April 28, 2019
Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease 2018
Renal Research Institute (Lake Buena Vista, FL; February, 2018)  


Dialysis access: Latest developments to enhance success
Richard Neville, MD

Blood pressure in CKD: An update from a KDIGO controversies meeting
Roberto Pecoits-Filho, MD

40 years of technological evolution in acute dialysis
Claudio Ronco, MD

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Intensive Review of Nephrology
Fairmont Copley Plaza Aug 5 - 9, 2019
Boston, MA

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Intensive Review of Nephrology

The Comprehensive Clinical Update and Board Review

With over 70 interactive lectures, case discussions, and board preparation sessions, this CME program provides a comprehensive review of state-of-the-art nephrology practices offered by the clinical faculty of Harvard Medical School.

It offers accelerated learning for:

Clinicians seeking a practical and comprehensive review that ensures they are up to date across all major areas of nephrology:
  1. The latest options for diagnosis: what to choose, when, and why
  2. Current evidence-based treatment and care management strategies to optimize patient outcomes
  3. Improved approaches to common and complex clinical challenges
  4. Navigating clinical controversies
  5. How to avoid medical mistakes
Physicians preparing to certify or recertify and are seeking a thorough, proven preparatory course in advance of their taking the Nephrology ABIM board examination.


Genetic polymorphisms in hypertension: are we missing the immune connection? (Am J Hypertens)
Reduction of cardiovascular risk and improved estimated glomerular filtration rate by SGLT2 inhibitors, including dapagliflozin, is consistent across the class: analysis of EXSCEL placebo arm (Diabet Care)
Potential strategies to reduce blood pressure in treatment-resistant hypertension using food and drug administration - approved nanodrug delivery platforms (Hypertens)
Comparison of automated office blood pressure with office and out-off- office measurement techniques: a systematic review and meta-analysis (Hypertens)
Safety and efficacy of bempedoic acid to reduce LDL cholesterol (N Engl J Med)
High normal blood pressure and left ventricular hypertrophy echocardiographic findings from the PAMELA Population (Hypertens)
Sustained decrease in blood pressure and reduced anatomical and functional reinnervation of renal nerves in hypertensive sheep 30 months after catheter-based renal denervation (Hypertens)
Effect of catheter ablation vs antiarrhythmic medication on quality of life in patients with atrial fibrillation: The CAPTAF Randomized Clinical Trial (J Am Med Assoc)
Dabigatran toxicity in acute kidney injury: hemodialysis and idarucizumab required (Kidney Int Rep)
Automated insulin dosing guidance to optimise insulin management in patients with type 2 diabetes: a multicentre, randomised controlled trial (Lancet)
A placebo-controlled, randomized trial of enarodustat in patients with chronic kidney disease followed by long-term trial (Am J Nephrol)
Albuminuria regression and all-cause mortality among insulin-treated patients with type 2 diabetes: analysis of a large UK primary care cohort (Am J Nephrol)
Vancomycin-associated acute kidney injury in a large veteran population (Am J Nephrol)
Fruit and vegetable intake and mortality in adults undergoing maintenance hemodialysis (Clin J Am Soc Nephrol)
Sodium and water handling during hemodialysis: new pathophysiologic insights and management approaches for improving outcomes in end-stage kidney disease (Kidney Int)
Decolonization to reduce postdischarge infection risk among MRSA carriers (N Engl J Med)
Omadacycline for acute bacterial skin and skin-structure infections (N Engl J Med)
A systematic review of direct oral anticoagulant use in chronic kidney disease and dialysis patients with atrial fibrillation (Nephrol Dial Transplant)
Exploring barriers and potential solutions in home dialysis: an NKF- KDOQI conference outcomes report (Am J Kidney Dis)
Treatment of anemia with darbepoetin prior to dialysis initiation and clinical outcomes: analyses From the Trial to Reduce Cardiovascular Events With Aranesp Therapy (TREAT) (Am J Kidney Dis)
Dialysis modality and incident atrial fibrillation in older patients with ESRD (Am J Kidney Dis)
Comparative efficacy of therapies for treatment of depression for patients undergoing maintenance hemodialysis: a randomized clinical trial (Ann Intern Med)
Use of the KDQOL-36T for assessment of health-related quality of life among dialysis patients in the U.S. (BMC Nephrol)
Is expanded hemodialysis an option to online hemodiafiltration for small- and middle-sized molecules clearance? (Blood Purif)
Dialysate calcium levels: do they matter? (Blood Purif)
Association of central venous oxygen saturation variability and mortality in hemodialysis patients (Blood Purif)
Associations between hemodialysis facility practices to manage fluid volume and intradialytic hypotension and patient outcomes (Clin J Am Soc Nephrol)
Dietary fiber intake: its relation with glycation end products and arterial stiffness in end-stage renal disease patients (J Ren Nutr)
Would hemodialysis patients benefit from a Staphylococcus aureus vaccine? (Kidney Int)
Evaluating CKD/ESRD patient with hepatitis C infection: How to interpret diagnostic testing and assess liver injury (Semin Dial)
Soft drink consumption during and following exercise in the heat elevates biomarkers of acute kidney injury (Am J Physiol)
Development and validation of a more accurate estimating equation for glomerular filtration rate in a Chinese population (Kidney Int)
Eculizumab use for kidney transplantation in patients with a diagnosis of atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (Kidney Int Rep)
Contribution of non-HLA incompatibility between donor and recipient to kidney allograft survival: genome-wide analysis in a prospective cohort (Lancet)


 Basic hemodialysis -- Adequacy, prescription, urea kinetics
The 13-Year Experience of Performing In-Center Short Daily Hemodialysis - Who Pays for It?
Quality of Life Reported by Patients with Expanded Hemodialysis by the TheraNova Dialyzer in RTS Colombia
Incremental Peritoneal Dialysis Is Beneficial in Preserving Residual Renal Function, Compared to Full-Dose Peritoneal Dialysis
Estimating Residual Kidney Function in Dialysis Patients Without Urine Collection
 Basic hemodialysis -- Complications (acute)
Fatigue on Hemodialysis Day Is Associated with Post-Hemodialysis Amino Acids Depletion
Preliminary Analysis of the Effect of Blood Flow Rate Reduction on Post- Dialysis Fatigue
Orthostatic Blood Pressure Decline as a Possible Explanation for Memory Deficit in Dialysis Patients
The Effect of Dialysate Sodium Concentration on Intradialytic Hemodynamic Outcomes
Association of Treatment Time and One Year Change in Residual Renal Urea Clearance in Hemodialysis Patients
Residual Renal Function Loss in Hemodialysis Patients: Is Kidney Stunning the Culprit and Can Dialysate Cooling Help?
Measured Dialysate Sodium Deviates Frequently and Sometimes Substantially from Ordered Dialysate Sodium in Acute Care Hemodialysis
 Basic hemodialysis -- Home hemodialysis
Association Between Psychosocial Factors and Receipt of Nocturnal In-Center Hemodialysis Among Prevalent Dialysis Patients
Dialysate Potassium (K) Concentration and Total Dialysate Volume per Week During MFHD Determine Serum K After Transfer from In-Center Hemodialysis (ICHD) - Model Predictions
Effect of Dialysate Potassium (K) Bath During Daily Hemodialysis (DHD) on Serum K Concentration After Transfer from In-Center Hemodialysis (ICHD)
Effects of Ultrafiltration Rate on Decline in Residual Kidney Function Among Patients Receiving Less-Frequent Hemodialysis
Short Frequent Haemodialysis at Home and Loss of Residual Renal Function
The Effect of Frequent Hemodialysis on Phosphate and Fibroblast Growth Factor 23: Results from the Frequent Hemodialysis Network Trials
 Basic hemodialysis -- Continuous therapies
A Novel Post-Dilution CVVHDF-RCA with Personalized Initial Calcium Dosing and Fixed Citrate to Blood Flow Ratio
 Basic hemodialysis -- New dialysis methods, hemodiafiltration
Six Months Evaluation of the Expanded Hemodialysis (Hdx) on Removal Efficiency, Anemia, and Quality of Life
Increasing the Removal of Protein-Bound Uremic Toxins by Hemolipodialysis
Removal of Large-Middle Molecules on Expanded Hemodialysis (HDx): A Multicentric Observational Study of 6 Months Follow-Up
Multipoint Dilution Hemofiltration (MPD-HF): A New Technology for Maximum Convective Clearance
The Effect of Combined Therapy with Peritoneal Dialysis and Hemodialysis: A Prospective Multicenter Study in Japan
 Basic peritoneal dialysis -- Peritonitis and exit-site infection
Analysis of After-Hours Oral Antibiotic Protocol for the Treatment of Suspected Peritonitis in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients
Serum Galactomannan and (1-> 3)-beta-D-Glucan Testing for Rapid Detection of Fungal Peritonitis
Feasibility of Resuming Peritoneal Dialysis After Catheter Removal Due to Severe Peritonitis
 CRF: Problem Areas -- Outcomes (Morbidity, Mortality)
Dialysis Therapy and Gait Speed: A Repeated Measures Analysis of US Patients on Chronic Dialysis
 CRF: Problem Areas -- Rehabilitation, exercise, quality of life
Employment 6 Months Prior to and at Dialysis Start: Validation Evidence for CMS-2728 Data
Intradialytic Activities and Health-Related Quality of Life
 CRF by problem area -- Anemia/Erythropoietin/Iron
Effects of Dosing Frequency on the Efficiency of EPO Administration in Hemodialysis Patients
Effects of Targeting 11 to 13 g/dL of Hb on Renal Outcome in Non-Diabetic Patients with Advanced CKD - A Randomized Control Study, PREDICT
The Pursuit of a More Physiologic Iron and ESA Treatment: Results from a Triferic and Individualized ESA Protocol QA Project
Effect of Oral Iron on Serum Hepcidin and Erythroferrone in CKD Patients
The Impact of Newly Developed Inflammation, Characterized by Rise in C- Reactive Protein, on Anemia Management Practices in Hemodialysis Patients - A Before-After Design in the DOPPS
Red Blood Cell Volume Is Not Always Decreased in Anemic CKD Patients
Reduced Hemoglobin Level Increases Risk of Incident Heart Failure and Atherosclerotic Events in CKD - The CRIC Study
 CRF by problem area -- Acid-base in dialysis
Misclassification of Acid-Base Status Using Serum Bicarbonate in Hemodialysis
 CRF by problem area -- Bone disease/Ca-P/PTH
Intracellular ATP and Inorganic Phosphate Depletion During Maintenance Hemodialysis
Efficacy and Safety of Oxabact OC5 in Dialysis Patients with Primary Hyperoxaluria Type 1 (PH1): A Phase II, Prospective, Open-Label Study
 CRF by organ system -- Cardiovascular/Hypertension
Pilot Study to Determine Whether Cooled Peritoneal Dialysis Confers Cardioprotective Effect
Lower Risk of Hospitalizations in Cardiorenal Patients Using Once-Nightly Icodextrin Peritoneal Exchanges
Association Between Use of Alpha-Blockers in Older Adults and Hypotension and Hypotension-Related Clinical Events
 CRF by organ system -- CRF in Women
Pregnancy Delivery Rates Amongst Women of Child-Bearing Age with ESRD: 2002- 2015
 CRF by organ system -- Neurological
Deep Cerebral Microbleeds Associate with Cognitive Impairment in Dialysis Patients: A Cross-sectional Observational Study
 CRF by organ system -- Psychiatric
Depressive Symptoms as a Function of Race, Gender, and Perceived Social Support in End-Stage Kidney Disease
The Effects of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) on Improvement of Mental Health and Clinical Parameters in Hemodialysis Patients -Pilot Study
 CRF by organ system -- Skin
Management of Uremic Pruritus in Hemodialysis: Effectiveness of a Quality Improvement Treatment Algorithm
Altered Fingerprint Patterns: Revelation of an Unexplored Phenomenon in Patients Receiving Maintenance Hemodialysis