siestas" linked to lower blood pressure and better heart structure.
Aug31 Fimrenone, a selective MRA antagonist from Bayer shows promising heart failure effects.
Aug30 High blood flow rate and high negative venous pressure lead to microbubbles
Aug27 FDA approves 2nd PCSK9 inhibitor, Repatha, to lower LDL cholesterol
Aug22 Packaging medications together by date to be taken and time of day.
Aug19 Low levels of lactobacillus in the vagina associated with premature births
Aug18 Doctors will be able to look at your beating heart or at your colon in 3-D virtual reality.
Aug17 Recombinant elastase (vonapanitase) for AV fistula patency prolongation
Aug15 Hemodialysis University at Chicago, October 1-3, 2015
Aug14 Google partnering with Dexcom in continuous glucose monitoring device.
Aug13 Transplant anti-rejection drugs and risk of melanoma
Aug03 New artificial blood vessel coating makes them resistant to thrombosis.
Jul31 Paid kidney donation and the Iranian model in the New York Times
Jul16 Using salt microspheres to reduce sodium intake
Jul08 Valsartan combined with sacubitril (neprilysin inhibitor) improves heart failure patient survival.
Jul08 153 lab tests for under $10 from a finger prick test done at a local drugstore.
Jun29 Drink when thirsty advice for athletes from Sports Medicine group
May30 Vagal nerve stimulation lowers inflammatory response in rheumatoid arthritis
May27 Binding site for PLA2R antibodies identified and blocking molecules synthesized
May23 Leptin sensitizer extracted from Chinese Thunder God vine effective in obese mice.
May20 Paired bacteriophage therapy holds promise against superbugs
May12 Sedasys automated anesthesia delivery system replacing anesthesiologists for minor procedures.
May12 Controversy over ACP guidelines for kidney stone management
May10 Off topic: Cold fusion development history
May08 Putting the brakes on bacterial resistance to antibiotics with targeted antibiotic scheduling.
May07 Word Congress of Nephrology 2015 abstracts and posters
May07 Pioglitazone to massage mitochondria may help delay Alzheimer's disease
May05 Search NKF Spring Clinical Meeting 2015 abstracts
May05 Gut colonization with C. dif. that does not produce toxins to treat C. dif. infection
May01 Abstracts Vascular Access Society, Barcelona, Spain, April, 2015
May01 Are your patients secretly recording your doctor-patient visit?
Apr30 Open source practical manual for implementing home hemodialysis
Apr23 Long coding RNA found that regulates brown fat production
Apr23 Currently approved antihelminthic drug effective against MRSA
Apr21 Subcutaneous islet cell transplantation holds promise
Apr09 Listeria contamination found in Sabra hummus
Apr08 Short stature linked to increased cardiovascular risk
Mar31 Medieval garlic and bile potion disrupts MRSA biofilms
Mar19 Problem accessing audio with Apple OS 8.1 and later now fixed (iphones and IPADs)
Feb26 AKI electronic alert system backfires and increases interventions without improving outcomes.
Feb26 Medtronic to launch new phase II trial of renal nerve ablation (Symplicity device)
Feb26 Dabigatran has higher bleeding risk than warfarin in dialysis patients
Feb26 Blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) proliferating in lakes worldwide.
Feb26 Polysorbate 80 and carboxymethylcellulose - food emulsifiers, and metabolic syndrome
Feb25 The concept of minimizing regret in poker: an application for medical treatment?
Feb21 US Government radically changing dietary advice
Feb20 Bourbon virus - a previously unknown Thogotovirus, associated with AKI after tick bite.
Feb12 Rapamycin in bloomberg.com as an anti-ageing drug.
Feb05 BMJ study: Intensify BP treament when SBP > 150, but do it promptly.
Feb05 Rapid and unexpected weight gain after fecal transplant
Jan26 Hemodialysis abstracts from the upcoming Annual Dialysis Conference in New Orleans
Jan24 FDA committee recommends approval of drug to treat invasive aspergillosis.
Jan09 New variant of aminoglycosides does not impair hearing.
Jan09 Monthly dose of PCSK9 inhibitor lowers serum cholesterol
Dec19 Ibuprofen extends lifespan in yeast., worms, and fruit flies.
Nov18 Ultrasonography for nephrologists course Jan 10-11, 2015
Nov17 JAMA: New hyperkalemia sorbent effective in reducing hyperkalemia
Nov08 Fiber supplementation lower p-cresol levels
Nov06 Google genomics: storing thousands of genomes in the cloud
Nov04 New portable ultrasound device is disruptive technology.
Oct23 ASN FAQ re Ebola and dialysis
Oct23 CDC guidlines for dialyzing patients with Ebola virus infection
Oct23 CDC guidlines for dialyzing patients with Ebola virus infection
Oct12 Harvard scientists produce insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells on a large scale.
Oct09 Off topic: Levi, Foschi, Hoeistad, and Essen: Abundant heat production...
Oct09 Off topic: One million times the energy density of gasoline.
Oct08 Off topic: The world has just changed, but you don't know it yet.
Sep01 New study confirms benefits of a low carb diet, even when eating some saturated fat.
Sep01 PCSK9 inhibitor arilocumab lowers cholesterol and cardiovascular events
Aug30 Novel heart failure drug shows great promise.
Aug03 Cyanotoxin factsheet from the EPA.
Aug03 Caruaru 1996 microcystin tragedy revisited (NEPHROL thread 2).
Aug03 Caruaru 1996 microcystin tragedy revisited..
Aug02 Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) in Lake Erie shut down Toledo drinkable water supply.
Aug01 Carbapenem-resistant enterobacter becoming more prevalent.
Jul23 University of Chicago's Dr. Fred Coe's kidney stone website and blog.
Jul17 Handbook of Dialysis, 5th edition, now available for pre-order.
Jul17 Ultrasonography for nephrologists course. October 25-26, in Atlanta.
Jul16 ISHD to sponsor 2-day Hemodialysis University in Chicago on August 15/16, 2014.
Jul16 New concerns about the safety of niacin.
Jul14 Bacteria found in healthy bladders differ from those in women with incontinence.
Jul14 Hydrogen sulfide generating compound protects stressed mitochondria.
Jul14 U. Penn study suggests that donating a kidney does not affect life expectancy.
Jul14 Phase 1 trial launched of antibiotic that targets C. difficile.
Jul14 Transmission of hepatitis C from blood of patients who were successfully treated.
Jul14 Mucor fungus contaminating yogurt may be threat to consumers.
Jun30 Supercooling keeps organs fresh
Jun26 Saline shortage impacts U.S. hospitals
Jun22 Dr. Karl Nolph, in memoriam
Jun04 Alternate credit card payment site for HDCN subscriptions using PayPal services
Jun03 ERA/EDTA Congress News. Day 3.
Jun03 ERA/EDTA Congress News. Day 2.
Jun03 ERA/EDTA Congress News. Day 1.
Jun03 Baxter presents VIVIA HD machine data at ERA/EDTA
May29 Samsung plans to open source digital health gadgets.
May26 Nitrosomonas - an alternative approach to S. aureus decolonization?
May21 ZS Pharma presenting data on it's GI potassium sorbent in patients taking RAAS inhibitors at ASH
May18 Urine fibrinopeptide B can be used to detect venous thromboembolism.
May18 Difficult-to-detect bacteria in urine associated with overactive bladder symptoms.
May18 Auto and bus windshield washer fluid found to be a source of Legionnaire's disease.
May18 Benzodiazepine use for sleep markedly increase adverse events n heart failure patients.
May18 Kallikrein inhibitor ecallantide shows some benefit in ACEI-associated angioedema.
May18 T cells targeting CS1 kill myeloma cells in animals.
May18 Aspirin retards wound healing
May16 American Society of Hypertension 2014 Annual Meeting starts in NYC.
May13 Health benefits of resveratrol via red wine called into question by study from Italy
May10 Leadless pacing shows promise.
May07 FDA and the Heart Association and other agencies fight over aspirin
Apr22 Salt controversy back in the New York Times.
Apr22 Have we found the cure for atherosclerosis? D-PDMP a potential candidate.
Apr22 New test detects diabetic retinopathy at an early stage.
Apr22 Vancomycin-resistant MRSA identified in a patient in Brazil.
Apr16 Diabetes complication rate in the U.S. shows a sharp decline.
Apr15 NEJM - New drug regimen cures 90% of patients with hepatitis C and cirrhosis.
Apr15 Chromium supplements of no benefit in lowering blood sugar
Mar30 No ischemic EKG changes plus very low cardiac high-sensitivity troponin T levels rule out MI.
Mar30 Symplicity trial discussed by Drs. Gersh and Lerman.
Mar29 Negative SYMPLICITY HTN-3 trial results published in NEJM
Mar29 Evolocumab lowers LDL cholesterol by more than 50% (NEJM)
Mar29 SYMPLICITY HTN - 3: Renal artery denervation fails for resistant hypertension
Mar29 New class of anticholesterol drugs lowers LDL by 50%
Mar17 Large meta-analysis exonerates saturated fat in terms of elevated CV risk.
Mar13 Oxadiazoles make up a new class of antibiotics effective against MRSA.
Mar13 ITPA gene variants markedly affect risk of recurrence of hepatitis C after treatment.
Mar13 Some NSAIDs found to have weak antibacterial activity.
Mar13 Smartphones used to take images of the eye for sharing with health providers.
Mar02 Rare gene deletion that protects the obses against type 2 diabetes identified.
Feb28 Beta-blockade found to benefit ESRD patient survival and CV risk
Feb24 New form of pneumococcal vaccine (Prevnar 13) protects elderly adults.
Feb22 Open Biome (fecal material transplant company) FAQs
Feb22 Fecal transplantation becoming more popular; a company offers collection service.
Feb16 Apple working on heart attack prediction device based on wearable sensor.
Jan28 Are ozobranchid leeches the key to low-temperature preservation of organs?
Jan17 Google's smart contact lens project to be piloted to monitor blood sugar levels.
Jan16 FDA requests Class II recall of many versions of the Fresenius 2008 dialysis machine.
Jan15 Scribes in healthcare settings free up physician time to talk to patients.
Jan14 New device informs treatment of sleep apnea.
Jan14 Potential rewrite of human research guidelines will facilitate database studies.
Jan14 ZS Pharma announces positive results from extended treatment results of hyperkalemia drug.
Dec23 Portable retinal scanner developed for early detection of eye disease.
Dec23 Staph stopper vaccine developed at U. Iowa
Dec21 Ultrasonography for nephrologists course in Atlanta, GA, Feb 1-4, 2014
Dec18 Blood pressure target in the elderly changed from less than 140 to less than 150.
Dec14 How HDL cholesterol reduces inflammation via the ATF3 gene.
Dec14 Tall people have lower amounts of coronary artery plaque.
Dec14 Magnetic resonance spectroscopy measures heart energy levels; predicts prognosis.
Dec14 Staph. aureus can lurk deep within the nose.
Dec14 Long-term use of proton-pump inhibitors linked to vitamin B12 deficiency.
Dec03 Harvard Global Clinical Scholars Research Program
Nov25 FDA removes certain restrictions from Avandia.
Nov23 Abstracts from the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2013
Nov20 Nuts !
Nov19 New study of spironolactone in heart failure fails to show improvement in many hard outcomes.
Nov19 Advanced CT imaging as good as angiography to detect CAD blockages.
Nov19 Gene therapy shows long-lasting benefits in patients with heart failure.
Nov19 Aldehyde compound stimulates UC-1 to burn body fat.
Nov19 Low-dose dopamine or nesiritide of no help in acute heart failure.
Nov19 Eveolocumab lowers LDL cholesterol in patients with marked hypercholesterolemia.
Nov18 Abatacept slows or halts proteinuria in FSGS.
Nov18 VA NEPHRON D Sttudy in NEJM: Combination ACE-I and ARB treatment for diabetic nephropathy with proteinuria found to be harmful.
Nov18 CORAL study reports negative results in the NEJM re stenting of renovascular HTN.
Nov18 Controversy over heart disease risk formula being applied as an indication for statins.
Nov18 IBM opens up Watson to developers. Some medical applications underway.
Nov18 AHA Scientific Sessions: Daily News
Nov18 7th Congress of the International Society of Hemodialysis, Okinawa, Japan, April 25-27. 2014
Nov18 ISHD Hemodialysis University, Hyderabad, India, March 1-2, 2014
Nov07 FDA ruling would eliminate use of trans fats from foods.
Nov05 Sofosbuvir, simeprevir, and ledipasvir combos may cure hepatitis C infection.
Nov04 Many herbal supplements do not contain what's on the label.
Nov02 Video evaluation allows measurement of surgeon's operating skills; link to outcomes found.
Nov01 New oral sorbent targeting hyperkalemia; trial results to be presented at ASN.
Oct27 New K-absorbing compound prevents hyperkalemia with spironolactone.
Oct20 Vitamin D therapy may not contribute to kidney stones.
Oct20 Diuretics and ACE inhibitors protect against dementia; beta-blockers and CCBs do not.
Oct20 207 nm UV light may be useful to prevent surgical wound infections.
Oct20 Gene silencing PPMO antibacterials developed to combat Acinetobacter infections.
Oct20 Bacteriophages targeting C. difficile: magic bullets against superbugs?
Oct20 Sleeping brain clears beta-amyloid via the glymphatic system.
Oct20 What is the law of urination and why is 21 seconds important? (Streaming video)
Oct13 2013 ESH/ESC guidelines for hypertension management (PDF)
Oct13 European Hypertension Guideline update helps fill U.S. void while waiting for JNC8
Oct13 Application of honey to peritoneal catheter infection site as good as mupirocin.
Oct13 Medtronics enters dialyzer market in India. Will focus on the developing world market.
Oct13 NxStage announces opening of NxStage Kidney Care dialysis.
Oct13 Master regulators control gene expression and may affect disease susceptibility.
Oct13 Body uses RNA interference to combat viral infections.
Oct13 Recombinant Human Prion Protein Inhibits Prion Propagation
Oct12 ASN 2013 Renal Week abstracts now available
Sep28 Weekend off-topic: ICCF-18 talks on cold fusion
Sep25 Rhabdomyolysis in cross fit training participants.
Sep25 Melatonin stimulates brown fat formation.
Sep21 Remote ischemic conditioning using blood pressure cuff in acute heart attack
Sep18 A mechanism to kill tuberculosis bacteria has been discovered.
Sep18 Arginine therapy may be useful to treat sickle cell disease related pain.
Sep18 Vaccinating cattle against toxigenic E. Coli could cut risk of infection in humans.
Sep18 Toronto study suggests that CABG is better than stent for diabetic patients.
Sep18 Childhood obesity quadruples risk of later hypertension.
Sep02 Study of saxagliptin for diabetes shows no increase in heart attack risk.
Aug27 ISHD Congress in Argentina: Cardiac and Metabolic Disorders in Hemodialysis. Sep 11-14, 2013.
Aug27 Video library relating to history of dialysis available at the ISHD website
Aug26 Copper from the diet may play an important role in Alzheimer disease in mouse model.
Aug20 Kaiser able to control 87% of subjects with hypertension
Aug16 Remote ischemic preconditioning via BP cuff increases heart surgery survival.
Aug14 21 genetic mutations found to account for 97% of common cancers.
Aug13 NRAA Annual meeting in Seattle, WA to include Medical Director Workshop Sept. 25, 2013
Aug13 Scientific American reviews the evidence against fructose, and finds little.
Aug07 Ultrasound patch helps heal long standing venous skin ulceration of the legs.
Aug07 Long-term use of calcium channel blockers linked to increased breast cancer risk.
Aug07 New approach to treat diseases with inherited mutations of mitochondrial DNA.
Aug07 Eating a big breakfast: Pendulum swings back with new evidence claiming this is good.
Aug07 Are we smarter than a 10-year old? Quantitative biology yields new insights into bacterial metabolism.
Aug07 Off topic tech: If you use Chrome, all of your passwords are open to scrutiny.
Jul18 Pandoravirus and other giant viruses in the news; some found in humans.
Jul15 Lengthy diarrheal illness associated with ingestion of cyclospora-contaminated fruits and vegetables.
Jul13 Modified HIV vector used to cure 2 genetic disease in children.
Jul11 Rare mutation triggers race to develop new cholesterol drugs.
Jul05 Salsalate lowers blood glucose in type 2 diabetes.
Jul05 Brown fat activation may be responsible for accelerated atherosclerosis in winter.
Jul05 Drug resistant Staph. aureus commonly found in workers at industrial livestock farms.
Jul05 VeriGene test detects Gram positive bloodstream infections and resistance genes.
Jul05 DHA (in fish oil) reduces inflammation via maresin in macrophages.
Jul05 Blocking CD36 might affect inflammation-induced atherosclerosis
Jun26 Reverse DNA vaccine improves pancreatic function in type 1 diabetes.
Jun25 NEJM: Intentional weight loss in overweight type 2 diabetic subjects shows no benefit on death or CV endpoints.
Jun23 Human organs could be grown from stem cells within pigs by 1 year from now.
Jun21 Silver found to have marked antibacterial properties when added in small amounts to antibiotics.
Jun14 ASAIO 2013 Scientific Meeting, Chicago, IL -- abstract link (.pdf)
Jun12 Off topic: NEJM weighs in on forced enteral feeding of prisoners in Guantanamo.
Jun04 ISN World Congress of Nephrology Poster Presentations.
Jun04 ISN World Congress of Nephrology abstracts
May24 Itching linked to neural polypeptide B.
May21 Off-topic: "The world is about to change."
May16 American Society for Hypertension annual scientific meeting in progress in San Francisco.
May16 Robotic surgery decreases complication rate in markedly obese recipients.
May14 Institute of Medicine questions 1.5 g/day sodium limitation recommendations.
May09 Mortality risk for children on dialysis decreases substantially.
May07 Hospital cost database now publicly available -- shows large disparities.
Apr30 Atherosclerosis found in mummified remains of humans from preindustrial civilizations.
Apr26 Betatrophin may markedly increase insulin production in diabetes.
Apr24 Gut bacteria, lecithin, TMAO, and atherosclerosis in the NEJM.
Apr23 HDCN payment certificate problem now fixed.
Apr23 Sofosbuvir treatment for hepatitis C gives results comparable to interferon.
Apr16 Drinking beet juice lowers blood pressure by 10 mm Hg.
Apr15 Decellularized kidney scaffolds reseeded with cultured cells produce rudimentary urine.
Apr09 Caveat physicus: Beall's list of scam open access journals and scientific meetings.
Apr07 Vitamin D deficiency impedes mitochondrial energy metabolism in muscle.
Apr07 Please wash your kieselguhr before filtering your beer.
Apr07 New theory implicating red meat in risk for atherosclerosis involves carnitine, intestinal bacteria, and TMAO.
Apr05 Hepatitis A virus has a cloaking device made from the infected host cell membrane.
Apr05 Renal Physicians Association's Guide to Nephrology Practice 8th edition now available.
Apr05 Walking as good as running to lower heart disease risk.
Apr05 Chronic pain commonly associated with ischemic stroke.
Apr05 Overweight in teenagers linked to later onset CKD.
Apr05 New meta analysis suggests benefits of salt reduction and dietary K increase.
Apr05 New meta analysis suggests benefits of salt reduction and dietary K increase.
Apr05 New meta analysis suggests benefits of salt reduction and dietary K increase.
Apr05 Malic acid mouth spay for xerostomia.
Apr03 Cholesterol-lowering eyedrops improve macular degeneration in mice.
Mar29 NKF Spring Clinical Meetings abstract search tool.
Mar20 Vel-negative blood type and transfusion risk now better understood.
Mar20 High potency statins increase risk of acute kidney injury (slightly).
Mar17 Macrophages found to play key role in regulating red blood cell levels.
Mar17 Olive oil plus yogurt combo most effective in achieving satiety.
Mar17 Aggressive fluid resuscitation in shock worsens risk of cardiovascular collapse in children in study from Africa.
Mar17 Semaphorin A rises acutely, then falls back to baseline after acute kidney injury.
Mar17 Cholecalciferol treatmen of African Americans with hypertension good.
Mar17 Hospital epidemiology study suggests that 1/3 of antimicrobial drug prescriptions in dialysis patients are inappropriate.
Mar17 Fluoroquinolone-resistant E. Coli strains becoming more common in elderly adults.
Mar17 Darbepoietin treatment does not improve survival in anemic heart failure patients.
Mar17 Contact sports change skin bacteria populations.
Mar17 Small fiber polyneuropathy - newly diagnosed nerve disease in children.
Mar17 Trio of biomarkers may help identify early stage kidney cancer.
Mar17 Warm extracorporeal perfusion of liver for 24 hours leads to successful transplant.
Mar15 New Handbook of Nephrology title available from LWW.
Mar09 Niacin drug plus antiflushing compound had substantial side effects.
Mar08 Mice cloned sequentially up to 25 times with no decrease in life span.
Mar08 New study validates anti-aging effects of resveratrol.
Mar07 Link to CRE story on CDC's MMWR
Mar07 CDC warns of carbenepam resistant Enterobacter (CRE superbug)
Mar07 High salt diet linked to activation of Th-17 helper cells and multiple sclerosis in mice.
Feb28 Eulerian video magnification to monitor dialysis patients.
Feb24 Fatal allergic reactions to Omontys (peginesatide) trigger recall.
Feb20 Hemodialysis abstracts from upcoming Annual Dialysis Conference in Seattle.
Feb19 New SARS coronavirus can spread like the common cold.
Feb16 MMWR: Synthetic cannabinoid use and acute kidney injury.
Feb16 JASN: Full text of RCT comparing hemodiafiltration to hemodialysis.
Feb16 Synthetic marijuana linked to acute interstitial nephritis.
Feb16 Dogs cured of type 1 diabetes by gene therapy.
Feb16 FHN study finds frequent dialysis associated with higher vascular access risks.
Feb16 Randomized trial shows that switching from HD to online-HDF lowers mortality by 30%.
Feb16 Cure for Chagas disease found?
Feb16 Are mycotoxin progenitor molecules found in grains responsible for kidney toxicity?
Feb16 Another study shows increased cardiovascular risk in women with high calcium intake.
Feb16 ADAMTS7, thrombospondin, genetics, and arterial plaque.
Feb16 Off-patent generic drug amlexanox may beneficially affect diabetes.
Feb16 New metabolic pathway identified in Staph bacteria as a target for novel antibiotics.
Feb16 Vitamin D potency varies widely in nonprescription supplements.
Feb16 Synthetic marijuana may damage the kidneys.
Jan21 Regular aspirin use associated with risk of age-related neovascular macular degeneration.
Jan10 High urinary bisphenol A levels in children associated with higher urinary alb/creat levels.
Jan10 DaVita announces drug supply agreement with Fresenius Medical Care.
Jan10 AWAK inks agreement with Baxter for wearable dialysis technology.
Jan10 GAO claims that Medicare is overpaying for dialysis.
Jan10 FMC and DaVita lose legal case in Florida challenging laboratory referral law.
Jan10 Hematuria risk index helps discriminate which patients need a workup for cancer.
Jan10 Data mining approach shows that a diuretic + ACEI or ARB + NSAID is bad for the kidney
Jan10 Why antioxidants may be bad for you once you have cancer.
Jan10 Sodium excretion by weekly and monthly cycles in men revealed by astronaut testing.
Jan10 Gene therapy reprograms scar tissue in damaged hearts.
Dec26 Elevated levels of C-reactive protein associated with depression.
Dec26 Blood transfusion associated with increased risk of heart attack.
Dec16 Gut bacteria may protect against atherosclerosis by making carotenoids.
Dec16 Anti-HIV drug protects leukoctyes against Staph. aureus infection.
Dec13 Endothelin antagonist sitaxentan good for CKD with heart disease.
Dec10 Reprogrammed T-cells using an attenuated strain of HIV result in remission of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Dec07 Kidney Care Partners initiative (PEAK) cuts initial dialysis patient mortality by 12%.
Dec07 CMS clarified position on outpatient dialysis for patients with AKI.
Dec07 Univ of Michigan and the Veterans Administration to set up VA kidney disease registry.
Dec07 Inadvertent injection of bleach into dialysis system probed by regulators.
Dec07 FDA issues new labeling requirements for heparin vials.
Dec06 Microbial stowaways in antiseptic products
Dec06 NKF-FDA workshop reviews endpoints for studies of chronic kidney disease.
Dec06 Protein that builds muscle after exercise identified.
Dec06 Beta-hydroxybutyrate, histone deacetylase, calorie restriction, and slower aging.
Dec06 Aspirin tablet coatings may give rise to aspirin pseudoresistance.
Dec04 Baxter purchase by Gambro a done deal.
Dec01 Single-treatment gene therapy targeting telomerase extends lifespan of mouse by 24%.
Nov30 Mystery coronavirus circulating in Middle East causes acute kidney failure.
Nov30 Dialysis patients speak video re infection control practices in 2012.
Nov30 DaVita in the news on CNN regarding accusations of Medicare fraud.
Nov27 More on the Baxter effort to buy Gambro.
Nov27 Dr. Joseph Murray, transplant pioneer, dies at age 93 in Boston.
Nov26 Heartbeat gives off more than 10 times the energy needed to power pacemakers.
Nov26 Genes controlling cortisol and aldosterone found to be implicated in human hypertension.
Nov26 Firms race to develop renal denervation catheters to treat hypertension.
Nov26 Baxter said to be in talks to buy Gambro.
Nov19 Nanotechnology cures multiple sclerosis in mice; are other autoimmune diseases next?
Nov18 New DaVinci robotic surgery equipment reduces 3 small incisions to 1.
Nov18 DNA sequencing helps tracks the course of an MRSA outbreak in real time.
Nov10 Loss of essential blood gene (Atpif1) leads to anemia.
Nov10 Trio of new drugs from Abbott shows high cure rate for hepatitis C.
Nov05 Pacemakers can self-recharge using the energy from a beating heart.
Nov05 Randomized trial shows benefit for chelation therapy for heart disease.
Nov05 Cinacalcet for hyperparathyroidism trial results published in NEJM.
Nov05 NEJM: Coronary revascularization better than percutaneous procedures for diabetic patients.
Nov05 Tolvaptan for polycystic kidney disease trial published in NEJM.
Nov05 Chicago area facilities board rejects plans for several new dialysis units from FMC and US Renal
Nov05 ASN Kidney News - Kidney Week edition
Nov05 American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2012 News - Sunday
Nov05 American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2012 News - Saturday
Nov05 Nabilone shows benefits in managing pain of diabetic neuropathy.
Nov05 Eculizumab for atypical HUS shows promise on longer term treatment.
Nov05 CMS issues final policy for 2013 detailing policies and incentives in ESRD.
Nov05 Weight loss by bariatric surgery can lead to reduced bone density.
Nov05 Tolvaptan study shows promising results in polycystic kidney disease.
Nov01 Will nanosilver drainwater contamination pose a problem for dialysis?
Nov01 DOPPS practice monitor updated in October 2012
Nov01 PKD foundation accepting nominations for LJ Kaplan prize until Dec 1.
Nov01 Sodium-modified hemodiafiltration use results in lower intradialytic hypotension
Nov01 Prolonged QRS and PR intervals in atrial fibrillation predict poor outcome.
Nov01 High blood resistin levels increase LDL cholesterol and impair efficacy of statins.
Oct31 IBM's Watson computer goes to medical school and takes the USMLE exam.
Oct29 Google crisis map for hurricane sandy
Oct25 ASN establishes foundation to fund kidney research: time for a cure
Oct25 Dr. Beth Piraino appointed as new President of the U.S. National Kidney Foundation.
Oct25 New treatment of malaria shows promise.
Oct25 Using human stool to treat C. difficile colon infestations is safe and effective.
Oct23 RPA: Write your Congressperson to support extended immunosuppressive drug coverage for transplant patients.
Oct19 Daily vibration combats prediabets in young mice.
Oct19 Bardoxolone study terminated by safety monitoring committee.
Oct19 Egg freezing works to preserve fertility.
Oct17 Vitamin D supplements may benefit lupus patients
Oct17 Kidney grafts function longer in Europe than in the United States.
Oct17 Lower chloride use in intravenous fluids may reduce risk of acute kidney injury.
Oct17 Cranberry juice unlikely to help in cystitis.
Oct16 Some turtles excrete more urea via the mouth than in the urine.
Oct10 Drs. Lefkowitz and Kobilka share chemistry Nobel prize for discovery of G-protein coupled receptors.
Oct10 ASN Kidney Week 2012 abstracts now available
Oct09 Kidney disease alters gut bacteria composition.
Oct09 Appeals court overturns 83 million dollar judgement against Fresenius.
Oct09 Neuroprotectant drug effective in maintaining brain function after aneurysm surgery.
Oct09 Bariatric surgery gives disappointing results in terms of sleep apnea.
Oct09 New class of antimicrobial drugs active against Staph aureus discovered.
Oct06 Off-topic weekend tech: We're NASA and we know it (from mid-August).
Oct05 Eggs made from skin cells fertilized with male mouse sperm and give rise to seemingly normal mice.
Oct05 Incenter short daily hemodialysis associated with INCREASED mortality.
Oct04 Subcutaneous implantable defibrillator avoids the need for intravenous leads.
Oct04 National Kidney Foundation launches free magazine for CKD patients.
Oct04 Asahi recalls certain lots of Rexeed dialyzers.
Oct04 USRDS Annual Data Report now available.
Oct04 Cost-efficacy of diabetes screening called into question.
Oct02 UCSF artificial kidney program receives private donor funding.
Oct02 National Renal Administrators Conference to begin in Savannah, GA on October 10.
Oct02 Missouri attorney drops inquiry into DaVita without filing any charges.
Oct02 Increasing levels of FGF2 tied to age-related muscle wasting; reversed with an inhibitory drug.
Oct02 100K units of vitamin D per month does not reduce incidence of colds.
Sep27 University of Pennsylvania and LDOs to launch hemodialysis TIME trial as part of NIH HCS Research Collaboratory
Sep25 DaVita complains that it is being treated unfairly in Illinois by health facilities board.
Sep25 Oops! Nurse throws living donor kidney awaiting transplant into trash by mistake.
Sep25 New CDC report based on NHANES data focuses on prevalence of hypertension in US.
Sep25 Intravenous hypertonic saline solution reduces inflammation by shrinking cells.
Sep25 Lithium may not work in some patients; and these failures can be detect by lack of gene induction.
Sep25 Bacteriophages targeting Pseudomonas may be used to destroy biofilm.
Sep25 Use of bacteriophages to kill bacteria that causes acne: Is S. aureus next?
Sep19 Cost-effectivenes study of renal sympathetic denervation published.
Sep19 What's causing an epidemic of tubulointerstitial nephritis in Uddanam, India?
Sep19 DCI gives large grant to University of New Mexico to create kidney research institute.
Sep19 Compound found in purple corn reduces macrophage activation in diabetic nephropathy in mice.
Sep19 Oral insulin use delays appearance of type 1 diabetes.
Sep12 Deaf gerbils able to hear again after stem cell treatment.
Sep12 Fish oil supplement meta-analysis in the news (found no benefit)
Sep12 Serious adverse effects of fluoroquinolones in the news.
Sep07 NNCC announces availability of two advanced level certifying exams for dialysis.
Sep07 CDC MMWR emphasizes poor control of hypertension in the United States.
Sep07 Drinking green tea will help you find the hidden platform when you're older.
Sep07 Miniature glucose sensor may eliminate the need for needlesticks.
Sep07 Nonalcoholic red wine reduced blood pressure better than regular red wine.
Sep07 CKD patients have reduced ability to prevent vascular calcification.
Sep07 Anti-PLA2R antibodies detected in 70% of patients with idiopathic membranous GN
Sep07 ESRD program being examined as a model for cost-cutting in the Medicare system.
Sep07 Researchers decipher manic gene.
Sep05 Junk DNA turns out to play a major role in cell regulation.
Sep03 Protein found to regulate red blood cell size and number.
Sep03 Caloric restriction in monkeys fails to result in increased longevity.
Aug31 Manuscript describing effects of acetic acid and sodium diacetate on acid-base balance now available.
Aug29 Check your computer for presence of Java plugin that can leave it vulnerable to hackers.
Aug27 Renal denervation for advanced heart failure
Aug27 Niacin may help the body fight against Staph. aureus infection. via CEBPE gene.
Aug22 Dr. John Stokes, University of Iowa Division of Nephrology Chief, in Memoriam.
Aug22 Just in time sequence analysis help solve how a multidrug resistant Klebsiella spread.
Aug16 CD4 T cells linked to immunologically-mediated atherosclerosis; vaccine may be possible.
Aug16 (+)-naloxone blocks opioid addiction by an immunologic mechanism.
Aug16 Obatoclax and flavopiridol for multiple myeloma.
Aug16 Meditation reduces activity of inflammation-associated genes.
Aug16 Glial lymphatic system identified in the brain.
Aug16 Toxoplasma gondi infection linked to suicide attempts; T. gondi risk higher in dialysis patients
Aug16 Adjusting and setting the dialysate total base concentration differs by dialysis machine.
Aug16 DOPPS Practice Monitor website
Aug16 CMS releases 2011 claims-based monitoring results - finds no change.
Aug09 NxStage protests lack of improvement in reimbursement for home dialysis to CMS.
Aug09 Thinner diabetics face higher death rate.
Aug09 CDC online course in infection prevention in dialysis units.
Aug09 Prof. Dr. Dimitrios Oreopoulos obituary
Aug09 Do neutrophils mediate insulin resistance in obesity?
Aug07 Is there an obesity paradox in diabetes?
Aug03 Apoptosis inhibitor fusion protein ensures recovery from acute liver failure in mice.
Aug03 Diacetyl, an artificial butter flavor used in popcorn, linked to Alzheimer's disease worsening.
Aug03 Suspended dialysis unit worker alleged to contaminate dialysate water with bleach.
Aug02 KDIGO releases new, 2012 version of anemia guidelines; 9.0 g/dL Hb is the new lower bound.
Aug02 Total nephrectomy for renal cancer associated with late erectile dysfunction.
Aug02 SPECT/CT helps to diagnose difficult cases of infectious endocarditis.
Jul23 Higher serum bicarbonate associated with lower type 2 diabetes risk in Nurses Health Study.
Jul23 CMS announces initial group of practices participating in the ACO (Accountable Care Organization) model.
Jul21 Patient weight gain after change of acid concentrate supplier with same nominal dialysate sodium level.
Jul21 New body shape index, based on height, BMI, and waist circumference, predicts mortality risk.
Jul21 JASN early release: Rituximab shows good results in membranous nephropathy.
Jul21 JASN RCT finds no benefits of 3 phosphorus binding drugs on vascular calcification in predialysis CKD..
Jul21 FDA: Seizure risk from cefepime in patients with renal impairment.
Jul18 FDA approves new phosphate-free colon cleansing prep.
Jul18 Trial of EPO pump underway.
Jul18 Are you one of the U.S. top nephrologists? Check the U.S. News and World Report list.
Jul18 FDA approves second diet drug within a month.
Jul18 Fresenius' Ulf Schneider talks about plans for global expansion, including china (video).
Jul18 Off-topic technology: Gaze control of devices may help subjects with impaired motor ability.
Jul18 In frail elderly, higher blood pressures associated with increased survival.
Jul18 Adding vitamin B12 to hepatitis C treatment regimen improves cure rate.
Jul12 NEJM op ed: Teaching physicians about costs of medical care.
Jul12 New technology allows visualization of biofilm cities at the streetview level.
Jul12 Circadian clock cryptochromes tied to development of type 2 diabetes.
Jul12 CDC (MMWR): Updated recommendations regarding hepatitis B infected health care personnel.
Jul12 Home dialysis conference to be held in October of 2012 in Baltimore.
Jul12 Kidney broker sentenced to prison as donor recalls doubts.
Jul12 Cucurmin reduces incidence of type 2 diabetes in randomized control trial.
Jul12 Chloramine - a concern not only for dialysis units but also for aquarium owners.
Jul12 Affymax inks deal to supply Omontys (peginesatide) to Fresenius in the U.S.
Jul12 Ethanol consumption quickly slows elevated bone turnover rate; protects against osteoporosis in women.
Jul12 Post-menopausal hormone therapy linked to risk of high blood pressure.
Jul11 Artificial Organs journal: Preprint of paper dealing with alkalinizing compounds in bicarbonate dialysate concentrates.
Jul10 JASN publishes paper comparing reimbursement for dialysis in various countries.
Jul10 FDA approves viral load test for patients with CMV infection.
Jul05 Consumer Reports rates pediatric practices in Massachusetts
Jul05 Avatar science fiction closer to reality than you would think.
Jul05 CMS leaves reimbursement for home hemodialysis largely unchanged.
Jul05 Short course of immunotherapy reverses type 1 diabetes in mice.
Jul05 Platelet drug eltrombopag increases platelet count in aplastic anemia.
Jul05 Metformin may boost brain function via stimulation of new neuron formation.
Jul05 Origin of follicular dendritic cells found.
Jul05 Fracture benefits of vitamin D in the elderly appear only at doses greater than 800 IU / day.
Jul04 Off-topic: Large hadron collider rap revisited, in honor of the Higgs boson discovery
Jul03 University of Louisville to partner with American Renal Associates for dialysis clinic.
Jul03 DaVita settles allegations of improper billing for ESAs without admitting any wrongdoing.
Jul03 CMS proposes increasing payment to dialysis units by 3.1%
Jul03 Large waist gives survival advantage in heart failure patients.
Jul03 Atkins type low carb diet best in terms of a higher caloric expenditure after weight loss.
Jun28 Favorable early results after renal denervation in CKD.
Jun28 FDA approves new weight loss drug lorcaserin (Belviq)
Jun28 FDA approves new prostate-cancer-detecting blood test - prostate health index
Jun27 FDA terms relabeling of Naturalyte and Granuflo concentrates to warn of total base content and alkalosis risk as a Class I recall.
Jun27 Fresenius changes its labeling on its Naturalyte and Granuflo dialysate concentrates to reflect total base content.
Jun27 Considerable variability found between 25-D assays.
Jun27 Atkins diets increase rate of calories burned, but also increase cardiovascular risk in women.
Jun23 Olmesartan side effects mimic celiac disease.
Jun20 Anti-adhesion molecule therapy for urinary tract infection.
Jun20 Tick bites associated with alpha-gal allergy.
Jun20 Higher urinary sodium output in the PREVEND trial linked to higher BP, uric acid, and albuminuria.
Jun20 Intestinal bacteria secrete neurotransmitters (GABA) that may play a role in inflammation.
Jun16 Fresenius memo to dialysis units regarding sudden death risk associated with dialysate base concentration.
Jun14 RPA June Public Policy video news brief.
Jun14 Viable stem cells harvested from cadavers up to 17 days after death.
Jun13 Hemodialysis machine (and TAH) designers please pay attention!
Jun13 CDC launches Web course on Infection Prevention in a Dialysis Setting
Jun13 Study of childhood type 2 diabetes reports unusually high incidence.
Jun13 Healthy human microbiome characterized.
Jun13 Thiazolidinedione use may increase risk of macular edema.
Jun13 Apramycin may be a useful antibiotic that causes little damage to hearing.
Jun07 Abiraterone shows good results in advanced prostate cancer.
Jun07 Sepsis in one dialysis unit traced to problems with reprocessing technique.
Jun07 High caffeine levels protective against Alzheimer disease.
Jun07 New myeloma treatment regimen shows good results.
Jun07 Carriage of resistant Staph. may be a family affair.
Jun07 Why exercise has a beneficial effect on neuropathic pain.
Jun04 Harvard Nephrology Board Review Course for August 6-10, 2012 in Boston.
Jun03 Salt intake skepticism in the Sunday New York Times.
Jun02 World Congress of Cardiology poster presentation abstracts (186 page pdf file)
Jun02 World Congress of Cardiology oral presentation abstracts (83-page pdf file)
Jun01 Actos (pioglitazone) and bladder cancer risk: tempest in a pee-pot?
Jun01 Soft drink consumption linked to high blood pressure, but it may not be via fructose.
Jun01 Alcohol may trigger serious palpitations in heart patients with atrial fibrillation.
Jun01 Study vindicates Atkins type diet in terms of kidney function.
May31 Internatl. Society for Hemodialysis: Hemodialysis University registration link now active.
May29 KDIGO publishes 2012 practice guidelines for treating glomerulonephritis.
May29 FDA issues warning about use of high total base content hemodialysis solutions.
May29 Intensive glucose control in diabetes does not retard CKD progression (meta-analysis).
May29 Naturally occurring calcium isotope ratios in urine can detect early bone loss.
May29 AUF1 gene plays central role in aging, inflammation, and cancer.
May29 Exercise alone does little to improve nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.
May29 Prevalence of kidney stones doubles with obesity epidemic.
May29 Danish study identifies U-shaped mortality curve for serum 25-D levels.
May24 Another study suggests cardiovascular risk increase from calcium supplements.
May22 Microfluidic chip used as a rapid test for tuberculosis.
May22 900 dollar individual genome scans on the horizon.
May22 Fusion gene abnormality present in 50% of prostate cancers.
May22 New guidelines suggest to NOT give aspirin or warfarin to heart failure patients.
May22 DaVita looks to Accountable Care Organization model with new acquisition.
May22 Fresenius clarifies its response to risk of alkalosis with certain dialysis solutions.
May22 Abacavir side effects linked to autoimmune reaction.
May19 Looking away as you get stuck by a needle associated with less pain.
May19 Possible risk of sudden death with certain alkalosis-inducing dialysate concentrates.
May19 Bedbugs and dialysis units in the news.
May19 Short-term azithromycin treatment associated with increased cardiovascular death risk.
May19 Study of HDL genetic variants casts doubt on the beneficial impact of higher HDL levels.
May19 Five-minute unstructured chats with dialysis patients result in improved phosphorus and albumin outcomes.
May19 Robot-assisted surgery now favored to treat some kidney cancers.
May19 Air pollution reduction during Beijing Olympics associated with decreased platelet activation marker levels.
May19 New MRI technique can follow changes in brain pH.
May19 Mouse study suggests benefits of scheduled eating.
May19 Renal denervation shows encouraging results for resistant hypertension.
May16 Healthy food is not necessarily more expensive than junk food.
May16 Brain implant allows paralyzed patients to move a robotic arm with their thoughts only.
May14 USRDS reports increases in blood transfusion rate to dialysis patients of 9-22 percent in 2011 vs. 2010.
May14 Another study shows potential benefits of a higher fat diet in diabetic patients.
May14 Bone morphogenic protein 8B, brown fat cells, and obesity.
May14 Portuguese economy adversely impacting care of dialysis patients.
May10 White coat vs. white dress hypertension
May10 HDL cholesterol that contains ApoC-III is bad for you.
May10 LARIAT to tie off left atrial appendage for atrial fibrillation treatment vs. warfarin.
May10 JAMA paper shows CKD-EPI equation better than MDRD for estimating CKD mortality risk.
May10 Destruction of vagal afferents using surgically applied capsaicin for extreme obesity.
May10 More severe scleroderma in African Americans linked to certain antibodies.
May04 JAMA: Fish oil RCT shows some benefit in terms of AV grafts, but primary outcome was negative.
May04 Mechanism of increased CV risk with NSAIDs explained.
May04 Rethinking the medical school class lecture model.
May04 Aspirin and warfarin equally effective in heart failure patients.
May04 Combination of two mTor inhibitors reverses liver tumor growth.
May04 Two types of macrophage cell lines identified.
May04 American College of Rheumatology issues lupus nephritis guidelines.
May04 Use of earplugs in the intensive care unit reduces patient cognitive disturbance by 50%.
May04 Jogging shown to prolong life by 5-6 years.
May04 Cardiovascular risks of varenicline not confirmed.
May01 Gut microbe swap changes eating habits of rats.
May01 Randomized trial of hemodiafiltration vs. low-flux dialysis shows no overall benefit.
May01 FDA approves everolimus for treatment of kidney angiomyolipomas associated with tuberous sclerosis.
May01 Facebook sets up a mechanism for its users to declare their organ donor status.
May01 Renal denervation devicemakers in the news: Covidien and Maya medical.
May01 Nephros gets 510k approval from FDA for it's add-on hemodiafiltration module.
May01 Avastin and Lucentis similarly effective in treating wet age-related macular degeneration.
May01 Synthetic stool a potential treatment for chronic C. dificile infection.
May01 High uric acid levels a risk factor for hypertension in teenagers.
May01 Diabetes per se may not be a risk factor for contrast nephropathy.
May01 Twin study emphasizes benefits of prolonged sleep time in avoiding obesity.
May01 Dark side to beta-carotene supplements?
May01 Interferon treatment can cause depression.
Apr26 Patient recovery after being declared brain dead in the news.
Apr26 Survey of physician salaries in 2011.
Apr26 FDA issues safety warning about using aliskiren plus an ACEI or ARB in diabetes or CKD.
Apr26 Twice transplanted kidney at Northwestern in the news on CNN.
Apr26 More physicians calling the rounds at the newest ACOs.
Apr26 Want more bone cells and less fat cells? Endoglin may be the answer.
Apr26 Increased vitamin D levels may increase osteoporosis during calcium depletion.
Apr26 Donor kidney doesn't agree with you? Get it removed and give it to someone else.
Apr24 Dr. George Schreiner: in memoriam
Apr17 DaVita updated kidneysmart.org CKD patient education website
Apr17 Targeted ultrasound therapy for prostate cancer shows promise.
Apr17 ProPublica dialysis facility tracking website updated and in the news.
Apr17 Proteins can fold in a water-free environment and develop thermal resistance
Apr17 Twice the sodium in some fast foods sold in the US or Canada vs. France or UK.
Apr17 Survival better after partial vs. radical nephrectomy in kidney cancer.
Apr17 Caffeine use may help dry eye syndrome.
Apr15 Weekend off-topic: Yes, there is microbial life on Mars, detected 35 years ago.
Apr10 Percutaneous needling of urinary bladder detects presence of novel bacteria.
Apr10 New MRI technique may predict progress of dementias.
Apr10 Fish oil benefits questioned for heart attack and stroke survivors.
Apr10 FDA pilots an advanced technology program for ESKD.
Apr10 Selective renal nerve denervation benefits persist for at least 3 years afterwards.
Apr10 Higher blood glucose levels may benefit heart failure patients.
Apr05 Handheld plasma torch rapidly kills biofilm-encased bacteria.
Apr05 DXA scans suggest that BMI markedly underdiagnoses obesity prevalence in the U.S.
Apr05 As yet unidentified factor from fat stem cells can markedly increase glucose uptake in muscle.
Apr05 Salivary amylase levels determine blood glucose response to starchy food ingestion.
Apr05 Bacterial contamination found in pharmacy robots preparing IV solutions.
Mar27 FDA approves peginesatide to treat anemia in adult dialysis patients.
Mar27 Warren Buffet loads up on DaVita stock.
Mar27 LDL antibodies reduce LDL cholesterol by 70% in patients already taking statins.
Mar20 CDC reports on New Jersey efforts to reduce bloodstream infections in dialysis units.
Mar20 Antiplatelet therapy in CKD patients with heart disease called into question.
Mar20 With climate warming, U.S. residents face risk of contracting Chagas disease.
Mar15 CDC launches 54 million dollar ad campaign against smoking.
Mar13 Shiga-toxin E. Coli carrier state markedly reduced by azithromycin treatment.
Mar13 Ben Lipps retiring as CEO of Fresenius; Rice Powell to replace him.
Mar13 Shiga-toxin producing E. Coli associated with correctional facility-run dairy.
Mar13 Eating red meat associated with health risks and shorter life expectancy.
Mar13 FDA nd Congress launches initiatives to deal with drug shortages.
Mar13 Mouse intestinal cells induced to secrete insulin, resulting in possible cure for type 1 diabetes.
Mar13 Botulinum toxin useful in treating overactive bladder.
Mar13 HIPK2 linked to kidney fibrosis.
Mar13 New laser-based photoacoustic ultrasound diagnostic method for osteoporosis
Mar13 HDCN renewal message "untrusted certificate" error
Mar08 FDA: Mercury poisoning linked to some creams designed to lighten or rejuvenate skin.
Mar08 CMS publishes draft incentive for next stage of physician EMR use.
Mar08 FDA considering making many drugs over the counter.
Mar08 Murder trial of alleged killing of dialysis patients by bleach injection begins in Texas.
Mar08 Donor stem cell transfusion helps achieve tolerance in the recipient.
Mar08 Silver mouthwash to treat oral Candidiasis.
Mar08 Animal studies suggest that nitric oxide gas inhalation after stroke improves brain perfusion.
Mar08 Scientist make revolutionary progress in electron microscope resolution.
Mar08 New class of drugs can reverse fibrosis in injured and diabetes-afflicted kidneys.
Mar08 Pretransplant extracorporeal normothermic perfusion of donor kidneys shows benefits.
Mar03 Selective renal denervation lowers LVMI from 112 to 95 g/m2 over a 6 month period.
Mar02 Weekend off topic: Robot helicopter orchestra performs James Bond tune.
Mar02 FDA: Statins and protease inhibitors taken together can increase risk of muscle injury.
Mar02 Touch cannulation technique for vascular access gets a vote of approval.
Mar02 Patient education video regarding dialysis choices.
Mar02 Is the Fresenius monopoly getting too big? FTC orders FMC to divest itself of 54 clinics.
Mar02 Inhibiting Forkhead boxO (FoxO) proteins preserves muscle mass in diseased mice.
Mar02 No increased risk of cardiovascular disease over 10 years for live kidney donors.
Feb28 Bicycle riding can cause increases in PSA (prostate-specific antigen) levels.
Feb28 FDA adds diabetes, memory loss warning to statins.
Feb28 Diaverum diaysis provider now includes 250 clinics worldwide.
Feb26 How vitamin D inhibits inflammation
Feb26 FDA approves Helicobacter pylori breath test for children.
Feb26 Takeda's GP40 agonist drug lowers blood sugar in type 2 diabetes without hypoglycemia risk.
Feb26 Nicotine may cause vascular injury
Feb22 FDA advisory panel votes to approve weight loss drug Qnexa (phentermine/topiramate)
Feb21 U.S. Congress approves tax package, including temporary fix to Medicare MD reimbursement cut.
Feb21 New treatment for BPH better than standard transurethral prostatectomy.
Feb21 Link between polyneuropathy and prediabetes questioned.
Feb21 Fresenius UK chooses the charity that it will support for the coming year.
Feb21 Password access problem to HDCN now fixed.
Feb21 HDCN Update: ASH presentations on surgical ablation for refractory hypertension; Cardiovascular aspects of HD and PD (ADC audiofiles).
Feb21 Annals review of controlled feeding trials debunks idea that fructose leads to obesity.
Feb18 Four new drugs will change prostate cancer care.
Feb18 Hypervirulent resistant Klebsiella bacterium is next superbug in waiting.
Feb18 NNCC launches 2 new exams: Advanced CCHT and LPN/LVN
Feb18 Novaflux reuse technology maintains high-flux characteristics with reuse, improves filter life.
Feb18 New link identified between insulin resistance and gut inflammation via fatty acid synthase.
Feb18 University of Alberta makes progress in developing hepatitis C vaccine.
Feb18 Polystyrene nanoparticles block gut iron absorption.
Feb14 Amino acid response pathway, autoimmune disease, tolerance, and a Chinese herb.
Feb14 Fresenius and Aetna launch CKD management program
Feb14 Stem cells can reduce scar tissue after heart attacks.
Feb14 Recurrent dehydration may the cause of mystery Central American kidney disease.
Feb14 CYBORD multiple chemotherapy regimen (using bortezomib) good for AL amyoidosis.
Feb14 Paricalcitol fails to improve LVH in CKD patients in randomized PRIMO trial.
Feb14 400 types of lipstick found to contain trace amounts of lead; importance unclear.
Feb09 CDC issues safety alert regarding proton pump inhibitors and risk fo C difficile diarrhea.
Feb09 Bexarotene rapidly clears Alzheimer type plaque from brains of mice.
Feb09 Virtual patient-doctor interactions being used by pharmacy store chain in Detroit area.
Feb09 Aethlon discusses hemopurifier results in terms of ability to clear blood of hepatitis C.
Feb09 FGF21 (this is NOT FGF23) good for reducing fat mass, but bad for bone density.
Feb09 Coronary artery disease in British males linked to common Y-chromosome haplogroup.
Feb07 Is obesity and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease contagious?
Feb07 Taste receptor type cells in the pancreas release insulin in response to fructose.
Feb07 Bread, rolls and biscuits are number 1 source of sodium in the American Diet.
Feb07 In Memoriam: Hans-Dietrich Polaschegg
Feb03 New Engl J Med Op Ed article questions wisdom of Medicare 3 year limit on immunusuppressive drugs after transplantation.
Feb03 Triglyceride levels predict stroke risk in postmenopausal women.
Feb03 Clopidogrel with aspirin does not prevent smaal subcortical strokes; increases bleeding risk
Jan31 HDCN Update: Links to part 6 ASH and part 3 NANT added.
Jan29 HDCN Update: ASH talks on offtarget drug effects; NANT lectures, ADC audiofiles about RRF
Jan26 Chemists synthesize artificial cell membrane.
Jan26 New NKDEP educational material for patients regarding CKD
Jan25 Seven percent of raw meat products sampled contained MRSA.
Jan20 Functional cure for HIV based on stem cell transplant from those naturally immune to the virus.
Jan19 Int Soc for Hemodialysis honors Dr. Lee Henderson with the 2012 Scribner Trailblazer Award.
Jan18 Mechanism of anticancer effect of metformin explained.
Jan17 Renal denervation surgery now available in Toronto, Canada.
Jan17 Electrocuting toxigenic E. Coli
Jan13 Drs. Steinman and McAllister to receive 2012 AAKP medal of excellence awards.
Jan13 New mass spectrometry method can characterize Staph infection within hours.
Jan13 NIH study shows that 32 million Americans harbor autoantibodies.
Jan12 What is irisin and how does it regulate brown fat tissue?
Jan12 Routine aspirin may cause harm
Jan10 Dabigatran linked to risk of acute coronary events.
Jan05 HDCN update: Hypertension in CKD (ASH 2011); Home HD and machines (NANT 2011); Volume control in PD (ADC 2011)
Jan05 Phase 1 trial of hepatitis C vaccine shows strong immune reponse.
Jan05 Manganese may play an important role in osteoporosis.
Jan05 Low vitamin D levels linked to depression
Dec26 Some dialysis centers to get less money for failing to meet CMS quality targets.
Dec26 Mechanisms whereby sildenafil helps alleviate diastolic heart failure elucidated in dogs.
Dec22 Universal flu vaccine using matrix protein 2 shows promising results in mice.
Dec22 MMWR: Transmission of hepatitis C through transplanted donor organs.
Dec20 "Bath salt" intoxication leads to recurrent acute kidney injury.
Dec20 Eculizumab for toxigenic E. Coli- related illness.
Dec20 FDA issues draft guidance that medical device tests should include women.
Dec20 Elizabeth Barrett Browning had a disease having to do with potassium balance?
Dec20 Cryptochromes interact with glucocorticoids to regulate metabolic processes.
Dec15 Chewsing khat is bad for you if you have heart disease.
Dec15 Appeal for donated dialyzers for Gaza.
Dec13 B-cells that are active only in the gut, turning into monocyte-like cells there.
Dec13 Sugarcane nephropathy afflicts many, but cause remains a mystery.
Dec13 High hepcidin levels associated with immunosuppression reduction in liver transplants.
Dec13 CKD may cause breakdown of tight junctions between intestinal epithelial cells.
Dec13 Statins reduce plaque by affecting the CCR7 chemokine receptor on macrophages.
Dec11 One session of gene therapy for hemophilia B leads to prolonged increase in clotting factor.
Dec08 New purine synthesis blocking drug kills malaria parasites.
Dec07 New method proposed of genetically repairing sickle cell genes.
Dec06 U.S. FDA considering the relative efficacy and safety of Affymax to treat CKD anemia.
Dec06 EPO involved in the spread of cancer.
Dec06 Self-absorbing drug-eluting heart scaffold stent implanted in Montreal.
Dec06 Rotating night shift work increases risk of type 2 diabetes in women.
Nov28 Amgen negotiates 2 large anemia drug contracts with DaVita and Fresenius.
Nov28 Consumption of canned soups results in marked increase in urinary bisphenol A (BPA).
Nov28 McMaster study published in JAMA suggests a U-shaped relation between sodium intake and CV risk.
Nov28 Similar effects of beer and wine on risk of cardiovascular disease.
Nov21 Fresenius MCNA announces that Dr. Frank Maddux will be its Chief Medical Officer
Nov21 Higher blood 25-D levels (> 100 ng/dL) linked to new onset atrial fibrillation.
Nov16 Satellite Healthcare accepting grant applications until Feb 17 of 2012.
Nov16 Stem cell treatment improves severe CHF in Lancet study.
Nov16 ASN; PRIMO study shows no benefits of paricalcitol on LVH in patients.
Nov16 Higher dose statins reduce coronary artery plaque.
Nov16 American Heart Association Scientific Sessions website.
Nov16 Niacin may not improve hard outcomes.
Nov16 CETP inhibitor more than doubles HDL cholesterol levels.
Nov16 Ain't necessarily so dept: Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy associated with long life.
Nov09 Tear drops as useful as blood for monitoring blood glucose levels (in rabbits).
Nov09 Extra-carotid to internal carotid artery bypass surgery of limited value after ministroke.
Nov09 Potassium channels in the hypothalamus linked to blood glucose control.
Nov09 Most women with lupus can have successful pregnancy outcomes
Nov04 U.S. kidney broker arranged transplants in prestigious university hospitals.
Nov04 Medicare issues final rule for ESRD prospective payment system.
Nov04 Vitamin D study shows no mortality benefit in older women.
Nov02 Organ trafficking gangs force poor to sell kidneys to wealthy nation patients.
Nov01 FHN Nocturnal Trial results published in Kidney International
Nov01 Am Heart Assoc High BP Research Council Fall 2011 Meeting abstracts
Oct31 Extracorporeal shock wave therapy gives encouraging results in male impotence.
Oct30 Weekend off-topic: New source of energy: Tell me something I didn't already know.
Oct28 Super Committee Dems ready a revised, scaled down Medicare health plan.
Oct28 Comparison table of renal multivitamin ingredients published in JREN.
Oct28 New York kidney broker pleads guilty, faces 20 years in prison.
Oct28 Medtronic launches clinical trial of its renal denervation device.
Oct28 Sulodexide fails to show benefit in diabetic kidney disease in large trial.
Oct26 Furanocoumarin-free grapefruit may have less interference with prescription drugs.
Oct26 Kilogram and mole to be redefined.
Oct26 FDA panel to review anemia drug peginesatide (from Affymax) on Dec. 7, 2011.
Oct26 National Kidney Foundation names Bruce Skyer as new CEO.
Oct26 Visual MD video series explaining CKD (patient education tool)
Oct26 17 years in prison for two Brazilian doctors for removing kidneys for transplant prior to brain death.
Oct26 FTC orders DaVita to divest itself of 29 /106 dialysis units purchased from DSI to maintain competition.
Oct26 Apixaban better than warfarin for atrial fibritllation.
Oct26 Body colonization with sticky Staph may account for device-related infections.
Oct26 Taking at least one BP med at bedtime lowers cardiovascular risk.
Oct26 Patients who skip or shorten dialysis treatments will lower reimbursement to facility under new guidelines.
Oct20 American Heart Association issues advisory supporting population-wide sodium intake reduction.
Oct20 Final CMS ACO rule relaxes some requirements for doctors and hospitals.
Oct20 Elderly (over 75 years) die not infrequently due to aggressive prostate cancer spread.
Oct20 Abbott labs to spin off drug division as a separate company.
Oct20 CDC via MMW publishes usual sodium intakes of US individuals, 2005-2008.
Oct19 ASN alert regarding Deficit Reduction Committee and expenditures of critical importance regarding CKD
Oct19 Report links kidney stones to gallstones.
Oct18 St. Jude Medical announces first clinical use of renal denervation technology.
Oct18 Link to JAMA paper describing e-beam sterilized dialyzers and thrombocytopenia.
Oct18 Electron-beam sterilization of certain polysulfone dialyzer membranes linked to thrombocytopenia.
Oct18 BNP biomarker-guided therapy of heart failure markedly lowers complication rate.
Oct14 National Renal Administrators Association Annual Meeting talks
Oct14 ASN Renal Week 2011 abstracts now available.
Oct14 MMWR (CDC): Incidence of heart disease in the U.S. declining from 2006 - 2010 (pdf)
Oct14 USRDS releases its 2011 report
Oct14 Vitamin E supplements at 400 IU/day associated with increased risk of prostate cancer.
Oct14 Higher serum 25-D levels of great importance in fighting off tuberculosis infection.
Oct14 Do variants of macrophage inhibitory factor gene account for access infections?
Oct14 Activating fetal hemoglobin production in mice reverses sickle cell disease.
Oct14 Bacteria-derived bile acids linked to efficacy of statins.
Oct14 JASN publishes a series of papers regarding genetic basis of kidney disease risk in Blacks.
Oct14 mRNA-mediated gene regulation shown to be of increasing importance.
Oct14 Weekend Off-topic: More on Ni-H based generation of energy (Rossi E-Cat)
Oct11 Thiazides may be especially useful to treat hypertension from calcineurin-inhibitor drugs.
Oct11 Link between FGF23 and LVH strengthened by studies in mice, rats, and patients.
Oct11 Chronic dialysis being initiated about 5 months earlier today vs. 10 years ago.
Oct06 Kidney recipients freed from need for long-term immunosuppressive drugs.
Oct06 Diabetic rats cured with their own stem cells
Oct04 DaVita piloting use of solar power in one of its Indiana dialysis clinics
Oct04 FDA outlines its philosophy regarding regulation of medical devices.
Oct04 Salt institute requests that U.S. agencies remove salt restriction from new dietary guidelines.
Oct04 Scrub your potatoes and leeks to reduce the risk of toxigenic E. Coli.
Oct04 AAKP educational videos for patients now available.
Oct04 Orexin is a hormone that fights (white) fat with (brown) fat. Are obese persons orexin-deficient?
Oct04 Washing your hospital scrubs at home? Water may not be hot enough to kill drug-resistant bacteria.
Oct04 Vitamin D deficiency common in patients taking oral steroids.
Oct04 Gut protein alphavbeta6 may be key to developing immune tolerance
Sep30 HDCN login scripts now repaired
Sep28 Congressional debt panel meeting in secret, looking at Medicare/Medicaid cuts.
Sep28 Saw palmetto no more effective than placebo for urinary tract symptoms.
Sep28 Prestart nutrition care associated with better survival during 1st year of dialysis therapy.
Sep28 Dr. Barry Straube honored with AAKP award.
Sep28 Hb target of 11-13 better than 9-11 in predialysis CKD patients accoding to a Japanese randomized trial
Sep28 New cystatin C eGFR equations available based on a new standardized cystatin C assay.
Sep28 Use of higher dialysate Na in patients with lower serum Na associates with better, not worse outcomes.
Sep28 Lowering dialysate sodium lowers systolic BP
Sep27 Eculizumab approved by FDA to treat atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome.
Sep27 Legistlation introduced in the House to extend transplant drug coverage.
Sep27 Pittsburgh hospital sued after live-donor transplant of hepatitis-C infected kidney.
Sep27 Plaque disruption explains heart attacks in women with normal coronary angiograms.
Sep24 USRDS study in NEJM emphasizes increased weekend risk in 3/week dialysis patients.
Sep21 New York nephrologist gets tangled up with an insider trading case based on nephrotic syndrome drug.
Sep21 Exposure to vehicle exhaust fumes from traffic can trigger heart attacks with a 6-hour window.
Sep21 cMyBP-C protein may be new diagnostic marker for acute heart attack.
Sep21 Study calculates Vitamin D requirement for dark-skinned subject living in Chicago as 2500 IU/day
Sep21 Continued immunosuppressant treatment of lupus in ESRD may boost survival.
Sep18 Risk of pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer with sitagliptin and exenatide highlighted.
Sep18 Weekend off-topic: Online gamers crack 3-D structure of AIDS-related enzyme.
Sep15 ADVANCE trial results suggest that intensive glucose control slows progression to ESRD in diabetic patients.
Sep15 Like yourself and other people? It could be due to your oxytocin receptor genotype.
Sep15 DaVita Clinical Research announces biorepository services to facilitate research.
Sep15 MRSA in the United States becoming resistant to combination antibacterial ointments.
Sep15 Response-guided multidrug therapy for hepatitis C can cut treatment time in half.
Sep15 Tufts University and the National Kidney Foundation in financial dispute over KDOQI guidelines.
Sep15 Harvard School of Public Health proposes new healthy eating plan.
Sep15 Grady hospital and Fresenius reach deal on dialyzing indigent undocumented immigrant patients.
Sep15 Cryoablation treatment of atrial fibrillation shows promise.
Sep15 NEJM: Apixaban better than warfarin to treat atrial fibrillation.
Sep13 Sensipar gets FDA label change focusing on hypocalcemia monitoring and seizure risk.
Sep13 Stored blood samples from CKD homocysteine study show that FGF-23 is risk factor for ESRD, death
Sep13 Pennsylvania woman donates kidney to son, then finds out that she's been fired.
Sep13 Body clock found to regulate platelet function
Sep13 Fish oil reduces the effectiveness of chemotherapy.
Sep10 HCN2 gene found to regulate chronic pain
Sep07 Long-distance runners still drinking too many fluids.
Sep07 Congresswoman who champions the cause of kidney patients asked if her husband's nephrology practice represents a conflict of interest.
Sep07 Undocumented immigrant dialysis patients in Atlanta being dialyzed only on an emergency basis.
Sep07 DaVita finishes acquiring dialysis units from DSI.
Sep07 CDP138 protein involved in insulin-stimulated insertion of GLUT4 into cell membrane.
Sep03 Atlanta undocumented immigrant dialysis patients at risk of losing access to care.
Sep03 FDA updates kidney failure warning for zoledronic acid (Reclast) osteoporosis drug.
Sep03 Poor sleep quality increases risk of high blood pressure.
Sep03 Off-topic: Ben Gurion researchers identify gene associated with myopia.
Aug30 Gut bacteria influence anxiety-type behavior in mice via the vagus nerve.
Aug30 Will the chocolate-eating craze impact oxalate load in patients with CKD?
Aug30 European Society of Cardiology 2011 symposium home page
Aug30 Donor heart arrives warm and beating in experimental organ transfer device.
Aug30 FDA recall: H and P povidone iodine prep solutions, swabsticks.
Aug30 Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic en route to becoming national brands.
Aug30 Higher salt intake and low activity linked to increased risk of dementia in the elderly.
Aug30 Higher patient costs for home dialysis patients in Australia.
Aug30 Survey of U.S. dialysis patients contends that they are largely unprepared for disasters.
Aug30 Satellite Dialysis continues to grow its incenter nocturnal hemodialysis program.
Aug30 European registry tracks outcomes with ablation therapy for atrial fibrillation.
Aug30 Weight-loss simulatino tool allows prediction of efficacy of dietary interventions for obesity.
Aug30 Adoption study underlines role of genetics in causation of heart disease.
Aug23 Worried about being exposed to radiation while performing interventional procedures?
Aug23 New computed tomography heart scan exposes patients to 90% less radiation.
Aug19 HHS cutting red tape to speed clinical trials
Aug19 Sirtuin activating drug prolongs lifespan in obese mice by 45%
Aug19 RenalGuard system (IV fluid infusion rate tied to Foley catheter urine output) shows benefits in preventing contrast nephropathy.
Aug19 High serum phosphorus may accelerate CKD progression, block effects of ramipril.
Aug19 Vitamin C dissolves Alzheimer plaques in mice.
Aug17 Web cam used to monitor hand hygiene in Japanese ICU hospital.
Aug17 Airborne latex allergens spread by cornstarch used to powder gloves
Aug17 Singapore AWAK (wearable kidney) in the news.
Aug11 T-cells engineered to kill leukemia cells. Complete remission in 2/3 patients.
Aug10 Younger Blacks fare relatively worse on dialysis.
Aug10 Soy tablets of no benefit in preventing bone loss in postmenopausal women.
Aug10 Panfungal vaccine based on injection of killed Baker's yeast?
Aug07 TEMPI syndrome: Perinephric fluid collections and erythrocytosis - what causes it?
Aug06 Federal grand jury probes DaVita
Aug03 Study finds why muscles weaken with age and identify a possible treatment.
Aug03 Effect of the debt deal on Medicaid and Medicare.
Aug03 DaVita launches pilot dialyzer recycling project in Southern California
Aug03 4-D Substudy suggests that low homoarginine levels associate with sudden death.
Aug03 Senators Durbin and Cochran introduce legislation to extend coverage of transplant immunosuppressive drugs.
Aug03 Colon microbes may be an important source of uremic toxins.
Aug02 JASN: Dipstick proteinuria a good test to predict rapid GFR decline.
Aug02 FDA to seek public comment on Institute of Medicine's rec to eliminate 510k program
Aug02 Fresenius acquires Liberty Dialysis and American Access Care Holdings.
Aug02 Technology: Tired of transferring those heavy patients from bed to chair? Call RIBA.
Aug02 Extracorporeal removal of Flt-1 in preeclampsia may have clinical benefits
Jul28 Gout prevalence swells over the last 2 decades and now stands at 4%.
Jul28 Baxter establishes Baxter Ventures to invest in developing therapies.
Jul25 New relationships between germinal centers and regulatory T cells identified.
Jul25 Fixdialysis.com cites recent newspaper articles about the dialysis industry.
Jul25 Eating the same foods, "meal monotony" may help dieters lose weight.
Jul25 Lawsuit against DaVita by 2 former employees charges misuse of IV drug dosing
Jul23 Frequent Hemodialysis Network Nocturnal Trial primary results published.
Jul23 Metformin can reduce risk of polycystic ovary syndrome in susceptible young girls.
Jul23 Nephros gets FDA 510k approval for dialysate purification for its filters.
Jul23 Early intravenous fluid therapy may reduce risk of kidney damage after toxigenic E. coli infection.
Jul23 Elimination of HLA-B matching priority in transplant allocation helps minority recipients get a kidney
Jul22 New labeling requirements for meat additives, including brine solution, being considered.
Jul21 FDA approves ticagrelor (Brilinta) to treat acute coronary syndrome.
Jul21 FDA panel votes against dapagliflozin, casting doubt over the drug class of SGLT2 inhibitors.
Jul21 Stress cardiomyopathy is real and affects a broad range of elderly patients.
Jul21 Knockout model shows that kidney dopamine is an important modulator of blood pressure.
Jul20 Off-topic: Find five challenge game.
Jul19 CMS releases software that projects a unit's reimbursement for dialysis
Jul19 Intravenous ribose helps recovery from heart attack. A potential dialysate additive to prevent stunning?
Jul19 Carvedilol found to improve intradialytic hypertension in pilot study.
Jul19 More on deadly webcap and fool's webcap (Cortinarius) mushrooms that cause renal failure.
Jul19 Kidney failure from eating poisonous mushrooms (probably Cortinarius orellanus?) in the news
Jul15 Multilingual communications guide for talking with dialysis patients
Jul15 AAMI updates its dialysis collection for 2011.
Jul15 European studies find few benefits of near-normalization of blood glucose in type 2 diabetes.
Jul15 Brave new world. Hacking into the genetic code of E. Coli.
Jul15 CDC infection prevention guidelines for outpatient settings released.
Jul12 HHS releases health insurance exchange rules.
Jul12 French manufacturer Degremont buys Ameriwater.
Jul12 First completely synthetic organ transplant (trachea).
Jul12 Kv7.4 potassium channel in blood vessels linked to control of blood pressure.
Jul12 Cigarette smoking during pregnancy linked to increased risk of serious birth defects.
Jul12 Eating tree nuts helps diabetic patients lower HbA1c levels.
Jul12 Therapeutic hypothermia betters outcome post cardiac arrest - why not a dialysis system?
Jul12 FDA approves trial of renal artery SNS ablation by catheter using Ardian/Medtronic system.
Jul12 Higher sodium and lower potassium intake independently link to mortality in NHANES
Jul08 CMS-sponsored ICD-10 slideshows, teleconferences.
Jul07 CMS to hold open forum on its proposed ESRD Quality Improvement Program changes on July 14th.
Jul07 American Heart Association maintains its guidance about 1.5 g/day max sodium intake.
Jul07 Pelvic floor exercises not helpful in preventing incontinence in men after prostatectomy or TUR
Jul07 Cochrane Library review questions benefits of salt reduction in terms of hard outcomes.
Jul07 Time Magazine covers the European E. coli - HUS epidemic.
Jul07 Either excessively high or low sodium intake in pregnant rats adversely affects nephron number and kidney function in their offspring.
Jul05 CMS website page regarding updates to reimbursement for 2012.
Jul05 CMS proposes eliminating the minimum 10 g/dL Hgb target for ESAs.
Jul05 Off-topic: Brain-wave computer interface coupled with Second Life gives new opportunities to ALS patients.
Jul05 CMS looking at physician reimbursement and at auditing high-value codes.
Jul05 Anti-smoking drug varenicline may have adverse cardiovascular effects.
Jul05 NSAIDs associated with increased risk of atrial fibrillation.
Jul05 Alpha-tocotrienol, a form of vitamin E, may protect brain cells after a stroke.
Jul02 Weekend off-topic: Apartment complex DNA profiles its dogs to enable 'poo-print' verification
Jul01 New rules provide relief for sleep-deprived medical residents (16-hour shift limit)
Jul01 CMS proposes rescinding signature requirement on lab requisitions.
Jul01 Resveratrol may mitigate disuse-atrophy of muscle and bone (in rats)
Jul01 E. coli can survive in streambeds for months.
Jul01 New hidden incision technique reduces scarring in kidney laparoscopic surgery.
Jul01 New class of antiangiogenesis drugs discovered from South American tree.
Jun30 FDA: New picture warnings to be placed on smoking materials
Jun30 New test measures vitamin D absorption from dietary sources.
Jun28 Collagen-binding protein allows dental S. mutans bacteria to attach to heart valves.
Jun28 AHA Webinar, slides showing use of tissue-engineered vascular graft.
Jun28 Visceral fat decreased by increased intake of soluble fiber and exercise.
Jun28 First blood vessels grown in the lab from cells implanted into patients.
Jun28 New hybrid minimally invasive surgical procedure to treat atrial fibrillation
Jun28 New genetic risk factors for lupus found in African Americans.
Jun28 Anticholinergic dugs, including diphenhydramine linked to cognitive impairment and mortality risk in the elderly.
Jun28 NEJM: Bardoxolone methyl improves kidney function in type 2 diabetic patients.
Jun25 EDTA/ERA 2011 abstracts site
Jun25 EDTA Congress 2011. Daily Congress News Links
Jun25 ADA Scientifc Sessions, June 2011. Home page and daily newsletter.
Jun25 American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions - abstracts online
Jun25 BCG vaccine and the spleen: Both involved in a potential cure for type 1 diabetes?
Jun24 Eight week diet of 600 kcal/day can reverse early type 2 diabetes
Jun23 Blueberries for strong rat bones.
Jun23 NEJM: Telaprevir provides dramatic improvement in hepatitis C patients.
Jun21 Shorter pause between stopping CPR and administering electroshock linked to higher survival.
Jun21 Patients with insomnia? Try rocking them to sleep.
Jun21 Prostate cancer in mice cured with vaccine derived from human prostate cancer cells.
Jun19 E.Coli O104 that causes HUS sequenced and complete genome released.
Jun16 Florida transplant surgeon shot and killed by one of his patients.
Jun16 FDA Medwatch: Ongoing safety review in progress re pioglitazone and possible bladder cancer risk.
Jun16 FDA approves Nujolix (belatacept) for organ transplantation.
Jun16 Skype helps home hemodialysis patients link up with health care providers.
Jun13 FDA Medwatch: Risk of thyroid calcitonin tumors (in rodents) and pancreatitis with liraglutide.
Jun13 Aftermath of European E. Coli-related HUS outbreak - 100 may need kidney transplants.
Jun13 Trouble sleeping? A cool nightcap may just be the ticket.
Jun13 Aurora A kinase may contribute to polycystic kidney disease.
Jun10 France and Germany suspend approval for pioglitazone due to bladder cancer risk question; other countries not yet.
Jun10 FDA: Finasteride or dutasteride may increase risk of high-grade prostate cancer.
Jun10 Activation of specific nicotine receptors in the brain might control obesity.
Jun10 Baxter loses product liability lawsuit relating to Chinese heparin in Cook County court.
Jun10 Inhibition of insulin degrading enzyme may help control type 2 diabetes.
Jun10 More evidence that sprouts were the cause of the German E. Coli HUS outbreak
Jun09 Tech off-topic: Pool playing robot shows its mettle.
Jun09 Hospitals turn to nocturnists to improve care.
Jun09 CGRP made by skin cells linked to chronic pain.
Jun09 NEJM Perspective: Dialysis and U.S. Immigration Law
Jun09 FDA-mandated labeling change for simvastatin regarding risk of higher dosages.
Jun09 Pretreatment of mice with thymosin beta 4 induces cardiac repair after induced infarct.
Jun09 SHARP trial (simvastatin plus ezetimibe in CKD) results published in the Lancet.
Jun09 FDA: Myopathy risk of high-dose (80 mg) simvastatin close to 50%; limitations to use recommended.
Jun09 Growing role of antibiotic peptides.
Jun07 CMS to host Webinar on new features in Crown Web III on June 30th.
Jun07 Medicare to offer more waivers pertaining to e-prescribing noncompliance penalty.
Jun07 Minntech CEO Roy Malkin injured in single-engine plane crash.
Jun07 Gene therapy reverses type 1 diabetes in mice.
Jun07 Response rate to bisphosphonates depends on 25-D level.
Jun07 Usual dose of yearly zoledronic acid may be considerably higher than needed.
Jun07 Universal flu vaccine trials show promise
Jun07 Number of non O157 E. Coli cases causing HUS rising in the United States.
Jun05 E. Coli outbreak cause may be sprouts from an organic farm in Germany.
Jun05 HUS in U.S. travelers returning from Germany.
Jun04 FDA statement on E. Coli O104 outbreak in Europe and surveillance for this in the U.S.
Jun02 Teenager sold one of his kidneys for an I-Pad
Jun02 Toxigenic E. Coli causing HUS in Europe have been sequenced.
Jun02 New variety of MRSA originating in animals identified in Europe.
Jun02 More on the E. Coli outbreak. New strain. Spanish cucumbers apparently NOT the culprit.
Jun02 European E. Coli outbreak caused by toxic new strain.
Jun01 Histone deacetylase inhibitor reverses LVH in a mouse model.
May31 Cause of toxigenic E. Coli outbreak in Germany still undetermined
May31 Affymax/Takeda files new drug application (NDA) for peginesatide to treat anemia.
May31 Swedish gene analysis shows that venous thromboembolism has a hereditary component.
May31 NEJM: Eculizumab of benefit in children suffering from hemolytic uremic syndrome due to toxigenic E. Coli.
May31 Higher fat, lower carb diets pose little cardiovascular risk over the short term.
May29 Weekend off-topic: Focardi and Rossi changing the world. October, 2011.
May28 Outbreak of E. Coli hemolytic uremic syndrome in Germany linked to cucumbers.
May28 Lactate shuttle in human tumors. Is chronic use of lactate-based PD fluid a risk?
May28 Biotrends report documents changes in vitamin D use with bundling.
May28 MGmin-LDL identifed as a subtype of LDL associated with cardiovascular disease.
May28 Whistleblower lawsuit against Renal Care Group for home dialysis supplies nets 82 million.
May28 Chronic estrogen exposure may increase blood pressure via superoxide; reversed by resveratrol.
May26 Addition of niacin to simvastatin fails to protect the heart and may increase stroke risk
May25 Nineteen percent of young adults found to have high blood pressure.
May24 Turkey tail mushroom found to be very effective in suppressing prostate tumors in mice.
May24 Heavy smoking tied to advanced kidney cancer.
May24 Off topic: BCL6 shows fantastic results against non-Hodgkins lymphoma and ALL.
May22 Analysis of the new Accountable Care Organization regulations from Kaiser.
May22 Epleronone reduces the incidence of atrial fibrillation in class 2 heart failure.
May22 IBM's Watson computer going to medical school - should "graduate" in 2 years.
May19 Avandia (rosiglitazone) REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy) document.
May19 CMS offers new Accountable Care Organization options.
May19 NKF will suspend U.S. Transplant Games for 2012 due to economic constraints
May19 More on Avandia action by the FDA
May19 FDA pulls Avandia (rosiglitazone) from retail pharmacy shelves.
May19 Modifying Treg cells allows transplantation of human skin onto mice.
May19 Deuterium-enriched vitamin A slows rate of age-related macular degeneration in a mouse model.
May19 Dairy consumption does not elevate cardiovascular risk in Costa Rican study.
May19 Study compares three induction immunosuppressants, finds the cheapest one, alemtuzumab, to be noninferior.
May19 L-arginine-rich foods lower risk of pre-eclampsia.
May17 FDA advisory panel will convene to reconsider approval of fenofibrate
May16 IDOL, inducible LKL receptor degrading molecule, may be target for cholesterol lowering.
May16 CMS relaxes telemedicine privileging rules.
May16 Voters in Switzerland reject proposed ban on physician-assisted suicide.
May16 KLF14 gene may be a regulator of body fat, obesity, and cholesterol.
May16 UPMC live donor kidney transplant program reviews protocols after transmission of one case of hepatitis C
May15 Telemedicine monitoring of heart failure patients strikes out.
May15 Collagen-induced platelet aggregation blocker revacept - a possible role as a dialysate additive?
May13 FDA approves boceprevir to treat hepatitis C.
May13 New branch found of the fungal tree of life, fungi without cell walls.
May12 Desperate Americans buy kidneys from live donors in Peru.
May12 New HIV vaccine tested in macaques shows promising results.
May12 BMC Medical Ethics journal publishes report focused on dialysis patient scenarios.
May12 Nephros gets approval to market its dual stage ultrafilter in Canada.
May12 Five Star Healthcare offers insurance policy for dialysis unit providers.
May12 Losartan might protect against disuse muscle atrophy (in mice).
May12 Glucosuric drugs may help resolve persistent urinary E. Coli infection
May10 Women may be at higher risk of RCIN after coronary angiography than men.
May10 FDA clears test that distinguishes MRSA from MSSA (Staph aureus).
May10 Lund University researchers develop new test to diagnose lupus.
May10 Giving EPO to heart attack patients receiving PCI linked to increased infarct size.
May05 Nxstage reports record revenues for Q1 2011.
May05 Fresenius Q1 earnings call transcript.
May04 Off topic: This may be the real thing, folks!
May03 Large observational DaVita study suggests no increase in mortality risk due to reuse of dialyzers.
May03 DaVita launches wireless internet for its dialysis patients and physicians.
May03 Sodium retention action of thiazolidinediones linked to increased proximal tubular absorption.
May03 Link to EPOGH study in JAMA on urinary sodium and CV death risk.
May03 Off topic: If true, this will be changing all of our lives (in Italian).
May03 Ain't necessarily so: Observational study suggests lower sodium intake increases risk of death from heart attack and strokes..
May02 Nephrogenic fibrosis symposium to be held at Yale University May 20-21.
Apr29 More on the Loyola U. Med Center live altruistic kidney donor program.
Apr29 Review of non-nutritive sweetners from the Diabetes Care journal
Apr29 Work more than 8 hours a day? You may be setting yourself up for a heart attack.
Apr29 Medical History: Kidney-related excerpts from the Encyclopedie of Diderot and D'Alembert
Apr29 USRDS 2010 Annual Report now available as an AJKD free online supplement.
Apr29 Avastatin equivalent to Lucentis for treating wet macular degeneration, but much cheaper.
Apr29 FDA panel recommends approval of telaprevir for hepatitis C.
Apr29 Thyroid supplements in the elderly increase bone fracture risk.
Apr29 Multiple staff from Loyola Medical Center have become altruistic live kidney donors.
Apr29 Flu vaccination improves hard outcomes in renal transplant patients.
Apr29 Ramipril efficacy in slowing CKD progression enhanced in obese subjects.
Apr28 Viral breakthrough in HBV treatment with nucleoside analogs may be due to noncompliance.
Apr28 Case report of a possible link between kava tea ingestion and rhabdomyolysis in a bicyclist.
Apr28 Artificial nose show promising results in detecting bacterial growth.
Apr28 Vitamin E helps reduce nonalcoholic fatty liver more than metformin in diabetic kids.
Apr28 Leprosy in the United States via transmission from armadillos.
Apr27 Life Options releases CKD patient education toolkit.
Apr26 Boceprevir and telaprevir each show promising results in patients with hepatitis C.
Apr26 CROWN Web 4.0 release documents now available on the Web.
Apr26 25D blood level differences explain 40% of difference in blood pressure between blacks and whites.
Apr26 STAT3 activation linked to cyst growth in adult polycystic disease.
Apr25 Dialysis facility inspections in the news (Des Moines Register)
Apr25 The cardiologists weigh in on how to treat blood pressure in the elderly.`
Apr25 Oops! High levels of omega-3s, as indicated by DHA, associated with high-grade prostate cancer.
Apr22 Prolongation of the QT interval on sudden standing a marker for sudden death risk.
Apr22 CDC issues new guidance on preventing bloodstream infections.
Apr22 Canadian patient data analysis emphasizes high mortality risk of central venous catheters.
Apr22 ACE inhibitors may trigger recurrence of breast cancer: an unexpected finding
Apr22 Ketogenic diet reverses diabetic nephropathy in mice.
Apr22 Common mucin production gene strongly linked to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
Apr22 Pirfenidone gives promising results in treating diabetic nephropathy.
Apr22 Granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor improves flu survival in mice.
Apr20 Only 3 types of people in this world if you're a gut bacterium.
Apr20 Intensified ultrafiltration in an attempt to control blood pressure linked to more access complications.
Apr20 Calcium supplements linked to increased heart attack risk in older women.
Apr19 A mother's diet during pregnancy can alter a baby's DNA.
Apr19 Some kidney donors have trouble getting health insurance from some carriers.
Apr19 Testosterone treatment of mild prostate cancer not associated with obvious risk.
Apr19 TH17 blocking drug halts multiple sclerosis in animal models, may also affect lupus.
Apr19 Low carb diet reduces liver fat more quicklly than standard diet.
Apr15 Apparent link between diabetes and diet soda may be confounding by indication.
Apr15 Meat found to be commonly contaminated with drug-resistant Staph. aureus.
Apr14 Midlife brain shrinkage predicts likelihood of Alzheimer dementia later on.
Apr14 ACO regulations: Some answers, more questions.
Apr12 Off topic: Changing the world in terms of energy availability - Rossi and Focardi
Apr12 Aloe vera extracts linked to tumors in rats.
Apr12 Am Acad Neurol issues guidelines regarding treatment of diabetic nerve pain.
Apr12 Evaluation of three disease management approaches to ESRD patient care (large pdf)
Apr12 Reversed hookup between individual RO machine and home dialysis machine led to hypercalcemia.
Apr12 Diesel engine exhaust filter can reduce heart-harmful particle level by 98%.
Apr12 Waiting for a kidney? Try Facebook.
Apr12 On-sitne heart attack response team provides median door to angioplasty balloon time of 47 minutes
Apr12 Vitamin D improves flow-mediated vasodilatation in overweight African American subjects.
Apr12 Like nuts? In the shell pistachios may be a good choice.
Apr12 25D levels below 15 mcg/L linked to increased risk of age-related macular degeneration
Apr08 Renalguard peri-operative fluid replacement system reduces incidence of contrast nephropathy
Apr08 Mayo Clinic study suggests chronic allograft nephropathy less common than previously.
Apr08 Accountable Kidney Care Collaborative to host webinar on April 26th detailing nephrology-based accountable care organizations.
Apr07 Ciliary neurotropic factor delivered by encapsulated cells may help age-related macular degeneration
Apr07 CMS eliminates 3.1% transition payment reduction from bundle. Kidney Care Partners comments.
Apr06 Watson Pharma gets FDA approval for generic ferric gluconate.
Apr06 Implanted neck baroreceptor buzzer lowers blood pressure in controlled study.
Apr06 Gut bacteria may convert choline to pro-atherogenic compounds. Caution re supplements.
Apr06 Vaccine against hepatitis C may soon become a reality.
Apr06 Like maple syrup? It may be good for you.
Apr06 Quadruple therapy gives promising results for hepatitis C
Apr04 New York Times article weighs in on palliative care and eligibility for dialysis.
Mar31 HHS releases proposed rule regarding Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).
Mar30 HIV-positive donors for HIV-positive recipients?
Mar30 Antibiotics wrapped in nanofibers show dramatically increased efficacy.
Mar30 New patent legislation will change "first to invent" to "first to file".
Mar29 Large study using ambulatory BP monitoring shows that many cases of apparent resistant hypertension are really white coat readings.
Mar29 Small, randomized trial of renal denervation shows benefit in treating resistant hypertension.
Mar29 Feds to follow ProPublica and release previously confidential dialysis clinic outcomes data.
Mar29 Very high fish oil consumption may protect obese persons from inflammatory-related complications.
Mar29 Phase 1 safety trials for begin for deuterium-based drug targeting diabetic kidney disease.
Mar29 Whole fiber breakfeast cereat consumption associated with lower blood pressure.
Mar29 Nicotine found to increase blood levels of HbA1c in diabetic patients.
Mar29 Donor DNA in the blood is an early sign of heart transplant rejection.
Mar29 Prostatic artery embolization for BPH better than TURP
Mar26 Jan-Feb issue of Seminars in Dialysis temporarily available free of charge. Includes critiques of latest KDIGO CKD-MBD guidelines.
Mar26 Ain't necessarily so: Higher salt intake associated with lower mortality in diabetic patients?
Mar25 GAO issues reports on monitoring of oral drugs for ESRD patients
Mar24 CMS considering eliminating physician signature requirement for certain laboratory tests.
Mar24 Blood levels of 5 metabolites can predict subsequent development of type 2 diabetes
Mar24 Rockwell proceeding with Phase III trial of dialysate-added iron.
Mar24 Ok, you know about FGF23. But FGF19 may be even more important in glucose metabolism.
Mar24 Do you still ask about green or yellow phlegm in your patients who are coughing?
Mar24 Multidrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumonia found in Los Angeles County area acute care hospitals.
Mar24 NEJM: Pioglitazone lowers (by 72%) the risk of progression of impaired glucose tolerance to type 2 diabetes
Mar23 MMWR: HIV transmitted via living donor organ tissue
Mar23 Statins reduce relapse rate of prostate cancer after radiation therapy.
Mar23 Complement-regulating genes associated with severe pre-eclampsia
Mar23 Newly identified virus in China has high mortality rate, causes fever and thrombocytopenia.
Mar23 So if we cut out fruits (potassium) and whole grains (phosphate), we also cut out fiber. Is that a good thing?
Mar21 Finasteride use associated with prolonged period of erectile dysfunction.
Mar21 Partial kidney removal for early renal cancer may give better outcomes.
Mar21 Canadian observational data suggests that dual ACEI/ARB treatment is risky in the elderly.
Mar21 Reanalysis of 1958 experiment shows a path for creation of amino acids from primordial gases and elements.
Mar18 Vascular Access Atlas by TJ Vachharajani (large 70 page .pdf file) from Fistula First
Mar17 CDC recommends retesting live donors for HIV just prior to organ donation.
Mar17 American Regent recalls lots of injectable dexamethasone.
Mar17 MMWR: HIV infection transmitted from live donor kidney graft..
Mar17 JASN: Use of aspirin associates with longer dialysis graft unassisted primary patency.
Mar17 Vasopressin receptors on intercalated cells required for aldosterone effects on hydrogen excretion.
Mar17 CMS declines to issue a National Coverage Determination for ESAs
Mar17 Cardiac injection of autologous stem cells markedly improves heart failure.
Mar17 Intensive care unit central line infections drop by 60% over a 10-year period.
Mar15 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 linked to apple vs. pear-shaped phenotype.
Mar15 FDA approves Gadavist (gadobutrol), a macrocyclic gadolinium contrast agent for CNS imaging.
Mar15 Microcamera no larger than a grain of salt enables microvessel endoscopy.
Mar15 Wnt receptor Frizzled-9 involved in bone mineralization.
Mar15 Testing tears for glucose content may be alternative to skin-prick monitoring.
Mar15 Snapin protein found to control insulin release from pancreatic beta cells.
Mar15 NEJM: Comments on the Frequent Hemodialysis Network daily dialysis study.
Mar14 Anaplasmosis, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, oh my!
Mar12 FDA to issue proposed draft calorie-labeling regulations for restaurants later this month (March).
Mar12 Endothelin-A antagonist atrasentan reduces UACR in diabetics in small phase 2 study.
Mar12 Disruption of circadian cycle can lead to fatty liver.
Mar12 Coffee drinking linked to reduced stroke risk in women.
Mar12 Wnt1 can stimulate new blood vessel formation and also improve blood flow.
Mar09 Newly identified H1N1 influenza virus mutation results in greatly increased transmission potential.
Mar09 Doctors try new models to push health insurers aside.
Mar09 E. Coli O157:H7 linked to hazelnuts.
Mar09 Fresenius Medical Care acquires HemaMetrics Crit-Line business.
Mar05 NEJM paper compares loop diuretic strategies for acute heart failure.
Mar05 "Printing" new kidneys. Pie in the sky or pie on the table?
Mar03 Aranesp kickback case trial leads some participants to plead the 5th.
Mar03 Mar Cor announces heat disinfectable portable RO machine.
Mar02 Whistle-blowing nephrologist gets award from the FBI.
Mar02 New analysis of ACCORD study finds increased mortality with tight glucose control.
Mar02 Glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta (GSK3B) antibody lowers blood pressure in animals.
Mar02 New CPR method increases survival by 50 percent.
Mar02 Self-treatment of drug allergy rash with a tanning be can lead to toxic epidermal necrolysis.
Mar02 Higher diabetes risk in African Americans linked to lower serum potassium levels
Mar02 NSAID use linked to erectile dysfunction
Feb28 Abnormal cubilin gene linked to albuminuria
Feb28 Older patients confused about how to time taking of multiple drugs.
Feb28 Lead contamination found in cooking vessels sold in Philadelphia's Chinatown
Feb28 Gut bacteria can affect hepatic lipid metabolism
Feb24 Dietary sodium has a U-shaped association with CKD progression in type 1 diabetes
Feb24 FDA approves saxagliptin (Onglyza) labeling to include patients with CKD
Feb24 New proposal to allocate donor kidneys to younger patients being considered.
Feb24 Like pecan pie?
Feb24 Redesign of live liver donor matching network could result in substantially more transplants.
Feb24 Missing sugar molecule raises diabetes risk in humans
Feb24 Do CKD patients have a leaky gut, and if so, might dairy colostrum help?
Feb24 Fresenius Medical completes solid fiscal year, but sees lower growth in 2011 due to bundling.
Feb22 More CrownWeb simulations available
Feb22 Fresenius gets FDA clearance to market its home hemo dialysis machine.
Feb22 Routine measurement of central blood pressure becoming more practical.
Feb18 Where the sodium comes from: sauces, bacon, bread, milk, and cheese
Feb18 FDA approves use of everolimus transplant drug immunoassay
Feb18 Redsense blood spill detector gets FDA clearance for clinical use.
Feb17 Wrong patient got kidney in USC - does well, but transplant program reboots
Feb17 New aldosterone-related gene mutation linked to severe hypertension
Feb17 18 laptops secured to dialysis machines stolen from one dialysis unit.
Feb17 IBM's Watson computer being readied to assist in reviewing medical literature, patient records.
Feb16 RPA Public Policy in a Minute for February video
Feb16 NEJM: HLA allele linked to idiopathic membranous nephropathy..
Feb16 Am Soc Nephrol opposes proposed cuts to NIH research.
Feb16 Sanofi finally seals the deal to buy Genzyme.
Feb16 Rockwell commences PRIME study of dialysate-added iron.
Feb16 FDA finalized regulations concerning software that accompanies medical devices.
Feb16 Metformin for CKD? A contrarian point of view.
Feb16 Ecuardorean Sephardic remnant populations with Laron dwarfism live long diabetes- and cancer-free lives.
Feb16 Of interest to balding nephrologists only.
Feb15 Use of chlorhexidine-soaked cloths for bathing of hospital patients reduces infection rate.
Feb14 High fiber intake from grains associated with lower risk of many diseases and greater longevity.
Feb13 Weekend off-topic: Crash course in economics; Learn why your practice (and your family) is having trouble making ends meet.
Feb11 Would you like mercury or lead with your incandescent replacement light bulbs?
Feb11 UK's NICE updates its anemia treatment guidelines for CKD, lowering target Hb to 10-12 g/dL
Feb11 Arizona seeks to remove 280 K people from Medicaid coverage
Feb11 Apixaban may prevent strokes more efficiently than aspirin in atrial fibrillation.
Feb11 New genetic cause of primary hyperaldosteronism identified, and it's not rare.
Feb11 Ain't necessarily so: Impact of fructose intake on obesity questioned.
Feb11 Changing views about saturated fat intake and its impact on cardiovascular disease.
Feb11 CDC report underlines discordant results with serologic tests for syphilis
Feb09 Salt and diet soda ingestion linked to increased risk of cerebrovascular events
Feb09 Fructose and glucose activate cortical brain region in opposite ways.
Feb08 Vermont governor proposes single-payer health plan
Feb07 DaVita acquires Nashville-based DSI renal
Feb07 Pivotal discoveries in age-related macular degeneration.
Feb07 Nephron-sparing surgery leads to better outcomes in kidney cancer.
Feb07 Urine-sniffing dogs detect prostate cancer with high sensitivity
Feb04 Mutation points to adenosine as playig a role in arterial calcification.
Feb04 Vegetable juice helps dieters lose weight.
Feb04 Infusion of donor regulatory T cells lowers risk of graft vs. host disease.
Feb04 Defect in CD8 regulatory T cells linked to lupus in a mouse model.
Feb02 NEJM: Fidaxomicin a new, more effective treatment for Clostridium difficile.
Feb02 Western style diet associated with more rapid decline in kidney function.
Feb02 Bisphosphonates may extend survival by 5 years.
Feb01 Sanofi still pursuing offer to acquire Genzyme.
Feb01 FDA adverse event drug reporting system flags several drugs used in CKD.
Feb01 Nephrologist Barry Straube retires from CMS post.
Feb01 FDA decides to not approve diet drug Orexigen's Contrave at the present time.
Feb01 Specific populations of bacteria in the gut linked to fatty liver.
Feb01 Nephron regeneration succeeds in zebrafish experiments.
Feb01 Google Art Project:: How it was done (You Tube video).
Feb01 Stroll through the world's great museums via Google Art Project
Jan31 Rhabdomyolysis in student athletes who train too hard after extended layoff.
Jan31 New USDA sodium guidelines recommend sodium intake < 1.5 g/day for individuals with CKD, HTN, or DMj
Jan27 Who needs insulin? UT Southwestern study shows that without glucagon, insulin may not be that important.
Jan27 Rockwell to launch phase 3 studies of iron-fortified dialysate.
Jan27 Circadian rhythms demonstrable even in red blood cells.
Jan27 NEJM: rTPA use lowers risk on infection and sepsis in dialysis patients with CVCs.
Jan27 Could the predilection for autoimmune diseases among women be due to avoidance of dirt?
Jan27 Certain subtypes of Listeria are especially prone to infect the heart.
Jan26 RPA and AMA recommend physician-led Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
Jan26 Fresenius implements bundled dialysis care agreement in Spain.
Jan26 Nearly half of dialysis technicians in California failing newly required skills test.
Jan26 New method to break up biofilms involves DNAase and polyaspartic acid.
Jan23 Ain't necessarily so: Why are people in developed countries obese, again?
Jan21 Hickey paralyzes woman (seriously)
Jan21 Baxter problems with PD solution contaminants in the news.
Jan21 Cost savings of transplantation compared to dialysis in the news.
Jan21 Fresenius to sell bonds to fund new acquisitions
Jan21 Propublica dialysis unit tracker allows patients to check on unit mortality data.
Jan21 Fresenius recalls some Combiset blood tubing sets because of kinking risk.
Jan21 Inhaled insulin fails to get FDA approval; 2 additional studies were requested.
Jan21 Medicare advisory panel questions benefits of ESAs prior to transplantation
Jan19 New gene mutation that is commonly associated with renal cell cancer discovered.
Jan19 CMS organizes MEDCAC meeting to assess ESAs in transplant patients
Jan19 FDA to streamline path for medical device review.
Jan15 National Library of Medicine's Daily Med website for quick access to drug package inserts.
Jan14 Coffee, sex (hormones), and diabetes...
Jan14 Patient can't sleep? Time to put on the blue-blocker glasses.
Jan14 Be careful not to inhale any prions.
Jan14 American Heart Association calling for sodium reduction to 1.5 g/day for everyone.
Jan14 Let me tell you one thing about nurses who eat blueberries...
Jan12 JAMA: Candesartan linked to better survival in heart failure than losartan.
Jan12 Common painkillers linked to increased risk of vascular complications.
Jan12 NEJM: Cholesterol efflux capacity from macrophages, a new measure of HDL action, linked to carotid intima-media thickness.
Jan12 U.S. Supreme Court rules that medical residents should be taxed as employees.
Jan12 Behavioral therapy cuts incontinence after prostate surgery
Jan11 Stem Cell treatment of age-related macular degeneration on the horizon.
Jan11 Medicaid cuts in Arizona result in denial of payment for certain (nonkidney) transplant procedures.
Jan11 New obesity drug shows stunning rate of weight loss in pilot study.
Jan10 American Dietetic Association releases CKD Nutrition Guidelines
Jan10 Dialysis units - the last open wards of medicine
Jan10 New rules may increase number of patients on home dialysis.
Jan10 Statins may be harmful after hemorrhagic stroke.
Jan06 CROWN Web 2.0 tentative start date set for April of 2011.
Jan06 Extended-release clonidine now available for sale in the United States.
Jan04 KCER: Kidney Community Emergency Response Coalition to host Community Partner meeting at the Annual Dialysis Conference, Feb 22, 2011.
Jan04 Dr. Suhail Ahmad named Chief Medical Officer of Northwest Kidney Centers
Jan04 Euromedic sells Eastern European dialysis units to Fresenius.
Jan02 Podocyte filtration barrier to ethanol
Dec30 We'll let you out of jail if you donate a kidney.
Dec29 World's first kidney donor dies at age of 79.
Dec29 CMS finalizes quality incentive program for dialysis units
Dec28 Oops! High blood folate levels associated with impaired function of tumor suppressors.
Dec28 Vegetarian diet leads to lower phosphate and FGF23 levels.
Dec28 FDA clears Novartis' triple antihypertensive drug for marketing.
Dec28 USRDS ASN 2010 presentations available on the USRDS website.
Dec28 Dr, Polaschegg to receive Scribner Trailblazer award at upcoming Annual Dialysis Conference.
Dec28 Dolphin skin teaches us how to create antibacterial surfaces.
Dec22 Real-time CO2 monitoring helps patients control their anxiety attacks
Dec22 U.S. House votes to exempt doctors from ID theft red flags rule.
Dec22 Metreleptin a promising new treatment for type 1 diabetes.
Dec21 Hexavalent chromium found in tap water in 31 cities across the U.S.
Dec21 Ain't necessarily so dept: Whole fat dairy product fatty acid associated with lower risk of type 2 diabetes.
Dec20 "30 Rock" actor Tracy Morgan recovering from kidney transplant surgery.
Dec18 FDA approves Medtronic cryoablation device to treat atrial fibrillation.
Dec17 Congress moves to reduce lead levels in drinking water.
Dec17 Higher-than usual endotoxin levels found in some Baxter PD solutions in Europe and other non-US countries.
Dec17 Beetroot juice may increase walking distance in the elderly.
Dec17 Weekend off-topic: Economics 101 (James Rickards)
Dec17 Patient complaining of respiratory problems? Sulfur outgassing from drywall might be a cause.
Dec16 Seaweed-coated pig islet cell transplantation approved to treat type 1 diabetes in Russia.
Dec16 US Veterans Administration to Medicare-based fees to non-VA docs providing dialysis services to veterans.
Dec16 Naturally high hemoglobin in dialysis patients not associated with an adverse prognosis.
Dec16 CKD progressors identified via creatinine or cystatin have different outcomes.
Dec16 ASN to meet in Chicago in 2016.
Dec15 Ain't necessarily so: No link between serum 25-D levels and cardiovascular mortality.
Dec14 Stem cell transplant cures HIV patient
Dec13 Widespread vitamin D deficiency of concern in Asia.
Dec13 Lenalidomide boosts immunity in the elderly.
Dec12 Case-control study suggests marked benefits for 3/week incenter nocturnal dialysis.
Dec11 Comment to NIDDK on submitted ideas for kidney disease research projects at this link.
Dec11 Kidney Research National Dialogue: The NIH-NIDDK is waiting for your research ideas.
Dec09 Fetal genome mapped from mother's blood for the first time.
Dec09 Fresenius considers acquisition of companies making generic drugs.
Dec09 RCT casts doubt on utility of cranberry juice to prevent urinary tract infection.
Dec09 Naphthalene diimide useful to detect nanomolar quantities of fluoride in water.
Dec08 Senate votes to maintain Medicare rates of physician reimbursement for another year.
Dec08 Two-hour tuberculosis test could revolutionize treatment of the disease.
Dec08 Study finds U-shaped relation between frailty and 25-D levels in elderly women.
Dec07 In Canada, earlier start of dialysis therapy associated with increased mortality risk.
Dec07 Psychological and parenting issues related to genetic testing of newborns for inherited disease proclivities.
Dec03 FDA updates recall of Baxter Colleague infusion pumps to Class I status.
Dec03 FDA rejects expanding label of prostate-shrinking drugs to include cancer prevention.
Dec03 New Abbott drug atrasentan reduces proteinuria in diabetic kidney disease.
Dec03 Fresenius enters into agreement with Galenica pharma to develop new IV iron products.
Dec03 Bacteria that use arsenic instead of phosphorus identified
Nov30 AMAG's Feraheme modifies its labeling, but FDA does not require a black box warning.
Nov30 Prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor FG-2216 results in increased EPO production by ESRD kidneys and liver.
Nov30 Keryx announces positive results for Zernez, an iron-based phosphate binder
Nov30 M3 muscarinic receptor on pancreatic beta cells key to insulin release.
Nov30 Institute of Medicine releases new guidelines for vitamin D intake (600-800 IU)
Nov30 Source of protection against saturated fat (Angptl4) found, and 3% of people don't have it.
Nov25 A new approach to control serum phosphate
Nov23 Propoxyphene withdrawn from the U.S. market due to risk of cardiotoxicity.
Nov21 Baxter and DEKA announce FDA approval of their home hemodialysis device for testing
Nov21 ASN Renal Week 2010 audio recap. Part 3. (50 mb mp3 file)
Nov21 ASN Renal Week 2010 audio recap. Part 2. (50 mb mp3 file)
Nov21 E. Coli water contamination linked to later vascular injury.
Nov21 View ASN 2010 syllabus on-line
Nov21 FHN 6/week short daily dialysis trial results reported. Frequent dialysis lowes LVH and improves QOL.
Nov21 Bardoxolone INCREASES GFR by a substantial amount in type 2 diabetic CKD patients
Nov18 Statins boost bacterial killing by phagocytes.
Nov17 Radiofrequency zapping of renal nerves in CKD lowers blood pressure substantially.
Nov17 NEJM: New CETP inhibitor anacetrapib shows promise in affecting LDL and HDL levels
Nov16 FDA panel recommends approval of Benlysta to treat lupus flares.
Nov16 Medical director of a dialysis unit claims it was done because she raised patient care concerns.
Nov16 Nevada doctor in hot water for prescribing BP pills over the phone without seeing the patient.
Nov16 Xarelto and other warfarin alternatives about to hit the U.S. market.
Nov14 Paricalcitol addition to RAAS inhibitors lowers proteinuria in albuminuric type 2 diabetics
Nov14 AHA 2010 abstracts: Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in High-Risk Populations: Diabetes and Kidney Disease
Nov14 AHA 2010 abstracts: Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Chronic Kidney Disease
Nov14 AHA 2010 Abstracts: Cardiorenal syndrome: pathophysiology
Nov14 AHA Scientific Sessions ongoing in Chicago, Nov 13-17.
Nov14 Large RCT has good news and bad news for nesiritide (Natrecor).
Nov12 Specialized blood vessels jumpstart liver regeneration.
Nov11 Brass, even in modern plumbing fixtures, continues to cause lead-contamination of drinking water.
Nov11 Frequent hemodialysis network (FHN) and FSGS trial results to be presented at ASN.
Nov11 Pioglitazone slows down cyst growth in a rat model of PKD.
Nov10 Second 'Pro Publica' article focuses on dialysis needle dislodgement.
Nov09 ProPublica article on dialysis care in the United States
Nov08 Cerebral microbleeeds common with aging.
Nov08 AAKP awards 2011 Medal of Excellence Award to Ray Hakim and Allen Nissenson.
Nov08 Rush to judgement? Rosiglitazone not linked to heart events in BARI 2D
Nov08 Doctors abandon traditional practice modes for concierge medicine and hospital-owned care.
Nov08 .pdf file of Archives paper on higher mortality risk with early start (observational data)
Nov08 Nutrition prof. sheds 27 pounds on 1800 calorie Twinkie and junk food diet.
Nov08 Solar-powered BP device could be valuable in underdeveloped countries.
Nov08 Archives paper warns of risks of initiating dialysis at a high level of renal function.
Nov08 Genistein (from soy) may help prevent spread of prostate cancer cells.
Nov08 Pentazocine stabilizes retina in a mouse model of diabetes.
Nov07 McMaster U. scientists turn skin stem cells into various types of blood cells.
Nov05 Liberty Dialysis and Renal Advantage merge to become 3rd largest dialysis provider.
Nov04 A traitor in our midst - the FAP-expressing immune cell protects cancer cells, allowing them to grow.
Nov04 Addition of telaprevir increases hepatitis C cure rates.
Nov02 Crown Web update: 2 security IDs may be needed to access the system by some users.
Nov02 MMWR: Diabetes accounts for 44% of new cases of ESRD.
Nov02 Fresenius Medical Care to opt into bundling payment system for ESRD care.
Nov02 Inhaled steroids increase diabetes risk.
Nov02 Lead burden varies dramatically among urban neighborhoods.
Nov02 New liver hormone linked to selenoprotein P associated with insulin resistance.
Nov02 Salaries for Life Science majors dropping in the United States.
Nov02 Fish oil out, beet juice in, for better brain health
Nov02 Every person emits 2 tons of CO2 each year through metabolism of food.
Nov02 ASN Renal Week 2010 abstracts now available (VERY large .pdf file)
Oct31 ISBP Abstracts, September 2010 meeting
Oct30 U.S. says genes should not be eligible for patents
Oct30 Miniature livers grown from stem cells in the lab.
Oct29 Deuterated fatty acids resistant to oxidative damage.
Oct29 AMAG Q3 report discusses potential black box warning
Oct28 BBraun recalls tainted heparin due to oversulfated chondroitin sulfate contamination.
Oct28 MMWR: Diabetes rates up, but incidence of ESRD due to diabetes is down.
Oct28 Minocycline prevents osmotic demyelination due to hyponatremia in rats.
Oct27 What is the AMA relative value scale update committee and what does it do?
Oct27 Drinking sugary beverages markedly increases risk of diabetes.
Oct26 Lies, damned lies, and medical science. Why 80% of observational trials and 25% RCTs are wrong.
Oct25 Diabetics resistant to diabetic retinopathy have low levels of tyrosine phosphatase SHP-1
Oct25 Coverage denials by insurers for pre-existing conditions rise sharply.
Oct25 Shaking d'em old bones keeps them strong.
Oct23 Calcium acetate plus magnesium carbonate as good as sevelamer in P-binding ability.
Oct22 Missouri man donated HIV-tainted blood; kidney transplant recipient infected.
Oct22 Teriparatide may rebuild gum tissue in periodontal disease
Oct22 Salt sensitivity linked to vasopressin via induction of brain protein synthesis.
Oct19 High UF rates associate with higher mortality in the HEMO study
Oct18 Susceptibility to hypertension in Blacks may be related to too much aldosterone.
Oct18 Think that cavemen ate only meat? New evidence shows they ate cattail flour and veggies.
Oct18 Fenretinide reduces the risk of transformation of dry to wet macular degeneration.
Oct18 Open access research papers are cited more often.
Oct18 Intestinal alkaline phosphatase (IAP) enzyme needed to maintain healthy bacteria in the gut.
Oct18 Vitamin D deficiency linked to lung transplant rejection.
Oct18 FDA advisory recommends continued use of Aranesp in predialysis patients when indicated despite stroke risk.
Oct18 ABC - airway, breathing, chest compression of CPR changed to just "C" for chest compressions.
Oct15 NEJM: Regulatory action on rosiglitazone by the FDA.
Oct15 American Heart Association position paper on smokeless tobacco products.
Oct15 Not-for-profit TOPS weight loss program found to be effective.
Oct15 Off-topic: Argument to Beethoven's 5th symphony
Oct14 FDA CV and Renal Drugs Advisory Committee meets Oct 18th to consider TREAT study results.
Oct14 MRI-guided laser ablation of kidney and liver tumors gives promising results/
Oct14 Another round of FDA label changes for ESAs may be in the works
Oct13 Use mini Opera browser to access password-protected mp3 and pdf files on HDCN
Oct13 Baxter creates new medical products business and announces leadership changes.
Oct13 One in five West Virginia 5th graders may have high blood pressure.
Oct13 Want to lower blood pressure? Eat more watermelon for it's L-arginine precursors (but watch the K !)
Oct12 First trial begins of embryonic stem cell therapy to treat spinal cord injury.
Oct12 Pharmacy benefits group attempts to predict drug non-compliance at an early stage.
Oct12 International Society for Hypertension in Blacks recommends aggressive treatment.
Oct12 Exposure at night to dim light may lead to weight gain (in mice)
Oct12 Estrogen therapy associated with kidney stones in postmenopausal women.
Oct09 More on FDA-mandated withdrawal of Meridia (sibutramine) from the U.S. market.
Oct09 Androgen deprivation therapy causes structural bone decay.
Oct09 Abbott removes weight loss drug Meridia (sibutramine) due to stroke and heart disease risk.
Oct07 Branched-chain amino acid supplements prolong lifespan in rodents.
Oct07 CDC awards 1.9 million dollars in grants to local governments for sodium reduction initiatives.
Oct07 Cantel's Mar Cor acquires Gambro's U.S. water purification business
Oct07 Secondary analysis of osteoporosis trial suggests that raloxifene slows progression of CKD.
Oct05 Fistula First offers course for surgeons in Chicago: How to make fistulas that work.
Oct05 NIH adds more patients over 75 to SPRINT blood pressure goal trial.
Oct05 FDA warns Fresenius on response to Liberty cycler and Naturalyte dialysate problems.
Oct05 International Society of Nephrology celebrates 50 years (film)
Oct04 Oleoyl serine may be a new form of treatment for osteoporosis.
Oct04 New evidence suggests that dietary intake of saturated fats has limited risk of CV disease.
Sep30 Strong link found between diabetes and air pollution.
Sep30 CJASN study suggest communication and multidisciplinary care linked to better survival in dialysis units.
Sep30 United States Renal Data Systems 2010 annual report now available on-line.
Sep30 Keryx initiates phase 3 trial of ferric citrate (Zerenex) as a phosphate binder.
Sep28 HHS asking for comments on their action plan to prevent healthcare-associated infections.
Sep28 Abatacept found to be ineffective for lupus
Sep28 EDTNA/ERCA Recommendations for Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression in renal units
Sep27 Soil used by urban gardeners may be contaminated with lead.
Sep25 Transcatheter aortic valve replacement associated with markedly improved survival.
Sep25 Increased magnesium intake associated with a lower incidence of diabetes
Sep25 Octagam IVIG withdrawn from sale due to thromboembolic event risk.
Sep25 EPO/Procrit recall due to particulate matter in vials
Sep23 Off-topic: Vertical wind turbines and schools of fish.
Sep23 FDA says, US patients will only be allowed to take rosiglitazone if they are unable to take pioglitazone.
Sep23 AMAG's Feraheme faces potential challenges due to safety and price concerns.
Sep23 FDA to limit patient access to rosiglitazone (Avandia)
Sep23 Abbott Labs buys international rights to CKD prevention drug bardoxolone
Sep23 What is "dry water"?
Sep23 Three proteins reliably increase in the blood during transplant rejection.
Sep23 European Medicines Agency recommends that Avandia (rosiglitazone) be banned from the European market.
Sep22 NIH-NIDDK workshop (Oct 18-19) on translating CKD research into improved clinical outcomes .
Sep22 FDA advisory committee to meet on October 18 to consider the results of the TREAT anemia study.
Sep22 CMS releases new proposed qualiity measures developed by Arbor Research (1.5 mb pdf file)
Sep22 FDA warns of kidney failure and other side effects from aromatase inhibitors in dietary supplements.
Sep22 Weight-based dosing of taribavirin causes less anemia than ribavirin in hepatitis C treatment.
Sep22 Terlipressin treatment for GI bleeding reduces serum sodium levels.
Sep20 Adenovirus 36 infection linked to obesity in children.
Sep20 Five doctors from South Africa charged in participating in paid kidney donation.
Sep17 MMWR reports transmission of a soil amoeba causing encephalitis via a transplanted organ.
Sep17 Conference call for Medicare Prospective Payment System on Sept. 27th.
Sep15 Read food labels and lose weight.
Sep15 Complement inhibitor treatment may prolong life of donor organs.
Sep15 Defective ABCB4 gene impedes cholesterol excretion into the bile.
Sep14 Key health law provisions to begin September 23rd.
Sep10 NIH launches beta version of new tool to identify unknown pills.
Sep10 FDA approves 510k for sorbent dialysis system.
Sep10 No need to change site of peripheral intravenous drips every 3 days.
Sep10 University of Kansas researchers develop compound that reverses diabetic neuropathy in mice.
Sep10 Alzheimer amyloid precursor protein function discovered to be involved with iron storage
Sep09 MMWR: Who eats fruits and vegetables; time trends by State of residence
Sep09 FDA issues new safety alert re gadolinium-containing contrast agents and NSF.
Sep08 Quercetin (found in onions and black tea) aggravates kidney cancer in rats
Sep08 Long-term weight loss may increase blood levels of fat-soluble organic pollutants.
Sep08 RPA vascular access initiative launched.
Sep07 Vegetable-based low-carbohydrate diets better than those rich in animal protein
Sep07 New gene makes bacteria resistant to almost all known antibiotics.
Sep06 Fresenius to manage dialysis units in Abu Dhabi.
Sep03 Fresenius issues recall on some dialysis machines and other equipment due to power cord issues.
Sep03 Hemodiafiltration reduces intradialytic hypotension episodes but increases predialysis BP.
Sep03 Deal would provide dialysis for illegal immigrants in Atlanta
Sep03 Cranberry juics blocks ability of Staph aureus bacteria to form biofilm in the urinary bladder.
Sep03 Fish oils inactivate inflammatory effects of macrophages present around fat cells
Sep03 Mutation in toll-like receptor gene heightens lupus risk in men.
Sep03 UCSF announces progress on implantable artificial kidney.
Sep03 Novel antimalarial drug candidate shows promise.
Sep03 First clinical trials completed on potent new drug against hepatitis C.
Sep02 NEJM: Increased cardiovascular risk from weight loss drug sibutramine.
Sep02 AASK trial analysis suggests lower BP targets may benefit African Americans with proteinuria.
Aug31 Could a vaccine against Staph aureus toxin alpha hemolysin (Hla) help in exit-site infection?
Aug31 Large study debunks notion that statins may be associated with cancer.
Aug31 Protein called "sprouty" linked to both fat mass and bone density.
Aug31 Apixaban reduces stroke risk more than aspirin in patients with atrial fibrillation.
Aug30 Genzyme rebuffs takeover bid from Sanofi-Aventis
Aug29 Molecule found that deactivates selective components of the complement system.
Aug27 Bleeding during dialysis: VA patient advisory that led to the decision to adopt Redsense technology
Aug27 Renal Research Institute Advances in CKD 2011 conference; Jan 26-28, 2011, in Miami, FL. (Program: 2 mb .pdf file)
Aug26 European data shows no increased mortality risk with increased Hb variability.
Aug26 Analysis of large claims-based dataset suggests heart risks for rosiglitazone and pioglitazone are similar.
Aug26 Genetic variants in protein kinase C affect CKD progression in type 2 diabetics of Chinese descent.
Aug26 Novartis options siRNA drug from Quark Pharma to reduce AKI and delayed allograft function.
Aug26 New NICE hypertension in pregnancy guidelines issued; recommend daily aspirin
Aug26 Back to the future: Renin profiling claimed to be useful in predicting response to RAAS inhibitors or beta-blockers.
Aug26 Redsense blood leak alarm to become mandatory for Veterans Administration dialysis patients in the U.S.
Aug26 Baxter fined in Australia for alleged anti-competitive behavior.
Aug26 Fresenius to acquire peritoneal dialysis business from Gambro.
Aug26 Naringenin from grapefruits shows promise as a treament for type 2 diabetes
Aug26 L-arginine supplements markedly increase ability to perform endurance exercise.
Aug24 Randomized trial shows that drinking water before a meal reduces calorie consumption.
Aug24 Genetic studies underline pleiomorphic effects of Vitamin D.
Aug24 Early corticosteroid withdrawal improves graft and patient survival rates.
Aug21 KDIGO initiative for improved drug dosing in patients with kidney disease
Aug21 Pasteurized eggs may be indicated groups at high risk for Salmonella infection.
Aug20 National Renal Administrators Association offers new bundlng tool.
Aug20 Binge drinking markedly increases death risk in subjects with hypertension.
Aug20 Adding fish oil to low fat diet helps metabolic syndrome.
Aug20 Two FDA approved drugs cause HIV to mutate itself to death in mice.
Aug19 Vitamin D may improve allergic aspergillosis related diseases.
Aug17 FDA to withdraw approval of midodrine for orthostatic hypotension, because promised additional studies have not been submitted.
Aug17 Bariatric surgery markedly improves type 2 diabetes
Aug17 FDA approves longer use of (200 days) of valganciclovir for CMV prophylaxis post transplant.
Aug15 CMS to host confernce call on its Quality Incentives Program on Aug 24, 2:00 PM EST
Aug15 ALLHAT long-term follow-up study confirms advantages of diuretics.
Aug15 Type of insurance markedly affects creation of AV fistula rate in incident dialysis patients.
Aug13 Rate of kidney stones in U.S. children seems to have increased markedly.
Aug13 New serum tests for ovarian cancer with 100% accuracy!
Aug12 CMS may require one physician visit/month to home dialysis patients in order to get paid.
Aug11 Beta amyloid and tau protein in spinal fluid predict Alzheimer disease with 90% accuracy.
Aug10 Niacin may be useful treatment against Candida albicans and Aspergillus
Aug10 Artificial life forms evolve basic intelligence
Aug05 Problems with HDCN login Thursday morning 10:00 AM Chicago time
Aug04 ANNA plans KDAE - kidney disease awareness and education week, 9-13 August.
Aug04 HDCN: Vascular calcification; Parts 3-5 from ASDIN meeting talks.
Aug04 CMS implements steps to close donut hole for pharmaceutical funding
Aug04 CDC reports U.S. obesity rates for 2009 by state
Aug02 Low carb diet boosts HDL cholesterol more than low fat diet over 2-year period.
Aug02 Need evidence of rehabilitation with nocturnal dialysis? How about competitive high-jumping?
Aug02 Mix-ups of reused dialyzers in the newspapers.
Aug02 New drug resistant strain of E. Coli spreading in the U.S. as well as abroad.
Jul31 Is a dialysate calcium of 2.50 mEq/L too high?
Jul30 Calcium supplements increase the risk of heart attack in postmenopausal women.
Jul29 VA innovation initiative accepting grant applications until Sept. 30, 2010.
Jul28 Plan for urine-powered fuel cells leaks out
Jul28 Biotrends data suggests that use of ESAs for stage 4 CKD is falling.
Jul28 Presence of nonhuman sialic acid in biotech drugs can provoke an immune response.
Jul28 Pulse steroids kill plasmacytoid dendritic cells in lupus
Jul26 CMS issues final rule for bundling and prospective payment (large .pdf file)
Jul25 UK National Health Service rumored to be planning draconian cuts in service.
Jul24 NxStage revenue increased by 21% on home products sales.
Jul24 Sugar substitutes may be useful to lose weight, after all.
Jul24 Marcrophage fatty acid synthase a new target to prevent atherosclerosis.
Jul24 Conference of portable dialysis technology and 3rd ISHD meeting, 30_Sep to 2_Oct, Vincenza, Italy (large .pdf file)
Jul22 Osteocalcin and bone intimately involved in diabetes and insulin action.
Jul21 FDA freezes enrollment in pioglitazone vs. rosiglitazone safety study.
Jul21 Glitazones act NOT as PPAR-gamma agonists, but by blocking PPAR phosphorylation by ckd5.
Jul20 Inhaled insulin comes one step closer to FDA approval.
Jul20 FDA approves generic version of transdermal clonidine.
Jul20 Fresenius signs licensing agreement with company specializing in anti-thrombotic coating technology.
Jul16 RPA Public Policy in a Minute webcast
Jul16 APOL1 gene increases risk of kidney disease in African Americans.
Jul15 FDA review panel shows mixed opinions about whether Avandia should be withdrawn from sale.
Jul15 Drink tea by the quart? If so you might risk fluorosis.
Jul15 ACCORD (NEJM): HbA1c target < 6% and combo statin/fenofibrate Rx better for retinopathy.
Jul15 NEJM: Rituximab may be better than cyclophosphamide for relapsing vasculitis
Jul15 NEJM: Rituximab similar to cyclophosphamide for treament of vasculitis.
Jul12 Abstracts from 2010 World Congress of Cardiology - Posters (274 page .pdf)
Jul12 World Congress of Cardiology 2010 oral presentation abstracts (100 page .pdf)
Jul12 Who is new CMS head Donald Berwick?
Jul12 Current breathing system filters used in anesthesia no good when wet.
Jul12 Florida group to market automobile designed specifically to accommodate a wheelchair.
Jul12 UK national health service to undergo massive structural overhaul
Jul12 New Canadian osteoporosis guidelines recommend 800-2000 IU of vitamin D for those over 50.
Jul12 Fatty acid elongase cures type 2 diabetes in mice.
Jul09 More on the FDA and Avandia (rosiglitazone) safety issues.
Jul08 Getting forgetful? P7C3 seems to help aging rats.
Jul08 Rosiglitazone safety issues continue to be unresolved. FDA to reveal new data tomorrow.
Jul08 After 15 months, FDA decides that Nephros HDF system does not meet substantial equivalency test.
Jul08 Cholesterol can exit the blood via the liver into the intestine while bypassing bile.
Jul08 High-protein reduced calorie diet linked to loss on bone density in women.
Jul08 New mystery gene linked to FSGS
Jul08 Nicotinamide inhibits Candidal infection
Jul08 What is oh-GLICK-nack-ase and why is it important?
Jul06 Healthcare.gov -- the U.S. government's new website providing insurance plan info to patients.
Jul06 Robert Brenner named CEO of start-up company focusing on use of stem cells to treat kidney disease.
Jul06 CROWN Web phase III coming in January of 2011.
Jul06 Got a thick neck? Might not be so good if you're a child.
Jul06 Good outcomes reported with every other night nocturnal dialysis.
Jul06 AmeriWater to use Nephros dual-stage ultrafilters in its portable water purification systems.
Jul06 Cocoa flavanols increase angiogenic cell number.
Jul06 Obesity-induced inflammation linked to !L-6 generation via adipocyte PCK-zeta.
Jul06 INVEST study published in JAMA: No benefit of targeting BP < 130/80 in diabetics vs. 130-140
Jul06 How water drinking increases blood pressure and sympathetic activity.
Jul03 HDCN: Best talks on hyponatremia ever
Jul03 Blueprint for a cure for HIV starts to come into focus.
Jul02 Bundling rule proposal goes to Office of Management and Budget for approval.
Jul02 Why 25 vitamin D levels may be low in uremia.
Jul02 Olive oil consumption downregulates gene activity associated with atherosclerosis.
Jul02 Honey as a topical antibiotic explained.
Jul02 Sugary drink consumption raises risk of hypertension.
Jul02 HDCN password server is down
Jun30 Effect of moving to a high-diagnostic geographic region on patient risk scores.
Jun30 NEJM: Is computed tomography safe?
Jun30 What?? Vasopressin does what???
Jun29 Can't decide if rosiglitazone is safe for the heart? Ask Consumer Reports.
Jun29 Video presentation summary of ACCORD trial results.
Jun29 KDOQI CKD guideline of BP < 130/80 is being questioned.
Jun29 Fresenius issues recall of 5008 and 5008S dialysis machines in the UK.
Jun29 Beetroot juice in the news as a means of lowering blood pressure and CV risk.
Jun29 New study shows no increased cardiovascular risk due to rosiglitazone.
Jun29 ACCORD trial results with HbA1C < 6% show some benefits, some risks.
Jun29 ACCORD trial shows eye benefits of intensive glucose control and of statin+fibrate therapy.
Jun29 American Diabetes Association 2010 meeting abstracts
Jun28 Calorie labeling in restaurant chains goes national.
Jun28 NEJM paper for everolimus use in PKD (full text)
Jun28 NEJM paper for sirolimus use in PKD randomized trial (full text).
Jun28 NEJM link to early vs. late start paper (full text).
Jun28 EDTA late-breaking clinical trial results: Early vs. late start makes no difference; Rosuvastatin no good, but atorvastatin good, in treating CKD proteinuria.
Jun26 EDTA late breaking clinical trials: Sirolimus, everolimus RCT results re slowing of ADPKD
Jun26 EDTA/ERA 2010 scientific conference accepted abstracts.
Jun24 First year residents to be limited to work shifts no longer than 16-hours
Jun24 Selective estrogen compound activates cell-surface receptors only, may confer vascular protection.
Jun22 NKDEP provides training materials regarding nutrition in nondialysis CKD patients.
Jun22 European Soc Hypertension 2010 meeting abstracts - June 21st.
Jun22 European Soc Hypertension 2010 meeting abstracts - June 19th.
Jun22 European Soc Hypertension 2010 meeting abstracts - June 19th.
Jun22 ENDO 2010 "abstracts 2 view"
Jun22 Daily new reports of ENDO 2010 meeting
Jun22 Medicare physician payment cut could cost millions more in reprocessing.
Jun22 Genetic septet in control of platelet stickiness.
Jun22 Price comparison shopping enters the medical marketplace.
Jun22 UK National Health Service argues for complete ban on use of trans fats.
Jun22 FDA to hold daylong meeting on medical device innovation.
Jun22 Wall Street Journal article highlights food - drug interactions.
Jun22 Cutting carbs more effective than low-fat diet in insulin-resistant women.
Jun22 Affymax shares fall after cardiovascular risk concerns raised about hematide.
Jun19 Peter Stewart's "Acid-Base Balance" online in full text.
Jun18 HDCN: Diabetic nephropathy talks from RW2009; more RW2009 audiofiles
Jun18 Senate fails to spare doctors from Medicare cuts.
Jun18 Blood pressure of 110 and above in teenage boys presages HTN.
Jun17 Once-weekly exenatide controls weight and HbA1c in DURATION-4 study.
Jun17 Angiomyeloproliferative lesions in the kidney after direct autologous stem cell injection.
Jun17 FDA increasing it's interest in mercury exposure via dental amalgam.
Jun17 Tranexamic acid, a procoagulant, reduces serious bleeding in trauma patients.
Jun17 Medicare may revisit coverage of ESAs.
Jun17 German Shepherd dogs show ability to sniff out prostate cancer in urine specimens.
Jun17 Has the cause of type 1 diabetes been found?
Jun17 Inhibition of complement may be new strategy of anticoagulation for dialysis.
Jun17 Daily use of probiotics reduces risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia by half.
Jun17 Gut bacteria can clearly trigger arthritis in a susceptible-mouse model.
Jun16 Home Dialysis Plus raises 50 million dollars of seed money investment.
Jun15 Hemoglobin A1c levels slightly higher in African Americans.
Jun13 FDA claims that genetic testing kits are medical devices that need to be regulated.
Jun13 Lancet study suggests that ARBs may be associated with a higher rate of lung cancer.
Jun11 Like maps and lab tests? mmol and mg?
Jun11 Short stature increases risk for heart disease: an important confounder for BMI
Jun10 Bipolar disorders linked to hypertension
Jun10 Allopurinol markedly slows progression of CKD in small randomized trial.
Jun10 Meta-analysis quantifies risk of nephrotic syndrome due to bevacizumab (2%).
Jun10 The secret of why red wine and green tea block some cancers may be revealed.
Jun10 Why did heart attacks go down by 24% in Northern California's Kaiser patients?
Jun10 Continuous aspiration thrombectomy helps return brain function post major strokes.
Jun10 Spanish hospital experiences outbreak of MRSA resistant to linezolid.
Jun10 Ghrelin acting on MC4 receptors in the brain shown to affect serum cholesterol levels.
Jun05 Baxter's IVIG Gammagard being withdrawn as a precaution due to allergic reactions.
Jun03 Consumer Reports: Lead and cadmium in your protein shake? Where is this coming from?
Jun02 World-wide standardization for HbA1c is in the works.
Jun02 Amgen drug denosumab (Prolia) approved by the FDA to fight osteoporosis.
Jun02 DSI Renal named Dr. Mark Kaplan as chief medical officer.
Jun02 Do you have 10 burning questions about the role of FGF23 in kidney disease?
Jun02 Baxter shuffles financial executives
Jun02 How to assess the role of confounding in observational studies
Jun02 Activated basophils and IgE antibodies implicated in an animal model of lupus.
Jun02 Cooking renal tumors with radiofrequency ablation as effective as traditional surgery.
Jun02 Nicer than needles: insulin pills for diabetics in clinical trials.
Jun02 Post-dialysis fall contributed to Gary Coleman's death
Jun02 New paper dipstick test can type blood in a few seconds.
Jun02 Calcium supplements: Too much of a good thing?
Jun02 Lead in ammunition contaminates game meat
May31 HDCN: The rest of the 2010 RRI meeting (18 talks), 23 audiofiles from ASN RW2009,
May31 HDCN login problem fixed
May30 The politics of salt reduction: the food industry fights back.
May29 Ain't necessarily so: High dose cholecalciferol INCREASES falls and fracture risk in elderly women.
May29 Abstracts of the High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia 31st Scientific Meeting.
May29 Renal research in 19th century Germany.
May28 Neurosurgical journal find concealed images of human brain and spinal cord in Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel drawing.
May26 Genzyme gets FDA approval for Pompe disease drug
May26 FDA mandates labels change for proton pump inhibitors warning of fracture risk.
May26 Watson files abbreviated new drug application for sevelamer carbonate.
May26 Enterovirus gene fragments found in 83% of kids with type 1 diabetes.
May26 Fresenius buys Asia Renal Care.
May26 Drinking fewer sugar-sweetened beverages may lower blood pressure.
May26 B cell genes characterize transplant patients who do well after stopping immunosuppressives.
May26 High levels of HDL cholesterol do not always protect.
May21 Sequencing the bugs in our bodies
May21 Weekly GLP-1 mimetics soon to be available for diabetics.
May21 How texting and mobile apps can improve your health
May21 Venter creates bacterium composed entirely of synthetic DNA.
May21 Long-term metformin use linked to vitamin B12 deficiency
May21 Mercury found in skin-lightening creams
May21 Use of Viagra associated with long-term hearing loss.
May21 Gene fusion may be smoking gun in prostate cancer development
May21 Nanotech breath sensor for acetone detects type 1 diabetes.
May21 Mayo clinic researchers identify important kidney cancer gene.
May20 Federal Trade Commission targets privacy concern about copy machine storage of files on internal hard drive.
May18 Medicare cuts for physicians loom yet again.
May18 Teva Pharmaceutical announces tentative FDA approval of generic cinacalcet (Sensipar)
May18 Pregnenolone sulfate may reduce inflammatatory mediator production by blood vessels.
May18 Sirolimus helpful in treating autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease in pilot study.
May18 Higher blood pressure found in people living in urban areas
May18 E. coli resistant to gentamicin more common, due to gene transfer of resistance element.
May18 Eating processed meat vs. regular meat may increase risk of CV and DM.
May12 Gates foundation announces 78 winners for Round 4 of its Grand Challenges grants
May12 Grandfather clauses may represent a sizeable loophole in the health care reform bill.
May12 Novel plastics designed to inhibit biofilm by blocking bacterial communication and quorum sensing
May12 Treating toxigenic E. coli at the source: Cattle recto-anal junction.
May12 Why multiple drug treatment may be required to treat hepatitis C virus infection.
May12 Off-topic: Does a siphon work because of gravity or pressure?
May12 Off-topic: Can gravity be defied? (video)
May12 Working overtime increases heart risk
May12 Gum disease treatment may help glucose control in patients with diabetes
May11 Sept 30 - Oct 2nd, 2010: 3rd Annual ISHD Congress and World Conference on Portable-Wearable and Miniaturized Systems for Dialysis and UF
May11 Proton pump inhibitors increase risk of fractures and of nosocomial C. difficile
May10 HDCN update: RPA talks, more RRI talks, more RW2009 audiofiles; Dialysis in the poisoned patient
May10 RPA 2010 slide/audio lectures now available on HDCN.
May10 New law could help hospice patients continue dialysis
May10 GAO report validates physician complaints on Medicare claims contractors
May06 Multistate recall of Romaine lettuce underway due to toxigenic E. coli.
May06 Having a TIA? Eat some dark chocolate.
May06 New atherosclerosis gene gives promising results.
May05 New health law will require industry to disclose payments to physicians
May05 Mitochondrial DNA strongly linked to stroke risk
May05 New meta-analysis (Annals Int Med) accentuates increased stroke and thrombosis risk of ESA therapy
May05 NxStage's Q1 revenues jump, losses narrow
May05 High doses of vitamins C and E induce stem cell genetic abnormalities (in vitro)
May05 A single sleepless night can induce insulin resistance in healthies.
May05 Dietary protein may reduce hip fractures in the elderly
May04 American Society of Hypertension program book (see RSS feed for audiofile link)
May04 American Transplant Congress 2010 abstracts now available
May04 Mayo clinic biopsy study of healthy kidneys donated for transplant; they commonly show nephrosclerosis
May04 FDA orders recall of all Baxter Colleague infusion pumps
May04 Fresenius Q1 report shows increased revenues.
May04 Impaired function of natural killer T cells may contribute to pathogenesis of lupus and other autoimmune diseases
May03 GAO report regarding CMS need to evaluate effect of bundling (large .pdf file)
Apr30 The joys of having your spicy meatball and eating it.
Apr30 GAO recommendation that CMS monitor dialysis quality after implementation of bundled payment.
Apr30 DSEN: Organ trafficking is here in the U.S. right now?
Apr30 Octreotide given to patients with liver cysts and ADPKD slows progression of both liver and kidney cysts
Apr30 Provenge (prostate cancer vaccine) approved for use in the U.S. by the FDA
Apr30 SHR (spontaneously hypertensive rat) genome sequenced - 788 mutations found!
Apr30 Doxycyclin plus rifampin effective in Reiter's syndrome
Apr30 New gene link to scleroderma found
Apr30 NEJM: Vitamin E good for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)
Apr28 Eating hot peppers significantly increases (doubles) post-prandial energy expenditure as well as fat oxidation.
Apr28 Lead poisoning risk in wild-shot game birds due to small, undetected lead shot fragments.
Apr28 U.S. federal judge dismisses complaint against Amgen alleging use of kickback to increase Aranesp use.
Apr28 B.Braun announces U.S. availability of dialysis machines with built-in Kt/V monitors based on dialysate UV absorbance measured on-line.
Apr28 Anabolic steroid use in healthies impairs left ventricular relaxation by 50% and also ejection fraction.
Apr28 DaVita reports 1st quarter financial income growth of about 13% higher than previous year.
Apr28 RCT shows that high-dose B vitamins associated with increased risk of progression and CV events in diabetics.
Apr28 Depomedrol and ACTH have different effects on osteonecrosis of the hip, VEGF.
Apr28 Using deep homology to uncover gene - disease associations
Apr26 Provenge prostate cancer vaccine - will the FDA approve it?
Apr24 More arrests in organ trafficking ring
Apr24 FDA approves Zortress(R) - everolimus - for organ transplant use.
Apr24 FDA to increase focus on safety of infusion pumps.
Apr24 Group B strep an underrecognized cause of urinary tract infections.
Apr23 Cryptococcus gatti infections emerge in the northwestern part of the United States
Apr22 Incidence of calcium-alkali syndrome increases with calcium/vitamin D supplementation in the elderly.
Apr22 California legislators consider living organ donor registry.
Apr22 University of Chicago to sell 3 off-site dialysis units to DaVita
Apr22 Blood test for rejection gene markers may preclude need for cardiac biopsy in heart transplant patients
Apr21 FDA press release relating to regulation of home therapy devices
Apr21 Home medical devices to get stricter FDA reveiw
Apr20 About 6 kg of weight loss in obese subjects markedly reduces pro-inflammatory immune dysfunction.
Apr20 Council of Bioethics in UK explores notion of payment for organ donors
Apr20 Institute of Medicine sodium report - full text
Apr20 FDA Statement on Institute of Medicine sodium report
Apr20 Institute of Medicine, Harvard researchers call for rules for sodium reduction in food
Apr20 Diets high in added sugar raise heart disease risk.
Apr19 HDCN: Dual RAAS therapy vs. monotherapy - a debate; RRI 2010 meeting talks (part one); 29 more RW2009 audiofiles; 6 NNJ CE articles; Selecting meds for diabetes in advanced CKD.
Apr19 Bad news and more bad news: Gene that makes you fat melts your brain.
Apr19 Gamma prime fibrinogen levels in the top quarter equals a 7-fold increase in MI risk
Apr15 Premeal ingestion of whey protein suppresses food intake and post-prandial insulin.
Apr15 AJKD: Is niacin ready for prime time as a phosphate binder in stage 3-5 CKD?
Apr15 Senate Democrats move closer to passing a bill delaying physician Medicare 19% pay cuts.
Apr15 Screening kids for CKD using urine dipstick for protein costs 3000 dollars per detected case.
Apr15 Finding love online, despite health problems
Apr14 Bariatric surgery lowers pregnancy complication risk in obese women
Apr14 US Renal to acquire Dialysis Corp of America for 112 million dollars
Apr14 New artificial pancreas pump infusing both insulin and glucagon controls blood sugar better.
Apr14 28 states poised to expand role of nurse practicioners.
Apr13 Health Bill Provision On Long-Term Care Will Affect Baby Boomers
Apr13 Harnessing the Web and Supercomputers to Track Pathogens as They Evolve
Apr13 High glycemic index carbs increase heart risk in women.
Apr13 ITAM-coupled receptors linked to macrophage immune function, arthritis
Apr12 True or false: Seven concerns about the new health care law.
Apr12 Scientist find genetic keys that control tumor metastasis.
Apr12 State of Missouri forced to reduce size of program supporting CKD patient education
Apr12 US/European consortium identifies new genes linked to CKD
Apr11 VA planning to pay Medicare rates (39% reduction) to nonVA clinics for dialysis.
Apr11 Medicare pay cut so that Congress can undo 21% reduction in payments.
Apr11 Nanovaccine stops type 1 diabetes from developing in mice.
Apr11 Generic losartan and losartan + HCTZ now available
Apr07 Tech off topic: Skinput; lean and zoom
Apr07 JAMA: Kidneys from donors with a particular caveolin-1 genotype are rejected twice as often.
Apr07 Merger completed for ESRD Networks 4, 9 and 10.
Apr07 Heparin tested under the new standard may be 10% less potent than previously.
Apr07 High fruit and vegetable intake of limited benefit in cancer prevention.
Apr07 Police smash international organ trafficking ring.
Apr07 NEJM: Telaprevir markedly boosts hepatitis C cure rate.
Apr07 Multicellular organisms that can live in the complete absence of oxygen discovered.
Apr07 Adenylyl cyclase 6 suppression by cilia in bone triggers new bone formation secondary to exercise.
Apr06 Lanthanum carbonate may work in patients intolerant to sevelamer and calcium-based binders.
Apr06 Eating eggs for breakfast helps reduce calorie consumption throughout the day.
Apr02 AMAG and Takeda announce strategic collaboration
Apr02 Nephros revenues 4th quarter of 2009
Apr02 Familial azotemia helps clarify role of urea in uremic toxicity - platelets
Apr02 Will the pre-existing condition federal pool of money soon be exhausted?
Apr01 Are donor kidneys with hepatitis C wasted?
Mar31 Home dialysis patients anxiously wait for health care reform to unfold.
Mar31 ASN World Kidney Day 2010 video
Mar31 Should home dialysis patients register with the city water treatment department?
Mar30 Is a cure for hepatitis C virus at hand?
Mar30 HHS has 90 days to set up a high-risk pool for patients with pre-existing conditions.
Mar30 Is this the end of gene patenting?
Mar30 Eating 1 small square of chocolate per day lowers CV risk by 39%
Mar29 Vascular Access Society of the Americas to hold its symposium in Las Vegas on May 12-14, 2010.
Mar29 U.S. judge invalidates gene patent
Mar29 ANNA action alert - write Congress regardling bundling issues for ESRD care.
Mar29 Novel antivirus compounds target the viral envelope, and are broadly effective.
Mar29 Junk food fed rats keep on eating despite experiencing electric shocks.
Mar29 NKF's legislative action center releases position paper on Health Care Reform bill
Mar29 Silverstrand Investments suing Feraheme over alleged withholding of patient safety info.
Mar29 OIG audit targets Spectra laboratories over billing procedures.
Mar28 Toronto conference on Nephroprevention to be held October 1-2, 2010.
Mar26 HDCN: Thrombotic microangiopathies; 34 new audiofiles from RW09; Transplant across HLA/ABO barriers; Sources of phosphate in the diet
Mar26 House passes edited version of Health Care Reform Reconciliation Bill
Mar26 Probiotic supplements may help the obese lose weight.
Mar26 FDA advisory panel review of ESA risks in CKD (2 hr video)
Mar24 Estimated GFR reporting by laboratories increases nephrology referral; effect on outcomes not yet clear.
Mar24 Diabetes and prediabetes at epidemic proportions (240 million !) in China
Mar24 Fresenius appeals 19.4 M verdict relating to use of Method II billing by Renal Care Group.
Mar23 Utility of metabolic syndrome as a clinical tool debated in Diabetologia journal.
Mar23 Novel compound targetting DC-SIGN receptor developed against HIV
Mar23 High-fructose corn syrup associated with liver scarring in patients with NAFLD.
Mar23 Dropping dialysate sodium using conductivity feedback results in better volume control
Mar22 Health Reform Bill: What's next? The fight moves to the Senate.
Mar22 Inventor of beta-blocking drugs, Scottish scientist Sir James Black, dies.
Mar22 NDT early: Hemodialysis causes microemboli to enter the circulation.
Mar22 Fibrillin-1 and TGF beta linked to scleroderma
Mar22 Multidrug-resistant C. difficile infections on the rise in hospitals
Mar22 High fructose corn syrup = table sugar in terms of fructose content, but not in terms of obesity.
Mar22 Effect of UV sunlight rays on multiple sclerosis -- something other than vitamin D at work?
Mar20 Gov. Schwarzenegger, Steve Jobs, lobby for new organ donor legislation in California.
Mar19 Sen Kent Conrad's letter to CMS concerning the ESRD bundling proposal.
Mar19 JACC paper: Rosuvastatin in CKD subgroup of the JUPITER trial
Mar19 High-dose rosuvastatin reduces mortality in CKD patients by 44%.
Mar19 Stem cell windpipe transplant apparently succeeds in UK child.
Mar18 Kraft to cut sodium content of its processed foods by an average of 10%
Mar15 Slightly elevated lead levels found in some spices to Indian food.
Mar15 Valsartan and nateglitidine of no use in reducing CV death in prediabetics.
Mar15 Level of myeloperoxidase strongly associated with CAD mortality.
Mar15 Higher 25D levels in African Americans associated with vascular calcification
Mar15 ACCORD trial combination fibrate plus statin results (NEJM, pdf)
Mar15 ACCORD trial lower BP target results (NEJM, .pdf)
Mar15 ACCORD trial results released at ACC: BP lower than 120 or addition of fibrates have no benefit in diabetics.
Mar12 New RPA website on-line. Annual Meeting starts today, March 12th.
Mar12 Plavix gets new FDA warning regarding reduced efficacy in 3% slow activators.
Mar12 Man who fixes dialysis machines now has to use one.
Mar12 Early initiation of metformin in type 2 diabetes may have advantages.
Mar12 Spikes in blood pressure predict stroke risk better than high average readings.
Mar12 Weight bearing exercise during weight loss does not prevent increased bone turnover.
Mar11 Family of four gets their genome sequenced
Mar11 Control of serum phosphorus: More emphasis on dietary intake.
Mar11 Today is World Kidney Day
Mar11 Fresenius to offer online hemodiafiltration to its UK clinics.
Mar11 Gastric bypass increases the risk of kidney stones.
Mar11 NEJM: Thyroid hormone analogue lowers LDL cholesterol in statin-treated patients.
Mar10 Hemolysis with intravenous immunoglobulin solutions
Mar10 JASN paper questions use of ion exchange resins to treat hyperkalemia.
Mar10 Researchers confirm the safety of kidney donations
Mar08 Daily dialysis with NxStage system improves sleep and restless legs syndrome.
Mar08 Good Vitamin D levels needed for adequate killer T cell function.
Mar08 DSEN: Bloggers report from the Annual Dialysis Conference in Seattle.
Mar05 Fresenius acquires National Vascular Care
Mar04 Genetic test may be able to predict success rate of low-carb vs. low-fat diet.
Mar04 Pycnogenol (pine bark extract) reduces kidney damage in hypertension.
Mar04 JASN study evaluates longer-term treatment of chronic hyponatremia with tolvaptan.
Mar04 New interest in gut microflora
Mar04 Prostate cancer vaccine (Dendreon) improves survival by 40% in patients with advanced disease.
Mar04 NEJM: Glycated hemoglobin linked to CV death risk in nondiabetic adults.
Mar02 3 different diets equivalent in terms of improving carotid artery atherosclerosis.
Mar02 FDA advisory panel recommends approval of belatacept for kidney transplants.
Mar02 Class I recall of Baxter's Home Choice and Home Choice Pro due to risk of overfill
Mar01 Plan on working until you're 100? Meet such a centenarian physician.
Mar01 Dialysis center owner is a kidney patient.
Mar01 Leukocyte biology suggests that simvastatin may increase infection risk.
Feb28 Rising threat of infections due to drug-resistant Gram-negative infections
Feb26 15th International Congress on Renal Nutrition and Metabolism, May 25 in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Feb25 Fresenius Medical Care reports strong financial results
Feb25 Nintendo Wii exercise games keep elders in shape and combat depression.
Feb25 Estrogen receptor activation for refractory prostate cancer
Feb24 US NKF makes availabe CKD patient education program on modality choice
Feb23 AHA/ACC issue Science Advisory re heart risk and thiazolidinedione drugs.
Feb23 New cardiac CT scanners with 320 detector rows expose patients to 90% less radiation.
Feb22 HDCN: Hepatitis C in renal disease; 52 more RW2009 talks; Sorbent dialysis; HTLV screening in donors.
Feb22 Checklists reduce complications in surgical procedures
Feb22 5-diamond safety program for missed HD treatments (Mid-Atlantic Renal Coalition)
Feb22 Mutations in gene encoding K channel KCNN3 associated with atrial fibrillation.
Feb22 Tests that purported to show conscious thought in longterm coma patient proven unreliable.
Feb18 Anesthesiologists may be the first specialists to be replaced by computers.
Feb18 Output of scientific papers growing quickly in non-US countries; fastest in Iran.
Feb18 JASN: Efficacy and safety of ion exchange resins questioned.
Feb18 Sucrose and trehalose stabilize live vaccines so that refrigeration is no longer needed.
Feb17 Dr. R.H. Lustig on fructose, obesity, and metabolic syndrome (90 min talk)
Feb17 Belatacept shown to be beneficial in routine transplant immunosuppression.
Feb16 Something fishy about metformin
Feb16 Affymax readies blockbuster alternative to Epogen.
Feb15 Next generation of hand sanitizers to use gas plasma.
Feb15 Greater use of extended criteria donor transplants for the elderly recommended.
Feb15 DSEN blog: MD patient questions what should be the minimum dose with NxStage
Feb15 Robotic surgery for prostatectomy - marketing hype or a true advance?
Feb12 CMS Plans Open Door Forum on ESRD and Clinical Laboratories
Feb12 NKDEP offers a suggested approach to drug dosing in CKD
Feb12 Mercury, arsenic and lead commonly found in herbal medicines.
Feb12 Texas jury acquits nurse who complained about a physician's care to the Texas Medical Board.
Feb12 Tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) a drug already used in humans, prevents diastolic heart failure in mice.
Feb11 Medicare pay fix for doctors hitches a ride on the jobs bill
Feb11 GLP-1 analogue designed to be taken weekly shows promising results in diabetics.
Feb11 DaVita posts Q4 results; doing very well, up 12% relative to Q4 2008.
Feb11 NEJM: Stents better than balloon angioplasty in dialysis patients AV graft stenosis.
Feb10 FDA grants humanitarian use device designation for high MW cutoff membrane in treating multiple myeloma.
Feb10 3SBio licenses China rights to ferric citrate as a phosphate binder.
Feb10 Statins associated with a 40% reduction in risk of cataracts
Feb10 Soy isoflavone tablets of no benefit in preventing bone loss.
Feb10 Thiazolidinediones increase fracture risk in observational study.
Feb10 Harmless virus kills cancer cells that activate the Ras pathway in cells.
Feb09 Even mild hypokalemia in heart failure patients with early-stage CKD associated with increased mortality.
Feb08 What is "third-hand smoke" and why is it potentially dangerous?
Feb08 AMAG safety update on adverse effects in patients taking Ferraheme
Feb08 Speed dating model used to match physicians with patients.
Feb08 TERC and telomere length linked to biologic age in humans.
Feb08 Barley, beer (esp. pale ale), orthosilicic acid, and bone health
Feb04 ANNA anounces its new elected officers for the coming year.
Feb04 Who will provide unreimbursed dialysis to immigrant dialysis patients in Atlanta?
Feb04 Metabolism across mammals is a function of body weight to the 2/3 power and not to the 3/4.
Feb04 USRDS presentations at ASN Renal Week 2009
Feb04 New metaanalysis debunks link between saturated fat intake and heart disease.
Feb03 Why changing the gut microbiota with antibiotics may have adverse effects.
Feb03 Nordic Medcom AB to distribute NxStage hemodialysis system in Scandinavia.
Feb03 NEJM: Many people in a coma are not really in a coma - willful modulation of brain activity.
Feb01 CMS issues new guidelines for adequacy, infection, and access reporting.
Feb01 Serious liver disorder associated with didanosine (drug used to treat HIV) use
Jan29 Class I recall issued for Aquarius hemodialysis machine made by Edwards and distributed by Baxter.
Jan29 Spontaneous remission in 34% of patient with idiopathic membranous GN treated conservatively.
Jan29 Overweight elderly live longer.
Jan27 ASH 25th Annual Scientific Meeting to be held May 1-4, 2010 in New York City.
Jan27 HDCN: HIV nephropathy, Heart-Kidney Connection; SGLT2 blockers in diabetes; RW2009 audiofiles; Rituximab.
Jan27 Think you know how platelets are made? Guess again.
Jan27 Financial burden of providing emergency dialysis to illegal immigrants at Las Vegas UMC.
Jan27 New software allows 3D imaging during coronary angiography.
Jan27 Doctors without borders dialyzes patients in Haiti with AKI due to crush syndrome.
Jan27 Longevity effects of human growth hormone debunked by long-lived deficients.
Jan27 Magnesium brain content associated with cognitive function
Jan27 Vitamin D deficiency linked to GI microflora, gut immunity, and Crohn's disease.
Jan27 Password access to HDCN has been restored.
Jan26 Prostate cancer vaccine increases survival of patients with refractory, metastatic disease.
Jan26 UC professor engineers oral vaccines against malaria and cholera.
Jan26 AJKD: Comments on AURORA study results on use of statins in CKD patients.
Jan26 AJKD: Series of editorials from different perspectives on CMS 2009 prospective payment system.
Jan25 Providing dialysis to illegal immigrants costing one university dialysis center 2 M dollars/month.
Jan25 MMWR: Prevalence of abnormal lipid levels among youths
Jan25 FDA schedules premarket clearance meeting re medical devices on 18 Feb, 2010
Jan25 Spearphishing schemes target doctors by masquerading as habitual, trusted sources.
Jan24 Dr. Bernard Canaud to receive 2010 Belding Scribner Trailblazer Award at the ADC
Jan21 NEJM study quantitates benefits of salt reduction on CV outcomes.
Jan21 Retail meat linked to urinary tract infections.
Jan21 New sensor can measure glucose in exhaled breath
Jan20 Gambro announces agreement to acquire CHF solutions.
Jan20 New business analysis published on global trends in dialysis markets.
Jan20 DaVita names Dr. John Moran as VP in charge of home therapies.
Jan17 Why some doctors are opting out of Medicare.
Jan16 National CKD surveillance system is in the works
Jan16 Uncomfortable arithmetic: whom to cover vs. what to cover.
Jan15 Baxter recalls Home Choice automated PD systems due to risk of overfill.
Jan15 Comments to CMS regarding effect of bundling on frequent hemodialysis
Jan14 UC Davis study confirms efficacy of calcium plus vitamin D in reducing fracture risk.
Jan14 Slightly elevated blood lead levels in adolescents associated with reduced cystatin GFR.
Jan14 Alzheimer's disease might be detectable by a retinal exam.
Jan13 Baxter to face lawsuits over tainted heparin.
Jan13 Sophisticated insulin pump prototype in development for type 1 diabetes mellitus
Jan13 BPA (bisphenol A) linked to cardiovascular risk.
Jan13 HDCN secure server certificate updated
Jan12 Intranasal and intracranial TGF-alpha restores motor function after stroke in rats.
Jan12 Obesity identified as a risk factor for clear cell kidney cancer.
Jan11 New test strip developed to detect blue algae microcystins in water.
Jan11 CV and kidney progression risk tied to proteinuria may be affected by race.
Jan08 CJASN: Higher serum calcium levels associated with increased mortality.
Jan07 Miami's Jackson County health system can no longer pay for dialysis of poor patients.
Jan07 UCLA study shows metformin to be safe in patients with diabetes and advanced heart failure.
Jan06 One man's mission to create a living mind inside of a machine.
Jan06 NEJM FDA op ed piece: Time for reevaluation of anemia drugs.
Jan06 FDA plans safety panel on 3 drugs for anemia.
Jan06 Study examines the mathematical benefits of drawing multiple patient lab samples.
Jan06 Fresenius Medical Care urges patients to prepare for winter storms.
Jan06 Temporary reprieve eases crisis for dialysis-dependent illegal immigrants.
Jan06 Genetic survey of clear cell renal cancer samples identifies new gene abnormalities.
Jan06 Calorie information from fast food and other restaurants underestimates true calorie content of their foods.
Jan06 Candesartan prevents proliferative gene profile in diabetic eye disease.
Jan06 Plate weight monitor helps children slow rate of eating at mealtimes.
Jan05 HDCN: ANCA vasculitis treatment; FGF23 in MBR; Iron and Anemia; Impact of Bundling; Metabolic syndrome after Transplant
Jan05 Vitamin C arrests senescence in mice mutated to mimic Werner syndrome.
Jan05 Glycyrrhizin increases ability of skin to ward off infection.
Jan05 Fat mass helps build bone in young girls.
Jan05 Sharing a hospital room increases the risk of C. difficile infection
Dec31 Political cartoons dealing with health care reform
Dec31 Vitamin E supplements can shorten life expectancy in some patients
Dec31 Officials re-examining organ donor rules after transmittal of amoebic brain infection
Dec29 High price of FDA approval - the case of colchicine.
Dec29 Disinfectants may promote emergence of superbugs.
Dec29 Transplanted organs from donor who died of undiagnosed brain disease transmitted amoebic brain infection to recipient.
Dec29 Risk of ESRD in diabetics has been decreasing by 4% per year since 1996.
Dec29 Inner ear organs can alter brain blood flow, affect postural hypotension, dizziness.
Dec29 JRN: Updated list of phosphate in sports drinks and other beverages.
Dec29 Am Diabetes Assoc promoted increased use of Hb A1C to diagnose diabetes.
Dec29 Renal sympathetic nerve ablation being tested in the UK to treat hypertension
Dec26 Interview with DaVita CEO Kent Thiry re health care reform.
Dec23 Caloric restriction longevity effects linked to telomerase activity.
Dec23 INF2 gene mutations linked to focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS)
Dec23 American Heart Association's selection of top 10 research advances
Dec23 Intestinal liner to treat type 2 diabetes and obesity approved for sale in Europe.
Dec23 Aggressive BP treatment in patients over 80 may result in increased mortality.
Dec22 Dr. Tom Parker III awarded AAKP's 2010 Medal of Excellence Award
Dec22 Adenylyl cyclase senses bicarbonate levels and regulates blood pH (in dogfish shark)
Dec22 Deoxycytidine kinase enzyme shown to profoundly affect adaptive immune system.
Dec22 Neuropeptide Y receptors on osteoblasts are evidence of how brain and diet control bone formation.
Dec21 Facebook post brings Iowa man a new kidney.
Dec21 24-h BP monitoring disturbs sleep in some, artifactually affecting the amount of nocturnal BP dipping.
Dec21 Genetic studies clarify differing European and West African components of inheritance in African Americans
Dec18 HDCN registration server is down. Working to fix it.
Dec17 HDCN: Renal cancers, Anemia, Race and ESRD, New approaches to hyponatremia, more ADC talks, 50 more RW09 abstracts.
Dec17 Physicians advocate for repeal of Medicare sustainable growth rate approach.
Dec17 House votes to delay Medicare physician reimbursement reductions until March.
Dec16 Mostly immigrant dialysis patients lose lawsuit against closure of Grady dialysis unit.
Dec16 Scientists crack genetic code of skin and lung cancer.
Dec16 RPA final comments on ESRD prospective payment system.
Dec15 Kidney Care Partners letter to senators regarding immunosuppressive drug reimbursement issues.
Dec15 Reducing dialysis reimbursement to pay for transplant drugs draws opposition.
Dec14 Prussian blue linked to formation of urea, lactic acid and other origins of life molecules.
Dec14 Scientists isolate new antifreeze molecule from beetle.
Dec12 Star fruit intoxication in patients with moderate CKD not yet on dialysis
Dec11 Blood stem cell transplants "cure" sickle cell disease in 9/10 adults
Dec11 Issues in the proposed Senate health bill under discussion
Dec11 Just when you thought it was safe to make popcorn.
Dec10 NNJ: Myths of CCHT Certification regarding the April 2010 deadline.
Dec10 Carotid artery endarterectomy beneficial for CKD patients with high-grade carotid artery stenosis.
Dec09 Fresenius Medical Care prepares for CEO transition.
Dec09 Australia lifts ban on xenotransplantation.
Dec09 2009 Nobel prize winners in medicine -- see their lectures on-line.
Dec08 Compilation of international human subject protection laws (large .pdf file)
Dec08 FDA panel recommends approval of everolimus for transplant rejection with a risk mitigation plan.
Dec08 West Nile virus infection may persist in the kidneys for years after infection.
Dec08 Researchers find hidden sensory system in the skin.
Dec08 Drug reimportation re-emerges in health care debate.
Dec07 Three nurses unions merge
Dec07 Renal Research Institute Advances in CKD conference: New Orleans, Jan 20-22, 2010
Dec07 Typing on a computer screen using only your mind.
Dec07 NEJM: Dabigatran as good as warfarin for venous thromboembolism prevention.
Dec07 Donor kidneys from which renal masses have been removed yield good results.
Dec07 Vitamin D levels linked to survival in myeloma patients.
Dec07 Encouraging results in new 3-drug regimen in multiple myeloma.
Dec07 Genetic studies reveal new cause of severe obesity in childhood on chromosome 16.
Dec04 Blood clot risk increased up to 70 times as long as 6 weeks after surgery.
Dec04 Amyloid fibrils are toxic per se, the shorter the fibril, the more damage it causes.
Dec04 Observational study suggests remarkable protection against graft-versus-host disease by statins.
Dec04 Physicians opine about health care reform (humor)
Dec03 Register now for the ASN Renal Weekends summary meetings in any of 6 cities
Dec03 Finasteride linked to increase risk of breast cancer in men.
Dec03 Novel "locked nucleic acid" drug markedly lowers hepatitis C viral counts in chimpanzees.
Dec03 Rat study suggests that fructose consumption in CKD blocks intestinal Ca absorption and vitamin D activation
Dec03 What is "pay for delay" and how does it affect availability of generic drugs?
Dec02 American Indian health care in the U.S. may be reorganized.
Dec02 Heparin potency to change by 10% with new labeling requirements.
Dec02 Urea concentrations between 10 and 40 mM induce reactive oxygen species in cell culture.
Dec02 Heart failure linked to gene variant affecting vitamin D activation.
Dec02 Concern grows for immigrant dialysis patients after closure of Grady dialysis unit.
Dec01 Tech off-topic: Japanese robots in dance-off competition.
Dec01 HDCN: 1 new CNC (transplant) and 3 RW2009 official symposia (transplant, bone, anemia), more 2009 ADC talks
Dec01 TLR2 (toll-like receptors) linked to inflammatory damage in atherosclerotic plaque.
Dec01 Are peptoids that disable autoreactive T cells the next step in treatment of autoimmune disease?
Dec01 Protein Kinase G (PKG) controls brown fat abundance; may be manipulated in treatment of obesity.
Dec01 Copper surfaces harbor remarkably few bacteria.
Dec01 Whistleblower lawsuit alleges Medicare fraud by Amgen related to EPO dosing.
Dec01 JASN: Transplant nephrectomy associated with improved survival.
Nov29 eGFR calculator creatinine entry problem for values between 1.00 and 1.10 corrected
Nov29 The Royal Society published 350 years of scientific history on Trailblazing website.
Nov27 Interview with NxStage CEO Jeff Burbank discusses home dialysis, impact of bundling.
Nov27 Stress-related blood pressure linked to phosducin.
Nov27 Zap your hands with ionized plasma to rid them of superbugs.
Nov27 Diabetes expected to double, costs to triple, by 2034 in the United States.
Nov26 Instead of looking to get omega-3s from fish, look to the algae.
Nov26 New theory of causation of multiple sclerosis focuses on iron injury due to impaired venous drainage.
Nov26 Rituximab helps preserve beta cell function in patients with early type 1 diabetes.
Nov25 Feeding time a major factor on gene induction circadian variability
Nov25 High salt intake linked to risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.
Nov25 Nexilin mutations identified as a cause of dilated cardiomyopathy.
Nov25 Overweight? Try using smaller plates.
Nov24 Tech off-topic: What is clear type and how do you activate it on your computer?
Nov24 Tired of giving expensive vitamin Ds to dialysis patients? Cholecalciferol is cheap and seems to work.
Nov24 Diabetics show alarming increase in morbid obesity
Nov24 CDC issues prevalence maps by county for obesity and diabetes
Nov24 Paralyzed man was misdiagnosed as being in coma for 23 years.
Nov23 Progress in xenotransplant. Pig kidneys live for 50 days in baboons.
Nov23 Is there good Staph living in one's skin?
Nov21 HDCN: Pharmacogenetics, proteinuria pharma effects CNC; more ADC talks; RW09 abstracts
Nov20 CDC: Recs for clinical laboratories on how best to diagnose Shiga toxin-producing E.Coli.
Nov20 JASN: Removing a failed transplant associated with increased survival in ESRD patients.
Nov20 How to take a gorilla's blood pressure? Very carefully.
Nov19 HACH recalls vials of residual peroxide test strips because of a packaging error
Nov19 OPTN/UNOS board reapproves 236 living donor transplant programs
Nov19 What happens to data privacy when a personal genomics company goes bankrupt?
Nov19 Workers exposed to secondhand smoke in outdoor environments have elevated blood levels of cotinine.
Nov19 Cigarette smoke found to be contaminated with many pathogenic bacteria.
Nov19 ESRD-related language in candidate Senate healthcare reform bill.
Nov19 FDA issues warning letters to 22 websites marketing health products with unapproved claims.
Nov18 Niacin plus statin no better than niacin alone in elderly patients with CAD.
Nov18 Women at risk from vitamin A deficiency.
Nov18 NEJM: IV iron improves functional capacity and QOL in heart failure patients with iron deficiency
Nov18 Genzyme cancels development of Renvela successor.
Nov18 N95 high filtration masks for staff to prevent influenza? Maybe not worth the money.
Nov18 Looking for medical images on the web? Try Google Swirl.
Nov17 Scientific sessions of the American Heart Association portal
Nov17 Google translate now talks and translates in real time between 51 different languages.
Nov17 FDA: Omeprazole and clopidogrel drug:drug interaction reducing efficacy of clopidogrel